nessitaok, I'm back00:14
nessitaalecu: you still around?00:14
nessitaalecu: I'm following our own instructions and I got stuck :-D00:15
alecuhola nessita00:15
alecunessita, what instructions?00:16
alecunessita, win32 dev env instructions?00:16
nessitaalecu: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Contribute/WindowsTesting00:16
alecuwhere are you stuck?00:16
nessitaalecu: so, I downloaded the protobuffer win32 thingy listed in http://code.google.com/p/protobuf/downloads/list00:16
nessitaalecu: so I could do python setup.py install inside u1sp00:16
nessitabut, now, when trying to run syncdaemon, I get ImportError for protobuf00:17
nessitashall I also download one of the "full source" items?00:17
alecunessita, weird.00:17
alecunessita, I think not.00:17
nessitaso far I only downloaded the "Protocol Buffers 2.4.1 compiler -- Windows binary         Featured" item00:18
alecunessita, the only important thing there is protoc.exe00:18
alecunessita, right00:18
nessitaand moved the protoc.exe to C:\Python27\Scripts00:18
alecuand you've copied somewhere in PATH, right?00:18
alecunessita, is PATH set for that folder?00:18
nessitayes, protoc.exe executes fine in the command line00:18
nessitaI'm getting an ImportError: No module named google.protobuf00:19
nessitawhen trying to run ubuntuone-syncdaemon00:19
nessitaI guess I need to download http://protobuf.googlecode.com/files/protobuf-2.4.1.tar.gz and drop that in site-packages00:19
alecunessita, >>> google.protobuf.__file__00:20
nessitaah, you installed it via easy_install?00:20
alecunessita, it seems you need to "easy_install protobuf"00:20
nessitaright, let's try that00:20
nessitaalecu: no luck: paste.ubuntu.com/63662100:23
nessitaalecu: did you get my message before you disconnected?00:25
alecunessita, the one with the paste?00:26
alecunessita, yes. I'm trying to find out what I did.00:26
nessitaseems like I need to download a tar.gz, decompress, and use the python directory inside00:26
nessitaalecu: yeah, that worked00:30
nessitaDiegoSarmentero: so, instructions are confirmed upto ubuntuone-client included00:38
nessitaDiegoSarmentero: I'm going to quickly add instructions to what you need, the control panel, but I won't be able to test them00:38
nessitathey should work though :-D00:39
DiegoSarmenteronessita, thanks! i'm still downloading and installing :P00:39
DiegoSarmenteronessita, ok00:39
alecumy internet is very funky00:39
nessitaDiegoSarmentero: good news! I just made the control panel works on windows using the wiki instructions. So you should get no problem with that :-)00:53
nessitaDiegoSarmentero: you can create a branch of the project's trunk and start hacking in it00:53
DiegoSarmenteronessita, awesome!!00:54
nessitaso, this is it for me00:54
DiegoSarmenteroI'm almost done here with the wiki00:54
nessitaI'm tired, need some food and a hot bath00:54
DiegoSarmenteronessita, very straightforward00:54
DiegoSarmenteronessita, ok! thanks!00:54
nessitaDiegoSarmentero: were you able to run the SSO service?00:54
nessita(SSO == ubuntu single sign on)00:54
DiegoSarmenteronessita, yes, alecu explains me earlier... not yet, i'm almost there00:55
nessitaDiegoSarmentero: good luck!00:55
nessitasee ya all tomorrow00:55
DiegoSarmenteronessita, thansk00:55
nessitatomorrow? no!00:55
nessitaI don't see anyone tomorrow :-)00:56
nessitasee ya all next week!00:56
duanedesignmorning all08:15
duanedesignmorning karni13:44
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Guest4092hi, I don't understand what is happening, i have an ubuntu one account, I added (right clic) some folders to be synced14:38
Guest4092and now for an hour, no netweok traffic at all14:39
Guest4092I mean no upload14:39
Guest4092all the folders strutcture i was uploaded but since then no files, all folders are empty14:39
karnihi duanedesign14:43
karniAnybody has "Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700" or "Xperia X8" here?14:50
prometHello. are you guys addressing Ubuntu One Android Music-Client issues in this room?18:03
karnilol, that was quick18:05
