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Psychobudgiebrobostigon, that issue with the video flashing started again08:30
Psychobudgiebrobostigon, think I've found the culprit though, it's compiz by the looks of things. If I disable compiz while running an opengl title the issue goes away08:31
AlanJenkinsPsychobudgie: does that happen on opengl games and stuff too or just video playback?08:36
PsychobudgieAlanJenkins, the issue only occurs when running some opengl titles (minecraft, warzone 2100)08:41
PsychobudgieAlanJenkins, my display starts flashing black, as if desktop effects are switching on and off08:42
Psychobudgiedoesn't occur at any other time and the only way to stop it happening is to run classic with no effects08:42
Psychobudgiethere are no errors reported in the logs when it happens08:43
AlanJenkinswhich graphics driver are you using mate?08:52
Psychobudgielatest nvidia from repo08:54
AlanJenkinsmmm think I may have had that problem many moons ago, let me see if I can remember what it was (I fixed it so compiz worked without causing the flickering)08:55
AlanJenkinsthink it was an xorg.conf option08:55
PsychobudgieI was thinking along those lines but can't find any reference08:56
brobostigongood morning everyone,09:13
AlanJenkinsmorning brobostigon09:39
brobostigonmorning AlanJenkins09:39
Neoti_Laptophi all jusy about the buy a Dell inspiron R15 N5010 and would like to make sure there are no problems with ubuntu 11.04 64bit on there... i have had a look on the ubuntu certyfied hardware and i can see inspiron R15 but no mention of 5010... any help ?11:05
brobostigonNeoti_Laptop: try a live medium, besttest. :)11:07
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JGJonesI've been trying to configure my ddclient for updating dyndns and opendns - it works for opendns, but it's not updating my dyndns - getting this error "FAILED:   updating gwallgofi.dyndns.org: nohost: The hostname specified does not exist in the database"12:25
JGJonesgwallgofi.dyndns.org does exist by the way, and have the correct ip address, and is set to dynamic ip (default in ddclient)12:25
JGJonesmy ddclient conf for dyndns as followed - http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/636865/12:29
AlanJenkinsJGJones: is that the order the lines come in in your ddclient.conf?12:45
JGJonesAlanJenkins, yes it is12:45
AlanJenkinssec just gonna post something in the pastebin12:46
AlanJenkinssee if you order them the same way as this if it starts working12:46
AlanJenkinsjust a guess =)12:46
AlanJenkinsmay make no difference at all but its worth a try12:47
JGJonesit does12:48
JGJonesI now get an invalid login...at least it's going somewhere12:49
AlanJenkinsgood =)12:49
czajkowskigord: make it back ?12:50
AlanJenkinsthink when it sees a server line it expects the things that describe that server to come after12:50
AlanJenkinsso it wouldnt have set the protocol to dyndns212:50
AlanJenkinsany luck JGJones12:54
JGJonesnot sure how to parse login= line12:57
JGJonesmy username is jgjones so it's saying login=jgjones12:57
JGJonesand it's invalid12:57
JGJonesso tried it as login='jgjones' and login="jgjones" and no joy either12:57
JGJonesi put the login under the gwallgofi.dyndns.org line btw12:59
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AlanJenkinsaha just noticed something else too13:01
AlanJenkinshave you got backslashes on the end of the lines?13:01
MartijnVdScontinuation \o/13:01
AlanJenkinsindeed MartijnVdS =)13:02
AlanJenkinsJGJones: try set it to be this http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/636877/13:06
AlanJenkinsobv put your password in13:06
StevenRhrrm. anyone use daap? I'm streaming a podcast from my server (the ubuntu-uk one actually)... but I can move backwards and forwards ... Like I missed a few seconds because of some outside noise.13:10
StevenRbut I can't seem to make banshee or rhythmbox go backwards13:10
MartijnVdSStevenR: what kind of daap server do you use?13:10
MartijnVdSit might not support seeking13:10
StevenRMartijnVdS: I'm using the natty-packaged version of mt-daapd13:11
MartijnVdSI've never used mt-daapd myself, sorry13:11
AlanJenkinshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firefly_Media_Server << its not been maintained for a while13:11
