brobostigongood night everyone, sleep well.00:02
gordi know people say linux is hard to use... but i just gave up trying to get remote desktop working in windows, windows is way harder00:33
penguin42gord: I did it a few years back (probably last time I used Windows) - rdesktop did actually work quite well00:37
gordi'm talking about the built in one00:38
gordfor windows 700:38
gordits like a mind game00:38
gordah, now windows firewall has decided to block everything on the network00:39
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Back From Dublin - http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/07/03/back-from-dublin/04:07
danfishunfortunately my 2 year old wakes with the sunrise :(07:04
MartijnVdSwhat's unfortunate about that?07:04
MartijnVdSgives you the entire day do do nothing! :)07:04
danfishdaddy doesn't like getting up at 0430!07:04
MartijnVdSTime for better curtains?07:05
danfishthey're blackout curtains already, but light still seems to get in07:05
danfishstill, I've finished updating all PC's in the house to 11.0407:06
MartijnVdSsee, it's useful to be up early :P07:07
danfishit is also a stunning morning here weatherwise07:11
danfishmight have breakfast in the garden07:11
* daubers needs to write some blog stuff, download an ubuntu iso and sort out his laptop today10:12
GaaraNo user list :310:43
GaaraThis irc client sux10:43
daubersQuiet around here this morning10:51
DJonesMorning all10:52
=== daubers_ is now known as daubers
daubersAh.... that's a bit better11:20
brobostigongood morning everyone,11:27
* daubers so needs an ssd11:28
* brobostigon is starting to hate androids FB client, it is slow, and unstable.11:30
daubersbrobostigon: I've only been using it a few days but am not having any problems11:35
brobostigondaubers: the thing that is significant, it is much slower at loading, and scrolling, and loading different parts of the app, aswell as higher memory and cpu usage.11:37
daubersbrobostigon: Not noticed that on mine11:38
brobostigondaubers: what android are you on? i am using AOSP 2.3.411:38
daubersbrobostigon: What phone/firmware?11:39
daubersI'm still on 2.3.3 as that's what came with the Galaxy S II11:39
brobostigondaubers: AOSP 2.3.4 htc dream11:39
brobostigoneverything else is working fine, except this.11:40
AlanBellmorning all11:42
daubersMorning AlanBell11:43
daubersAlanBell: I've a 24TB box (18TB useable) set aside for oggcamp now \o/ (as long as my boss doesn't sell it....)11:44
brobostigonmorning AlanBell11:45
AlanBelldaubers: awesome :)11:54
daubersAlanBell: It's got a 10GbE trunk link in, so I'll try and grab a switch as well11:56
ubuntuuk-planet[Matt Daubney] Day 3: Printers and Development - http://daubers.co.uk/2011/07/03/day-3-printers-and-development/12:07
* AlanBell likes openshot integration with Blender in Oneiric12:18
AlanBellin fact this is awesome, it can do rendered animated titles from a template12:20
gordi can't use the new blender =\12:22
gordthey changed the keybindings, so i try and do something and it takes me somewhere else, so i try and get out of there and i get taken to a third place! its a maze12:22
AlanBellI just fired it up and thought, finally, a blender I can use!12:23
gordyeah i'm sure its much better for people who are new to blender :) i am just stuck in my ways12:23
gordtrying to sign up to a website, it wants me to put in a "nickname" but it has to be over six characters. i don't think they understand the concept of a nickname12:25
gordhaha and i can't use "special characters" in my password. on geez12:25
brobostigononeiric has the same blender version as in debian sid,12:27
AlanBellyay, I have unity running again on the oneiric box12:27
MartijnVdSAlanBell: now start calibre ;)12:27
gordwoo, what was the problem?12:27
MartijnVdSAlanBell: or full-screen vlc12:27
AlanBellbrobostigon: yes, they synced it because it couldn't install12:27
brobostigonAlanBell: ah,i see.12:27
AlanBellgord: I tried to do something in ccsm so it fell over in a heap12:28