karnipromet: Yes we do.18:05
jo-erlendok... Ubuntu one file sync is working really well. But I'm having some big problems with sync of desktopcouch and therefore many other features like firefox bookmarks and evo contacts, which are things I _really_ want to have working properly. Can someone provide me with a list of things to check for?20:14
jo-erlendI deleted from all my machines, the passwords for desktopcouch, ~/.local/share/desktop-couch/, ~/.config/desktop-couch/ and ~/.cache/desktop-couch/. On one of the computers, that seems to be fine. On the other, I can't connect to desktop-couch anymore. The third is this one, which I haven't tested on yet.20:44
jo-erlendany ideas?20:44
duanedesignjo-erlend: what version of Ubuntu are you running?21:24
jo-erlendduanedesign, 11.04.21:24
jo-erlendbut I don't think this has changed much in the last versions.21:26
duanedesignjo-erlend: looking at my ~/.cache/desktop-couch/log/desktop-couch-replication.log looks like I am getting some errors as well21:26
jo-erlendduanedesign, oh, sorry. I thought I was in a different channel :)21:26
jo-erlendduanedesign, well. What I did, was that I deleted ~./cache/desktop-couch/, ~/.local/share/desktop-couch/ and ~/.config/desktop-couch/. Now I can't get it back. How do I do that?21:27
jo-erlendI'm not usually that stupid. I don't know what came over me, but I need to fix it. And I've been at it for quite a while now. I don't understand how Ubuntu prepares new homes. I thought those things just came from /etc/skel, but they obviously don't.21:29
duanedesignjo-erlend: can you open a terminal and try launching desktopcouch from the commandline with: /usr/lib/desktopcouch/desktopcouch-service21:31
jo-erlendit's ok to do that over ssh?21:32
jo-erlendthat fixed it. Thanks :)21:33
jo-erlendnow, let's see if sync will suddenly begin to work :)21:34
jo-erlendno... Now nothing seems to work. Neither Firefox nor Evolution creates their databases.21:39
duanedesignjo-erlend: can you look at your ~/.cache/desktop-couch/log/desktop-couch-replication.log for any errors?21:40
jo-erlendand the desktop-couch service no longer starts at login.21:40
jo-erlendat least, I cannot connect to it using the static html file.21:41
duanedesignjo-erlend: can you try the steps here under 'Killing and Restarting Desktopcouch' http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Specifications/desktopcouch/Documentation/Troubleshooting21:42
duanedesignthat will recreate that file21:42
jo-erlendthe html file is there. It refuses to connect until I manually run desktopcouch-service after login.21:43
jo-erlendduanedesign, the replication log seems fine, except I get an exception about a server error 503.21:47
jo-erlendduanedesign, http://paste.ubuntu.com/637089/21:49
duanedesignjo-erlend: ok. I am getting the same. Their appears to be a problem server side. I will ping the appropriate people to make sure they are aware  of this.21:49
jo-erlendbut Firefox and Evolution should still create their databases?21:49
jo-erlendI only have management and _users21:50
duanedesignahh, yes locally21:50
jo-erlendthey don't.21:50
jo-erlendand desktopcouch-service no longer starts. I need to manually start it after logging in.21:52
jo-erlendI think I'll start completely from scratch.21:56
jo-erlendbig job, but then... It's nice to have a thorough spring cleaning sometimes. :)21:59
duanedesignjo-erlend: you can try these 4 commands. http://pastebin.com/fuEMeESL22:00
jo-erlendno, I've decided to delete everything in my home and start from scratch.22:02
jo-erlendI've had so many strange problems with other things in Ubuntu lately. I suspect there might be some issues with inherited configs from older releases. At least, this way I'll know for sure.22:03
jo-erlendhmm. That's weird. I just renamed my home directory, created a new one and logged in. As expected, everything was like a new install. However, Firefox still doesn't recreate its Bookmarks database.22:18
jo-erlendit's a little surprising that I have to look at the launcher icon to see a sync progress bar, btw...22:19
