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ntoombs19Hello everyone! I reciently installed ubuntu on an HP Mediasmart Home Server. I was having a problem with my network adapter (eth0) not being recognized so I researched it online and found that I simply need to update the driver for the adapter. My problem is that I don't know how to download and install the driver. I was hoping someone here could give me some magical command that would do this for me :)01:21
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ntoombs19I'm having trouble getting my server to work with a static ip address01:34
ntoombs19if its dhcp, my router recognises it01:34
ntoombs19if it's static, it can't see anything01:34
moosofthey guys, I am trying ot install ubuntu server on some pretty old hardware.  PIII, 512K RAM, SCSI hard disk and cd-rom.  It boots up fine but when it comes time to start installing it says it can't mount the cd02:02
moosoftanything I can do to get it to see it?02:03
qman__most likely a problem with the SCSI drivers02:11
qman__also, I assume you meant 512MB RAM02:12
qman__because no system has had 512k since about the 286 era02:12
moosoftheh yes I did mean that02:12
qman__fine specs for most purposes02:12
qman__but yeah, SCSI drivers are going to be your biggest issue02:13
moosoftis there a net install option?02:13
qman__if you can hook up IDE, that'd be the best bet02:13
qman__you can install over the network but you have to get a live environment first, or a PXE server running02:13
qman__I highly doubt it can boot USB02:14
qman__otherwise that would be an option02:14
moosoftdoesn't even have usb ports I don't think02:14
qman__well, the P3 spans that era02:15
qman__some earlier, cheaper ones didn't have USB at all02:15
qman__some later ones had full USB boot02:15
qman__I've got a dual P3 compaq server with a SCSI array, but it has IDE CD02:18
qman__no special hoops to get it installed02:18
qman__it was made after the HP/compaq merger, but while they were still building machines under both names02:20
moosoftok, it does have a usb port.  I missed it due to some strategic dust.  I'll try booting from usb stick02:31
moosoftok, booting from usb is a no go02:46
moosoftI have found a way to boot the USB drive.03:02
moosoftI am using the boot manager burned to a cd from Plop (http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager.html) which allows me to select USB as the boot device!03:03
moosoftmaybe that can help someone else someday :)  have a good weekend03:05
ksx4systemhow do I set up simple and actually working NAT with iptables? without firewall, no filtering (passing all trafic)03:13
ksx4systemi wasted nearly 6 hours to make this work, without results03:13
pmatulis/sbin/iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE04:16
pmatulis/sbin/iptables -A FORWARD -i eth0 -o eth1 -m state --state RELATED,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT04:16
pmatulis/sbin/iptables -A FORWARD -i eth1 -o eth0 -j ACCEPT04:16
pmatuliswhere eth0 is internet facing and eth1 is internal04:16
pmatulisksx4system: ⤴04:17
pmatulisksx4system: also, turn on routing: 'sudo sysctl -w net.ipv4.ip_forward=1'; then edit /etc/sysctl.conf to make it permanent04:21
etcetera_sorry to but you guys again, but I've had zero luck googling for a resource that describes how to install the latest mono build...04:25
etcetera_how would I go about getting mono-2.10.2 an mod_mono 2.10??04:25
pmatulisetcetera_: bake your own package.  even 11.10 only currently has 2.10.104:27
etcetera_yikes. it's been 3 years since I booted into linux and I need to bake my own package :-(04:28
qman__it's called bleeding edge for a reason ;)04:29
qman__fortunately that's generally pretty easy, just get the source package for the most recent packaged version, copy out the debian directory, and make the new one with it04:30
qman__a lot easier than dependency hunting04:31
etcetera_hmm, https://github.com/nathanb/iws-snippets/blob/master/mono-install-scripts/ubuntu/install_mono-2.10.sh04:31
etcetera_trying to run this, but getting " : invalid option"04:32
qman__they tried to make it easy, but they don't even build a package04:32
qman__they just make install at the end04:32
qman__that's going to be a mess next time you need to update04:32
etcetera_yea...but that's not "they" that's one guys github repo.04:33
etcetera_and no way anyone would expect me to build a package at this stage.04:33
qman__well, it's leading you down the right path, I'd just install the packages it installs04:34
