benonsoftwareI was told this is the contact for locobot_206:35
benonsoftwareI was wondering where do I get the source code for it?06:35
ubottumasterofpuppetss called the ops in #ubuntu ()11:11
oCeanhe's claiming I'm trolling him11:12
oCeanplease don't ban me11:12
oCeanit was jabbathehut :(11:14
masterofpuppetssnot sure why i was banned..11:15
oCeanoh really?11:15
masterofpuppetssyou were trolling me11:17
oCeanno I was not11:17
oCeanI think you know what's the matter here11:17
masterofpuppetssnot quite sinking in yet...11:17
oCeanok. Then think about it some more11:17
masterofpuppetssu ban me for off-topic?11:19
masterofpuppetssis there any other op in here11:20
oCeanI'm done with you, your banevading will be reported to freenode staff11:21
masterofpuppetssi never evade any ban?11:21
masterofpuppetssno idea what you are talking about11:21
masterofpuppetssis there another op in here?11:21
masterofpuppetssim literally being railroaded by this guy for no reason......11:22
ubottumasterofpuppetss called the ops in #ubuntu-server ()11:24
oCeanand, not surprisingly trolling -server right now11:25
ubottumasterofpuppetss called the ops in #ubuntu-server ()11:25
jpdsAnd he wonders why he's banned.11:39
jpdsMaster of Muppets.11:39
ikoniaI'm seeing if there is a staff member frere for -server as they are on the access list11:40
oCeanah, great11:40
ikoniathe lack of ops in -server is getting quite tedious11:40
oCeanindeed. Yesterday he did exact the same thing11:41
bazhang* fdeiam has quit (Quit: when finally i am killed, it will be the government that killed me)11:50
bazhangafter the bizarro PM he sent me.11:50
jpdsbazhang: http://i.imgur.com/N99dO.jpg11:58
bazhangjpds, heh nice11:58
bazhangthought war-driving was suspect, at best11:59
bazhangany consensus on asking for wardriving support in #ubuntu ?12:02
LjLbazhang: "wardriving" to me just means pinpointing the location of access points, which is just fine12:03
LjLif it means someone else to other people, then that's different12:03
bazhangLjL, it's specifically driving around to get into others unprotected wifi12:04
bazhangand he has phrased it in exactly that manner12:04
LjLbazhang: i don't think that's what the strict definition is, though12:04
bazhangdoes cooldood have any real clear questions, btw? he seems to just keep asking for help12:05
ikoniabazhang: have you any idea what he's talking about ?14:22
bazhangikonia, the gdm greeter he linked to14:23
ikoniabut what about it ? does he want to use it or is he having a problem with it ?14:23
ikoniaI can't follow what he's actually saying14:23
bazhangcant get it set up it seems14:24
ikoniaah, ok14:24
jpdsThat was random.15:09
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from truepurple)19:35

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