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froqso I have a QUESTION... when playing with git-clone and downloading the github, how do I make it download the newest clone?  or does it do it automatically?00:50
coalwaterfroq, yea i think by default it downloads the latest revision00:52
coalwaterunless u specify a revision00:52
froqcoalwater, ok, I wondered if that was the case b/c I was not able to find any info about it out there.  thanks!00:52
stlsaintcoalwater: sup00:53
stlsaintopps wrong channel00:54
froqlol :)00:54
froqstlsaint, come on man, this channel is only for those newbies who are anxious to learn!00:54
stlsaintfroq: whoa i am very anxious to learn all the time!!!00:54
coalwaterand ones who are bored and leave 30 seconds after asking :D00:54
froqstlsaint, but you are so well versed in the world, what else is there for you to learn?!00:55
coalwaterfroq, there's always something else to learn00:55
stlsaintfroq: tsk tsk my good person, i am but least of the other folks here :D00:56
froqAre you guys ganging up on me now?!  stlsaint... least of **most** other people here, I am here00:56
stlsaintfroq: lol alright00:57
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froqyou guys know of any alternatives to compiz-fusion for doing features similar to expose & spaces, et al. from the mac world?  (that is the world I came from just recently)01:08
stlsaintfroq: sorry mate ive only ever used compiz (love it)01:08
froqstlsaint, ok... just curiuos! THZ01:09
froqyou ever heard of enlightenment?01:11
stlsaintfroq: yes01:15
stlsaintfroq: heard of yes, used really no01:16
kristian-aalborgfroq, there's a new distro that uses E by default02:21
kristian-aalborgwww.bodhilinux.com (ubuntu based)02:21
kristian-aalborgI think the main dev hangs around here, actually ;)02:22
froqkristian-aalborg, THANKS!!!02:24
kristian-aalborgI've not tried it02:25
froqlooks cool... so it uses enlightenment?!02:25
kristian-aalborgbodhizazen, ping?02:25
kristian-aalborgyou can also install enlightenment on its own if you want02:26
kristian-aalborgI don't know what kind of features you're after02:26
froqkristian-aalborg, idk either.02:26
kristian-aalborgthere's also something called cairo-dock that looks very nice02:27
froqkristian-aalborg, I just like to explore random stuff all day long.02:27
kristian-aalborgthen you will enjoy Linux02:27
froqkristian-aalborg, yeah I have heard of cairo-dock, but I have heard more +++ about AWN.02:27
kristian-aalborgI just switched to fluxbox, which is rad02:27
kristian-aalborgfroq, you can set up your very own desktop, control every detail02:28
froqreally?!  you like fluxbox?!02:28
froqkristian-aalborg, w/ fluxbox you can?02:28
kristian-aalborg... stop being distracted? :P02:29
kristian-aalborgand have everything done super fast02:29
froqkristian-aalborg, a lil' off topic huh?  haha  what are you suppose to being doing @ the moment?02:30
kristian-aalborgthis might give some inspiration02:32
kristian-aalborgI'm supposed to sleep - 3.30 am here ;)02:32
kristian-aalborgfroq, how much have you been playing with linux?02:32
froqkristian-aalborg, for ~2 months, though during on of those months, my fiance' severely limited my time.02:33
froqso 3:30 am... let me think... that must put you in uh... europe?02:33
kristian-aalborgthis is the smarter route to a custom desktop02:34
kristian-aalborgstart with (almost) nothing... then only add what you need02:34
kristian-aalborgnot seen AWN before, looking it up now02:35
froqkristian-aalborg, o so then you have less to remove... lol yea the other day I made the mistake of d/l xfce to see what it looked like... however when it came time to remove it was very difficult... could get ride of it all... eventually just upgraded to 10.10 from 10.04.02:35
aayushthose were some nice screen shots kristian :)02:35
froqaayush, they are!02:35
kristian-aalborgnone of them are mine :)02:35
kristian-aalborgI have one you might like to see... hang on02:35
aayushI had Ubuntu Unity.. didn't liked the GNOME so changed back to the regular one02:36
