qman__jMCg, the only 32-bit system I have which returns i386 at all, anywhere in uname, is the one running the linux-386 kernel00:20
qman__normal 32-bit kernels are going to return i68600:20
qman__because that's what they are00:21
jMCgqman__: ACK.00:24
JanCthere might be something used by apt/dpkg that still returns i386 though00:27
ksx4systemis it possible to make rtgui actually work under Debian with lighttpd?01:33
uvirtbotNew bug: #804961 in amavisd-new (main) "package amavisd-new-postfix 1:2.6.5-0ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80496102:07
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ksx4systemhow do I make htpasswd auth on single directory with lighttpd? i'm not using any vhosts04:17
jmarsdenksx4system: crossposting between #debian and #ubuntu-server is a bad idea.  Pick one, the right one for the OS you are using.04:22
ksx4systemjmarsden: sometimes it's not, at least when #debian remains completely silent and/or question is ignored04:27
jeeves_mosshow do I get my NTPd server to service global NTP requests?05:39
rewthave it listen on your internet-facing interface, and open the port in your firewall05:42
jeeves_mossrewt, I tried that.  I have port 123UDP open on the firewall, and even when I do a local nmap, the port isn't open05:46
rewttry a remote nmap05:46
jeeves_mosstried that, port is closed05:47
jeeves_mosscould it be a deny line in the config?05:49
rewtcould be05:52
jeeves_mossok, thanks05:54
jeeves_mossI'll have a look05:54
jeeves_mossrewt, does this mean it's working?06:03
jeeves_moss ntpq -np06:03
jeeves_moss     remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset  jitter06:03
jeeves_moss*    2 u    2   64    1    0.148  -43.816   1.59006:03
rewtnot sure; that could just mean that your server synchronized itself to another06:05
jeeves_mossrewt when I try the ntpdate command, I get " no servers can be used, exiting"06:10
qman__jeeves_moss, ntpdate doesn't work correctly in ubuntu, use ntpdate-debian, but that's also different from ntpd06:42
qman__ntpd does its own thing06:42
qman__just give it some time to work and it'll sync with servers06:43
qman__that output means it's 43 seconds off a stratum 2 server06:43
qman__once it closes the gap you'll be right on06:43
uvirtbotNew bug: #805005 in drbd8 (main) "package drbd8-source 2:8.3.7-1ubuntu2.1 failed to install/upgrade: drbd8 kernel module failed to build" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80500507:35
uvirtbotNew bug: #805007 in drbd8 (main) "package drbd8-source 2:8.3.7-1ubuntu2.1 failed to install/upgrade: drbd8 kernel module failed to build" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80500707:42
JoeBloggsanyone using ISPconfig 3 on Ubuntu server 11 ?09:36
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ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! soren, lamont, mathiaz or tom11:24
masterofpuppetssoCean: i like black men11:24
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! soren, lamont, mathiaz or tom11:25
masterofpuppetssoCean: i like black men11:26
RoyK 13:39
* RoyK wonders what just happened a week back or so - cpu load on our spam filter went from a low 27% cpu load to an average of 58%13:49
* RoyK is slightly impressed - four machines crammed into 2U, each machine with two 12-core opterons and 64GB RAM, the systems are running at 100% on all cores, with quite a bit of memory load, and the cpu temperature is between 48 and 52˚C14:46
echo6Need help changing green terminal text to white, tried setterm -clear all -store, but this is not persistent, I get green text back after reboot16:06
echo6it would also appear that text that should be grey is green!16:06
rizzuhHow can I restore several database dumps (.sql) into a single existing database? Do you have a bash script that would do that?16:14
RoyKecho6: that seems to me a desktop question :P16:42
RoyKyou know a server is old when some of the cron jobs haven't been updated since 199917:07
oCeanprobably a y2k fix, what else did we do in 1999?17:09
rewtpartied like it's 199917:27