AlanBelljust wish it had a better failure mode than booting to an empty wallpaper12:28
gordif your session is set up correctly it should restart compiz if compiz crashes12:28
AlanBellstill can't run it on my main laptop for reasons I can't figure out12:29
MartijnVdSgord: it doesn't restart the decorator bit if that crashes though12:29
AlanBellcompiz was running, but the unity plugin wasn't12:29
AlanBelljust trying to turn on the cube means it conflicts with wall and unity depends on something that provides largedesktop which they both do, but it disables itself during the process12:30
daubersApparently there are some people demonstrating Win 7 in the oracle in Reading...... tempting to go along and have some fun12:30
scoundrel50aa couple of weeks ago, I ende up for one reason or another, installer via a .deb package, Oneiric. Now, since then I havent updated it, as I still cannot get the backlight to work, despite some help, it just wont run. I would like to be able to update. The only way I can do it, is remote ssh using my other computer, but I cannot remember the command, its a simple one, ssh ipaddress something, but I cannot remember the something....can some12:30
scoundrel50abody help?12:30
AlanBelltouch almost anything in ccsm and the unity plugin gets turned off12:31
AlanBellhi scoundrel50a12:31
scoundrel50aInstalling a kernel, I should say12:31
scoundrel50amust make that clear12:31
AlanBellah you installed the Oneiric kernel12:31
AlanBellknow the package name for it?12:31
AlanBellif so sudo apt-get remove <packagename>12:32
gordcompiz plugins are such a pain, they all conflict and such =\12:32
gordsure would be nice if there were more compiz developers fixing all that ;)12:32
scoundrel50aI want to update the kernel12:32
scoundrel50asee if anything has happened that fixes the backlight problem12:32
AlanBellgord: yeah, I understand that, just it seems unity depends on too much stuff12:33
scoundrel50aI can do it via ssh, but I cant remember the full command12:33
scoundrel50ato get to connect to this computer, using my other computer to update it12:33
AlanBellI don't get why it has a hard dependency on largedesktop12:34
gordAlanBell, i honestly don't know too much about the compiz->unity interactions, but yeah, it should be more fluid, let the user use whatever wall/cube they want, its just tricky inside compiz because compiz basically just says "here, do gl, don't worry about other plugins, just do gl"12:34
AlanBellyeah, just wish unity would last a bit longer on my machines12:35
AlanBellI want to do some compiz development too, I was just trying to get a dev environment set up and I end up without a desktop12:36
AlanBellwant to add text cursor tracking to enhanced zoom12:36
scoundrel50aI think i have the first bit ssh ipaddress  what else12:36
gordiirc we are getting one of our compiz devs to do a -classroom talk - so maybe pay attention there?12:37
AlanBellgord: smspillaz did one a while back, I have been referring to that12:37
gordyeah him doing it again :)12:37
gordyell at him till he makes it nice to dev in ;)12:37
AlanBellscoundrel50a: ok, so ssh user@ipaddress asks for your password then gets you a terminal on the other machine12:38
AlanBellgord: yeah, will do12:38
scoundrel50aah, that is why I couldnt get it to work, thank you12:39
AlanBellyou can do "ssh ipaddress" if the user name is the same on both sides12:39
scoundrel50aanybody know if the backlight problem is going to be fixed?12:39
scoundrel50amo, usernames different on both pc's12:40
AlanBellscoundrel50a: where is the bug for the backlight problem12:40
scoundrel50aI did try what you just said, but couldnt get it to work12:40
scoundrel50aI cant remember what number it is, popey connect a while back, and tried to take a look, and he couldnt get it to work12:41
scoundrel50aone sec I'll go take a look for the bug12:41
AlanBellhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/~scoundrel50a you need to subscribe to it when you find it12:42