froqaayush, so what you using now?  and yeah I initially installed 11.04, but I didn't like it...02:36
aayushthe compizconfig is too delicate.. if you tweak a lil bit more.. it breaks and it's hassle to change back all02:37
aayushI am using GNOME 2.32 without Unity02:37
aayushhi frog :)02:38
froq@ the moment, same here, however I really like the looks of bodhi linux that kristian-aalborg  showed me02:38
froqWho is FROG?02:38
aayushhaha.. ma bad.. froq.. have been on screen since morning.. sorry about that02:39
froqkristian-aalborg, how long have you been playing wiht linux?02:39
froqaayush, no worries... I chose froQ b/c it looked so close to frog... lol  and I like frogs.02:39
aayushhaha.. so how long have you been using linux02:39
aayushi used windows for 5+ years and since i have using linux for 3 weeks.. haven't went back to windows02:40
aayushexcept for doing some C#02:40
froqaayush, I just switched to linux from mac 2 months ago...02:40
kristian-aalborgfroq, six years I think02:40
froqaayush, you a programmer by profession?02:40
aayushi am a student02:40
froqkristian-aalborg, o goodness gracious, you are an old folk! :) (comparatively ofcourse.)02:41
kristian-aalborgI wanted to show a rather nice desktop I made on a 1998 Comcrap02:41
aayushi am planning to implement linux on embedded systems02:41
aayushhave you heard about beagleboard02:41
kristian-aalborgI am old by any standard02:41
froqaayush, where you goign to school?  and yes I have heard of beagleboard.02:41
froqkristian-aalborg, haha.02:41
aayushstates, MN02:41
aayushbeagleboard + Linux + QT4 would be nice :)02:42
froqaayush, o wow!  I am in DSM, IA02:42
kristian-aalborgthe reason I asked was that a project like that might not be the very first thing you want to try02:42
aayushnice.. it's been really hot today.. :D cold coffee's keeping me alive02:42
kristian-aalborgif you have several boxen, use one of them to play with and the other for work02:42
aayushHappy 4th of July to everyone..02:42
froqkristian-aalborg, huh kristen?  I am confused... work & play?  I only play. j/k02:43
aayushfroq are you programmer ?02:43
froqaayush, yeah in DSM, it has been hotter than crap too, I am just drinking ton of soda.. silly.02:43
kristian-aalborg"mainstream on the mainframe" is my motto :)02:44
froqaayush, naw, I am a pharmacy student (last year of the 6!!!) and have recently wish I did computer engineering instead of pharmacy.  After getting my pharmD, I am goign to go get my masters in health informatics so I can get close to computers w/o starting over all together.02:44
froqkristian-aalborg, .... what does mainstream on the mainframe mean?02:44
kristian-aalborgit means... I only use software that I really trust on my main box02:45
kristian-aalborgactually, I might be misusing the term "mainframe"... but I like the rhyme02:46
froqkristian-aalborg, OO got ya!  yeah, I desire to build a second box here soon, just trying to figure out financial stuff accordingly.02:46
froqIt is a nice rhyme02:46
kristian-aalborgfroq, get a 100 dollar laptop... or a 50 dollar one02:46
kristian-aalborgor better yet, a free one02:46
froqkristian-aalborg, how so & where?!  those do'02:47
froqdon't grow on trees...but I think I might now where to get one now that you mentioned it!02:47
kristian-aalborgjust whatever old used one you can get02:47
kristian-aalborgit won't hurt if it's a decent quality02:48
kristian-aalborgbut then, make a base install of a fitting distro and play around with it...02:48
froqI have a computer I did a frankenstein w/, however it was a proprietary motherboard, and I could not figure out how to connect the power/ powerlights/ hddlights/ etc. buttons to the board b/c there was no directions... I finally got it running, but then the fans spun full blast constantly... never able to figure it out.02:49
kristian-aalborgyou can run enlightenment with very few resources... I think I ran it with 128 megs. once02:49
froq128 megs?!  NICE!02:49
froqthis computer is a p4 hyperthreaded.02:49
aayush@froq : computer + health = $$$$ haha02:49
kristian-aalborgthis is a P4 single core... about 2003, I think02:50
