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erikahi guys01:06
SIR_Tacohi erika01:06
lcbhi SIR_Taco, erika and everyone without any way of typing.01:11
SIR_Tacohi lcb01:12
lcbSIR_Taco: do you use xsane by any chance?01:12
lcbtrying to discover how to change scansource on the latest version01:13
* Linkmaster pays close attention to this01:13
lcbLinkmaster: i don't know, sorry.01:13
SIR_Tacolcb: nope, I don't have a scanner01:13
lcbSIR_Taco: it's ok.01:13
SIR_Tacodoesn't mean I can't help... just means maybe not lol01:14
LinkmasterI was hoping someone would know, that printer I worked on earlier, it has a scanner, and it'd be nice to know how to do the scanning stuff *before* my mom gets linux installed01:14
lcbif you see the official page there is a scan source option. however on my installation there is none01:14
lcbSIR_Taco: it's ok, still :p01:15
lcbLinkmaster: if the driver installs properly i believe the scanner will work too01:15
SIR_Tacolcb: isn't there a sane front-end for KDE?01:16
LinkmasterHmm, okay. I'll find out how to use it01:16
lcbSIR_Taco: i installed all soft available.... and yes, there is one, let me see01:16
lcbSIR_Taco: scanlite01:18
SIR_Tacooh yea, that's it... doesn't show your scanner in there either?01:18
lcbSIR_Taco: that one does not detect this scanner01:19
SIR_Tacobut the 'saned' back-end should... regardless of the UI01:19
SIR_Tacohow about in the console/konsole typing "sane-find-scanner"01:20
lcbyes, it detects. however i need to change from flatbed to feeder01:20
lcbfound USB scanner (vendor=0x07b3, product=0x045f [600dpi USB Scanner], chip=GT-6816) at libusb:003:00401:21
lcbfound USB scanner (vendor=0x0bda, product=0x8189) at libusb:001:00201:21
lcb$ scanimage -L > device `gt68xx:libusb:003:004' is a Iris Iriscan Express 2 flatbed scanner01:22
lcbis not a flatbed01:22
lcbit's working already but on my win virtual max. but i want it to work in kubu01:23
SIR_Tacohave you went through this: http://linux.about.com/od/linux101/a/desktop05d.htm ?01:23
lcblet me see01:23
SIR_Tacoseems there are settings for feeders01:24
lcbSIR_Taco: i'll read that too.01:24
lcbi went over a lot of docs trying to solve this01:24
SIR_Tacolcb: let me know if it solves it or not... I'll keep looking01:25
SIR_Tacobut, reading that, it makes me wonder if it's a limitation of drivers...01:26
lcbSIR_Taco: i believe is something to do with the driver ( cism216.fw ) but i also believe that's the only one available01:26
SIR_Tacodoes the driver give a list of available options?01:26
lcbSIR_Taco: hmm good point. i  only instructed gt68xx.conf to point to that one and that's it01:28
SIR_TacoI'm wonder if you can set custom options in xsane, in order to apease the driver01:28
lcbSIR_Taco: i'll search for that .fw options, probably i need to insert some in gt68xx.conf01:29
SIR_Tacolcb: likely... I'm not sure... I haven't had the need for a scanner in Linux01:30
lcbi did this pastbin some hrs ago. http://paste.ubuntu.com/636920/  but probably things already changed. pls take a look in case some idea come to ur mind01:31
lcbi'll go over all commands again if needed01:31
SIR_Tacogive me a minute01:32
lcbthis is a portable scanner, very useful for me ... if working of course. well it works, but under win.01:32
lcbSIR_Taco: take your time. no worries. i have about 50 yrs ahead01:33
lcbi think something's wrong with Linkmaster today.... so quiet... he did something or is about to01:34
LinkmasterI'll let you find out >:)01:34
lcboh oh..01:34
* lcb activates paranoidand closes all ports mode 01:35
* lcb activates paranoid mode closes all ports01:35
* Linkmaster access's lcb's computer through his IRC port01:35
lcbnah nah... is closed. i'm talking trough my microwave prototype pc01:36
lcbwell, back to work on this scann thingy01:36
SIR_Tacolch: how about http://www.meier-geinitz.de/sane/gt68xx-backend/ ?01:36
lcbSIR_Taco: i took a shortcut on that one by installing the recommended .fw. but yes, i'll read it all now01:37
xjjkdoes the KDE 4.7 PPA include KDE-PIM w/ Akonadi?01:37
lcbxjjk: hello01:38
xjjkI'm under the impression 4.6.4 from the PPA doesn't include it01:38
lcbSIR_Taco: PlustekOpticSlim 1200CIS68160x07b30x0413cism216.fwWorks. High resolutions are slow. The firmware is not hosted on my pages, so no guarantees...01:41
lcbthis ware the default one. didn't work01:41
lcbthe firmware is the same01:42
lcbSIR_Taco: i foloowed this, before. https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/simple-scan/+question/13989001:43
SIR_Tacolcb: it's a scanner/printer? or just a scanner?01:50
lcbSIR_Taco: scanner. http://www.irislink.com/c2-1656-189/IRIScan-2-------Overview-of-IRIScan-2-Portable-Scanner.aspx01:51
