devralmarcus: what model C2D do you have?00:00
guitarwhere do i download the manual...?00:00
qinguitar: What do you intend use ubuntu most (apart of browsing and irc)?00:00
klownwestz, did you check the compiz preferences?00:00
codex84wine keep crashing,"program error"00:00
westzmarcus, if your comp came with 4gb of ram, it's likely x6400:00
marcusdevral: it is a t6400 at 2ghz00:00
KM0201guitar: did you read the link that ubottu gave you?00:00
guitarno...i hope to use it indefinitly00:00
KM0201!manual | guitar why don't you try clicking the link00:00
ubottuguitar why don't you try clicking the link: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/00:00
westzklown,  yeah, but compiz isnt controlling my wallpaper00:00
guitarjust did...sorry00:00
MedjaiHow can i report a bug with out using "ubuntu-bug". My issue is that my sony vaio's ambient light sensor isn't being used at all. This is an issue since my backlit keyboard stays on with every keystroke and it kills my battery when it's not needed. Also screen backlight is reacting with the ambient light sensor as well00:01
qinwestz: I think it does, try to run compiz from term to see.00:01
devralmarcus: the Core 2 Duo T6400 does support 64-bit00:01
MedjaiThere really is no specific package, it's a driver issue00:01
marcusdevral: Again could using x86 on 64 bit cpu cause odd freezing issues? Only time it seems to happen is with video over skype.00:02
guitarThe file '/media/TIA7e_comp1/run.exe' is not marked as executable.  If this was downloaded or copied from an untrusted source, it may be dangerous to run.  For more details, read about the executable bit.00:02
guitarthis is what i got when i tried to use wine00:03
westzqin, i've disabled all "fade" options from compiz through gconf and through ccsm, it still does it. i've heard its done through gtk2 but that was for 9.0400:03
marcusdevral: I am attempting to determine if it is skype or linux. I am leaning more toward it being a skype issue00:03
westzguitar, right click, properties, permissions, check "execute"00:04
qinwestz: CD?00:04
MedjaiNo one here knows how to report a bug on launchpad with out the use of "ubuntu-bug" ???00:04
westzright click the file00:04
guitarthanks westz00:04
smwMedjai, I don't remember, it took me forever to figure out00:05
guitarwestz...you get tired of answering questions??00:05
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westzguitar, only when i'm not getting answers to mine00:05
Medjaii really need to figure this out I can barely program when i'm out in the field and my backlight is on during the day light00:05
smwMedjai, in some doc somewhere there is a parameter you add to the get request to get a real webpage00:05
Medjaimaybe i should type ubuntu-bug --help00:05
OerMedjai, do you have a F11 ?00:05
Medjaino i did see that google group though00:06
Medjaimy laptop is in the FX series00:06
Medjaii was going to try this patch00:06
guitarSorry, could not change the permissions of "run.exe": Error setting permissions: Read-only file system00:06
Medjaibut it's only on a plain linux kernel00:06
qinguitar: " minutes00:06
Medjaimeaning i'd lose all the ubuntu patches00:06
Medjaior am i wrong Oer?00:06
westzguitar, you'll have to copy the files to a local directory (on your drive instead of the CD) then make them executable and run from there00:07
guitarsup rafaht00:07
guitarthanks wertz...i'll be back in a min00:07
rafahti have a problem: http://paste.ubuntu.com/636543/ and i try reinstall grub, but not resolved... someone can send me a light?00:08
rafahtthis problem appears on boot00:08
KM0201rafaht: after you choose ubuntu from grub?00:08
srufhello, when i resume my computer from suspend, the screen is black a majority of the time00:08
ZBufferedLOL I fixed my apache problem -- two comments in my .htaccess file were causing the 5 second delay.  .htaccess is so stupid.00:09
ZBufferedEngage three day weekend!00:09
marcusThe only other thing I need to solve is my unrecognized bluetooth...00:09
westzmarcus, have you tried using a different manager?00:10
rafahtkm0201, yes, and i try to init the ubuntu with recovery mode inm grub list and don't init too... i try init with other kernels, but i don't have sucess too00:10
marcuswestz: I do not understand the question?00:10
westzalso, is it a dongle or integrated?00:10
KM0201rafaht: well.. if grub is showing options.. i'm not really sure why reinstalling grub would fix the problem.00:10
marcuswestz its integrated.00:10
OerMedjai, i'm not sure that patch works for al the F series..00:10
MedjaiDid you have an F series that you tried it on?00:11
rafahthmm, reinstall the grub is a attempt solution  provided from #ubuntu-br .00:11
westzmarcus, yoju probably have a hardware switch. is there a key for it? (probably an FN key)00:11
rafahtkm0201 so... how i resolve this problem? you know?00:11
MedjaiOer, did you have an F series that you tried the patch on?00:11
KM0201rafaht: now that i don't know, but it doesn't appear grub related at all...00:11
marcuswestz: Any hints on what it would look like for an icon?00:11
srufdoes anyone know how to fix the suspend black screen issue on 11.04?00:12
marcuswestz: But the light is on at the bottom.00:12
OerMedjai, nope00:12
rafahtkm0201 hmm. i find this topic http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9072878 in my search, probably the problem appears is in fstab, but i don't understand what i can make to try to resolve this.00:12
westzmarcus, try using a different bluetooth manager. there are a few in the repos00:13
marcuswestz: Okay. Will do00:13
KM0201rafaht: had you made attempts to change fstab?00:13
KM0201if not.. i seriously doubt thats the issue.00:13
westzmarcus, it'd look like that http://www.snowshack.com/images/brandlogos/bluetooth_logo.gif00:13
westzand they're often on the f# keys00:14
guitarok...in wine, the install app goes as far as to install office 2007 with cd...it will not recognize office 2010, how can i get it to?? anybody00:14
rafahtkm0201, i attempt to chance the fstab, but doesnj't works, but i don't understand if i make the correct choice.00:14
marcuswestz: thanks00:15
KM0201rafaht: what i mean, is did you try to modify fstab, prior to having this problem.00:15
westzguitar, dont bother with microsoft office, your openoffice/libreoffice can open any of your office files00:15
edbianguitar: Look it up on winehq.com00:15
KM0201if you didn't, then it's unlikely fstab just mysteriously changed00:15
claviusmondwhat are the dangers of installing an unstable dev file?00:15
claviusmondand folder00:15
westzguitar, but if you absolutely must have microsuck, edbian's link is where you wanna be00:16
KM0201claviusmond: well, could be anything from the program not working, to bricking your system00:16
guitarit's not a choice for me westz00:16
westzguitar, why?00:16
rafahtkm0201, no, after this problem my battery is finished and i forget to put this in electricf network... and i make this and init the notebook...00:16
guitari have to use office 2010 for school projects00:16
edbianguitar: Have you seen their online thing?00:16
guitaredbian...i have seen almost nothing...i am new to this00:17
westzguitar, like i said, openoffice and libreoffice are cross compatible with microsoft office00:17
KM0201guitar: you should have set up a traditional dual boot system...00:17
rafahti have a other problem, that this is resolved with a verify with the gparted... post this problem, i have the actually problem00:17
rafahtmy english is very bad, sorry00:17
agu10^you are very bad00:17
guitarkm....i did, and failed miserably00:17
edbianguitar: Using open office you can create ms office formats like .doc and .ppt and nobody will be the wiser.  Of course openoffice impress is not as fancy as MS powerpoint00:17
guitaroverwrote my system00:17
marcuswestz: it says I am missing the bluez dameon00:17
edbianguitar: ouch.  :(00:17
KM0201guitar: i don't really see how thats possible, or you were installing w/ your eyes closed... the GUI installer makes pretty clear what it is doing.. but ok.00:17
marcusI can not find it00:18
guitarit has to be docx00:18
engammalskoWhat's wrong with this code? I guess alot... http://pastie.org/215230400:18
edbianguitar: Yeah you can make those00:18
guitarouch km00:18
westzmarcus, install the bluez daemon, guitar, you chose the wrong thing when installing. dont you have your windows cd?00:18
guitari'll try that to...seems i'm trying everything00:18
edbianguitar: I use only libre-office for all my assignments.00:19
edbianguitar: Also, this: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/00:19
edbianguitar: It's look google docs but MS office00:19
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westzlibreoffic e will save as docx. just checked00:19
guitarthanks ed00:20
edbianguitar: don't guess my name!00:20
guitarkm...i did the dual boot, and then tried to uninstall ubuntu, deleted the partition, but then you know the drill....the xp boot seq was gone00:21
westzedbian, lol00:21
guitared...it's short for edbian i meant :)00:21
edbianguitar: Why did you purge ubuntu?00:21
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edbianguitar: You guessed right00:21
westzguitar, you just needed to reinstall/fix the windows bootloader00:21
guitarthe only pc i have intertnet access to is at work00:21
guitari'm a noobie00:22
westzguitar, obviously00:22
marcuswestz: i tried bluetoothd -u and installed bluez and still notta. :/00:22
guitaroops...i mean NOOBIE00:22
ubottuAcronyms or statements like noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.00:22
edbianWe don't say those here00:22
guitarwow wes, you're actually nice00:22
TheFuzzballI'm sure I've heard rtfm here :)00:22
westzmarcus, google a fix?00:23
TheFuzzballOr maybe that was #linux...00:23
westzguitar, ubottu is the channel's bot. it answers questions and does this00:23
ubottuHere I am, brain the size of a planet and they ask me to respond to factoid requests. Call that job satisfaction? Because I don't.00:23
qinTheFuzzball: Do you want me to check logs?00:23
marcusIm wondering if I should restart gnome00:23
westzmarcus, worth trying00:23
TheFuzzballqin: A quick grep wouldn't hurt :P00:23
marcuswestz: thanks for your help00:23
guitaroh...i was gonna ask what is wrong with the other n word...the one that ends in oob00:24
edbianguitar: It's just has nothing to do with ubuntu support00:25
edbianIt's the cyber bullying00:25
qinguitar: Thats support channel, so obviously some people do not know things other does, no need for branding.00:25
guitarok...i feel less inferior now00:25
westzyou wont get in trouble for just saying noob. it's a word. but the people in here might yell at you for calling someone a noob or getting angry00:27
guitarhey wes00:28
guitarready for the next ?00:28
shockratesi get this error00:28
shockrates./pSX: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib32/libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0: undefined symbol: g_datalist_get_data00:28
shockrateshow to fix it?00:28
qinguitar: Try: wes<TAB>00:28
FloodBot1shockrates: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:28
guitarArchive:  /home/dave/Documents/cd rom/run.exe00:28
guitar[/home/dave/Documents/cd rom/run.exe]00:28
guitar  End-of-central-directory signature not found.  Either this file is not00:28
guitar  a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive.  In the00:28
guitar  latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on00:28
guitar  the last disk(s) of this archive.00:28
FloodBot1guitar: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:28
guitarreally didn't see that coming00:29
westzguitar, you're trying to just double click the exe. you have to open it with wine (.exe's open with archive manager by default)00:29
westzguitar, also, use pastebin for erros and post a link00:30
shockrates!find libgtk-x11-2.0.so.000:30
ubottuFile libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0 found in ia32-libs, libgtk2.0-0, libgtk2.0-0-dbg00:30
guitarpaste bin?00:31
guitari'll try that ed...brb00:32
qinguitar: In terminal: firefox `echo foo | pastebinit`00:32
guitarqin...forgive me....but i'm not even sure where the terminal is or what to do when i find it00:33
edbianagain with the name...00:33
qinguitar: Alt-F2 (key combo), gnome-terminal (program to run)00:34
edbianguitar: It's ok00:34
shockrates!find libxml2.so.200:35
ubottuFile libxml2.so.2 found in ia32-libs, libxml2, libxml2-dbg00:35
guitarok...did the terminal00:35
qinguitar: firefox `echo foo | pastebinit`00:35
qinguitar: In terminal, also ` is not '00:35
guitarlet me try again00:37
westzlater people, battery's dying and i'm at mcdonalds XD00:37
guitarthanks westz00:37
edbianguitar: I have returned00:38
guitarqin...i pasted the echo foo00:38
guitarnothing happened00:38
edbianguitar: hahah00:38
edbiangood to know00:38
guitarok...edbian...how do i use the pastebin thing00:39
edbianguitar: Go to paste.ubuntu.com  put stuff there, hit submit, give us the link.00:39
guitari opened the terminal...thanks to qin...but that's about it00:39
edbianguitar: Then we can see what you tirped00:39
brightsparkI get a message on login saying something to the effect of 'could not update ICEauthority file'.  How can I stop this?00:40
shockratesi get this00:41
shockratessymbol lookup error: /usr/lib32/libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0: undefined symbol: g_datalist_get_data00:41
shockrateshow can i fixi t?00:41
FloodBot1shockrates: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:41
edbianbrightspark: who owns your .ICEauthority file?00:42
guitarhey...i did it :)00:42
* edbian is proud00:42
psilvaohi!, a fast question ... i'm working with 11.04 ubuntu version, but i can't find /system/storage/default_options/vfat/mount_options by gconf-editor, where i can see this information? thanks in advance00:43
guitarsup pooky00:43
brightsparkedbian, i do.  permission is rw for me and r for all others00:43
edbianbrightspark: Not that I don't believe you but... Can I see the output of ls -l   on it?00:44
shockrates!find libxml2.so.200:44
ubottuFile libxml2.so.2 found in ia32-libs, libxml2, libxml2-dbg00:44
guitari gotta go for now00:44
guitarthanks edbian00:44
guitarlater all00:44
brightspark$ ls -lh .ICEauthority           -rw-r--r-- 1 kyle kyle 0 2011-07-01 19:30 .ICEauthority00:44
edbiancya around00:44
edbianYou're kyle ?00:44
psilvaohi!, a fast question ... i'm working with 11.04 ubuntu version, but i can't find /system/storage/default_options/vfat/mount_options by gconf-editor, where i can see this information? thanks in advance00:45
edbianbrightspark: Move it mv .ICEauthority .somethingElse00:45
edbianbrightspark: and try to log in again00:45
brightsparkmv: cannot move `.ICEauthority' to `.somethingElse': Permission denied00:46
ader10How do I properly show unicode in vim? http://i52.tinypic.com/28slxk8.png Please highlight if you respond.00:46
edbianbrightspark: suod mv .ICEauthority .somethingElse00:46
brightsparkby the way it is a zero-byte file00:46
edbianbrightspark: I don't really know much about it.  Maybe it's supposed to be 0 bytes (I doubt it).  I just read if you delete it it will work again00:47
brightsparkokay I will be back when I log in.00:47
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brightspark_edbian, no improvement00:49
edbianbrightspark_: same error?00:49
edbianbrightspark_: Did .ICEauthority truely move?00:49
psilvaoedbian where i can find vfat mount_options in 11.04?00:49
brightspark_and i'll check on the second question00:49
astraljavaIf you own a file, and you have write permissions on it, and still get a permission denied error, something's b0rked.00:50
edbianpsilvao: I have no idea00:50
edbianbrightspark_: Perhaps the permissions of the folder are off?00:50
astraljavaedbian: That one sits in your $HOME00:50
brightspark_it truly moved.  it's my home directory00:50
edbianastraljava: I know00:51
edbianbrightspark_: Perhaps your home folder has incorrect permissions?00:51
vandemarwhere's a good place to put a background tcpdump command in startup scripts so that it'll capture what happens when the ethernet devices are enabled?  afaict /etc/rc.local runs last in the boot sequence, which is too late00:51
brightspark_$ ls -lh /home       total 4.0K       drwxr-xr-x 101 1016 1016 4.0K 2011-07-01 19:46 kyle00:52
edbianbrightspark_: why is it 1016 and not kyle ?00:52
edbianwhat is your uid ?00:52
qinbrightspark_: /home/kyle00:53
edbianusually you get UIDs when the system doesn't have a user with that number00:53
brightspark_$ echo $UID      100000:53
qinhm, Did you copy it form another system?00:53
=== a is now known as Guest37326
edbianYou are user 1000 and your home folder is owned by 101600:54
edbianThat is the problem00:54
brightspark_qin, no00:54
vandemardid you reinstall over an existing system?00:54
vandemarchown -R kyle:users ~kyle00:54
edbianbrightspark_: who cares.  sudo chown -R kyle:kyle /home/kyle00:54
edbianvandemar: kyle:users   ?00:54
brightspark_vandemar, it is a maverick upgrade of lucid install00:55
cedriczgHi there00:55
edbiancedriczg: hello00:55
brightspark_sudo chown -R kyle:kyle /home/kyle     chown: cannot access `/home/kyle/.gvfs': Permission denied00:55
qinvandemar: It would be easier to delay networking00:55
edbianbrightspark_: How is root not allowed?  Anyway, it did the rest.  Try to log in again.00:56
ruggonchown -R `whoami` ~00:56
=== zjason` is now known as zjason
brightspark_okay back in a minute00:56
qinvandemar: And since Ubuntu uses network-manager (it is also a service) you can play with it own script.00:57
brightsparkokay, problem fixed.  thanks edbian!00:57
edbianbrightspark: sure00:58
llayinwhen i open synaptic, i get the following error: E: Encountered a section with no Package: header E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/security.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_natty-security_main_i18n_Translation-en%5fUS E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened. E: _cache->open() failed, please report.00:59
edbianllayin: Just delete all your lists.  sudo rm -r /var/lib/apt/lists/*00:59
edbianllayin: sudo apt-get update after that to get good ones00:59
edbianmoonlighttravele: hello00:59
solayagimedbian, i have to say that you have a great nickname it's very inspiring :)01:00
edbiansolayagim: haha, thanks :)01:00
edbianI wish I had come up with it by myself!01:00
OsmodivsHello, I have Ubuntu 11.04 64bits. I was trying to make a .deb file for my distro but I got this message error. I do not know about programing, so can anyone here tell me what's wrong with this and if there is a solution, please?   http://pastebin.com/6JTEQ2yi01:01
moonlighttraveleok whats this place all cray and sssss01:01
edbianOsmodivs: If you are not a programmer why are you making a debian package?01:01
edbianmoonlighttravele: ?01:01
llayinedbian, thank you01:01
edbianllayin: fixed it?01:01
llayinedbian, yep01:02
Osmodivsedbian, I want to have it as part of APT-onCD, so I  can back it up01:02
edbianllayin: yay! \o/01:02
moonlighttravelenothing just findling around01:02
edbianOsmodivs: Mmm, IDK then01:02
josh__i dont think i logged in right01:02
edbianmoonlighttravele: :)01:02
edbianjosh__: You're talking to us01:02
llayinedbian, do you know how to downgrade the kernel on 11.04?01:02
edbianllayin: I never have done it01:03
Osmodivsedbian, I thought so...01:03
josh__:S i registered my nick joshlegs the other day01:03
josh__but dont know how to log in with it now ...01:03
llayinedbian, ok no worries01:03
josh__can someone tell me how to log in properly? :S01:03
moonlighttravelei need to get me in other chanel with europian girls :) he he01:04
edbianOsmodivs: You know my horrible secret.  I have never downgraded a kernel...01:04
qinjosh__: /nick joshleg /msg nickserv identify password01:04
=== josh__ is now known as joshlegs
Gskelligcan someone help me fix the ubuntu theme? For some reason a bunch of stuff turned white (terminal background, taskbar) and my icons changed01:04
joshlegsgreat :D thanks qin01:04
Gskelligit's happened TWICE now automatically01:04
Alucard-0i have a problem i cant conect to msn messencer since i updated  ubuntu 10.04 to 10.1001:04
GskelligI can't fix it01:04
joshlegsi was trying the /msg nickserv identify [password] .. i just didnt change my nick first :D01:05
KM0201Alucard-0: using?... pidgin or what?01:05
qinjoshlegs: Oh, you got legs, neat!01:05
joshlegslol yup its a joke i made up :S01:05
devralwhenever i try to execute -screen-, it segfaults - how do i troubleshoot/fix? http://pastebin.com/mPb0d5aS01:05
moonlighttraveleok that dint work01:05
Alucard-0i have tried with many programs01:05
joshlegswhats the offtopic channel?01:06
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:06
joshlegsohh yeah i forgot the hashtag01:06
KM0201Alucard-0: well, i'm on MSN right now w/o issue..  and if it's happening to you w/ multiple programs, then i'd suggest the problem is something you're doing (wrong username password?)01:06
moonlighttravelehey guys how do join  other chanels ?01:07
joshlegsmoonlight, type /join01:08
joshlegsfollowed by a space01:08
edbianmoonlighttravele: /join #channelName01:08
qinmoonlighttravele: /join #channel01:08
joshlegsthen #[channel]01:08
KM0201Alucard-0: go to meebo.com  and see if you can sign on to your live account01:08
SBOciao babalu01:08
SBOno one is italian?01:08
qin!it | SBO01:09
ubottuSBO: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)01:09
KM0201SBO: i think we all know what ciao means, i just don't understand why you keep saying it01:09
cedriczgHi edbian. Do you use empathy as your chat program?01:09
edbiancedriczg: I use xchat01:09
joshlegsso like, how long should an install of ubuntu 11.04 from cd take ? .... i have 10.04 now01:09
edbiancedriczg: I also use Debian.  But don't tell anybody.01:09
nhrHi, how do I add custom shortcuts to launcher in unity?01:09
mer_gewhat's the easiest way of making PPAs update completely automatically (like ubuntu's security updates)?01:10
edbianjoshlegs: Do you have a separate /home ?01:10
moonlighttravelethanks for the tip01:10
joshlegshmmm. not sure edbian .... how can i tell?01:10
cedriczgedbian, hehe. Well maybe you may know how I can make offline favourite users not to appear on the list on empathy01:10
joshlegs(im still getting into linux and dont remember how to check all this stuf ...)01:10
SBOthanks ubottu01:10
moonlighttravelebut i dint got i what i wanted01:10
qinjoshlegs: df -h01:11
edbianjoshlegs: If you do not have a separate /home and you install using the CD you will lose all your personal data.  You can upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10 to 11.04  It takes about 1 hour each step01:11
Alucard-0it works01:11
edbianjoshlegs: df -h will tell you if you have a separate /home partition01:11
KM0201Alucard-0: ok, so we know yoru username/password is correct01:11
KM0201what version of Pidgin have you tried01:11
joshlegsFilesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on01:12
joshlegs/dev/sda5             178G  5.9G  163G   4% /01:12
joshlegsnone                  2.0G  332K  2.0G   1% /dev01:12
joshlegsnone                  2.0G  1.2M  2.0G   1% /dev/shm01:12
joshlegsnone                  2.0G  296K  2.0G   1% /var/run01:12
FloodBot1joshlegs: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:12
joshlegsnone                  2.0G     0  2.0G   0% /var/lock01:12
edbiano gosh01:12
* KM0201 sighs01:12
KM0201sometimes, i think people should just be permabanned when they are that dense01:12
Alucard-0i wil try to find the reason of the problem in emesene, pidgin , amsn etc...01:12
edbianjoshlegs: use paste.ubuntu.com01:12
joshlegs:P sorry01:12
edbianthat's ok01:12
edbianjoshlegs: You do not have a separate /home01:12
qinjoshlegs: in here: /exec -o df -h | grep home01:13
edbianjoshlegs: Is it clear how I know that?01:13
=== kassius is now known as mercvrivs
joshlegsno :(01:13
joshlegsedbian im not sure how ou know that01:13
koppejoshlegs: If you got a line ending with /home , then you got a separate home... else you don't01:13
cedriczghi nhr, what do you mean by custom shortcuts?01:13
edbianjoshlegs: You don't have anything in there called /home   You do have something called /  (which is your root folder) which is everything in your case01:13
mercvrivswhere can I find the databases for fortune?01:13
joshlegsso its the absence of that line that means it :P01:14
edbianjoshlegs: yes01:14
joshlegsebian how come it takes longer if you don't have a /home partition?01:14
nhrI want to have my own shortcuts - e.g. eclipse in the launcher01:14
mercvrivsI mean, where they are installed?01:14
edbianjoshlegs: Anyway you should upgrade instead of using a cd01:14
nhrI downloaded latest eclipse and want to have shortcut to it in the launcher01:14
joshlegsok. ... i started using the cd to upgrade ... and ubuntu basically didnt do anything even after setting for 24 hours ....01:14
ader10How do I properly show unicode in vim? http://i52.tinypic.com/28slxk8.png Please highlight if you respond.01:14
joshlegsi did the cardinal rule of computer junk: i just powered my pc off :S :S lol01:14
mercvrivsDoes anybody knows in which directory are installed the fortune databases?01:15
edbianjoshlegs: Does you ubuntu install on the HDD still work?01:15
joshlegsyeah :S01:15
joshlegsi'm on it now01:15
cedriczgnhr, well on unity that should be simple. Just launch eclipse and then right click on the icon of seidebar and select "keep laucher"01:15
joshlegs... and when i booted up, there didnt seem to be any additional options on the boot screen01:15
edbianjoshlegs: cat /etc/issue    what version do you have?01:15
joshlegs(i can also boot an older version of ubuntu)01:15
joshlegsedbian i have 10.04 now01:16
nhrcedriczg: tried that01:16
moonlighttravelewhere is europe01:16
nhrDoes not work correctly, application does not launch again and no icons01:16
joshlegs10.04.2 LTS01:16
edbianjoshlegs: System -> Admin -> Software sources.  Change the drop down from LTS only to normal releases.01:16
moonlighttraveleis this the us ?01:16
edbianjoshlegs: Then go to System -> Admin -> Update Manager   and there should be a button to upgrade to 10.1001:16
joshlegsahhh ok :)01:16
Monotokomoonlighttravele, I'm pretty sure this is the internet01:16
joshlegsill do that next time i try it then01:16
joshlegsi hear 10.10 is pretty good too01:17
joshlegsand good for newbies like me because it's more stable?01:17
cedriczgnhr, what about searching for the application from dash and then drag it to sidebar?01:17
Monotokohaving a little bit of an issue...when I shut down, my mouse light stays on...how can I completely shut off power to it?01:17
moonlighttraveleokj i know that01:17
joshlegsedbian, after i upgrade to 10.10, then to 11.04 ... won't i have extra kernels i'll need to remove?01:17
moonlighttravelebut what nationalty are you people ?01:18
edbianjoshlegs: I think so?  IDK for sure.  They're just packages you can remove them easily.01:18
nhrcedriczg: Will it work for "non installed" applications? Latest eclipse installation is just sitting in my home directory01:18
Monotokomoonlighttravele, I'm from the UK...I'm pretty sure there will be many people from different countries in here01:18
astraljavaMonotoko: USB mouse? Some (if not all) USB ports give out some power even when the system is shutdown.01:18
koppeI somehow added a remote printer so that when I select it in the Cups' web-interface, I get sent to the Cups-interface on the remote computer.  I thus can't remove it locally!01:18
nhrcedriczg:Dash does not even show eclipse01:18
joshlegsedbian, ok. ill need to do that so my boot list won't be really long after upgrading01:19
moonlighttraveleok thats fine and all i love but i wouid like to speak in cyprus01:19
Monotokoastraljava, yeah I thought that...the light bugs me while I sleep so I have to unplug it, was just wondering if there was a way to just shut off the power to it ^_^01:19
koppeI think I may have added it as http-protocol...  Anyway, which file would such a link be in my local computer?01:19
joshlegsgracias for the help edbian :)01:19
edbianjoshlegs: Sure.  Look at the list when you boot.  Write down which ones you wanna remove.  (leave at least one) and then just search those numbers in synaptic and remove those package01:19
edbianjoshlegs: sure01:19
joshlegsoooh that's pretty easy :o i thought it was going to be more difficult01:19
Monotokomoonlighttravele, I'm pretty sure there is a Turkish or a Greek room for your language?01:19
cedriczgnhr, if you don't have eclipse installed you should at least see it as application to download when searching for it01:20
astraljavaMonotoko: No idea what to do there, on mine the light shuts off when it goes idle. Sorry I can't be of assistance with that.01:20
moonlighttraveleoooooooo  i like that01:20
cedriczgnhr, did you try to install eclipse from software center?01:20
nhrIts very old version - 3.5, now 3.7 is out after 3.601:20
nickgoodfatemoonlighttravele: there is a room for cyprus too , ubuntu-cy01:20
moonlighttraveleops uits gone late i have to get to gym thanks cu bye01:21
Monotokonickgoodfate, thank you...wasn't sure if there was one ^_^01:21
koppeAlternatively, is there a command for replacing the config-files with the "virgin" ones from the Cups-package?  Maybe some apt or dpkg command?01:21
nickgoodfateMonotoko: Here is the full list https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList01:22
ntoombs19_Hello everyone! I reciently installed ubuntu on an HP Mediasmart Home Server. I was having a problem with my network adapter (eth0) not being recognized so I researched it online and found that I simply need to update the driver for the adapter. My problem is that I don't know how to download and install the driver. I was hoping someone here could give me some magical command that would do this for me :)01:22
Monotokonickgoodfate, thank you :)01:22
nickgoodfateMonotoko: you're welcome:)01:24
pr0xyis it better to install an nVidia graphics card before or after installing Ubuntu?01:25
KM0201the actual card, or the driver?.. if the card, i'd say before.01:26
KM0201but it probably doesn't really matter... unless you might have a driver installed (ATI) that could conflict w/ nvidia.01:26
MonotokoI second KM0201 :) it can be awkward to configure, if it's already in there Ubuntu will configure it for you01:26
pr0xythen how will I install the drivers?01:27
pr0xylike proprietary?01:27
highlander3001i know this is off topic but how do i get eqoa:f to work?01:27
KM0201pr0xy: you'll install them after you install your OS.. just like you do w/ Windows.. it will boot w/ a generic video driver01:27
Monotokopr0xy, when you have installed Ubuntu you just need to go to System -> Administration -> Aditional Drivers01:27
Monotoko(not quite sure how to do it in Unity...if your installing 11.04)01:27
KM0201Monotoko: same thing, you just search for additional drivers in the search feature for applications01:28
KM0201Monotoko: it's a good chance, he won't even get unity when he first boots, and will default to gnome 2.x.. because he won't have 3D available01:28
MonotokoKM0201, thanks :) I'm on 10.04 LTS so the support I can give in Unity is limited01:28
tsc_martinIm having difficulty installing phpmyadmin (wht screen of death)  which channel do I go to for that?01:29
Monotokotsc_martin, if you have both PHP and Apache installed, you can install it using apt-get (sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin)01:29
pr0xyshould i use nomodeset?01:29
KM0201pr0xy: why woul dyou do that?01:29
pr0xyfor installing with nvidia drivers?01:30
tsc_martinMonotoko  I have it installed, but am running into the wht screen of death01:30
KM0201pr0xy: stop overcomplicating this.. install your card, install Ubuntu, if the Live CD won't boot, or the install won't boot, then start looking into kernel options, etc.01:30
astraljavantoombs19_: What adapter? Which ubuntu release? Basically you download the drivers on a computer that's online, copy it to a USB stick, insert the stick into the server, install from said USB stick.01:31
Monotokotsc_martin, did you install libapache2-mod-php5?01:31
ntoombs19_astraljava: the server is completly headless. meaning no interface what soever01:31
tsc_martinMonotoko  yes I have01:32
Monotokotsc_martin, can I private message you?01:33
tsc_martinMonotoko  sure01:33
ntoombs19_I'm having trouble getting my server to work with a static ip address01:35
stephenh## export JAVA_HOME JRE ##01:35
ntoombs19_if the server has a static ip address my router can see it01:35
stephenhoops, ww01:35
highlander3001hey guys i know my question was off topic but i need help01:35
ntoombs19_i mean can't see it01:35
ntoombs19_nvm... i'll ask later01:36
ntoombs19_i can see this place is pretty busy :P01:36
thesheff17ntoombs19_: are you setting a default gateway?01:37
ntoombs19_the whole shebang01:37
thesheff17the server ping the router...router ping the server?01:38
ntoombs19_thesheff17: i look at my attached devices in my router interface and the server doesn't show up01:39
ntoombs19_i'm also having a problem with my eth0 adapter not being recognised01:39
thesheff17I bet your router only shows DHCP clients.01:39
ntoombs19_it's a $100 router that i bought specifically to accept static and dhcp clients01:40
ntoombs19_my old router would only accept dhcp clients01:40
ntoombs19_thesheff17: I believe the problem roots back to my eth0 adapter not being recognized01:40
sharewhat is gvfsd-http and why it keeps making connections??01:41
thesheff17if you can ping the router eth0 is working fine01:41
shareI just killed it01:41
ntoombs19_thesheff17: my server is compleately headless so i have to transfer the hard drive to my desktop computer to make any changes and the eht0 adapter works perfect but for me to get any sort of connection with my router when I put it back in it's home is to set the network interface to use eth101:41
thesheff17ntoombs19_: your mac address will change between devices01:43
thesheff17causing issues01:43
thesheff17I would try to get a console/keyboard/mouse working on the server01:43
ntoombs19_thesheff17: doesn't the eth0 not working in my server due to an outdated driver cause issues too?01:43
ntoombs19_thesheff17: the server is compleately headless so no posibility of interacting with the server other than through networking01:44
thesheff17sounds like a horrible server01:44
ntoombs19_which is why this is such a problem01:44
ntoombs19_it wasn't ment to run linix01:44
ntoombs19_it's a windows home server so yes it is a horrible server :)01:44
thesheff17yea the network adapter may not work with linux if it was made for windows.01:45
ntoombs19_it does01:46
ntoombs19_i've done research01:46
sharentoombs19_: what's your issue01:46
ntoombs19_share: networking is my issue01:46
ntoombs19_it's always networking01:46
ntoombs19_i hate it :(01:46
sharentoombs19_: but what is the problem01:46
thesheff17you need to get a console01:46
joshlegshey is there a way to rearrange the windows i have open in my menu? ...01:46
qinntoombs19_: What network adapter is it?01:46
joshlegsi.e., switch my chrome app to be before the xchat app on the menu without closing one of them?01:47
ntoombs19_share: my server isn't being recognised by my router. and the network adapter eth0 isn't recognised by ubuntu. sis190/sis19101:47
sharentoombs19_: ifconfig -a01:47
qinlsmod | grep intel01:48
ntoombs19_i know, i know, ifconfig01:48
ntoombs19_that's what everyone tells me to do01:48
thesheff17he doesn't have a console01:48
ntoombs19_that just shows the loop back adapter01:48
sharentoombs19_: ifconfig -a01:48
share-a shows hidden01:48
qinntoombs19_: jockey-text01:48
sharentoombs19_: ctrl + alt + t01:48
ntoombs19_share: i know what -a does01:49
ntoombs19_think bigger :)01:49
ntoombs19_i've tried all the simple stuff01:49
ntoombs19_this one is a hair puller01:49
FloodBot1ntoombs19_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:49
Monotokoquestion for you guys...I'm leaving for a week and need my computer to do some tests and email me every few hours with the results (I already have the test script) is there any way I can make it boot up from standby, do the tests and send the results, then go back to sleep?01:49
qinntoombs19_: So there is no listed driver in jockey?01:49
ntoombs19_the driver is really old01:49
ntoombs19_and i don't know how to use jockey01:50
qinntoombs19_: man jockey-text01:50
qinntoombs19_: Otherwise ndiswrapper01:50
cedriczganyone can tell how to edit empathy configuration in order to avoid seeing offline favourite contacts?01:50
ntoombs19_thank you :)01:51
thesheff17ntoombs19_: if this is an important server I would just buy a pci ethernet adapter that works with linux01:52
thesheff17they are cheap.01:52
vandemarMonotoko: wake on lan, or some types of bios let you set a time to turn the computer on, but either way that's fairly hardware-specific and WOL requires something else on the LAN to wake your comptuter up01:52
ntoombs19_if i needed an important server i wouldn't have a windows home server01:52
ntoombs19_a friend gave it to me01:52
qincedriczg: Ctrl-N01:53
ntoombs19_ok my hard drive for the server is hooked up01:53
ntoombs19_i can now type stuff01:53
ntoombs19_oh and see stuff01:53
qincedriczg: Ctrl-H , sorry!01:53
ntoombs19_share: ifconfig -a shows the eth0 adapter in my desktop but i think that is because that driver is supported by the default drivers01:54
ntoombs19_i mean that adapter01:54
PawnStarhi.  is ubuntu easy to use yet01:54
cedriczgqin, you know that for favourite contacts hiding offline contacts does not work actually01:54
vandemarMonotoko: is there some reason you can't just leave the computer on?01:55
qinPawnStar: easier than some, harder than some01:55
ntoombs19_share: is the network setting supposed to end in a 0 or a 1?01:55
ntoombs19_in /etc/network/interfaces01:55
cedriczgqin, a bug was created for that but it appears that empathy is actually meant to work that way01:55
PawnStaris it as easy as Windows yet01:56
cedriczgqin, so I was wondering if there is any way to tweak empathy to make offline favourite contacts to not appear as well01:56
