rick_h_is skype right? greg-g turns 29 tomorrow?00:29
rick_h_he's not 30 yet?00:29
greg-gyep, 29 tomorrow00:31
rick_h_man, women are supposed to lie like that, not men00:32
rick_h_you know you're turning 3400:32
rick_h_just admit it00:32
rick_h_"29, for the 5th straight year..."00:32
Blazeixsnap-l: super-delayed ping response (from tuesday)03:11
rick_h_that's some crazy lag03:11
snap-lBlazeix: No worries03:16
snap-lFigured it out. Was related to MUG and the front page03:17
rick_h_wow, go-daddy sold eh? http://www.kansascity.com/2011/07/01/2988459/go-daddy-an-internet-domain-registrar.html04:02
greg-gso, uh, my laptop isn't charging04:22
snap-l Interesting re: the godaddy sale05:28
snap-lseems a bit shady05:28
greg-ganyone in A2 have a lenovo charger I could borrow for 5 minutes? I need to know if I should order one today to have it by Tuesday15:01
greg-gcall me, 612-600-719315:01
greg-gpowering down for now15:02
greg-grick_h_droid: rick_h_ : It is indeed the charger. We're packing up to head out for the next couple days. Will you be in town Monday night? Would I be able to swing by your place or something then?16:26
rick_h_droidI'll be at Craigs place Monday night16:27
greg-gohr right!16:27
rick_h_droidcan make sure to bring it there16:27
greg-gwell, then I guess I'll be coming over there on MOnday night :)16:27
greg-gsnap-l: add me to the "coming late" category ;)16:27
snap-lHeh, sure thing16:27
snap-lI also have an extra charger if rick_h_ forgets.16:27
greg-gthanks guys16:27
greg-galright, time to pack up and head out. I'll call or just show up Monday night16:28
rick_h_droidhave fun16:28
rick_h_phew, reached nap time17:10
snap-lyay ssh20:16
rick_h_that good?20:16
snap-lbanana republic20:16
rick_h_that bad eh?20:16
snap-lnah just not a br shopper20:17
rick_h_I'm not either20:17
rick_h_we had this discussion over vaca, I'm not a shopper at all20:17
rick_h_<3 amazon20:17
snap-lmore eddie bauer20:17
rick_h_REI + Woot takes care of me20:18
snap-ljust copied a book to dropbox20:22
rick_h_do you recall if you did the image in the audio file?20:28
rick_h_ok, episode is out20:31
snap-lblergh its hot in getr22:34
mpiccinatorick_h_: yo23:06
mpiccinatoI am going to send you an invite for Had That Beer, just so you can check it out :)23:06
mpiccinatoAnd bookie freaked out on me23:07
rick_h_droidhow do?23:08
mpiccinatoSlow internet connection + tagging really quickly = auto close the bookmark plugin23:08
rick_h_droidenter will submit and close it maybe?23:09
mpiccinatohmm, I will see if I can make it happen a gain :)23:09
mpiccinatoAlso, there should be a loading indicator if it is fetching some data to refill an already bookmarked page23:09
rick_h_droidyes, I need to see how to do that without flashing for fast loaders23:10
rick_h_droidthanks for the notes23:12

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