benonsoftwareHi all.01:39
ari-tczewhi benonsoftware01:39
benonsoftwareQuestion: What happens when we have finsihed reading https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing ?01:41
benonsoftware 01:41
ari-tczewbenonsoftware: start contribution? ;-)01:42
benonsoftwareHave any ideas on what?01:42
micahgbenonsoftware: does anything appeal to you out of the lists of contributions?01:42
benonsoftwareAnother Question: What does Preparing New Packages mean?01:44
micahgbenonsoftware: creating Debian packaging for some piece of software from sctract01:45
benonsoftwareHow would I do that?01:45
micahgbenonsoftware: the packaging guide describes how to do that, but I'd suggest starting with something easier01:46
benonsoftwareDo you have a idea?01:46
micahgbenonsoftware: well, what's your background?01:46
micahgbenonsoftware: you could fix open bugs in python packages01:50
benonsoftwareKnow any good packages to start of with micahg ?01:55
micahgbenonsoftware: well, I always suggest stuff that you're running01:56
benonsoftwareWhat packages do you like that are in Python?01:58
micahgidk, I'm still learning python02:01
benonsoftwareWhere are you learning it from micahg ?02:02
micahgnowhere in particular, was told to use the python documentation as a guide02:02
Jadoo1989Python books are notoriously crappy.02:04
benonsoftwareI've heard02:04
benonsoftwareEven C++/C books are great as door stops02:05
Jadoo1989I like some C books. C Primer Plus was a great book02:05
benonsoftwareI had Teach Yourself C++ in 21 days.02:06
benonsoftware21 hours later...02:06
benonsoftwareUsing it as a door stop.02:06
Jadoo1989theres  a C++ version, called C++ Primer Plus, I believe02:06
Jadoo1989not sure if it is of the same quality as the C book.02:07
benonsoftwareI hate the in 21 days books.02:07
Jadoo1989I never used them. Sounds too much like a gimmick02:07
micahgbenonsoftware: you could look at the build failures here and see if you can fix any of the ones in the python packages: http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/oneiric.html02:08
benonsoftwareDo any of you know what GCC is built with?02:11
benonsoftwareProberly C> :)02:11
micahggcc is built with gcc :)02:11
benonsoftwareSo what is it built with?02:13
Jadoo1989gcc is written in C.02:17
micahgand c++ these days02:18
Jadoo1989for some front ends02:19
Jadoo1989i believe02:19
benonsoftwareWhat's Eah?02:20
Jadoo1989my y key is dodgy02:21
Jadoo1989so it should say yeah02:21
benonsoftwareWhat version of Python should I use for MOTU05:34
benonsoftwareSo what version should I use then?05:38
benonsoftwareHI all.06:47
bones_does anyone here do notify-osd programming?09:11
tumbleweedbones_: #ubuntu-desktop or #ayatana people are probably more likely to be familiar with it.09:19
Jadoo1989accidentally left09:51
benonsoftwareJust like me ;p09:57
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EvilPhoenixis there a specific MOTU I should talk to regarding arranging a class session on Ubuntu Packaging?  Specifically, I'd like to arrange for an MOTU to run a session somewhere about the REVU process for getting apps into a release's repos18:36
tumbleweedEvilPhoenix: we recommend new packages go via Debian where possible. Debian's stronger maintainership may help packages from being neglected, and generally it brings the package to a wider audience18:55
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micahgwow, gnash has 454 build-deps...23:42
Laneylucas: i'd like to link to the UDD schema - could you trigger a manual update so that the new tables show up?23:54
Laneybtw you probably want to flip only-recent again23:55

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