SIR_Tacolcb: ok, that makes more sense01:52
lcbSIR_Taco: i just removed everything from /etc/sane.d/gt68xx.conf and left the lines for this scanner only -> firmware "/usr/share/sane/gt68xx/cism216.fw"01:54
lcbgoing for reboot. saving things 1st01:55
lcbstill detected as a flatbed :( "Failed to start scanner. Document feeder out of documents".02:01
lcbohh boy02:02
lcbok, that's it. going back to windows.02:03
lcbi mean, i'm going to this room windows area and think if i trow this trough it or not.02:03
SIR_Tacolcb: and you've been through this: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1059096.html ?02:04
lcbin my sane config i only have: # Iriscan Express 2 | usb 0x07b3 0x045f | firmware "/usr/share/sane/gt68xx/cism216.fw"02:05
xjjkanything using KDE 4.7? does it include Akonadi-based KDEPIM yet?02:05
lcbeven this way, removing everything else, doesn't work02:05
lcbxjjk: my things, i mean, my computers, are not using it yet, sorry02:06
xjjklcb: mm, okay02:07
SIR_Taconeither is mine02:07
xjjkI wanted to switch to Akonadi-based KDEPIM and disconnected IMAP or whatever it's called now02:07
xjjkAFAIK it's in the experimental PPA for 4.6.4 still02:07
SIR_Tacoxjjk: yes I do believe it is02:07
lcbxjjk: why moved to that release already?02:08
xjjklcb: why is what moved?02:08
lcbKDE 4.702:08
xjjker, still not sure what you're asking02:09
kumaranhello checking perpose02:09
kumarank i can able to chat properly this is first timt i am entering into quessel IRC02:10
SIR_Tacokumaran: seems so02:11
kumarank i can able to chat properly this is first time i am entering into quessel IRC02:11
lcbxjjk: isn't the one 11.04 is officially using KDE 4.6.4?02:11
SIR_Tacokumaran: also seems so02:11
xjjklcb: AFAIK, no, 11.04 is officially using 4.6.302:11
xjjkor 4.6.202:11
xjjkyeh, 4.6.2 apparently02:11
xjjklcb: you need to be using the Kubuntu Updates PPA for that02:12
BATixjjk: there is no KDE 4.7 yet, it's still in beta... well I would call it alpha...02:12
xjjkBATi: it's in RC02:12
SIR_Tacolcb: as far as the company is concerned it "works under Linux".... have you tried e-mailing them with your problem?02:12
kumaranand sorry for my english i had installed quessel IRC can u give me a tip to have long run in quessel02:12
lcbxjjk: ahh ok. and my question was, why moving to the one not well tested yet02:12
xjjklcb: er, KDE 4.7 or Akonadi-based KDEPIM?02:13
xjjkI want the latter; I want to switch to disconnected IMAP02:13
SIR_TacoI'm at 4.6.302:13
lcbSIR_Taco: not yet, but i will because i really need this scanner02:13
BATixjjk: ummm... if you wish to call it RC, suit yourself :) still lots of bugs02:13
xjjkBATi: I didn't call it RC; KDE's release team did02:13
SIR_Tacolcb: well I can't find a solution... and if they "support" it, they should be able to give you an answer, I would hope anyway02:14
lcbSIR_Taco: it's ok. thanks a lot buddy :)02:14
SIR_Tacokumaran: not sure what you mean02:14
SIR_Tacolcb: not a problem02:14
lcbSIR_Taco: is working under Win VM, so it will be used. but you know.. why turning on the win when it must work under kubuntu?!..02:15
kumaranru a Ruby on Rails Developer02:15
kumaranTaco RU there??02:16
lcbi think he just left02:16
SIR_Tacolcb: very true! Atleast you have a bandaid until a solution somes02:16
BATixjjk: right... nevertheless it's not meant for daily use, as stated by same kde release team... and that is why it is in kubuntu's experimental ppa02:16
SIR_Taco*comes.... lol02:17
xjjkBATi: er, Akonadi KDEPIM is in the experimental PPA02:17
xjjkBATi: KDE 4.7 is in the beta PPA02:17
SIR_Tacokumaran: no... I do a lot of PHP/Java02:17
lcbSIR_Taco: you are learnig with my typos02:17
lcblearning either02:17
SIR_Tacolcb: seems so lol02:17
xjjkBATi: I'm completely fine testing beta releases02:17
xjjkbut if I am switching to Akonadi02:17
xjjkI only want to download my 5 GB e-mail inbox once02:17
SIR_Tacoxjjk: using K-mail?02:18
xjjkSIR_Taco: yes02:18
BATixjjk: you don't happen to use disconnected imap, right?02:18
xjjkBATi: I'd like to w/ Akonadi02:18
xjjkI don't use it pre-Akonadi02:18
xjjkbeen burned too many times02:18
xjjkand it was pointless reporting bugs back then02:19
xjjksince it's now in the "release" I'd like to make an effort02:19
SIR_Tacoxjjk: I do believe that with the Akonadi/PIM integration with Kmail, there is a transition program... I do not believe it pulls from the server, but it's something to look up02:20
xjjkSIR_Taco: yeah, I rather not bother02:20
xjjkand start with a fresh disconnected IMAP with an Akonadi-based setup02:20
SIR_Tacoxjjk: you'd rather ask other's to look it up for you?02:21
xjjkSIR_Taco: er, look up what? either someone is using it or isn't?02:21