b0nghitterwhat is the preferred FTPd for a production machine? something simple and secure.17:42
greppyb0nghitter: I've always liked proftpd, it will also do auth against mysql17:45
b0nghitterok, cool. i have used proftpd before, mainly because of resume support..17:48
qman__IMO, not using FTP at all is the preferred method18:48
qman__unless you _like_ using a protocol that punches thousands of holes in your firewall, transmits credentials in cleartext, doesn't work over NAT, and mangles text files18:53
greppyqman__: for some people, it's an acceptable risk or needed for thier application.19:04
qman__again IMO, if your application only works with FTP, you need a new application19:07
qman__there's plenty of other ways to transmit files, all of which are massive improvements over FTP19:07
uvirtbotNew bug: #805206 in php5 (main) "php 5.3.2 is affected by a bug in the DateTime object" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80520620:11
j3rothQuestion: Is there a program to log DNS requests that users SSH'd into my server request?20:33
greppyj3roth: if you use a local dns server, like bind, you can turn on query logging.20:34
j3roththis is true.20:34
greppymatching that to a specific process or user can be a little tricky.20:34
j3rothyeah, that is what I am trying to figure out. I have multiple users connecting via ssh to the box. I want to be able to monitor their requests....20:35
j3rothbecause they are my teenage sons and I do not trust what they are browsing lol20:36
j3rothI am not the type to put a filter on internet access. More just to make sure they aren't doing any unhealthy.20:37
StevenRj3roth: they're browsing via ssh?20:37
j3rothWork around to university filter. ssh -D20:37
greppythen don't worry about matching it to a single user, just turn on logging and review what they are hitting.20:37
j3roththat works20:37
greppyif they go somewhere naughty, call them both in and have them fess up to it and/or explain what happened, until then, they don't have access anymore :)20:38
j3rothgracias good sirs20:39
j3rothor ma'ams20:39
goddardim trying to setup my network card but i get nothing21:01
goddardim running an old ibm eserver21:01
jeeves_mossis there a way to shrink a live partition?  I would like to shrink the root partition on my server so I can install reiser4 on a small (<4gb partition)21:18
guntbertJeeves_: not while it is mounted21:18
jeeves_mossguntbert,damn it.  LOL21:19
guntbertsorry, mistabbed :)21:19
jeeves_mosshave you ever setup a FreeCDDB server before.21:19
guntbertjeeves_moss: no21:19
jeeves_mossthe "howto" I'm reading reccomends using that type of file system for it since it comtains tons of small files.  Any sudgestions?  I'm currently running on EXT321:20
jeeves_mossright now, in this server, space is kind of at a preimum.  I have all of my 76Gb 10K Ultra320 drives tied up in another server21:21
guntbertjeeves_moss: as far as I know reiserfs is not in active development any more, so I'd be reluctant to go that way21:21
jeeves_mossany ideas on a good FS for small files?21:22
jeeves_moss(I have another project that caches JPEG files, so I also need a soulition for that as well)21:22
jeeves_mosshas ZFS become stable enough for production?  I don't really want to run SUNOS, but I need the abilty to add drives of differen't sizes on the flyand auto expand21:24
qman__jeeves_moss, I was considering nexenta for that reason21:27
jeeves_mossahhh.  well, the secondary box that I need to go into roduction is a 6 drive IBM box that I would like to have the features of ZFS on.  the auto arrange of the cluster size, and the ability to mount new drives (reguardless of size) and auto add/expand them into the set us a HUGE thing for me.  The site will be caching JPEGs and offering up streaming videos, so we need SPEED!21:29
jeeves_mossand since the RAID controllers built into this box won't play nice with Ubuntu, I'm kinda annoyed21:30
qman__I wanted it for the filesystem-level hash checking, and the per-file redundancy settings21:31
jeeves_mossahhh, does it play nice when disks die?21:32