w30PawnStar, hi, easier than windows harder than vic2001:56
qincedriczg: Well, did not know that there are favourites in empathy... maybe libpurple have some hefty plugins for it, dunno.01:56
moosofthey guys, I am trying ot install ubuntu server on some pretty old hardware.  PIII, 512K RAM, SCSI hard disk and cd-rom.  It boots up fine but when it comes time to start installing it says it can't mount the cd01:58
cedriczgqin, yes it is a nice feature on empathy, but since the new version I don't like seeing those favourites that are offline01:58
moosoftany ideas on what I could try to get it going?01:59
KM0201cedriczg: thats one of a couple reasons i think Empathy sucks compared to pidgin01:59
cedriczgKM0201, I was trying to give a try to empathy because I like the way it displays the conversations. But since last upgrade this change does really bother me02:01
qinKM0201: What is second reason?02:01
Monotokovandemar, I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving it on for a span of days...it gets pretty warm and crashes02:02
KM0201qin: it's a PITA to turn one account off, while leaving one on...02:02
KM0201qin: sometimes i don't want to be on my Yahoo(people i barely tolerate most of the time) but my AIM/MSN contacts are close friends/family, so i almost always have those available02:03
MonotokoKM0201, theres aMSN for msn (sudo apt-get install amsn)02:03
KM0201pidgin, it's a pretty simple process... 3rd, I think empathy's interface is absolutely awful02:03
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Monotokothe one I use02:03
KM0201Monotoko: pidgin works fine w/ MSN... doesn't bother me at all.02:03
dimas_could someone help me install IDJC so i dont make a mess again with the other applications?02:04
KM0201Monotoko: he was asking why i prefer pidgin over empathy... and i was just listing a few reasons02:04
=== Chiliblue_ is now known as Chiliblue
MonotokoKM0201, I see...sorry, half paying attention ^_^02:04
KM0201Monotoko: there's 1400+ people in here... happens to the best of us.. :)02:05
qinMonotoko: http://blog.gulfsoft.com/2010/05/scheduled-wakeup-in-ubuntu.html02:06
dimas_microsoft is very strong protecting hteir service when it come to instant messengers02:06
dimas_linux chatters over msn for them is too danger02:07
qin!ot > dimas_02:08
ubottudimas_, please see my private message02:08
gryIs it recommended to uninstall apparmor on a home ubuntu system?02:09
dimas_could someone help install IDJC which it come with ubuntu but every time i try install it it messes the rest of my applications02:09
dimas_qin would you be so kind and help me?02:10
qindimas_: Just put IDJS to google ;)02:10
qindimas_: So back in 502:10
dimas_qin is not that simple02:10
dimas_qin i had look for documentation about it even in the bibble02:11
qindimas_: jack? whats fun! 10 minutes02:11
szaldimas_: define "it messes"02:12
dimas_qin you come back in ten?02:12
Coreydimas_: sudo apt-get install idjc02:12
qindimas_: What version, Natty?02:13
* szal has used IDJC in the past but didn't find it as useable as prevalent Windows programs for the task02:13
dimas_i explain...i had install ubuntu studio which it install pulseaudio and i belive also interact with jack but when i install IDJC also install a dpendency Qjackctl and then the rest of the aplications who use sound server stop working...and even IDJC dont work02:15
szaldefine "then"02:15
dimas_pulseaudio is working with libjack-dev and get uninstall when i install IDJC02:16
* szal smells a case of inability to use JACK02:16
szaland I highly doubt that JACK uninstalls Pulse, I have it on my machine (for another program)02:16
dimas_szal IDJC install another version of jack which uninstall the dependency of pulseaudio which is libjack.dev02:17
Toph2i have a script , xxx.sh , How do I run it besides double clicking it?02:18
qinToph2: in terminal: XXX.sh02:18
noisewaterphdon ubuntu server how do see software raids that are set up from command line?02:18
vandemarMonotoko: computers are not supposed to crash if left on.  Either your hardware is broken or your case isn't cooled well, or the computer's in a hot environment with no AC02:19
Toph2qin,,, i tried that,, it doesn't work,, even when in the folder with the script02:19
qinToph2: bash xxx.sh02:19
szaldimas_: and you didn't answer the question yet what *buntu version you're running02:19
chaddyToph2: ./xxx.sh when in the directory02:20
qinToph2: or, put your script in path, echo $PATH to knoe it02:20
Toph2qin,,, that did it02:20
Toph2chaddy,,, let me try02:20
shareDo I need gvfsd-http ?02:20
szalhmm, to my knowledge 10.04 ships only JACK 1, so there shouldn't be a problem w/ concurring JACK versions02:20
dimas_jack1 jack2 jackd02:21
Monotokovandemar, it's an ancient computer, from 2002...it crashes and it crashes a lot. I only use it to run cron jobs anyway02:22
szalI can only speak for Natty, where installing IDJC is not a problem -> http://www.privatepaste.com/b0af5c709e02:22
Toph2chaddy,,, yes,, worked as well02:22
vandemarMonotoko: can you get a cheap low-power embedded computer (even a wireless gateway would suffice... buffalo wifi are cheap at $65-70 and have lots of flash and ram) and run the cronjobs from that?02:22
green91toph2: ./xxx.sh02:22
Toph2qin,,, how do I add my directory to Path?02:23
vandemarMonotoko: since you got the computer, have you reapplied thermal compound and reseated the cpu cooler and gotten rid of dust02:23
vandemarMonotoko: and have you run memtest86 overnight?02:24
Monotokovandemar, most likely...it's usually fine, it's just on a really warm day it gets too warm...and were in the middle of summer :P02:24
dimas_szal python-eyed3 is the jack package?02:24
Monotokoalso the fact that I only need it for an hour out of the 180 hours in the week....179 computing hours gone to waste02:25
szaldimas_: does it say 'jack' in the name?02:25
dimas_it does in the process of installation02:25
vandemarMonotoko: is the cron stuff specific to that computer or could any computer do it without much trouble02:26
vandemarMonotoko: even if the NIC/bios supports wake on lan, you'd need another computer on the LAN to wake it up...02:27
bajahhey guys im new to Ubuntu and i came across this software by readying the Ubuntu 10.04 book, i have Ubuntu 10.04 installed on my laptop, i was wondering if anyone knows how i could place icons on my desktop. i can only send them to my desktop folder but nothing shows up on the actual desktop02:27
szaldimas_: please paste your output of 'sudo apt-get install idjc' the way I did above02:27
qindimas_: Did you see this one: http://www.aukondk.com/blog/?p=115  ?02:27
Monotokovandemar, I think any computer could do it...however I'm in the process of implimenting the link quin gave me which involves setting a timer02:27
vandemarMonotoko: the only other option I can think of is some sort of telephone-controlled power switch, if you have a landline02:27
vandemarMonotoko: but that would be more expensive than an embedded low-power system like a wireless gateway02:28
szalqin: are you sure that that applies to Lucid?  it was published before Lucid's release02:29
Monotokovandemar, even with having to buy it?02:29
dimas_szal  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=179219702:29
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dimas_qin i thank that page to help me get my audio server back in place02:30
qinszal: Look at the post, he said that jask removes puslaudio, so it makes sens.02:30
bajahhey guys im new to Ubuntu and i came across this software by readying the Ubuntu 10.04 book, i have Ubuntu 10.04 installed on my laptop, i was wondering if anyone knows how i could place icons on my desktop. i can only send them to my desktop folder but nothing shows up on the actual desktop02:31
Monotokovandemar, I did at one point try to hack the router my ISP have given us...but with no luck02:31
vandemarMonotoko: I meant the telephone power switch.  even LAN (web-based) power switches (turn on/off power sockets) would cost $100ish or more02:31
qinToph2: Permanently? Edit ~/.bashrc02:31
Toph2qin,,, ok,, thanks02:31
dimas_qin when i do what that page says then uninstall IDJC02:31
szalqin: in that case it's already a non-standard installation of Pulse and/or JACK..  on closer look I find that the poster modifies Pulse to access JACK instead of the soundcard02:31
dimas_although the rest start working again02:31
Monotokovandemar, but I can program it to switch on after a timer in the OS itself using ACPI: http://blog.gulfsoft.com/2010/05/scheduled-wakeup-in-ubuntu.html02:32
RocknarHi, I have a sound card issue with a Dell XPS 410 running Ubuntu 10.1002:33
dimas_szal i have my pulseaudio and jack installed the way that page says...what you suggest?02:33
vandemarMonotoko: if that works, that's really cool.  I've always regarded desktop power management stuff as unreliable, maybe it's reliable these days02:33
=== uryna is now known as ozior
szaldimas_: unless you need to play sound on apps that don't 'speak' JACK, I suggest you stick w/ an unmodified system & just install IDJC02:34
szalwhile JACK is running, that is02:35
RocknarIt's a driver issue.  I am seeing an ICH8 sound controller when running lspci, but I cannot find the driver or the alsa-base.conf module entry.02:36
RocknarAlso, there is no /proc/asound directory02:36
szaldimas_: you might also try your luck w/ the folks in #opensourcemusicians ..  though the best time there is from approx. 1200 UTC because a lot of the regulars there are in Australia02:37
dimas_szal that is a good tip02:38
daftykinsaussie musicians, who'd've thought02:38
SorinanI'm getting my .xsession-errors filled up with "Gvfs-remotevolumemonitor-WARNING new owner for volume monitor..." and i can't login. Does anyone knows why?02:38
RocknarOh, Errol02:38
alillyhi, I am using ubuntu lucid, and don't why today sound is not working (pulse audio seems to be running, but I hear no sound)02:39
astraljavadimas_: That outdated page tells you there are no jack modules for pulse, but on 11.04 (which you claim to be using on ubuntuforums.org) there are, so there shouldn't be a need for building them by yourself.02:40
buzainTest from iPad02:41
uRockit works02:42
dimas_astraljava i would appretiate you suggest me what to do in my post if that is not too much to ask and thank you for trying to help me02:42
buzainuRock: thnx02:42
dimas_but really i am not to well expirience in all this..just learning on the way02:43
astraljavadimas_: I have no idea, other than what szal suggested. Just install it from the repositories, without breaking pulse setup manually. See where it gets you, then post again if it doesn't work.02:43
dimas_astraljava so what should i do?...sudo apt-get --purge uninstall pulseaudio?02:44
astraljavadimas_: Oh, one other thing. There shouldn't be a need to run it as root, either.02:45
qindimas_: 02:20 <          dimas_ > 10.0402:45
qindimas_: Was it a time or version?02:45
dimas_i am not that smart02:46
astraljavadimas_: `sudo apt-get install pulseaudio idjc`, pastebin any errors.02:46
astraljavadimas_: No worries, we all start from somewhere.02:46
buzainI keep losing the color theme in nutty and have to logoff and login several times for it to stay. It runs in vmware player on win 7. Any suggestions on how to identify the problem?02:46
escottbuzain, check if gnome-settings-daemon is crashing02:47
buzainEscott: I'll do that. How to know the reason for crashing?02:49
escottbuzain, you could try running it in a terminal and see if it gives you an error message at the end02:50
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Duck_My Ubuntu 11 desktop icon disappear, then reappear when I mouse over them. Anyone know what the issue is and how to fix it?02:51
MXIIAthey're supposed to do that, Duck_02:51
deltarayIs there a way to determine remotely from an ssh session that a version upgrade is done that was started in the GUI?02:52
escottMXIIA, i think he means the nautilus desktop not the unity taskbar02:52
Duck_MXIIA, really?! If I put something on my desktop... I want to see it.02:52
escottdeltaray, ps aux | grep apt02:52
MXIIADuck_ h, the actual desktop, not the unity bar. sorry02:53
deltarayescott, ok. It shows the dpkg process, but the load is at nearly 0. I guess its prompting for something like whether to change a file.02:53
escottDuck_, thats not supposed to happen, but i don't have a good explanation. do you have any other rendering issues?02:53
Inferoshow is everyone doing tonight02:53
escottdeltaray, probably02:53
Ignacioalguien habla español02:54
deltarayescott, I'm guessing there is no way to see what its asking or tell it to continue?02:54
Duck_escott, that my only issue, everything else is great02:54
escottDuck_, have you configured any application that would draw on the root window like conky or a special desktop background02:54
escott!es | Ignacio02:55
ubottuIgnacio: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:55
Ignacioestoy baneado!02:55
escottdeltaray, I'm afraid I don't know a good way02:55
Duck_ah ha! I do have conky running02:55
InferosI have a question02:55
deltarayescott, I noticed that i has fd 36 open as a pipe. Wonder if its somehow possible to controll it through there.  Oh well. Probably met with trouble.02:56
InferosI installed ubuntu today but it won't let me hack a website that I want and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong02:56
escottDuck_, conky can't run on the root window, but you can usually have it run in a normal window02:56
buzainEscott: gnome-settings-daemon is still running but the theme is gone02:56
escottdeltaray, you might be able to open that fd with root and pump a "y\n" into it, no idea what that would do02:56
Duck_escott, how do you run conky in a normal window? I like conky running on my desktop02:57
deltarayActually, from an strace its waiting on fd 0, so I guess it does go through that fd for input.02:57
noisewaterphdhas anyone used btrfs as a storage disk? and what did you think. Talking ubuntu server 11.04 here02:58
escottDuck_, own_window_transparent yes and own_window yes02:58
escottnoisewaterphd, ubuntu btrfs utils is old, i also find performance is poor02:58
escottnoisewaterphd, fsck on boot does a full scan of the entire disk02:59
biggamer11how do you uninstall stuff using the terminal?02:59
bkanukahey id like to try out google+ ... am i gonna bitched out if I ask for an invite?02:59
escottbiggamer11, apt-get remove02:59
grybkanuka: If you ask in a support channel like this, then maybe.03:00
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escottdeltaray, for it the fd should be whatever stdin would be03:00
=== ajf|afk is now known as ajf|offline
biggamer11ok and another question how do i setup php on my ubuntu  laptop becouse i keep getting no results afterwords03:01
grybkanuka: #ubuntu-offtopic may be worth a shot.03:01
escott!php | biggamer1103:01
ubottubiggamer11: PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language. A command-line only version can be installed in Ubuntu with the "php5-cli" package. See also !lamp for integrated server PHP. The Ubuntu server PHP5 guide is found at https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/php5.html03:01
biggamer11thanks ubottu03:02
bkanukagry: thanks. thats what i was looking for didnt want to be a pest.03:02
grybkanuka: Great. :-)03:03
gdancehey everyone! Gnome has just completely locked up and if I try to click on anything nothing responds but I am still able to get into a virtual terminal and irssi and other things but this happens every once in a while and I have absolutely no idea why. I have tried looking in dmesg and Xorg.log but am not sure what to look for. This problem is really annoying though so if anyone has any suggestions that would be great!03:03
grygdance: Does this happen for another user on the system?03:04
Duck_escott, setting conky's own_window to yes fixes the issue. But who whats a titlebar on conky?! Is there anyway fix the rendering issue but leave conky on the Desktop?03:04
RocknarSorry, had to check something in BIOS.  Does anyone have a guess?03:04
gdancegry: I haven't actually tested that. I just have this user account03:04
Duck_I rather leave conky on the desktop and live with the issue03:04
escottDuck_, check #conky. you may be able to make some changes to !ccsm to make it work the way you want. you could also have it draw to compiz's widget layer and then access it with a hotkey03:05
grygdance: You may try to test that.03:05
gdancegry: yeah I will give that a try03:05
escottRocknar, please restate the problem03:06
gdanceI am just wondering if there is anything I can do to get it to respond again03:06
gdancesometimes it happens if I am in the middle of downloading or writting something03:06
biggamer11My wifi connection keeps dropping and its quite annoying so is there a fix?03:07
cvrsegdance, is there any processes running wild in top?03:08
RocknarI run lspci and see my card, but my system doesn't.  It's on-board, so I don't get why this would be a hard fix... but it has been.03:08
gdancecvrse: hmmm let me check03:08
escottRocknar, soundcard? what kind of card is it? and is it supported by alsa? have you modprobed the required drivers03:09
LinuxGuy2009I was wondering if someone could clear an assumption that I have about package mirrors. When I visit a mirror and lets say I look at the section for Lucid. They will list stuff like Lucid, Lucid Backports, Lucid Updates, Lucid Security, etc. Now I am assuming that when a new release is made that all packages are initially put into just plain Lucid section, or the main folder of that release. Then after some updated packages are released,03:09
RocknarThe output of a recent diagnostic is here :http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=cdcfb02b783844111c7395357e56dafba74057d303:09
RocknarSorry, a bit looped from working on this thing for so long.03:10
gdancecvrse: there doesn't seem to be really npviewer.bin and chrome are at the top but the cpu usage doesn't seem to be that bad or anything03:10
gdanceoh and also I can move the mouse in gnome as well03:10
gdanceit just doesn't respond if I click on anything03:10
escottLinuxGuy2009, basically, afaik Security is security updates, backports are software from future versions backported to that release, updates are non-security updates.03:10
LinuxGuy2009The reason I ask is if someone has a DVD repository set for an offline machine, and instead of buying an updated set of DVDs again, they could instead simply make a new DVD to add to the set that just included packages referenced in the Updates section of that release and they would have a current repository set?03:12
escottRocknar, what does lsmod | grep snd outpu03:12
cvrsegdance, np, just thought it might be metacity/compiz locking it up, have u just tried restarting gnome, sudo service gdm restart ?03:12
LinuxGuy2009This correct?03:12
escottLinuxGuy2009, yes, but there may be meta data about those packages (version numbers aren't always incremental)03:12
escottRocknar, then modprobe snd_hda_intel snd_hda_codec see if that does any good03:13
LinuxGuy2009escott: Could you be more specific I dont get what you mean. I know what a meta packages is, I'm just not sure of the problem or issue that your refering to.03:13
gdancecvrse: hmmm that reloaded it again in alt+f803:14
escottLinuxGuy2009, the package database would also have to be updated. otherwise the system won't know that foobar-1.2a.deb replaces foobar-1.1c.deb03:14
gdancecvrse: the other one in alt+f7 is still trying to shutdown though03:15
RocknarIt informs me that I do not have a corresponding /lib/modules/ directory.03:15
escottcvrse, restarting gdm will kill his entire session03:15
gdanceit says iwlagn Aggregation not enabled for tid 0 because load = 003:15
escottgdance, if compiz is locked up I would just killall compiz03:15
LinuxGuy2009escott: Well if they were burned with APTonCD and added to sources.list, shouldnt that work just fine?03:16
RocknarRolling back to latest stable version.03:16
gdancehmmm I will probably just restart03:16
escottLinuxGuy2009, maybe, i'm not sure what files would need to be updated03:16
gdancethere are so many of these issues on ubuntu03:17
bajahhey guys im new to Ubuntu and i came across this software by readying the Ubuntu 10.04 book, i have Ubuntu 10.04 installed on my laptop, i was wondering if anyone knows how i could place icons on my desktop. i can only send them to my desktop folder but nothing shows up on the actual desktop03:17
gdanceI don't know how so many people say it is more stable then Mac or windows03:17
gdancemaybe at the terminal03:17
escottgdance, depends a lot on your hardware03:18
cvrsegdance, ubuntu isnt stable at all03:18
gdanceyeah my brother had a nightmare with his laptop03:18
LinuxGuy2009escott: Im also wondering would the Security updates need to be on the DVD as well to have a complete repository update DVD?03:18
gdancemine pretty much works alright03:18
gdanceexcept for issues like these cropping up03:18
escottLinuxGuy2009, probably not, but it would be easier to include them than to not03:18
gdancewindows and mac are like flawless though with everything hardware wise03:18
LinuxGuy2009escott: Very true. Well thanks so much for your time, its appreciated.03:19
bajahcould anyone please answer my question03:19
Simathbajah: drag and drop03:19
soreaubajah: You should have desktop icons by default in 10.0403:19
soreaubajah: Make sure the gconf key show_desktop is enabled in /apps/nautilus/03:19
bajahyes it worked when i used it in virtual box03:19
soreauand that nautilus is running03:20
bajahok let me try that thanks03:20
Rocknarmodprobe worked03:20
gdancehmmm well ill restart03:20
escottgdance, what kind of video card do you have03:20
escottRocknar, make sure you are getting a kernel from a legit source, you should have the appropriate /lib/modules folder03:22
bajahsoreau: i dont see the apps folder under root03:22
gdanceescott: it is a Intel Mobile GM96503:22
soreaubajah: It's a gconf key path03:22
soreaubajah: Use gconf-editor for a gui03:23
escottgdance, that is an older graphics card, it should be reasonably well supported03:24
gdanceescott: yeah it works alright03:24
escottbajah, its a little confusing what you are asking about. there is no apps folder thats a mac thing03:24
soreauescott: OTOH, intel drivers are kinda hit-n-miss03:24
soreauescott: /apps is a gconf key path03:24
soreauescott: See gconf-editor03:24
soreau(or ~/.gconf/)03:25
escottsoreau, bajah sorry missed that you were in gconf-editor03:25
gdanceoh well03:26
gdancethanks guys03:26
gdanceim going to restart03:26
buzainescott: lost my connection. I checked and gnome-settings-daemon still works but I lost the color theme and icon thems03:27
bajahsoreau: im in the nuatilus folder now03:28
escottbuzain, im not sure what would cause your gtk theme to disappear except for the settings daemon03:28
escottbajah, not nautilus, its another program he wants you to run03:28
soreaubajah: In gconf-editor? look for show_desktop03:28
buzainescott: thanks anyways03:28
bajahok but where do can i find gconf-editor03:29
bajahdo i have to install it or is it already installed03:29
escott!info gconf-editor03:29
ubottugconf-editor (source: gconf-editor): An editor for the GConf configuration system. In component main, is optional. Version 2.32.0-0ubuntu2 (natty), package size 123 kB, installed size 660 kB03:29
escottbajah, you do have to install it (sudo apt-get install gconf-editor) its a bit like regedit in windows03:29
bajahwhereis gconf-editor03:30
soreaubajah: Just run 'gconf-editor' from alt+f2 or terminal03:30
soreaubajah: 'which gconf-editor' will show you where it is03:30
bajahthanks soreau03:30
bajahim in03:30
bajahnow that im in there what should i do03:31
buzainescott: any other suggestions to debug this problem?03:31
escottbuzain, im afraid its beyond my knowledge.03:32
Ray2apps>nautilus>preferences> it should be in the right side window03:32
buzainescott: no worries. i'll keep googling03:32
bajahthanks Ray2 found it03:32
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bajahit says that this key is not writable03:34
bajahdoes that mean i have to enter as root03:34
soreaubajah: What is telling you that?03:34
bajahthe show desktop option03:35
rakathanhas anyone messed around with OpenCL and an ATI card on natty?03:38
bajahsoreau: ok i have enabled it but im still don't able to put anything on the desktop, it just moves back to its former location03:38
bajahdo i have to restart inoder for it to take effect03:39
escottrakathan, don't think you can. the opencl libraries depend on the nvidia glx driver iirc03:39
soreaubajah: What is the output of 'ps ax|grep nautilus|grep -v grep'?03:39
rakathanso ATI hasn't released their own OpenCL binaries yet?03:40
vandemarrakathan: the main thing is you need to be using the fglrx driver to do opencl on linux03:40
edbianrakathan: sudo apt-get install fglrx03:40
bajahsoreau: this the output03:40
bajah1679 ?        Sl     1:05 nautilus03:41
rakathanvandemar: right, I've got an nvidia card right now and CUDA works fine...I was just thinking about getting a beefy ATI card in the future :)03:41
soreaubajah: Well it seems strange that you had a permissions issue error03:41
escottrakathan, try http://blog.onlyhype.com/2010/09/06/upgrading-the-ati-drivers-and-configuring-opencl-in-ubuntu/03:42
RocknarMy work here has concluded.  Just had to get the level up to 0 and it's all set.03:43
RocknarWIll drop by the next time my roommate almost bricks a machine, though.03:43
rakathanescott: that looks promising...from what I can tell, it looks like ATI has two things going on: their "stream" sdk and a future OpenCL sdk not available yet03:44
soreauRockHow do you almost brick a machine?03:45
soreauerm, nm03:45
bajahsoreau: after the permissions issue i re-entered as root03:46
escottbajah, you shouldnt do that03:47
bajahbut the icons are still not showing03:47
escottbajah, can you please explain your issue a little more clearly03:47
soreaubajah: That is the wrong thing to do03:47
soreaubajah: You should not have run gconf-editor as root03:47
soreaubajah: Instead, do this as your normal user 'sudo chown -R $USER ~/.gconf* && gconf-editor' then try to set it again03:48
escottsoreau, when he ran that as root he more likely changed the gconf settings in /root03:49
soreauescott: no doubt03:49
bajahsoreau: i am running the editor as a normal user now03:50
bajahsoreau: but now the show_desktop option is disabled. when i try to enable it, it says this key is not writable03:51
edbiannobody wants help?03:54
andaiI just jailbroke my iPod touch and YAY now it shows up in ubuntu as a removable drive. What software should I use to manage the music? ( iPod touch 2G 4.2.1 )03:55
bajahsoreau: but now the show_desktop option is disabled. when i try to enable it, it says this key is not writable03:56
buzainedbian: i do. i have a problem with natty running in vmware player on win 7. I lose theme once I login for the first time then I have to logout and in several times for it to stay03:58
soreaubajah: It's a bit of a problem if it's still not writable after that chown command03:59
l3d which version should I use 10.10 or 11.04?03:59
buzainwhere did he go ...**zain04:00
buzainedbian: u back. got a q for u04:01
bajahsoreau: thanks anyway04:01
edbianbuzain: whatup04:02
buzainedbian: i do. i have a problem with natty running in vmware player on win 7. I lose theme once I login for the first time then I have to logout and in several times for it to stay. what could be the problem?04:02
edbianbuzain: You lose the theme of what?04:03
edbianbuzain: the theme of the login screen?04:03
buzainin unity, I lose terminal background color, window color, and icon colors04:03
=== derp|gone is now known as derp
buzainedbian: no. after I login into unity.04:04
soreaubajah: That error means something is messed up with your system04:04
DarthCaitSithi have a question and my googlefu fails me, i want to set up two monitors on my box, but have one screen logged in as one person and the other as another (ie main screen for wen surfing etc second is tv for watching movies)04:07
DarthCaitSithis this possible?04:07
KuzadI'm on 11.04, and I wanted to know if it was possible to customize the boot splash screen, if so, how would I do it?04:07
aeon-ltdKuzad: yes04:07
bajahsoreau: it has been like that since the very first day i installed it04:07
Kuzadaeon-ltd, like I asked, how would I do it?04:08
soreaubajah: Did you make sure to check the md5sum of the image you used to install it?04:08
escottDarthCaitSith, yes, but it probably requires two video cards04:08
bajahsoreau: i tried this OS first in virtualbox under windows 7 but the lookandfeel was different04:08
KuzadDarthCaitSith, And it seems like it may require a separate X server.04:08
escottDarthCaitSith, you could hack it with xnest maximized on one window04:09
bajahsoreau: there were options for applications, places and system at the top of the desktop and i was able to put stuff on the desktop04:09
escottDarthCaitSith, the xnest route is probably a much better solution04:09
buzainedbian: any ideas about the issue?04:10
edbianbuzain: I left and now I am back.  What is the issue?04:10
aeon-ltdKuzad: if you're using plymouth http://www.ubuntugeek.com/plymouth-manager-gui-tool-to-change-boot-theme-and-resolution.html04:10
soreaubajah: Yes that's how it should be04:10
DarthCaitSiththanks :)04:10
soreaubajah: Sounds like something is wrong with your installation04:10
bajahsoreau: now that i installed it on the computer it shows icons on the left side04:11
diyttoi have a usb that my lubuntu mounts but then when i try to view it it gives me input/output errors because of one of the Directories (does that make sense?)04:11
buzainedbian: i have a problem with natty running in vmware player on win 7. I lose theme colors once I login for the first time then I have to logout and login several times for the colors to stay.04:11
edbianbuzain: oh yes04:11
soreaubajah: Sounds like you installed 11.04 instead of 10.0404:11
edbianbuzain: I'm not really sure04:11
edbianbuzain: very strange issue04:11
bajahsoreau: i don't have 11.04, the one i have is 10.1004:12
soreaubajah: Well if you see icons on the left, and 'ps ax|grep unity|grep -v grep' returns anything, you're on 11.0404:12
buzainedbian: could it be that I run in vmware player? my laptop which also runs natty doesn't have this problem.04:13
soreaubajah: perhaps you've upgraded inadvertently?04:13
diyttoHow can i fix a directory giving me an input/output error04:13
soreaubajah: What does 'lsb_release -c' say?04:13
diyttoHow can i fix a directory giving me an input/output error?04:14
diyttoHow can i fix a directory giving me an input/output error and not displaying?04:14
soreaudiytto: Try fsck, and if it doesn't fix it, it may be bad hard drive bits04:14
soreaubajah: weird04:14
diyttosoreau: it's on a usb drive04:15
bajahsoreau: i know right04:16
RobotFoodDoes anyone know how i can make a keyring permanent? so that i dont have to reenter it each time i log in.04:16
KM0201RobotFood: you shouldn't have to enter it everytime you log in.. unless you're using auto-login04:16
ader10How do I properly show unicode in vim? http://i52.tinypic.com/28slxk8.png Please highlight if you respond.04:17
RobotFoodKM0201: i'm not using auto login, but it prompts me for the password each time in order to log onto my wireless network04:17
edbianbuzain: It might be04:17
KM0201RobotFood: for your wireless network?04:17
aeon-ltdader10: same terminals?04:17
RobotFoodKM0201: it doesnt prompt me for the wireless network password, it prompts me for the keyring password04:18
cyperbgguys when I do sudo cat id_dsa.pub >> .ssh/authorized_keys I get permission denied04:18
KM0201RobotFood: is it asking for your network password, or your keyring password?04:18
=== derp is now known as derp|gone
cyperbgI want to import my public key for SSH into the authorized_keys file04:18
KM0201RobotFood: and you don't have ubuntu set to auto login?04:18
cyperbgI've tan04:18
cyperbgchmod go-w ~/04:18
cyperbgchmod 700 ~/.ssh04:18
cyperbgchmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys04:18
FloodBot1cyperbg: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:18
RobotFoodKM0201: i do not04:18
buzainedbian: thought so. thx anyways04:18
KM0201RobotFood: weird.04:19
metbsdhey i can't boot usb ubuntu if i write image to usb stick, what did they hack04:20
cyperbgguys please04:21
KM0201metbsd: you can use unetbootin or the usb tool t put a live ISO on a usb, you don't have to hack anything04:21
cyperbgwhen I do sudo cat id_dsa.pub >> .ssh/authorized_keys I get permission denied04:21
metbsdi use win32 disk imager to copy iso to usb04:21
metbsdand can't boot04:21
grycyperbg: Try just `sudo cat id_dsa.pub`.04:21
[THC]AcidRaincyperbg, use sudo04:21
metbsdany other distro can work this way04:21
metbsdexcept ubuntu04:21
cyperbggry I use it, same problem04:22
grymetbsd: Details, please?04:22
cyperbgit doesn't even ask for password04:22
KM0201metbsd: so download the tool ubuntu recommends to make a USB...04:22
grycyperbg: `ls -la id_dsa.pub`04:22
metbsdoperating system not found04:22
KM0201metbsd: its obviously not setting up the USB properly04:22
ChogyDancyperbg: I think you want echo or tee instead of cat04:22
cyperbg-rw-r--r-- 1 cyper cyper 601 2011-07-02 04:00 id_dsa.pub04:22
propusanyone have an pci grahics card for sale?.. something like a ati rage pro ?04:23
[THC]AcidRainlets say i wanted to setup a system that would parse out the MessageBody of an email with postfix. but only on a certain email address. how would i do that?04:23
cyperbg-rw-r--r-- 1 cyper cyper 601 2011-07-02 04:00 id_dsa.pub04:23
[THC]AcidRainwhat should i research to do that?04:23
[THC]AcidRainwhat would that be called?04:23
cyperbg-rw------- 1 root root 0 2011-07-02 03:50 authorized_keys04:23
DarthCaitSiththere used to be a place to enable xdmcp in the system->admin->login where is it now in 11.04?04:25
KM0201metbsd: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/04:25
KagomeShi . . .04:25
cyperbggry any ideas?04:25
KagomeSI need wacom driver for ubuntu04:25
KagomeSi have a "touch screen" pen04:25
KM0201good luck w/ that04:26
Anorion|Aurorais there any way to set the cpufreq governor to conservative or powersave when booting from the liveCD/installer?04:26
propuskagomeS, goolge?04:26
ChogyDanAnorion|Aurora: can't you do it the regular ways after you boot?04:26
mobodoI accidentally added a spare to my raid and now mdadm complains that I have a missing spare - I've been reading the man page and googling, but I can't figure out how to remove a spare from a raid - anybody knows?04:27
Anorion|Aurorathe system overheats before the installation is complete04:27
ChogyDanAnorion|Aurora: hmm, well, the system is set to full speed on boot I believe.  Why don't you fix it in hardware?04:28
Anorion|Aurorabecause I can't? There are no options in the bios to set the CPU speed04:28
Anorion|Aurorait's an eee pc 90004:28
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bullgard4What is the function of the bash script /etc/X11/Xsession? "global Xsession file --  used by  display managers and xinit (startx)"04:29
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ChogyDanAnorion|Aurora: I mean, the system shouldn't overheat, ideally04:30
ChogyDanAnorion|Aurora: maybe you could use the alternate cd, and when installation starts, quickly go over to another terminal and set the freq04:30
Anorion|Aurorawell, by design, the CPU in the 900 is not meant to run at full speed for very long04:30
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cyperbgguys please, sudo cat id_dsa.pub >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys gives me permission denied04:31
Anorion|Aurorathe default speed is 667MHz, instead of the 1GHz, it can run at04:31
ChogyDancyperbg: isn't cat the wrong command?04:31
cyperbgno, it is mentioned in many guides setting up keys with SSH04:31
ChogyDancyperbg: do you have a link?04:32
cyperbgone second I managed to open the file using gksudo gedit authorized_keys04:32
grycyperbg: Only root can read authorized_keys. Can you fix its permissions using sudo, chmod, and chown, and then re-try?04:33
cyperbgI did fix the permission using chmod04:33
cyperbglet me try something and I will report back if it worked04:33
grycyperbg: What are they now?04:33
ChogyDancyperbg: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/sudo-and-permission-denied-651619/04:34
cyperbghow can I copy my private key to my Windows machine04:34
cyperbgI use SSH and VNC04:34
cyperbgI used a flash drive04:35
Shoogyhey guys04:36
ShoogyWhat is the command in terminal to find out if I am on 32 or 64 bit04:36
gryuname -a04:37
Shoogythank you04:37
ShoogyWhat am I looking for04:38
cyperbgwell, it did not work - I'm trying to setup Putty to use keys to connect04:38
cyperbgit said Server refused our key04:38
cvamthe ls command tells there are  2 links for a file. if  I use "find -inum 2341" it gives only one filepath which I know.How can I find another link to a file04:38
Shoogythat command did not say it04:39
ShoogyI want to find out if I am 32 or 64 bit04:39
Us3r_Unfriendlywhat's ubuntu's off subject channel name?04:39
Us3r_Unfriendlycan't remember04:40
Us3r_UnfriendlyShoogy: uname -a04:40
Us3r_Unfriendlythnx bullgard404:40
ShoogyIt does not say in it04:40
ShoogyWhat am I looking for04:40
Us3r_UnfriendlyShoogy: it should04:40
bullgard4Shoogy: What ouptut does '~$ uname -a' produce with you?04:41
Us3r_UnfriendlyShoogy: then your running a 3204:41
Shoogythat would be 32 right04:41
Shoogythank you04:41
LEV_Hey, any chance someone could tell me how to get wxpython on ubuntu?04:41
cyperbggry how do I check permissions?04:41
Us3r_Unfriendlycyperbg: like how...like ls -l ?04:41
grycyperbg: ls -la path/to/file04:42
cyperbgfor directory04:42
bullgard4cyperbg: Use the command 'ls -al'04:42
cvamI can't find the links for  a file04:42
rickuxif my wireless adapter is showing up as eth1 instead of wlan0, would drivers be the culprit?04:42
grybullgard4: Thank you.04:42