xjjkSIR_Taco: kde.org says Akonadi-based KDEPIM is in 4.6.4 and 4.702:21
xjjkKubuntu is different02:21
xjjkdon't think my question is off-topic? where am I supposed to figure this out02:21
xjjkother than downloading gigabytes to check myself02:22
lcbi never used Akonadi. does it integrates with moz thunderbird?02:22
SIR_Tacoxjjk: I didn't say your question wasy off-topic02:22
xjjklcb: no02:22
lcboh too bad.02:23
xjjklcb: supposedly, Akonadi will bring the whole offline storage/searching that Thunderbird has to KMail02:23
lcbSIR_Taco: do you use kmail?02:23
xjjklcb: supposedly, anyway02:23
lcbi'm used to thunderbird but i really need to take a look on kmail02:24
kumaranjust now i installed kmail02:24
xjjklcb: well honestly if you're used to it, no reason to switch02:24
xjjkI like KMail02:24
xjjkit has 2 or 3 features that are a *pain* to get w/ Thunderbird02:25
xjjkand I like the KDE integration02:25
lcbxjjk: comparable with thunder or you never used it?02:25
xjjklcb: it's comparable02:25
xjjklcb: I use Thunderbird on some Windows machines02:25
lcbhmm so i really might make the move02:25
xjjkit's not my main client02:25
xjjkbut it's good enough for casual checking02:25
xjjkand the offline/searching features are fantastic02:25
xjjklcb: Thunderbird02:26
lcbah ok02:26
SIR_Tacolcb: no I don't use Kmail...02:26
SIR_Tacoxjjk: the last time I looked at Kmail with Akonadi/PIM integration... there was a "Migrate" program built in, and it did it fine, without re-downloading all of your e-mails02:27
xjjkSIR_Taco: I see02:27
SIR_Tacothat was about a year ago now... I would like to think it hasn't changed02:28
lcbSIR_Taco: for the sake of integration on KDE (too bad there are some good softs left aside) i already realized is better to use the kububntu default ones02:28
lcb... but.. i refuse to use rekonq02:29
SIR_Tacolcb: I agree... I really like Thunderbird02:29
Linkmasterlcb: aww, how come? Its getting a lot better02:29
lcbLinkmaster: you are awake?02:30
LinkmasterFor now02:30
lcbor dreaming alowd ?02:30
lcbSIR_Taco: i need to test that kmail on a virtual machine before messing with this, to compare with thunder02:31
SIR_Tacolcb: excellent idea... might want to suggest that to xjjk as well02:31
xjjkeh lot of work02:32
xjjkI don't have enough disk space on my laptop for VMs02:32
lcbSIR_Taco: mixing mail clients on the same machine is a step closer to mess all email accounts02:32
lcbxjjk: why you don't connect your laptop with the power cord and remove the battery? :o you'll have some more space02:33
lcbj/k j/k02:33
xjjklcb: I've an SSD02:34
xjjkI've only 6 GB free ATM, and I need it02:34
lcbSSDs are getting bigger and bigger02:34
xjjkbut not cheaper and cheaper02:35
lcblol, yea02:35
xjjkat least, not very much02:35
xjjkmy model has dropped $200 since I bought it02:35
xjjki.e., from a fortune to extremely expensive02:35
SIR_Tacoxjjk: there is a "migration"  feature built-in to Kmail 2, to get you from Kmal 1.x...02:37
SIR_Tacoxjjk: I cannont, at this time, tell you 100% that your email wont be eaten... it's still in testing02:37
xjjkSIR_Taco: yeah, that's why I rather not migrate02:37
xjjkSIR_Taco: I'm still bugged about Nepomuk02:38
xjjkI had all these files tagged and rated02:38
lcbwell, a backup would be useful02:38
xjjkand lost it all with a borked Nepomuk 6 migration02:38
xjjkI won't lose my e-mail since I'm smart enough to  backup everything properly02:38
xjjkbut 5 gb is a lot to download again02:38
xjjkespecially over IMAP02:38
* xjjk does not have fast/reliable inet, he's at a cafe now02:39
SIR_Tacoxjjk: then wait until something very stable comes out02:39
SIR_Tacono point in upgrading for the saake of upgrading02:40
lcbxjjk: you could use some of the fre storage places, like dropbox, google, etc02:40
szallcb: for mail?02:40
xjjkSIR_Taco: mmm well I just want to know if the feature I want is _there_ or whether Kubuntu packaged it differently02:40
lcbfor the backups02:40
xjjkall other risks I'm fine to take02:40
lcbLinkmaster: what's going on?  are you ok?02:42
SIR_Tacoxjjk: but you worried about downloads?02:42
xjjkSIR_Taco: yes02:42
Linkmasterlcb: theres nothing wrong02:42
xjjkSIR_Taco: I only have satellite at home, it's slow and has data caps02:42
xjjkSIR_Taco: all other downloading I have to do at a cafe02:42
xjjkStarbucks needs faster Internet02:42
xjjkI never get faster than 150 KB/sec02:42
xjjkI suppose they have a T102:43
lcbLinkmaster: good to know02:43
Linkmastermost definitely02:43
SIR_Tacoxjjk: ah ok02:43
SIR_Tacolcb: Linkmaster is busy humourng me in offtopic.... lol02:43
xjjkty guys, think I am just going to upgrade02:43
xjjkAkonadi KDEPIM appears to be in Kubuntu's 4.702:44
