Cheri703hola folks01:35
skellatGood evening01:42
skellatIt has been a slow day on teh IRC01:42
skellatHow is the life in Mansfield?01:43
Cheri703pretty decent, business has picked up a bit01:43
Cheri703just starting the mind-numbing torture that is transformers 2...01:43
Cheri703though going to switch over to "age of heroes" once dinner is ready01:43
skellatGo for "Scott Pilgrim Versus The World" for a next movie pick01:44
Cheri703I've heard mixed reviews on that one01:44
skellatIt is good.  Trippy, but good.01:45
Cheri703ok, I'll put it on the list01:45
skellatDid you get to the NGO meeting this week?01:48
Cheri703I am 7 minutes into this and already going >.<01:49
Cheri703it was me and dholbach01:49
skellatLower attendance than OUR meeting?01:51
Cheri703he's going to blog about the ngo team and about whenever our next meeting might be, and I'm going to make sure it hits UWN, so hopefully that will bring some attention to it01:52
Cheri703I don't know if I'm going to be able to finish this transformers movie...it's HORRIBLE and dumb01:59
skellatScott Pilgrim is better01:59
skellatThere's love01:59
skellatThere's kinkiness02:00
skellatThere's gamer culture02:00
* Cheri703 put off watching it for a LONG time, there was nothing else readily available...02:00
skellatThere's Ontario02:00
skellatSo what else is new Ubuntu-related?02:00
Cheri703uhm, not a ton in my world02:02
Cheri703I am going to be getting a loaner computer next week, so I'll be picking up some projects to play with02:02
Cheri703I'm going to get a box with: computer, arduino, and shapelock :)02:02
Cheri703should be fun02:02
Cheri703also: megan fox needs less eye makeup02:03
Cheri703also: it takes them a REALLY long time to go from car > robot, but they can hop in the air and land as a car when going robot > car, so...why is one way quicker than the other? bah logic02:06
skellatSuspension of disbelief shouldn't also require suspension of logic02:07
skellatHave you thought about getting a SheevaPlug at all?02:09
Cheri703hmm...that sounds vaguely familiar02:10
Cheri703my brother was doing something with those02:11
skellatI link to 'em in my profile on the wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/skellat02:11
Cheri703my friend is sending me a quad-core something desktop02:12
skellatI basically utilize the SheevaPlug to offload repetitive network tasks02:13
skellatEventually I may set up an IRC bouncer on it02:13
Cheri703that'd be interesting to play with...I'd be curious what I'd use it for...02:13
Cheri703I'd have to go through and figure out what I use each computer for, and if one of those could handle those tasks...02:16
skellatI didn't have much choice when I nuked two boxes in a row02:17
Cheri703understandable :)02:18
skellatAt least we've almost fully moved all the openbox-desktop stuff to its own Launchpad team and making some progress lining up packages to include in the metapackage02:21
skellatThe project is based here: https://launchpad.net/openbox-desktop.project02:24
skellatDid Megan Fox teleport yet02:29
Cheri703stopped watching it02:29
skellatMs. Fox is not in the third film02:30
skellatThe latest Maxim interviews her British replacement of whom I had never heard of before02:30
Cheri703I'll probably go back to it when I'm bored and desperate later...02:33
Cheri703who is the replacement?02:33
skellatThe issue of Maxim concerned is at the other end of the house from me02:35
skellatAnd Pikiwedia says the replacement is this nice young lady: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosie_Huntington-Whiteley02:36
Cheri703wow, google+ notifications are WAY delayed02:39
Cheri703*shrug* no idea who she is, but you know her acting qualifications are good when her filmography contains "victoria secret fashion show" and "britain's next top model" >.<02:40
skellatWhat is the Google+ and why should it matter?02:40