brasiil6699ola tem brasileiro ai?04:42
cyperbgeverything looks OK - http://paste.ubuntu.com/636713/04:42
gry!br | brasiil669904:43
ubottubrasiil6699: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.04:43
lottysanyone know anything about ca cert authentication?04:43
Us3r_Unfriendlynot me04:43
grylottys: I would think someone here does.04:43
lottysI'd hope so :)04:43
grylottys: So, just ask the question, wait for reply.04:43
bullgard4lottys: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Certificate_authority04:44
lottysI've been issued with a signed csr and intermediate csr... however my squid config uses a cert= .pem file and key= .key file... is it possible to convert the csr file to those formats?04:44
envygeeksrickux: not necessarily, yes they would be the culprit in naming it that, but it's not necessarily a problem04:45
rickuxenvygeeks: alright, thank you04:45
diyttoqin: may i pm?04:45
diyttocan somone in here help me with my usb drive? there is a drectory on it thwt will not show and i get access denied when trying to access it as well as input/output errors04:46
Us3r_Unfriendlydiytto: have you tried to get access through admin permissions?04:47
diyttoUs3r_Unfriendly: no. ley me try04:48
Us3r_Unfriendlydiytto: now some will argue on this but you could try to use the su command or perhaps change the permissions on the directory with the chmod command04:49
diyttoUs3r_Unfriendly: apparently root does not have cd04:49
Us3r_Unfriendlydiytto: type in a terminal:   su04:49
diyttogot it04:49
cvama external filesystem mounted on point "/media/" but it is nit listed in   "/etc/fstab" file. How04:50
cvama external filesystem mounted on point "/media/" but it is not listed in   "/etc/fstab" file. How04:50
Us3r_Unfriendlydiytto: well first did you have a password for your root user?04:51
bullgard4What is the function of the bash script /etc/X11/Xsession? "global Xsession file --  used by  display managers and xinit (startx)"04:51
lottysCan someone explain how ssl keys are created?04:51
envygeekscvam: because /etc/fstab is for permanent automounts, you can use the mount command and umount to mount and unmount without needing /etc/fstab04:51
diyttoUs3r_Unfriendly: what do you mean. and here is a log of ls of the root of the usb http://paste.ubuntu.com/636720/04:51
bullgard4lottys: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transport_Layer_Security04:52
cvamenvygeeks: but i cant unmount. the message is "umount: /media/label1 is not in the fstab (and you are not root)"04:52
cvamenvygeeks: And I'm a root user04:53
ProductHey guys.04:54
rodney_Speaking of help ... I'm having a problem setting up an NTP server. I have done it before however this time I am receiving 'parent died before we finished, exiting' on a reboot and then subsequent restarts get 'ntpd exiting on signal 15' logged only. Does anyone have an idea please? Executing 'ntpq -p'  reports that I can see the servers?04:54
diyttoUs3r_Unfriendly: did you get it?04:54
ProductI installed Ubuntu on my USB.04:54
bullgard4!ask | Product04:54
ubottuProduct: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:54
ProductOh ok :))04:54
envygeekscvam: is the drive in use?04:54
ProductI installed Ubuntu on my USB, and rebooted, what do I have to do now, nothing came up, only few files on my USB.04:54
Us3r_Unfriendlydiytto: "sudo passwd" is a start. Change the root password to what you want.  then "su"  and cd  to where your drive is mounted to and you should be able to view the contents...unless it's encrypted04:55
diyttoUs3r_Unfriendly: the Games directory is screwed up04:55
lottysanyone know anything about ca cert authentication?04:56
lottyssomeone must know =\\04:56
bullgard4Product: What do you mean by "USB"? Do you mean an "USB stick"?04:56
lottysi've got a critical issue04:56
envygeeksIt's probably better to never set a root password and to leave root disabled and just do "sudo -i"04:56
Us3r_Unfriendlydiytto: what exactly it is your trying to do?04:56
ProductYes, Memory card, I installed on it to test Ubuntu if I like it.04:56
ProductI rebooted my PC, and I can see a few files on my Memory Stick.04:56
diyttoUs3r_Unfriendly: trying to view the directory but the directory is screwed up04:56
diyttoi gtg04:57
pin1good day! anyone can help me? troubles with launching my Creative E-MU 0404 PCI-Express!04:57
vandemarfirst you need some model rocket engines04:57
bullgard4pin1: What exact error message do you obtain?04:57
pin1just a sec. i'll make manipulations in console04:58
ProductCan anyone help me with the steps I have to follow to use Ubuntu, I installed on Memory Stick to make it bootable, and when installation was done I had to reboot my PC.04:58
ader10aeon__: yes04:58
lottysanyone know anything about ca cert authentication? really need some help guys04:58
ader10sorry for the delay04:58
envygeeksproduct: did you use the usb creator tool or did you dd the image?04:58
Productenvygeeks: I'am not sure what I used jo-erlend gave me a link.04:59
pin1it says command not found04:59
pin1sorry. once again04:59
envygeekslottys: you mean x.509 auth?04:59
ProductAnd  I had to choose USB: and correct Dirrectoy withch is I://04:59
pin1/usr/sbin/alsaconf: строка 929: update-modules: команда не найдена04:59
ProductAnd I also has choose Ubuntu, latest version.04:59
ProductAnd it was like 700Mb.05:00
envygeeksProduct: Download the ISO (if you are already on Ubuntu) insert the USB and go to GNOME Menu > Admin > Startup Creator and use that tool, it will guide you05:00
ProductI came back, and installation was done, I clicked reboot now".05:00
Anorion|Aurorais there a way to set the cpufreq governor from the grub commandline?05:00
pin1envygeeks , are you speaking to me ore someone else?05:00
Productenvygeeks, could you please TeamView me ? I would be pleased.05:00
ProductI'am fully new to Linux.05:00
envygeeksProduct: I guess I could help you real quick, let me install teamviewer real quick, I don't have it on this laptop becuase normally it's my play machine05:01
ProductOk :)05:01
ProductThanks very much !05:01
lottysanyone know anything about ca cert authentication? really need some help guys05:01
lottysenvygeeks : yeah05:01
lottyssorry just seen your msg05:02
pin1troubles with launching my Creative E-MU 0404 PCI-Express! any gelp? /usr/sbin/alsaconf: command not found05:02
lottysbasically... i got sent a new csr to install05:02
nicolasI am unable to open shotwell, I have reinstalled and even updated the source but still no beans, any thoughts?05:02
lottysso put the new file in the certs dir along with the intermediate one05:02
bullgard4!prefix | pin105:02
ubottupin1: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:02
lottyswhich seems to display the updated expiry using ssl checker websites...05:02
lottyshowever... squid needs a .pem and .key05:03
lottyswhich are still using the old ones?05:03
lottysi'm just all confused by it :|05:03
pin1bullgard4 , seems like you give some attention. i'm from Russia and i'm quite noob =) sorry if I do something wrong05:05
new_personanyone have a gmail account but doesn't have Google+ yet?05:06
bullgard4pin1: We all need to learn. So please start you messages wth the nick of your addressee.05:07
bullgard4new_person: Me.05:07
new_persondo you know anyone with a google + account05:08
new_personi read this article on http://www.medjai.net/05:08
pin1bullgard4: is it ok like this? can we discuss problem with soundcard?05:08
new_personit requires someone with an existing Google+ account05:08
new_personThe guy claims he did it with 3 of his friends accounts and it worked05:09
pin1new_person: maybe I could help. I have a Google account, but I do not know what is Google+05:09
new_persongoogle+ is Google's replacement Facebook05:09
new_personbut it has a lot of cool features05:09
chaddynew_person: /join ##googleplus05:10
new_personthey have something called circles which lets you create circle of friends to limit who sees what05:10
new_personand they have something called a Hangout05:10
pin1ok. I'm not logged on Facebook. Sorry05:10
new_personthis is like a group video chat with circles05:10
simplebluei dont like the sounds of it :/05:10
new_personi thought it was pretty cool05:10
bullgard4pin1: 1. You asked: "is it ok like this?" Yes, this is correct and well. --  2. You asked: "can we discuss problem with soundcard?" I hope so. But I do not know your particulars yet, and I am no great expert on sound in general. Please start your specific question now.05:10
bazhangnew_person, connection to ubuntu support?05:11
simplebluei don't know you that well new_person, and i've never heard of it. i'm very weary05:11
new_personi know simpleblue05:11
simplebluesorry to say05:12
bazhangnew_person, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic ubuntu tech support in #ubuntu05:12
new_personi'm not saying for me, i'm just saying it's a good concept in general05:12
new_personsorry bazhang05:12
pin1bullgard4 : when I tyype "sudo alsaconf" in console, my card is displayed incorrect. it says I have Audigy 2. But in fact it is 0404 PCIEx =\. also it brings another error: update-modules: command not found05:13
cuddlefishHi guys. Tomboy won't launch for me; there's a weird .note file05:14
cuddlefishunder ~/.local/share/tomboy05:14
cuddlefishany reads from it give 'Input/output error'05:14
cuddlefishtried fsck05:14
=== nikhgupta_ is now known as n00nen9s
Fox__Hello. Im having some major problems Installing Ubuntu and was redirected to this IRC for help.05:15
confezzormaybe i can help if we know the issue05:16
KM0201Fox__: state your problem05:17
confezzorhe's probl typing it out05:17
nicolasAfter restart system wont launch shotwell, I have updated sources, reinstalled from source and still no luck, any thoughts?05:17
bullgard4pin1: I do not know anything about alsaconf. http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=alsaconf&mode=exactfilename&suite=natty&arch=any : "You have searched for files named alsaconf in suite natty, all sections, and all architectures. Sorry, your search gave no results"05:18
KM0201nicolas: why did you install shotwell from source? its in the repos.. just apt-get it05:18
Fox__well at first it was the black screen with flashing keyboard lights.. But after burning the install disk slower ive now get when it starts to Install a long list of numbers with some call trace.. and the keyboard lights flashing05:18
nicolasKM0201 origenally it was, after restart it would not launch05:18
pin1bullgard4: ok. thanks anyway. in Russia I did not get anything exept for angry voices: "NOOB!"05:18
KM0201Fox__: do you know what graphics processor is on that machine?05:19
confezzornicolas did you try to uninstall it and than reinstall it again before doing it from source05:19
nicolasconfezzor, that was my first plan of action, still no luck, so I got the newest ppa source and tried that, last resort was from source05:20
Fox__Unsure the brand but its on an PCI-E port.. the motherboard doesnt have built in graphics05:20
confezzorwhat version of ubuntu are you running?05:20
nicolasnatty 11.0405:20
Fox__Motherboard  Asus P5P80005:21
bullgard4pin1: In this channel, you will sometimes get an angry answer also. But if you are polite and if you are putting smart questions here and know the Code of Conduct, you will get useful answers, be it after a long time. --  I am sorry that I do not know anything about Audigy 2 either.05:22
nicolasconfezzor after seaching and seeing some complaint about shotwell with AMD 64 I thought that might be my prob, but it ran before just fine05:23
confezzordid you use the right ppa nicolas05:23
lottysanyone know anything about ca x.509? really need some help guys05:23
bullgard4pin1: May be the following will help you a little bit:05:23
confezzoroh that sucks...but it works on mine AMD 6405:23
nicolasfrom what I could tell, it did not have an option for 64bit, but did for natty, meerkat etc05:24
bullgard4!sound | pin105:24
ubottupin1: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.05:24
confezzordid you use this ppa ppa:yorba/ppa05:25
nicolasconfezzor - yup05:25
lottysanyone want some cash? :)05:25
pin1bullgard4: thanks! but the problem lies much deeper =). I had million tries. thanks for your help! I'll go google some more. bye!05:25
bazhanglottys, wrong channel for that05:25
nicolasconfezzor, the shotwell viewer works, but not the manager05:25
confezzorhmmm that's wield...i got other's that might be good to use if you would like to know05:25
pin1guys, what is the command to leave the room?05:25
nicolaslooking for simple05:25
nicolaslike shotwell05:26
rwwpin1: /part05:26
bullgard4pin1: Good luck! Vsego nailucego.05:26
pin1rww: thanks!05:26
xrdodrxI'm trying to add the user "fredrick" to the group "vboxusers" with the command "sudo useradd -G vboxusers fredrick" the shell returns "useradd: user 'fredrick' already exists" Any idea why?05:26
pin1bullgard4: OMG! Are you Russian?05:26
Dan39im trying to mount a directory on ubuntu server, on my local computer(not ubuntu) using sshfs. i use this method with some other servers and it works great, but with this ubuntu server it keeps telling me read: Connection reset by peer05:26
bullgard4pin1: No. I am German.05:26
Dan39i can ssh in just fine, but sshfs is not working :|05:26
=== paul__ is now known as raskall
pin1bullgard4: =D Nice. Auf Wiedersehn05:27
Dan39any ideas...?05:27
cvamenvygeeks:no the drive is not in use05:27
raskallmy computer just went crazy, now whenever I turn it on I get an error message at the login screen and it says "Install prolem! The configuration defaults for GNOME Power Manager have not been installed correctly.  Please contact your computer administrator"05:27
raskallthen when I try to log in, with my username and password, and just flashes black and then goes back to the login screen05:28
raskallso I can't log in05:28
confezzornicolas you can check out this one05:28
Logan_raskall: According to what I found on Google, it could be because your hard disk space is low.05:28
Edistowhen i do 'man' for manual on something how do i kill the process again so i can get out?05:29
Toph2raskall,,, mine did the same until i logged in with Gnome Classic05:29
rwwEdisto: q05:29
xrdodrxEdisto, hit the q key05:29
raskallLogan_: is there anyway to get a command promppt?05:29
cvamthe ls command tells there are  2 links for a file. if  I use "find -inum 2341" it gives only one filepath which I know.How can I find another link to a file05:29
raskallToph2: I keep trying to login with classic05:29
nicolasconfezzor - awesome, I will check them out - thanks05:29
Toph2raskall,,, ok,, that worked for me05:29
raskallToph2: thanks though05:29
confezzoror just go with f-spot...05:29
confezzorbut darktable is really good05:30
confezzorand np...anytime05:30
Logan_raskall: ctrl-alt-f105:30
balleynewhere can I find my Gnome user picture? (e.g. the image I see when I click 'About Me...', displayed for example on the login screen)05:31
xrdodrxNevermind, fixed it with "sudo usermod -a -G vboxusers fredrick" thanks anyway :)05:31
Edistoi did 'cc filerun.c' it created a a.out but not a filerun file to run what did i do wrong?05:31
gohdantrying to play the output from an mplayer capture. any ideas what im doing wrong?  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/636732/05:32
gohdanthe stream is usually played via their flash based webplayer. pulled the url from tshark05:34
raskallLogan_: thank you very much, cleared some space and it works05:34
Logan_raskall: You're welcome.05:36
Edistohmm... i see -o is not the same as in ubuntu... how do you compile a file in unbuntu using cc or gcc? i'm trying cc -o filerun.c but its saying no input file05:37
Random832Edisto: huh?05:38
Random832not the same as what? where does that work?05:38
Edistounix system05:38
Random832uh, no05:38
gohdani can always 'mplayer c2c.aac' on the dump but that doesnt give me fluid, realtime output.05:38
Random832you can do "cc -o filerun filerun.c"05:38
Random832-o is output file specifier05:38
Random832"cc -o filerun.c" works exactly nowhere05:38
rwwEdisto: perhaps you're looking for cc -o nameofcreatedexecutablehere sourcefilehere.c05:39
Edistolol thanks random i knew i forgot something05:39
Edistoyeah i forgot to put the file name in front05:39
den1hi guys05:40
Random832you can also just "cc filerun.c" and get "a.out" as the executable05:40
Fox__here is a picture of what my screen shows after clicking install Ubuntu (using 11.04, from CD) with flashign Caps lock and Scroll Lock.  http://i1101.photobucket.com/albums/g432/Tyler_Cantrell/Photo07012328.jpg05:41
den1thanks guys for info05:41
den1so what is today topic05:41
Edistoand how do i execute a.out it doesn't work by just typing a.out in console05:43
rwwEdisto: ./a.out05:43
rwwthe current working directory is not part of $PATH (for very good reasons), so it isn't looked in when you type an executable name05:43
Edistoahhh thanks05:43
htmlinprogresshi everyone !)05:44
Dan39nevermind think i found the problem... dumb host has empty sshd_config :|05:44
=== Tgl0beUSER- is now known as DotttCom
Babuhello people out there i got one question... does anyone know how to install third part soft ware to ubuntu linux05:46
confezzorwhat type of software  you trying to install05:47
bazhangBabu, what package name05:47
Babutime watcher for internet cafee05:49
Fox__Used Offical download from ubuntu for the iso, used DAEMON tools Pro to burn to a sony CD-R at 10x speed. Computer is running Asus P5P800 Motherboard with 2GB ram, 250GBHDD and Pentium 4 3.3Ghz. Disk boots fine but i get the same thing on try ubuntu, Install ubuntu, and the check disk for errors options. http://i1101.photobucket.com/albums/g432/Tyler_Cantrell/Photo07012328.jpg With flashing...05:49
Fox__...keyboard Caps Lock and Scroll Lock lights. Please help?05:49
preecherive added 2-3 ppa's to software sources while getting some extrs icon themes---is it ok to remove these ppa's now?05:49
bazhangBabu, the exact name is time-watcher?05:49
bis0nhello all05:50
bazhangpreecher, sure. you can use ppa-purge05:50
bazhang!info ppa-purge | preecher05:50
ubottupreecher: ppa-purge (source: ppa-purge): disables a PPA and reverts to official packages. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.8+bzr56 (natty), package size 4 kB, installed size 56 kB05:50
preecherbazhang thx-)05:50
van7huhello, could anyone help me with ld, ld -lc does not work05:50
bis0nanyone know how to compile an VB .net application for windows CE?05:51
bazhangBabu, please tell us the exact package name05:51
Babuyes time-watcher05:51
bazhangbis0n, ##windows05:51
Babupackage is ubuntu version 905:51
Babualso i got linux-mint version 905:51
rww!mintsupport | Babu05:52
ubottuBabu: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org05:52
woonixand say hi to the crickets while you're there. hah05:53
confezzorBabu is that a windows program05:53
Babulinux-mint is a debian which does not delivered from ubuntu05:53
rwwBabu: I know what Linux Mint is. It's not supported in #ubuntu.05:53
Babuyes time-watcher is the a windows program05:53
confezzorjust use wine...it might install it might not05:54
Babulinux mint run as a stand alone operating system05:54
Babuhow do i install wine05:54
semitonesI came here for the toaster pastry?05:54
rwwBabu: go ask the support channel for your distribution05:55
confezzorgo into the synaptic and look for wine05:55
confezzorinstall that and playonlinux just for more support05:55
Babusynaptic is something found i software center eh?05:56
confezzoryea you can do the software center as well05:56
confezzoreither or doesn't matter05:56
Babualright confezzor05:57
yagooanyone knows of a stable plugin/extension(not theme) for firefox (want to make it easy to have grey for body background on all webpages)05:57
Babui am not good user of linux that why i got stack there..05:58
confezzorit's cool..just download wine and playonlinux in the software center..tell me when you do that05:58
confezzorand i'll walk you through the rest...like i said this might work or not..05:58
gohdanBabu: after you grab wine, dont forget the nifty 'winefile' command. it is a familiar, windows explorer-like file manager :)06:00
confezzorand so i forgot winetricks if it's not add already in the install06:00
Babuoh so wine reate file manager in ubuntu where i can use to install other software06:01
gohdanconfezzor: i dont think it is. at least it wasnt for me. will have to grab it manually.06:01
confezzorit know's now to work with dill files that windows uses06:02
confezzoryea same here...but in some distro's for some reason when you install wine it adds it...it's weird06:02
Fox__Installing Natty 11.04 and after selecting Install Ubuntu or Try Ubuntu or Check disk for errors i get a screen full of numbers and text reading things like [0.000000] BUG: Bad page state in process swapper  pfn:3a1f9. Keyboard lights flashing as well. have link to screenshot if needed.06:03
cvamthe ls command tells there are  2 links for a file. if  I use "find -inum 2341" it gives only one filepath which I know.How can I find another link to a file06:03
confezzorFox__  how did you install your distro..by usb or dvd?06:03
gohdanFox__:  also note the photobucket image from earlier too06:04
Fox__CD-R Iso from the offical site. Used DAEMON tools pro to burn the .iso to a Sony CD-R capable of 1x-48x.. burned the disk at slowest possible speed (10x)06:05
confezzoralso if you are using i think it's the i386 architecture ubuntu doesn't support it anymore..or that's what they said06:05
Babuthis web for wine requires me to login by using ubuntu but for the meantime iam just login using windows06:05
=== mark__ is now known as markamber
confezzorin 11.04 that is06:05
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter06:05
confezzordon't use that web thing..just install wine, winetricks and playonlinux06:06
ok_waithi all, i'm trying to record/capture my desktop and well i took a video of the screen and this was all i got http://picpaste.com/Workspace_1_011-3oS7RS9V.jpeg for the duration of the video. i could see the mouse moving around but nautilus was maximized during the entire recording. anybody have any suggestions? what's broken so i can google it?06:08
confezzori need a better GPU for mining bitcoin....this sucks....Babu did you install the packages yet06:08
rypervencheok_wait: What are you using to record it?06:09
Babudoes which already included in ubuntu? coz i went to web for download06:09
rypervencheok_wait: It can happen with theora. Using ffmpeg to record is a good idea.06:09
gohdanconfezzor: i use a gentoo cluster of old machines. probably not as efficient, but man its fun.06:10
Babuyes the ubuntu package is side by side in this laptop with windows06:10
ok_waitrypervenche, thanks i'll check that out06:10
rypervencheok_wait: Get ffmpeg and x264 here, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=78609506:10
confezzornice gohdan ..i was getting like 700 second and now i'm not sure whats going on..i'm going like 40 a second06:11
rypervencheok_wait: I've got a script to automatically record my screen you can use it if you like. Just change the variables at the beginning to your liking. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19330159/Scripts/screencast.sh06:11
Fox__ok tried to install using the nomodeset and same error06:11
ok_waitrypervenche, wow thank you very much06:12
confezzorBabu what do you mean you have windows side by side...i'm confussed06:12
scarylarryjust installed linux 11.04 and trying to boot but it seems stuck after stopping system runlevel compatibility and just a flashing cursor06:12
confezzorand Babu i see what this application does..you can do this normally in ubuntu without this kind of software06:13
Babuok confezzor tell me how can i do it normally?06:14
gohdanconfezzor: 40-700khash!?06:14
Babuconfezzor my laptop got ubuntu and windows06:14
confezzor well i was doing 700 to 900khash but know it just dropped like 5 mins ago to like 20 to 40 sec06:15
confezzorbut now06:15
confezzorit might be this distro..i'm trying something new called linuxcoin...it's a distro based on just bitcoin...it might be the software06:16
confezzorBabu are you trying to set this up for your children? if you don't mind me asking06:17
cryptodira10.10 amd/64.....  what am i doing incorrectly, that evolution 2.30.3 does NOT automatically restart after a reboot, even tho it is listed in the startup folder, nor, does it restart if i do a save of currently running programs just before a reboot.....  ??06:17
confezzoryou will need to go into system and than look for users and groups06:17
Babutim-watcher used to manage users session when they login to their accounts and admin could just give a user one hour to login.. when the time expire the user is automatically logged out06:17
confezzori believe...i'm not on a ubuntu box right now06:17
Babui am jst setting for the internet cafe06:18
confezzoroh ok it's for a business06:18
gohdanconfezzor: thats an extremely low hash rate to be running on a gpu.06:18
gohdanBabu: you will probably not be able to run a windows based user management tool on ubuntu in the manner you are attempting.06:18
confezzorgohdan: even at 700 to 900 or you talking about the 40...yea i know06:18
gohdanthe windows tool will not control users or most services in on the ubuntu host machine06:19
confezzoryea...go into system/ administrator and look for usergroups06:19
Babuso what is the solution for such kind of problem06:19
scarylarrywhat's tty2 commands to go into the gui?06:20
yagooscarylarry, tty2 is not gui06:20
gohdanconfezzor: both. see http://forum.bitcoin.org/?topic=1628.006:20
scarylarryright and to boot into the gui06:21
scarylarryfrom tty206:21
yagooscarylarry, X server starts listening(after started) on a new tty..06:21
=== lilstevie is now known as lilstevie|ZNC
=== skynix_ is now known as skynix
gohdanscarylarry: alternatively you can launch a display manager and have that handle your X session06:22
cryptodira10.10 amd/64.....  what am i doing incorrectly, that evolution 2.30.3 does NOT automatically restart after a reboot, even tho it is listed in the startup folder, nor, does it restart if i do a save of currently running programs just before a reboot.....  ??06:22
Babuconfezzor i want to know if i am goin into usergroups can i manage the user sessions06:22
nicolasconfezzor, you still on?06:22
scarylarrydisplay manager?06:23
confezzorgohdan: oh wow..i should be getting 2518728...i'm going to try it on ubuntu 10.10 like it says to06:23
confezzornicolas yea06:23
nicolasconfezzor, I like the dark table, but still wanting to fix this version of shotwell, you have any ideas that I could try?06:23
confezzorlet me go see real quick nicolas..give me a few to look up something06:24
gohdanscarylarry: such as 'GDM' or 'KDM' etc06:24
Babui have got twenty computers at this place and user loggin though i cannt manage their sessions06:25
scarylarryok, i startx'ed but now all i got is a blank splash screen06:25
quabbeyou can also use the command kdm gdm directly like startx06:26
quabbeif a windowmanager is installed06:26
scarylarryand will that work if the hardware can't handle it?06:27
gohdanquabbe: TWM comes with X IIRC06:27
quabbedid you use nvidia card?06:27
scarylarryno it's a s*** 2mb mattrox06:27
quabbenormally should work it but you dont have any 3D06:28
scarylarrymaybe i should just buy a better pci graphics card, the agp slot is not working on this mobo.06:29
Babuyes session06:30
gohdanscarylarry: X should run fine on the lower end card. i have a machine running openbox on top of a 4mb virge06:30
scarylarryi'll try06:31
yagooscarylarry, you need either an ~/.xinitrc or ~/.Xsession ... to start up your window-manager, etc etc..06:31
confezzornicolas did you download all the dependencies for shotwell06:31
confezzoryou using 11.04 right06:31
nicolasI did, per their site06:31
yagooscarylarry, if gnome is installed u probably just need like gnome-session in the xsess/xinit file06:31
confezzorok lets try this06:32
yagooscarylarry, if you want openbox or something like fvwm, you of course don't type gnome-session06:32
confezzoryou using a 86x or a 64bit computer06:33
lightahi guys, hey quick question since vlc chan seem dead, how to display timestamp on video ?06:33
nicolasconfezzor - 64 bit06:33
=== P4R4N01D1 is now known as P4R4N01D
gohdani am trying to stream audio with mplayer and capture the output at the same time. any idea what im doing wrong?  my workaround right now is to open two seperate streams, which is not the desired result. http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/636732/06:34
scarylarryi hardly know anything about linux, so what would i add to my boot options or type in to tty2 to get it to work06:35
=== lilstevie|ZNC is now known as lilstevie
gohdanthe second line just captures but does not output06:35
Babuconfezzor i will check you oline later iam just leaving06:35
Anthraxium-64Hi. This is my SSH hosts, I'm using the same password for all of them, and for my mail. I'm stupid. Therefor I'll pay my price. SSH: / / - remon / yoboy=035906:35
quabbedid you installed an wm scarrylarry?06:37
yagooscarylarry, ??06:37
yagooscarylarry, get "what"?06:37
gryAnthraxium-64: What are you trying to do?06:37
scarylarrya gui that will work06:38
yagooscarylarry, ??06:38
lightagohdan, did you try ffmpeg ?06:38
yagooscarylarry, you didn't install X? are you an admin on this system?06:38
quabbeany error messages during boot time?06:38
yagooscarylarry, if you're new to linux.. i don't know what you're trying to do06:38
gohdanlighta:  in what manner?06:38
sunsonhow can I switch a loop back interface to go to NOARP mode?06:38
ProductHi all.06:39
gryProduct: Salut.06:39
confezzornicolas you still there06:39
scarylarryare you saying in other words, forget it?06:39
Productgry: Salut :)06:39
lightawell here ffserver, wich do exactly the same thing as you asking06:39
etcetera_anyone know of a PPA that hosts mono 2.10.2 packages?06:39
yagoosunson, guessing maybe you'd have to recompile or something..06:39
confezzorquestion is the whole application not working? and when you installed 11.04 was it not working out the box?06:39
lightawhen I try it was really easy, anyway from you're past he seem to not reach the socket wich is a network issue06:40
sunsonyagoo: eh? recompile? :)06:40
nicolasconfezzor, worked out of the box, I tried importing some photos and it crashed, after restart the launcher and app were all still there, but it is like its a dead link06:40
nicolasthe viewer still works, but not the manager06:41
confezzorok this site says you can try to do it in Gnome classic and do the install...you can try that way..maybe something with the install using the full unity system..06:41
lightacan you ping ?06:41
lightais that you ?06:41
nicolasso log into classic and reinstall?06:41
RobotFoodDoes anyone know how I can edit the options that appear on GRUB at boot?06:41
lightagohdan, ??06:41
confezzorfirst uninstall it06:41
confezzorfrom unity06:41
confezzorand than do the gnome classic06:41
confezzortry that..i'll be here if it doesn't06:42
nicolascool, let me go try that06:42
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)06:42
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
RobotFoodIs there a GUI frontend for configuring GRUB?06:44
quabberobot food look in the directory boot06:45
xrdodrxRobotFood, gedit06:45
RobotFoodGUI front end06:46
RobotFoodnot text editor06:46
quabbetheres no gui under ubuntu for grub06:46
gohdanlighta: yeah, the server is up. i am streaming from it with a second instance of mplayer right now.06:46
nicolasconfezzor, no beans, still dead06:46
gohdanlighta: sorry, i was making a sandwich :)06:47
confezzorok let me see again06:47
gryrobinbowes: Search for `grub conf` in Software Center.06:47
nicolasgoofy, you would think the uninstall would clear any previous problem06:47
Abhijitanyonne good in shell scripting?06:47
lightaok but gohdan excuse me if this sound noob but if it's same computer you wont be able to listen you're ip, should use 127.0.0.x instead06:47
gryrobinbowes: Sorry, un-ping.06:47
gryquabbe: Please see what I said and http://grubconf.sourceforge.net/ - there apparently is some.06:48
Abhijiti need to copy all the .h files from two different folders and their subfolder to another third folder. how to do this in shell script ? help?06:49
lightarah front end suck RobotFood, you should get use to vim and texteditor ! nothing better06:49
nicolasconfezzor, got it06:49
gryAbhijit: cd folder1;cp -r *.h /path/to/destination and same for folder206:49
gohdanlighta:  the stream is on a remote server i dont control. its usually accessed via the websites flash webplayer. but, i grabbed the url from tshark and opened it in mplayer for capture06:49
nicolasdeleted the hidden data file, somehow the previous crash was keeping it from opening06:50
lightaAbhijit, rsync -r ./path/to/yours/files/*.h ./path/to/the/new/files/06:50
confezzornicolas you got what?...it's working06:50
nicolasmaybe the database was blocking or something, seems to be working06:50
confezzorsweet...cool congrats06:50
nicolasthanks for the help, take it easy man06:51
confezzori hate it when it's a simple thing to fix and we all try the most complicated work arounds lol06:51
confezzoryou to06:51
nicolasI know it06:51
nicolaslater man06:51
lightaok gohdan are you able to ping it ? are you sure network is ok ?06:51
Abhijitgry, cp: cannot stat `*.h': No such file or directory06:52
Abhijitlighta, rsync: link_stat "location/*.h" failed: No such file or directory (2)06:53
gryuse quotes around06:53
gry"*.h" instead of *.h06:53
nunuyabizI changed my permissions for the var file to root and now my epiphany browser cannot open some web pages I have in www. does anyone know what files will affect epiphany browser?06:53
lightaAbhijit, are you in good repertory are you used with absoute and relative path ? anyway for your copy I'll suggest rsync, really good tool06:53
Abhijitlighta, ok06:54
gohdanlighta: as stated previously, i am listening to the stream from the server right now06:54
lightaok gohdan i'll try myself with mplayer then see if I can help, what you're trying to do is an automatic script for listening is that right ?06:55
lightalistening and record ?06:55
balleyneI'm trying to enable compiz desktop effects for a laptop with an Intel 945GM graphics card, after upgrading to 11.04. Help?06:55
sacarlsonwhat basic packages are needed for development of qt4 to compile some qt4 applications?06:56
gohdani want to capture the stream from a SINGLE instance of mplayer, AND capture it at the same time, in the same instance06:56
SenjaiI have a REALLY stupid question, it is entirely subjective, I used to program in C++ but now i wonder, what's the best language for linux?06:57
lightaso can we say record the stream vids on your hd ?06:57
balleyneSenjai: what kind of application?06:57
confezzorC++ is a good one for linux to06:57
lightaSenjai, depend what for but C++ working well in linux too, you've got gcc to compile it very easy06:57
SenjaiI used C++ for DirectX and WINAPI on windows06:57
sacarlsonthe include file I see in the package I want to compile looks like INCPATH       = -I/usr/share/qt4/mkspecs/linux-g++ -I. -I/usr/include/qt4/QtCore -I/usr/include/qt4/QtGui -I/usr/include/qt4 -Isrc -Isrc/json -Isrc/cryptopp -Isrc/qt -I. -I.06:57
confezzorbut pearl or ruby is good to06:58
gohdanlighta: its an audio stream of the radio show CoastToCoast AM06:58
SenjaiPearl and ruby to create entire programs?06:58
SenjaiIm thinking of massive projects06:58
Senjaithought python/C#/ava would be suggested06:58
balleyneSenjai: if you're already familiar with C++, it's definitely a solid option for GNU/LInux.06:58
joyrockI want to dual boot my Dell PC with windows 7 and ubunru 10.1006:59
lightaI personaly prefer java, but it's because I'm use to it06:59
joyrockbut unable to do that06:59
joyrockcan anyone help06:59
confezzorjoyrock install windows 7 first and than ubuntu07:00
balleyneSenjai: Python is a popular one, with PyGTK and PyQt and such. Java, I guess if the goal is more cross-platform maybe? C# is controversial, because of the .NET licensing and Mono and everything -- there are free software implementations for GNU/Linux, but with a bit of a patent cloud hanging overhead. Not a great choice for *new* projects. But C++ is definitely a solid option if you're already familiar with it.07:00
balleyneSenjai: C++ might be a little low-level or overkill when that kind of performance isn't necessary, and I think that's why some people go for languages like Python. But there are lots of GNU/Linux applicatoins written in C++, especially applications were performance is key.07:01
lightaI hate C# for .net yeah07:02
joyrockconfessor I have installed ein 707:02
Senjaiballeyne,  thank you, can you elaborate on C++ being low level?07:02
Senjailighta, i just like the coding style07:02
joyrockconfezzor but what happened that ubuntu is saying my free space as unused07:02
lightawell C is more for performance yeah, C++ I dunno may depend on you're processor, what exactly are you working on ?07:03
balleyneSenjai: actually, I guess I'm more familiar with C than C++, but say with things like memory allocation or garbage collection. My understanding is that you have more responsibility for that kind of stuff in C++, whereas with Java or Python or C#, there are more library and built-in tools available to handle things...07:04
Abhijithow can i check which is my default shell?07:04
confezzorjoyrock do you have an open partition on that drive you using?07:05
tntcSenjai: I don't know very much about C++, but that's because I'm too lazy to learn it. My plan is to stick with Java and Python where I can, and C# and .NET where I must.07:05
tntcSenjai: ditto for C and ASM07:05
balleyneAbhijit: echo $SHELL   (I think?)07:05
joyrockconfezzor open partition means ???07:05
Abhijitballeyne, yah. thanks.07:05
gryAbhijit: chsh07:06
Abhijitgry, it ask for password?07:06
Abhijitgry, what does it do?07:06
balleyneSenjai: this seems like an interesting read: http://www.dmh2000.com/cjpr/07:06
