GridCubei still have this constant delay on vlc00:48
Sysiwhat kind on delay?00:48
GridCubea 0.4 seconds delay on the audio00:50
GridCubei have to manually set -0.4 to the audio sinc00:50
GridCubeevery single time00:50
Sysiahem.. could be pulseaudio (or just alsa)00:51
orngjce223Yeah, pulseaudio causes such delays often00:51
GridCubewhy do i even have it?00:52
Sysiit's there by default for being needed for some stuff00:53
GridCubetried alsa, still has it00:53
Sysiyou should try removing pulseaudio completely and possibly reboot00:54
orngjce223Wait no00:54
orngjce223You just need to logout/login00:54
orngjce223pulseaudio is userspace00:54
Sysithough I'm not sure how vlc/linux sounsystem actually works00:54
GridCubemmm let me try another player00:54
orngjce223aplay perhaps?00:54
orngjce223Or if you're talking video00:55
orngjce223I think mplayer offers a choice of which sound server it sends to (pulse or alsa or whatever)00:55
GridCubetotem, works, sadly if i watch for over 10 minutes it thinks im doing nothing and shuts down my monitor, even if i have already dislabled that a gazillion times00:56
orngjce223That's probably in your power settings though, not your screensaver settings00:58
GridCubeyou... where right00:58
GridCubefixed that00:59
GridCubebut still vlc has a superior sound configurartion, there is no way to boost sound over 399% in totem01:00
ballhello preecher02:32
preecherball hello02:32
GridCubehello preecher and ball02:47
ballhello GridCube02:47
preecherlate reply but hello GridCube05:42
preecheri fell asleep05:42
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wizpig64installing xubuntu as i chat, neato.10:18
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beanlucWhere is the channel log? I just saw the welcome message20:09
beanlucsays there'20:10
beanlucthere's a log20:10
beanlucids it on the web somewhere?20:10
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too; for older LoCo channel logs, see http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/20:10
beanlucRegarding installation: Is there ANYTHING different about xubuntu vs. vanilla ubuntu? ubuntu documentation doesn't have anything to help with a problem i'm having with xubuntu20:17
beanlucSo is this  a good place for me or should i go to #ubuntu?20:17
Sysixubuntu has different GUI and some apps20:23
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels20:23
beanlucthanks Sysi but that's true only after installation is complete, eh? heh, just kiddin20:23
beanlucin short, i used the 10.04 CD to install, but first boot yields only a grub prompt20:23
beanlucno xubuntu20:24
beanlucIDK what to do20:24
beanlucsingle boot system20:24
beanlucnothing fancy20:24
Sysifailed burn maybe20:24
beanlucthe whole installer ran fine... wasnt until re-boot that any prob showed up20:25
beanlucbad burn would have had failed installer, right/20:25
beanlucOK well I'm looking for 2 bits of help: How to boot from grub prompt, and, how to fix grub20:26
beanlucthanks for any help20:26
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)20:26
richezvery quiet20:41
beanlucIt was bad HDD sectors... nothing wrong with installation21:02
beanlucall better now21:02
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beanlucHello, vanilla ubuntu has a menu, System -> Administration -> Services... I can't find this on my brand new xubuntu desktop22:31
beanlucAny help? Thanks22:31
Sysifind out what app it is and install it22:33
beanluc"find out what app it is"... ok shall i ask that over in #ubuntu22:35
charlie-tcabeanluc: usually that' s either menu -> System or menu -> Settings Manager.22:42
beanluccharlie-tca I have an Applications menu, it does have Settings (this only contains xfce settings) it also contains System22:44
beanluccharlie-tca my Applications -> System menu has lots of useful things but not Services22:44
beanlucdo you know what the application is, á la Sysi's advice?22:44
beanluccharlie-tca my Applications -> System menu has lots of useful things but not Services - not Administration sub-menu  or app either22:45
charlie-tcabecause Services is part of Gnome instead of Xfce. Even after you install that, it won't be the same as gnome, because this is not gnome22:45
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beanluccharlie-tca "won't be the same as Gnome" well will it be useful at all under xfce?22:48
beanlucDoes anyone know of a *similar* app for xfce?22:48
charlie-tcaServices is a gnome menu for gnome items, I don't think much of xfce settings will be there.22:49
Sysiapps work but desktop itself stays different22:49
SysiI guess "services" to be some upstart config gui22:49
charlie-tcano, sysi22:50
beanluc"Services is a gnome menu for gnome items" well it appears to be used for httpd, mysqld, ftpd, and services like that... those sure don't have to do with Gnome22:50