scoundrel50aI have a different uesrname on launchpad, I'm trying to find it, one sec, sorry12:43
scoundrel50a759104 its marke high12:46
scoundrel50ayou need to read it through to get the whole message, and things I HAVE ADDED12:47
scoundrel50aoops, sorry for the capitols12:47
daubersbug #75910412:48
lubotu3Launchpad bug 759104 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[gm45] Upgrade to Natty wont load" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75910412:48
scoundrel50aoh sorry, I dont know how to add bug numbers, thank you for doing that12:49
scoundrel50agoing to log off for a while see if I can update. What commands should I use?12:51
scoundrel50aI'll boot into the Oneiroc kernel, then connect12:52
scoundrel50aI just want the Oneric kernel to update12:52
scoundrel50aok, trying to see if I can connect, before I log off, but it keeps telling me connection refused, even though I have ticked the router settings to allow ssh, why would that happen, do I need to reboot the laptop to get it to work?13:00
scoundrel50acant connect, says connection refused,13:04
scoundrel50awhere did everybody go?13:06
AlanBellI went to cut the grass, and now I am off for lunch :)13:09
AlanBellIRC operates at a slow pace, there is no hurry13:09
* suprengr wonders if AlanBell means he is about to go harvesting the marijuana crop ;)13:12
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* daubers had gourmet sausage sandwiches and made the coffee13:36
AlanBellI think if I am doing blender rendering I should probably not do it on an Atom chip13:40
daubers...... probably not unless you want to wait a loooooooooooooooong time13:41
AlanBellthe OLPC is probably not going to be good either13:42
AlanBellhowever it looks like it might be possible to run it on my Natty laptop without catastrophic package breakage https://answers.launchpad.net/openshot/+faq/129913:45
daubersWhat machines have you got for editing on at Oggcamp?13:50
AlanBellseveral atom class boxen13:51
daubersThat may be... slow13:52
AlanBellit might13:54
daubersI can donate my Core 2 laptop to the cause for the weekend and I can probably build another good (running a xeon of some kind) machine for the weekend as well13:54
daubersHow many are needed?13:54
AlanBellthere are three tracks13:54
daubersSo at least 3, possibly four?13:55
AlanBellmy core i3 laptop is ok, but if I try anything that maxes out the CPU it does a sudo halt after a minute or two13:59
AlanBelllike it did just then13:59
AlanBellI can also use my core i7 980ex server in the cloud which will render stuff fast14:00
xapelAnyone else also have a problem with the twitter stream in Gwibber lately?14:00
daubersAlanBell: Might take a while to get stuff to it though14:00
AlanBelldaubers: just thinking about the title rendering14:01
daubersAlanBell: Ah, ok. I'm more worried about rendering the thing with the title added to the front14:01
daubersEspecially if we're rendering down to a different quality level for immediate upload14:01
AlanBellthat isn't too bad, it can't go faster than real time anyway I think14:01
daubersEven on an atom?14:02
AlanBellI think so, I was doing real time on a P4 1.6ghz which should be slower than an atom14:03
daubersWhat codec where you rendering too?14:03
AlanBelldunno, I need to do further testing on that14:03
daubersheh :) h264 takes a fair amount of time, as does xvid14:04
daubersh264 is generally playable on anything. I've no idea about rendering times to webm or ogv14:04
AlanBellonly needs to be rendered to something youtube won't barf on14:04
popeyi have a nice script which will convert to flv, ogv and webm14:05
AlanBelland they will take .ogg if you are careful14:05
AlanBell.ogv rather14:05
popeyso render out to something ffmpeg can cope with and then use the script to convert to other formats14:05
brobostigonxapel: https://bugs.launchpad.net/gwibber/+bug/789851 i am experiencing that, myself.14:05
