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MrCuriouswoo hoo first 2 bugs reported to the launchpad06:33
woglindewookey ping13:18
LBoWhat would be the easiest way to install the ath9k_htc wireless drivers on my pandaboard?15:04
LBoI downloaded wireless-compat and tried compiling it but it threw this error: "ERROR: your kernel has CONFIG_CFG80211=y, you should have it CONFIG_CFG80211=m if you want to use this thing."15:05
MrCuriouswoo hoo 11.10 :)18:48
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wookeywoglinde: pong21:54
woglindewookey I got it run21:54
woglindebut dont ask21:54
woglindeI manually used dpkg-cross to convert all depending libs21:54
woglindeand used equvis to make dummy package for all data deps21:55
wookeyugly. and it built?21:56
woglindehm it should now this way21:56
woglindeI build before agains a debootstrap rootfs21:57
woglindeand used dpkg-cross for shlibs stuff21:57
woglindemarvin24 -> [    0.340325] EMC table: ramd_id: 1, tegra_sku_id 821:58
wookeycan you send in the patch for th rules file changes you've made and tag it 'cross'?21:59
wookeySOunds like you've at least made a start even there is still a certainly amount of hackery and bodgery involved21:59
woglindewookey no22:00
woglindethats an ugly and dirty stuff22:00
woglindeno-one else wants22:00
woglindeand it dont solves pkg-config22:00
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wookeybut presumably ou added DBE_BUILD_ARCH type stuff to rules?22:00
woglindeluckily chromium-browser dont use pkg-conf22:00
woglindeyes I did22:00
woglindeand need too tweak the source a bit22:00
wookeyThat should be correct for everyone22:01
woglindeI set it to armel22:01
woglindethe recipe needs more qa anyway22:01
wookeyforced it to armel?22:01
wookeyhmm, so you didn't work out why that was necessary?22:01
woglindeDEB_BUILD_ARCH := armel22:01
woglindeno time22:02
woglindeI fighted 3 days with it22:02
woglindeto get deb's out22:02
wookeyOK. fair enough. So I guess your bug would be 'chromium doesn;t cross-build'22:02
wookeyI suspect it would still be helpful to whoever follows saying what you found didn;t work22:03
woglindehm it does22:03
wookey"chromium doesn'r corss-build without a lot of bodging and hacking"22:03
wookeythis is important because we apparent;ly can;t build it natively either....22:04
woglindewookey I know22:04
woglindetried it myself22:04
wookeyright, sorry, yes22:04
wookeyanywell, congratulations :-)22:05
woglindeI even tried it with qemu-arm22:05
woglindebut both linker get's an segfault22:05
woglindedeb http://www.familie-heinold.de/ac100 natty free22:05
woglindeif you want to try it out22:06
woglindeokay good nite22:06
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