charlie-tcait is a system menu in gnome,22:50
beanlucI'm taking this from the LAMP Howto on ubuntu.org22:50
charlie-tcaokay, which tells you to install lamp in Ubuntu?22:51
Sysiugh, really hard to say about gnome stuff when you've never used it22:51
charlie-tcaIf you are using Xubuntu, you can look in the menus there are to find those same entries, but they will not be in the same place because this is not gnome22:52
beanlucDoes anyone know of a *similar* app for xfce? I really don't appear to have a GUI services manager at all.22:52
charlie-tcaUbuntu has always made things much easier/simpler for the user.22:52
charlie-tcamy gftp shows up in Internet in the menu22:54
well_laid_lawnbeanluc: is it a daemon controller that's needed?22:55
beanlucLawn, could be22:55
beanlucJust a lil controlpanel showing services with start/stop/pause22:55
beanlucnaturally i can just do it from CLI but I'm running xubuntu vs. totally headless for a reason22:56
charlie-tcasessions and startup?22:56
beanlucbe nice to take advantage, en?22:56
charlie-tcaI use task manager to stop/kill apps, session and startup in settings manager has some of that, too.22:57
beanlucvery interesting... I don't have "startup" either22:57
charlie-tcaYou have a menu -> Settings -> Session and Startup?22:58
charlie-tcanot session22:58
charlie-tcanot startup22:58
charlie-tcaSessions and Startup22:58
beanlucI sure don't22:58
beanlucThe only menus I have are Applications and Places22:58
charlie-tcaClick on Applications22:59
charlie-tcaclick on settings22:59
beanlucUnder Applications, there is Settings (for xfce settings)22:59
beanlucand there is System22:59
charlie-tcado you have a settings manager?22:59
beanlucwith none of the useful things we're talking about22:59
charlie-tcaclick on Settings22:59
beanlucXFCE 4 Settings Manager23:00
charlie-tcaclick that23:00
charlie-tcanow go to Sessions and Startup23:00
beanlucit's totally desktop oriented23:00
beanlucI don't see how to use it for daemons23:01
charlie-tcayes, it is23:01
beanlucI don't want httpd to stop when I log out of desktop so... this doesn't look like the thing to sue23:01
well_laid_lawnit just looks different23:02
beanlucIt sure does: here's what we've got23:03
beanluc"Below is the applications that will be started when you *log into Xfce Desktop*, in addition to apps that were saved when you logged out last time23:04
beanlucthats under application autostart23:04
beanlucThen under the Sessions tab we've got23:04
beanluc"These apps are part of the currently running session"23:04
beanlucas in" DESKTOP saession23:04
beanlucand no9ne of these things have like start/pause/stop/restart buttons23:05
beanlucwhich you'd want for daemons, amirite23:05
well_laid_lawnis httpd listed?23:05
beanlucheh, well */I/* do anyway23:05
beanlucNo, httpd isn't there but it is there under ps23:06
beanlucsee what i mean? it's completely irrelevant to the desktop, and this Sessions and Startup thingy knows it23:06
JeZ-l-Leedoes anyone know how to change the space between icons on the desktop on Xubuntu 11.04 ?23:21
charlie-tcaJeZ-l-Lee: menu -> Settings -> Desktop, icons tab, the size of the icon is preset to 3623:23
charlie-tcachanging that changes the length of the name and positions23:23
JeZ-l-Leecharlie-tca - is it possible to modify the space between desktop icons?23:25
JeZ-l-Leenew to Xubuntu - just installed it today23:25
charlie-tcaNOt without a lot of extra editing of files23:25
charlie-tcaspace is preset by the developers, and not easy at all to modify23:26
JeZ-l-LeeWas using regular Ubuntu for few years, but Unity made me switch to Xubuntu and XFCE23:27
JeZ-l-LeeGnome 3 and/or Unity is just awful23:28
charlie-tcaXubuntu/Xfce welcomes all new users. However, it will not be the same as gnome was.23:28
charlie-tcaXfce does allow more configuration, but also requires the user work a bit more at doing that23:29
beanluc"Xfce does allow more configuration" hehe, not desktop icon spacing tho eh?23:29
beanlucActually charlie-tca and Sysi, I'm gonna go with webmin23:30
beanlucfor my services thingy23:31
beanlucthat will work23:31
charlie-tcaIt can be done, you just have to dig into the code to do it. Have fun while digging23:32
JeZ-l-Leegot my XFCE desktop set my way - have a look: http://16bitsoft.com/images/Desktop_07-2-2011a.png23:32
JeZ-l-LeeI was a fan of Gnome 2.x - but that is gone now23:34
well_laid_lawnthere's a port of it a bloke is maintaining in archlinux23:34
charlie-tcaHas he ported it to gtk3 yet?23:35
charlie-tcaThat seems to be the biggest issue with maintaining it. GTK2 is on the way out23:35
orngjce223Sorry, hit the wrong button23:37
orngjce223But we've gotten two complaints about desktop icon snap in three days, :v23:37

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