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 789851 in gwibber (Ubuntu) "Direct Messages view won't work in a few weeks" [High,Triaged]14:05
daubersDoesn't suggest ogv unless it's webm14:06
* AlanBell installs openshot and blender on mumble.libertus.co.uk14:06
popeyI'd do flv/h26414:07
daubersI'd just do h264, and then the NAS box has enough umpf to render to other codecs14:08
AlanBelldoesn't youtube re-encode anyway?14:08
daubersrender out to whatever while uploading to youtube14:09
AlanBelljust installing h264 codec on the atom box14:10
AlanBellcloud based rendering isn't as spectacularly fast as I hoped14:20
AlanBellhowever for the titles they just need to be done in advance, or 3 within an hour so they are ready to meet the video14:22
daubersSo we use the best machine possible for the titles14:25
AlanBellperhaps, it has a budget of 20 minutes per title, or if we have three machines then they can spend an hour each14:27
daubersHow long does your atom box take to render the title?14:33
AlanBellwell we don't have a title design yet, so this is random openshot defaults14:34
daubersheh :) Not found a blender dude yet?14:35
AlanBellfound several blender peeps, not given them the brief yet14:35
daubersah, ok14:35
* daubers hates java14:36
* StevenR wishes some of these events were up in the North.UK :(14:36
AlanBellthat mpeg was rendered on the i7 and exported to standard youtube square NTSC14:36
AlanBellStevenR: go organise one14:36
daubersAlanBell: How long did it take roughly?14:36
AlanBellwe totally will support it marketing wise14:36
AlanBelldaubers: 15 minutes or so for the rendering I think (including installing blender)14:37
AlanBellI will do some timings later14:37
AlanBelland I will do an H264 export in a sec14:38
AlanBellStevenR: the last oggcamp was in Liverpool14:39
toasthi all - gotta quick question - like a tool i mispelt my machine name on setup - this is really beginning to annoy me now - is it straightforward to change the name and will any servers on this machine start acting up if i do?14:41
toastnot public servers just sofware dev stuff14:42
dauberstoast: You need to change /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts you could add the old alias to hosts to help prevent breakage, but no idea what else that might break14:47
daubersi.e. it is done at your own risk :)14:48
daubersGoogle around for "changing hostname linux"14:48
AlanBellanyone know why my laptop does a controlled shutdown if I max out the CPU for a bit?14:51
AlanBellpresume it is some kind of heat protection thing going on14:51
_serial_sounds like over heating... my laptop kicks out around 100c14:52
AlanBellyeah, could understand if it locked up or something but it doesn't, it does a controlled halt14:52
_serial_does your laptop boot straight away when it has shut down?14:53
AlanBellhttp://burnz.wordpress.com/2009/02/23/ubuntu-auto-shutdown-due-to-high-cpu-temperature/ this seems about right14:53
AlanBellsyslog:300:Jul  3 13:54:52 alanlaptop kernel: [243523.233981] Critical temperature reached (89 C), shutting down.14:54
_serial_do any of you guys know if the log files would contain any over heating information?14:54
_serial_bargain :)14:54
_serial_yup over heating14:54
_serial_i fixed my laptop with a fresh bit of thermal compound and heat pads for gpu etc14:55
toastdaubers:  cheers!14:56
StevenRAlanBell: toastywarm (tm)14:56
StevenRAlanBell: fluff in the cooling fan/ducts?14:57
AlanBellmight be time to clean it out a bit14:57
daubers\o/ got my android app to talk to a sqlite database! Now just need to write the stuff to get the xml off the web to populate it when it's created15:04
popeyi took my laptop apart to clear out the dust15:07
popeyworks much better now15:07
* StevenR has a tray for his laptop (so when I don't sit at a table, I have my laptop on the tray and it doesn't get full of fluff from my lap)15:08
_serial_snap popey15:12
AlanBellhttp://people.ubuntu.com/~alanbell/oggcamp.mov that is in youtube HD format apparently15:30
