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BUGabundoanyone can use the new google notification bar in FF7 ?17:21
OmegaIt works BUGabundo.19:49
ftaripps, hi, do you plan to submit mplayer2 to universe?20:20
ftaripps, also, for oneiric, it needs a builddep..20:21
rippsfta: my mplayer2-build is kinda hard, it uses statically linked ffmpeg-mt (actually, it now uses statically linked libav). But, I shouldn't need to make a mplayer2 package. I heard that a plain mplayer2 binary is floating around one of the debian repos already. It might not be one of the official one's though.20:25
ftaripps, i also ship a statically linked ffmpeg-mt in chromium (the codecs package)20:26
rippssigh... I suppose I could put some work toward it. The last time I tried to submit a package gave me a ton of headaches20:28
rippsI'll really have to clean up my packaging. My current setup is a mish-mash meant to work with drobotik20:29
ftawhy did you name it with -build ??20:33
rippsfta: because that's the name that Uoti Urapla gave to his mplayer-build repo that uses statically linked ffmpeg. It uses git submodules to gather various upstream mplayer/ffmpeg(libav)/libass and than builds them. I use that model to generate a package with drobotik and upload it to my ppa.20:36
rippsUoti also has a plain vanilla mplayer2 repo that doesn't use any statically linked resources.20:38
rippsmplayer2 is already in debian experimental. Can't it just be pulled from there?20:40
ftathat should be possible, but i'm not much into that motu business anymore20:40
rippsfta: mplayer2 is already in oneiric20:43
rippsrmadison mplayer220:43
ftahm, it conflicts with mplayer :(20:56
ftaripps, gasp, it's way slower than the regular mplayer :P20:59
rippsfta: not on my computer, although, I use vdpau21:00
ftame too21:00
rippswhat's your gauge for "slower"21:00
fta2~4sec to enter or leave fullscreen21:01
ftaand it's all jumpy21:01
rippshmm... tell uau about it in #mplayer2, he might know what's going on.21:02
rippsI just downgraded to mplayer1. Visually, I can't really decern a difference.21:12
ftatried on 4 different files, all 720p mkv, all slower21:19
ftavery noticeable during regular playback21:19

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