froqaayush, why do you say that? ... what makes you think that?02:50
froqyou running a P4 kristian-aalborg??02:50
aayushit's ovioius.. next decade.. health's gonna take big leap.. and bio-technology is way to go..02:50
froqnice!  I like the wide spread of computer geeks, some ALWAYS have the best & newest on the market and then there is the other side that keeps stuff for 10 years! :)02:51
aayushhaha.. that's what i think.. :D02:51
froqaayush, that is my hope!  I think the same thing02:51
aayushi am doing computer engineering..02:51
aayushit's fun :)02:51
froqaayush, the best part of the health + technology combo is that most positions out there are as consultants... so you for for a computer and consult out there services... so you getta travel! :)02:51
froqaayush, I am jealous of ya.02:51
froqkristian-aalborg, what you do for a living02:52
kristian-aalborgfroq, http://reviews.cnet.com/desktops/lenovo-thinkcentre-a51-8132/1707-3118_7-31797736.html#manDesc <--- this is the machine02:52
aayushfroq : travelling would be nice.. programmer's life sucks :(02:52
kristian-aalborgfroq, I just quit my work, starting to study in august02:53
froqkristian-aalborg, you can't be THAT old then as you stated!02:53
kristian-aalborgwelfare state02:54
froqaayush, you think programmer lives suck?  Maybe b/c anytime somethign goes wrong with a program, it is the "DAMN" programmers fault! lol02:54
kristian-aalborgaayush, some programmers travel and bring the laptop along?02:54
froqkristian-aalborg, haha!!  it SO took me a moment to understand that comment...I was like "What is a welfare state?"  Then I realized.02:54
aayushhahaha.. frog and kristian.. programming and travelling would be nice..02:55
froqi love IRC.02:55
aayushA Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming, 2nd Edition, 201002:55
aayushI am reading this book. it's good02:55
aayushHighly Recommended for new linux users..02:55
froqaayush, why so?!  justify yourself plz! :)02:56
aayush@froq you mean to say about the book ?02:56
froqaayush, yeah.02:56
aayushExplains the details, book has lots of examples02:56
froqo nice.02:56
aayushand it's cheap as well02:57
froqi gotta have examples.. no examples = no learning (for me)02:57
aayushcan get it for like $10-$15 including shipping02:57
aayush@frog true that.. thats how you learn..02:57
aayushi am trying to learn some shell scripting and perl from that book02:57
froqo nice!  yeah I started trying to teach myself C++ a while back, but man it is so much work for so little pay off (in that I have no guidance that can recommend small *stupid* projects that help you apply as you go.02:59
aayushif you wanna learn C++  then Accelerated C++ is nice book03:00
aayushi know.. froq.. if you don't use it.. it's hard to learn..03:00
aayushttyl.. nice talking with ya..best of luck with your work bye03:01
froqaayush, peace.03:01
froqaayush, I will look into that book! :) thanks03:01
aayushoh yeah.. definately..03:02
kristian-aalborgso I just did a net install... and I don't think I was asked about installing extra stuff?03:21
kristian-aalborgyou know "desktop" "server" "bla blah"03:22
froqwho is "you"?03:22
kristian-aalborgthose who've tried this03:22
kristian-aalborgit's also in the link to a minimal install that I provided03:23
kristian-aalborgthe install takes about 750 megs03:23
froqkristian-aalborg, will it ask about that stuff in the "net install" since it isn't the server install however?  I have never been asked about the extras unless I was specifically install the server OS03:28
kristian-aalborgI think it usually does03:28
froqhey kristian-aalborg what is the difference between say GNOME & Englightnment? One is a DESKTOP?  and the other a window manager... doesn't a desktop encompass a window manager?03:29
kristian-aalborgI'm confused by the terms too, tbh03:30
kristian-aalborga window manager draws windows03:31
kristian-aalborga DE does all the stuff that you see... menus etc03:31
froqhuh.. okay.03:32
froqso similar, yet so distenct I suspect to some.03:34
kristian-aalborgwikipedia has good articles on this03:34