popeyAlanBell / daubers http://paste.ubuntu.com/637514/15:54
popeyI do two pass encoding for h264 (libx264)15:54
penguin42tis nice out there17:04
reaper4334it always seems quieter on here when the weather's nice out17:17
StevenRMartijnVdS, AlanJenkins: I've sorted my audio out, thanks for the help yesterday :) .... The solution: MPD, with two output points "local pulseaudio" and "http stream". I can use vlc to play the stream on my laptop. This means I can switch between outputs while playing, and have one unified "audio place" for control.17:44
Myrttimpd ♥17:44
brobostigonn800 :)17:45
Myrttiyeah, I used mpd on it17:45
Myrttiand 77017:45
brobostigoni am trying at the moment, to get arduino output, visalised on n800, so using as an incar control.17:46
Azelphuranyone know how I can delete the last line of a very large file?17:47
Azelphurnano 100% cpu's and just messes me about :/17:48
=== arsen is now known as Guest13099
popeyAzelphur: sed '$d' file > newfile17:52
Azelphurty :D17:52
StevenRAzelphur: nano would probably work, but large files are hard.17:54
StevenRso you might just need to be patient :)17:54
Azelphurpopey's method got it :P17:55
penguin42popey: Oh that's quite nice17:56
penguin42head -n -1 should also work17:57
daubersLa lal la la la18:42
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^aDaMEvenings all :)18:55
^aDaMI have a bit of a problem, I am trying to update Firefox to 5.0.. Im running Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty).18:55
^aDaMI seen on google how to update via Update Manager, so I tryed that an it failed badly I get a error message when I try opening it?18:56
suprengr& a load of glorious summer evening wishes to y'all18:57
^aDaMHere is a Copy of the Error message on Pastebin and a Screenshot..18:57
suprengr^aDaM, tried Ubuntuzilla?18:57
^aDaMsuprengr: Nope :/18:57
suprengrhang on will see if i've still got a link to it18:58
^aDaMScreenshot of Error message..18:58
^aDaMsuprengr: Thanks, but no ta.. I just wan't to solve the issue with my Update Manager first :)18:58
suprengr^aDaM, .. np -that's cool18:59
^aDaMsuprengr: :)19:00
pwbI have just downloaded ubuntu is an Antivirus needed19:00
^aDaMShow me after..19:00
^aDaMpwb: No.19:00
pwbok thnxs19:01
^aDaMpwb: You won't get spam either, most you will get is hacked if you are in Root lol.19:01
^aDaMAnd also a POP UP no an then :p19:01
penguin42pwb: If the update manager tells you to update then do it!19:01
^aDaMpwb: Ohh and what ever you do, do not.. I repeat, DO NOT TYPE FGKBV IN THE TERMINAL ;)19:02
pwbok thanks only I just d/l 11.4 so I'm new19:02
^aDaMpenguin42: Hehe at your reply, it's ment to be for me not pwb ;P19:02
^aDaMpwb: Cool, here is the right place to start :)19:02
^aDaMWelcome my friend, hope you enjoy using Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty).19:03
pwbOne mor ? what file do you open to install a d/l19:04
penguin42what type of d/l?19:04
suprengr^aDaM,  just a thought... sudo apt-get check  ?19:05
^aDaMYea if it is Windows related pwb, you will need to use Wine to install .exe, win32 programfiles etc..19:05
pwbAny type none in particular19:05
^aDaMsuprengr: Hmm ok.19:05
^aDaMpwb: Ok, so eg.. say you want VLC Player to play movies such as .avi files etc..19:06
^aDaMGo to Terminal, it should be on your left handside on the Taskbar..19:06
pwbI heard about wine but I see there are diff ones to install19:07
^aDaMIf not go to topleft of the screen where the White Ubuntu logo is an click Media Apps..19:07
^aDaMThen Accessoires..19:07
pwbI looked for terminal cant find it19:07
^aDaMYea there are diffrent ones pwb, look on Google .. but I prefer Wine :P19:08
pwbjust called wine?19:08
=== hackersrus is now known as ^aDaM
^aDaMSorry about that pwb..19:10
^aDaMMy connection went :D19:10
^aDaMRight make sure that you have clicked 'more then one result' above where the apps are..19:11
^aDaMYou will see the Terminal then.19:11
^aDaMJust the right of where it says, 'Installed Apps'.19:12
