MarkDudeOk that Google + hangout feature rocks!03:59
MarkDudeit has some bugs, but still is great04:00
seidosi have this odd feeling that i'm in a cubicle now, but it's larger than it used to be04:04
MarkDudePeople I have met in person04:05
MarkDudeFolks I hang out with04:05
MarkDudeI mean it will be nice to interact with folks I know in other parts of the world- but I have only tried it with folks I know04:06
seidoschillin' without illin'04:06
MarkDudeAnd it avoids chat roulette effect- since folks need to be in circles04:08
MarkDudethe groups you create04:08
MarkDudeYay, no penises04:08
seidoscircles are good04:08
seidoswell, sometimes04:08
seidoscan't make a circle with only 2 points04:09
MarkDudeJoin again04:09
seidosAlt Gr key04:22
seidosctrl-shift-u, release u, 153, release ctrl & shift, why you no print ™ ?04:41
=== BrightAmbition is now known as MrsMathers
MrsMathershey em05:36
emMrsMathers: Hi05:44
emwhat's funny?05:44
MrsMathersnothing em05:44
emhow come you are laughing?05:44
MrsMathersat your name05:44
MrsMathersIt's just irony05:44
emwhat's so funny about my name?05:44
MrsMathersI'm named MrsMathers and you are named em05:45
MrsMathersIt's pretty much a nickname of Eminem05:45
emOh wait, I see that you mean that white raper's last name is mathers.05:45
MrsMathersThat's why i laughed05:46
MrsMathersAt your name05:46
emem was short for emma or emily before eminem was born.05:46
sn9not raper05:46
MrsMathersnot a raper05:46
emAlso MrsMathers does not make me think of eminem at all. It makes me think of Leave it to Beaver05:47
MrsMathersI don't even know what Leave It To Beaver is05:47
sn9the actor's name was jerry mathers05:47
MrsMathersHe's probably all old05:47
emIs he dead?05:47
emI think his name is still Jerry Mathers05:48
MrsMathersI wonder if they are related05:48
sn9he hasn't acted in likey 20 years, though05:48
emYou seem hebephrenic.05:48
emYou seem to be hebephrenic.05:49
MrsMathersDo i even ask what that means?05:49
* MrsMathers doesn't ask05:49
seidosschizophrenic/bipolar maybe05:51
MrsMathersI'm not05:51
MrsMathersWhat do you want to cry and slit my wrists all the time then?05:51
seidosunless one completely tries to shut off a hemisphere05:51
MrsMathersIf i'm not i'm either one or the other make up your mind05:51
seidoswhat do you want to laugh and bandage my wrists all the time then?05:52
* MrsMathers is far from schizophrenic05:52
* seidos is close to sanity05:52
emHebephrenia is basically just a schizofrenic state of mind of disordered thoughts and laughing at innapropriate times.05:52
sn9seidos: my condolences05:52
seidosem: haha05:52
seidossn9: likewise05:52
MrsMathersI laugh when i want to05:53
MrsMathersIt's better than crying05:53
seidosit's my party and i'll cry if i want to05:53
sn9sanity is unfortunate05:53
emMrsMathers: true. you seem harmless. I don't mean you any trouble. :)05:53
seidosi am in sanity05:53
MrsMathers*sings* cry if i want to...05:53
MrsMathersI heard it from a movie once05:53
MrsMathersthat song05:53
seidosoh noes, i fell out of sanity!05:53
emno it.. I can dance if I wannoo05:53
emi can leave your friends behind05:54
embut if you dont dance and if you cant dance then you aint no friend of mine05:54
MrsMathersI dance05:54
MrsMathersby myself though05:54
MrsMathersIn my room05:54
seidosso does Billy Idol05:54
seidoshey philipballew05:54
* MrsMathers is brain dead today so do not mind her stupidity05:55
seidos"just say no......to poison."05:55
sn9MrsMathers: i apologize for contributing to today's brain death earlier05:57
emMrsMathers: this is the song05:57
seidoswhat is the "danger dance" o_o05:58
seidoshmmm, if only dancers can be my friends, then that reduces the pool of potential friends considerably06:01
MarkDudeThat is true seidos06:07
MarkDudeThe circle becomes limited then06:07
seidosperhaps limits aren't such a bad thing MarkDude06:21
seidosone sided friendliness friends does not make06:21
MarkDudeWell the 1st limits of dancing would not be good if you want to play chess with a friend06:24
seidosi hadn't realized were we discussing the limits of dancing06:25
MarkDudeas far as the 2nd- I have been *hanging out* in Google+ - by myself06:25
seidosthis all kind of reminds me of something06:26
seidosoh right, tall ones06:26
MarkDudeit is a group chat thing- so I cant disagree with your 2nd point XD06:26
seidosthe physically advantaged06:26
seidosi hadn't realized i was making a point, i was just chatting, really06:27
MarkDudeI know seidos - roll with it06:27
seidosthat sounds like gay wrestling to me06:27
seidoswell, not really :P06:28
seidosjust something i heard, thought it would be good to pass it along06:30
MarkDudeNever heard that :)06:37
seidosMarkDude: give me an invite to google+ if you don't want to be alone on there06:39
seidosxor not, it's up to you06:39
seidosare you really getting into it?  or is it like a passing thing like pet rocks and slinkies?06:39
MarkDudeNot up to me06:49
MarkDudeInvites are froze right now06:49
MarkDudeActually I am really into it06:50
MarkDudeI got to speak to friends that live far away06:50
MarkDudeI have a friend in Venezuela- there have been numerous hassles trying to set up SIP phone- Ekiga, etc06:51
MarkDudeBeing able to talk with her and a friend in midwest and Northwest at same time was pretty cool06:51
seidosah, i see, so it's "special" to beta something06:53
seidosi remember feeling that way about ultima online06:53
MarkDudeMore so for me is the ability to talk to friends easier06:53
seidosit's kind of messed up "i love this thing, it's so awesome, too bad i'm on it by myself..."  "well let me get on it..."  "sorry, can't"  o_o06:53
