chiltsheh, I haven't been called Chilly for ages, it's usually chilts but I'll still respond :)21:50
ibeardsleenot as cold as it was last week21:51
hadsProbably the best frost we've had here this morning21:51
ibeardsleeand although hardly noticeable .. we are on the up side again .. days getting longer21:51
ajmitchthough it doesn't feel like we've had much of winter yet21:53
ibeardsleetrue .. it seems winter really starts once the days get longer21:53
ajmitcha few frosts down here & that's about it21:53
ibeardsleebut I also did see something about a mild winter this year21:53
hadsHmm, my fonts in Chromium are all weird this morning.21:53
ajmitchnot just sorry to skiers, but quite a few businesses in queenstown & other skiiing centres21:54
hadsThe ones who were already struggling.21:54
hadsFeels like -4°c21:55
ajmitchright, since quite a few tourists fly into christchurch & go from there21:55
ibeardsleethose that 'survive' over the summer break and then get hammered by bad weather21:55
mwhudsonit was pretty cold at the hut i was at in the tararuas on sunday morning :)22:58
ibeardsleewhich hut?23:01
mwhudsonmitre flats23:09
ibeardsleeoh yes, that's a nice one for sitting in a valley that collects the cold23:11
mwhudsonwas very pretty though, and it cleared before we went to bed so we could see the stars23:12
ibeardsleenice .. of course seeing the stars means that the morning will be a bit frostier23:13
hadsDamn. Left a console.log statement in some JS last night. Breaking things for lots% of people that don't use Chrome/Safari or have Firebug installed.23:27
snailmōrena koutou23:29
chiltshads: I've seen people set console.log to function() {} (if it doesn't already exist), so that it'll never kill IE23:32
chilts(even though you'd probably remove those console.log() statements anyway)23:32
chiltsit one line: if (typeof console == "undefined") var console = { log: function() {} }; // or something similar23:33
hadsThanks, I do recall seeing that somewhere also. Probably a good safegaurd against late Sunday evening code pushes.23:33
chiltsyeah, I don't use it yet, but as the first line of the first of your own scripts, it seems like a half-decent idea23:34
chiltsit's kinda like a protection thing, even though you know you're meant to remove all references to it :)23:34

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