nhandlerBased on what NRWlion had to say, I see no reason for the touchlay stuff to be on the fridge. I'll shoot them an email and remove it00:41
holstein^^ is this what we are working with??14:56
* NRWlion has no idea15:03
holsteinanyone around and want to help with the newz?15:40
NRWlionholstein: anything urgent?15:40
holsteinmaybe i'll just summarize whats there, and see if anyone comes along15:42
holsteinim going to be busy for a bit anyways...15:42
NRWlionholstein: ill speed up with my topics and may be able to assist later15:43
holsteinNRWlion: :)15:44
nhandlerI just added a todo list for this issue to the gdoc. Feel free to edit it as you complete items16:49
holsteinnhandler: cool16:52
NRWlionholstein: need to have a break may be back later. but for now i put myself in front of tv to watch asterix movie18:25
NRWlionhey there21:13
NRWlionis there still anything to sum up or so?21:13

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