stlsaintjmarsden: did you catch my email in regards to autogen and autoreconf?00:38
jmarsdenlinuxman410: Maybe.04:12
jmarsdenlinuxman410: Why do you ask?04:12
linuxman410the only way i can get my wireless to work is type sudo modprobe b43 everytime to activate it04:13
jmarsdenI'm no wireless expert, especially not on weird chipsets that need binary blobs for firmware before they work... did you add the relevant module or modules to /etc/modules ?04:14
linuxman410jmarsden there is no etc /modules folder04:18
jmarsdenOK... I have no idea how you installed Lubuntu.  On my copies there is a text file named /etc/modules that is a list of the modules to be loaded into the kernel at boot time.04:19
jmarsdenWhich version of Lubuntu are you running and how did you install it?04:19
linuxman410i install 11.04 and install regular way04:20
jmarsdenOK, so what does    ls -ld /etc/modules      display on your machine?  Should be just one line of output04:21
jmarsdenlinuxman410: ^^04:26
KM0201if its the b43 driver... did you activate in admin/additional drivers?..04:29
jmarsdenKM0201: Um... doesn't that just add it to /etc/modules? :)04:30
KM0201jmarsden: hmm, it should.. but... i dunno04:30
linuxman410sorry about caps04:30
jmarsdenlinuxman410: ten minutes ago I asked you:  what does    ls -ld /etc/modules      display on your machine?04:31
linuxman410root root 19804:31
jmarsdenI don't think that was the whole line... but it does suggest that /etc/modules exists...04:31
jmarsdenSo we are back to my original question, I think: did you add the relevant module or modules to /etc/modules ?04:32
KM0201linuxman410: under the menu, and system tools, you don't see additional drivers?04:32
jmarsdenOK, KM0201 I'll leave this to you if you want to take it.04:32
linuxman410yes i see it but it does not see the card04:32
KM0201jmarsden: no, i was just asking.04:33
KM0201i won't interrupt again.04:33
KM0201didn't realize this was a priv. chat.04:33
Phospheneslol nerd fight.04:33
linuxman410KM0201 it does not show up under additional drivers04:34
KM0201Phosphenes: i think some people need a xannex04:34
linuxman410jmarsden the whole line is -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 198 2011-07-02 22:08 /etc modules04:37
linuxman410any help04:38
linuxman410KM0201 any ideals04:39
KM0201linuxman410: check your PM.04:39
LubuntuPoweredwhat's the recommended RAM to have for lubuntu?09:37
LubuntuPoweredi thought my 384mb would be enough, but there is only 10-30mb of "free memory" according to the "system profiler and benchmark"09:38
Psilocybin_ElfIt ran fine on my 470MB machine...even got Xubuntu running on there no probs.09:47
elrosif you need moore performance, you can try disabling auto-run apps drom desktop session settings10:05
elrosor try fluxbox, which requires lots of manual labor10:05
Psilocybin_ElfOpenbox/Blackbox are faster than Fluxbox in my experience...10:07
JRandolphAnyone had any trouble with the installer?10:32
JRandolphIt doesn't seem to start10:33
Psilocybin_ElfThe Lubuntu installer?10:38
Psilocybin_ElfWorked fine for me in 11.0410:38
JRandolphWhen it first started up I had a black background10:41
JRandolphis that normal?10:41
JRandolphthe taskbar was visible10:41
JRandolphor do you know the name of the script that starts the installer10:42
AmberJThis has happened 2nd time in last 2 days on lubuntu 11.04...10:42
AmberJI try to delete a file on desktop and desktop (sort of) crashes.10:43
AmberJI dont remember what the file/folder was last time...but this time it was a zip file.10:43
AmberJMy deskop icons are lost... and right click menu on desktop doesnot works either10:44
AmberJI expect it's either openbox or lxde which manage 'desktop'....10:44
AmberJSo, does openbox or lxde create log files...if yes, where?10:45
moza_hello, just managed (after some usb-live problems) a clean install of lubuntu.12:29
moza_is there somewhere i could give feedback on this ? (telling that it worked on my kind of netbook)12:34
