rmg51morning JonathanD10:45
JonathanDMorning rmg51 :)10:46
rmg51I'm just getting ready to go for a walk10:46
JonathanDcrissi wanted to move my recliner last night.10:47
JonathanDI said there wouldn't be enough light there, by the window10:47
rmg51would it still be inside?10:47
JonathanD"not even sunlight?"10:47
JonathanDStill pretty light on the sunlight at this hour.10:47
JonathanDyes :P10:48
rmg51there is always a lamp10:48
rmg51or a miners lamp ;-)10:49
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!11:45
InHisNameToday is sausage day, SamuraiAlba13:06
InHisNameGood damp morning to all13:06
waltmanhow did it get to be 9:30 already?14:32
waltmanI wonder if the diner might be a little less crowded today...14:35
rmg51holiday weekend or not, people still have to eat14:39
waltmanTrue, but they might be eating down the shore instead of in Wayne.14:42
rmg51you can always hope :-/14:42
waltmanI haven't had any bacon since Thursday!14:45
* rmg51 had turkey bacon for dinner last night14:46
waltmanturkey bacon != bacon14:47
jedijfwaltman: minellas?15:01
jedijfnice, order extra toast15:28
waltmanI usually get rye toast15:29
jedijfgood man15:38
InHisNamelunch !18:10

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