shadeslayerrbelem: pong08:08
bambeethe subdirectory "IconThemes" (which contains  a monochromatic icon theme) has been split off from kdeaccessibility?09:37
yofelshould be in kdeartwork AFAIK09:46
bambeewhat about packages with wrong runtime dependencies like: polkit-kde-1, firefox-kde-support, kubuntu-firefox-installer? Should we rebuild them ? (these packages depend on kdebase-runtime)11:19
shadeslayerbambee: seeing how we have so many changes it would be a good idea13:03
shadeslayerbut then again, lets finish packaging 4.7.0 first :)13:03
shadeslayermaco: i'm completely lost with Ubiquity @_@13:03
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kamera] Rohan Garg * 3 * debian/copyright Fix dep5 Format: url13:24
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kbruch] Rohan Garg * 3 * debian/copyright Fix dep5 Format: url13:24
bambeeshadeslayer: we've to finish packaging 4.7 first, I know. I was just asking :)13:34
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rbelemshadeslayer, is there other --source-property than evolution?14:58
shadeslayerrbelem: no, but if you just pass the akonadi backend string, it'll take the akonadi databse14:59
shadeslayerrbelem: as such there are many source-properties like password/username etc14:59
rbelemshadeslayer, which one should i use?15:02
rbelemshadeslayer, --source-property akonadi=15:02
shadeslayerrbelem: didn't i give you the command?15:02
shadeslayerrbelem: just run : syncevolution15:03
shadeslayerit will print out a list of databases that you can use15:03
rbelemshadeslayer, KDE Address Book = KDE Contacts = kde-contacts: ?15:04
shadeslayerno, after that15:04
shadeslayersomething like : akonadi:?collection=4015:04
shadeslayerthe number at the end will differ15:04
shadeslayerafiestas: are you around?16:25
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rbelemshadeslayer, please gimme a --source-property akonadi that works17:10
shadeslayerrbelem: pastebin output of the command : syncevolution17:11
shadeslayerand if you don't have a addressbook in akonadi, make one first :P17:11
* shadeslayer still can't figure out KConfig17:12
rbelemshadeslayer, akonadiserver is not working17:14
shadeslayerrbelem: is this from git?17:15
shadeslayeror stable17:15
rbelemshadeslayer, neon17:15
shadeslayeruh ... does the output show any apparmor issues?17:15
rbelemshadeslayer, nope17:16
rbelemshadeslayer, just a segfault17:16
shadeslayerrbelem: this happens everytime?17:17
rbelemshadeslayer, are you running oneiric?17:17
shadeslayerno, i'm on natty17:17
shadeslayeri don't think i have enough disk space to upgrade :P17:18
rbelemi think i will dist-upgrade today17:18
rbelemshadeslayer, just rm -rf some old pr0n17:19
shadeslayerheh ...17:19
bambeeIf someone want an ubuntu-like theme for his wordpress blog, try https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-website/light-wordpress-theme 18:15
bambeethe result is nice : http://romain.perier.free.fr/wordpress/18:15
bambee(we've just to change the banner )18:15
bambee(and also some colors :P)18:16
shadeslayerbambee: ever dealt with KConfig?18:27
bambeeshadeslayer: no18:28
shadeslayerrbelem: ^^ ?18:28
* shadeslayer is having a hard time trying to grasp the concept18:28
bambeeshadeslayer: if possible you can also use kcfg18:31
bambeeand not kconfig directly18:31
* shadeslayer looks18:32
shadeslayerbambee: is there a techbase tutorial for that?18:32
bambeeI remember back that there is a good example into kcm-grub218:32
shadeslayeroh and i'm using a KSharedConfigPtr18:32
bambeeand there is probably a tutorial on techbase... let me check18:32
shadeslayeroh, will look18:32
bambeeshadeslayer: http://techbase.kde.org/Development/Tutorials/Using_KConfig_XT18:35
shadeslayeri thought that was for designing UI's18:36
yofelmah, kalzium has multiarch issues with avogadro :S 19:23
yofelmake[2]: *** No rule to make target `/usr/lib/libGLU.so', needed by `lib/libcompoundviewer.so.4.7.0'.  Stop.19:23
yofeland I can't find where it gets that path from o.O19:24
yofelwth... from /usr/lib/avogadro/1_0/AvogadroLibraryDeps.cmake:19:27
yofelSET("avogadro_LIB_DEPENDS" "general;openbabel;general;/usr/lib/libQtOpenGL.so;general;/usr/lib/libQtGui.so;general;/usr/lib/libQtNetwork.so;general;/usr/lib/libQtCore.so;general;/usr/lib/lib    GLU.so;general;/usr/lib/libGL.so;general;/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libX11.so;general;/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libXext.so;general;/usr/lib/libGLEW.so;general;/usr/lib/libpython2.7.so;optimized    ;/usr/lib/libboost_python.so;debug;/usr/lib/libboost_python.19:28
yofelhm, avogadro needs a rebuild...19:41
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yofelkalzium installs headers in usr/include/libkdeedu/21:44