Senjaiballeyne, I understand. Java is starting to become interesting to me (after seeing minecraft deploy) tntc, thank you for your contribution, ASM is a  pain indeed07:06
gryAbhijit: http://pastebin.mozilla.org/126257707:07
balleyneAbhijit: man chsh (it's for changing the login shell)07:07
amyletoY'all might not know, but I wanted to ask anyway.  The other day, I ran some updates, though I'm not sure what all I ran updates on.  When those updates ran, my lock button in the "Quit-Log Out" app on AWN broke.  The lock command from the gnome menu still works fine.  I'm on LUCID07:07
Senjaiballeyne, i dont see the power from java though, it lags with every app i use it with07:07
Abhijitgry, i do not want to change. i just want to know.07:07
amyletoI guess that's not really a question, I'm just wondering how to fix it07:07
tntcSenjai: I actually liked writing MIPS ASM, but it's sort of like using a 10lb sledge to hammer in a nail to hang a picture.07:08
gryAbhijit: Just ^C it when it asks. It won't change, then.07:08
balleyneSenjai: yeah, C++ gives you much better performance, whereas Java maybe has more tools for a programmer to use. There are tradeoffs, Java's definitely a slower language at runtime compared to C++07:08
Senjaitntc, I could never wrap my head around asm, and with x64 i hear its nearly impossible, if you have any book reccomendations please let me know07:08
Abhijitgry, ok07:08
tntcSenjai: I imagine a lot of the slowness of modern java is just bad coding practices. Good code is fast. Bad code isn't. :)07:08
Senjaiballeyne, but java does more work behind the scenes, I believe complete control of my code fits my style07:08
Senjaitntc, yes I agree, Java allows that, whereas C++ doesn't.. as much.07:09
amyletoI'm not seeing a way to edit the command it uses or anything like that, and I have no idea what it uses to lock.  I've tried to rebuild the AWN apps as well as XSCREENSAVER07:09
tntcSenjai: I've found that python can be slow too, but generally it's slow in places you don't care about. It's really nice for whipping some code together really fast.07:09
Senjaitntc, I thought lisp would be better than python for those cases?07:09
Senjaiballeyne, I'm going to read that essay after making ome tea07:09
* Senjai wonders if anyone has any programming book reccomendations (other than C++)07:10
* Senjai or sites :P07:10
* amyleto feels like she wandered in on the same conversation she left in here 6 months ago07:10
tntcSenjai: throwing together a prototype? Eh. From what I've seen of Lisp, it's elegent, but not easy to work with. too many parenthesis.07:10
john_ramboHi, I want to remove pulseaudio ....I found this >>http://is.gd/ViNFUF ....Which post shoul I follow ? 133 or 134 ? or please tell me the command07:10
john_ramborunning 11.0407:10
Senjaitntc, I know racket and schem so I'm used to it :P. it works within emacs flawlessly too.. that's my excuse07:10
balleyneSenjai: cool, I haven't read it, was just skimming it for confirmation of my impressions of C++. Looks like it might have some interesting comparisons *shrugs*07:11
Senjaiballeyne, tntc, do either of you have site/book reccomendations?07:11
tntcSenjai: "Learning Python" from O'Reilly is pretty good, and http://tinyurl.com/thinkcspy is supposed to be excellent.07:11
amyletoI second Learning Python07:11
amyletoYou usually can't go wrong with O'Reilly books07:11
balleyneI'm trying to get Compiz working with an Intel 945GM graphics card after upgrade to 11.04. Help? Got an error when first trying to log into Unity about desktop effects, and now compiz seems disabled...07:12
SenjaiBook marked ti07:12
SenjaiAny other sites/book suggestions for Java/Python/Perl etc.. books07:12
SenjaiI used to use Gamedev.net for programming questions07:12
=== superman is now known as Guest8323
tntcSenjai: My suggestion is to avoid perl, from personal experience. It's really really fun when you're first learning it, but all the object oriented stuff feels kludged together to me.07:13
amyletoIf you learn a lot by example the O'Reilly cookbooks can be useful tools07:13
balleyneSenjai: legendary Python versus Perl article from ESR: http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/388207:13
tntcSenjai: It's hard to beat CPAN in terms of sheer number of modules, but I spent a lot of time fooling around with Perl defaults.07:13
Senjaitntc, I've never programmed it before all i know is it integrates well in webservers07:14
* Senjai is entirely ignorant pertaining to perl07:14
cafezimi get message from ubuntu that my du07:14
Senjaiballeyne, gonna read it after tea as well! lol, want to finish discussion first so i dont bring it up again07:14
cafezimdisk is dammaged07:14
tntcSenjai: there is a lot of weirness. I always feel like someone waves their hands and yells "Abracadabra" when I run a perl script. There are a lot of weird default variables and stuff07:14
Senjaitntc, also bookmarked your linlk07:14
Senjaiso amyleto, you suggest O'reilly books?07:15
SenjaiAnyone have suggestions for Java?07:15
tntcSenjai: Programming Python (also an O'Reilly book) is pretty awesome too07:15
* Senjai pulls out credit card07:15
SenjaiAnd yes amyleto I'm more of an example learner07:15
SenjaiI teach myself more than anything07:15
tntcSenjai: http://duke.csc.villanova.edu/jss1/ my uni used this book. it was pretty good07:16
SenjaiLearning the intricacies take me awhile though07:16
tntc(for java)07:16
amyletothey have cookbooks for Perl, Python, and Java07:16
amyletothe cookbooks have example code07:16
tntcSenjai: 10,000 hours is expert level supposedly :)07:16
van7huhello, what is "/lib/tls/i686/cmov/libc.so.6"?07:16
SenjaiIn anything you do tntc07:16
cafezimWhat do you guys think about capitalism?07:16
Senjai!ot | cafezim07:16
ubottucafezim: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:16
gry!ot | cafezim07:16
cafezimI think capitalism sucks07:16
amyletoIf you don't mind if it's not current version, Used bookstores are wonderful for the O'Reilly books07:16
amyletoI recommend Half Price Books07:16
SenjaiI know thinking in C++ is still the best book to learn C++ out there07:17
SenjaiBut the same author has a thinking in java07:17
tntcDoesn't O'reilly give updates to their e-books for free?07:17
Senjaimost programming books do07:17
cafezimC++ is useful only for desktop apps07:18
amyletoI hadn't bought the ebooks before, but that's great to know07:18
amyletoI haven't bought a programming book in... 10 years  >.<07:18
tntcamyleto: I have a whole collection of Python and Perl and Java and C and C++ and VB books XD07:18
tntcamyleto: I'm a CS major, so it fits07:18
amyletoI was a CS major07:18
tntcoh, and PHP and MySQL and XML and ... yeah envermind.07:18
blarggIn /var/log/syslog every five minutes an entry like this appears: CRON[2151]: (root) CMD (command -v debian-sa1 > /dev/null && debian-sa1 1 1). What is debian-sal? man/google don't turn up any explanation, and the command doesn't exist on my installation.07:19
amyletoThen I got into the real world, so now that I'm about to go back to school I'm switching to a Lit major07:19
amyletoI don't plan on using my degree, anyhow07:19
amyletoprobably will still minor in CS since I have so many credits07:19
Senjaicafezim that is not correct07:19
Senjaitntc, care to share soe of those? I took one cpsc course in uni so far07:20
amyletoI'd be in shock if they used my COBOL credits, though07:20
SenjaiMy major is commrce07:20
cafezimSenjai, why not?07:20
Senjaicafezim, to say any language is only good for one thing is a sure sign of ignorance07:20
SenjaiIt means your uninitiated with it07:20
cafezimI know it was used for making OSś like windows and linux07:21
SenjaiC was07:21
Senjainot C++07:21
cafezimyes, almost the same :)07:21
SenjaiThey are very different.07:21
SenjaiSorry cafezim, i appreciate the enthusiasm, but you really should read before you become so opinionated on a topic you are unfamiliar with07:21
Random832well you can use C++ in a way that is very similar to C07:21
cafezimI am going to work on some web pages now07:22
Random832but that's not how most people think of C++07:22
tntcSenjai: I already do :) Most of em are out in the hands of other CS students.07:22
SenjaiLol :)07:22
cafezimSenjai, are you a c++ defender or something?07:22
blarggSenjai, if only you were this pedantic about the channel topic :)07:22
SenjaiRandom832, many people code in C, and support it as a language, while many professors hate C++ and lobby against it07:22
SenjaiSorry blargg, I'll get back on topic07:23
Random832really i think the most innovative, unique thing about C++ is probably deterministic destruction07:23
updatewhy the hate on c++07:23
tntcI dunno. I think C++ is a fine language if you want to use it. I just... don't.07:23
SenjaiI love C++, just a lot of people are against it07:23
hate_lifeF# is the best07:23
tntcI've heard that python is very common in ubuntu.07:23
Random832which enables the RAII pattern, and more mundane things like a vector or string of arbitrary size treated just like a local variable07:23
cafezimC++ is good, but does not have automatic memory management, such as Java07:23
Senjaiwe should really get back to talking about Ubuntu, as blargg pointed out07:23
amyletoC++ was my favourite, too07:23
amyletoI haven't coded it in years, though07:24
Abhijitgry, balleyne , lighta this one worked!!! find folder/one folder/two -iname '*.h' -exec cp {} third/folder \;07:24
Senjaiamyleto, what do you code in now?07:24
updatehow do you guys feel about LISP07:24
amyletoI actually don't code much anymore T_T07:24
=== greezmunkey is now known as Guest55977
cafezimBut c++ is good, but I don really know it :)07:24
hiatusPython teaches good habits, good for open source development and good for beginners but its a high level language so its slow07:24
amyletoI dabble in Python every now and then, but life is busy07:24
blarggHow do you feel about the debian-sal command?07:24
Senjaiamyleto, then... what do you do?07:24
lightaah yeah nice one Abhijit =) well rsync could work with 2 folder but glad you make it07:25
Random832cafezim: technically, you can code in C++ without ever creating an object by pointer ("new") - destruction as things go out of scope can be considered a form of automatic memory managemetn07:25
Abhijitlighta, yah!07:25
amyletoand just a couple months from student07:25
Senjaiahh, like my girlfriend07:25
balleyneany guides for troubleshooting compiz problems? can't get unity to run at all on this laptop... no compiz, but I've definitely used desktop effects in the past07:25
cafezimBut guys, the most important is the programming logics, the rest is syntax :)07:25
ader10How do I properly show unicode in vim? http://i52.tinypic.com/28slxk8.png Please highlight if you respond.07:25
th^^hiatus: c-programmer would say python teaches you bad habits :)07:26
Random832ader10: what is output of :set fenc ?07:26
lightanot only logic, some parameter quite important, like host, usage, performance, security...07:26
ader10one moment07:26
amyletoperl teaches bad habits, too07:26
amyletoperl and python aren't good for beginners07:26
hate_lifelearn F#07:26
hate_lifenew dynamic language07:26
hate_lifebest ever07:26
hate_lifeforget c07:26
ader10Random832:   fileencoding=utf-807:27
lightayeah right07:27
Random832ader10: what version of vim do you have installed?07:27
amyletoyou are not going to get much attention to that in a linux chat07:27
gryAbhijit: Great.07:27
Random832ader10: and that is the output on ubuntu, correct? not arch? jut checking07:27
blarggSo, no ideas on what debian-sal does?07:27
lightago learn vb too ?07:27
ader10Random832: VIM - Vi IMproved 7.2 (2008 Aug 9, compiled Apr 16 2010 13:34:36)07:27
Random832er, i mean07:27
Random832what package - vim-tiny vim-gnome etc07:27
wildbatanyone know y "cat test | cat <(echo -n -e "\0357\0273\0277") -  > test" failed to insert BOM :< ~ it replace the file with BOM :<07:27
amyletoi got my associates in CS... 11 years ago.  i used it for a total of... 6 months.07:28
Random832wildbat: becaue > test erases the file before it execute the commadn07:28
cafezimhow do linux developers get time to work at it?07:28
cafezimmaybe retired persons07:28
grycafezim: Volunteer effort. :-)07:28
cafezimThis is something really good man07:28
SenjaiF# is a joke lol07:28
Random832wildbat: try "sed -i '1s/^/\xeb\xbb\xbf/'"07:28
ader10Random832: I have vim, vim-common, vim-runtime, and vim-tiny installed. I think that's vim. (not vim-tiny)07:29
Random832ader10: are you sure the vimrc is the same?07:29
wildbatRandom832:  OH !07:29
th^^cafezim: 75% of linux developers are employed to work on it07:29
cafezimShows that people think not only money all the time :)07:29
tntcth^^: to be fair, a C programmer would also take several times as long to solve a problem like "Pull some data from WMI calls, then output them to a file."07:29
ader10Random832: and yes, fileencoding=utf-8 is for ubuntu07:29
Random832ader10: do a md5sum of the vimrcs07:29
cafezimWho employs them?07:29
Random832er, not the vimrcs07:30
Random832the bashrcs07:30
blarggwildbat, what's with piping AND using < at the same time? I just tested using both and it seems that < dominates07:30
lightahere cafezim take a tour http://www.linuxfoundation.org/07:30
ader10Random832: the .vimrcs were identical until I started fiddling with Ubuntu's in order to show that unicode and another language right07:30
th^^tntc: and python programmer would never be able to do more than a few things related to 3D renderers, but lets not go there ;-)07:30
tntccafezim: NVidia, Intel, RedHat, Canonical, a few even at microsoft, since they submitted some patches.07:30
Random832blargg: redirection _always_ sets the input/output -of the pipe-07:30
cafezimlighta: thanks07:31
tntcth^^: sure, but they'd write those bits in C :)07:31
Random832blargg: i.e. the input of the first command and the output of the last command07:31
th^^redhat, intel are the biggest contributors iirc07:31
Random832it doesn't matter where on the line it goes07:31
cafezimBut still not many users use Linux07:31
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:31
Random832blargg: but wildbat's command had <() not <07:31
blarggRandom832, echo 1 >a; echo 2 >b; cat a|cat <b   prints 207:31
ader10Random832: oh, the bashrcs are also nearly identical. I commented out almost all the differences, but I can try the rest if it helps you help me07:32
cafezimThis is for technical persons07:32
Random832it's different... it makes a command line argument of a file containing the output of the (command)07:32
Random832[well, a fifo]07:32
blarggRandom832, but I'm not a shell expert07:32
cafezimI like using it07:32
=== jsurfer_ is now known as jsurfer
wildbatblargg: but he is ;p07:32
metbsdi created usb with pendrive, it doesn't boot at all07:32
cafezimI think that it should have more games available07:33
ader10Random832: and I should mention that the text being displayed in those screenshots is identical07:33
lightabash chanel very good for shell, (even if they bash people sometime haha)07:33
ader10or supposed to be07:33
ader10but is not displayed identically07:33
=== LUxe is now known as Luxe
Random832ader10: my question is are you _sure_ it is the same - have you done a hex dump of the files07:34
wildbatRandom832: thanks ^^07:34
Random832wildbat: heh i was kind of uniquely suited to answer your question just because i've been in the position of having to write a script to insert a BOM07:35
ader10Random832: How do I compare the files with hexdump?07:35
metbsdi created usb stick with pendrive, but usb doesn't boot at all, i don't think that pendrive works07:35
Random832for a fanfiction.net downloader in batch file07:35
Random832ader10: er, just do a hex dump (xxd is good) and look for the section correspondign to that PS1=07:35
balleynehow can I figure out which video driver I'm using?07:35
ader10what's the way to do xxd in vim, :!xxd%?07:36
lightalshw -C display balleyne07:36
blarggRandom832, very cool, I just played with <(). Thanks for the explanation, it makes sense now.07:36
Random832ader10: it'd be better to xxd from outside vim, in case you have some doubt as to whether vim is mangling the contents or not07:38
balleynelighta: does that show the software driver in use? or my hardware video card?07:38
wildbatRandom832: i see ~ i sin't familiar with sed ;p the man page is just hard to read T.T07:38
lightaactually it show both, what do you want to know from there ?07:39
ader10heh, reading xxd is a pain for these large files. I'm going to cut out all but that line07:40
lightahey back to my 1st purpose does someone know how to display timestamp on video with vlc ?07:41
ader10Random832: The files are encoded differently, but I haven't heard of this before:07:43
ader10Random832: Arch has UTF-8 Unicode text while Ubuntu has UTF-8 Unicode (with BOM) text07:43
cafezimHow do I get a list of channels?07:44
Senjaitype /list07:44
cafezimtype /list07:44
bazhang!alis | cafezim07:45
ubottucafezim: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*07:45
Cradamcafezim: if you want to be booted from the server for flooding use alis07:45
Random832ader10: that doesn't make a difference, that's what asking what :set fenc told you was to eliminate07:45
Cradamcafezim: your client should come with a channel lister07:45
Cradamwhat is the name of the client?07:45
ader10Random832: The files have different binary for that line07:46
cafezimdo you have any sugestion?07:46
bazhangcafezim use alis to search07:46
Cradamcafezim: click server then click list of channels07:46
Jadoo1989server-> list of channels07:46
ader10Random832: which is strange, because I just ran the same wget command on Arch and Ubuntu to get my bashrc07:46
cafezimIs pidgin good?07:46
Cradambazhang: thats the wierd way to do it07:46
Cradamcafezim: not for irc for im its great07:47
Cradamxchat is great for irc07:47
wildbatRandom832: so , there is no way to redirect to the orginal file say  "cat $1 | iconv --verbose -f BIG5 -t UTF-8 > $1" ; i have to create a tmp file?07:47
wildbat 07:47
cafezimYes it is pretty good07:47
lightawildbat, try #bash they're the more designed for this kind of question07:48
blarggBe sure to get XChat, not XChat-GNOME.07:48
dphamI have a directory named "~" in my home directory. How can I remove it without losing any stuff in my home directory?07:48
hate_lifei think the ubuntu gui is ugly07:48
hate_lifeit gets in the way07:48
Cradamlol at xchat-gnome07:48
hate_lifeas opposed to windows 7 which is sgreat07:48
[an]droidmanhate_life, compizconfig07:49
Cradamcafezim: you got the list?07:49
Jadoo1989hate_life: customize it to suit your needs, then07:49
blarggCradam, it's confusing since they both sound like the same program, so it was a while before I figured out that people recommending xchat were recommending something way better than what I was using.07:49
bazhang!classic | hate_life07:49
ubottuhate_life: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".07:49
lightaI think gui can be changed very easely and aren't this important..07:49
dr_willisdpham,  rm -- ~   should do it.. but you can rename it first.    'mv -- ~ sillydir'07:49
Cradamlxde ftw07:50
Cradamlubuntu :D07:50
gryCradam, your taste07:50
dr_willisusing lxde right now. It still needs work in some areas. but its very decent07:50
[an]droidmanjust put xfce or lxde or kde etc. on it and youd be fine07:50
lightaxfce ftw yeah, i'm on lxde atm, and only thing I've got to say is oh sweet xfce I miss u07:50
dr_willisgiven how much larger these others are then LXDE.. its not supriseing they ahve a bigger featureset.07:51
dr_willisbut lxde is the kind of thing you can toss on a pc. and anone thats used windows can figure out decently quick07:51
dphamdr_willis: it doesnt seem to work. mv: cannot move `/home/dpham' to a subdirectory of itself, `sillydir' and rm: cannot remove `/home/dpham': Is a directory07:52
lightayeah more or less07:52
dr_willisdpham,  whats the exact command you are using?07:52
lightaI think gnome was more easy then lxce for windows user07:52
dr_willisoh its a directory.......07:52
lightadpham, specify -r on option07:53
dphamdr_willis: rm -- ~ sillydir and mv -- ~ sillydir07:53
dr_willisdpham,  tjhat fact its a dir makes it a little harder it seems07:54
Random832ader10: what dos the binary for the one on ubuntu look like?07:54
dphamlighta: im too scared to do that, it thinks ~ is home07:54
ader10one moment07:54
lightadpham, why do you want to remove you home folder ? did you set another somewhere else before doing that ?07:54
dr_willisdpham,    $ mv '~' sillydirectory07:54
dr_willisdpham,  note the use of SINGLE quotes.07:55
dr_willissome script may of messed up and created a ~ directory in your /home/username/ dir :)07:55
lightadon't you think it's a link he's trying to erase ? like ln ?07:56
blarggdpham, if you're worried about '~' denoting your home dir, you could do echo ~ '~' to see the difference, or rename '~' to something else before removing it.07:56
dr_willishe said it was a directory.. if it was a link.  i think that rm command should of worked.. perhaps  rm '~'07:56
dphamit's not a link, it's a directory07:56
soreaudpham: Yea, do ls '~' or so first07:56
dr_willisdpham,    $ mv '~' sillydirectory               <--------------- worked i just tested it.. here.07:56
dphami can't move or rename, i just tried that above07:56
ader10Random832: http://i54.tinypic.com/oad8iv.png07:57
cafezimdoes anyone know a good site for templates?07:57
cafezimfor web design07:57
lightasoecify template07:57
hate_lifedpham: open a terminal and type    dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda/  it will remove the home folder07:57
Random832yeah, that got double-encoded somewhere along the way07:57
blarggdpham, saying you can't do something helps less than saying what happens when you TRY07:57
cafezimlighta: thanks07:57
dphamdr_willis: got it, it works, thanks!07:57
grycafezim: Templates for what engine?07:57
soreau! dangeer07:57
soreau! danger07:57
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!07:57
Random832ader10: bet your prompt doesn't actually work, either07:57
dphamblargg: read above, i pasted the exact outputs of the commands07:57
Random832ader10: i don't know if it's fixable, how did you download it?07:58
cafezimHTML template07:58
dphamhate_life: you're funny07:58
ader10Random832: The prompt works perfectly on Arch, but on Ubuntu, lines don't wrap right07:58
bazhangdpham, not funny, lets move on07:58
cafezimlighta: what is a good template for HTML07:58
cafezima web site07:58
blargghate_life's command will only work if you've got administrator access by default, yet another reason to not do so :)07:58
grycafezim: People use drupal, wordpress, django, and many others07:59
cafezimbecause i am going to make some own work07:59
ader10Random832: wrote it on my desktop here, then put it on Dropbox, and ran wget from the servers, then pasted it into .bashrc with :r PS107:59
cafezimgry: thanks man07:59
lightayep I heard cafezim I don't know really i'm thinking, html5 ?07:59
outerlmitzcafezim: http://www.google.com/search?aq=f&sourceid=chrome&client=ubuntu&channel=cs&ie=UTF-8&q=soecify+template#pq=soecify%20template&hl=en&cp=8&gs_id=35&xhr=t&q=html+templates&qe=aHRtbCB0ZW0&qesig=UQ-4vUNg7XYNCu16jiERpA&pkc=AFgZ2tkbiIORjSlnH-FXPFyzlaW2iLbRIkK3n5y5jF9fY9web10FIVCgrOU62Ud8WrLOxcUuoJ6dQ--jnY-eozjQiDQ5IAdUVQ&pf=p&sclient=psy&client=ubuntu&hs=jlF&channel=cs&source=hp&pbx=1&oq=html+tem&aq=0&aqi=&aql=&gs_sm=&gs_upl=&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.07:59
ader10just to make sure there were no encoding errors by pasting it through mintty07:59
FloodBot1outerlmitz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:59
lightai'm not very web fan07:59
grycafezim: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_content_management_systems08:00
gry!google | outerlmitz08:00
ubottuouterlmitz: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.08:00
outerlmitzi just linked to a quick html template for him08:01
gryouterlmitz: Hm, can you open it in browser and copy it from URL bar? It may redirect to a smaller URL.08:01
Jadoo1989yeah, you need to tell them to bing it instead.08:01
ka1gdqI have a question on installing webcam (logitech orbit)08:01
Jadoo1989sorry, couldn't resist.08:01
gryka1gdq, yes?08:01
ka1gdqi am trying to install it08:01
ka1gdqbut i am getting errors08:02
blarggouterlmitz, you  may find this site very useful for lengthening your URLs: http://www.longurlplease.com/08:02
ka1gdqwait one i will give you the link I am following08:02
cafezimI like Joomla is better08:02
blarggouterlmitz, whoops, I meant http://hugeurl.geeks.org/08:02
=== himcesjf1 is now known as himcesjf
grycafezim, oh, missed that. It is on the most-popular list too.08:02
ka1gdqhttp://www.quickcamteam.net/software/libwebcam this is the link i am using08:03
gryka1gdq: Does it work `out of the box`?08:03
cafezimBut what actually i need is free templates for editing content08:03
lighta!ask | ka1gdq08:03
ubottuka1gdq: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:03
cafezimSo I dont have to make it from scratch08:03
grycafezim: Content management systems (including Joombla) do that.08:03
ka1gdqworked when this was a windows box..08:04
lightaall in one line, hard to follow what you wanted here08:04
cafezimOk, Then i will take a look08:04
ka1gdqbut i haven't got it worki9ng since I installed Ubuntu 11.0408:04
grycafezim: I linked you to a list of them earlier.08:04
cafezimthanks gry08:05
gryka1gdq: Please include description of your hardware details, software details, and problem in one line. Thank you.08:05
ka1gdqOk let me start again.  I have a logitech QuickCam Orbit.  I am trying to install it from the directions on http://www.quickcamteam.net/software/libwebcam  but I am getting errors.  The link on the first page sends me to here..http://www.quickcamteam.net/documentation/how-to/how-to-install-the-webcam-tools      I followed these instructions.. I am getting errors when I go to where I found the uvcvideo (did not use the h, could no08:10
ka1gdqt fidnd it with the .h extenstion)  and there is no webcam-tools folder08:10
FloodBot1ka1gdq: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:10
ka1gdqi h it enter to send08:11
confezzorka1gdq it should work by just pluging it in08:11
ka1gdqi am just trying to find some help, you told me to put it all in one so I did... sorry08:11
confezzorka1gdq it should work by just pluging it in08:11
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras ka1gdq check this list please08:11
lightait's ok ka1gdq  justa  bot don't paid attention, can you copy past error on past.ubuntu and link it here ?08:12
ader10How do I properly show unicode in vim? http://i52.tinypic.com/28slxk8.png Please highlight if you respond.08:12
balleynehow can I change my video driver from vesa to intel in Ubuntu 11.04?08:14
confezzorgo into sound perferences08:15
=== greezmunkey is now known as Guest2587
pkkmHow to change the default window manager?08:18
dr_willispkkm,  from what to what?08:18
confezzorwhich one do you want08:18
lwq1996new ubuntu user08:18
lwq1996friend told me about this irc08:19
confezzorwhat do you need to know lwq199608:19
ka1gdqnot knowing what to put in the paste...i pasted the entire terminal screen08:19
lwq1996how do i extract tar.gz files08:19
confezzorwhat application you trying to install08:20
lwq1996i dont need it now but i need to know how to do it for programs08:20
YankDownUndertar -xvzf filename.tar.gz08:20
ka1gdqwebcam (quickcam orbit from logitech), but I now noticed not all orbits are listed08:20
lwq1996im trying to install a irc client named bitchX08:21
confezzoryou can extract it from the .tar and cd into the path08:21
pkkmdr_willis, from Metacity to Compiz08:21
lwq1996is there anything else i need to do08:21
confezzorwhen you cd into the path type build&install i forget if it's together or apart08:22
confezzorthan ./configure08:22
lwq1996im not on the computer i installed ubuntu on right now but i will be tomorrow08:22
confezzorthan make08:22
EOHow do you set SPDIF output sample rate in Ubuntu 11.04?  I'm getting just 44.1kHz output.  I'd like 96kHz/24bit.08:22
confezzorthan make install08:22
Zoranderlwq1996, you might want to consider installing the program with apt-get or the package manager instead of compiling it.08:22
lwq1996ok...will remember that08:22
pkkmHow to change the default window manager from Metacity to Compiz (I have both installed)?08:23
confezzordon't add the than in the command lol08:23
lwq1996thanks all i needed to know for now because a friend told me some stuff08:23
confezzorinstall compiz icon08:23
confezzorand use that to switch it08:23
lwq1996well i gtg need sleep after 14hours of trying to get stuff to work on it08:24
gohdanlwq1996: you should probably avoid using bitchx for security reasons08:24
confezzorgood night lwq199608:24
lwq1996ok my friend got me using pidgin to is that a good thing08:24
EOlwq1996: try weechat, it's cool :)08:24
confezzoryea pidgin is good08:24
confezzorjust install all the extra stuff08:24
dr_willispkkm,  compiz --replace in a terminal.08:25
dr_willispkkm,  most window maangers supoport the --replace option these days.08:25
lwq1996well i gtg...bye and will try weechat08:25
dr_willisconfezzor,  you mean 'fusion-icon' ? :)08:25
Suit_Of_Sableshey gang, when I try and start screen on my ubuntu machine I get "No more PTYs" any ideas?08:25
dr_willislwq1996,  i like weechat - it has some neat features08:25
confezzoryea fusion08:25
ka1gdqI am also trying to install skype by using the following commmand  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install skype and i am getting the following error  W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/team-xbmc/ppa/ubuntu/dists/natty/main/source/Sources  404  Not Found08:27
ka1gdqW: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/team-xbmc/ppa/ubuntu/dists/natty/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found08:27
ka1gdqE: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.08:27
ka1gdqcan i get help with that..08:27
Calinoupastebind please.08:27
Suit_Of_Sableswhat should the permissions on my /dev/pty*  dirs look like?08:27
evoainHelp needed for registering a new user name. Anyone please guide?08:27
Calinouit's because the ppa is outdated?08:27
confezzorwhich version of ubuntu you have....just go to the website and install it from there08:27
confezzorskype has the .deb file to install it on there website08:28
pkkmdr_willis, I mean I want to make compiz the default.08:28
confezzorevoain you trying to add a new user08:28
EOHow do you set SPDIF output sample rate in Ubuntu 11.04?  I'm getting just 44.1kHz output.  I'd like 96kHz/24bit.08:28
=== m4sker_ is now known as m4sker
evoainconfezzor: *Register*08:29
pkkmSo that it starts after startup instead of metacity08:29
ka1gdqIf I am running 11.04 will the 10.04 version for skype work08:29
confezzorjust go to the website and insall it from their08:30
ka1gdqwhich one do I choose... the ubuntu 10.04  or the deb 5+08:30
confezzorthe ubuntu 10.4 + one08:32
confezzorand depending on you running a 64 bit or 86x pc08:32
dr_willispkkm,  comiz --replace does make it the default here.. it is normally the default for the unity desktop08:32
pkkmdr_willis, by default I mean make it start up upon boot instead of Metacity08:33
confezzorif you downloaded the fusion icon and switched it to compiz it should start at boot up all the time..or emerald which ever you want08:34
dr_willispkkm,  compiz --replace has done that for me in the past.08:35
confezzornp ka1gdq08:35
dr_willisfusion-icon is a gool pkkm  to set it also.. but that might not work totally right in unity due to how they blacklist things from showing in the systemtray08:36
pkkmdr_willis, for me it replaces Metacity only for the current session.08:36
pkkmI don't use Unity, I use GNOME 208:36
confezzoryea see...just install fusion icon08:36
dr_willispkkm,  could be some how compiz is crashing so its defaulting back.  try fusion-icon tool.. You mean you are using GNOME-Classic?  what release of ubuntui are you using?08:36
confezzoroh yea not going to work08:37
cafezimguys, i am reading here about open laszlo08:37
dr_willisthats gnome-classic then.08:37
pkkmI manually removed Unity because I like GNOME 2 more08:37
cafezimopen source rich internet applications08:37
confezzorthe old compiz doesn't work...the unity compiz is different from the unity one08:37
dr_willispkkm,   there was no need to remove anything....08:37
cafezimgood stuff08:37
confezzoroh ok08:38
dr_willispkkm,  that may be what broke things and why its not working right.08:38
confezzoryou should of gone Gnome 3...really good08:38
dr_willistry fusion-icon, and whitelist so its shown in tye systemtray thing.08:38
dr_willisi find gnome-3 just as annoying as unity. :)08:38
devralhi, i want to create a file sharing server by sharing a folder on ubuntu - whats the difference between cifs, nfs and smb? the rest of my network is windows machines08:38
dr_willisboth are works in progress and will get better... soon i hope.08:38
confezzori did to at first..but i gave it a long try08:38
pkkmcon-man, I tried it, but I prefer classic menus over docks08:39
dr_willisdevral,  what os's are you shareing to and from?08:39
dr_willispkkm,  theres classic-menu items you can add to unity now.08:39
confezzorbut right now i'm using pinguy os...very nice gnome 2 linux mint remix08:39
dr_willisI got a rather classic style menu at the top left. :)08:39
devraldr_willis, i want to share a folder on ubuntu 10.04 to a mixed windows xp & 7 network08:40
dr_willisdevral,  then you want to use samba/smb  - or set up ssh, and use winscp on the windows machines.08:40
confezzorrun a samba sever08:40
dr_willisdevral,  right click on a folder, share.. and  in theory that will set up samba and share that folder for you.08:41
confezzoror dropbox...but don't put nothing important in it08:41
dr_willisdevral,  you may need to set a samba password for the user with 'sudo smbpasswd -a YOURUSERNAME'08:41
dr_willisubuntu one - is supposd to have a windows port in testing i think08:42
cousin_mariois it possible to have a wireless network configured, but not automatically connected to?08:42
=== RVDigital is now known as RVDigital|3D
confezzormario you don't want to connect to your router at login..that's what you mean?08:42
Jadoo1989just deslect connect automaticall08:42
mrdebcousin_mario: yes, connect, then go into network options and uncheck auto connect08:42
confezzoror right click on the icon and uncheck wifi08:43
BiggFREEdr_willis ... Can you read me ?08:44
devraldr_willis, the smbpasswd would be the user a client uses to login?08:44
cousin_mariomrdeb: oh, thanks08:44
cousin_marioconfezzor: I wanted to keep the wifi available for scanning purposes08:44
confezzoroh ok..than just do what mrdeb said08:45
BiggFREEIs a newbie welcomed here ?08:45
confezzoryes they are08:46
BiggFREEty :)08:46
caoxiaominthere have chinese08:47
confezzoryellow caoxiaomin08:47
Random832ader10: it's possible that it misread the PS1 file as being encoded in non-utf808:47
Random832when you did the ;r command08:47
oCean!cn | caoxiaomin08:49
ubottucaoxiaomin: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn /join #ubuntu-tw 或 /join #ubuntu-hk08:49
dr_willisdevral,  the smb passwiord can be identical to their normall password. or not..08:51
dr_willisBiggFREE,  ?08:51
caoxiaominf u c k y o u b a b y08:52
BiggFREEI was checking if you were available anytime.08:54
tushar6261confezzor: what's going on?08:54
confezzorwtf is wrong caoxiaomin08:54
confezzornot sure lol08:54
oCeanconfezzor: control your language. He has been removed08:54
confezzordidn't mean to won't happen again08:55
tushar6261peace restored in ubuntu valley08:55
RealOpmmm anyone use ipv6?08:56
Jadoo1989Is this the appropriate place for a quick, simple, and probably easily answered launchpad question?08:56
RealOpim noticing a bug related to ipv608:57
RealOpat least i believe its a bug08:57
devraldr_willis in smb.conf, how do i specify to use the smbpasswd users? it looks like it let my W7 PC login as a guest08:57
tushar6261RealOp: Tell us about it!08:57
devralJadoo1989 what's your question?08:57
Jadoo1989I cannot for the life of me find out how I update languages and my IRC nick.08:58
dr_willisdevral,  i use the same user name on linux and windows. It should ask what user to login as i think 'unknown users' get remapped to guest.08:58
devraldr_willis so how do i forbid guests from logging in?08:59
dr_willisdevral,  in smb.conf there is a section to share the users 'home' directory - i normally enable that to share their whole home dir. that way i dont mess with specific shares.08:59
=== Nick_ is now known as Guest32649
dr_willisdevral,  that would be in the smb.fonf somewhere.. map guest to  somthing I think.  but what if you want publuic shares?08:59
dr_willis!info samba-doc08:59
ubottusamba-doc (source: samba): Samba documentation. In component main, is optional. Version 2:3.5.8~dfsg-1ubuntu2.2 (natty), package size 1627 kB, installed size 7744 kB08:59
dr_willisdevral,  the samba docs (books) in the damba-doc package. have details on all this.08:59
oCeanJadoo1989: once logged in, click on your account name (top/right)09:00
RealOpwell when i do have ipv6 enabled and configured automatically i cant get an address from my router. but since ive disabled it, i get an ipv6 address09:00
Jadoo1989oCean, I have done so. To my understanding, there is supposed to be a pencil beside those items that allows me to edit them, similar to the way I have added my PGP key and whatnot. However, there isnt and it isnt listed as a preference under account options.09:01
kLownIf I had a question about some issues I am having after attempting gnome 3, where would be the best place to ask (I am sure I am not going to get very far asking here)09:01
dr_williskLown,  perhaps the forums or the gnome channel.09:01
ubottuGnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.09:01
dr_willisthat ppa may have some links to forums also09:02
zatch-x-lioquestion: when running checkinstall what does a cp cannot stat error mean?09:02
