dns53http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/ is down06:17
AlanBellhttp://libertus.co.uk:8000/europe/ is coming on21:04
AlanBellI am thinking of adding some fields to the country object to get more of it into the database and less hard coded in the html template21:07
AlanBellin fact just the iso country code would do21:08
AlanBellmhall119: does that sound reasonable?21:09
mhall119huh what?22:51
mhall119AlanBell: that's pretty slow loading for me22:51
mhall119I like the idea though22:52
mhall119I'm okay with adding useful fields to the Country object, but who's going to populate them?22:52
mhall119if you can get the initial data, we can make a fixture to load it all into the db when we deploy, that would probably be the easiest way22:53
cjohnstonno quoting obama22:56
* cjohnston glares at AlanBell 22:56
AlanBellit was Bob the Builder then22:56
cjohnstondont care.. you already ruined the quote22:58
AlanBellI think all the country object needs is the iso code22:58
AlanBellthen it can loop through all the country objects in the continent and pull out the codes22:59
AlanBellthen for each country it can pull out the associated teams and populate the html22:59
AlanBellooh, I know a way to make it load faster, just pull the SVG from elsewhere23:00
AlanBellor maybe not, silly sandbox rules23:03
AlanBelltakes about 12 seconds to load from outside my house23:04
cjohnstonpossibly the cdn23:04
AlanBellthere is no cdn involved23:04
cjohnstonwe are working on getting one23:04
AlanBellnot for my house you are not :)23:04
cjohnstonno.. you said pull the svg from elsewhere...23:05
cjohnstonwe are working on a cdn23:05
AlanBelloh, I see, sorry23:05
AlanBellI just tried putting the SVG on people.ubuntu.com, but if you pull it from elsewhere then the javascript can't manipulate the DOM of the SVG object23:06
AlanBellcross site rules23:06
AlanBellthe map I used is a little heavy at 531KB23:06
cjohnston531 aint bad23:07
AlanBellit isn't pulling data from the database at the moment, but I did get the data into a JSON structure http://paste.ubuntu.com/637136/23:11
mhall119AlanBell: do you have it in a bzr branch that we can checkout?23:50
mhall119if so, I can get it up on an EC2 instance or something for people to test23:51
mhall119nigelb: ping23:55

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