SIR_Tacoxjjk: give it a shot, it *should* work02:44
SIR_Tacoand *should* migrate02:44
SIR_Tacoxjjk: worst case scenario... you have to drink 2 more Vente Vanilla Lates....02:45
SIR_Tacoxjjk: it would be nice to hear how it goes though02:49
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mickyHi,all who used the tool openvas?04:08
LinkmasterI just loaded up lancelot..it'll take a few days to accustom myself to it, but its quite a nice launcher :D05:29
Landgraf_Chelbug with process kded4 (using 100% CPU) solved already?05:51
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andrewh192hey guys09:56
andrewh192ya know of a room that might be able to help me with working with different video formats09:56
andrewh192and trying to convert a ogv file to a mp4 file09:56
andrewh192could you help me with something?09:57
xjjkandrewh192: take a look at handbrake or vlc09:57
andrewh192i sorta figured it out on vlc09:57
andrewh192but just not sure the different settings09:57
andrewh192and how it all works09:58
andrewh192what's incapsalation or whatever mean?09:58
andrewh192The best format to upload your videofiles in are MP4 25 or 30 frames pr. second, 1280 * 720 resolution (16:9) and aprx. 3 mbit/sec. A file in this specification should have a filesize aprx. 25mb pr. minut video.09:58
andrewh192If you just started using PodcastMachine we recommend you to test your video source file by uploading a small subset of the file  - for example a 10 seconds clip, before uploading the full file. In this way you are absolutely sure that you get the expected result from your source file when uploading it to PodcastMachine. You can always delete the test-uploads. After uploading your file and it becomes "ready" - if you dont see you09:58
andrewh192episode under build-a-player - the format you uploaded was not recognized by PodcastMachine. If this happens then try to upload in another format. Newer versions of Windows Media and newer versions of FLV are currently unsupported.09:58
andrewh192The maximum filesize you can upload is 1GB.09:58
FloodBotK1andrewh192: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:58
xjjkandrewh192: H.264 is very, very complicated10:01
xjjkas is video encoding in general10:01
xjjkandrewh192: use the defaults10:01
xjjkandrewh192: the file you posted lays out what parameters you need to tune10:01
xjjkunless you really really care, ignore everything else10:01
xjjknot worth dealing with10:02
andrewh192what's encapsulation mean?10:02
andrewh192and how is that different than the video codec?10:02
xjjkwhat's the context10:02
xjjkoh, is this from vlc?10:02
xjjkthink that refers to the container10:03
andrewh192that's what i am using10:03
xjjkugh, encapsulation is a terrible word to use10:03
xjjkandrewh192: you can have different "containers" that hold different codecs10:03
xjjkavi, mp4, ogg10:03
xjjkare all containers10:03
andrewh192does it really matter?10:03
andrewh192which one should i use then?10:03
xjjkyou need to use what the tool you're working with supports10:03
xjjkwhich is probably mp410:03
xjjkwhich I believe it says10:04
xjjkthough not clearly10:04
andrewh192yeah, what i copied and pasted on there, is just from a support page on the podcast site that i use10:04
xjjkwhy uploading video to a podcast site?10:05
andrewh192i wanted to have a video podcast episode10:05
xjjkhrm, Ok10:05
andrewh192i have one audio episode, and now i have a webcam (insert gasp here) and i wanted to do a video episode10:06
andrewh192u have any better suggestions?10:06
andrewh192i am totally open10:06
xjjkehh I am generally anti-media10:06
xjjkit's too slow to listen to audio or video10:06
andrewh192so u just read everything?10:07
xjjkif I can read something over watching a video/listening to a podcast10:07
xjjkI do10:07
xjjkpersonal preference10:07
andrewh192yeah, i understand10:07
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noaXess_netubui don't have any power profile to configure in powermanagement.. latest kde..11:27
noaXess_netubuor is there any other way to config power profiles? where they are saved?11:28
szalpretty much impossible that you don't have any, you should have at least one11:31
szaland if you change anything about it, you can then save these settings either as the same or as a new profile11:31
noaXess_netubuszal: idon't have any.. an also cant' create a new or change any.. :( but i canswitch between them.. strange11:39
noaXess_netubui have it, but can't configure it11:39
cutouthi, am trying to install transperante oxygen on ubuntu kde desktop but no luck, can anyone help me?13:28
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ubuntu____When I boot Im getting grub_putchar not found error. How can I fix it?14:06