kLownill check it out, thanks dr_willis09:02
greezmunkeyRealOp: Did you try automatic addresses only method?09:02
oCeanJadoo1989: indeed, there should be little pencil icon. There is a specific #launchpad channel, but I'm not sure if that's the correct place to ask. You could try09:02
Jadoo1989oCean,  thanks. It was this way for all of the items. I have tried to change, the pencils are missing. I successfully uploaded my ssh and gpg keys because the help pages have a direct link, but I cant figure out the direct link for the other options. I´ll look into it some more.09:04
Jadoo1989It is just strange that they are missing.09:04
=== Guest32649 is now known as nick_2
RealOpgreezmunkey, nope just 'automatic'09:04
zatch-x-lioquestion: when running checkinstall what does a cp cannot stat error mean?09:06
Jadoo1989oCean, Nevermind, I found the direct link in the source, it just isnt showing up in FF. Weird.09:08
davidelvDoes anyone use xbmc and know if it compares to Plex?09:08
oCeanzatch-x-lio: the file probably has some special characters in it?09:09
oCeanJadoo1989: weird indeed09:09
greezmunkeyRealOp: You could see if your firewall is blocking IPv6, try "service iptables stop" and then try your IPv6 automatic again. It may server you well to be sure that IPv6 is enabled on your interface as well.09:09
zatch-x-liooCean: special characters?09:09
Erik500002hey guys anyone here running compat-wireless 2.6.37 in natty?09:10
oCeanzatch-x-lio: no regular characters (a-z) but a { or [ or % etc...09:10
boskohi all...cheese shows me on laptop no device found, and /dev/video0 not found...I have dell N7010 Inspirion laptop09:10
JarvisErik500002: didn't they add that to the linux-meta package recently ?09:10
WillPittengerI copied over Mozilla Aurora (think of it as an alpha for Firefox).  It comes as a tarball you untar in a folder.  Now how do I create a launcher for it using Unity?  Selecting the Create Launcher menu item in the desktop context menu does nothing.  There is no context menu for the launcher bar or the Ubuntu menu.  So how do I get a launcher?09:10
zatch-x-liooCean: not that I can see e.e09:11
Erik500002Jarvis: Not really sure, i'm right now on maverick, and well i had many problems with the ath9k driver back in natty09:12
BiggFREEIs working with UBUNTU without UNITY as a VM a good idea ?09:12
Erik500002Jarvis: and well after hours of investigating and irc, the most stable version for compat for my card is the one i mentioned09:13
boskoanyone pls?09:13
dr_willisBiggFREE,  if thats what you want to do... why not09:13
oCeanzatch-x-lio: try copying that file manually, using tabcompletion using the first characters of the filename, then hit <tab>   cp filen<tab>09:13
EOHow do you install multimedia stuff on 11.04/x64?  It's like for vlc and mplayer it says they can't be installed.  I even have multiverse enabled.  Did canonical get in poop for hosting codecs or something?09:13
dr_willis!webcam | bosko09:13
ubottubosko: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras09:13
dr_willisbosko,  not all webcams are supported. some may  be too new.09:14
BiggFREEdr_willis ... Yes It is09:14
oCeanzatch-x-lio: if there are special characters (maybe even a space) tabcompletion should auto-escape those (with backslash)09:14
dr_willisBiggFREE,  so go do it then.  :)09:14
RealOpgreezmunkey, i believe its a bug.09:14
boskodr_willis: but it worked just before few days and it just stopped with no reason09:14
BiggFREEThanks ! LET'S GO then !!!!!09:14
ubottuYour nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with freenode.09:14
greezmunkeyRealOp: could be, I haven't checked for that yet...09:15
dr_willisbosko,  clarify what its douing and what its not doing to the channel.09:15
dr_willisbosko,  if it broke after a kernel update. try an older kernel.09:15
humber_i have an ecryptfs partition for /home on my currect os (9.10), and now i wanna install 11.4 on top of the system but keep /home the same. is this possible?09:15
=== administrator is now known as Guest95267
zatch-x-lio_oCean: tabcompletion? can you clarify that? my compiles have gone pretty smoothly so I haven't had to do much debugging e.e09:16
boskodr_willis: when I start cheese it says no device found...i did not do any updates09:16
thegoodcushionGood afternoon, all Ubuntu people!09:19
oCeanzatch-x-lio_: I try: see http://paste.ubuntu.com/636796/09:19
zatch-x-lio_oCean: that makes sense, thanks09:20
=== neo is now known as Guest86513
devralin SAMBA i have enabled the [homes] section, but i'm curious how i access another user's folder (if i'm logged in as A, how can i access B's home directory if I know B's passwd)09:22
=== linux_probe is now known as ID-10-T
dr_willisdevral,  you can access the /servername/otherusername    share and i think it will ask for the other users password09:24
szalWillPittenger: installing OOo RPMs on *buntu?  you gotta be kidding..09:25
dr_willisdevral,  by default i think   the home share. tries to access the current users name.09:25
dr_willisdevral,  i always fine it easier to just use identical user names on my linux and windows machines.09:25
* EO discovers medibuntu09:26
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org09:26
devraldr_willis right now, windows 7 isn't asking me for any creds, but i can RWX to my own directory (same username on win/ubu)09:27
devraldr_willis but i can READ other users directories09:27
EOwhat's the fedora equivalent?  freshrpms or something.09:27
dr_willisdevral,  you want to be able to write to theirs as well?09:28
dr_willis!ppa | EO09:29
ubottuEO: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk.09:29
dr_willisEO,  then theres unoffical repositories (often avail as a ppa) from sites like webupd8 or omgubuntu. (use at your own risk)09:29
devraldr_willis i want their directories to be secured (i.e., when i type /servername/otheruser, windows 7 should ask me for their user/pass - right now it isn't doing that)09:29
dr_willisdevral,  they need to set their permissions on their homes I guess..09:30
EOdr_willis: what's the most official codec/multimedia repo out there for ubuntubes?09:30
dr_willisi tend to only use samba in the simpleist of ways.09:30
dr_willisEO,  proberly medibuntu. but i find i rarely even need the medibuntu stuff these days.09:30
dr_willisvlc plays all my videos i need.09:30
EOand vlc is cool in the official distro?09:31
dr_willismedibuntu does have some  enhnaced/added  versions of some apps.09:31
dr_willis!info vlc09:31
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.9-1ubuntu1.2 (natty), package size 1374 kB, installed size 3536 kB09:31
dr_willisI use vlc on windows and linux. :)09:31
dr_willistoo bad i cant find it ported to my android phone. :) but i got a vlc -remote for my phone09:31
EOhow is it that vlc codecs are cool but others are not?  seems weird.09:31
EOI thought the whole point of basing the company in SA was to get around the stupid codec/crypto rules of the USA.09:32
dr_willissee vlc homepage i guess.09:32
WillPittengerszal: I had my reasons for preferring OpenOffice over LibreOffice.  I just didn't know how to install it.  Now I am concentrating on finding a way to run Aurora through Unity.09:32
dr_willismplayer uses the codecs.. vlc has them built in.09:32
dr_willisand i doubt if that was the only reason to base the company in S.A.09:32
* szal guesses the reason was more like M. Sh. being from SA09:34
dr_willisszal,  yep. :)09:35
dr_willisin 11.04 theres that  codec pack you can install during the initial install from the partners repo?  i think that covers a lot of the things meduibuntu used to be needed for09:37
sattu94hi, i have ubuntu 10.10, and i just installed docky, and it says i need a compositing manager09:37
sattu94and, contrary to other post on the forum, it is not working as expected, and displays a black area around the dock.09:38
dr_willissattu94, thats what compositing handles.. the transparency area09:38
dr_willisso thats not supriseing you see a black area09:38
sattu94dr_willis: i figured that out,09:38
dr_williswhat desktop are you using?09:38
sattu94gnome, metacity, no extra effects09:39
sattu94dr_willis: and, i have to run sudo metacity --replace& on each startup, to get my windows decorations back.09:39
dr_willissattu94,  that why..  you need to enable the compositing in metacity09:39
dr_willisor use compiz.09:39
sam_hi! m using 11.04 ubuntu ,tryin to connect to network printer on windows xp.,but unsuccessful. help appreciated09:40
EOHow do you prevent video tearing in Totem?  Is there a vsync option somewhere?09:40
sattu94dr_willis: i already have composting enabled in gconf editor, for metacity, and i cannot use compiz, because this computer is not capable.09:40
dr_willissattu94,  sounds like its not enabled. or some how getting turned off.09:41
noriXXi own a notebook, with this processor: http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=47554 it uses turbo boost which can clock from 1Ghz to 1.866Ghz ondemand. But no matter what I do , i can only see max 1.066Ghz in /proc/cpuinfo09:41
dr_willisEO,  compuiz has a vsync option.  otehr video players like vlc and mplayer also have filter options that can reduce tearing.09:41
noriXXcan someone tell me if turbo boost is supported in ubuntu 11.0409:41
sattu94dr_willis: i can see it is checked in gconf editor, and as i told earlier, i always lose my window decorations, so i have to run sudo metacity --replace& on each startup.09:42
noriXX2.6.38-10-generic  64Bit system09:42
EOdr_willis: hrm ok vlc it is :)09:42
sam_hi! m using 11.04 ubuntu ,tryin to connect to network printer on windows xp.,but unsuccessful. help appreciated09:42
MohShamihi guys, I did a fresh 11.04 install and vlc is not working with some mkv files, I did some searching and found out I have to downgrade the libva1 package but I can't find any previous versions since this is a fresh inshalla, any ideas?09:42
szalwhere the heck do ppl get the 2.6.38-10 from?09:43
sattu94dr_willis: maybe that is what is disabling the compositing, however, i still get that black screen, before replacing metacity.09:43
dr_willissattu94,  could be the video cant handle compositing, thats why its crashing with it enabled. What is your video chiopset?09:43
dr_willisMohShami,  reencode the videos perhaps? may be easier.09:43
dr_willisthere may eventually be a update to fix that bug in the libva1 package.09:44
sattu94dr_willis: onboard. probably intel, i'm not sure and dont knwo how to figure out.09:44
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats09:44
dr_willishmm.. what is that factouid to figure out the video chipset.09:44
MohShamidr_willis, I've run into a few files like that, reencoding a 23GB MKV file on my 5 year old system won't be easier :)09:44
dr_willislspci     can show the info.. i forget what to grep for video info09:45
EOdr_willis: I don't think VLC has any vsync option.  It seems to be a video driver thing.09:45
dr_willisMohShami,  a 23gb video file? thats.. a little extreme.09:45
MohShamidr_willis, most of my files are 14GB +09:45
dr_willisEO,  vlc has more options thatn you can imagine.. most are hidden under the advanced features.. it has some filter features..09:45
dr_willisMohShami,  what in the world are they?  security videos of 3+month exposures?09:45
MohShamidr_willis, BR rips09:46
EOdr_willis: yea but vlc forums seems to explicitly say it's not in there.  and a look through the advanced video output module section didn't show me any vsync stuff either.09:46
dddbmtHey Guys, I'm supposed to install the driver for the GFX card on a laptop. But I don't know which kind of card that's inside the machine - and the firm I bought it at is bankrupt now - so can't even check their website.09:46
dr_willisEO,  i just normally enable sync in compiz then play with filters in vlc.09:46
dddbmtDoes anybody know of a program to detect my hardware? - So I can install the correct driver.09:46
dr_willisMohShami,  thats scary. :)09:46
EOdr_willis: smplayer looks like a nice wrapper around mplayer.09:47
dr_willisMohShami,  perhaps the vlc ppa's may have patched videos.09:47
MohShamidr_willis, lord of the rings the fellowship of the ring extended edition in 1080p, it's a 4 hour movie :)09:47
dr_willisEO,  thats correct..09:47
llutzdddbmt: "lspci | grep -i vga"09:47
dr_willisMohShami,  extended.. makes it som uch better.. gotta have more fighting.. :)09:47
MohShamidr_willis, yep :D09:47
* dr_willis goes back to watching his 30mb per eposide anime..09:47
sattu94dr_willis: it's the S3 unichrome pro IGP graphics, from VIA.09:48
sam_hi! m using 11.04 ubuntu ,tryin to connect to network printer on windows xp.,but unsuccessful. help appreciated09:48
dr_willissattu94,  egads... s3... run away....09:48
dr_willissattu94,  im spurised the system even boots to the desktop.09:48
sattu94dr_willis: :D09:48
dr_willissattu94,  i would guess that chiopset cant do compositing at all...09:48
dr_willissattu94,  so deal with the black bar, or try xcompmgr. or try a differnt dock09:49
dr_willissam_,  fire up cups web inerface. add the printer..09:49
dr_willissattu94,  i think 'wbar' can do basic dock functions with no compositing needed09:50
dr_willisbut comapred to ones like avant-window-navigator - its very basic.09:50
dddbmtllutz, thanks alot. It gives me 2 results. "Intel integrated graphics controller" and "Radeon HD 5000 series". The last one would be what I wan't to configure?09:50
dr_willisi was thinking avant-window-navigator had a no-compositing feature also.09:50
sattu94dr_willis: how bout AWN>?09:50
llutzdddbmt: if the internal one is disabled, yes09:51
dr_willisawn = avant-window-navigator :)09:51
truepurpleWould someone please help me associate a icon with a file type?09:51
dr_willisim using that one now on Lxde09:51
EOdr_willis: yea it's still tearing in mplayer :(09:51
EOthis is what kills me about linux09:51
minimecsattu94: With the 'gnome classic' there would be some software composite for the WM metacity. Also e17 would give you software composite.09:51
EOit's too hard to make video not suck09:51
sattu94dr_willis: i know, i use it on my other system..09:51
sam_dr_willis dint get u.. pl  ellaborate :)09:51
dr_willisEO,  all i recall doing on my box was enable vsync in compiz, and set vlc to use some 'bob' filter.09:52
dr_willisbut i dont watch muich video on the pc any more.. thats what my cellphone is for, :)09:52
dr_willissam_,  cups web interface -->   http://localhost:63109:52
EOdr_willis: bob is for deinterlacing, not tearing.09:53
dr_willisminimec,  i just installed e17 here.. :) trying to bild my own desktop09:53
=== Onatax is now known as Donatas_B301
dr_willisEO,  whatever then.. i dont have any tearing issue. I just play with the settings..09:53
EOwhat video card/driver?09:53
sattu94minimec: so is e17 in the repos?09:54
dr_willislaptops all have nvidia, latest is a  m360 i think09:54
dr_willisive not even had that laptop on in a month.09:54
minimecdr_willis: Do you use the oneiric 5525 'something' snapshot? The packages for current ubuntu distros are outdated.09:54
dr_willisEO,  theres also that special nvidia 'feature' built into vlc. i forget what its even called...09:54
minimecsattu94: It is, but an older snapshot... http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=e17&suite=default&section=all&arch=any&searchon=names09:55
dr_willisminimec,  i just added some ppa like 20 min ago.. not even booted to E17 yet.09:55
EOdr_willis: vdpau, don't put it in quotes, it's really cool. :)09:55
=== ||ll||ll|| is now known as Tibi
=== Tibi is now known as Tibi77
dr_willisminimec,  merlwiz-97 ppa it seems09:55
EOdr_willis: I look to be running noveau.  maybe it doesn't support vsync at all09:55
Tibi77mi a kde csomag mostani neve?09:55
minimecdr_willis: Hm... I thought that the e17 ppa is outdated... (packages for jaunty)...09:55
dr_willisEO,  i can never rember its name..   I cant evenget a decent desktopp with noveau.. i have to use the nvidia drivers.09:56
dr_willisminimec,  they seem new here..09:56
MohShamidr_willis, updated vlc, same error :(09:56
Tibi77so what the nema kde destop package?09:56
EOdr_willis: sadly I'm running off the CD.  I think if I try to restart X it'll probably reboot on me.09:56
dr_willisMohShami,  assume people on irc have the attention span of a goldfish.. :)   what error are you even talking about? :)09:57
minimecdr_willis: Cpuld you give me the link to that ppa? is it this one? http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=2&ved=0CB8QFjAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Flaunchpad.net%2F~barbieri-profusion%2F%2Barchive%2Fe17-snapshot&rct=j&q=e17%20ppa&ei=K90OTuHMMsOZOsigrJUN&usg=AFQjCNG6AsaVmL7rKskm8pCTSE8uYBFQ4g&cad=rja09:57
dr_willisEO,  i can barely get the live cd's working with my nvidia system.  I basically have to use nomodeset , install then install the nvidia drivers from the console befor i can get a working desktop09:57
MohShamidr_willis, we were talking about downgrading libva1, you said reencoding was easier, I said the files are 14GB+, you said to check latest vlc PPA09:58
dr_willisminimec,  http://ppa.launchpad.net/merlwiz79/e17-svn/ubuntu09:58
sattu94minimec: i just installed e17, so i need to reboot reboot, since i guess it is a new WM.?09:58
rtbtComplete linux noob here, Do I have to read all the manpages, I was kinda shocked when I seen how many commands ls had...09:58
sattu94rtbt: yes.09:58
llutzrtbt: it would be helpfull :)09:59
rtbtholy sh!t09:59
minimecsattu94: Logout/login will be enough. You will have an 'Enlighenment' option in gdm.09:59
sattu94rtbt: however you can go through them as you encounter new problems, and need to find new sokutions to them, thats how i do it..09:59
szaldddbmt: you might wanna try 'lshw -html > lshw.html' (on the terminal), that'll give you a file 'lshw.html' in your home directory containing a detailed list of your hardware you can watch with your web browser..  search the output for 'VGA' and see whether it reports a driver there under 'configuration'09:59
minimecdr_willis: Packages are indeed even newer then the oneiric repo... THX for that link.09:59
sam_dr_willis  the problem is ..might b some error in path...my worgroup is SA , and machine is UK , and printer name is HPLaserJ....wat shud b my settings like10:00
szaldddbmt: since you say you have 2 graphics adapters, that should give a clue which one you're actually using10:00
rtbtthat may be a better option, Because There was like 50 sub arguements (for lack of a better word) on ls alone10:00
sattu94rtbt: they are called options :)10:00
dddbmtllutz, I realised that I just did the "lspci | grep -i vga" on the this machine. From the machine actually having the problem it gives me "SiS 771/671 PCIE".10:00
dr_willissam_,  for my samba shared printers i never really had an issue.. just a few clicks and they got added.10:00
oCeanrtbt: of course you don't need to read all manuals.10:00
rtbt*face palm*10:00
dddbmtthat was for szal as well10:00
sattu94rtbt: yes, read only those that u think u will use.10:01
dr_willissam_,  its possuible for a HP printer you may need to install the hplip service.10:01
sam_dr_willis... me too didnt hav any issues in 10.04..but dont understand y issue raised here10:01
szaldddbmt: same recommendation; I wouldn't know out of my head what driver drives an SiS gfx card10:01
dr_willisI dont even share printers any more. :) i got a printer that is networked directly.10:01
rtbtsattu94: Okay, are a lot of the options just to give each command more flexibility?10:01
dr_willisSIS cards - are so poorly supported. its scary10:01
* szal guesses so10:02
sattu94rtbt: right, so u can change the output to your needs.10:02
dr_willisIf the thing even gives you a basic desktop.. consider yourself lucky10:02
cousin_mariosis hardware is a headache in making10:02
truepurpleWould someone please help me associate a icon with a file type?10:02
dr_willissis is top on my list of 'company to never buy from'  ,   near the top is 'canon' also. :)10:02
Vex_VegaI need help with something probably simple. :P10:03
herkupusSiS chipsets are crap, just like VIA10:03
rtbtsattu94: aha, I see. So should I try and understand bash and the other shells before I go on to learn programming languages like python or c++10:03
dr_willistruepurple,  why is it so critical to change a filetype icon?10:03
truepurpleIf you ever run across a CPU named cyrix, please run the other way10:03
truepurpledr_willis: Its something that will make my life a bit easier, I never said "critical"10:04
Vex_VegaEvery time I try to run a program after it compiles just fine in Geany IDE, it gives me this message: http://pastebin.com/6H7V4uR910:04
truepurpledr_willis: Can you help?10:04
Vex_Vegaas for all other IDE's for C and such10:04
szalare Cyrix still in business?  I remember them as one of the competitors during the Pentium/PII era10:04
cousin_mariotruepurple: cyrix is old skool10:04
greezmunkeyIs there an alternative to cheeze? I have tried two cams, a low end, and one of the latest Logitech HD cams. Both don't record well at all. I even tried installing the restricted extras package but that made no diff.10:04
dr_willistruepurple,  i would have taken a normal icon them and just replaced the icon...10:04
cousin_marioalthough I have the last incarnation thereof in my router10:04
cousin_marioas AMD Geode10:04
rypervenchegreezmunkey: camorama10:04
dddbmtszal, the only search for "VGA" is a box with information about my gfx card. (id: display) ?10:05
Vex_Vegaso can someone tell me what's going on, please?10:05
tonyyarussoVex_Vega: what is Untitled2?10:05
greezmunkeyrypervenche: ty10:05
szaldddbmt: that's the one you're looking for10:05
truepurpledr_willis: I want to associate a icon with a file TYPE10:05
dr_willistruepurple,  but i thought there was a way to put iocons in your .icons directory or somewhere that overrode the theme icons10:05
dr_willistruepurple,  so change the icon in the theme for that speficic filetype.10:05
Vex_Vegait's my c source file10:05
dr_willisI never did finish my fancy icon theme i was working on. :)10:05
cousin_marioVex_Vega: what's in that script of yours?10:05
dr_willistheres just so many out there.10:06
tonyyarussoVex_Vega: Source, or compiled?10:06
truepurpledr_willis: Where is the "theme"? anyway the file type is nonstandard, so not likely to be listed in any theme.10:06
Vex_VegaDo I need the source in the same folder as the program?10:06
Vex_Vegawait, what?10:06
dddbmtszal, but I'm not sure what I'm really looking for :$ here's a paste if it makes any diff - http://pastebin.com/9zYX84ya10:06
dddbmtszal, does it sat anything about a driver there?10:06
Vex_VegaI'm made a basic calculator in C and it compiled and ran fine in Windows. But on here, it gives me that messages with all IDE's10:06
tonyyarussoVex_Vega: You have a file with C code.  You compiled it.  What is the name of the source file, and what is the name of the compiled binary?10:07
Vex_Vegacould it be that I need the source file(s) in the same folder as the program10:07
tonyyarussoVex_Vega: That shouldn't matter, but you do need to run the binary with a proper path.10:07
Vex_Vegait says it compiles but it doesn't show it10:08
tonyyarussoVex_Vega: Run the binary from the command line and show me the terminal output.10:08
szaldddbmt: hmmmmmmmmmmmmm..  strange, it doesn't report a driver10:08
Vex_VegaHold on10:08
dr_willistruepurple,  whatever icon theme youa re usign . has a directory somewhere with all the images in it.. if you are createing a NEW 'type' well thats proberly a different  thing all thing all together. and would detail xmime stuff as well.10:08
szaldr_willis: could that mean that it's running on vesa?10:08
dr_willisszal,  i think that may be the case.10:09
erle-natty has no execshield, is there anything else that replaced it?10:09
szaldddbmt: try 'lsmod | grep -i vesa' <- does that return anything?10:09
dddbmtszal, returns "vesafb 13449 1"10:10
dddbmtszal, "vesa" in red, "fb" in white10:10
isteve_hi everyone.... does anyone know a software to convert pics to sketch?10:11
szalthat's prolly not it, I have that too, that is for the framebuffer (outside X)10:11
isteve_for ubuntu of course10:11
szaldddbmt: if you replace 'vesa' by 'sis', does that return something?10:11
dddbmtisteve, download gimp from gimp.org and google "Gimp sketch tutorial"10:11
szaldddbmt: no need to download from gimp.org, that's what the package management is for10:11
llutzisteve_: use gimp from repo, not fron gimp.org10:12
szalisteve_: 'sudo apt-get install gimp'10:12
isteve_i already have gimp10:12
szalisteve_: then do the other part ;)10:12
dddbmtszal, http://pastebin.com/8dQ1DC8K10:12
noob_saibotany experience on using wacom bamboo tablet with ubuntu?10:13
szaldddbmt: 'sis_agp' sounds like what we're looking for10:13
noob_saibotmy specific problem is that after everything the tablet is working, but as it's a "wide" model, it doesn't work on a normal screen without specific mapping10:13
dddbmtllutz, szal, isteve, sorry bout the gimp.org thingie10:13
Maxx640hi all10:13
szaldddbmt: in other words, an open-source driver that is unlikely to deliver anything more than basic 2D performance10:13
dddbmtszal, okay - I'll just google for it to 11.04 ?10:14
llutzdddbmt: no worries10:14
Maxx640when installing a plugin, I get "package dependencies cannot be resolved", can anybody help me please?10:14
szaldddbmt: I don't think there is anything to install to improve gfx performance10:15
Maxx640have I missed a step somewhere?10:16
dddbmtszal, so my only option is to install windows xp back onto my sisters pc? :(10:16
minimecMaxx640: Where did you get that 'plugin' package form? For what software would that plugin be?10:16
szaldddbmt: option for what purpose?10:16
Maxx640minimec: it is the GRASS plugin for Qgis - this error is going through the Ubuntu Software Center10:17
dddbmtszal, I thought you meant there was nothing I could do at all? but you meant that there's nothing else, besides sis_agp ?10:17
dddbmtszal, the problem is that she can't see movies or run flash in full screen. (She can, but it's laggy)10:18
minimecMaxx640: There is a ppa for your software... See https://launchpad.net/~ubuntugis/+archive/ubuntugis-unstable10:19
minimecMaxx640: Link found here http://www.qgis.org/wiki/Download#GRASS10:19
Maxx640minimec: thanks, what does ppa mean?10:19
szaldddbmt: I doubt that this is possible in Windows with this excuse of a gfx chip10:19
minimecMaxx640: ppa is a 'personal package repository', ---> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu10:21
wongtopsif you could help me10:21
szaldddbmt: if that machine has at least an AGP slot, you might wanna buy a GeForce 6 or 7 series gfx card; they should still be available new & deliver enough performance for full-screen Flash and video10:22
dddbmtszal, but the machine has been running fine with XP for some years.10:22
wongtopshow do I install the  Epson  1390 printer in ubuntu, I've tried to download still does not exist. I am forced to use the Epson 1400, 1400 and R1800 but still can not10:23
dddbmtszal, though I had it's troubles in the end. That's why I suggested her Ubuntu.10:23
llutzdddbmt: flash + sis-graphics on linux is a real bad combo...10:23
wongtopsdoes not support linux epson 139010:24
llutzdddbmt: both were poorly supported and slow as hell10:24
dddbmtllutz, alright - that's to bad:/ thanks alot anyway though!10:24
dddbmtthanks szal as well!10:25
wongtopsif you can help how to install the Epson 1390 printer on linux10:25
szaldddbmt: other than that -> http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-sis-771671-mirage-3-video-drivers-in-ubuntu-10-04-lucid.html <- is for Lucid & indications are that this driver doesn't work in Natty, so no guarantees10:25
dddbmtszal, okay - maybe I should try install 10.04 then. She doesn't use Unity anyway - so I guess she won't feel much of a difference?10:27
szaldddbmt: I'd really suggest investing in a proper gfx card10:28
n8wulfhey ppl, is it possible and how to add Firefox 3.6 if my default install is FF5?10:28
Maxx640minimec: I installed the ppa with sudo apt... then I tried installing the qgis plugin through the terminal but get the message: "some packages could not be installed... the following have unmet dependencies"10:28
szaln8wulf: and what's your problem w/ FF5?10:29
n8wulfI got a plugin i wanna use & it only works on legacy FF, no FF5 support yet10:29
dddbmtszal, okay. Think she's just gonna buy a new laptop then ;)10:29
Maxx640minimec: "depends: libgdal1-1.6.0-grass but it is not going to be installed E: broken packages"10:29
dr_willisn8wulf,  thers some devleoper tools taht let you 'force' a plugijn to load in newer versions of FF.. but it still may not work :)10:29
isteve_is it possible to remove the background which the pic has from the sketch?10:30
WillPittengerI copied over Mozilla Aurora (think of it as an alpha for Firefox).  It comes as a tarball you untar in a folder.  Now how do I create a launcher for it using Unity?  Selecting the Create Launcher menu item in the desktop context menu does nothing.  There is no context menu for the launcher bar or the Ubuntu menu.  So how do I get a launcher?10:30
dr_willisWillPittenger,  when you run it.. you cant pin it to the panel ?10:31
dddbmtisteve_, that's another google "Gimp remove background tutorial". You might find more help in #gimp10:31
WillPittengerYes.  I finally saw I could do that.  But until I rebooted, it had no icon.10:31
WillPittengerThat happened just now.10:31
minimecMaxx640: Well I don't use that software. You could trace the problem using 'synaptic' package manager instead of that software center. With synaptic you are able to verify dependensies for the packages.10:31
Maxx640minimec: I am under xubuntu do I have a synaptic?10:32
WillPittengerdr_willis: I also tried to drag Konsole to the dash, but it wouldn't stay there.  The Dash allocated space, but when I dropped the icon, it vanished.10:32
Maxx640o yes i do10:32
minimecMaxx640: I think synaptic is part of xubuntu. Could it be that you have some package conflicts with the Qgis verson you installed before?10:32
Simon1245Hey guys10:33
=== varogami is now known as alvaro
dddbmtszal & llutz, thanks again - I'll be outta here!10:34
Simon1245I need some help, I accidently formated my SD card and I need to recover the lost photo's, it's probably not the right place to ask it on but you might have any good suggestions as I really have to get them back10:34
tonyyarussoSimon1245: photorec works well, although it'll be a little trickier after formatting than just deletion.10:35
Simon1245tonyyarusso, Will that work on Windows?10:35
tonyyarussoSimon1245: No idea.  Not a Windows guy.10:36
Simon1245tonyyarusso, I checked there website and it supports Windows, gonna download it, have you ever used that?10:36
tonyyarussoSimon1245: Their.10:37
dattebayohey guys i installed my printer but i need to restart it everytime i send a job to printer what should i do? it works fine in linux10:38
dattebayoin windows*10:38
pc1-linuxHi, could anyone help me? I'm get trouble on setup printer server on ylmf os. Fyi, I'm using Dlink printer server on my network.10:38
n8wulfdr_willis: tried the extensions.checkCompatibility hack, no go10:38
szalpc1-linux: ylmf?10:39
tonyyarussopc1-linux: This is an Ubuntu channel, not a ylmf one.10:39
Simon1245tonyyarusso, You know if someone could help me out in Windows as i'm not really good Linux user and I don't wanna risk doing it on Linux to mess it up even more, any other channel where people would be able to help me out and get the pictures back in Windows10:39
tonyyarussopc1-linux: Get support in your operating system's channel.10:39
tonyyarussoSimon1245: ##windows10:39
pc1-linuxya, ylmf based ubuntu 10.0410:39
szalnever even heard of10:40
Simon1245tonyyarusso, Thanks, i'll try there, thanks for the help :10:40
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oCeanpc1-linux: such derivatives are not supported here10:40
pc1-linuxszal : its from china10:40
=== fairuz1 is now known as fairuz_
pc1-linuxI'm still newbie on using linux10:40
dr_willispc1-linux:  most of us jhavent even heard of ylmf, you may want to stick with the normal 'ubuntu'10:41
szalanyhoo, wrong channel here for this ylmf thing as stated above..  kinda the same as if a *buntu user came asking for support in ##debian or a PCLinuxOS user in #mandriva10:42
pc1-linuxdr_wilis : It's more easy than normal ubuntu. ylmf os like xp interface10:42
c933103………for ylmf best way to find help is via qq10:42
dr_willispc1-linux:  so it has a differnt default desktop.. i perer lubuntu in such cases..10:42
szaldr_willis: perer?10:43
|Alexia_Death|trouble with the derivates is that you never know how they are different.10:43
isteve_hi again :-)10:43
=== |Alexia_Death| is now known as Alexia_Death
dr_willisLubuntu is fairly close to the old windows/xp layout in most areas pc1-linux  - you may want to check it out.10:43
c933103On internet i saw many people follow ylmf installation instruction and then have their windows deleted…10:44
pc1-linuxdr_wilis : Ok, I will check it. btw thanks for your advise. Sorry for the delay, because my english is'nt to good.10:45
Iszak[L]Is there any way to disable disk cache if you've got a SSD?10:46
dr_willisdata cached in ram is still faster then same data on a ssd. so I doubt it Iszak[L]10:47
Iszak[L]yeah I know, but I doubt I'll notice the difference.10:48
wohnpalhi guys10:48
wohnpalI have a usb drive with an ext3 oder 4 filesystem on it, I want to force a disk check, how do I do that?10:48
pc1-linuxszal : thanks for your help before and sorry for a bit late response you. Btw, you can check that ylmf is truely based on ubuntu 10.04 on "http://www.ylmf.org/en/"10:49
dr_williswohnpal:  use the sudo fsck command on it is one way.10:49
wohnpaldoes it need to be unmounted first?10:49
tonyyarussopc1-linux: It doesn't matter if it's "based on" - it's still not supported here.10:49
dr_willispc1-linux:  dosent matter  if its based on ubuntu or not.. its not an official supported variant.10:49
dr_williswohnpal:  yes.. always unmount befor fscking10:49
wohnpalokay thanks man!10:50
dr_williswohnpal:  i often do fscks from a live cd. so all disks are unmounted10:50
pc1-linuxtonyyarusso : Okay. thanks for the response10:50
szalpc1-linux: looks like a doomed-to-fail approach similar to what some Russians did under the name LinuxXP10:51
dr_willisYlmf is the sort of thing that MS would love to get their lawyers involved in.,..10:51
dr_willisszal:  yep. :)10:51
Iszak[L]so absolutely no way to turn it off?10:52
linuxuz3rwhats ylmf10:52
hiexpohola all10:52
Iszak[L]although I know it'll free it up when applications require it, when it does slow down when it needs to free it.10:52
dr_willislinuxuz3r:  ubuntu with an xp theme.10:53
szallinuxuz3r: he who can read clearly has the advantage ;) - see the link further up10:53
puchatyanyone has google + invitation?10:53
tonyyarusso!offtopic | puchaty10:53
ubottupuchaty: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:53
puchatydidnt know that ubuntu-offtopic exist ;10:53
puchatythank u10:53
szal!irc | puchaty, perhaps some more channels to discover for you ;)10:54
ubottupuchaty, perhaps some more channels to discover for you ;): A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines10:54
sattu94minimec: hi, i screwed up the auto first start configuration of enlightenment, do you know how can i retrigger it, ? i know i can configure it manually, however the automation might just be easier..10:54
Maxx640hello, I have Qgis 1.4 installed, how do I upgrade to 1.6 or 1.7 that are out10:54
linuxuz3rMaxx640 what does qgis do10:54
szal!info qgis10:55
ubottuqgis (source: qgis): Geographic Information System (GIS). In component universe, is extra. Version 1.4.0+12730-5ubuntu1 (natty), package size 3384 kB, installed size 8060 kB10:55
Maxx640I would like to install the latest version10:56
Maxx640do I have to unistall and reinstall10:56
Maxx640or is an upgrade possible?10:56
minimecsattu94: Login with gnome environment and delete/rename the .e folder in your /home/yourname directory, then logout and login with enlightenment again. It will give you a clean default config again.10:56
sagaciMaxx640: depends if it's been backported10:57
sattu94minimec: i expected it to be deletion of some folder, just like in gnome, thanks. :)10:57
Maxx640sagaci: what does that mean?10:57
minimecsattu94: no problem10:57
dr_willissattu94:  testing out e17 here also.. so far.. i rember why i always seem to test it out for a few min.. then ditch it..10:58
pc1-linuxdr_willis : I've been check lubuntu like your suggest on the website and I'm asking to my friend whom use it. as said with my friend, lubuntu is a little getting problem to connect with the citrix client. I need linux that can easily connect with citrix, because my office need to access SAP via citrix client. Did you ever know about this?10:58
dr_willisI have no idea on anything with citrix.10:58
szalMaxx640: http://www.qgis.org/wiki/Download#Ubuntu10:58
sagaciMaxx640: the qgis package is essentially frozen in natty, you won't be able to upgrade to the "newer" version unless a dev has gotten the newer version and repackaged it for natty10:58
dr_willispc1-linux:  the core tools are still there. and you can install any needed to connect to citrix. its just th GUI;s that are differnt in most cases10:59
sagacithere you go, add that apt repo and just upgrade that package10:59
szalMaxx640: strengthen your google-fu you must ;)10:59
Maxx640szal: yes haha, but I have just switched to linux and the learning curve isn't that easy for me11:00
Spikehead777Hello everyone11:00
Spikehead777I lost all of my sound when I tried to upgrade my sound drivers.11:02
dr_willisupgraded how exactly11:03
Spikehead777Using realtek's website instructions... let me pull up the link11:03
WillPittengerIs there a way to change the icon for a shortcut on the Dash?  I have one for Mozilla Aurora on it, but the icon is the standard FF icon rather than the Aurora icon.11:04
Maxx640I would like to thank you all for the great help you have brought. when I come here with a problem there is always someone to help me out.11:04
