wrsthello everyone00:14
cyberangerhey wrst what's shaking02:01
wrstnot much cyberanger02:35
wrstjust noticing how well gnome package kit works with arch02:35
wrstnever thought about using a gui package manager auto updates and everything02:35
cyberangerspeaking of shaking, this shake & bake is actaully pretty good02:35
wrstcyberanger: you cooking?02:36
cyberangerwrst: I do prefer the cli, crontab updates and such02:36
cyberangerwrst: yep, and chatting on IRC02:36
wrstcyberanger:  some times i forget to check for updates and this is a nice reminder02:36
cyberangermy nice reminder is a script that runs every 4 hours (on the server) or whenever the dhclient refreshes (the laptop and netbook) or a mix of both (desktop)02:37
wrstmy mom used to use shake and bake... good stuff02:37
cyberangergrabs the packages, but I gotta install02:38
wrstcyberanger:  i'm just not cool like you :)02:38
* cyberanger suddenly wonders when being a geek became cool, figures it was 2006 or 200702:38
wrstha ha cyberanger02:39
cyberangerwrst: or bored like me, perhaps02:41
* cyberanger recalls being bored that day, well, prior to modifing his system for 5 hours02:41
wrstcyberanger: I have been messing with gnome shell themes02:42
cyberangerthat's cool02:43
* cyberanger is glad that didn't say unity themes02:44
wrstcyberanger: well I updated oneric just a few minutes ago no  big changes there02:46
wrstbut their gnome 3/shell implementation is improving02:46
cyberangergood, cause unity doesn't seem to be02:50
wrstcyberanger: I hope it does... but02:51
wrstbest I can tell ubuntu has a bad desktop and kubuntu has a poor implementation of a pretty good desktop02:51
cyberangeryeah, it wasn't always that way (well, maybe kubuntu was, but I think it's gone down hill further)02:52
wrstyeah kubuntu is improving some what, but kde 4.6 is very good but kubuntu still not there yet02:53
wrstand unity ... well02:53
* cyberanger aims, pulls trigger, only to have gun jam02:54
* cyberanger looks at gun, sees the new biometric saftey feature uses unity libraries, that explains a lot02:54
wrstcyberanger: I really REALLY wish they had not departed from gnome3/shell02:56
wrstgranted they didn't need gnome 3 in 11.04 but by 11.10 they could have had a really beautifu release02:56
wrsteven could have modded gnome shell with a dock similar to what they have and saved themselves a lot of work and done other things02:58
cyberangerfix bugs, increase documentation02:59
cyberangerassist loco's and confrences, spread ubuntu03:00
cyberangerworking ubuntu (I don't call this working, compared to jaunty)03:00
wrstdocumentation really need documentation after using arch, well ubuntu's documentation stinks03:02
wrstthe forums aren't documentation03:02
wrstif you had an ubuntu system of wiki's like arch has support would be easy, of course with the friendly attitude of ubuntu help instead of the snobbish have you read the documentation attitude of arch users :)03:03
cyberangercompare ubuntu's wiki to yesterdays newspaper, and the newspaper is easier to read & more up to date03:03
wrsti can google for instance, arch linux nvidia03:04
wrsti will get easy instructions03:04
wrstand ubuntu I think with all its flavors causes some issues03:04
wrstpersonally I think there should be GUI documentation for doing everything that can be done with a gui which is most, and also the cli alternative given03:05
cyberangerthe server documentation is better from linux journal than ubuntu's own documentation03:07
cyberangerI read more blogs on router configurations than ubuntu, same idea for ipv6 networking03:07
wrstyes it is and it really should be good, if you expect to have people seriously consider you for a corporate env.03:07
wrstand I think ubuntu server is pretty good03:08
wrstbut documentation sucks03:08
cyberangerwell, in the early days, that went for celluar broadband in ubuntu desktop (which went away soley becuase of networkmanager, not ubuntu)03:12
cyberangerwell, some documentation is there, minimal though03:13
wrstwell cyberanger i'm off to bed have a good night!03:49
wrstwell about to anyway hello chris458503:52
chris4585hey wrst03:52
chris4585sorry I didn't inform you guys I'd be gone for a week, ironically I was in TN03:53
wrstchris4585:  i've been messing with gnome shell themes starting to get some nice ones out in the wild03:53
wrstchris4585:  I thought you were coming up some time03:53
chris4585yeah, I was there for a week in fall creek falls03:54
chris4585right now nvidia is starting to get on my nerves, I updated my install and of course something is wrong with it03:54
chris4585can't get gnome-shell to work like I did before03:55
cyberangerwrst: enjoy some sleep03:55
cyberangerchris4585: shame we didn't have more info for setting a meetup up03:55
chris4585cyberanger, yeah, it'll happen sometime though I have no idea when03:56
wrstfall creek not far from here, well off to bed see you guys later03:57
chris4585later wrst03:58
chris4585its a beautiful area, I know the area a little bit, next year we'll be going to nashville03:58
orangeninjaback up on the desktop!!!! YAY!09:16
orangeninjacyberanger: or anyone else here?17:05
cyberangerhey orangeninja17:17
cyberangerwhat's up17:18
* cyberanger yawns, having no clue why17:23
orangeninjalol, you tired....17:25
orangeninjaWell, I guess the question is have you been to beed yet?17:25
orangeninjaWell I am tring to get some form of ubuntu on my older desktop.17:29
orangeninjait is a P4 2.53 GHz 1 GB ram radeon 9700 400 Watt power supply.17:30
cyberangerorangeninja: doubt it's tired, however possible17:32
cyberangerand I'd start with Lubuntu17:32
orangeninjanow it is several years old so several parts might be on their last leg anyway. But I am wondering if some of my problems might be just power...17:32
cyberangerthere is lighter setups, however...perhaps I misunderstood, the issue is hardware, or picking a good version for an older rig?17:33
orangeninjaI have had a couple of "no video" or "video failed" on boot. Also a "no keyboard detected" on boot. Keyboard is USB.17:33
orangeninjaAfter a restart or two it comes on, but I hear a noise like the HD is spinning up and down.17:35
cyberangerhrm, from a live disc?17:35
orangeninjacyberanger: I installed from live disk 10.1017:35
orangeninjaseems to boot fine to live cd17:36
orangeninjaproblems come after install17:36
orangeninjaWell, I might have to coax it with a restart or two to boot live cd but it seems fine after it does.17:37
cyberangeris the noise of the HDD normal spin, or hitting platters (or another failing sign)17:39
orangeninjaI really think it sound like, spin down / spin up...17:40
orangeninjabut screen stays up. sometimes screen dims.17:41
orangeninjawell, that might have been mozilla diming..17:41
cyberangeris the video card needed, or can you use onboard?17:42
orangeninjaASUS P4 E DELUXE I don't think it has onboard. And I am down to my las AGP card...lol.17:46
cyberangerhave you tried alternative video drivers17:47
orangeninjano, I have not tried that.17:48
cyberangerif any exist17:48
orangeninjaI had xbuntu going for a couple of days with and old nvidia card. but It ended no video signal, actually looks like a fried spot is on that card now. heck both may be bad cards now. I do have my old soyo dragon mobo need to look and see if that has onboard.17:50
orangeninjanope no onboard there either17:54
orangeninjabe back in a few....17:56
orangeninjaok back18:54
Exodus_msanyone using Google+ ?19:45
Exodus_msalso, trying out a new irc client on my phone19:46
orangeninjaI am on a sempron 3100+ with 512 MB running xubuntu.22:07
orangeninjalive CD, no sound though.22:07

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