jo-erlendduanedesign, they should do that without regard to Ubuntu one?22:25
duanedesignjo-erlend: check the 'Services' tab on the Ubuntu One Control Panel and make sure 'Enable Bookmark Sync' is checked.22:41
jo-erlendduanedesign, it is.22:42
duanedesignok. i figured you probably checked that but you never know :)22:42
jo-erlendduanedesign, however, when I checked that the first time, something was installed.... Since then, I've installed Ubuntu from scratch, but kept my home. Is it possible that Ubuntu One remembers that I've checked them, but hasn't actually installed those packages?22:48
jo-erlenddo you know what packages those require?22:48
karniWe broke 5k downloads of U1F for Android.22:50
karniI didn't expect that pace. I'm humbled.22:50
jo-erlendI think it's way too early to actively promote Ubuntu One.22:50
jo-erlendbut can someone tell me which packages are required for sync of Evolution contacts and Firefox bookmarks?22:52
karnijo-erlend: I'll definitely have more luck asking questions between Monday and Friday.22:53
karnijo-erlend: I don't know, never used bookmark sync.22:53
jo-erlendI have desktopcouch-ubuntuone and evolution-couchdb. I suppose those are the ones. I must have installed them and forgotten about it.22:54
karnijo-erlend: I think there's one more for firefox bookmark sync.22:54
karnijo-erlend: bindwood?22:54
jo-erlendthat's true.22:55
jo-erlendbindwood actually wasn't installed.22:55
jo-erlendhaha, this is weird. After installing bindwood, evolution suddenly created its contact database... That's probably a coincidence though :)22:56
jo-erlendhmm. But should it be enough to have bindwood installed, or is there something I need to do as a user?22:57
jo-erlendah... That explains it... Bindwood is incompatible with Firefox 5.0.22:58
jo-erlendthink it's somewhat strange that Ubuntu would push a new Firefox before Ubuntu stuff works with it though.23:00
deegee_u1 currently reporting errors?23:09
deegee_"Our Notes, Contacts and Bookmarks database is not responding at the moment."23:09
deegee_plus notes and contacts pages on u1 site come up with errors "Something has gone wrong"23:10
karnijo-erlend: I'm sorry, like I said - no idea. rye would help you, but it's Saturdays night in the middle of the weekend.23:14
jo-erlenddeegee_, yes, the couchdb sync service seems to be down.23:14
jo-erlendI get an error 503 from it.23:15
deegee_jo-erlend: losa alerted?23:15
jo-erlenddeegee_, I don't know what that means.23:15
deegee_jo-erlend: ok, no worries23:15
jo-erlenddeegee_, what is a losa alert?23:16
karnijo-erlend: using that word alerts our sysadmins23:17
jo-erlendkarni, seriously?23:18
deegee_jo-erlend: yup23:18
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karnijo-erlend: though, let canonical employees use that word. there are rules when it can be used.23:19
losa :>23:19
* karni facepalms23:19
karnilos'a: don't do this..23:19
deegee_an interesting approach for sure...23:19
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karnijo-erlend: thank you23:20
jo-erlendheh, it was just a joke, of course. :)23:20
deegee_ah well, will check back later, thx23:21
* karni leaves for supper23:21
* deegee_ waves to karni23:21
jo-erlendis there any reason why I shouldn't sync my ~/devel directory that's versioned by bzr between my machines?23:27
jo-erlendholy crap... I moved some files from my home directory on my laptop onto an external disk. That deleted those files from Ubuntu one and from my desktop and other laptop.23:32
jo-erlendI think that should be ... fixed.23:37
jo-erlendthat resync is going to take many, many hours.23:37
karnijo-erlend: If you move 'some files' outside folders watched by Ubuntu One, you essentially tell it "delete this files, since they're no longer here". This won't be fixed, as this is expected behaviour.23:38
karnijo-erlend: If you move something out from ~/Ubuntu One, you can also expect it to disappear on other machines.23:38
karnijo-erlend: Same goes for cloud folders (user defined folders)23:38