jnlsnl_Dose Lubuntu have the desktop icon grid, like xubuntu has ?15:22
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giampieroHello everybody, I've got a question.21:15
giampieroThanks. I am a former Ubuntu user and I have now switched to Lubuntu. I have doubts about the effective lightness of the desktop environment. For instance, opening a youtube video takes about 60/70% of my cpu. I have a centrino processor 1.7 ghz and 1.5 Gb RAM.21:17
giampieroIsn't the usage rate of the CPU excessive?21:18
giampieroHope I was clear enough...21:19
giampieroAny ideas?21:21
KM0201flash is a memory/cpu hog.. you'd have same issue on Doze or Ubuntu21:22
KM0201it always has been21:22
giampieroOk, I just had the feeling that it sucked less CPU with Ubuntu, but cannot make direct comparison since Ubuntu is no longer installed on my pc.21:24
giampieroOne more question: I installed firestarter on my machine and when i run it I get an error message saying that it's impossible to poen the log file.21:25
giampieroopen, sorry.21:25
giampieroAny idea of why it happens and how i can fix it?21:25
phillwgiampiero: specifcally for Utube, yes there is an option.21:27
giampierophillw: what?21:27
phillwgiampiero: head over to http://www.youtube.com/html5 it is bleeding edge, but works fine for me21:28
bioterrornot all the videos are converted to HTML521:30
phillwindeed not, but it is nice to see html5 actually being tested :)21:30
giampieroStill about 80% cpu used.21:30
bioterroryou still have 20% for your OS ;)21:31
phillwvideo is very CPU hungry.21:32
giampieroFine. Any ideas about the firestarter issue?21:32
giampieroHAs any of you experienced the same problem?21:32
bioterrornever used firestarted21:32
giampierobioterroe:do you use a different firewall?21:33
bioterrormy network is firewalled, I dont run on my computers firewall at all21:33
phillwgiampiero: I'd suggest ufw, it is the one most recommened21:34
phillwyour computer is, by default, firewalled. which ports / areas do you wish to unlock?21:34
giampierophillw: ufw is already installed, I just used to have Firestarter on Ubuntu and I would like to have it working on Lubuntu as well.21:35
phillwgiampiero: again I ask, what areas do you wish to unlock, and for why?21:36
bioterrorgiampiero, you can try to touch a log file for it?21:36
giampierobioterror: how do you mean it?21:36
bioterrorsudo touch /var/log/firestarter.log or something like that21:37
giampierophillw: only two ports for amule and transmission for torrents download21:37
* phillw I will leave you in the tender hands of bioterror, if you are really security concious and doing non-standard things with your system I'd really suggest you take the few days to read through http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=51081221:38
giampierophillw: is there another way to use, for instance, Amule at the top of its potential? Without opening ports, I mean.21:42
KM0201giampiero: why not just get a router and open/open close ports through it?  software firewalls suck anyway21:43
giampierokm0201: this I've already done.21:44
phillwgiampiero: as I still bear the scars of being hacked when I messed things up. I'd suggest asking on that forum area. they would prefer to advise you before something happens than after it (I messed up by leaving the root apsswrod available)21:44
KM0201giampiero: so why use the software firewall? just open everything.21:44
giampierothe firewall is supposed to controll all ports, also open ones, isn't it?21:44
bioterrorwife has 11.04 and our bank is complaining her java is too old21:47
bioterrorsaddddakasdasd :D21:47
giampieroThanks everybody anyway, I'll check the forum area. I will ask again if I will be in need.21:49
jmarsdenbioterror: Switching banks is probably easier than backporting the latest Oracle Java :)21:49
bioterrorVersion: 6.24-1build0.10.10.121:49
bioterrorsays ubuntu :D21:49
bioterrorjmarsden, it's not actually as we both have our student loans from that bank ;)21:50

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