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_schulte_anyone have pointers to information on configuring lightdm?  I'm trying it out as my display manger, and I'd like to try different (e.g., webkit) themes.  thanks00:23
bdrungcjwatson: thanks00:28
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dpolehnhas the debian import freeze already started?01:30
bryceh_schulte_, /etc/lightdm/01:32
charlie-tcadpolehn: according the schedule, yesterday - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule01:34
dpolehncharlie-tca: so bugs need to be filed to import packages from debian correct?01:35
charlie-tcayes, I think so01:35
dpolehnthanks again01:37
_schulte_bryceh: beautiful, thanks, I should have thought to look there...01:41
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evfoolhas someone ever used auto-upgrade-tester? can I get a bit of help with it?07:40
eurofordhi all10:09
eurofordi want to update gmp and gcc in lucid10:10
eurofordgmp can be built without any problem10:11
eurofordbug it break gcc when i upgrade gmp10:11
eurofordand i just link libgmp.so.3 -> libgmp.so.10.0.210:12
eurofordgcc works again10:12
eurofordand works well10:13
eurofordmy question is what shall i do if i want put new gmp into ppa,  to build other packages?10:15
eurofordhow can i install both version of gmp in pbuilder env?10:18
nh2_cnd: is there an application that displays all fingers on a touchpad as dots to show where they are?18:18
cndnh2_, would a fingerpaint application work?18:19
nh2_cnd: I think so18:19
cndnh2_, install qt4-demos and run /usr/lib/qt4/examples/touch/fingerpaint/fingerpaint18:20
cndthat path is off the top of my head, so you may need to fiddle with it18:20
nh2_cnd: it start a program "Finger Paint"; it does nothing, though18:25
cndnh2_, what do you mean by "it does nothing"?18:25
cndwhat device are you using?18:26
nh2_cnd: Synaptics Touchpad in a Thinkpad18:26
cndsynaptics doesn't provide full multitouch information18:26
cndso we can get some gestures out of it18:26
cndbut you can't see the location of the touches, for example18:26
nh2_cnd: actually, I wanted to find a program to find exactly that kind of information :D (what information touchpads deliver), so I better ask you18:28
cndlet me think18:28
cndI don't think we have any visual tools for semi-mt trackpads18:29
nh2_so synaptics tells you where one finger is? what does it tell for this value when you put more fingers on it?18:29
cndall our visual tools are for fully multitouch devices18:29
cndit gives you a bounding box of all the touches18:29
cndunless you have a really new device, in which case it gives you the location of the first and the last touch18:30
cndin both cases you also know how many touches there are18:30
nh2_cnd: how can I find out? I think I once had some kind of terminal app. that told me the numbers of fingers currently on the pad18:30
cndI don't know how you can tell between the two right now; someone posted a series of patches for the new devices just last week, but I haven't had a chance to review them18:34
nh2_cnd: what is also weird is that cat and evtest don't show any output for /dev/input/event7 (which is my touchpad); both work fine on event6 though (which is the trackpoint)18:37
cndnh2_, the synaptics X input module grabs the evdev device node18:40
cndso you would need to change VTs and run evtest there18:40
nh2_ahaaa :) it works18:41
nh2_is there a tool for X that outputs what it grabs?18:42
nh2_or something lower-level than xev that shows me what actually happens in the hardware from the X side?18:42
nh2_cnd: and I guess synaptics does not support "quadtap"?18:45
cndnh2_, I don't know of any tool that visualizes evdev data18:48
cndand X does not generate any multitouch events for these devices18:48
cndI also don't know of anything in synaptics that does something for qaudtaps :)18:49
nh2_cnd: When I use a synaptics device, should I get output from geistest?19:07
cndnh2_, yes, you should be able to get 1-3 touch gestures, everything except rotate19:14
nh2_cnd: hmm, I don't get any output. What for example should generate output? 2-finger-move?19:15
cndwell, geistest doesn't subscribe to one finger gestures19:16
cndso two and three finger gestures19:16
nh2_I guess this is also the reason why touchegg doesn't wokr19:16
cndprobably :)19:16
cndare you sure your device is multitouch?19:16
cndit has to be semi-multitouch, not just multi-finger19:16
nh2_ugh, what is the difference between semi-mt and multi-finger?19:18
nh2_(btw scrolling up/down here in empathy works fine with 2 fingers, but I don't know if that tells anything)19:19
cndmulti-finger is when the trackpad gives one coordinate (X,Y) and says how many fingers are on the touchpad19:19
cndsemi-multitouch is when the trackpad gives two coordinates forming the bounding box of all touches, and how many touches are on the trackpad19:20
cndbtw, touches == fingers :)19:20
cndmulti-finger could provide drag gestures through uTouch, but we haven't added support19:20
cndwe tried adding it at one point, which broke people's trackpads during the natty cycle, so we reverted the change and haven't tried again yet19:21
nh2_how can I find out which type this Synaptics is?19:22
nh2_cnd: ahh. I think this is my problem: https://answers.launchpad.net/utouch/+question/15756319:26
nh2_the change you referenced to, is that already in Oneiric by now?19:26
tlpHi. Latest alpha release/kernel will not boot on my 2007 iMac at work. Known issue? I've been using the previous kernel via grub.19:42
tlpI think there's a panic or something. Not sure if it's logged somewhere -- couldn't find it.19:43
penguin42tlp: What happens ?19:52
tlpsystem begins to boot as normal, then freezes. If I do the recovery mode, I see a normal dmesg boot combined with some errors (which I don't have with me unfortunately.)19:56
tlpI'm thinking not having 3.x might be screwing up the r300g video driver as well, since Unity doesn't render.19:57
penguin42bryceh: Ping19:59
penguin42bryceh: bug 803610 looks like a continuation of your fight with synaptics20:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 803610 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics (Ubuntu) "synaptics touchpad upgrade freezes X directly after login" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80361020:00
brycehpenguin42, you able to repro it?  you know the drill... collect a full backtrace20:11
penguin42bryceh: No I'm not, just thought it worth pointing out given the work you'd done on that one20:11
* penguin42 is just triaging bugs at the moment20:11
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brycehpenguin42, ah thanks20:19
brycehpenguin42, in general when you run across bugs reporting crashes without full backtraces, have them collect a full backtrace20:20
brycehcrash bugs without backtraces are about as useful as freeze bugs without gpu dumps :-)20:20
penguin42bryceh: By full do you mean a 'bt' from gdb or is the xorg.0.log ok if the debug packages are installed?20:22
bryceh'bt full'20:23
brycehXorg.0.log never includes the state of variables and such that you get with full backtraces20:24
brycehfull backtrace also indicates what line number the failure was on20:25
penguin42sounds like it could do with triggering gdb itself if it was installed20:25
brycehpenguin42, now you understand what apport does :-)20:27
brycehX just uses the libc backtrace routine.  It'd be nice if libc had a routine that printed gdb like full traces20:29
brycehbut for most purposes our apport hook does the trick20:30
brycehhowever it isn't turned on post-release20:30
penguin42yeh, that's a shame really; it would be nice to turn it on for particularly problematic things like X20:31
brycehit'd be ok for X crashes, those are rare enough.  but in general we'd probably be innundated with too many bug reports20:32
brycehI mean, more than we already are :-P20:32
brycehif we had a proper crash database for the post-release ones to go to, rather than filing them as bugs directly, that'd make it worth collecting them20:33
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