sephirothisnotbaHi guys11:04
pwerpwerwersomeone here with php knowledge?11:05
sephirothisnotbai have a problem with Bluez Agent API11:05
pwerpwerwerhow to get this in one php ? <?php echo $product_name ?><?php echo" informatie";  ?>11:05
sephirothisnotbacan anyone here help me??11:05
pc1-linuxdr_willis : sorry, the power on my office just been failure11:05
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Spikehead777I used the ubuntu download link listed here: http://www.realtek.com/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=14&PFid=24&Level=4&Conn=3&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false11:06
zhenghello everybody11:07
Spikehead777And these are the specifications of my computer... except I installed a Galaxy GT240 1GB Geforce card in my system as well. http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c01386826&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&site=null&key=null&product=3704514#N37611:08
pc1-linuxdr_wilis : as said my friend, He's getting problem in connecting SAP via citrix client after already installed citrix client for linux. but on ylmf, is easily to connect on SAP via citrix. Have any idea about this problem?11:08
WillPittengerI also noticed there is very little customization of Unity.  Its author appears to like dark themes. :p  I also need to move the Dash.  Ubuntu is running in a VBox guest window inside Windows Vista.  I have it in my primary monitor and the secondary monitor is to the left.  So it is tough for me to use the mouse to call up the Dash as I have only one pixel.11:08
dr_willispc1-linux:  i know nothing of citrix. If the tools exist in one ubuntu variant. they should be installable in any of the various ubuntu disrtos.11:10
dr_willisWillPittenger:  you can set the panel  to always show. i also added a thing to give me normal gnome menus in Unity. I rarely use that dash thang.11:11
dr_willisWillPittenger:  they also seem to love keyboard shortcuts. :)11:11
Erealzhello everyone.11:11
dr_willisdosent the win key - call up dash? Im not using Unty any more.11:12
pc1-linuxdr willis : Ok. I'll try to download lubuntu first and try to connect it with citrix client. Btw, thanks for your help.11:13
wohnpalme, I saw unity 15 minutes, then I changed to KDE and it works sooooooooooooooooooooooo great!!11:13
wohnpalspikehead: your videocard does not work?11:13
Spikehead777Everything on my system works except for the sound.11:14
Sidewinder1!sound > Spikehead77711:15
ubottuSpikehead777, please see my private message11:15
Spikehead777How do I view private messages?11:15
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.11:16
Spikehead777I'll check out those links11:17
dr_willisif you tried compiling/installing a newer alsa version.. well.. thats a bit beyond the scope of theis channel. :)11:20
dr_willistheres proberly forum posts on teh topic.11:20
Spikehead777Hmm... I'm looking at stuff on that second link, and sudo aplay -l returns aplay: device_list:235: no soundcards found...11:21
dr_willislooks like the system is not even seeing or loading the drivers for the card.11:22
Spikehead777That's what I'm guessing11:22
Spikehead777Because lspci -v | less lists my audio device11:23
dr_willisSpikehead777:  an interesting test would be to get a 11.10 live cd (yes its in alpha) and see if the card works properly in it. If so. check what modules are loaded and its alsa version11:23
Spikehead777Well, the card worked before, except I was missing the ability for 2 input record at the same time like I could in windows. I thought if I installed the correct drivers, that would help.11:25
Spikehead777But it didn't.11:25
szalSpikehead777: what *buntu version are we talking about11:25
dr_willisNo idea on that. I never record. :)  its possible that jackd would let you configure that. but ive never used that tool eiother11:25
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Spikehead777Ubuntu Studio 10.1011:26
Spikehead777I haven't updated to 11.04 yet11:26
Spikehead777Mainly because one update failed on me and I had to reinstall Ubuntu from scratch.11:26
szalSpikehead777: then do that & your efforts will prove a waste of time ;)11:26
szal!info alsa-base11:26
ubottualsa-base (source: alsa-driver): ALSA driver configuration files. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.24+dfsg-0ubuntu1 (natty), package size 136 kB, installed size 516 kB11:26
Ringhiointel 855 don't work unity....11:26
szalSpikehead777: if you read the readme in the tarball you downloaded you'll see that it's just the source code of alsa 1.0.24 from alsa-project.org11:28
Eryn_1983_FL I need to reset the placement of my properties  for my workspace selector11:28
Eryn_1983_FLin gnome11:28
Eryn_1983_FLits half off the  desktop :(11:28
Spikehead777So it's possible my existing alsa configuration got messed up?11:30
dr_willisSpikehead777:  if you compiled a newer alsa from source. anything is possible11:32
BlouBlouguys, is getdeb repo stable?11:32
dr_willisstable as in its up normally?11:32
dr_willisor the packages are  throughly tested?11:32
dr_willisor is the maintainers of sane mind? :)11:32
szalBlouBlou: getdeb is a 3rd-party source, meaning UNSUPPORTED11:33
Spikehead777Well... hmm... =\11:33
szal!info alsa maverick11:34
ubottuPackage alsa does not exist in maverick11:34
szal!info alsa-base maverick11:34
ubottualsa-base (source: alsa-driver): ALSA driver configuration files. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.23+dfsg-1ubuntu4 (maverick), package size 308 kB, installed size 512 kB11:34
truepurpleHow does one update clamtk?11:42
YankDownUnderclamtk - or clam, itself?11:42
Spikehead777clamtk... I just figured this out earlier. Use freshclam in a terminal window11:43
truepurplejust put "freshclam"?11:43
truepurpleclam itself I suppose11:43
Spikehead777Yeah freshclam11:43
jakeriverwhat should i do, i accidentally removed soundswitches from the tray - how can i get it back there?11:44
truepurpleIt lists updates available, but no way to install them11:44
Spikehead777If that doesn't work, then sudo freshclam11:44
truepurpleERROR: Can't open /var/log/clamav/freshclam.log in append mode (check permissions!).11:44
truepurpleERROR: Problem with internal logger (UpdateLogFile = /var/log/clamav/freshclam.log).11:44
Spikehead777Huh, that's weird.11:44
Spikehead777I didn't get that issue. =\11:45
truepurpleClamAV update process started at Sat Jul  2 05:44:53 201111:45
truepurpleWARNING: Your ClamAV installation is OUTDATED!11:45
truepurpleWARNING: Local version: 0.97 Recommended version: 0.97.111:45
truepurpleDON'T PANIC! Read http://www.clamav.net/support/faq11:45
truepurplemain.cvd is up to date (version: 53, sigs: 846214, f-level: 53, builder: sven)11:45
truepurpledaily.cvd is up to date (version: 13261, sigs: 131335, f-level: 60, builder: guitar)11:45
FloodBot1truepurple: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:45
YankDownUndertruepurple, And you're doing: sudo freshclam11:45
truepurplethat was after sudo freshclam11:45
=== LUxe is now known as Luxe
truepurpleSo noone knows?11:49
dvrcoderhi. df gives me "1k blocks 1834180, used 1656092, available 84916". Where are my remaining 93172 blocks / how can i find out?11:50
szaldvrcoder: 'df -h'11:51
Spikehead777I'truepurple, this is about as far as I can get you: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ClamAV11:51
szaldvrcoder: other than that it gives you the block size, so do the math ;)11:51
Vishnu_Si have a problem with installing11:52
Vishnu_Si made a USB bootable with Ubuntu 11.0411:53
dvrcoderszal: but the point is that there are ~100MB "missing" somewhere...11:53
Sutibu2Hi! After update yesterday ubuntu doesn't boot into gnome anymore. It's stuck at a full black screen (monitor turns off afterr switching between analog/digital a few times), then does nothing. After i press alt-ctr-delete the system reboots and i see a brief flash of the purple screen with the dots, and see that it's stuck at the second dot. Any help?11:53
Vishnu_Swhen i try to boot, it shows Start Booting from USB device and shows a name some Peter and gets stuck11:53
truepurplehmm,its not working like that though11:54
nikhil_Vishnu_S, that would be Peter Alvin i think ;)11:54
szaldvrcoder: 5% reserved for root/system purposes, standard behaviour on ext3/ext411:54
truepurpleOk, what is another good linux antivirus people can recommend?11:54
Vishnu_Summ ya :)11:54
dvrcoderszal: ok, thx :D11:54
Vishnu_Sso what do I do Nikhil ?11:54
ikoniatruepurple: don't use one is the best option11:54
dr_willistruepurple,  theres only like 4 of them out.. Clamav is in the repos. ANd i think there a few otehr companies that make them, avast is one.11:54
truepurpleI don't know that to be true ikonia11:55
ikoniatruepurple: it is11:55
nikhil_Vishnu_S, try some other media, another USB device maybe11:55
dr_willistruepurple,  you do realize that the main task of them is to scan files for windows viruses.11:55
ikoniatruepurple: there isn't really a Linux antivirus product11:55
truepurpleikonia: Please back up up your words11:55
Vishnu_Syes i did that already.11:55
szaltruepurple: on Linux you hardly need antivirus, so the only useful purpose for antivirus on Linux is to scan Windows partitions11:55
Spikehead777In my opinion, having an antivirus for ubuntu helps out a windows partition11:55
ikoniatruepurple: I don't have to, do some research11:55
Vishnu_Sim downloading again now :(11:55
truepurpleFrom what I have found, linux can be infected like any other OS11:56
dr_williswhen 995+% of the virus definitioons are for Windows viruses..11:56
Vishnu_Si checkd md5 and it was verified11:56
Spikehead777I just antivirus'd 80 viruses from my dad's hard drive earlier.11:56
szal995%? :o11:56
nikhil_Vishnu_S, are you trying to install on a notebook or desktop?11:56
Vishnu_Sdell xps 153011:56
ikoniatruepurple: it's a well known status, the antivirus products for Linux don't actually protect against Linux - they scan for windows exploits that are served to your windows machine11:56
nikhil_Vishnu_S, please reply to *me* if you are by typing [n] <tab> so that I can see the reply11:56
dr_willisI cant think of any current linux viruses that are running about.11:56
nikhil_Vishnu_S, it's hard to scroll through a log, and i'm not always in this window11:56
truepurpleikonia my reseach and what others have told me contradict you11:57
nikhil_Vishnu_S, just a sec11:57
* szal suggests using more than 1 letter to start for auto-completion in this channel11:57
ikoniatruepurple: then explain why you can't find any Linux anti virus tools......11:57
truepurpleOverconfidence within the linux community?11:57
Vishnu_Ssorry im new to this IRC. how do I reply to you in particular?11:57
ikoniatruepurple: show me the research that says there are antvirus tools for Linux that protect against Linux virus's ?11:57
ikoniatruepurple: no, just experienced and well researched11:57
truepurpleNoone will never steal from us within this neighborhood, just leave the door unlocked11:58
truepurpleThere are ikonia, but I don't feel like pulling out links just to prove it to you11:58
ikoniatruepurple: no - not at all, virus's work different on Linux platforms, hence why normal antivirus software would not be worth while (hence why people don't make it)11:58
dr_willisI cant even find mention of a current linux virus at   http://www.us-cert.gov/current/11:59
dr_willisother then a flash exploit.. but thats not really a virus now  is it.11:59
truepurpleAnd browsers use common language no matter the OS12:00
Vishnu_Snikhil_:  is this how ?12:00
truepurpleThat is why they can communciate with a webpage, whether windows or linux12:00
nikhil_Vishnu_S, that's it12:00
dr_willisbrowser exploits are not exactly a virus.12:00
ikoniatruepurple: you don't communicate with a webpage.12:00
Vishnu_Snikhil_: cool :)12:01
nikhil_Vishnu_S, i can't find many problems with your laptop. I suggest you do a google search along the lines of "dell xps 1530 won't boot ubuntu"12:01
truepurpleikonia: Now your just arguing symantics12:01
linxehyou can buy antivirus software for linux, and get free stuff too12:01
ikoniatruepurple: I'm not, I'm trying to show the clear difference12:01
szaltruepurple: quoting from 'Bowling for Columbine' (probably not exact): "When Americans lock their door, they feel they keep the bad guys outside.  When we lock our door, we feel we're imprisoning ourselves inside." -- I think the sentiment is similar for Linux and malware12:01
linxehin the main, true, they detect windows viruses though12:01
Jadoo1989even if there were viruses12:01
dr_willisclamav, avast, avg, and i think theres 2 others.   i belive avast and avg now have live-cd's on theior sutes with av software.. to scan wineows systems mainly.12:02
ikoniatruepurple: here are the options - accept the fact that you don't need anti-virus, b.) spend the rest of your time googling for antivirus software on linux that scan and protects linux clients12:02
ikoniatruepurple: either way, we are moving way beyond the scope of supporting ubuntu12:02
nikhil_truepurple, ##linux12:02
Vishnu_Snikhil_:  i have had 10.04 32bit before. after i installed win7 64bit, the bootloader was gone. now i was trying to install 11.04 64bit. so the drives are all there, does it have anything to do with this ?12:02
linxehtrojans are the worst thing for linux imo; and they ARE a real threat once stupid users get into the OS12:02
truepurpledr_willis: Which one would you recommend, avast or avg?12:02
linxehIll go into #ubuntu-offtopic  :)12:03
dr_willistruepurple,  they all scan for windows viruses.. if you were scanning a windows box and wanted to be  'most safe' you would use ALL of them that exist12:03
nikhil_Vishnu_S, i don't think so, because you are booting from another device, so the boot record of the physical disk shouldn't matter until it comes to installation time12:03
linxehdr_willis: and then accept you missed one :)12:03
dr_willisi tend to use clamav. but it has a lot of false positives..12:03
dr_willislinxeh,  there may be more then 1 ive missed :)12:03
truepurpleClam is no good since I can't update it12:03
ikoniatruepurple: it will not scan your Linux file system for "Linux" virus12:04
dr_willishttp://www.avg.com/us-en/avg-rescue-cd  a linux live cd - it seems  :) nifty12:04
=== Vishnu_S_ is now known as vishnus
dr_willisi have no issues updateing clamav.12:04
truepurpleI do12:04
vishnusnikhil_:  sorry got disconnected..12:04
nikhil_Vishnu_S, i don't think so, because you are booting from another device, so the boot record of the physical disk shouldn't matter until it comes to installation time12:05
nikhil_vishnus, that is12:05
vishnusnikhil_: okay. let me finish this new download and try once more. else i'll try burning a CD12:05
vishnusnikhil_:  no prob :)12:05
truepurpledr_willis: Many of those you named aren't showing up in ubuntu software center12:05
szaltruepurple: you haven't pasted a full error log yet, have you?12:05
truepurpleYes I did12:06
nikhil_vishnus, goodluck ;)12:06
vishnusnikhil_:  thank you :)12:06
szaltruepurple: URL please12:06
dr_willistruepurple,  since they are not In the software center.. thats not supriseing.12:06
dr_willistruepurple,  clamav is the only one in the default repos.12:06
truepurpleI just cut and pasted it here, give me a moment to make one12:06
truepurpleSo how do I install them?12:07
linxehclam misses a lot of things too12:08
dr_willisclamav in the repos can update the definitions. but not the main app. (that would be updated via the package manager) - but its the definitions that are the imporntant part.12:08
dr_willistruepurple,  as for the other av tools. You get them from their homepages.12:08
dr_willishttp://www.avast.com/linux-home-edition seems popular12:09
Dl0Check out nod32 scanner for linux12:09
Sutibuxyzblack screen @ boot after update. help!12:09
dr_willis!nomodeset | Sutibuxyz12:09
ubottuSutibuxyz: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter12:09
dr_willisSutibuxyz,  then perahps reinstall your video card drivers12:09
truepurpledr_willis: But how do I install them?12:09
dr_willistruepurple,  how to install 'them' what exactly?12:10
truepurpledr_willis: The programs you named that you get from their home page12:10
dr_willishttp://www.avast.com/linux-home-edition seems to have a 'download' button......12:10
Sutibuxyzdr_willis: why did it suddenly change after the update yesterday? I have been updating this install for 2 years and never had problems..12:10
truepurpledownloading and installing is easy in windows, but in linux its a much different thing12:10
dr_willisSutibuxyz,  no idea. i never upgrade12:10
ikoniatruepurple: do you want to scan your Linux machine, or a Windows machine with these tools ?12:11
dr_willistruepurple,  click on a link. download.. double click the file to install.. ener admin password.. is that much differnt?12:11
dr_willistruepurple,  seem to be virtually identical to me.12:11
truepurpledr_willis: They haven't worked like that for me before12:11
dr_willistruepurple,   i guess you are special.. its worked that way in the last 2-4 releases for me.12:12
dr_willisor download the deb and 'sudo gdebi foo.deb'12:12
dr_williswhich is also common.12:12
Sutibuxyzdr_willis: Ok thx i will try the nomodeset thing. thanks!12:12
dr_willisavg wants you to register for their 'free' version. how annoying.12:16
aureianimuswhy do you want avg?12:17
MonkeyDustfolx, i am unable to use the 'at' command, no eroor, but no command is executed either, hints&tips pls http://paste.ubuntu.com/636861/12:17
dr_willisjust to try it out. :)12:17
Dl0Doesn’t avg free registering apply to windows users as well?12:18
dsathe1you dont need antivirus12:19
dr_willisDl0,  yep.12:19
Nic[k]Have a problems. =Duplicate sources.list entry http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid-security/universe Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/us.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_lucid-security_universe_binary-i386_Packages)= what should i do?12:20
dr_willisdsathe1,  we had that debate an hr ago.. :)12:20
dsathe1and conclusion ?12:20
Dl0All you need is common sense12:20
bazhangNic[k], remove them and update12:20
dr_willisdsathe1,  you use them to scan your moms windows box to remove the viruses she got suckered into installing..12:21
bazhangNic[k], its a bug, I got that as well12:21
dsathe1haha what if i made mom switch to ubuntu12:21
Nic[k]What?Ok thx..12:21
dr_willis'sudo make me lunch'12:22
dsathe1anyone having issue12:22
dsathe1of stop boot at bat state on boot12:22
dsathe1on gnome 3 ppa12:22
szal!enter | dsathe112:22
ubottudsathe1: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!12:22
bazhangdsathe1, thats not supported here.12:22
bazhang!gnome3 | dsathe112:23
ubottudsathe1: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.12:23
dsathe1i know12:23
bazhangdsathe1, then why ask12:23
dsathe1but people use it and was asking12:23
dsathe1someone ought to have a solution12:23
bazhangdsathe1, its NOT supported. please dont ask.12:24
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szal!pm | truepurple12:31
ubottutruepurple: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.12:31
sgo11hi, is this considered as a bug? in ubuntu 11.04 unity, ctrl+c copy things in QT app (eg: kate) will not be able to paste into gtk app (eg: gedit) with ctrl+v.12:33
dr_willissgo11,  Hmm.. i thought it worked here.. there are clipboard manager tools also.12:34
dr_willislet me try.. loading kate and gedit12:34
dr_willissgo11,  it works here.12:35
sgo11dr_willis, really? how come doesn't it work in my place?12:35
dr_willissgo11,  im special? :)12:35
dr_willisNo idea. Im using Lubuntu right now. ran kate, and gedit. and itd working.12:35
jnlsnl_running latest virtualbox 4.0.10 with latest guest additions installed, 3d acceleration enabled and unity is not happening :-(12:35
sgo11dr_willis, maybe this is unity problem. I am running unity.12:36
spacebug-works for me (kate -> gedit)12:36
dr_willissgo11,  unity and 'problem' are commonplace..12:36
spacebug-ubuntu 11.0412:36
dr_willisspacebug-,  using unity?12:36
dr_willisseems it hates sgo11  :)12:36
dr_williscould be some sort of clipboard manager thats not working right. or conflucting12:37
spacebug-sgo11: are you running some kind of clipboard thing?12:37
dr_willisIm not running anything special here. Lubuntu/lxde and avant-window-nagivator12:37
shockratesikonia: hey sexy12:38
ikoniashockrates: what do you want ?12:38
sgo11spacebug-, no. I just did another test. it works if i use mouse right click copy and then right click paste between kate and gedit.12:38
sgo11dr_willis, spacebug- so the problem is just the shortcut doesn't work.12:38
MonkeyDustfolx, i am unable to use the 'at' command, no eroor, but no command is executed either, hints&tips pls http://paste.ubuntu.com/636861/12:38
spacebug-well ctrl+c and mouse copy is not same for me12:39
sgo11spacebug-, sorry, I don't know much. I thought mouse copy is the same to ctrl+c12:39
spacebug-should be12:39
shockratesspacebug-: are you coping from console?12:39
sgo11spacebug-, should be? so why did you say they are not the same for you?12:40
spacebug-shockrates: yes12:40
shockratesspacebug-: in this case ctrl + shift + c is copy12:40
dr_willissgo11,  the menu item works then?12:40
shockratesspacebug-: mouse copy does this12:40
sgo11dr_willis, what do you mean by "menu items works"?12:41
spacebug-shockrates: sorry no not console12:41
dr_willissgo11,  the menu cut/paste entries..12:41
sgo11dr_willis, the mouse right click copy and paste works btw kate --> gedit. yeah.12:41
dr_williskeyboard shortcuts and menus both work here for kate <--> gedit.12:42
kisukedoes any one know of a way to havea  keyring to unlock on login?12:42
sgo11dr_willis, ok. but the shortcut doesn't  work here.12:42
spacebug-shockrates: just marking some text with mouse curser makes it pasteable with middle button, but that buffer is different som copy/paste buffer12:42
dr_williskisuke,  you can set the default keyring password to be blank. then it wont ask. it will just unliock12:42
dr_willisWe need a factoid ion that..12:43
kisukedr_willis:  *facepalm* thats how i managed it before, thanks12:43
dr_willisspacebug-,  that techniocally is called the 'selection' buffer. :)12:43
dr_williskisuke,  :)12:43
spacebug-ah hehe12:43
spacebug-that buffer does not always work between programs12:43
dr_willisspacebug-,  old school. there are ways to sync that selection buyffer with the clipboard.12:43
spacebug-like spotify under wine and such12:44
dr_willisselection buffer can take some 'getting used to'12:44
dr_willisIm not supruised wine cant handle it.12:44
dr_willisFrom the old school days when a 3 button mouse - actually had 3 buttons.. not a wheel.12:44
kisukedr_willis: that would be a kludge. just gimma  proper VM.12:44
sgo11I think it's a bug in my place. not sure what causes it. Anyway, I am wondering why gedit team can not make a good editor compared to kate...12:45
kisukeah yess the sound of a nix distro installing from CD, the fun part is gonna be getting the front end back on...12:46
* szal rather thinks that gedit is not supposed to be a comprehensive text editor like Kate but rather a dumbed-down one like Kwrite (which isn't installed on *buntu by default)12:46
dr_willissgo11,  i perfer 'geany' for my text editing needs.12:47
sgo11dr_willis, I never heard it. let me google it.12:47
dr_willisi imagine they could add 10000x features to gedit and enlarge it size greatly.. but its just designed to be a simple text editor. :)12:47
dr_willisGeany  - also ported to windows.12:47
dr_willisits a bit of an editor + some ide features12:47
spacebug-bluefish I found nice for that12:48
dr_willisIt has 'vertical' (colum) type cut/pasteing that i use a lot. I dont use the ide features12:49
sgo11dr_willis, just saw some screenshots, its UI doesn't look good. ^_^ if gedit just designs to be a simple text editor, what is the complex text editor in gnome/gtk/unity?12:49
kisukesgo11:  vim12:49
linxehsgo11: why would a desktop environment necessarily provide one? there are dozens of good ones12:49
spacebug-I'm actually using xclip for some actions for the clipboard stuff12:49
dr_willislike the UI for a text editor matters.. its all about the editing of the text...12:50
WhitePrideUse vi12:50
spacebug-joe! ;)12:50
linxehWhitePride: or vim, cos we tend to like more advanced features than vi12:50
spacebug-first thing I install after the OS12:50
dr_willisive seen 'retro' editors out for windows that are just simple editors. no menus no fancy thangs.. :) just so you an focus on the text.12:51
dr_willisgvim is handy also. avail for windows as well12:51
* Mike1 loves Kate. But there is a nice comic which describes the whole „what is best“-thing: http://xkcd.com/378/12:51
sgo11I am using vim for programming only. with all other purposes, I use kate. but today, i met this problem.12:51
ActionParsnipsounds like leafpad :)12:51
kisukedr_willis: what i would like on *nix is notepad++, but not really gonna have any luck with that.12:51
dr_williswine notepad+++12:52
MrBushidohai, when using multiple monitors is it possible to pin an application to a screen so that when you move between workspaces it's always on the right hand screen?12:52
dr_willisi dint recall any features notepad+++ had that i really needed.. but it depends on what you get used to i guess12:52
Mike1notepad++ works fine with wine afaik12:52
linxeh99% of the time I'm not just editing text though, I'm editing structured files. 99% of the structured files are code, so I tend to use an appropriate IDE.12:52
kisukedr_willis: gag me wit ha rusty spoon, win is worse than WINME12:52
dr_willisIm used to vi and geany. so thats what i use on windows.12:52
* dr_willis sticks a spork in kisuke 12:52
linxehvi or vim?12:52
dr_willisvim is an enhanced vi.12:52
WhitePrideGoing to a braii - later12:53
linxehI've seen plenty of people come unstuck in vi though that are used to vim12:53
kisukewith a* wine* ugh damn PS/2 keyboard, its even got old bouncy buttons...12:53
dr_williskisuke,  cant say ive noticed the issue.12:53
linxehtime for poached eggs I think12:53
jiohdianyone have a problem when they full screen youtube that the flash goes black.. but the ad stays on?12:54
dr_willistheres a few windows apps i use in wine. just because im used to how they work and im too lazy to learn/discover linux alternatives.12:54
gulzar*modprobe vboxdrv failed. Please use 'dmesg' to find out why. *starting bluetooth . * Pulseaudio configured for per-user sessions  saned disabled edit /etc/default/saned ..... unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at (null). What it is? I was using Firefox and Thunar was opened.12:54
kisukedr_willis: is a mid '90s era keyboard, im used to the modern laptop thin switch kind, this on has a lot more travel oin the keys than i m used to.12:55
spacebug-now, did sgo11 get an answer/help in his/her issue?12:55
dr_williskisuke,  i got some old HEAVY ibm clicky keyboards. :) i like.. no windows key..12:55
sgo11spacebug-, sorry, actually no.12:56
MrBushidosoooo, anybody know how to pin an application to the screen while working with multiple workspaces? so that when i move from workspace 1 to 2 the tutorial that i have open in chrome sticks to the screen?12:56
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
sgo11spacebug-, I think I just give up shotcut copy btw qt and gtk apps. not a big issue.12:56
kisukedr_willis: the meta key is kinda useless in *nix isint it?12:56
dr_willisMrBushido,  right click title bar' theres should be some 'sticky' thing.12:57
spacebug-sgo11: should work though. Strange12:57
dr_willisMrBushido,  or an 'on all desktops' item12:57
sgo11spacebug-, yeah, it should work. weird....12:57
jiohdiMrBushido, FVWM can do that but I have not seen it in other desktop managers12:57
dr_williskisuke,  unity makes use of the windows key a lot.12:57
spacebug-sgo11: is it both ways? kate -> gedit and gedit -> kate ?12:58
MrBushidodoh, it is there when you right click it just doesnt appear when you have the window maximized12:58
dr_willisMost window maangers can do it.. its just how you do it. that differs. "always on top'  and sticky -> its seen on every desktop above everything.12:58
MrBushidothanks for the help guys! muchos love <312:58
dr_willisMrBushido,  :)12:58
dr_willisI often put the video player on monitor 2. and make it sticky/ontop. so it is always where when i change desktops12:58
kisukedr_willis: the only time ive played around on unity is wit ha dellmini 9 that i had to get the wifi adapter working, i could not stand to use it as a normal thing. on a tablet it would be beautiful, not so much on a desktop IMO12:59
sgo11spacebug-, I just tried it. actually not both way. gedit-->kate works. only kate-->gedit doesn't work.12:59
dr_willissticky =  think of somthing 'stuck' to the glass of the monitor.12:59
dr_williskisuke,  i think on a tablet.. unity couldbe even worse. :) it seems to really want to get people to use keyboard shortcuts a lot12:59
dr_willisbut Unity is badly broken here for me.. i cant even use it.12:59
dr_willisat least not without rerunning 'unity --replace' 100 times an hr..13:00
spacebug-sgo11: hehe strange. Could it be some missing kde-lib?13:00
gulzar*modprobe vboxdrv failed. Please use 'dmesg' to find out why. *starting bluetooth . * Pulseaudio configured for per-user sessions  saned disabled edit /etc/default/saned ..... unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at (null). What it is? I was using Firefox and Thunar was opened.13:00
kisukegulzar: you on a VM by any chance?13:00
sgo11spacebug-, it can be. I just apt-get install kate. that's all. I didn't install the entire kde.13:00
spacebug-sgo11: or that ctrl+c in kde/kate is set to do some other action13:01
gulzar kisuke: No!13:01
gulzar kisuke: but i installed Qemu and VirtualBOX long back13:01
sgo11spacebug-, no, I don't think so. ctrl+c and ctrl+v works within kate.13:01
spacebug-sgo11: ah ok13:01
spacebug-well, I'm lost13:01
kisukegulzar: no need to bite my head off, thats just hre only thing i can think of off the tob of my head with "vboxdrv"  in it13:01
sgo11spacebug-, anyway. thanks a lot for your help. I think i just leave it. use mouse copy instead. thanks.13:02
EliripsHello all. I currently have Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. Is there an easy way (aptitude) to install gnome3 into 10.04?13:03
Eliripsor would I need to upgrade to 11.x?13:03
kisukeElirips: did you look around gnome.org?13:04
ubottuGnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.13:04
pikkiemhi guys13:04
pikkiemi need some help as i can create and delete folders on the samba server but not rename it, anyone have any idea13:05
ActionParsnipElirips: http://blog.sudobits.com/2011/04/24/how-to-install-gnome-3-on-ubuntu-10-10-10-04/13:05
sgo11thanks for all the help again. I gotta go now. bye.13:06
kisukeany know off hand what the diffrence beteween debin debs and *buntu debs are?13:06
ActionParsnipkisuke: debian debs are for debian, ubuntu debs are for ubuntu13:06
kisukepikkiem: off hand i want to say its a permisions issue, but dont quote me.13:07
pikkiemi have looked into that but it is not. i have changed the permissions on the share to 777, did not help13:07
kisukeActionParsnip: *sigh* i know that, im tring to remember what the diffrence is structure wise, but them againi might be crossing wires with cydia .debs..13:07
szalkisuke: no, it's a common sense issue; you don't install packages on one system that are designed for another system13:07
EliripsSidewinder1, ActionParsnip: thank you. Hm, how unstable is it going to be.. :P Is it possible to keep my existing gnome2 while installing gnome3? So I can switch back to gnome2 easily, if it wont run nicely?13:08
pikkiemall the pc/s pn the network can rename except one that runs vista and i thought it might be that13:08
pikkiemi will log in later as i have to go now13:09
gulzar*modprobe vboxdrv failed. Please use 'dmesg' to find out why. *starting bluetooth . * Pulseaudio configured for per-user sessions  saned disabled edit /etc/default/saned ..... unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at (null). What it is? I was using Firefox and Thunar was opened.13:09
Sidewinder1Elirips, While I use 10.04 also, I've never tried gnome3 so I can't really answer your questions; but I suspect that installing it "may" bork your gnome2.13:09
aciculagulzar: broken virtualbox installation ?13:09
kisukeszal: ubuntu is is a debian distro unless something major changed sence the last time i looked, and im not tring to install on, just tring to reember what thediffrence is.13:10
aciculaElirips: no you cant switch easily, think installing gnome3 will remove parts of your current gnome13:10
EliripsSidewinder1, hehe, yes, I'm afraid it "might" do so, but on the other side I'm really excited to have a look at it13:10
Eliripsacicula, did you test gnome3 by chance?13:11
aciculai have tried it awhile ago13:11
Eliripslots of problems?13:11
aciculai encountered some yeah, but thats no indication of how things may be now13:12
szalkisuke: it's the same thing as that you don't install, say, RHEL RPMs on Fedora or Mandriva, despite the latter two being spin-offs of Red Hat13:12
BluesKaj!debian | kisuke13:12
ubottukisuke: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!13:12
jnlsnl_ambiance is not working with natty on virtualbox, any suggestions?13:12
orchataHi guys, My wireless does not detect any wireless networks. Using ubuntu 11.04 fresh install - acer 362013:12
kisukeBluesKaj: thank you for the useless factoid.13:13
aciculaorchata: did you do an online installation/updated the machine yet?13:13
szaljnlsnl_: define "not working"13:13
BluesKajkisuke, you're welcome13:13
orchataacicula: no I have not updated yet13:13
aciculaorchata: best to do that first then if you have access to a network cable13:14
jnlsnl_sazl i try to "killall gnome-settings-daemon" but says process is not found, the theme is gray and i can't change it seems13:14
orchataacicula: OK. Thanks, that is what I am doing now13:14
gulzar*modprobe vboxdrv failed. Please use 'dmesg' to find out why. *starting bluetooth . * Pulseaudio configured for per-user sessions  saned disabled edit /etc/default/saned ..... unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at (null)13:15
aciculagulzar: do you have a broken virtualbox installation ?13:16
ActionParsnipgulzar: try:  sudo apt-get --reinstall install dkms13:16
gulzaracicula: No. I installed VB4.0 from .deb13:16
MrBushidohmmm, anybody on 11.04 that can check to see if they can set the keyboard shortcut for "Toggle whether window is on all workspaces or just one"? I've set it but it doesn't appear to work13:16
gulzarActionParsnip: It is asking for 11.04 disk?13:17
astropirateHas anyone successfully setup Gnome-shell on Natty? I don't care if Unity doesn't work afterwords. I can't stand it13:17
ActionParsnipgulzar: then remove the CD as a repository in software centre13:17
ActionParsnipastropirate: log off and log in to Ubuntu Classic13:18
ActionParsnipastropirate: it will look like maverick then13:18
gry!classic | astropirate13:18
ubottuastropirate: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".13:18
kisukeastropirate: id imagine so, google would probably a berr place to look, let me sde if i cant find some thing real quick13:19
astropirateActionParsnip, should have also mentioned i love Gnome 3. I used it on fedora for a month or so but Fedora dosn't have as good as Ubuntu graphics driver support13:19
iPierreHi alla ubuntusers!13:19
Eliripsastropirate, are you using gnome3 on ubuntu right now?13:20
ikoniaastropirate: fedora uses the same video drivers as ubuntu13:21
astropirateElirips, no right now i'm on kubuntu getting ready to make the switch13:21
astropiratewith a fresh install13:21
gulzarActionParsnip: Ok done. By the way what was the problem?13:21
Eliripsastropirate, i'm just thinking about installing gnome3 on my 10.04, but i'm little bit afraid it wont run smoothly and i have to reinstall (okay, its weekend :P)13:22
iPierreHave a question about Postfix, can't seem to get it to send outgoing mails via PHP. All i get is "connect to aspmx4.googlemail.com[]:25: Connection timed out"13:22
Eliripsastropirate, you never tested it on ubuntu 10.04 or 11.04?13:23
aciculaElirips: astropirate try it on a test system first, you can try a permanent liveusb or virtual machine in virtualbox13:23
astropirateElirips, I tried it once when it was in beta it broke my system :p13:23
Eliripsastropirate, haha, well, we can blame the beta-status and hope its better now :D13:24
aciculawell id imagine thats why there is the gnome3 factoid about it not receiving support here13:25
kisukeacicula: i imagine thats more about it not being included by canonical.13:25
Eliripsastropirate, acicula im also unsure if it is better to install gnome3 in a 10.4 or 11.04 system, any ideas or guesses?13:25
aciculakisuke: i imagine if gnome3 was ready gnome3 would have been included regardless of preference for windowmanager13:26
prowerhello :> i use the official oracle java sdk, but the version in the "partners" repository is out of date/vulnerable to some security issues...is there a ppa that tracks the latest version perhaps, or a guide on installing the official jdk from their site?13:27
astropirateacicula, I have used both Unity and Gnome 3. Gnome 3 is a MUCH MUCH MUCH more stable than Unity13:27
Eliripsastropirate, is unity the new desktop used by 11.04?13:27
kisukeacicula: not always, it could have come in after a dev freeze, plus i dont think gnome 3 is out of beta yet.13:27
shockrateswhere can i find flash 10. i have install flashplugin-installer ,and youtube videos dont work13:27
astropirategnome 3 was out of beta like 2 months ago13:27
kisukeastropirate: officialy or actually?13:28
astropirateI am sure it was out before natty was13:28
astropirateno wait i'm not sure13:28
ActionParsnipElirips: its still gnome, unity is just a shell13:30
kisukeOHCRAP i forgot this thing has a nivida GFX card, how many reboots am i gonna have to go through this time?13:31
