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philipballewwould someone recommend a way to fix a hd partition that wont mount?02:55
philipballewther are several ways and figured one might be better then another02:56
akkI usually do fsck before panicking.03:00
philipballewakk how would i do that :)03:00
akkfsck /dev/sd0b or whatever the partition is03:02
philipballewok. lets try it. thanks!03:02
akkthough man fsck says you can also specify it by uuid or mount point03:02
akkWhat filesystem type is it?03:02
philipballewntfs i think03:02
akkOh, that's different03:03
akkyou might need special fsck arguments03:03
philipballewits an externinal03:03
philipballewi see03:03
akkat least, fsck for vfat won't do anything unless you specify several "I really mean it, yes, really make changes to the filesystem" options03:03
akkIt doesn't hurt to run it, but if it looks like it made changes, be sure to run it again after it's finished03:04
philipballewi looked at testdisk03:04
philipballewthat seemes possible03:04
akkand if it asks the same questions all over again, then read man fsck for the "really write, don't just pretend" option.03:04
philipballewhow do i find the mount point03:05
akkWhere do you normally mount it?03:05
akkIf it's usually automounted and shows up in random places in /media or wherever, then specifying mount point probably isn't the way to go.03:05
philipballewwell i usually just stick it in my usb port and it does the rest... haha03:05
philipballewyeah, i know thats what you wernt asking03:06
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