rmg51morning JonathanD12:08
JonathanDyou're late.12:08
JonathanDEveryone come to the yard sale.12:08
rmg51just got back from shopping12:09
JonathanDI will throw in a FREE bottle of water with any purchase over $10012:09
rmg51all used computer stuff?12:09
JonathanDalthough I could bring some, I suppose.12:10
JonathanDit's my grandmothers stuff.12:10
JonathanDdid you see the thing I posted yesterday?12:10
waltmanis the yard sale at your place?15:10
InHisNameI click terminal button in Unity and the same term is where I go.   I want ANOTHER copy to start, what's the secret to get more copies to start ?15:29
jedijfmiddle click iirc15:36
jedijfor use tabs - ctrl t15:36
jedijfor shift ctl t15:37
InHisNameOh! middle click did it.    I also like the keyboard way too, ctrl-t did it too.15:52
andrewyeah, middle click21:28
andrewor use gnome-do to open another one :)21:28
rmg51or go back to classic ;-)21:48

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