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AnAntHello, if I run "objcopy --only-keep-debug" on a dynamically built binary, does this cause the resulting binary to be statically linked (uses shared libs) ?08:39
AnAntnevermind, found out the answer (it's no)09:04
benonsoftwareHi all.10:50
benonsoftwareQuestion: Do I need to know a programming launge to become a MOTU?10:51
LaneyDepends what you do10:54
Laneyat the very least you'll need to know make10:54
benonsoftwareLaney: What do you mean. "What you do"?10:55
LaneyMOTU work encompasses many tasks10:55
Laneynot all of them involve 'programming languages'10:56
benonsoftwareWhat do you mean many taks?10:56
Laneyhere's a link for you: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/GettingStarted10:57
Jadoo1989I have been considering getting involved with MOTU, but I´ḿ going to wait for developer week.10:59
benonsoftwareLaney: I've read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/GettingStarted but what are the other task MOTUs have to do un-programming related?11:00
benonsoftwareI've read about MOTU Mentor wiki but what exaclty does it do?11:15
tumbleweedbenonsoftware: generally, one needs some shell scripting for MOTU tasks. Knowing a few common programming languagues is helpful, but knowing the common build systems is far more helpful11:38
benonsoftwaretumbleweed: I am good at shell scripting and am just started learning Python.11:39
tumbleweedthe mentoring programme is a bit dead, but yes there's developer week, and generally there are people around here who will help with problems11:41
benonsoftwaretumbleweed: What do you mean the mentor programme is dead? :(11:43
benonsoftwareI was just writing my email for it now.11:43
tumbleweedbenonsoftware: I don't see any mail on the list between january and june. But at least there were helpful replies to people in june: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-motu-mentors/11:48
benonsoftwaretumbleweed: I sent my appilcation to motu-mentoring-reception@reponses.net like it says on the page. Do I send it to https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-motu-mentors/ to?11:49
tumbleweedbenonsoftware: As far as I knew, the programme was pretty dead, so I don't think any applications are necessary at all11:51
benonsoftwaretumbleweed: Oh, I've just sent mine. Where do I get a mentor/help now?11:52
Jadoo1989Have you had a look at the guide? The youtube videos are pretty good as well.11:52
benonsoftwareThis guide https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete ? Doesn't make sense.11:53
tumbleweedbenonsoftware: you can get help here and possibly on the ubuntu-motu-mentors list11:53
benonsoftwareSo I've read the getting Started page. Where do I go from there?11:53
tumbleweedyes, that guide11:53
benonsoftwareSo do I read that next?11:54
benonsoftwareWhat should I do after I have read the guide tumbleweed ?12:02
benonsoftwaretumbleweed: What happens when we have finsihed reading https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing ?12:19
mgarridoHi all, I have a newbie question16:35
mgarridoI've made a branch with bzr branch lp:ubuntu/<packagename>. Can it be compiled using pbuilder?16:35
jtaylormgarrido: use the --builder flag of bzr-buildpackage16:41
jtayloror create a dsc in your prefered way and use that directly16:41
mgarridothanks jtaylor, I'll try it16:43
jtayloris there a good way to call autoreconf from cdbs?17:11
jmarsdenjtaylor: I'm not sure... scrap cdbs, use dh --with autoreconf $@ instead ? :)17:13
jtaylorthats probably best17:14
jtaylorbtw its dh $@ --with autoreconf17:16
jmarsdenjtaylor: OK, I think I have seen it both ways around...17:18
jtaylorits a common mistake17:18
jtaylorwill be an error in compat 817:19
jmarsdenjtaylor: Sounds like something lintian should flag, in that case.17:19
jtaylormonkey-bubble ftbs fixed, branch needs sponsoring18:30
tumbleweedjtaylor: I'll look at it, thanks18:31
jtaylorits a pretty large change, dh-7 and quilt to be able to patch 2 lines in a makefile ^^18:32
tumbleweedyeah, I was going to complain about that. Then I noticed it was ubuntu-only :)18:32
tumbleweedurgh@the patches18:33
tumbleweedupstream seems pretty dead too18:33
tumbleweedanyway, LGTM18:35
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jtaylorpackages available in oneiric but not in natty can be backported right?22:57
ari-tczewjtaylor: yes23:03

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