BiosElementBecause it's made by Google for starters02:50
skellatBut what does it do?02:51
BiosElementIt's quite simply like facebook, minus most everything annoying and stupid about it.02:52
skellatI don't use Facebook either so that may be why the whole thing seems so foreign to me02:52
skellatWhat does it let me do that some other thing wouldn't otherwise let me do?02:55
BiosElementIf you don't see the point in social networks, then it doesn't let you do a damned thing.02:56
BiosElementActual filtering and better grouping of people however is a major plus in my books02:57
skellatI do use social networking02:57
skellatThen again, I guess Identica doesn't exactly count as a major one02:57
BiosElementBleh, I'm quitting Identica due to their inability to curb spam. >.<02:58
skellatHow is it impacting you?  Too much of Fabian Scherschel posting?02:59
BiosElementMore like too many cheap carpets and free ipods thanks to groups. It's the 'killer 'feature of identica and also their biggest downfall03:00
skellatWhich groups are having that problem, though?03:01
BiosElementEvery single group.03:02
BiosElementLiterally, it doesn't matter if it's !linux or !syntensity, a long-ish dead foss game03:02
BiosElementYeah, it's kinda a shame03:05
Cheri703skellat: this looks pretty sweet, it's a bit more expensive than others, but...has more options: http://www.globalscaletechnologies.com/p-43-d2-plug.aspx03:06
skellatCheri703: It might be usable with Ubuntu-ARM even03:07
Cheri703yeah, probably03:07
skellatCheri703: My SheevaPlug is too far back on architectures so only Debian really supports it03:07
Cheri703I like the fact that it has so many I/O options03:07
Cheri703blargh I wish I had a bunch more money handy04:05
Cheri703there are bunches of electronic-y things I want to get/play with :/04:20
skrappjaw-DX2N e one round?05:42
* Cheri703 is05:42
skrappjaw-DX2Cool. How was u-h on wed?05:43
Cheri703good, I helped andy with some stuff on his buddy's computer, eric and Unit193 were there05:43
skrappjaw-DX2Nice. I just installed ubuntu to another laptop. Ported the guy's media over to banshee.05:44
Cheri703that's cool05:44
Cheri703ok, seriously, this movie is RIDICULOUS05:45
* Cheri703 is watching transformers 205:45
skrappjaw-DX2He's pleased to say the least. One of Charlie's pals.05:45
Cheri703that's good :)05:45
skrappjaw-DX2I have charlie rose on PBS.05:45
skrappjaw-DX2Mom's reading up on Shabot05:48
skrappjaw-DX2 The sabbath as the jews observe it05:49
skrappjaw-DX2 Ya sabbath05:52
Cheri703that's cool05:53
skrappjaw-DX2 Shabbat05:53
skrappjaw-DX2Auto correct is messing with me05:53
skrappjaw-DX2We've been going to a messianic jewish congregation as of late. Its really neat05:55
skrappjaw-DX2I actually meed to put the DROID down and get some zzzzz05:57
Cheri703:) have a good night05:57
skrappjaw-DX2 Service is at 1030 im the morning.05:58
skrappjaw-DX2U too05:58
skrappjaw-DX2Shalom! (peace)05:58
Cheri703happy birthday canthus13!06:59
Unit193canthus13: Congrats on being older still ;)07:11
canthus13Cheri703: thanks. :)14:05
deejoecanthus13: condolences ;-)14:07
deejoeand congratulations14:07
paultagcanthus13: ♥ happy birthday14:53
canthus13paultag: thanks. I get to mow the lawn today. :/14:54
* Cheri703 is relaxing today after a busy two weeks17:01
gilbert__hi all :)20:04
=== gilbert__ is now known as gilbert
Unit193gilbert: Howdy!20:04
Unit193Shouldn't !kubuntu and !xubuntu say X/Kubuntu is Ubuntu s/Unity/KDE/ or s/Unity/XFCE/ not s/Gnome/XFCE/ ?20:33
canthus13Eh? You don't want to confuse people?20:52
Unit193I'm just saying that Ubuntu comes with Unity by default now20:53
BiosElementHeads up to anyone with Dropbox, their terms of service claim they own your stuff.22:57
BiosElementI just finished dumping my account22:57
Unit193BiosElement: I guess I should also (Useing Truecrypt)23:05

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