cjohnstonmhall119: he does.. it was sent to the loco contact mailing list00:11
mhall119I should probably follow that one00:51
nigelbmhall119: pong02:35
mhall119nigelb: have you ever implemented oauth for a webapp api?02:38
nigelbmhall119: OAuth 2.0, yes02:39
nigelbOauth 1 is very sucky02:39
mhall119what did you use?02:39
mhall119I'm looking to add an API to ReadFeeder02:40
nigelbWrote our own02:40
mhall119that's not ideal02:40
mhall119oh, your own is open source now?02:40
nigelbIt wwas open source from start :)02:40
nigelbBSD licensed02:40
mhall119is it for Django?02:41
nigelbIts Flask02:41
mhall119have you used Piston before?02:42
nigelbI think you told me about it at UDS, never used it myself02:42
mhall119it's pretty standard for giving a JSON API to Django, it looks like it has built-in oauth too02:42
mhall119I think I'm going to give piston a try then02:43
nigelbmhall119: I have something to show you02:43
mhall119ReadFeeder really needs a mobile app02:43
mhall119and I really need mobile app development experience02:43
mhall119nigelb: oh? show away02:43
nigelbits mozilla's foundations project02:43
nigelbwe need to seee if we can pick something up from there for ours02:44
mhall119cool that they use Django too02:44
nigelbThey use Django for almost everything :D02:44
YoBoYAlanBell: your europe card is really great, but I'm starting to wonder how we are going to treat the countries with very small size? (for example if the Vatican wants a locoteam :D)09:52
AlanBellhover over andorra10:02
AlanBellso the way I would deal with that is set up the Holy See (va) country with it's LoCo and also tag it as a team of interest to people in Italy10:03
AlanBellCatalan is listed in France Spain and Andorra10:05
YoBoYyes, good, but it's hard to point the zone ^^"10:13
dakermorning cjohnston16:26
mhall119Is the Pope an Ubuntu user?17:40
ronniemhall119: ping20:04
jpdsmhall119: popey ?20:28
AlanBellmhall119: I don't think the Pope likes Freedom20:41
YoBoYhe twits now :) (but on iPad :'( )20:46
mhall119the Pope uses a closed system with a mass of devout followers?21:46

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