aciculakisuke: the gnome libs touch a large portion of the system, so not something you want to change at the end of a development cycle13:31
matteshello, is there anybody who can tell me something about ASUS WLAN Adaptor WL-138G under 11.04?13:32
aciculakisuke: eh go to hardware drivers, enable nvidia driver, restart (or just restart gdm)13:32
ActionParsnipmattes: whats wrong with it?13:33
aciculamattes: i doubt people memorize their brand and part number of their wireless card ;) is your wifi not working? what does work, can you see other networks? is this a fresh install, have you updated your installation yet?13:33
mattesi get no connection to WLAN - and i don't see the device (mac-Adr) under "Networks"13:35
Sidewinder1Mornrn' stealth13:35
mattestherefore i mean there is no driver13:35
stealthboythe hell sidewind13:35
ActionParsnipmattes: if you run: sudo lshw -C network      you will see the chip it uses, what is it?13:35
kisukeacicula: last time i did this (setting up HTPC ubuntu w/ medibuntu codecs, SFTP server, uPnP server w/ XBMC front end) i could not get  to work after installing nvidia-current for the life of me. it was only through  actionparsnips help that i didnt throw the blasted thing throught the nearest window.13:35
stealthboysounds like a gay gas13:35
aciculakisuke: i see13:36
LjLstealthboy: do you have an ubuntu support question?13:36
kisukewell install is done, wish me luck.13:36
mattesActionParsnip: i don't know - it's the PC of my neighbour - i must check it!13:37
minimecmattes: Following links are rather old threads, but probably still relevant.13:38
minimecmattes: You might need to use ndiswrapper with your WL-138 https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/15137 http://www.megalinux.net/asus-wl-138g-wifi-and-linux/ http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?s=0aa53e35d9787e428129be11dee9eb5f&t=28834113:38
mattesacicula: it's new installed! Network runs properly under win13:39
ActionParsnipmattes: cool, the adapter doesn't tell us much. You drive the chip so we need to know it13:39
Sidewinder1mattes, And I have read that ndiswrapper should be your "last ditch effort"; with all due respect to minimec.13:40
azertyui can't sudo su - on my ubuntu lucid13:41
minimecSidewinder1: I do agree with you...13:41
azertyu sudo su -13:42
azertyusudo: must be setuid root13:42
azertyuwhat that means ,13:42
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
Shinobyhi Guys13:42
Sidewinder1minimec, Now, if you could just convince my wife.. :D13:42
azertyuhello is that official ubuntu room ?13:42
aciculaazertyu: do become root via sudo it has to be set setuid for root13:43
Shinobycan one tell me an non-interactive alternative to top (I want to generate information about the system load and process into a file) ?13:43
mattesminimec: i'll looking for ndiswrapper13:43
=== brechdurchfall is now known as brechdurchfall|a
andyccShinoby, ps (use "ps aux" to get detailed info for all processes)13:43
azertyuwhat i have to do technically ? acicula13:43
aciculaazertyu: what did you do to make it stop working?13:44
Sidewinder1!root > azertyu13:44
minimecSidewinder1: I am definitely very convincing when it comes to women, but this is somehow offtopic... ;)13:44
ubottuazertyu, please see my private message13:44
Shinobyandycc: thank you13:44
azertyuit will be so easy if i know what it is problem acicula13:45
azertyui can connect as root on my pc, the problem is just only i can't sudo su - once i logged in as user and to have root access acicula13:46
aciculaazertyu: you will need to restore the suid bit to /usr/bin/sudo, check man chmod but i think its chmod +s /usr/bin/sudo. you'll need to be root to do this either via su, the revovery console or a livecd13:46
d1ck0sudo passwd root13:47
d1ck0chg root pwd13:47
d1ck0then su -13:47
aciculad1ck0: cant13:47
oCeand1ck0: don't advice that here13:47
szald1ck0: don't recommend that, it's non-standard practice on *buntu and UNSUPPORTED!13:47
aciculad1ck0: sudo does not work if its not suid13:47
* Sidewinder1 Knew that was comming. :D13:47
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo13:48
azertyuperfect working thanks acicula13:48
aciculaazertyu: now dont remove suid from prorgams again, they are there for a reason ;)13:48
szalSidewinder1: if you do that for yourself, fine, but don't expect help on it here if something goes haywire ;)13:48
azertyusure thanks13:48
genii-aroundazertyu: Anyhow, as already advised... You need to chmod 4111 /usr/bin/sudo13:49
Zer0Thunderbtw guys one of my friend said linux going to remove root ?13:49
claviusmondhow do I add this to my git client? git://kradio.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/kradio/kradio (read-only)13:49
aciculagit clone <repo>13:49
claviusmondso, open a terminal, regardeless of directory, type git clone git://kradio.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/kradio/kradio (read-only)  ?13:50
claviusmondacicula, ?13:50
bhaveshI am trying to install gambass on my ubuntu 10.10, I downloaded the source and there is a readme install file inside, it says I'll have to run ./configure but there isnt any configure file inside the archive folder13:50
bhaveshI did cd to the directory13:50
Sidewinder1szal, It was just some well meant advice not to mess with root for him/her; I, personally, have never messed with it. As an LTS guy, I firmly believe, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." If I was unclear, I apologize. :-)13:50
=== ajf|offline is now known as ajf
aciculaclaviusmond: without the (read-only) yueah13:51
aciculaclaviusmond: it will dump it in your current working directory13:51
claviusmondacicula, the source specifies that read only13:51
claviusmondacicula, http://sourceforge.net/scm/?type=git&group_id=4566813:52
aciculaclaviusmond: since you are copying that is not a problem13:52
bhaveshbut there is a configure.ac which on running says Permission Denied13:52
bhaveshI did configure.ac13:52
aciculaclaviusmond: git is not like svn or cvs, best read up on git in the git manual, its pretty good13:52
aciculabhavesh: configure.ac is not ment to be run directly13:52
bhaveshacicula: so how is it supposed to run?13:53
aciculabhavesh: there is an INSTALL file in the root of the source package, best start there. usually its ./configure to configure and make to build13:53
=== muellisoft is now known as Muelli
sozietyhi, I have a problem with my touchpad in ubuntu 10.10, the right click is disabled13:54
claviusmondacicula, seems to work13:54
bhaveshacicula: on running install-sh file my terminal says ./install-sh: no input file specified.13:54
=== WLP|Away is now known as WillPittenger
bhaveshwell I extracted my tar.bz213:56
aciculabhavesh: that script you should also not run13:56
aciculaehm run autoreconf -vi13:56
aciculaand then try ./configure13:56
aciculabhavesh: are there not prepackaged packages that you can use?13:56
bhaveshacicula: they are quite old13:57
ActionParsnipsoziety: what make / model laptop?13:57
sozietyActionParsnip, hp pavilion dm413:58
Trashihello. i have a problem with my adobe flashplayer. i cant type into textareas in flash. what can i do?13:58
minimecsoziety: There is an answer on ask ubuntu you have to define the touchpad zone to 3500 and add a startsript in rc.local... search ask ubuntu13:59
minimecsoziety: http://askubuntu.com/questions/15208/touchpad-issues-on-hp-pavilion-dm4-cant-right-click14:00
sozietythanks minimec14:00
kisukehmm, gnome 2.x is still in the repos for natty right?14:00
minimecsoziety: Just got one for my mother some days ago. Will install tomorow...14:00
Monotokokisuke, just log out, click your account then use the bar at the bottom to change it to "Ubuntu Classic"14:01
ActionParsnipsoziety: http://askubuntu.com/questions/15208/touchpad-issues-on-hp-pavilion-dm4-cant-right-click   may help14:01
gsunderin my natty narwhal, uplink seems to be blocked...14:01
Monotokokisuke, no repos needed!14:01
ActionParsnipkisuke: yes, its the default gnome version in natty14:01
gsunderny request for uplink fails... ny help wud be useful14:01
sozietyActionParsnip thnks14:01
Monotokogsunder, uplink?14:02
kisukeMonotoko: if i saw the dm switcher i would hav used it, any way to make it sticky?14:02
gsunderi mean, if i try to send some file, it fails14:02
gsunderthe same works fine under windows14:02
gsunderwhen i do a speedtest, downlink speed is fine14:02
gsunderuplink, the tester is not able to connect at all14:02
Monotokokisuke, huh? Sticky? If you log out and select "Ubuntu Classic" before putting your password in it should default to "Ubuntu Classic" from there on14:03
dr_willisunless his .dmrc file has the wrong permissions14:03
kisukeMonotoko: ok, thats what i needed, this is gonna be a HTPC so loging in si just about equivilent to fliping it on.14:04
Monotokokisuke, just log out and then log back in?14:04
gsunderMonotoko: you have any idea regarding this issue?14:04
kisukeMonotoko: i jsut need to know if it stuck after you changed it once, wich you answered.14:05
Monotokogsunder, not sure...uplink test is working fine for me on speedtest.net14:05
gsunderit used to work fine for me... it has suddenly stopped working14:06
gsundersites like gmail, facebook and twitter also not loading... other sites are fine...14:06
Monotokogsunder, have you tried a different browser?14:07
gsunderi tried in chrome as well as FF14:07
Monotokosounds like a networking issue...I assume it's persistant when you reboot?14:07
[THC]AcidRaingsunder: what are the last things you have done before it stopped working?14:08
[THC]AcidRainare there any browsers at all that work?14:08
gsunderi just shut it down yday and started seeing this issue from today morning...14:09
KGIs there a way to manually edit the Sound Preferences config?14:10
prower_hello everyone :> i was hoping that gnome 3 would  be packaged in 11.04 but that doesn't appear to be the case...does anyone know if it'll be included in 11.10? and with respect to the gnome-team ppa, anyone using it currently that can comment on the stability/what issues you might have if you install it?14:11
[THC]AcidRainwhat do you mean they wont load?14:11
[THC]AcidRainthe flash content?14:11
=== vlt is now known as vlt_phone
KGAcid, you talking to me?14:11
[THC]AcidRainno. gsunder14:12
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
[THC]AcidRainKG, im sure there is a way14:12
[THC]AcidRainim doing a little research14:14
_Flyproblem with usbaudio device in oss14:14
[THC]AcidRainthe only thing i found was scripts to change it14:14
minimecprower_: maybe try the #ubuntu+1 channel. gnome3 will be much more stable in 10.10, as oneiric will use gtk3.14:14
dr_willisprower_,  not in 11.04. supposed to be optional in 11.1014:14
dr_willisprower_,  it can break things in 11.04. not adviseable to use it.14:14
minimecprower_: 11.10 ;)14:14
dr_willis11.11 :)14:14
dr_willisat 11:11 on the 11th,14:15
dr_willisi always found the version #'s a bit silly.. almost as silly as the animal names.14:15
soziety:S end of the world14:15
dr_willisill be glad when we do get gnome3. then people can quit asking about how to get it.. :)14:15
szal11.11 would be somewhat cool..  kinda like Slackware 13.37 ;)14:22
tickyHi all14:24
tickyIs there any reason why dpkg hangs when "Removing libappindicator0.1-cil from Mono"?14:25
prower_dr_willis: hopefully that'll be the case in 11.10 then, unity is an unstable mess :/ i've tried gnome 3 in fedora 15, it seems to be more more stable in comparison at least14:26
KGhow can I tell Sound Preferences to just use /dev/dsp_in ?14:26
dr_willisI tried a fedora live cd.. did niot care for Gnome3 either.14:27
prower_dr_willis: it certainly is unusual, i prefer kde myself but i can see where they're going with it :> the gnome team seems to be betting the farm on tablet pc's judging by the interface14:29
skilzim having trouble connecting to my wifi internet, the network name is NETGEAR and the network not invisible, nor is it password protected. I tried 'sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid NETGEAR' with no success14:29
minimecskilz: If using a GUI you might have conflict with an eventually loaded nm-applet. maybe 'killall nm-applet' first.14:31
=== iqpi is now known as iqpi|afk
herkupusskilz: please put the output of "iwlist wlan0 scan" on pastebin14:36
=== lwq1996_ is now known as lwq_mowinggrass
gulzarusing fdupes I go this on terminal- Set 1 of 6666, preserve files [1 - 2, all] (12968 bytes each):  and cursor is blinking. What to do? I issued this- fdupes -S -r /media/Data.14:40
skilzSorry guys I forgot to mention, I want to use Window Maker and Fluxbox so I need to do it in the console14:41
dr_willisskilz,  i recall some guides showing the exact commands to connect via the terminal commands.. but ive not done it that way in agezx.14:42
dr_willisyou an run nm-applet in flusbox/windowmaker if you wanted to14:42
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
dr_willisyou did run the dhclient after connecting?14:44
tickydoes anyone have any problem with libappindicator?14:44
=== vlt_phone is now known as vlt
dr_willisticky,  thats a little vague.. what sort of issue are you having exactly?14:45
tickydr_willis: apt hangs on "Removing libappindicator0.1-cil from Mono"14:45
gulzarusing fdupes I go this on terminal- Set 1 of 6666, preserve files [1 - 2, all] (12968 bytes each):  and cursor is blinking. What to do? I issued this- fdupes -S -r /media/Data.14:47
claviusmondI have been trying to get hel in the kde channel, but nobody seems to care, so I turned here: using kradio I have the following error message: V4LRadio::radio_init: Cannot open radio device /dev/radio014:50
dr_willisis the module loaded for your radio? does that device exist?14:52
claviusmondis kde invite only?14:53
gumboI can't mount my main partiton, it says: 'mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda5, missing codepage or helper program, or other error.'14:55
gumboany help?14:55
ActionParsnipgumbo: you may need to fsck the partition when it is unmounted14:55
gumboright now it is unmounted, I'm on  a live cd14:55
gumboIt tells me the superblock or the partition table may be corrupted14:56
tickydr_willis: any ideas?14:57
gulzarusing fdupes I go this on terminal- Set 1 of 6666, preserve files [1 - 2, all] (12968 bytes each):  and cursor is blinking. What to do? I issued this- fdupes -S -r /media/Data.14:58
Bl4Ck0uT in my openbox install the text in facebook textboxes are not shown14:59
ActionParsnipBl4Ck0uT: as all users?15:01
gumboany idea of what to do now?15:03
Mike1„unable to enumerate USB device on port 2“ I get lots of these messages, is it a problem?15:06
ActionParsnipMike1: try the device in a different port15:08
sgo11hi, which package do people install, vim-gnome or vim-gtk? I know I only need to choose one of them and vim-gnome based gnome lib and vim-gtk based on gtk lib. just wondering which one do people choose? thanks.15:08
BluesKajMike1, run lsusb to see which device it is15:08
Mike1ActionParsnip, BluesKaj: I have no device connected, which leaves the internal camera of the netbook as only USB device15:09
fonziesgo11: -gnome would be most appropriate of you're using gnome -gtk if you are running kde15:09
sgo11fonzie, thanks. I guess unity is based on gnome. so I should choose -gnome then.15:10
BluesKajMike1, is the camera listed as a usb device ?15:11
Mike1BluesKaj: no15:12
fonziesgo11: either will probably work.  And the packages will pull in all the libraries they need.15:13
sgo11fonzie, sure. thanks. just chose vim-gnome. :)15:13
Bl4Ck0uT in my openbox install the text in facebook textboxes are not shown15:14
BluesKajMike1, does the camera work ok ? If so then the message could be irrelavent15:14
Mike1BluesKaj: no it’s not working, which is no wonder considering that lsusb does not eve nlist it15:15
ActionParsnipBl4Ck0uT: does it happen as all users?15:16
lcbhi. could you please, someone, help me on this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/636920/15:16
NicoRotolojoin #ubuntu-it15:16
Mike1BluesKaj: let me try some stuff15:17
kisukeubottu lies.15:18
BluesKajMike1, not all builtin cameras use the usb setting altho some do , run lshw and check for it15:18
kisukeand i can prove it, just check the gnome factiod.15:18
Bl4Ck0uTI mean i can type and everything but the text is not ina a visible color both the box and the text are white15:18
Mike1BluesKaj: oh noes, now it hangs at boot time (before bootloader, during POST) at “Initializing USB Controllers”15:19
bazhangkisuke, whats the issue15:19
James____how do you install ubuntu on vmware esxi Allocate and commit space on demand (Thin Provisionin . Disk is 500 gig , in fdisk I set 256, but vmware allows it to go bigger. So lets say it goes to 400 gb how to fdisk know it?15:19
Mike1BluesKaj: I remember that I had this problem long ago allready and had to open the Netbook and unplug the BIOS battery -.-15:19
kisukebazhang: as of natty, gnome is no longer installed my default, its ubiquity, it might keep it on an upgrade, but wont install it on a new install.15:20
MrBushidowhats the name of the conf file thats like /etc/resolv.conf but for ports? :<15:20
Mike1BluesKaj: so I guess it’s kind of a hardware problem15:20
bazhangkisuke, ubiquity is the name of the installer (live mode)15:20
skilzIm having trouble with wicd, it just hangs on 'Getting  IP'. 'Connection failed, unable to get IP address.'15:20
BluesKajok Mike1 ..seems you know more about it than me so ......15:20
kisukebazhang: excuse me i mant unity.15:20
bazhangkisuke, if you dont like unity choose classic15:21
ActionParsnipBl4Ck0uT: fine, but does it affect all users or is it just yours?15:21
bazhang!classic | kisuke15:21
ubottukisuke: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".15:21
Bl4Ck0uTyes all users15:21
SoothsayerHow easy it is to switch desktop environments?15:21
kisukedont work if it not there. < has used it in the past, to switch betewenn gnome, KDE and lxde (dont ask)15:22
ActionParsnipBl4Ck0uT: what is the output of:  lsb_release -d15:22
SoothsayerI'm not liking the entire Unity usability .. and especially it has nothing for a dual monitor setup. I'd like to try out something else. Any recommendations?15:22
ActionParsnipSoothsayer: log off, select desktop, log in15:22
bazhangSoothsayer, very easy. choose at login window after installing kubuntu-desktop for example15:22
ActionParsnipSoothsayer: lxde :)15:22
wildc4rdafternoon all!15:22
wohnpalI am trying to format a HDD I have using mkisofs using kde 11.04... however mkisofs oder mkisofs.ext4 is not installed, how can that be? #15:22
kisukeSoothsayer: gnome and KDE are the two big ones.15:22
wohnpalI thought it was part of the standard linux programs15:22
skilzSoothsayer: Easy as 1,2,3.15:22
kisukebazhang: dont work if it not there. < has used it in the past, to switch betewenn gnome, KDE and lxde (dont ask)15:23
Soothsayergreat... any recommendations for something that's better suited for dual monitor ?15:23
Bl4Ck0uTjust the os15:23
bazhangkisuke, classic is there in 11.0415:23
SoothsayerI mean, even Windows 7 has better taskbar capabilities and with 'Ultramon', I get a perfect taskbar on my second conitor15:23
ActionParsnipwohnpal: don't you mean mkfs.ext4 ?15:23
skilzSoothsayer: Gnome15:23
kisukebazhang: not on my machine for some reason, unless ubiquity SNAFUd.15:24
ActionParsnipBl4Ck0uT: do you use effects (compiz), if so try disabling it and retrying15:24
Soothsayerskilz: classic gnome? it already comes with Ubuntu 11 as well right ?15:24
MrBushidowhat's the conf file that lists meta names for ports, e.g. www = 80. It's somewhere like /etc/hosts but obviously thats for ip to hostname relationships15:24
Soothsayerskilz: Anything with taskbar support like Windows 7? I hate it when you click on some program in the taskbar which has multiple windows open, ALL OF THEM open.15:24
skilzSeems to work fine for me15:25
Soothsayerskilz: do u have a dual monitor setup as well?15:26
edbianMrBushido: I don't think there is one.  There is just standard numbers that people use for everything below 1024 (and some above too) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_TCP_and_UDP_port_numbers15:26
skilzSoothsayer: Well I used to15:26
skilzSoothsayer: I had a 24" and a 19"15:26
Soothsayerskilz: did you have a taskbar on the second window?15:26
Soothsayerskilz: anything you had to configure for it?15:27
dr_williswohnpal,  you are trying to format a hard disk partition using mkisofs ?   dont you mean mkfs.ext4  ?15:29
* dr_willis is slow.15:29
=== jonas_ is now known as Guest55582
DrFreemanhello I need help15:30
bazhangDrFreeman, then ask15:30
SoothsayerAnd are there any other useful tools to use in a dual monitor setup?15:30
DrFreemanAlright.  Well I was deleting partitions on my Hard drive. But now I messed up my GRUB bootloader15:30
bazhangxrandr Soothsayer15:30
DrFreemanI was just trying to make Windows my only OS on my computer.15:31
DrFreemanSo I can put another version of Ubuntu on here.15:31
Bl4Ck0uTtried it looks like a theme problem15:31
Soothsayerbazhang: what does it do ?15:32
spacebug-MrBushido: /etc/services15:32
bazhang!xrandr | Soothsayer15:33
ubottuSoothsayer: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1215:33
ChogyDanDrFreeman: can you just skip to installing another version of ubuntu?15:34
spacebug-hi Tetracomm15:34
TetracommDoes anyone know how to set up the D-Link DWA-125 USB wireless dongle in Ubuntu?15:34
ItalianGuyHello everybody... I am happy to be here too...15:34
envygeeksTetracomm: What's the chipset on the dongle?15:34
Soothsayerwell, I already have that setup configured I believe. The issue is not getting dual monitor working.. its the usability issues.15:37
ItalianGuyI cant istall Ubuntu 11.04..... it has some problems with my HDD i guess....., Suse 11.0 istalled just fine...15:37
SoothsayerI can't have a taskbar for the second monitor, so to access a minimized window there, i need to go all the way back to the first screen and click from there.15:37
SoothsayerItalianGuy: what file system did you select?15:37
envygeeksSoothsayer: Welcome to Linux.  Dual monitor has been bad for years and is just barely starting to get better, Wayland will help with a lot of that because it's not based on code from the 80's like X15:37
envygeeksSoothsayer: What is your graphics card?15:38
Soothsayerenvygeeks: nvidia XFX 9600GT15:38
ItalianGuynone.... the Installation Routine told me the are no OS found on my System which is false15:38
Mike1BluesKaj: I just disabled the camera in the BIOS now (don’t need it anyways) and I hope the kernel errors and especially the boot problems are fixed for good now15:38
confezzorItalianGuy:   do you know the architecture of your PC15:38
ItalianGuyCentrino Duo = x86....15:39
envygeeksSoothsayer: Last I remember the proprietary driver for Nvidia has the ability to make each monitor it's own desktop, thus enabling your ability to have a bottom taskbar on each15:39
Mike1BluesKaj: I would have never thought about the built-in camera until you asked for usb devices, so thank you!15:39
BluesKajMike1, it might just need the rifgt drivers to operate properly15:39
Mike1BluesKaj: I know what the problem is!15:39
confezzorand it doesn't install at all....do you have an i386 or a i686 architecture?15:39
DrFreemanCan anyone help me with my GRUB bootloader?15:40
dr_willisSoothsayer,  in the old gnome (befor 11.04) i was able to have a panel on each of my monitors using twinview. i just drug one over there using alt-click draging it..15:40
Omegaenvygeeks: Uhm, linux is from the 90s, does it make it bad?15:40
Mike1BluesKaj: the cable connecting display/camera to the rest of the netbook seems to be in bad shape15:40
raven_how to work with the old software-center? (ratings, sorting, ...!!!)15:40
BluesKajMike1, ok , got it15:40
Mike1BluesKaj: when I open/close the device the screen flickers etc.15:40
envygeeksOmega: Selectively taking things out of context makes your refute invalid. Please put your question into context.15:40
Mike1BluesKaj: most likely the USB connection is damaged as well15:40
edbianDrFreeman: sure15:40
ItalianGuyconfezzor: ?15:40
Mike1BluesKaj: which would explain the bootproblems and the kernel messages15:41
karim_my scsi scanner is not detected automatically anymore15:41
DrFreemanOk.  Well when I start up my computer, I'm not able to go into any of my partitions.  It says GRUB rescue.15:41
ItalianGuyconfezzor:  Its a modern Pentium Centrino Duo15:41
Soothsayerenvygeeks, dr_willis : ye I have twinview configured, but I've been using Unity all this while. Might switch to gnome classic I guess. But even though you might achieve two taskbars, one is a replica of another. So they actually contain entries for windows which are in both the monitors combined. Which defeats the purpose of having a second taskbar.15:41
DrFreemanAnd no partition available.15:41
envygeeksSoothsayer: Ah yeah that would be your problem then.  I don't think twinview supports Unity yet, if it will at all.15:42
dr_willisSoothsayer,  unity has a lot of issues with dual monitor setups..15:42
MrBushidospacebug-: delayed thanks <315:42
ItalianGuymust be a 68615:42
dr_willisSoothsayer,  you can run gnome-panel while using unity. and drag the gnome panel to the 2nd monitor15:42
confezzorok hold on let me check it out for you15:42
ItalianGuyto confezzor : ?15:42
raven_how to work with the old software-center? (ratings, sorting, ...!!!)15:42
Soothsayerdr_willis: I love the Unity app launcher though :-(15:42
spacebug-MrBushido: yw ;)15:42
Soothsayerdr_willis: hmm.. gnome-panel ?15:42
bazhangItalianGuy, its 32 bit yes15:43
dr_willisSoothsayer,  unity app launcher cionstantly gets messed up gfx for me.. unity is totally unseable here.15:43
Dannielhi, for those who came from windows what's better: Mandriva or Ubuntu?15:43
ItalianGuybazhang : yes it is15:43
dr_willisDanniel,  get tehm both and decide for yourself.15:43
BluesKajDrFreeman, did you try holding down the shift key at the bios scrn til the grub menu appears15:43
bazhangDanniel, this is ubuntu tech support. chat in #ubuntu-offtopic15:43
=== iqpi|afk is now known as iqpi
Dannielok, tnks15:43
SoothsayerAnyone using KDE on Ubuntu ?15:43
bazhangSoothsayer, whats the real question15:44
Soothsayerbazhang: reason for switching to KDE ?15:44
dr_willisSoothsayer,  all the time... care to ask  somthing worth ansering. :)15:44
envygeeksSoothsayer: Using KDE on Ubuntu makes it Kubuntu irregardless of it starting out as Ubuntu :P15:44
DrFreemanno I didnt15:44
bazhangSoothsayer, preference. try it15:44
dr_willisSoothsayer,  you can pick either one from the login screen.. i use kde if i want.. or try unity.. or use lxde.. depends on my mood.15:44
dr_willisright now im using Lubuntu/Lxde + avant-window-navigator on the right hand side of the monitor.15:45
envygeeksNow days I think I would rather use LXDE before XFCE when I want to power house Terminals too.15:45
SoothsayerWhy isn't any of you talking about Gnome3?15:46
petsoundsSoothsayer, yeah try it KDE 4.6 is really good.15:46
bazhangSoothsayer, its not supported here15:46
bazhangSoothsayer, chat about it in #ubuntu-offtopic if you wish15:47
DrFreemanWell I no longer have 2 OS on my computer either.  I only have windows15:47
spacebug-I'm runing ubuntu inside ubuntu ;)15:47
raven_how to work with the old software-center? (ratings, sorting, ...!!!)15:48
envygeeksDrFreeman: That would explain your problem.  Boot into the Windows CD and use the Windows Terminal to restore Windows bootloader you'll have to Google how to do that since you've just implied it's no longer a Linux problem15:48
bazhangraven_, what do you mean old15:48
ItalianGuy<ItalianGuy> hello [16:45] <ItalianGuy> are you able to help me istalling Ubuntu onto my System ? [16:46] <ItalianGuy> Installed openSUSE 11.0 without any problems [16:46] <ItalianGuy> but Ubunto doesnt recognize any Operating systems on my HDD [16:47] <ItalianGuy> but I am using Windows and SUSE, both on my System15:48
ItalianGuy-- help15:49
tickyIs there a way to make dpkg ignore a package entirely (Not attempt to install/update it at all)?15:49
bazhang!helpme | ItalianGuy15:49
ubottuItalianGuy: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude15:49
edbianDrFreeman: sorry if I'm late.  Boot up a liveCD and use gparted to fix it all.15:49
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:49
bazhangticky, via pinning?15:50
DrFreemanok thank you15:50
bazhangItalianGuy, please stop that15:50
bazhang!pinning | ticky15:50
ubottuticky: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto15:50
dr_willisItalianGuy,  'read' what people are saying.. dont spam the channel with  contant 'help me' lines..15:50
SoothsayerI guess I'm going to have KDE a shot after all.15:50
dr_willisItalianGuy,  while you are waiting you should check the ubuntu forums and the askubuntu.com web site.15:50
dr_willisSoothsayer,  kde is nice in many ways.. but annoying in many others.. its just so differnt in some aspects.. its awkward15:51
raven_bazhang software center with ratings and sortings15:51
ItalianGuyI paid 13 Euros and cant install Ubunto.....15:51
bazhangraven_, what about it15:51
Soothsayerdr_willis: is it closer to any of the following? a) OS X  b) Windows 7 ?15:51
bazhangItalianGuy, patience.15:51
raven_bazhang, WHERE is this feature15:51
SubKidhaha --> italianGuy15:51
spacebug-ItalianGuy: if you boot your computer with an ubuntu live cd, does it see your harddrive then?15:51
dr_willisSoothsayer,  very differnt then both actually15:51
bazhangSubKid, please dont15:51
dr_willisSoothsayer,  it does have some features of win7. had them befor win7 did. :)15:52
SubKidjust tell what the Problem italianGuy ...15:52
tickybazhang: Does pinning cause it to remain in its current state, even if the current state is corrupt?15:52
SubKidwhat doesn't work ?15:52
Sidewinder1ItalianGuy, "Can't install?", what is the exact error message or problem?15:52
bazhangticky, did you check the link?15:52
sgo11hi, in terminal, I can use rmdir to delete a directory and make sure it's empty. is that possible to do it in nautilus? delete empty directory otherwise popup warning? thanks.15:52
tickybazhang: yes.15:52
bazhangticky, if you have damaged packages, thats a different issue. PPA?15:53
bazhangItalianGuy, no caps please15:53
tickybazhang: What are you asking, exactly?15:54
DrFreemanyeah I'm going to have to restore Windows.15:54
DrFreemanThanks anyways15:54
raven_how to work with the old software-center? (ratings, sorting, ...!!!)15:54
ItalianGuyI am using Windows default Filesystem15:54
bazhangticky, you want dpkg apt etc to ignore not upgrade a package? or something else. your original question might use some clarification if I am misunderstanding you15:55
Sidewinder1sgo11, Try gksudo nautilus to get rid of directories;CAUTION, make sure you have back-ups of your data prior to initiating,...15:55
ItalianGuyWindows 715:55
tickybazhang: Basically, dpkg thinks it needs to reinstall this package, but it can't because mono doesn't work properly on armel. I need to tell it to just ignore the package entirely and let me install other things.15:56
Sidewinder1ItalianGuy, You're not using WUBI, are you?15:56
sgo11Sidewinder1, why do I sudo nautilus? I don't really get it. thanks.15:56
ItalianGuywhat it WUBI ?15:56
ZykoticK9!wubi | ItalianGuy15:56
ubottuItalianGuy: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Maverick/10.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/maverick/wubi.exe15:56
ItalianGuyWubi looks like nonsense to me15:57
Sidewinder1sgo11, That will allow you to have temporary root privleges in Nautilus if the directories are not owned by you.15:57
Omegaenvygeeks: I was pointing out the fallacy in your argument.15:57
ItalianGuyThe Operating System called UBUNTU 11.04 doesnt recognize my Harddrive....15:57
envygeeksOmega: There was no fallacy, you tried to make one up out of nowhere,  get better please.15:57
ActionParsnipItalianGuy: did you boot to the ubuntu CD and install, or did you run a program on the Ubuntu CD from within windows?15:58
ItalianGuyOpenSUSE 11.0 does...15:58
Omegaenvygeeks: "because it's not based on code from the 80's like X"15:58
jakeriverhere is great solution if you ever screw with the panels in ubuntu: http://bithacker.blogspot.com/2010/05/restore-default-gnome-panels-in-ubuntu.html (sorry spam, i'm just happy for the how-to)15:58
Sidewinder1ItalianGuy, It is, with all due respect to the developers.15:58
Omegaenvygeeks: Is code from the 80s bad?15:58
ItalianGuyI did both variants.... none worked out15:59
sgo11Sidewinder1, ok. but that is not my question at all. In terminal, to remove an empty directory, I can use rmdir. if the directory is not empty, it will give me warning. this is good and safe. I am just wondering if nautilus has the same functionality. so when to delete a directory, it will warn you whether that is empty or not. currently, it doesn't.15:59
Omega(Get better, please)15:59
envygeeksOmega: Obviously it is if the developers are too hesitant to rewrite and engine for the future.  I think you're arguments should get better, or you should do some research into the comment.15:59
ActionParsnipjakeriver: ubottu already has a factoid for that15:59
ZykoticK9!panels | jakeriver even easier, no software required15:59
ubottujakeriver even easier, no software required: To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »15:59
bazhang!ot | Omega envygeeks15:59
ubottuOmega envygeeks: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:00
OmegaThis is getting ot.16:00
OmegaYes, that.16:00
bazhanggotten there already16:00
tickybazhang: did you get what I said earlier?16:01
Sidewinder1sgo11, In Nautilus, if it's empty, won't it sat "0" files???16:01
ItalianGuyanybody willing to help me in Private Chat ?16:01
bazhangticky, armel and mono issues, from what I have been informed16:01
Sidewinder1say, even.16:01
bazhangItalianGuy, did you try as suggested booting the live cd yet?16:01
ItalianGuyI tried many times16:02
sgo11Sidewinder1, it doesn't say anything useful. just warn you you are about to delete a directory. that's all.16:02
spacebug-ItalianGuy: not finding an installed operating system and not finding a harddrive are two very different things. Which do you have problem with?16:02
oCeanticky: you can use  echo packagename hold | sudo dpkg --set-selections  to prevent it from being upgraded16:02
sgo11Sidewinder1, you can just try it.16:02
ItalianGuyspacebug... ask Ubuntu16:02
tickybazhang: Yeah. I just want to be able to install completely unrelated packages, and because this hangs at 100% CPU I can't do anything.16:02
bazhangticky, I'd try oCean 's suggestion then16:03
ActionParsnipItalianGuy: so when you boot the liveCD you cannot see your drives?16:03
tickybazhang: ok.16:03
ItalianGuyBooting up the system it gave some error message like ata3: error16:03
JohnnyonFlameI have a multi monitor setup, and I'd like to set up a different user for each monitor16:03
Sidewinder1sgo11, I only use terminal as a last resort; I prefer GUI, hence my suggestion of Nautilus; if I was unclear, I apologize.16:03
JohnnyonFlameis there any way to do so?16:03
ActionParsnipItalianGuy: have you fsck'd your partitions?16:03
thegladiatorIs it possible to replace the Compaq presario laptop bought in 2005 with any 14.0 WXGA lcd ?16:03
ItalianGuyI am a Windows User..... no i did not16:04
bazhangJohnnyonFlame, and they be logged on simultaneously?16:04
JohnnyonFlameYeah, that's what I'd like to16:04
ActionParsnipJohnnyonFlame: you can set up a multiseat if you wish16:04
sgo11Sidewinder1, no worries. thanks for your help.16:04
JohnnyonFlamesame KBD/Mouse?16:04
bazhangthegladiator, thats really a hardware issue, try ##hardware16:04
ActionParsnipJohnnyonFlame: if you add another keyboard and mouse, you can have 2 people set using the processing power of 1 PC16:05
spacebug-ItalianGuy: you have only one harddisk or more?16:05
ItalianGuyonly one HDD16:05
ActionParsnipItalianGuy: boot to the liveCD and you can ensure your Linux filesystems are healthy16:05
ItalianGuyActionParsnip: I am a Windows User16:06
JohnnyonFlameActionParsnip, the biggest issue here is actually that I need two different focuses on each monitor16:06
bazhangItalianGuy, how does that relate to booting a live cd16:06
JohnnyonFlamebut I'd still like to use the same KEYBORD/MOUSE for both16:06
ActionParsnipItalianGuy: ahhh, so linux isn't installed yet?16:06
tickybazhang: Looks like it won't help. I just tried to install something and it's still saying "The following partially installed packages will be configured:" and lists the package that's causing issues.16:07
ItalianGuybazhang:  i was relating to ActionParsnip16:07
bazhangItalianGuy, you said you had suse on there16:07
confezzorItalianguy which ubuntu are you trying to install again?16:08
ItalianGuyI just installed that because i was angry that ubuntu was able to install, to i thought it could be some Problems related to Noteboos or Laptops16:08
confezzorand you said you bought the cd?16:08
DamnSoGooDwhat app can i use to join spliited clips?16:08
ItalianGuywasn´t able to install16:08
JohnnyonFlameActionParsnip: THe big issue here is that even if I were given two different desktops, they are still the same user, so I have some issues with windows focusing, not being able to open firefox in both, etc.16:08
bazhangDamnSoGooD, what format16:08
ItalianGuyI am a illegal Woindows User16:09
ItalianGuyWindows User16:09
ActionParsnipDamnSoGooD: you can cat the files together using:  cat file1.avi file2.avi file3.avi > result.avi16:09
raven_how to work with the old software-center? (ratings, sorting, ...!!!)16:09
bazhangItalianGuy, please stay on topic.16:09
confezzorif you bought the cd it might of come faulty so you can try to download the iso from the website16:10
ActionParsnipDamnSoGooD: you will need to run: mencoder -forceidx -oac copy -ovc copy result.avi -o outfile.avi        to sort the audio16:10
ItalianGuy>so i have to use LINUX16:10
edward_Hola, alguien habla español?16:10
ItalianGuyI have to switch to LINUX16:10