qman__get the sources it gets04:34
qman__then checkinstall to build a package, instead of make install04:34
qman__it's not exactly a proper packaging, but it serves the purpose of making it easy to remove04:34
etcetera_heh fair enough just replace `make install` with `checkinstall`?04:35
qman__of course you have to install checkinstall first04:35
qman__but yeah, it'll make a .deb04:35
qman__after asking a few questions04:35
dns53i would like to move my / file system to another drive, any advice?06:08
dns53i'm thinking of booting a live cd and using dd to copy the partition06:09
dns53is  there anything i need to consider in order to boot from the copy?06:09
smwdns53, I would just mount both drives and copy the files06:11
dns53that will never work for databases if you like the contents06:12
dns53you cannot safely copy a writeable file system as a file may change while you copy it06:13
erichammondWho's in charge of keeping servers running at Canonical and how do we contact them?  http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/ is down06:15
dns53i think they had an admin channel on freenode, let me look06:16
uvirtbotNew bug: #804636 in amavisd-new (main) "package amavisd-new-postfix 1:2.6.5-0ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: il sottoprocesso vecchio script di post-installation ha restituito lo stato di errore 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80463607:16
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dns53hmm i cloned a disk with dd, now both devices have the same uuid08:45
andoldns53: tune2fs -U ought to be able to help you09:14
andoldns53: Note that I haven't done it myself, but based on the man page an educated *guess* is "sudo tune2fs -U random /dev/sdXN"09:16
SyriaIs it okay that I update the .htpasswd file manually? without using the command line?09:36
thcx1hi try to make a mail server with this features: fetch the mail from 3 account into a local mail imap server-. I can try to see the same mail from 3 different client at the same time. Is it possible to make a mail server only with dovecot + fetchmail?09:36
dns53andol thx, i googled it and that is what you need to do10:20
jabbathehutthey i found out something cool10:43
jabbathehuttdd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda        in your terminal10:43
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! soren, lamont, mathiaz or tom10:43
erichammonduec-images.ubuntu.com is now responding to pings, but the web server still isn't accepting connections.10:59
* mattt stares at jabbathehutt12:00
RoyKmatti: he left just after trolling12:33
RoyKmattt: or perhaps I'd answer you instead :P12:33
uvirtbotRoyK: Error: "^" is not a valid command.12:33
RoyK^kill uvirtbot12:33
uvirtbotRoyK: Error: "kill" is not a valid command.12:33
* mattt stares at RoyK12:37
azertyui can't sudo su - on my ubuntu lucid13:43
azertyu sudo su - sudo: must be setuid root13:43
genii-aroundazertyu: Please don't post the same question in multiple channels13:43
azertyulol is there any problem ? U13:44
genii-aroundazertyu: You should ask your question in the channel for the distribution you are having the problem with..eg: ubuntu problem...#ubuntu  ..ubuntu server problem ..#ubuntu-server ...and so on13:46
azertyucan anyone help me to ignore an user ?13:46
djdexteri have ubuntu server and lamp.. how to link when i create new user to have its own WWW space16:22
JanCdjdexter: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/howto/public_html.html16:24
ksx4systemhow do I use Dropbear (dbclient) as ssh client (= ssh command) after un-installing openssh-client?16:52
jmarsdenksx4system: dbclient user@example.com     # should work fine17:15
ksx4systemjmarsden: i know how to use dbclient :P i just needed to use command ssh for dbclient, a symbolic link fixed this19:32
mattiRoyK: Hehe, you wanted matt, didn't you? :)22:29
dassoukiany dropbox like apps i can use on my server?22:42
JanCdassouki: what exactly do you need?22:44
dassoukimake a folder on my server for fast gui access, one of our isps blocks dropbox22:45
JanCfast GUI access for yourself or others?22:46
dassoukimyself only22:46
JanCso, just use ssh/sftp?22:46
dassoukiwell, if i'm on my windows machine, I can't just click on an app's File/Open and open the file22:46
JanCyou can if you have an ssh/scp/sftp plugin for Explorer22:47
qman__that, or you could VPN and use samba22:47
JanCnot sure if there exists one that is open source or freeware22:47
dassoukii'm willing to pay22:47
dassoukiwell within $5022:47