froqwhere is the most upto date article on auto-mounting partitions and HDD on 10.10?!04:43
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E3D3How can I inventarisate all my manually installed software that are not in the menu ?13:23
E3D3How can I output long list in terminal split into readable pages ?13:41
geirhaput   |less   at the end13:42
geirhaThe first question, I don't know.13:43
E3D3geirha: Thanks13:45
E3D3I just solved it what I rembered:   > file13:45
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Abhijithi s-fox16:08
Abhijits-fox, long time?16:08
s-foxIt has been sometime since I spoke with you Abhijit, yes. ;)16:09
Abhijits-fox, :-D16:09
Abhijits-fox, so how are you doing?16:09
s-foxFine thank you.  How are you?16:11
Abhijits-fox, i m okay!16:16
DodgyDaveUbuntu virgin here who needs help. How do I connect my digital video cam to my laptop on ubuntu 11 ? Any help appreciated17:15
DodgyDavetry the proverbial.......'is this thing on ?'17:17
DodgyDavehave I even installed this correctly ?17:17
DodgyDaveis there anywhere else to get ubuntu help ?17:18
DodgyDaveis there any help in here ?17:20
coalwaterhi DodgyDave17:25
coalwaterdo u want to like copy images?17:26
coalwatersorry, vids17:26
holsteinDodgyDave: i have a flipHD... i just plug it in and go to the directory and grab the vids17:50
holsteinreally depends on what camera, and how the vendor has set it up to communicate to the computer17:51
holsteinideally, its presented as a storage device17:51
DodgyDaveI plug the cam into the usb but the laptop doesn't even see it as a storage medium. (USB port is fine, ext HDD works perfectly)17:52
holsteinhow does the vendor say you are supposed to get the vids?17:52
holsteindo they provide an application that is windows only?17:52
holsteinsometimes those types of applications do OK in WINE17:53
DodgyDavetrying to find the manual at the moment. When I use windows and a 3rd party video package (Debut) it is auto detected and I just play the tape and grab the videio17:54
holsteinbe sure you let the vendor know that you are having trouble using the device they created in linux17:55
holsteinDodgyDave: what is the camera?17:55
DodgyDavePanasonic NV-GS6017:55
DodgyDavehave tried googling Panasonic NV-GS60 in Ubuntu, but found nothing that helped17:56
holsteinDodgyDave: did you try debut in WINE ??17:58
DodgyDaveWINE ????17:58
DodgyDaveis that a windows emulator ?17:59
holsteinDodgyDave: what is the application called?18:01
holsteinim not seeing it in the database18:01
holsteinDodgyDave: do you have the camera plugged in?18:02
holsteinif not... plug it in, and open a terminal and run18:02
DodgyDaveyes camera is plugged in, although I need to unplug it to open the menu18:02
holsteinsee if you see anything that looks like the camera mentioned there in lsusb18:03
holsteinif you cant tell whats what, paste the whole thing into http://paste.ubuntu.com/18:04
DodgyDavesounds easy, opened a terminal to install dvd players. HOWEVER, subsequently upgraded to ubuntu 11 and cant find how to open a terminal :)18:04
holsteininstall dvd players?18:04
holsteincodecs or something?...18:04
DodgyDavecouldn't watch dvds until I did it18:04
DodgyDavealso installed Dragon player18:05
holsteinanyways, you should be able to search somewhere there in unity and find terminal18:05
DodgyDaveyou'd think :)18:05
holstein*you are not allowed to watch DVD's out of the box18:05
holsteinDodgyDave: hit alt+F2 and enter18:06
DodgyDavegot it, thanks, oh and now I can watch DVD's out of the box18:07
holsteinout of the box implies that you dont need to add software to make that happen, and you did need to add software18:08
holsteinits due to the legality of that DVD codec18:08
DodgyDavebut you need to add software to anything to watch dvd's, even windows doesn't come with codecs18:09
DodgyDavesurely the codecs are public domain and I own the legitimate dvd so wht shouldn't I be allowed to watch it ?18:09
holsteindepends on where you get windows from... sometimes those licences are paid, and the machine comes with DVD and other playback options enabled18:09