BluesKajubuntu____, when grub loads , choose recovery kernel , then in the dialog choose "repair broken packages" , then  reboot14:12
ubuntu____BluesKaj: grub doesn't load. I get that error before even seing grub14:13
BluesKajubuntu____, so does booy hang at that error or what happens next ?14:14
ubuntu____I get that error and then I get grub rescue console14:14
S74rk7Hi all!14:15
BluesKajubuntu____, ok run sudo update-grub at the prompt14:15
ubuntu____and then?14:16
ubuntu____(I'm currently on the same PC using a livecd)14:16
BluesKajprobly won't hurt to sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade14:17
BluesKajthen reboot14:17
ubuntu____ok, I'll be back in a few minutes if my pc doesn't die14:18
BluesKajoh sorry , I missed that you were on the lkive cd ...thought you had a tty prompt on the install14:19
BluesKajoops . oh well , he'll bb14:19
pellettahi all, I'm using Kubuntu 11.04 64 bit and I have problems with my sound card; there is a way to change pulse audio with alsa?14:26
BluesKajS74rk7, nice to see you have faith in amarok ..it's not working properly at all on my setup14:26
BluesKajpelletta, yes, just remove pulseaudio, it's layerd on top of alsa14:27
pellettaon my setup amarok works well, but microphone doesn't  want to work14:27
BluesKajamarok does do what's supposed to , won'r load music . doesn't save the location etc ..it's amess14:28
S74rk7BluesKaj: thats a shame... what distro are you using?14:30
pellettathere is a command to remove pulse by konsole or I should do this using synaptic? Sorry I'm new to linux os14:30
S74rk7BluesKaj: it used to mess around for me on 64bit kubuntu... but I'm running 32bit atm n seems ok... havent tried transfering any music though...14:31
S74rk7Would anyone be able to help me out with usb_modeswitch --- I'm trying to get a netgear wnda3200 usb wifi dongle to work... it acts as a mass storage device when I connect it to the computer... I tried reading the man pages of usb_modeswitch but it doesnt really give much insight on how to use it ... well for me anyway...still a n00b :)14:33
BluesKajS74rk7, it doesn't really matter , I've never really liked amarok that much..vlc works wel for al my media14:33
S74rk7BluesKaj: I'm a fan of VLC myself :)14:34
BluesKajnever used modeswitch, S74rk7...no experince with it ..lsusb shows it as a storge device ?14:35
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:35
BluesKajpelletta,you can use the konsole or synaptic ..both will accomplish the same task14:37
S74rk7BluesKaj: well in the logs it shows it as a storage device... trying to get you a screenshot ...14:39
BluesKajpelletta, in the konsole , sudo apt-get remove pulseaudio , if you wish14:39
BluesKajS74rk7, no need ...what we need to do is to find out how do the modeswitch so that the pc sees the wifi firmware and not the file system14:41
S74rk7BluesKaj: Even searching "usb_modeswitch how to use" and variations its hard to find any clear instructions?14:46
BluesKajS74rk7, I found this but. I'm not a fan of ndiswrapper setups , tried them a few times and they nalways break on mine http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=88552014:47
S74rk7BluesKaj: Thanks I'll give it a read now :)  I read something somewhere about ndiswrapper and using that method though that it can only connect at 2.4ghz rather that 5... but I'll read this see if it says any different :)  Thanks very much for looking btw !14:51
BluesKajS74rk7, also make sure you have the package "usb-modeswitch" installed ..should be by default.14:55
selvakumaranAny Glass fish usrer???15:04
S74rk7BluesKaj: I do it is installed ok... just have no idea how to use it :S lol15:08
BluesKajS74rk7, the nomodeswitch is supposed to send the command to switch on the wifi , and the windows driver required for ndiswrapper should be there as well15:14
BluesKajit should snd the command automatically when the usb device is connected15:15
BluesKajer modeswitch15:19
apa_ukk mukk fukk15:27
BluesKajS74rk7, take a look here and read the debian readme , looks like this will get your modeswitch working ,  /usr/share/doc/usb-modeswitch-data/15:27
S74rk7BluesKaj: Cool thank you... reading it now :)15:33
PythonSnakeHi all15:34
S74rk7BluesKaj: I've stumbled onto the guys site - got the address from that readme... hopefully find something here...15:36
S74rk7BluesKaj: Much appreciated all your help so far :)15:36
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ironfroggyMy battery applet on my main panel is often reporting the wrong level. i think its reporting 1/10 the actual charge (i confirmed real charge with acpi command)15:56
