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tickyHey guys, is there any reason in particular that while trying to update my Ubuntu ARM installation it hangs on "Removing libappindicator0.1-cil from Mono"?14:10
tickyAnyone know why apt hangs on "Removing libappindicator0.1-cil from Mono"?14:59
infinityAre you sure it's hung, and not just taking a stupidly long time?14:59
infinityBut if it is, it's almost certainly not apt, but perhaps something executed in the prerm of that package15:00
tickyI can't be certain, but it appears to be hung.15:00
tickyHow would I work out the issue?15:00
tickymono is using 99% cpu.15:01
tickyand has been for about an hour. :/15:01
infinityRIght, so it's something mono-ish being called from the prerm of that package.15:02
infinityIf you're looking for the quick workaround, you can probably kill mono and just carry on.15:02
infinityBut it would be lovely if you filed a bug.15:02
tickyok, what do I need to supply for the bug report?15:03
infinityIt may not be reproducible, mind you.  But if you file a bug and it's a one-off thing we and you can't reproduce, no big deal.  If we can reproduce it, then we can figure out WTF happened.15:03
infinity*hand wavy*15:03
infinityHonestly, something like "while removing libappindicator0.1-cil, mono spins at 99% usage for an hour on armel" is probably enough for someone to try it out.15:04
tickyfair enough.15:04
infinityOthers will claim you need to include the keys to your car and send your first born in the mail, but whatever.  Bugs like this are near impossible to find if not reproducible, and if reproducible, we can get the info we need locall.15:05
infinitylocally, too.15:05
tickyhmm. It seems to happen when installing assemblies to Mono, too.15:06
infinityThat's a larger problem, then.15:07
infinityAnd we'd definitely want a bug.  One where we might even ask for more info if we can't reproduce. :P15:07
tickyWould it be a problem that I'm using it in an almost definitely unsupported manner? :P15:10
infinityPerhaps. :P15:12
infinityI've also heard that mono on ARM may have some "issues", but I've not personally looked into what those are just yet.15:13
tickyI don't actually know what this library is a dependency for, but it's very likely it's not for anything I'm actually wanting to use on this system. Is there a way to force apt to just remove it?15:14
infinityWell, you can just bypass the prerm by editing the offending line in /var/lib/dpkg/info/<package>.prerm15:17
infinityAnd the trying to remove it again.15:17
tickyinfinity: there doesn't seem to be much I can do, the script only does one thing, and that's the one thing that's hanging.15:42
tickyCan I make dpkg just ignore that package? :x15:49
infinityticky: You can just no-nop the script (sorry, been travelling, spotty connectivity)18:37
infinityticky: no-op*18:37
armin76Martyn: hi :)20:16
Martynhey there armin20:17
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