dscasselMorning, BluesKaj14:43
BluesKajhi dscassel14:47
BluesKajhi s-fox16:06
s-foxHello BluesKaj. How are you?16:07
BluesKajjust fine thanks s-fox :) , and you ?16:07
s-foxBluesKaj,  Not too bad thank you :)  Having a good weekend?16:08
BluesKajyes , so far so good here16:08
BluesKajand there , s-fox ?16:11
s-foxWe are experiencing freaky weather patterns.  Bit of a heatwave going on. :/16:12
s-foxIt is too hot to do anything, lol16:12
BluesKaja bit warm here as well 28C today , so far ...above the avg for georgian bay/north channel area16:17
s-foxWe are at 22 but sun was at its hottest ~4 hours ago.  Would guesstimate it reached 2816:18
BluesKajs-fox, where are you located?16:19
s-foxI am stuck in UK :/  Only really pop in to see if starcraft.man is about. We go way back ;)16:20
BluesKajok, cool16:20
BluesKajdaughter spent the fall and winter in London UK , but her contract ran out ...wasn't renewed due to gov't funding .. but she had a positive experience there16:23
s-foxGood to hear the experience was positive.16:24
ballIs it the future yet?17:42
BobJonkmanball: If you wait a bit, it'll be the future soon.18:00
dscasselThat reminds me of a song... http://youtu.be/LDiDK_yBCw018:14

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