holsteinDodgyDave: the codecs are far from public domain18:10
holsteinjust because you own some gasoline, doesnt mean anyone owes you a car ;)18:10
holsteini just like to make sure i mention, and try to properly educate on why DVD's dont play, and why your camera isnt working out of the box18:11
DodgyDaveinteresting analogy :) however if I own a license to watch a dvd in a non commercial environment, which I do, then how I watch it is up to me18:11
holsteinthese are things that can be challenging and frustrate a new user18:11
holsteinDodgyDave: you dont own a license to watch it... you just have a disc18:11
holsteinthat doesnt imply anything about a codec18:12
DodgyDaveanyway we're getting miles  off track here18:12
holsteinand im no laywer ;)18:12
DodgyDaveI ran lsusb and hey presto, line 2 is my camera :)18:12
holsteinpaste that line here18:13
holsteinand then run...18:13
DodgyDaveBus 006 Device 011: ID 04da:231d Panasonic (Matsushita) DVC Web Camera Device18:13
holsteinsudo fdisk -l18:13
holsteinpaste that here http://paste.ubuntu.com/18:14
holsteinand share it back with me18:14
DodgyDavewas that sudo fdisk -l message for me ?18:14
holsteinDodgyDave: yup18:15
coalwaterDodgyDave, u should paste back the url18:17
DodgyDaveI pasted to the link holstein sent me18:18
coalwaterwhen u do it gives u like an id18:20
DodgyDavegot it18:21
DodgyDavetold you I was new to this :)18:22
coalwaterholstein, http://paste.ubuntu.com/637583/18:22
DodgyDaveso now we know the camera is in fact connected should I download an app to use it as a webcam and to gram by videos ?18:24
holsteinim back now though18:25
DodgyDavedid you get my pste ?18:26
holsteinyeah... the unit is not being presented as a drive18:26
DodgyDavewhich is fine as I dont want to write to it, bear in mind it is a tape digital not flash18:27
holsteinyou want to get the files off18:27
holsteinthat would be what i call 'the easy way'18:27
holsteinas far as my box is concerned, my camera is a USB stick or SD card18:27
DodgyDaveyes, in windows I would play the tape on the camera while recording it in a windows app18:27
DodgyDaveso does your camera use flash storage or tape ?18:28
holsteinOH... i see18:28
holsteinyou dont have storage on the device18:28
holsteinDodgyDave: this is *not* going to be trivial18:28
holsteinjust so you know18:28
holsteinyou'll need to use something like openshot to try and grab that video18:29
DodgyDaveI have downloaded and installed VLC, I think that should be able to do it18:29
holsteinpitivi, kdenlive... theres a bunch of video software18:29
holsteinDodgyDave: VLC can as well18:29
holsteinanother good one is avidemux18:30
DodgyDaveI have opened the 'Capture Device' window and it is asking me the video device name, not sure what I should put in18:30
DodgyDaveshould it be the name from the Terminal18:30
holsteinthats going to be the non-trivial part18:31
holsteinif it were me, i would try avidemux, or openshot18:31
holsteini would just keep looking for a GUI i can understand18:31
holsteinOR, try and find someone who has done this before18:32
DodgyDaveI thought you had :)18:32
holsteini just pull them over like files from a hard drive18:33
holsteinyou need to do a video capture18:33
holsteini think they will all use dvgrab on the backend?18:36
DodgyDaveI think they will have the same issue tho, how to identify the capture device18:37
holsteinthey dont have that problem... you and i do ;)18:37
froqholstein, :)18:37
holsteincheck out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auO_n1aneT8 DodgyDave18:37
holsteinits going to be something like that, just maybe theres an easier way by now18:38
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froqholstein, I finally got the CONKY I wanted!! WOOT WOOT!!  Just takes some time, but eventually it is easy once you grasp it... just wnted to sing praise to you sensei lol21:26
truepurpleHi, can someone help me with clam, or avast?22:06
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froqhow do you guys upload photos from your computer so quickly?23:41

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