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Fox__(Never used IRC before so bare with please) Is this where i can get support for Ubuntu installation? Im having some major problems05:11
Shadow__XFox__: the #ubuntu channel is a good place to start05:13
Shadow__Xwhat type of problems are you having exactly05:14
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Petskullmain.cpp:1: fatal error:  iostream : No such file or directory06:08
Petskullpetskull@Sentarum:~/Desktop/Junk/3d SDKs/Snippets/SimplePillar$ echo $PATH06:08
schauerlichPetskull: 1) build essential installed? 2) quotes or brackets? 3) include path?06:09
Petskull#include < iostream >06:10
Petskullbuild essential is good06:10
Petskullthe scary part is I've been compiling Irrlicth stuff all day06:10
schauerlichPetskull: no spaces around iostream06:11
Petskullbut now wow- never thought that's be an issue!06:11
Petskullyou can even see it on the error msg06:11
schauerlichthe C preprocessor is very primitive. Assume it's a blubbering idiot and it will only get you most of the time.06:12
gryHow do I delete one of my forum posts? I see how to edit it, but not delete.12:39
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