holstein*due to the holidays, the ubuntustudio meeting scheduled for 15 minutes ago will be cancelled18:15
shnatselis it going to be re-scheduled?18:16
shnatselholidays actually explain why I got no response in -dev mailing list and why it's so quiet18:17
holsteinshnatsel: we could reschedule18:30
holsteinare you here for the ubuntustudio meeting?18:30
shnatselholstein: yes18:31
shnatselholstein: I got no response on the mailing list so I came here18:31
StevenRthat would explain the fireworks earlier18:32
StevenR(actual fireworks that I could hear from my house)18:32
holsteinshnatsel: would you join #ubuntustudio-devel ??18:33
shnatselholstein: np18:33
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