rick_h_mpiccinato: https://github.com/mitechie/Bookie/issues/94 fyi00:21
mpiccinatorick_h_: I will submit bugs there from now on :)00:33
snap-lMan, I love Chimaira's song Resurrection02:18
mpiccinatosnap-l: that one is a little heavy for me :)02:26
rick_h_welcome to snap-l :)02:26
snap-lrick_h_: ?02:36
snap-lOh, the heavy stuff?02:37
rick_h_droidheavier side of music02:37
snap-lYeah, I like it loud and crunchy02:37
brouschtoo heavy? unpossible02:41
brouschnow i must find this song02:41
snap-lI think the video is shit, though02:42
brouschi'm pretty sure i saw nips in that video02:43
snap-lThis is better02:43
snap-lWell, it's what prompted me to post what I posted, anyway.02:44
brouschnot that there's anything wrong with that02:44
brouschsounds good to me02:48
snap-lYeah, I first heard hem on a metal show in cleveland02:51
snap-lThey had a podcast that was the same as their radio show02:51
snap-lwas amazing02:51
brouschstill my favorite death metal song. my introduction to death metal courtesy beavis and butthead: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYdfsZRURF003:11
rick_h_snap-l: hah, nice edit on the lococast release03:44
rick_h_making me out as the critic03:44
snap-lrick_h_: Which edit?04:32
TeamXlinkWhat would I use if I wanted to use three or more decimal places? (Since a Double only provides 2.)04:53
snap-lrick_h_: The mobile app on the iPhone is just a webpage at the moment15:19
snap-lso no huddle for me15:19
snap-lor at least I can't find out how to make anything work right on the iPhone for G+15:19
rick_h_83ah, and crap forgot15:19
rick_h_83no, I you're right15:19
rick_h_83mobile app 'coming soon '15:20
snap-lYeah, likely when Apple gets a Round Tuit.15:22
snap-lWhew, it's a bit warm outside again19:56
snap-lOutside thermometer is reading 112F19:56
rick_h_yea, just got in from mowing the lawn20:03
rick_h_ugh to say the least20:04
rick_h_man, google+ is much more full now20:04
rick_h_tripling my circle sizes atm20:04
jjessenow that my son is up we will be heading out to let him play in the sprinkler again while I wash the car, hopefully to stay cool...20:06
jjesseon google+ i'm getting "friended" by people i have no idea who are20:07
jjessemakes it interesting figuring circles out20:07
rick_h_well if they friend you that's nothing20:07
rick_h_it's just a chance to check them out and see if you do know them20:08
rick_h_much like twitter20:08
rick_h_I don't follow everyone that follows me20:08
jjesseme either20:08
snap-lIs Google Sync not working for anyone else?20:46
aupifhi there, is anyone here familiar with amazon ec2 instances? I am having trouple running a python script on a linux instance I just started.22:26
aupifI am doing some analysis on a 2.15 gig txt file, but after about 6 second of running the python program, the instance kills it.22:27
aupiflet me know if anyone can give me some insight22:28

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