BugeyeD_marx_: if i'm in town (questionable at this point), i'll suck down some java sure01:41
BugeyeDMarkB1: wow, biggers ... haven't seen that name in awhile. :)01:41
BugeyeDMarkB1: i work in winston at 5-points (stratford/1st/miller/country club). i'm a sysadmin among other things, and use python daily.01:42
_marx_you don't do any python eh BugeyeD01:42
BugeyeDMarkB1: doesn't make me good at python necessarily, and i certainly don't consider myself a developer. i just write my own tools.01:42
BugeyeD_marx_: love python. just saw in the scrollback someone mentioning folks not complaining about python if they'd come from another language.01:43
BugeyeD_marx_: i was a perl captive for years. i now *hate* dealing with perl. python has me somewhat spoiled.01:44
BugeyeDof course there's nothing necessarily wrong with perl - but python does seem to fit me better.01:44
BugeyeD_marx_: i'm wearing a morningdew shirt today. didn't get a chance to walk into a starbucks. :)01:45
_marx_ah that would have been cool :)01:46
_marx_hell were it to krankies; i think there's a rift there01:46
BugeyeDi visit krankies sometimes, but mostly just the airstream and the owner of that is an old friend. i do downtown when you call mostly. :)01:47
_marx_the airstream on reynolda?01:48
BugeyeDMarkB1: were you one of the friends-of-zope awhile back? if so, you still doing that? and is that why you asked about python devs?01:48
BugeyeD_marx_: yup. tommy priest runs that thing. at least i think he does. he seems to be in charge, and i think he does the facebook page too.01:48
_marx_oh i guess that is easy to get to from where you work01:49
_marx_i hit the dt one when working in old salem or at gateway01:49
BugeyeDMarkB1: i tried getting into plone, and loved it but skinning it for customers was rediculously intricate (5 books later, i know that it takes something like 5 languages to do a good job of it - or at least it used to).01:50
BugeyeDMarkB1: despite my hatred/distrust for php, i've been using concrete5 cms for customers and have been happy so far.01:50
BugeyeD_marx_: yeah, it's like a 2 minute drive including stoplights. i still get the same thing - a double macchiato sweetened a bit. good stuff. not at all what starbucks sells.01:52
* BugeyeD is settling down with a little vino now, and will contemplate a krankies' macchiato tomorrow morning ... caffeine and python. num num num.02:06

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