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kyubutsulast update broke flash , any suggestions18:57
Linkmasterkyubutsu: try and reinstall flash19:02
kyubutsuLinkmaster: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree?19:03
Linkmastertry using a package manager19:03
kyubutsuthere are two different packages for flash , just so you know19:04
kyubutsuboth useless too19:05
kyubutsui had chromium properly setup and this new update to flash broke it , can anyone tell me what's going on19:06
kyubutsubroke on two puters , so that cant be coincidence19:07
LinkmasterHmm...I haven't yet had a problem with it. How exactly is it 'broken'?19:07
tsimpsonthe flash that's in the repositories is the exact same flash that comes from adobe, in fact all the package does is download flash from adobe19:07
tsimpsonif it's broke, then adobe broke it19:08
Wojtulashi there, ive got question, ive got installed kubuntu 10.10, now i want to install windows 7 beside kubuntu, what i have to do with grub?19:08
LinkmasterAlso, what I did when my flash broke a long time ago, I used the package manager to remove adobe, install gnash, see if it works fine, if so, I leave it be, if not, I uninstall gnash, and install the adobe one, and it normally works after that19:08
tsimpsonWojtulas: go ahead and just install windows, then follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub (from a LiveCD)19:09
tsimpsonthe easier approach is to install windows first, then ubuntu, as it will then detect the windows install and add an option for it19:10
kyubutsuso Linkmaster, tsimpson.. have you check kpackagekit ? do you see that flash update ?  run it and tell me what happens to your flash19:10
tsimpsonI have (from Lucid)19:11
tsimpsonflash works fine19:11
Wojtulastsimpson: thank you,now i have to install windows because i need windows :) thanks :)19:11
kyubutsulucky you. am 11.0419:11
tsimpsonit's the same thing, just backported to 10.0419:11
Linkmasterkyubutsu: chuck KPK, its been better since 10.10 and 11.04, but put Muon on it, its really nice, and similar to KPK19:12
kyubutsuLinkmaster: i do not need such advice19:12
LinkmasterI'm just saying, Muon is easier to navigate then KPK, and flash automatically updated..try what I said earlier, and see if it works19:13
kyubutsukpackagekit is fine, my issue is a trust issue, now i cant trust these browser/flash/java updates in fear of borkness , crappy19:14
kyubutsuthe conventional 'reinstalling' method usually doesnt work for me so now i am back to square one setting up flash !19:15
kyubutsufrustrating? i think so19:16
kyubutsualso, is that sevenmachines ppa for 64bit flash legit?19:22
chirolbuen dia a  todos19:31
chirolsaludos desde guadalajara mexico19:31
PythonSnake!es | chirol19:34
ubottuchirol: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.19:34
PythonSnake!ot | chirol19:34
ubottuchirol: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!19:34
chiroljoin #kubuntu-es19:35
chiroljoin #ubuntu-es19:35
kyubutsuchirol: /join #kubuntu-es19:35
PythonSnakeHi kyubutsu19:36
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kyubutsuafter deleting all firefox stuff in /usr/lib (for cleanup purposes before reinstall) , its working by using sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree. i believe removing old config files for flash can greatly improve success chances19:46
kyubutsuthat includes clearing nspluginwrapper too19:47
kyubutsuwhich is then installed along with flash19:48
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BluesKajkyubutsu, another method is to  apt-get install reinstall package ..it also removes old config files and updates any librari=ies and links from what some experts tell me .20:01
BluesKajerr install --reinstall20:01
kyubutsuhm, i'll check that out20:02
beda_nobody speaking?20:06
kyubutsuha! found obsolete guide to apt-get --reinstall option here : http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-apt-get.en.html#s-install20:16
kyubutsufunny, "obsolete" lulz20:16
BluesKajkyubutsu, obsolete tutorial perhaps , but the command does work ...saved my setup a couple of times already20:18
kyubutsui find it ironic i would not think --reinstall an option in the command.. best kept secret20:19
BluesKajBBQ ...BBL20:35
hazamonzoHey folks. Im told mangler (ventrilo client) is in the ubuntu repo. (http://www.mangler.org/download/) I can't see it...20:37
yofel_kyubutsu: side note: the apt-get manpage isn't obsolete and documents --reinstall ;)20:37
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shane2peruok, switched back to Firefox, and they seemed to have changed where the youtube videos are hidden.  Where does firefox cache youtube videos?21:05
