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EliripsHello all. I just installed gnome3 on my Ubuntu 11.04 from ppa. Unfortunatly, when I come to the login-screen, I can only choose a session "gnome". so, first question: Would that be gnome3? Then, if I choose gnome, i get the error "Faild to load session gnome." Any ideas?12:25
EliripsAlso, if I call gnome-session from a terminal, I get a 'WARNING: Session 'gnome' runnable check failed: Exited with code 1'12:26
EliripsI have to mention that I upgraded first from 10.04 to 10.10, then to 11.04..12:27
GaaraNeed help setting up webcam, seems to be detecting the device in terminal when i plug it in, but does not seem to function17:56
GaaraI have a Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000, Does anyone know if this can be used with 11.04 Desktop?18:04
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