AlanJenkinsmay be worth checking for a more actively maintained one, quite possible the version you have there does not support seeking as StevenR stated13:12
* MartijnVdS switched to DLNA/UPnP13:12
MartijnVdSthose daemons are well-supported, because there are lots of devices (non-apple) that support it13:13
StevenRMartijnVdS: do you know the name of a daemon I could install to do that?13:13
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MartijnVdSmediatomb used to be great, don't know if it still is13:14
AlanJenkinsyep mediatomb is good13:15
StevenR(really, I want to have my library on my server, and have two "controls" - I want to play the media out of my laptop's sound card OR control from my laptop and play it out through the server's speakers)13:15
MartijnVdSand you need a plugin for rhythmbox/banshee on the client end (rhythmbox-plugin-coherence or built-in)13:15
AlanJenkinsStevenR: mpd sounds like a good idea13:15
MartijnVdSnot built-in.. gmm13:16
AlanJenkinsmpd can be setup for that13:16
AlanJenkinsthe daemon can be running on a remote machine and has various clients to control playback on the server13:16
StevenRAlanJenkins: yeah, I was gonna use mpd for "case 2"13:18
AlanJenkinsheh great minds =)13:18
StevenRbut mpd is basically only a control protocol, right? I can't stream the media to my laptop with it?13:19
AlanJenkinsyou kind of can13:19
AlanJenkinsyou use pulseaudio to transmit the sound from the server to the laptop13:19
AlanJenkinswill require some messing about to get that setup though13:19
AlanJenkinsif you did setup it that way though you can have both of the things you asked for13:21
AlanJenkinsyou can use sonata to remotely control the music the server is playing13:21
AlanJenkinsand you can then also tell it to redirect the played audio to your laptop13:22
MartijnVdSWow.. that's similar music:13:22
MartijnVdS"1000000% similar" in banshee :)13:23
AlanJenkinslol yeah that sounds pretty similar =), infact must be the same track recorded at the same second in the same place by the same guy13:24
MartijnVdSyeah except it's not13:25
StevenRMartijnVdS: sure it's not a hardlink ;)13:25
MartijnVdSI think last.fm added some extra precision on the end (.0000) and banshee is ignoring the .13:25
MartijnVdSStevenR: I'm sure, I've never heard of the artist :)13:26
AlanJenkinsthis looks like it could be interesting for you too StevenR13:28
AlanJenkinsinfact that would probs be easier to setup than messing with pulseaudio13:28
AlanJenkinsas pulse can be a pita sometimes13:28
AlanJenkinswhat I would recommend you do though is get mpd setup on the server and sonata on your laptop, for local playback on the laptop it may be better to setup upnp on the server to share to the laptop13:30
StevenRAlanJenkins: yeah, I was thinking that would be simpler, using mediatomb13:42
StevenRor ampache13:42
JGJonesAlanJenkins, getting hostname does not exist error now with your proposed changes...I'll leave it for later as gotta pop out but thanks for your help anywya :)13:43
mattiMartijnVdS: Hey :)14:55
mattiMartijnVdS: Would you care to try again with the invites? I've got two e-mails this morning but they seem to be expired already.14:56
rakshasa73i'm searching for a way to hide my ubuntu host from windows network resources over my lan. Can someone help me?17:10
jacobwdisable the things that identify ubuntu to windows networking things17:41
rakshasa73how please?17:43
Neoti_Laptopok i can confirm that Ubuntu 11.04 and the Dell R15 N5010 work perfectly fine, all the keys and function work right out the box with no tweaks20:14
Neoti_Laptopthough i am stuck at 60h for the screen res... as ideas how to up this20:15
AlanBellNeoti_Laptop: you can't on a laptop or lcd display (they don't really work like that)21:25
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Neoti_Laptopoh well21:26
mattiHey brobostigon :)22:32
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Guest54718i ahave a problem with firefox, it default to the following automatic config proxy   abine://auto-conf.js23:56
Guest54718anyone know why?23:56
Guest54718everytime i start firefox it default to automatic proxy with this setting    abine://auto-conf.js23:57

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