vychunelogging out o/05:04
Unit193cyberanger: Now we are mostly done with the move :P05:28
cyberangerUnit193: well, that's mostly good news ;-)05:48
Unit193Aye, I don't think I'll be needed as much anymore. Love seat, sofa couch, loft bed, desk, dresser, table, a few book cases, etc will make you VERY hot in no time!06:01
cyberangerUnit193: and how's things now?20:29
Unit193I haven't had to do any moving today :D  (And I haven't seen my sister around...)20:30
Unit193cyberanger: How about you?20:32
cyberangerI've not been moving either (and I don't have a sister) ;-)20:33
cyberangerDoing well20:33
cyberangerPlaying old Playstation (PS1) games20:33

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