ActionParsnipItalianGuy: fine, but does the Ubuntu CD not pick up your drives, just to clarify...16:10
DamnSoGooDbazhang, any format, many of them such as .mkv .avi .rm .mp416:10
th0rJohnnyonFlame: I just got here, so excuse if this isn't to your point. If you set up firefox to open new windows instead of new tabs, you should be able to open firefox on both desktops, I think16:10
ActionParsnip!es | edward_16:10
ubottuedward_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.16:10
bazhangDamnSoGooD, then what ActionParsnip suggested16:11
ActionParsnipsimple solution always works best :)16:11
tkruiseoi! mates, which php editor do you use on ubuntu?16:11
tkruisejust simple jEdit?16:11
JohnnyonFlameth0r: not quite, it will rotate the desktop cube when you try to switch desktops like in windows.16:11
ActionParsnipDamnSoGooD: http://www.arsgeek.com/2006/08/07/how-to-join-multiple-avi-or-mpg-files/16:11
ItalianGuyActionParsnip: Yes, exactly... my HDD is recognized by Ubunto as sda (HD1)16:11
mahir256tkruise: always use vim. no offence to emacs fans16:11
ActionParsnipItalianGuy: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?16:11
Nano2ndcan someone help me dual boot vista and ubuntu; ubuntu is my only installed OS right now16:11
tkruisemahir256 I dont know what's vim16:12
th0rah....the 'new and improved' ubuntu....haven't tried that. In  fact, that is what sent me to debian <smile>16:12
DamnSoGooD@ActionParsnip will it work n any format?16:12
ItalianGuyIt is a live CD I bought for 13€16:12
ActionParsnipNano2nd: boot to ubuntu liveCD and resize the Ext4 partition to make some room for windows16:12
envygeeks!dual boot | nano2nd16:12
ubottunano2nd: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot16:12
ActionParsnipDamnSoGooD: should be ok16:12
mahir256tkruise: http://www.vim.org/16:12
ActionParsnipNano2nd: you will need to boot back to the liveCD after installing as Windows will blindly overwrite grub16:12
ActionParsnipNano2nd: make sure your backups are recent enough in case of catastrophe16:13
ItalianGuy<------------- On private with confezzor16:13
Nano2ndAction: How can I resize my ext4 partition for windows install16:13
envygeeks!resize ext4 |nano2nd16:14
ActionParsnipDamnSoGooD: http://adammichaelroach.com/blog/092109-merging-multiple-video-files-ubuntu-linux16:14
Nano2nd!resize ext416:14
ActionParsnipNano2nd: use gparted in ubuntu livecd16:14
envygeeks!resize partition | nano2nd16:14
DamnSoGooDok thanks idol!16:14
bazhangenvygeeks, please /msg ubottu to learn them16:15
Nano2ndso boot into live cd16:15
[antenia84]have you a google+ invitation?16:15
ActionParsnipNano2nd: yes16:15
bazhang[antenia84], wrong channel16:15
karasrkHi, anyone got a good website for ubuntu desktop themes?16:15
io!partition | Nano2nd16:15
ubottuNano2nd: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap16:15
ActionParsnip!theme | karasrk16:15
ubottukarasrk: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy16:15
bazhangkarasrk, gnome-look.org16:15
karasrki'm looking at this and they look so good http://dailyapps.net/2008/08/15-most-beautiful-looking-linux-desktops-youll-ever-see/16:15
Sidewinder1Nano2nd, Before you get started, please have a gander at: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/index.php16:15
envygeeksbazhang: I did not get the syntax wrong... It just did not find any documentation...16:15
[antenia84]where is the right channel?16:16
mahir256!ot | [antenia84]16:16
ubottu[antenia84]: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:16
sgo11hi, why does my system have no beep sound? ubuntu 11.04 upgraded from ubuntu 10.10. musics and videos have sound. I just install beep and run it in terminal. nothing happens.16:16
bazhangenvygeeks, thus the need to learn the correct ones in /msg with the bot16:16
sgo11is this a hardware issue?16:16
envygeeksbazhang: well while were at it perhaps you could learn to colon syntax instead of comma?16:16
envygeekssince we want to nitpick and all...16:16
ioSidewinder1: the ubuntu wiki contains a lot more information than that website16:16
bazhangenvygeeks, pardon?16:16
onetwothreehi i have a problem with a vpn connection..i get connected and the ip adress for tap0 gets to sthg like 10.x.x.x ..i have configure to use a dns from google and also tried to set it to automatically16:17
envygeeksbazhang: <<16:17
bazhang!fishing > envygeeks16:17
ubottuenvygeeks, please see my private message16:17
onetwothreebut no connection possible16:17
Abhijithow to upgrade any single package from command line?16:17
DamnSoGooD@ActionParsnip , how can i use that mencoder? is it a terminal thing?16:17
onetwothreei have checked the routing table and it looks fine16:17
bazhangDamnSoGooD, yes in the terminal16:17
sgo11Abhijit, i guess you just apt-get install it16:17
ActionParsnipDamnSoGooD: yes16:17
Abhijitsgo11, it is installed. now i wish to upgrade16:18
mahir256Abhijit: apt-get update (package-name)16:18
bazhangAbhijit, if an upgrade is there it will give it.16:18
sgo11Abhijit, the same thing. if it has a new version, it will upgrade. otherwise, it does nothing.16:18
DamnSoGooDhow about the location of the file? my video files are in a seperate ntfs partition16:18
ioAbhijit: '$ sudo apt-get -u install <package>'16:19
Abhijitbazhang, there is upgrade. and there are lots of packages. but i wish to upgrade only one package out of that list16:19
ActionParsnipDamnSoGooD: then have the NTFS partition mounted and you can access them16:19
bazhangAbhijit, which package what version of ubuntu16:19
ioAbhijit: read16:19
sgo11Abhijit, if one package upgrade, all the dependencies have to be upgraded.16:19
morthim having an issue, when i connect with VPN it works for my internet browser but when my irssi can't connect, always saying timed out.16:20
DamnSoGooDoh no, i'm dumb when it comes to terminal.. do we have a gui'd app :D16:20
envygeeksmorth: is your VPN blocking it on their firewall?16:20
bazhangDamnSoGooD, mencoder is really the best way to do this16:21
Abhijitbazhang, i currently have updates to install. now i install mumble. after that i added its ppa. now i want to get newser version from that ppa. for this i need to upgrade only mumble. not all the updates availabnle16:21
mahir256DamnSoGooD: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=49060916:21
Abhijitio, sgo11 mahir256 ok16:21
morthenvygeeks: how can i tell?16:21
yeatsmorth: there should be a setting in network manager that tells ubuntu not to route everything through the VPN connection16:21
* yeats assumes morth is using networkmanger16:22
ioAbhijit: '$ sudo apt-get -u install <package>'16:22
morthyeats: errrm how can i tell LOL16:23
Abhijitio, ok16:23
yeatsmorth: how did you set up the VPN connection?16:23
Abhijitio, yeah that worked! thanks! :-)16:24
morthyeats: using ubuntu 11.04, the two arrows on my top panel16:24
morthyeats: then i went to VPN connections>Configure VPN16:24
=== israel is now known as vicio
ITprohi all, any quick answer: trying to setup VirtualBox in Vista but error : "more than one instance"?16:24
yeatsmorth: okay - good - that's called "Network Manager"16:24
yeatsmorth: go to VPN Connections > Configure VPN, then click on the IPv4 tab16:25
ActionParsnipDamnSoGooD: how can you be dumb with copying and pasting text???16:25
morthyeats: will this allow me to use my VPN on irssi?16:25
mahir256!ot | ITpro16:25
ubottuITpro: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:25
yeatsmorth: then select Automatic (VPN) addresses only16:25
yeatsmorth: hopefully16:25
kisukeanyone know of a partitioning tool that does not use libparted?16:26
bazhangITpro, try #vbox16:26
ActionParsnipITpro: youor issue is with Windows, not Ubuntu16:26
ActionParsnipkisuke: fdisk, cfdisk16:26
ITprowell I want it to install ubuntu! i thought someone had this b416:26
yeatsmorth: what's probably happening is that Ubuntu is routing all internet traffic through your VPN connection (which may be blocking irssi)16:26
ioAbhijit: no problem16:26
maahesbazhang: test disk will repair partitions, fdisk, cfdisk.16:26
morthyeats: okay, after automatic vpn, address only now what16:26
ActionParsnipITpro: sure, but you are  installing virtualbox in windows, the problem is a windows one16:26
bazhangmaahes, perhaps you mean kisuke16:26
yeatsmorth: click Save and try again ;-)16:27
ITprok thanks i'll try #vbox16:27
ActionParsnipITpro: try asking in ##windows and/or #vbox16:27
maahesbazhang: sorry, yes I mean kisuke :)16:27
morthyeats: okay brb in a few16:27
=== Granis` is now known as Granis
envygeeksActionParsnip, ITpro: Sounds like you already have a VM running, turn that VM off first16:27
raven_how to work with the old software-center? (ratings, sorting, ...!!!)16:27
bazhangraven_, please clarify: what do you mean old16:28
ActionParsnipraven_: do you mean synaptic? I'm not aware of an "old" software centre16:28
raven_bazhang software center with ratings and sortings16:28
ITproNope, I checked running processes16:29
bazhangraven_, old? what version of ubuntu do you have, and from which version of software are you talking about16:29
yeatsmorth: I'm leaving in a sec, but keep asking in the channel so others can help16:29
morthyeats: i got " Irssi: Unable to connect server irc.freenode.net port 6667 [Name or service not known]" when i try to connect16:29
raven_bazhang actual 10.04 - talking about the software center in 9.0416:29
sgo11hi, why does my system have no beep sound? ubuntu 11.04 upgraded from ubuntu 10.10. musics and videos have sound. I just install beep and run it in terminal. nothing happens.  is this a hardware problem or software?16:29
bazhangraven_, did you try and mix different version packages from different versions of ubuntu?16:30
maahesmorth: try /connect server irc.freenode.net/6667 ?16:30
maahesminus the ?16:30
raven_bazhang, ???? no16:30
ITproactually i do use ubuntu on a stick though, so u guys r right to check the other channels16:30
bazhangraven_, then why ask about it16:30
morthmaahes: hmm, let me retry.16:30
mahir256sgo11: what beep? you mean control-g? if that's it then its a hardware problem16:30
bazhangraven_, 9.04 is end of life16:31
GekzI wish to upgrade my 10.04 server to 11.0416:31
sgo11mahir256, just beep sound. what is control-g?16:31
Gekzwhat's the most optimal manner to do this?16:31
Abhijit!upgrade | Gekz16:31
ubottuGekz: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade16:31
bazhangGekz, 10.10 then to 11.0416:31
raven_bazhang, every new version of ubuntu makes me more ill. its getting more and more worse!!!16:32
sgo11mahir256, beep sound from the PC box. eg: if you type something wrong, terminal may give a beep sound.16:32
yeatsmorth: is the VPN your only means of connecting to the Internet?16:32
DamnSoGooD@ActionParsnip , hehe just joking idol!16:32
=== dean is now known as Neohasreturned
mahir256sgo11: okay...that's what control-g does when you press it in a terminal.16:32
xxmmaanni installed the new nvidia driver and when i try to start any games i get blank screen   / can you help me please ?16:32
mahir256sgo11: that's definitely a hardware problem16:32
NeohasreturnedHi all I have had to reinstall ubuntu and have tried to restore my programs and settings with aptoncd but it said it hasn't installed them but copied the files to cache can someone help me?16:33
xxmmaannany ideas please?16:33
sgo11mahir256, ok. just tried it. no beep sound with ctrl+g. I am using dell PC. weird. even my no brand PC has beep sound.16:33
bazhangxxmmaann, installed from where16:33
kisukeactionparsnip, maahes: thanks, you just saved my 320 gig external.16:33
xxmmaannfrom nvidia site16:33
bazhangxxmmaann, use additional drivers method, that method is not supported16:34
ITproSince you guys talking about VPNs, any good and cheap one? someone gave me a link to a $2/year! VPN but lost it!16:34
bazhangITpro, #ubuntu-offtopic for that please16:34
maaheskisuke: np :)16:34
sudokillhey you16:35
chaddyITpro: http://www.bestfreevpn.com/16:35
kisukemaahes: and now it goes into the 2nd gen PS3., i have got to figure out where this "he can fix it" vibe comes from.16:36
xxmmaannso . i need  install the old driver?16:36
a111isnt 800kbits slower than using TOR16:36
johnnywhitecan I ask for help here in the channel?16:36
oCeanjohnnywhite: surey, go right ahead16:36
NeohasreturnedHi could someone help me with aptoncd?16:37
bazhangxxmmaann, the old driver? you mean the supported method, then yes16:37
maaheskisuke: power of linux! I remember the first time I chrooted into a drive that had had a failed upgrade that made the system unbootable. Someone walked me through and I was like: ARE YOU A WIZARD?!?!?16:37
sudokilla111, what do you mean?16:37
johnnywhitewell the problem is the following: I'd like to use Ubuntu but I cannot, because apparently there is no driver for my wireless adapter :(16:37
confezzorhey guys i got a quick question to ask if someone knows the answer...if i was to have a cap on my data like 5GB a month and i wanted to download something without wasting my data...can a friend use dropbox and give me his info to get the item i want...would that waste my data?..i think it does..but just want to make sure16:37
a111on that free vpn link it says the speed is at 800kbit/s16:37
sudokilljohnnywhite, thats like the most common problem of them all16:37
xxmmaannthis driver work better but i cant play games16:38
bazhangconfezzor, that has zero to do with ubuntu support16:38
gumbo72how can I fix a corrupt partition?16:38
sudokilla111, tor speed is random, so that might be more consstent16:38
szalxxmmaann: https://launchpad.net/~ferramroberto/+archive/nvidia/+build/2572337 <- use this if you want the 275 -- attention: UNSUPPORTED16:38
kisukemaahes: sadly im my case i have everyone i know tring to get mt to troubleshoot/hack/pwn their electronics.16:38
johnnywhitewell I read on the forums and apparently there are many people with the same problem with this adapter16:38
chaddya111: depends where you are, I think, showing me 1.2MBps16:38
maahesconfezzor: ....er...why not just give it to you on dropbox, or use a file dropping service like megaupload or whatever, and direct download.16:38
confezzori know sorry...i'm trying to help someone get the iso without wasting data16:38
maaheskisuke: this is when you pretend to have suffered brain damage.16:38
sudokilltor connects to difffferent people, some might be slow some fast, they are all users so speed varies all the itme16:39
johnnywhiteand some people could solve the problem16:39
maahesconfezzor: you could direct them to the free cd's ubuntu gives out.16:39
gumbo72how can I fix a corrupt partition?16:39
kisukemaahes: nope, call blocking.16:39
johnnywhitesomeone shared the code of the driver but I cannot compile it :(16:39
sudokillgumbo72, try fsck n the drive16:39
envygeeksgumbo72: what kind of partition is it? if it's ext4 just use fsck16:39
confezzoroh they give out free cd's...i didn't know..i thought you had to pay for the cd's?16:39
viciogumbo72: with gparted16:40
maahesconfezzor: nope. Ubuntu will send you nice free ones. ^_^16:40
confezzordo you know were can i find that info16:40
oCeanmaahes, confezzor  canonical stopped with that16:40
szalmaahes: they don't do that any longer16:40
gumbo72it's ext4, but with other people on the spanish ubuntu channel we've discovered that even though it is listed in gparted, fscking it gives http://pastebin.com/SkL7igBg16:40
szalconfezzor: if the cap is on the ISP's side there's nothing you can do to circumvent it16:41
gumbo72which means it doesnt recognise it16:41
sudokillconfezzor, youd still have to download it, so yes16:41
RedWarYou can buy a CD16:41
NeohasreturnedCould someone tell me how to restore backups using aptoncd?16:41
RedWarSo, if you want to and you are concerned about the cap, by a cd16:41
Abhijit!aptoncd | Neohasreturned16:41
ubottuNeohasreturned: APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline16:41
RedWarPlus,you are giving to the cause :)16:41
confezzorok thanks guys...sorry for the none ubuntu question lol16:42
sudokillconfezzor, or think about changin isp maybe? that must be a nightmare 5gb a month16:42
FabriceAnyone knows how to make a network-install custom install CD or use debian-cd ?16:42
NeohasreturnedAbhijit, I have already backed it up and restored it to cache but not sure what to do to actually install the backup?16:42
confezzorit's  not me it was a person in the chat room...was trying to help him out16:43
szalconfezzor: see e.g. here -> http://www.osdisc.com/cgi-bin/view.cgi/products/linux/ubuntu?affiliate=distrowatch16:43
Sidewinder1gumbo72, Your pastebin says "ext2", why not, using Gparted, just reformat it to ext3/ext4; backing up data, first, of course?16:43
confezzori could waste all the data i want16:43
AbhijitNeoBlaster, updates will be automatically shown. for applications you need to install them manualy one by one. please read the apton docs first and then ask.16:43
confezzorthanks szal16:43
morthyeats: i still can't seem to get it working, i just tried irssi -c irc.freenode.net -p 6667 and it just sat there saying connecting forever.16:43
gumbo72Sidewinder1: in gparted it says it's ext416:43
kisukeln follows <somethin> <somewhere> correct?16:44
MedjaiAnyone here from the Ubuntu development team?16:44
envygeeksI've seen the ext2 on ext4 error before, and it happened when we had a failing drive, I remember reading a while back that it can also be caused by an unrecoverable partition that is entirely done16:44
bazhangMedjai, whats the actual question16:44
edbiankisuke: What you asked is ambiguous.  the man page for ln says ln target linkName16:44
MedjaiWell I'm looking for the person who created the ambient light sensor support for Macbooks16:44
gumbo72so what could i do, envygeeks?16:45
sgo11hi, in nautilus, when double click a program, a default app is launched. I know I can change the default app in Properties of the file. But instead of changing one by one, is there a place that allows me change all extensions at once? thanks.16:45
Sidewinder1gumbo72, If fsck didn't solve the problem, you could simply reformat with Gparted, no?16:45
bazhangMedjai, check the mailing lists then16:45
bazhang!lists | Medjai16:45
ubottuMedjai: Mail is another medium to communicate. Ubuntu mailing lists can be found at http://lists.ubuntu.com16:45
envygeeksgumbo72: in both cases you could be screwed without forensics, it's easier to just wipe and repartition if it's that bad16:45
MedjaiThat will list developers and their contributions bazhang ?16:45
envygeeksgumbo72: or backups, sorry forgot backups.16:46
kisukeedbian: let me rephrase that, ln follows "ln origin detour" similiar to the syntax for mount, i read man, and just want to be sure i remember it right before i bork something16:46
bazhangMedjai, there are different lists, yes some for development16:46
Medjaiok thanks16:46
gumbo72Sidewinder1, but I have in it important information I can't access to (because it's corrupted).16:46
Milcarehi all16:46
FabriceAnyone knows how to make a network-install custom install CD or use debian-cd ?16:46
edbiankisuke: No I think you have it backwards?  it's ln /path/to/file /path/to/link/name    is that clear?16:47
gumbo72envygeeks, isn't there any possibility to access to the data inside?16:47
kisukeedbian: that bis what i thought, thanks for making sure i had it clear.16:47
edbiankisuke: sure16:47
Sidewinder1gumbo72, There's also System-->Administration-->Disk Utility; but if the partition is totally corrupt, you may have already lost the data. :-(16:47
NeohasreturnedThere's not one person in here who can help me restore my backuo from cache?16:47
Poindexter_Fabrice you can do that on a USB memory stick a floppy disk or a CD/DVD.16:47
sudokillFabrice, i think the ubuntu minimal cd is htat16:48
envygeeksgumbo72: you can search for Forensic software and try to recover pieces as long as you haven't tampered the drive, if you have then like sidewinder1 said, it could be gone forever16:48
Sidewinder1!volunteers > Neohasreturned16:48
ubottuNeohasreturned, please see my private message16:48
Poindexter_Create an ISO and burn it to a CD or anything disk and boot from it.16:48
FabricePoindexter_, i need to build a custom iso16:48
FabricePoindexter_, similar to minimal but pointing at a diferent repository16:49
Sidewinder1!remaster > Fabrice16:49
ubottuFabrice, please see my private message16:49
gumbo72Ok, so if you could give me some advice in which program to try I'd be great (I'm already looking)16:50
NeohasreturnedSidewinder1, I'm sorry if I sounded rude but I have backed up my laptop and I am trying to restore it and I am unable to do it I thought aptoncd would just reinstall everything16:50
Fabriceubottu, as i said not a live cd, a network install aka minimal cd16:50
ubottuFabrice: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:50
envygeeksgumbo72: normally I don't attempt forensics on my drive, we have sufficient backups so once a drive burns we hotswap it and then follow procedure to destroy the old drive, so I cannot recommend any, sorry16:50
Sidewinder1gumbo72, It's been a while; let me see if I can find some sources, please stand-by...16:50
Poindexter_Fabrice it has already been done. Go to Bart's Boot Disk .com or Flavian's or Hirens Boot disk for tutorials.16:51
gumbo72Thank you both, Sidewinder1 and envygeek16:52
FabricePoindexter_, ok obviously you just cant read or something , i want to make a custom minimal cd that points to my repository and installs my metapackages, everything your suggesting has nothing to do with that16:52
envygeeks!uck | fabrice16:52
ubottufabrice: uck is a tool that helps you customise official Ubuntu Live CDs (including Kubuntu/Xubuntu and Edubuntu) to your needs. See http://uck.sourceforge.net/16:52
Sidewinder1gumbo72, Please have a look at this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1784873&highlight=recovering+lost+data16:52
Fabriceubottu, again now a live cd16:52
ubottuFabrice: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:52
Poindexter_Fabrice making a minimal ISO is simple. Build a machine and create the ISO on a disk.16:53
ChogyDanFabrice: you want a netboot cd?16:53
envygeeksfabrice: a netiso image is already minimal anyways, if I remember right all of the netiso images only install the minimal to get booted, the absolute minimum. Why would you want to customise it?16:53
Fabriceenvygeeks, point it at my repo and make it isntall my packages16:54
Poindexter_You can Google the Ultimate XP boot disk and burn it. That will give you network possibilities but I am not sure what you want to accomplish.16:54
FabricePoindexter_, then stop talking16:54
bazhangPoindexter_, why would you recommend windows solutions in ubuntu channel16:54
FabriceChogyDan, yes16:55
envygeeks!preseed | fabrice16:55
FabriceChogyDan, ubuntu uses debian-cd to make those right ?16:55
envygeeksFabrice: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Preseed16:55
sgo11ok. I just found I could change the default app in mimeapps.list file. any UI tool for this purpose?16:55
abstraktso does 11.04 still suck the big one, or is it safe/worth-it to upgrade?16:55
ChogyDanFabrice: I don't really know, but I thought Ubuntu uses debian tech for everything but the main graphical installer (Ubiquity?)16:56
abstrakti'm on 10.10 and i've been putting off moving to 11.04 because of all the horror stories16:56
kisukeabstrakt: its not as buggy as maverick was.16:56
edbianChogyDan: They have tons of their own stuff now16:56
Fabriceenvygeeks, that again dosent help16:56
edbianChogyDan: Like the notifications were created by them16:56
abstraktkisuke, i've heard a lot of complaints about the UI though also16:56
abstraktkisuke, GNOME3 is it? Unity? something like that16:56
ChogyDanedbian: yeah, but in terms of installation, the debian installer is used16:57
abstrakti'm a coder, i don't want a consumer UI, i want a power UI16:57
kisukeabstrakt: you only need to open it long enought to log out and log backinto classic gnome16:57
morthabstrakt: why not just use classic view?16:57
abstraktmorth, probably cuz I wasn't aware of it :P16:57
oCeanabstrakt: this channel is not for general discussion and opinions. Try #ubuntu-offtopic16:57
edbianChogyDan: The installer is completely written by Ubuntu.  Debian uses a CLI installer (it's not a live CD)16:57
ActionParsnipcould also install a different DE, like LXDE or kDE16:57
kisukeabstrakt: 11.04 comes with unnity, the only gnome 3 packages avalible have more bugs than a bait shop AFAIK16:58
morthabstrakt: hehe, that's what im using atm16:58
kisukeabstrakt: but gnoome2 or KDE work fine.16:58
NeohasreturnedCould someone tell me how to restore backup from cache using synaptic after using aptoncd?16:58
edbianabstrakt: You could install one of the other window managers.  Like fluxbox16:58
abstraktkisuke, ah ok, thanks16:58
ActionParsnipNeohasreturned: mount the ISO / CD and it will run16:58
envygeeksYeah didn't Ubuntu drop Anaconda for Ubiquity in full?16:58
abstrakti haven't really been following the UI scene16:58
bazhangenvygeeks, anacon da is for fedora16:59
* morth sings "i just had seeeeeex, and it felt so gooood."16:59
bazhangmorth, stop that17:00
maahesmorth: not the place.17:00
Poindexter_Bazhang again you missed the point. Creating an ISO has nothing to do with Windows. Most people who come are are trying to convert from Windows to Linux. People like myself come here to give free advice and free experience NO CHARGE. So decline with your comments.17:00
maahesabstrakt: try AwesomeWM :)17:00
NeohasreturnedActionParsnip, I have it saved as an iso?17:00
bazhangPoindexter_, please stick to ubuntu solutions for ubuntu issues17:00
basmancan any one tell me pls how to install audio plugins17:01
NeohasreturnedActionParsnip, I have restored it already but to cache it says I need to install them via synaptic or apt-get?17:01
morthmaahes: i'm still having issues, i tried irssi -c server -p port and it just sat there saying connecting and never connected.17:01
ubottuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline17:02
maahesmorth: are you sure 6667 is open? try a different port, freenode has some alternate ports (ask in #freenode), or...try a different client real quick.17:02
abstraktmaahes, hmmm, interesting - I will consider it17:02
abstraktthis looks like ion17:02
basmanhow to install audio plugins help17:02
abstraktlike, mouseless?17:02
ActionParsnipNeohasreturned: may help https://help.ubuntu.com/community/APTonCD17:03
gumbo72Sidewinder1: thank you, I'll try to att17:03
maahesabstrakt: mouseless by automagic window control, unlike ion.17:03
gumbo72Sidewinder1: thank you, I'll try to attempt to recover the date once I ge all the information17:03
maahesoh, and dynamic window tagging! :)17:03
n0kShello, how can I install other languages on an installed ubuntu, like italian, french, russian, etc?17:03
maahesand you can reload your rc without restarting the X server.17:03
ActionParsnipn0kS: press Super then type 'language'  and it will appear17:04
n0kSActionParsnip thanks17:05
chompirashow can I see the info of the hd and partitions installed in a box, from the command line in a human way if possible? tried  more /etc/fstab and  blkid17:06
abstraktmaahes, hmm, ok, well yeah I'll consider it17:06
n0kSuhm, how to make ubuntu to connect autmatically to a wifi network? every time I reset I have to input the password...17:06
Sidewinder1ActionParsnip, I had no idea (aptoncd), it seems I learn more here than I try to impart. A hearty thank you!17:07
ActionParsnipchompiras: sudo fdisk -l; df -h17:07
ion0kS: if you reset it then it's obviously going to forget the password17:07
ActionParsnipSidewinder1: no worries duder :)17:07
n0kSio wrong word, I wanted to say "restart the system"17:08
Anoriaanybody want to help me with what i'm sure is a dumb question about downloading pdfs? I can open ones already on my computer fine, but I can't click a browser link and download them from anywhere. instead, I get an error message about the source file being unreadable.17:09
chompirasActionParsnip legend! thanks v much17:09
rakshasa73i'm searching for a way to hide my ubuntu host from windows network resources over my lan. Can someone help me?17:11
edbianrakshasa73: Did you set Ubuntu up as a file server or web server or ssh server or something?17:11
Sidewinder1Anoria, How about, in the program that's viewing the pdf, simply "saving as"?17:12
AnoriaSidewinder1, I hadn't tried that, but now that I do, nothing at all happens. the context menu disappears when I click save as, and then... everything is exactly the same as it was before I tried to do anything17:13
Anoria(tried three times on different pdf links just to be sure)17:14
Sidewinder1Anoria, That's strange; it's always just worked for me; never needed to trouble-shoot it...:-(17:15
AnoriaSidewinder1, same here, it's not the kind of thing that you'd expect to break. I suspect restarting will fix it. at least now I know it's not a super well known issue that everyone has seen and fixed or anything.17:17
torlwhy does ubuntu.com not mention anywhere about linux?17:17
rakshasa73edbian: no i didn't anything, i had installed mint, in network shares i see my host name. So i think it 's visible to other hosts of my lan. Waht i want is  still see windows shares or host names without show my hostname,.17:17
dimas_could someone help me compile a program?17:17
stefanoshello, what do i need to install on my ubuntu in order to run a web page?17:18
Sidewinder1Anoria, A reboot never hurts; well, almost never.17:18
chaddywhich program dimas_ ?17:18
Fox__Trying to install Ubuntu 11.04 and getting Kernel errors when selecting Install. Asus P5P800-SE Motherboard with 2GB Ram 250GB HDD Intel Pentium 4 3.06GHz NVidia GeForce 620017:18
viciostefanos: to run a web page?? or to make a web server??17:18
dimas_chaddy i dont unsderstand much about GIT this is the source http://idjc.sourceforge.net/install_build.html17:19
Sidewinder1Fox__, Did you run an MD5sum on the ISO, prior to burning it to CD?17:19
stefanosvico to run a web page and after making some test upload it to a paid server17:19
viciostefanos: to run a web page you just need to instal firefox17:20
yeats!info idjc | dimas_17:20
ubottudimas_: idjc (source: idjc): graphical shoutcast/icecast client. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.8.4-4ubuntu1 (natty), package size 1176 kB, installed size 3588 kB17:20
Fox__Yes. The disk fully installs on my laptop (win 7 now dual with Natty) but i try this on the tower with the specs i gave and it crashes17:20
bazhanghttp://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu torl take a look17:21
yeatsdimas_: no need to compile since it's in the repository17:21
chaddydimas_: what's wrong with just apt-get'ing it?17:21
stefanosvico hmmm i think i answered wrong, to make a web server? I instaled apache2 do i need somthing else?17:21
dimas_yeats i am having a little problem with that version after every thing is done i get to sound from it17:21
aboradyi've problem with update manager i see updates but when i click install updates i see Applying changs but nothing happen no progress17:21
mongyHi.. Im using https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo for a guide to enable simple iptable config on my little vps, but one command aint working.  the 'iptables -A INPUT -m conntrack --ctstate ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT' gives back 'iptables: No chain/target/match by that name.'  any ideas?17:22
aboradythis is my source.list file http://pastebin.com/rnDBcNKu17:22
bazhangaborady, the full output from apt-get update in pastebin please17:23
deanActionParsnip, Hey I tried opening the iso and it brought up loads of deb files can I install them altogether or do I need to do it one at a time?17:23
yeatsdimas_: did you read this page?: http://idjc.sourceforge.net/install_first_run.html17:23
dimas_chaddy i fixed the problem with jack and the program seena to be working perfect but that is the onlly progra i dont get sound on17:23
Fox__Sidewinder1, sorry ment to put name in front of my reply to you17:23
dimas_here is my post in ubuntu http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10988788#post1098878817:23
* yeats has not used this program before so that's all the support he can give on it ;-)17:24
ActionParsnipdean: add the folder in software centre, or you can just run:  sudo dpkg -i *.deb17:24
dimas_yeats http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10988788#post1098878817:24
dimas_chaddy http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10988788#post1098878817:24
torlbazhang >> i said that ubuntu.com does not metion anything about the kernel which it is built on17:24
aborady<bazhang> its working now but i got this error Err http://ppa.launchpad.net natty/main Sources17:24
aborady  404  Not Found17:24
aboradyErr http://ppa.launchpad.net natty/main i386 Packages17:24
aborady  404  Not Found17:24
FloodBot1aborady: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:24
deanActionParsnip, How do i do that in software centre?17:24
bazhangtorl, thats hardly an ubuntu tech support issue though is it?17:24
aboradyok sorry17:25
viciostefanos: the easy way is intalling lamp17:25
ActionParsnipdean: open it up and under Edit -> repositories (I believe, I don't use it)17:25
bazhangaborady, try commenting out the ppa with #  then save and update again17:25
yeatsdimas_: so did you reinstall as suggested (might not be a necessary step, IMHO)17:25
SomelauwHi, I have a couple of files like a.zip b.zip in a dir. What would be the fastest way to put a.zip in dir a and b.zip in dir b, etc.17:25
aborady<bazhang> ok17:26
dimas_reinstall ubuntu? you crazy?..nooo...the other application are working just fine17:26
deanActionParsnip, It don't mention repositories on software centre?17:26
Sidewinder1Fox__, Yes, I saw your reply; why the install would work on one system but not the next might be just about anything... How many times have you tried?17:26
yeatsdimas_: ok ;-) - like I said, I thought that suggestion was a bit extreme17:27
dimas_yeats i just want to give it a try to the new version and see if it work17:27
viciostefanos:sudo apt-get install  mysql-server mysql-client apache2 php5 libapache2-mod-php517:27
ActionParsnipSomelauw: for z in "*.zip"; do unzip "$z"; done17:27
sgo11screenshot problem. the "Pr Scrn" button won't work if my mouse is pressing the top right menu.. not sure how to express properly.17:27
dimas_yeats i am agree with you17:27
aborady<bazhang>  oh PPA not found in source.list file17:27
viciostefanos: and reboot17:27
AnoriaSidewinder1, in case you were wondering, reboot fixed it. I am mystified but content to be grateful it works and move on with my life.17:27
aborady<bazhang>  so what ?17:27
bazhangaborady, what about in sources.list.d17:27
TraintopHi Folks! Is there an easy way to make my laptop work as a radioclock/alarm while in hotels?17:28
sgo11eg: mouse clicks shutdown icon in the top right bar (unity). then "Pr Scrn" button won't work. how to take screenshot then? thanks.17:28
SomelauwActionParsnip: Almost what I want, since unzip a.zip won't created a dir called a.17:28
deanActionParsnip, I tried that sudo -i thing it said no such file or directory?17:28
ActionParsnipTraintop: you can use the at command17:28
Fox__Sidewinder1, ive tried 4 times. Last night i was told something about nomodeset or something but i didnt know the graphics card info at the time, now i know its a NVidia card17:28
bazhangTraintop, with cron and a streaming radio app? or something like that?17:28
SomelauwActionParsnip: Since some of the zip files contain files with the same name17:29
Sidewinder1Fox__, That's certainly good news! :D17:29
TraintopActionParsnip,bazhang: to be more specific; I want to enter a time when I go to bed; turn the laptop off and it then wakes up at the specified time and starts playing a playlist/web-channel/mp3/divx/...17:30
bazhangTraintop, you mean sleep right?17:30
TraintopI'm using 11.04 and hoped such things would go via GUI17:30
ActionParsnipTraintop: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ClamAV   at the bottom has a great at example17:31
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Traintopbazhang: if I really turn it off or just go to suspend-to-ram/hd does not matter17:31
aborady<bazhang>  i found many files for PPA17:31
ActionParsnipTraintop: the laptop will need to be on, or you will need to tell your BIOS to fire up the PC 5 minutes before17:31
bazhangaborady, so comment them out?17:31
mneptokTraintop: if the laptop is fully off, how is the software that supposed to wake it up supposed to get any CPU time to do its job?17:32
aborady<bazhang>   ok17:32
Jakman85Traintop, the only thing I know of capable "timed events" is CRON... have you searched for a GUI for CRON jobs?17:32
ActionParsnipmneptok: some BIOSes can be told to boot at a set time:)17:32
TraintopI thought ACPI would be sufficient to do this17:32
mneptokActionParsnip: yes. but see if that works with the AC and battery pulled ;)17:32
Traintop-turning the machine back on17:32
ActionParsnipTraintop: there is gnome-schedule17:32
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deanActionParsnip, Can you see my messages come through?17:33
evan__Does anyone know if its normal for firefox-bin and plugin-container, in system monitor, to take up a total of 400mb of memory?17:33
mneptokActionParsnip: IOW, there has to be *some* power to the laptop from *somewhere(17:33
=== llutz- is now known as llutz
edbianevan__: firefox is famous for memory leaks17:33
VirusGermWhat could I use to edit .fla files for a game and update the loader.as part in it?17:33
Fox__Sidewinder1, i read across while learnign about the nomodeset about NVidia needing to be set before setup.. Any idea what needs to be done?17:33
evan__ebian, i see. so thats just the way it is? no fix?17:33
Jakman85evan_, do you have a lot of tabs open, or possibly using flash on any of it?17:33
bsmith093how do i remove a book makr from my places menu17:33
mneptokevan__: http://linuxatemyram.com17:34
Fonotecif you download a lot, firefox use a lot of ram17:34