BlindWolf8Anyone up?08:39
cheater__i have a problem, i was commiting a (new) file to my repository and lost the internet connection. now this happens:         bzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(sftp://bzr@aaa.dyndns.org/srv/bzr/aaa/.bzr/branch/lock): File exists: '/srv/bzr/aaa/.bzr/branch/lock': Failure: unable to mkdir11:02
cheater__(when i try to commit)11:02
cheater__what can i do now?11:02
cheater__i've tried doing bzr break-lock to no avail11:05
LarstiQcheater__: hmm13:23
LarstiQcheater__: what url do you give to break-lock, and what does it say?13:23
cheater__LarstiQ, that's all it says!14:53
LarstiQcheater__: this is what break-lock says?14:54
cheater__break-lock says nothing14:59
LarstiQcheater__: what argument do you give to break-lock?15:01
cheater__what should i be giving it?15:03
cheater__oh btw, the lock file that commit mentions changes every time15:03
LarstiQcheater__: (it helps if you address me so I get a highlight and check this channel)15:43
LarstiQcheater__: try `bzr break-lock sftp://bzr@aaa.dyndns.org/srv/bzr/aaa/`, possibly with 'aaa' replaced by the relevant information15:44
cheater__ok let me try15:48
cheater__LarstiQ, no improvement15:54
LarstiQcheater__: same error?15:55
LarstiQor, same nothing?15:55
cheater__same error15:55
cheater__cannot LockDir15:55
cheater__bzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(sftp://bzr@aaa.dyndns.org/srv/bzr/aaa/.bzr/branch/lock): File exists: '/srv/bzr/aaa/.bzr/branch/lock': Failure: unable to mkdir15:56
LarstiQcheater__: is /srv/bzr/aaa/.bzr/branch/lock a directory or a file?15:56
cheater__just a sec15:57
cheater__it's nothing.15:58
* LarstiQ blinks15:58
cheater__it used to be a dir, but i was getting that error, so i moved it to lock-old15:58
cheater__and the error persists15:58
LarstiQthat is at least somewhat weird15:59
LarstiQcheater__: does ~/.bzr.log have more info?15:59
cheater__on the account i'm trying to commit from?15:59
LarstiQcheater__: yeah15:59
cheater__just a sec16:00
cheater__in fact i think it's a lock that's on client side16:02
cheater__how does bzr do locking on the client side?16:02
* LarstiQ would need to read code for that16:04
LarstiQamong things :)16:04
cheater__that's where the exception happens16:04
LarstiQcheater__: I believe there are some traces of os locking left16:04
LarstiQcheater__: do you have a full traceback?16:04
cheater__LarstiQ, ^16:11
LarstiQah hm16:11
* LarstiQ looks at the code16:12
LarstiQcheater__: the code notices .bzr/branch/lock doesn't exist and tries to make it, and that then fails16:15
LarstiQnot sure why16:15
LarstiQcheater__: if you are in a position to make a backup of /srv/bzr/aaa that might aid future debugging as to what is going on here16:16
cheater__yeah i'm root on that server16:16
LarstiQcheater__: as to a workaround now, what happens if you create .bzr/branch/lock/ yourself?16:16
LarstiQcheater__: another idea is to use bzr+ssh:// instead of sftp://16:17
LarstiQcheater__: you said earlier you had a problem so you moved it out of the way16:17
LarstiQcheater__: hm16:17
cheater__yeah i moved it on the server16:17
cheater__but this error seems to be happening on the client16:17
* LarstiQ wonders if something funky is going on with the filesystem16:17
LarstiQcheater__: the client is reporting the error it gets from the transport16:18
LarstiQcheater__: but you could check if there is a /srv/bzr/aaa/.bzr/branch/lock on the client16:18
cheater__no, /srv is empty.16:20
LarstiQright, so I remain convinced then that it is reporting about the serverside situation16:21
* LarstiQ goes through the release-notes in the meantime16:21
LarstiQcheater__: not the same bug, but https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/733350 got fixed in 2.3.216:21
ubot5Ubuntu bug 733350 in bzr (Ubuntu Natty) "LockContention error when pushing (with new tag) to a bound branch" [High,Fix committed]16:21
LarstiQcheater__: I need to run to the store before it closes16:22
cheater__let me have a look16:24
cheater__LarstiQ, thanks for your help. if you have time afterwards please give me a shout.16:24
LarstiQcheater__: yeah, I'll be back in 45 minutes or so16:25
cheater__LarstiQ, cool!16:28
LarstiQcheater__: messed up timing with dinner a bit, before I go back, did you try making the lock directory and seeing how that changed things?17:52
cheater__LarstiQ, actually no, let me try18:05
cheater__actually the lock dir has been created automatically.18:07
cheater__i tried committing again, and now it argued that a subdir of lock exists18:07
cheater__bzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(sftp://bzr@aaa.dyndns.org/srv/bzr/aaa/.bzr/branch/lock): File exists: '/srv/bzr/aaa/.bzr/branch/lock/gacus7hzmf.tmp': Failure: unable to mkdir18:07
LarstiQcheater__: it sounds like something weird with either the filesystem or ssh is going on18:22
cheater__i restarted ssh and it didn't help18:25
cheater__oh wait!18:26
cheater__it did!18:26
cheater__but not really.18:26
cheater__now, bzr forgot my name ??18:26
cheater__i need to do whoami again on the client. wtf?18:26
cheater__hah it's uploading18:28
cheater__yay, restarting ssh did it18:29
cheater__but why did bzr forget who i am?18:29
cheater__that's just bizarre.18:29
LarstiQcheater__: *blink*18:32
LarstiQcheater__: did something happen to your bazaar config files?18:33
LarstiQstrange indeed18:33
cheater__the thing is i'm on a very faulty internet connection18:33
cheater__like 30% packet loss18:34
cheater__i've had to kill bzr a few times when trying to commit18:34
cheater__maybe it was in a half-open state or something18:34
LarstiQah hmm18:37
LarstiQcheater__: amything weird in ~/.bazaar ?18:38
LarstiQleftover locks maybe18:38
cheater__let's see18:55
cheater__nope ~/.bazaar/lock is empty18:56
cheater__but of course it could have been non-empty before18:56
cheater__in FACT18:56
cheater__what i think might have happened is that i killed bzr by ctrl-c but somehow an ssh connection kept lingering18:56
cheater__i've noticed runaway processes when i do ctrl-c on bzr: i'll do ctrl-c while it's logging in, and it will later keep spamming my tty with ssh authentication challenge dialogs18:57
cheater__so i'm thinking maybe restarting openssh on the SERVER has taken that out18:57
cheater__i think that's fairly clunky. i was actually fairly disappointed.18:59
LarstiQcheater__: that ssh repeating is an openssh thing20:08
LarstiQdon't know about serverside lingering processes20:09
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cheater_LarstiQ, i think the process was lingering CLIENT-side23:52
cheater_except when the server quit, so has the client process23:52

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