MarkDudeI would like to get it set up for many people.06:54
seidosi guess TPTB don't want critic types to be on it just yet06:54
seidoshonestly, i'm not sure that i will ever be on it06:54
seidosi would get on it as a gesture of friendship, but i wouldn't try to convince others to get on it06:55
MarkDudeWell I actually have some real friends on there- I was amazed how many people I know on there already- and how many people have added me06:55
seidosah, you must be well connected in silicon valley :P06:55
MarkDudeThey have to a large number of people doing it- the Valley is not that small06:56
* MarkDude says he may be an idiot, but he knows a few people :D06:56
MarkDudea few06:56
seidosi may be an idiot, but i don't know anybody ;)06:57
MarkDudeI think it is my 3 degrees of separation actually, and the power of Bacon06:57
seidosif i were smarter i would've got into medicine06:57
seidosoinkie oinkie06:57
seidosor made up 5e6 friends on facebook \o/06:58
seidosactually, i think the limit is 4k06:58
seidosBhikku Samahita hit it06:58
MarkDudeYou still can teach stuff to people ( you are not an idiot ) btw06:58
seidoseh, it's relative.  everyone's an idiot in some way, so i am and i'm not, mu as u would put it06:59
seidosif google+ has a responsive chat client, that would probably make a difference06:59
seidoschat on facebook is pretty sloggy07:00
MarkDudeI know someone that has 100 to get to the limit. She has been very caerful about adding her last few. I think the arbitrary limit will disappear soon enough anyway- Google+ is good at the minimum for one thing- to keep FB in line07:00
MarkDudeVideo chat worked well- with folks that had crappy connections even- there are still bugs, and rww could not use it due to hardware.07:01
MarkDudea little choppy here and there, but everyone was happy :)07:01
MarkDudewell maybe not rww07:01
seidosit doesn't really make sense for individuals to have capability of more than 15007:02
seidoshow could a single person manage that many ppl in a meaningful way?07:02
seidosi heard that 150 is some kind of "magic" number, which is why i guess platoons are that many or something?07:02
seidosor maybe it's a unit, i dunno, i'm not privy to military segmentation jargon07:03
seidosi don't have much love for the military industrial complex...07:03
seidosbut...i try :)07:03
MarkDudeI agree07:04
MarkDudeFor me on FB and I imagine other social media- I have lists- close people and folks I have met, there are a few that I dont even know. Some folks have seen me talk - or read some of my stuff07:05
seidosoh, fascinating07:05
seidosit's a "company"07:05
MarkDudeThose I can do little more than entertain07:05
seidosi should probably think in terms of these segmentations07:05
MarkDudeor try to. My job title is sortof like dancin' monkey07:06
seidoscorporations with more than 225 employees are...ineffectual?  nah, too big to fail07:06
seidosdancin' donkey, or dancin' elephant07:06
seidosi don't think you really want to be a monkey in this politic climate07:06
MarkDudeWell repping for a company or non-profit can be like that07:07
seidosdo penguins dance?07:07
seidosmaybe i'll have to see mr. popper's penguins to find out07:07
* MarkDude has no opinions on politics. Part of helping non-profits dictates that07:07
MarkDudeMinus gay folks, women,  should have equal rights. People are equal.07:08
MarkDude^^^ thats my opinion on politics07:08
seidosi like animals, that's my opinion on politics07:09
seidossomeone get me a purple tie07:09
seidosi swore i'd never wear a tie again, but maybe around my arm wouldn't be so bad lol07:09
seidosthere are enough nicks in here to constitute a platoon o_o07:10
seidos31, anyway07:11
philipballewhey seidos07:19
seidoshey phil07:22
seidosyeah, i realize you won't get notified, but i'm not tab completing07:23
seidosi refuse07:23
seidosi like the sound of phil better07:24
* seidos shrugs07:24
philipballewmost people call me phil07:25
philipballewbut phil on irc is takin07:25
MarkDudeHey, can I call you sei ?07:25
MarkDudeyep, you can call me either- just dont call me late for dinner07:25
seidoswhat if i call you too late to pay attention?07:26
MarkDudeThen you would be observant ;)07:26
seidosi think i would be trying too hard :P07:28
seidosi think i just acknowledged that the best park of kung pao chicken isn't the chicken, it's the kung pao07:28
philipballewsounds kinda painful07:40
seidosthe kung or the pao?07:41
seidosi should drink some tea07:41
philipballewim drinking some now07:42
seidoscold xor hot?07:44
philipballewcold. it's apple cinnamon flavored07:47
seidosphilipballew: cold here as well07:47
philipballewcold is nice on a day thats 100 dagrees07:47
MarkDudepao is one of the most universally descriptive words out there- it tastes like it sounds :)07:47
seidosi wonder what nao tastes like07:49
seidoshmmmm, i just had an idea for movies07:51
seidosi think trilogies are kind of screwed up07:51
seidosi just read transformers dark of the moon didn't do as well as the previous one07:51
seidosit has something to do with this idea i had of triumvirate flow07:52
seidosit seems to me that a group of three shouldn't have three members of all the same specialty07:53
seidoshmmm, well, maybe in the beginning07:53
seidosanyway, thinking out loud07:53
seidoshmmm what would Macbeth sound like?08:06
seidoshe'd probably sound like William Wallace's evil twin?08:07
seidosor perhaps just like William Wallace o_o08:07
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