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fainaI'm trying to build packages for the firefox sync server, and have a question about packaging python mako templates.03:46
fainashould the templates be compiled to .py files and then included -- done some how in the debian/rules, or should I try to figure out some where to cache them when compiled after installation?03:48
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maxbHm, if a package was removed from Debian in plenty of time before DebianImportFreeze, and there are no ubuntu modifications, shouldn't it have automatically been removed from oneiric too?12:24
jtaylorI don't think its automatic12:43
jtaylormust be requested12:43
tumbleweedmaxb: removal isn't automatic, archive admins occasionally look at removals in Debian12:43
tumbleweedit's not necessary to explicitly request it when Debian has removed it12:43
bdrungpersia: re your dmb mail: all this should be documented somewhere (e.g. wiki page)14:05
ansgarDoes Ubuntu already allow packages (both source and binary) to use XZ compression?15:12
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persiabdrung: Absolutely.  If the TB doesn't change it, let's put it in the wiki18:13
LaneyBasically it's what (most of us) thought we were doing anyway.18:14
Laneybut thanks for spelling it out18:14
persiaI should probably rely less on memetic transmission and more on documentation :)18:14
Laneyat least it's in the ML archives18:15
Laneythat's a form of documentation.18:15
persiaI thought it was in the minutes of some meeting before.  Anyway, we should have iut in the wiki, as we'll forget again in another couple years.18:16
Laneyyep. after the tb speaks.18:18
fainaI was trying to build a debian package of the firefox sync server and ran into a python packaging policy question. They're using mako templates which compile to .py files. I was trying to figure out if it'd be better to compile the templates into the package, compile them into a cache directory at runtime on the installed systemm, or compile them when the package is installed.18:23
persiafaina: Create the .py files at build time.  Let the system generate the .pyc files at install time.  Do not build anything at package creation time.18:28
fainaOk, I'd almost convinced myself that the template compiling should be done at install time, as that'd be like the current .py -> .pyc policy.18:30
fainaBut I think compiling at build time would be a lot easier18:30
persiaIndeed.  Saves lots of compute cycles worldwide.18:31
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fainawhy is there the build .pyc at install-time policy? Oh... because you don't know which versions of python are installed18:32
persiaRight :)18:32
fainathank you... I've been trying to figure out a good answer to that question for a couple of days18:33
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jMCgHello happy people.22:33
jMCgI'm a traffic server dev, and I'm trying to repro this: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=63254622:34
ubottuDebian bug 632546 in trafficserver "trafficserver: FTBFS with ld --as-needed" [Normal,Open]22:34
jMCgOn Natty this builds fine, so if I get this right, these symbols don't exist in Natty's libssl.22:35
tumbleweedjMCg: daemonkeeper was just asking the same questions in #debian-ubuntu on OFTC22:36
jMCgtumbleweed: I'll be there for less.. uh.. stuff.22:37
tumbleweedyou'll only see this occur in pre-release natty or oneiric. ld stopped using --as-needed by default for natty release, because not all packages were building yet22:37

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