qman__it'd save me a lot of space if I didn't have to keep double parity on temporary files21:32
qman__without buying yet more disks just for that21:33
jeeves_mossahhh, well, this 6 disk box will have a JBOD tossed on it as soon as I can afford it.  Then, as we expand, I'll slowly swap out the 76Gb disks for 146Gb ones.  But, as I said, I need to make sure it's production safe and tested21:33
ezrtyuiopHello there21:34
ezrtyuiopanyone ?21:34
qman__!anyone | ezrtyuiop21:34
ubottuezrtyuiop: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.21:34
jeeves_mossahhh..  does it do optimization, etc?  or am I going on about something that's not that important?21:34
qman__it can do compression, but it's not exactly designed for maximum speed21:35
ezrtyuioponce after installation cacti-cactid i got this error E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)21:35
qman__ezrtyuiop, you have to scroll up and find the first error21:35
qman__that's just telling you there was one21:36
jeeves_mossqman__, ahhh, well, I'm not sure anymore what I should do with this box then.  I figured dual quad core 3.0Ghz Xenons, 8Gb of RAM, and a few TB should be good enough for a small streaming server21:36
qman__jeeves_moss, well, it's not really slow, but it's more aimed at robustness than pure speed21:37
qman__raid 0 or 10 will be faster21:37
ezrtyuiopwhat have to do ?21:38
jeeves_mossqman__, the cards in the box will do 10, but it's sensitive to the drive size, etc, and won't auto scale21:38
jeeves_mossezrtyuiop, I'm looking to start a streaming server for education, etc.  it's mostly flash baised (yes, I got bent over when I talked to the Adobe rep)21:38
qman__yeah, those sorts of features require a level of dynamic adjustment that will sap your speed21:38
qman__zfs would make it easy to expand later, but you're not going to be as fast as raid 1021:39
jeeves_mossqman__, that's what I was looking at.  And I have a range of weird sized Ultra320 drives here that I was just going to slap into the box to start with,then as I can afford it, pull out the smaller ones, and replace them21:39
qman__well, zfs is certainly going to be the most convenient in that case21:40
qman__and it's not going to be really slow, just slower than a dedicated raid 1021:40
jeeves_mossqman__, but I think think it'll run on Ubuntu though, right?21:41
qman__not sure how far along ZFS is in linux yet21:41
qman__I know the fuse version is pretty decent21:41
jeeves_mossthere is the linecing issues.  (sorry, too drunk to spell right now)21:41
qman__but, that's why I was looking at nexenta21:42
qman__it's basically an opensolaris kernel with a debian userland21:42
jeeves_mossand granted, RAID 10 or RAID 50 is nice, but I can see a LOT of problems with it growing out of the dust when this gets going21:42
qman__giving us the robust solaris features without the headaches21:42
ezrtyuiopwow what is raid10 or RAID50 never heard before ?21:43
ezrtyuiopor are you talking about raid 1 and Raid 5 ?21:43
qman__10 is 1 + 0, 50 is 5 + 021:43
qman__it's a combination of concepts for improved speed21:44
qman__my file server's a raid 6, which is really slow21:44
ezrtyuiopmiroring ?21:44
qman__even with a quad core 3GHz+ and good controllers, I'm not even topping out gigabit21:45
jeeves_mossqman__, yes, I know.  I guess I'm limited by the layout and $$$.  I was thinking of buying a 2U box with 24 SAS bays.  But I can't figure out how to cram enough controllers in it and still have room for everything else.21:45
jeeves_mossmy goal is for the expandability and screw up recovery21:45
qman__I can't imagine any other way to fit that many in a 2U21:45
qman__I've seen 4Us that big21:46
jeeves_mossyea, they're 2.5'21:46
qman__would require some expensive controllers then, ones with lots of ports per card21:46
jeeves_mossyea.  that's the problem.  8 ports a card (2 PCIx slots), and the rest on the mobo21:47
qman__I decided to just buy more disks for my aging server, for now21:47
jeeves_mosslol, we're running outta space here in the house.21:47
qman__but after I run out of space on that, I'm going 4U21:47
