mneptokoCean: vhosts also work in Lighttpd and other web servers :)00:44
IdleOneNacho: How can I help you?03:03
NachoI need to unban03:05
IdleOnewhat channel?03:05
IdleOneNacho: /join #ubuntu-irc and ask in there please03:06
NachoI need to unban03:06
IdleOnelo siento, entra por #ubuntu-irc y pregunta aya.03:07
* elky looks at the hostname and raises an eyebrow03:25
bazhangtrolling -cn too08:55
oCeanand back08:56
oCeanthat's probably something nice08:56
bazhang<caoxiaomin> 草你吗管理员   very bad08:56
bazhangchinese version of the f-bomb08:56
oCeanI even haven't had my 2nd coffee yet :(08:58
jabbathehuttcan i please be un-muted10:22
Tm_Tjabbathehutt: hi10:24
Tm_Tjabbathehutt: you know why you are muted?10:25
oCeanjabbathehutt: please respond if you want to discuss your mute10:30
jabbathehuttsorry was afk10:36
jabbathehutti know why10:36
Tm_Twhat was it?10:37
jabbathehuttsomeone wanted to remove home folder10:37
jabbathehuttso i suggested something along the lines of dd if=/dev/zero of=/home/10:37
Tm_Twas it a good advice?10:37
jabbathehuttno, immediately after i said DONT DO IT THIS WAS A JOKE10:38
Tm_Tthat doesn't make it good10:38
jabbathehuttwon't happen again10:38
jabbathehutti need unmuted i have a question to ask10:39
Tm_Twe discussed of this already with you, but you clearly didn't listen and/or learn10:39
Tm_Tjabbathehutt: every time you are banned, you suddenly need quick help10:39
Tm_Tthat won't change the fact that you will be banned for some time now10:39
jabbathehutti was muted not banned10:40
Tm_Tyes, and I changed it to a ban10:40
jabbathehutti'll ask in ubuntu-server instead10:40
jabbathehutthow long ban?10:40
jabbathehuttan hour would be learn my lesson10:40
Tm_Tcome to discuss the removel of your ban in next month10:41
jabbathehuttjesus 1 month for a joke10:41
jabbathehutti think u need to apt get 'sense of humor'10:41
Tm_TI have a good sense of humour10:41
jabbathehuttwhatever i'll use a proxy and change my ip, back in 2 minutes10:41
Tm_Tjabbathehutt: FYI ban evasion is violation of freenode rules and will lead harsher punishment10:42
jabbathehuttsuch as what10:42
jabbathehuttall u can do is block ips10:42
Tm_Tanyway, I suppose our conversation has served its purpose10:43
jabbathehuttit has10:43
ubottuoCean called the ops in #ubuntu-server ()10:43
jabbathehuttback in 2 minutes10:44
jabbathehuttu wont find me10:44
Tm_Tyou're welcome, now I ask you kindly leave this channel10:44
oCeanhe already send same 'joke' command in -server10:45
Tm_TPici: ^10:46
Tm_Tor should I send out batsignal10:46
oCeanhe left10:47
ikoniajabbathehutt did that same joke earlier yesterday and was banned for it11:17
ikoniahe's now cleary doing it on purpose11:17
ikoniahe was banned and the ban removed in #ubuntu11:17
oCeannow he did in in -server too11:18
ikoniaah yes, it was you who banned him wasn't it ?11:18
oCeanand unbanned after discussion11:18
Tm_Tikonia: yup, this is why I did go with one month atleast11:19
oCeannow showing true colors11:19
ikoniais shockrates supposed to be banned or something ?12:42
ikoniais there a reason he just randomly said "hi sexy" to me ?12:42
ikoniapeople normally do that when they want to show off they are ban dodging or the like12:43
LjLhe certainly has a few bantracker entries12:44
oCeanyeah, just noticed that too12:44
ikoniaI can't see an active one though12:44
ikoniait was his first line when joining the channel, and I'd not said something,12:44
ikonianormally that's to get attention to say "check me out, doing bad stuff"12:45
LjLno i can't see an active one either12:45
Ignacioneed help13:23
ikoniaok ?13:23
Ignacioi'm banned13:23
ikoniado you know why you where banned ?13:24
ikoniaok, bye13:25
IgnacioNeed Help!13:26
ikonianot quite grasping this.....13:37
bazhangany idea what ticky is referring to?15:56
bazhangarmel + mono issues15:57
LjLarmel is an CPU architecture, that's about all i know :P15:57
bazhangmore than I know! so he's all yours!15:57
LjLyou wish15:58
bazhangI'll part and you can nick to bazhang115:58
LjLand then you ghost me15:58
oCeanah, armel = little-endian arm16:07
bazhangitalianguy's story is not adding up16:08
oCeanyou talking about ljl right? :p16:09
LjLno i'm not really italian, i was just born in the wrong country16:09
bazhangseems he is just trolling.16:10
oCeanbazhang: similar to the troll with his i-want-vpn-on-wine16:11
bazhangoCean, heh yeah16:11
bazhang<ItalianGuy> It is a live CD I bought for 13€16:12
bazhangthat exchange rate is getting bad16:12
bazhangbet it was italian guy16:43
mneptoksend Donkey Kong after him. that guy loves throwing barrels at Italian plumbers.16:49
bazhangnot sure why poindexter is recommend hirens for ubuntu16:51
bazhangerr +ing16:51
Myrttithat's nice, the bot still remembers me17:54
Myrttihi _o/17:54
MyrttiI may stay, I may go, depending on how I'm doing17:54
MyrttiI figured I kinda need to keep myself occupied so I might as well refresh some of my bad habits that I've been addicted to17:56
oCeanirc is a good bad habit!17:57
Myrttilots of new nicks I don't rememeber seeing before17:58
Myrttihi to you as well17:58
topyliMyrtti: you should peruse the irc-team mailing list archives and find out who's op and who's not :)17:58
topyliMyrtti: also, please join #ubuntu-ops-team17:59
Myrttitopyli: I've kept reading it, but I can't remember too much of it...17:59
Myrttitopyli: that's the thing I was trying to remember, ta17:59
bazhang<Poindexter_> I have fallen and i cannot get up. That kind of help?18:43
bazhangthis is following recommending hirens and windows xp tools to fix ubuntu issues18:44
oCeanand he has a smart mouth, how surprising18:44
bazhanghave him in PM18:45
MyrttiI see a pattern18:47
bazhangno response via PM. gave him the coc and guidelines links btw18:59
oCeanhm, usuario has quite a ban history (nick12345)19:02
Myrttithat's because the nick is a general one19:02
bazhanglive cd user in spanish?19:02
Myrttiunless you matched the ip/host19:02
oCeanMyrtti: the user usuario19:03
oCeanoh, I see19:03
bazhangthought fw-cutter was out for the sta19:17
oCeanwhat's up with everyone wanting a/v all of a sudden?20:20
oCeanmore Windows users trying ubuntu?20:20
Myrttithat, or news penetrating through to the less technically savvy that there are Mac OS X viruses nowadays20:50
oCeanMyrtti: wow, quick! nice21:12
Myrttiit's like riding a bicycle21:14
oCeanwe have a jabba in #u, but I reckon it isn't jabbathehutt21:41
Tm_Tmost likely isn't21:44
Tm_Tgood night all23:14

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