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shane2peruok, anyone good at setting up hp network printer connected directly to the network?21:34
linux-beginner-his there a ppa package for bangerang? There is a bug in version 2.0 which has been fixed in 2.0.1... but this update version is not in the official repository ?21:38
gomiboyshane2peru: install the tool hplip21:39
shane2perugomiboy: ok, one second I just learned that I can access my printer through a web browser and the printer IP, I'm dumb!  Going on 4 years never new that!21:40
shane2peruI'm assigning it a static IP.21:40
bedaWhen will kde 4.7 be available for kubuntu 11.0421:41
gomiboyshane2peru: usually from the integrated web interface you can just access the settings, ink levels and the like, nothing more21:42
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shane2perugomiboy: well, in this case I can set the IP to static, and a lot of variables, like page size that has always been a pain for me, we use A4 here in Peru21:42
yofelbeda: end of the week (hopefully), we're finally actually getting it done slowly https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Ninjas/Packaging21:43
gomiboyshane2peru: sure but you can't print... :P21:43
shane2perulol, no, but I really really feel dumb owning this printer for 4-5 years and using it as much as I have and never knowing that.21:43
shane2peruactually it was printing the way it was, but after like 3 print jobs, it locks up and I have to re-set it up, so something is wrong with that.  gomiboy21:46
linux-beginner-hyofel: will there also be a bangeran update within the next beta packages?21:49
yofelnot that I know of, best file an version update request bug21:49
shane2perugomiboy: ok, once that is installed??21:49
PythonSnakeyofel: end of the week ?21:51
PythonSnakewhoa so cool21:51
gomiboyshane2peru: run hp-setup21:52
shane2perugomiboy: as root?  otherwise I can't seem to install the plugin21:53
yofelEstimated. There's no way to give a final date since I don't know who will have how much time during the week.21:53
shane2perugomiboy: apparently, running as root allowed downloading and installing the plugin21:54
shane2perugomiboy: thanks!!!!21:54
gomiboyshane2peru: if it locks again check the web interface, there should be an error log or a status21:55
shane2perugomiboy: for the printer itself?  is my firewall blocking things??21:55
shane2peruprinter just seems to blink and not print21:55
yofelthere's also hplip-gui for a graphical manager for HP printers21:55
shane2peruok, thanks, gotta run21:57
LinkmasterI'm having a cmake problem: http://pastebin.com/UvTNEPwC22:11
LinkmasterThe problem is, I know for fact that zlibs is installed, I installed it, purged it, installed it again, and it still complains. any advice on how to make it know that its actually there?22:11
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yofelLinkmaster: why aren't you using the zlib version from the repository?22:22
LinkmasterI was, I used 'apt-get' to do all of that22:22
yofelah wait... read it wrong22:23
tanyawhat's up22:23
LinkmasterI might have possible figured it out, I tried export  PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/path/to/file and I'm going to try that22:23
yofelLinkmaster: I would say it's some messup with debian multiarch, since it's not in /usr/lib but in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu (for 64 bit) now22:24
yofelcan't say it definitely without more info of the setup though22:24
Linkmasterin my case, its i386-linux-gnu, but thats what I told it to do22:24
Linkmasteryofel: heres an update[resulting in failure to configure though] http://pastebin.com/KnGT0RiC22:25
yofelhm, doesn't seem to be using pkg-config, so needs to be fixed in cmake. I fear I'm out of ideas there though22:28
LinkmasterDo you know how I could do that?22:29
yofelLinkmaster: why are you using your own version of cmake btw.?22:31
LinkmasterI very well might be22:32
yofelubuntu cmake has a multiarch patch22:32
Linkmasterlet me see..22:33
LinkmasterI doubt it, because 'apt-get' is purging cmake. But I will install it to make sure something wasn't missing22:34
yofelLinkmaster: you have cmake in /usr/local -> /usr/local/share/cmake-2.8/Modules/FindZLIB.cmake22:35
Linkmasterdoes 'apt-get' put it in there?22:36
yofelno, make install will put it there by default if you build it yourself22:36
LinkmasterI don't think I built it myself, because apt-get found it22:37
yofeland that overrides the cmake version installed by apt-get22:37
yofelwhy not? you can have both installed at the same time. /usr/local overrides /usr22:37
LinkmasterI hope I didn't install it, because I doubt I have the makefiles for it[back when I was dumb, and installed things from my 'Downloads' folder -.-"22:38