karnijo-erlend: Although there's no solid grounds to tell you "no" to syncing bzr branches, I'd say using bzr itself (so, branching, pulling, etc) should be safer. You can accidentally interrupt sync by system restart, etc. I think bzr would take care of that. And even if it didn't, at least it wouldn't sync back some broken files.23:40
karnijo-erlend: So, I don't really know. Maybe there are people using U1 to sync bzr branches as well.23:41
jo-erlendok, so what I just did, was to rename my home directory and create a new one. This was in order to make a clean system. I have 5-600MB in my cloud, which I just added to day and I'm only syncing 3 of my computers now. I'll be adding the other ones later, making it 6-7 devices. And I'll probably use a lot more space on it. This might mean I'll make a little mistake that means I'll have to download a terabyte from Ubuntu One. I think m23:42
jo-erlendaybe a warning would be in order.23:42
karnijo-erlend: I once renamed my home directory as well. This, however, is not expected behaviour. U1 developers are aware of such use case, though. (I reported it)23:43
karnijo-erlend: what kind of mistake?23:44
karnijo-erlend: Moving files out of your home folder is not a mistake. It's a regular user action.23:44
jo-erlendlike renaming my home directory without making sure Ubuntu one is disconnected first.23:44
karnijo-erlend: Would you expect us to alert the user every time he/she moves files out of U1 watched directories?23:44
facundobatistajo-erlend, you renamed your home directory being logged in in your computer with that account???23:45
karnijo-erlend: Where should that warning be presented to the user?23:45
jo-erlendif that action would require me to download hundreds of gigabytes if it's wrong, yes, then I think a small "Are you sure"-box is in order.23:45
karnijo-erlend: "Are you sure"-box after mv /home/foo /home/bar command in terminal?23:45
karniSorry, I sound offensive :)23:46
karniI didn't mean to.23:46
karnifacundobatista: I once logged out, and then renamed my folder as root (or other user), remember?23:46
jo-erlendkarni, before deleting all that data from all other computers and the cloud.23:46
karnifacundobatista: The solution then was to disconnect U1 (which I did *before* renaming), and then wipe meta data.23:46
karnijo-erlend: Like, the next time you log-in show a dialog "You did something that may remove all your data. Are you sure?" thing?23:47
karnijo-erlend: So, there's a hint for you.23:47
jo-erlendkarni, something like "About to delete 17895 files from all your six computers. Please confirm that this is what you want."23:48
karnijo-erlend: If you disconnect U1 first, rename the folders *and* wipe meta data (about that you'd have to ask facundobatista or other great dev), then if you connect again, U1 will notice "aha, these files are already here, so I won't be redownloading them again".23:48
karnijo-erlend: Question is, were/when should we show that. Especially if you're not logged in as the user in question. Terminal? After you login? Website?23:49
karnijo-erlend: You know what I mean.23:49
jo-erlendyes. It's a little annoying that I now have to wait ten hours before I can resume what I was doing, but I do understand what you're saying.23:50
karnijo-erlend: Renaming home directory can't be done while being logged in as that user (at least that's not a normal thing to do). If you rename your home, change it's UID and GUID to some new IDs, it's like you just removed the previous user. Thus, data is purged. But I also get what you have in mind.23:50
karnijo-erlend: Facundo or Lucio will be better at talking about this use case :)23:51
jo-erlendI suppose it might have been when I logged back in that the problems started.23:51
karnijo-erlend: facundobatist'a or __lucio_'_23:51
karnijo-erlend: I would believe so, yes. Because then U1 started working for that user, once you logged in.23:51
karniOk, gotta go. Take care jo-erlend , I hope you'll find answers to your questions/suggestions soon.23:52
jo-erlendI no longer have any.23:52

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