qman__and ZFS, whatever that requires me to run21:47
qman__or possibly btrfs if it gets up to snuff by then21:47
jeeves_mossI might just run this IBM 2U box for a while (untill I outgrow it), then move to that 24 bay one and load it with laptop HDDs21:48
qman__raid 6 is really slowing me down21:48
jeeves_mosslol, oh?21:48
qman__but my previous raid 5 lost three disks in one day21:49
qman__so I'm not doing that again21:49
jeeves_mossWTF?  seriously?21:49
qman__two within an hour21:49
jeeves_mosswere you home to find out?21:49
qman__yeah, it crapped out on me while I was using it, but I didn't notice until the second one died21:49
qman__and my files suddenly became read-only21:50
qman__so, this one's raid 6 with a hot spare, but it's really slow21:50
qman__next time around I'm going with something better, like ZFS21:50
jeeves_mosssomething about Ultra320 drives in a mirror just do it for me for I/O.  I don't like this laptop I use as a work station.  :-(21:50
qman__the old raid 5 would top out gigabit easy21:51
qman__the current one struggles to do 55MB/s read21:51
qman__with 11 disks in the raid21:51
jeeves_mosshas anyone figured out what this damn jbd2/sda5-8 is? it keeps popping up on IOTOP21:51
qman__like, hdparm shows a lot more speed than that21:52
qman__but actual file transfers don't go near the 80MB/s the old one did21:52
jeeves_mossI can't complain.  this little box is slated to live a life serving RAIDUS requests.  Not bad for a little 1U IBMbox (dual 1Ghz, 2.5Gb RAM, dual 36.6Gb 10K Ultra320s)21:53
jeeves_mossugh, brb, more beer required21:55
jeeves_mossdoes this mean it works?  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZFS21:58
JinHello, I have a question regarding ubuntu server22:16
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)22:17
JinIs it wrong to have both web and mail server on the same ubuntu server machine?22:17
alamarJin: no22:17
alamarwhy would that be wrong?22:17
alamarof course depending on your USECASE it might be wrong22:17
Jincuz I'm planning to build a mail server on my webserver ubuntu and make it work as both at the same time22:18
Jinthank you Alamar22:18
alamarthere is no definitive answer to such a question22:18
alamaryou could separate all services to different physical machines22:18
alamarthen again you could make use of various virtualization techniques22:18
guntbertJin: have you got experience with mail servers?22:18
JinI only have one machine22:18
alamar(with more or less the same effect)22:18
JinThis is my first time building a mail server22:19
alamarmanagewise if their is a link between the offered services it might be easiest to have them on one single system22:19
guntbertJin: then PLEASE don't run a publicly available mail server yet22:19
alamar(like same domains for mail as for webhosting)22:19
JinI have a domain let's say jin.com, I want to make my website can allow people create their own email that would be something@jin.com22:19
alamarJin: for you it might be the best to just use plesk or ispconfig22:20
alamarbecause YOU would probably screw up more22:20
Jinwhat do you mean Guntbert?22:20
JinI don't know anything about plesk?22:20
alamarJin: the good thing about that is plesk is more or less designed to work even for people who have no idea about plesk or server administration22:21
qman__Jin, postfix is not microsoft exchange, it doesn't require a quad processor server with 24 gigs of RAM just to house a few mailboxes22:21
alamarJin: he means that people shouldn't run publicly accesable mail services if they are not fit to administer them22:21
guntbertJin: mail servers are (if not configured correctly) in danger of being open mail relays22:21
JinI want to secure, nobody can own an email just like that, I'm gonna code the website myself and build inside the mail system integrated with the mail server, I have 0 experience about it but I need to go through it22:22
alamaras I said. just use plesk(for hosting only one domain it's even free) or ispconfig(if you don't want to pay anything and have more than one domain)22:22
mendel_Jin: Google Apps sounds perfect for you22:22