rbelemshadeslayer, i just fixed akonadi22:06
rbelemshadeslayer, i'm getting this error now ERROR: '--source-property akonadi=akonadi:?collection=4': no such property22:06
shadeslayerwhat was wrong?22:06
shadeslayerrbelem: pastebin output of syncevolution22:06
rbelemshadeslayer, i just removed the akonadi dot file22:06
rbelemshadeslayer, ther error is just that22:07
shadeslayerrbelem: no no, run it without any args22:07
rbelemah! ok22:07
rbelemshadeslayer, http://paste.kde.org/91015/22:08
shadeslayerrbelem: run this : syncevolution --configure --source-property sync=two-way --source-property evolutionsource=akonadi:?collection=4  --template "google" --sync-property "username=you" --sync-property "password=blahblah" google addressbook22:10
shadeslayerreplace username and pass tho22:10
shadeslayerrbelem: now you need : syncevolution --sync slow google addressbook22:15
shadeslayerand it should sync your gmail contacts :)22:15
rbelemshadeslayer, ERROR: no configuration template for 'google' available.22:15
rbelemshadeslayer, any ideas?22:16
shadeslayerrbelem: one sec22:17
shadeslayerrbelem: what does syncevolution --template ? return?22:19
rbelemshadeslayer, missing parameter for '--template'22:19
shadeslayerrbelem: what shell are you using? :P22:20
rbelemshadeslayer, is the cmd `syncevolution --template ?`22:21
rbelemshadeslayer, it returns none22:21
shadeslayerthat is most weird22:21
shadeslayerrbelem: i have no idea, sorry22:22
rbelemshadeslayer, i just followed that blog22:22
shadeslayeryeah, i have the same setup myself22:22
rbelemshadeslayer, which dir do you run the syncevolution?22:23
shadeslayeri exported the install dir in my zsh setup22:24
shadeslayerah maybe22:24
shadeslayerrbelem: export these vars : http://paste.kde.org/9102122:24
shadeslayerjust fix syncevopath22:25
rbelemshadeslayer, which path should be for syncevopath?22:27
rbelemthe src dir?22:27
shadeslayerthe intall dir22:27
rbeleminstall dir?22:27
shadeslayeryes, it should be in the same folder as the src dir, named dist22:28
shadeslayerif you followed the blog instructions22:28
rbelemshadeslayer, it worked22:30
shadeslayerrbelem: it should sync with the N900 too :>22:31
shadeslayeryou just need to find the proper settings ... and start the http dbus server22:31
shadeslayerrbelem: ok now a bit of KCM testing, are your addressbooks listed in my KCM?22:33
shadeslayer( please pull  and compile first, i pushed alot of changes last night)22:33
rbelemshadeslayer, nope22:33
rbelemshadeslayer, oki22:33
rbelemi will update22:33
shadeslayerfor some reason, it doesn't work anymore22:33
shadeslayerhave to debug it22:34
rbelemshadeslayer, which branch? master or experimental?22:35
shadeslayerwill merge into master before mid term eval ^_^22:35
rbelemshadeslayer, now it is working22:39
shadeslayerit shows the addressbooks?22:39
rbelemshadeslayer, yup22:39
shadeslayerit doesn't work here :P22:40
rbelemshadeslayer, it is showing the account the we configured22:40
rbelemshadeslayer, should i try to remove?22:41
yofellibscience has missing symbols :'(22:42
yofelkalzium is starting to get on my nerves...22:43
rbelemshadeslayer, i manage to remove without throuble22:44
shadeslayerrbelem: yeah, removing works :P22:46
* rbelem brings a cup of water to yofel 22:46
yofelthanks :)22:46
rbelemshadeslayer, what was not working?22:46
yofelhm, then again, libscience has no other rdepends than kalzium22:47
shadeslayerrbelem: basically, when trying to read syncevolution configs i was starting a session, and every session is queued one after the other, and at a time only one session can be active, so my UI went into a deadlock while waiting for my session to become active22:49
shadeslayerto solve it, i just used the server interface instead of the session interface22:50
* yofel is seeing copyrights circling around his head23:20
shadeslayerhahah :D23:35
shadeslayeryofel: what package?23:35
CIA-52[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kalzium] Philip Muškovac * 1 * (20 files in 4 dirs) Add split packaging23:36
_StefanS_this has probably been asked a million times, but is the 4.6.90 close to being packaged for kubunt 11.04 ?23:46
shadeslayer_StefanS_: please look at the topic :)23:56
_StefanS_I did, but I didn't see anything related to the progress as a whole23:58
_StefanS_thats why I asked :)23:58
shadeslayerwell, if you look at the table, alot of the packages are still left :)23:59
shadeslayerso we are closer, but not there yet 23:59
_StefanS_uhm yea the yellow ones23:59
shadeslayer_StefanS_: not just the yellow ones23:59
_StefanS_alright, I'm curious about the improvements to kwin23:59

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