ashamsHello, Translators11:20
ashamsI want to help on the next UDW11:20
ashamsis there any regulations before adding my name11:21
serfusashams, you mean to translate?11:27
ashamsserfus: yes11:27
ashamsserfus: to translate between ppl on Ubuntu Developers Week, En<>Arabic11:28
serfuslooks like you only need to add your name and channel to the list at the bottom of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek11:29
ashamsserfus: I did11:30
serfusgreat :)11:31
head_victimAnd then tell everyone about it so you have heaps of people to translate for :)11:31
ashamshead_victim: hehe, I'll spread it across the globe ;)11:32
ashamsIs it that easy to create a channel, I made #ubuntu-classroom-chat-ara, is that all11:33
ashamswill ppl be able to join it ?11:33
serfusya, let all Arabic speakers know about it... you might want to post to mailing lists, forums and such11:33
serfusashams, see http://blog.freenode.net/2008/04/registering-a-channel-on-freenode/ about creating channels11:34
head_victimashams: I'd check with the people in #ubuntu-irc to see if there's any special requirements for #ubuntu IRC channels11:34
serfusthere is also an ubuntu specific doc, but it's pretty much the same11:36
ashamsserfus head_victim : Thank you11:47
head_victimYou're welcome11:47

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