Jinno, I don't want google to host my mail server22:23
JinHere is some help websites that I found, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer22:23
alamarwhy not? they'd do a far more superior job22:23
Jinyes but in my project, it requires a private mail server22:23
mendel_sending and receiving mails?22:24
mendel_or just sending22:24
mendel_yes what22:24
Jinsending and receiving22:24
Jinmendel_ and alamar, do you please know any good website that helps building own mail servers in a better way and secure that I should follow?22:25
guntbertJin: "private" as in "hidden behind a router, used only in your private network"?22:25
guntbertthat would be the way to start22:25
qman__so long as you put in the right information, the default 'internet site' configuration is reasonably secure22:25
Jinprivate to the website itself and it's global over internet22:25
JinI'm confused22:26
alamarJin: I think you should use plesk or ispconfig. building a mailserver manually that is configured appropriately is fucking work IMHO. there are probably a lot of "build a very sexy allround mailserver" howtos on howtoforge22:26
guntbertalamar: do you know of a good tutorial "how to use ispconfig" ?22:28
alamarno but it has a webinterface - that's normally all people need ;) but iirc there exists quite thorough documentation from the author22:30
alamar(called something like ispconfig book probably)22:30
guntbertalamar: ok, gonna look :)22:30
alamarit seems it's not for free22:32
guntbertthx :)22:32
rizzuh_laptopHow do I restore a bunch of sql dumps into an existing database? They're all prefixed by date and number, in the order to be applied. A bash script or something similar would be great.22:39
mendel_rizzuh_laptop: mysql?22:45
mendel_create a sql file and import it with the mysql command?22:45
mendel_mysql -p -h host dbname < queries.sql22:45
rizzuh_laptopI have about 50 files I want to import in order.22:46
rizzuh_laptopI tried with find and xargs, but couldn't get mysql or mysqlimport to import them.22:46
rizzuh_laptopThe files are named like 2011-06-22-00-dbname_change.sql22:47
mendel_I would loop the dir with a nodejs script and then exec mysql with that file22:48
mendel_not much of a shell pro22:48
mendel_must be a easier way, sorry I can't help22:48
rizzuh_laptopthanks anyway22:51
rizzuh_laptopI could write a C++ porg to do it mendel_, but that would take too long heh, to write and to compile.22:52
qman__you can definitely shell script it22:52
qman__but the question is, would it be faster to learn and write the script22:52
rizzuh_laptopSure, but how? I'm a shell newbie.22:53
qman__or just do it one by one22:53
rizzuh_laptopThere's a LOT of files, with long names the lieks on 2011-06-22-00_dbname_somename.sql22:53
qman__that's what tab completion is for22:53
rizzuh_laptopAnd this is just once now, but there will be more updates in the future.22:53
rizzuh_laptopYeah, but it's a lot of typing still :<22:53
qman__well, if it's more than a one shot thing22:53
qman__then definitely go for the script22:53
qman__I'm not exactly a pro at it myself22:53
qman__but it shouldn't be too complicated22:54
rizzuh_laptopThe thing is I failed at scripting this, which should be basically get list of files in directory, feed them one by one to mysql/mysqlimport.22:54
qman__this may help  http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashPitfalls22:55
qman__it basically lists all the mistakes I've made when trying to script something22:55
rizzuh_laptopqman__, thanks.22:57
rizzuh_laptopqman__, funny one of the mistakes there (for in in ...) is exactly what I need xD22:58
qman__banged my head against the wall on that problem many times before I saw that page22:58
jMCgIn order to enable crash dumps, I need to install kdump-tools... and?23:35
sw0rdfishhey guys 'last -10' tells you who has logged in to your system for the last23:38
sw0rdfish10 times23:38
sw0rdfishcan I use that to give me the IP of users who logged into my vps?23:40
sw0rdfishvia ssh23:40

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