^aDaMHit that Terminal open, and type19:12
^aDaMSudo apt-get install vlc19:12
^aDaMtype your password for your username ..19:12
^aDaMIt will load files an then it will say Y/N blinkin you just press y enter :P19:13
^aDaMan it installs once its done just type vlc an it will open, hope that helps..19:13
^aDaMso do the same, sudo apt-get install but with wine ;)19:13
pwbok thanks guys i'll be back later but got to go now19:14
Laneywhat's wrong with software centre?19:14
ubuntuuk-planet[Tony] Elisabeth Sladen - http://tonywhitmore.co.uk/blog/2011/04/19/elisabeth-sladen/20:07
AlanBellMyrtti: looks like tony's blog feed refed it20:31
AlanBellwell I totally failed to get at the fan on this laptop20:36
AlanBellremoved 22 screws20:36
AlanBellstill wouldn't come apart20:36
AlanBellreplaced 21 screws20:37
Azelphurthe TIME+ value in top is how much CPU time the process uses right?20:38
AlanBellyeah, roughly20:38
AlanBelldunno if it is normalised for multi-core systems at all20:39
ballHas anyone here tried Ubuntu (pref. Xubuntu) on one of these new AMD "Fusion" things?  I'm thinking of an E-350 board for my sister-in-law's new PC.20:57
directhexjust a phenom with low-end radeon built in, isn't it?20:58
balldirecthex: I was thinking more like the Athlon II... doubt it has much L3 cache.20:58
ball(if any)20:58
directhexhave amd put out a chip to rival intel for years?20:59
balldirecthex: Their cores are slower, but I just picked up a Phenom II X4 for Mrs. ball because it should work in her existing mainboard and give her a speed kick over the single-core Athlon she has now.21:00
hamitrondirecthex: but I'd guess, only if you want to worry about budget?21:02
ballI just wondered whether the GPU part of a Fusion chip was used much by a Linux system, beyond Compiz21:02
ali1234the prices aren't actually that different if you compare performance21:02
ball...are there Linux systems that use OpenCL for maths?21:02
hamitronali1234: I agree if only looking at the cpu, but motherboards with more features also cost less on AMD21:03
hamitronI really wanted an intel cpu on my latest build, but the motherboards with the features, just cost too much21:04
directhexwifey's new build is intel21:05
directhexthe cpu has a gpu, but i don't think the mobo chipset exposes it21:05
hamitronI'm hoping to use the onboard gpu on my intel sometime :/21:06
hamitrondunno if it will end well that :)21:06
ubuntuuk-planet[Tony] Splendid chaps, all of them - http://tonywhitmore.co.uk/blog/2011/07/03/splendid-chaps-all-of-them/21:07
Kiriorsilly question, any1 got google+ invites to give away?21:17
pwbi tried to d/l google chrome but it wont install21:19
AlanBellwhat is the package that does the avahi DNS discovery thing so I can type myserver.local in a browser and it resolves by magic?21:50
brobostigonAlanBell: avahi-deamon ?21:52
brobostigonavahi-autoipd ?21:52
AlanBellcool, thanks21:53
brobostigonthere are dozens of avahi* packages.21:53
LaneyI think it's avahi-daemon actually22:02
Laneysee the package description22:02
JGJonesQuick question - what other recommended alternatives would you give for DynDNS.com (which also use ddclient?) - I've tried to get ddclient to work with DynDNS.com but it never can find my domain, or I get invalid login etc etc)22:33
ali1234anyone know where i can get some organizer boxes?22:48
ali1234for cheap?22:48
hamitronfor nuts and bolts, kinda thing?22:50
ali1234this kind of thing22:50
ali1234must be made of that kind of transparent plastic, must have a range of different size compartments, must NOT have removable dividers because i hate those22:51
ali1234and above all must be super cheap22:51
AlanBellJGJones: no-ip.info perhaps22:51
hamitronali1234: my Dad tends to get a lot of that kind of thing from screwfix22:52
hamitronnot sure if they supply them empty though22:52
ali1234the website is down :(22:52
hamitronoh :/22:52
brobostigongood night everyone, sleep well.23:36

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