alkisgHi. Does http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/nvidia-96 actually work? I thought nvidia only supports xorg up to 1.9... http://www.nvidia.co.uk/object/linux-display-ia32-96.43.19-driver-uk.html04:49
alkisgIf it doesn't, shouldn't that package be removed from the archives, as to not confuse users?04:50
tjaaltonalkisg: jockey doesn't offer to install it, so04:53
tjaaltondunno if there's going to be an update or not04:53
alkisgtjaalton: OK, thank you for verifying that it won't work. /me chooses an older series....04:54
tjaaltonnouveau could work04:54
alkisgIt does but it's quite slow on my nvidia mx 400004:55
alkisgAnd it's an ancient pc, so the binary blob really makes a difference04:55
alkisgNo, for 3d04:55
tjaaltonI'd have thought it to be the other way around04:56
tjaaltonbut anyway, bus ride over so ->04:56
alkisgI'm preparing a pc for my parents - they want stuff like solitaire on it. Just moving a card with nouveau is very slow04:56
alkisgThanks :)04:56
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