Linkmasteryofel: and to answer your previous question, yes I do22:39
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LinkmasterI hope I'm not bothering you yofel22:52
kyubutsuanyone with image results issues from google22:52
yofelLinkmaster: got rid of cmake? ^^22:52
yofel(and nope, not really)22:52
Linkmasteruhm....I don't have the makefiles D:22:53
yofelLinkmaster: apt-get source cmake, cd cmake-2.8.3, QUILT_PATCHES="debian/patches" quilt push -a, then build and install22:54
yofelthat should overwrite the broken one (I hope)22:54
LinkmasterIts running through the 'apt-get' one, and I'll work from there22:55
Linkmastershould the cmake-2.8.3 be located in a specific spot?22:56
yofelthe folder you're currently in, after dpkg-source unpacks it22:56
LinkmasterWhat I meant was, should I place it in a specific spot?22:56
yofelnope, shouldn't be necessary22:57
Linkmasterjoshua@Isadora:/usr/local/share/cmake-2.8/Modules/cmake-2.8.3$ QUILT_PATCHES="debian/patches" quilt push -a22:58
LinkmasterFile series fully applied, ends at patch ubuntu_multiarch_library_directory.diff22:58
LinkmasterIs that correct?22:58
yofelit is22:59
Linkmasterand when you say 'build and install' you mean 'make' followed by 'sudo make install', correct?22:59
PythonSnakeWhen I extract files I checked apply to all box and overwrite but it seems that it doesn't work (aplly to all)22:59
yofelLinkmaster: right22:59
PythonSnakeis that a bug ?22:59
Linkmasterthanks, I'm wanting to make sure I don't rebork it..22:59
yofelcan't get much worse...23:01
* Linkmaster chuckles23:01
yofellast resort would be to rm -rf the contents of /usr/local, but careful there23:01
LinkmasterTrue, my system is pretty much borked as it is..I'm holding onto it though, because its lasted me this far23:01
LinkmasterI'd...rather not do that23:01
PythonSnakeis there an archive manager for kde ?23:09
preecherPythonSnake ark?23:10
PythonSnakeark give me some bugs23:10
PythonSnakeit askes me again and again but i checked apply to all23:11
preecherafraid i cant be of any help as i kept having sound issues in kubu so i went back to unity23:14
* szal uses Krusader and doesn't need anything other for archives23:19
Linkmasteryofel: I really wish I could put another gig of RAM into my system right about now..23:19
Linkmaster1gig really isn't enough to do this type of stuff :/23:21
Linkmasteryofel: that did the trick, thank you very much! I'm assuming that, as long as I keep this OS around, I'll need to periodically do that to ensure cmake is up-to-date?23:30
corigoCan't explain why I find this so difficult every time, but how can I upgrade from 4.5.3 to 4.6.4?23:30
yofelsure, at least on every release upgrade I would rebuild cmake23:30
Linkmastercorigo: what version are you using?23:31
szalcorigo: what's difficult w/ issuing 3 commands in a terminal? ;)23:31
yofelmaverick I think23:31
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LinkmasterI'm thinking that to, he needs to enable the backports then23:31
corigoszal: exactly, but even though I eliminated errors, still no love23:31
yofelcorigo: there's 4.6.2 in ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports23:31
corigoIf I do a "dist-upgrade" what will that update beside my KDE desktop?23:34
yofelany updates that are pending for maverick, it will NOT upgrade you to natty23:35
corigoLInkmaster: version of what? KDE: 4.5.323:35
szalis ppa:kubuntu-ppa/ppa only for Natty?23:35
yofelit is23:35
Linkmastercorigo: kubuntu. We are assuming you're using maverick23:35
yofel /ppa are updates, so no major new versions. Those go to /backports23:35
szalwhy are we assuming? -> corigo: cat /etc/issue23:36
corigoHow might I verify that?23:37
yofelcorigo: lsb_release -rd23:37
yofeltrue, he could be running lucid with backports23:37
corigo10.04 LTs23:37
yofelcorigo: no 4.6 for 10.04 I fear23:37
swat90hi all , how to download stream videos in Kubuntu ? is there any program like INTERNET download manger in windows ? ??23:39
corigoWhat is Natty? 11.10 or 12?23:39
ubottuUbuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/110423:39
corigoMaybe I should switch to Debian23:40
yofelwell, I would say Natty is more stable than Debian Sid23:41
yofelSqueeze has 4.423:41
szaland Lenny still had 3.523:42
corigoOK, how to upgrade to Natty from10.04?23:44
yofelupgrade to 10.10 and from there to 11.0423:45
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade23:45
szalor back up /home and other important files & reinstall23:45
szalprolly easier23:45
corigoBacking up and restoring is never easier... thanks all23:46

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