JanCI remember one was included with the "Homesite" editor, 10 years ago  ;)22:48
qman__openvpn's pretty easy to do22:48
dassoukiand i have openvpn setup22:49
dassoukias that's how i connect to my field counters in the middle of knowhere22:49
JanCthen you could use samba, just make sure samba isn't exposed externally on the server22:49
qman__you'll take a performance hit over a direct solution22:49
dassoukithat's another story ... $10  a month to have a phone line installed $1,000 to get a electrical wire to the box22:49
qman__but not much, 10% at the most22:49
ameroany idea why these rules block outgoing get request from being established22:49
dassoukiso why isn't there an opensource alternative to drop box?22:50
dassoukifree or not22:50
qman__there are, just not for windows22:50
qman__ubuntu one is basically the same idea22:50
JanCdassouki: you could try ubuntuone for windows, which is experimental AFAIK  ;)22:50
dassoukiJanC: i guess, I have my own server, I was just wondering if there was an app i could've instaleld22:52
qman__amero, you're not allowing related,established on any actual interfaces, just the vmnet022:53
JanChttp://www.swish-sftp.org/ seems useful  ;)22:53
dassoukiwhat's your experience with CRMs ? I run a 3 person shop, and I was considering using Zimbra22:54
dassoukiany other solutions you might recommend for a server / mail solution, CRM,etc ?22:55
JanC(seriously, why does one need open source to make Windows usable? :P )22:55
JanCdo you mean groupware or CRM or both?22:56
dassoukiJanC: Cause linux fails at niche apps for non/programmers non itfield ppl22:56
dassoukii mean both22:56
ameroqman__: why venet0 isnt the actual interface?22:56
JanCdassouki: linux includes proper support by default, it's Windows tah tneeds all sorts of cludges (provided by open source apps) ;)22:57
JanCI didn't know Zimbra did real CRM22:59
dassoukibut anyways, All I'm trying to do is setup a server to run most of our needs, scheduler, mail-server, crm etc23:00
JanCah, using plugins23:00
dassoukiMy budget would be around $200 to $50023:01
dassoukito setup the whole shebang23:01
JanCsorry, not much experience with that; maybe somebody else can help with that23:02
JanCit might be possible to cobble everything together from open source too23:02
dassoukiwell some opensource costs money23:03
dassoukii'm willing to pay if i can save a headache and not have to get an it/sys admin23:03
JanCwell, if you want other people to cobble things together...  ;)23:03
dassoukiya there's elance for that lol23:04
JanCI think you should also make a list of what exactly you need from that CRM etc.23:06
JanCfor example SugarCRM might be overkill for what you need  ;)23:07
jeeves_mosshow can I configure NTPd to accept NTP requests from global external requests?23:07
jMCgWhich of uname -i, -m, -p returns i386 on a 32bit system?23:11
jMCgI suppose `arch` does..23:12
mattijMCg: 32 bit might parse with i[0-9]86 ...23:13
mattijMCg: It might be i386, i686 ...23:13
mattijMCg: Probably everything not x86_64 is 32 bit on Intel / AMD platform.23:14
mattiWell, besides Itanium ;]23:14
jMCgmatti: don't want to parse, want to use to create lib/foo-linux-gnu style directory.23:14
jMCgmatti: that will be ia64.23:14
mattiUse arch then.23:15
mattiI you need auto-discovery or something, or simply ship the directory you want ;]23:15
jMCgbuilding my own stack from software from /trunk/ - it's.. fun :D23:16
jeeves_mosshow can I configure NTPd to accept NTP requests from global external requests?23:16
jpdsjeeves_moss: Remove the restrict clauses?23:17
mattijeeves_moss: Remove restrictions I guess.23:17
mattijpds: Hey hey hey ;]23:17
JanCjMCg: it seems that when run inside a Xen VM, only "uname -m" returns something useful for me23:20
JanCthe other two return "unknown" there23:21
jMCgJanC: arch too?23:23
jMCgJanC: and what is the useful in this case?23:23
JanCarch returns the same as "uname -m", so that's useful too23:24
JanCthey return "x86_64" in this case23:24
jMCgThat are not the 32bit I was looking for ;)23:25
JanCah, right23:25
JanCstuill, might be useful to know that the other 2 uname options are useless ;)23:25
jMCgJanC: 's fine, I'll stick with arch23:25
JanCI could check in a 32-bit VM I guess23:26
JanCjMCg: seems like both 'arch' and 'uname -m' return i686 inside a virtualbox VM23:28
jMCgJanC: weird. And which gives you i386 on 32?23:28
JanCis one supposed to?23:29
JanCmaybe something related to building/linking ?23:31

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