westzpotataoes_never_, offtopic: opera? what the hell?00:00
i2iotI'm having  trouble finding my Ubuntu PC on my Windows PC Network listing00:00
potataoes_never_westz: I'm used to it, what's wrong?00:00
coz_potataoes_never_,  I am coming up with nothing,, for this,, I will keep thinking and searching,,, maybe someon can jump in in the mean time00:00
i2iotI have used "File Sharing" and "Personal File Sharing" to no avail00:00
i2iotthey both seem to be configured00:00
guitargot a question...any takers00:01
westzpotataoes_never_, its just.... opera? nobody likes opera. it's the m. night shyamalan of browsers00:01
westzguitar: ASK FIRST00:02
coz_potataoes_never_,   you dont want any browser?00:02
potataoes_never_westz: how so?00:02
coz_potataoes_never_,  or just chromium?00:02
qinwestz: Opera is best, and I like it!00:02
guitarfirst, i've tried to change my nic name from guitar to dave (actual guitar dave)00:02
westzpotataoes_never_, does it even support third party addons?00:02
guitarwith no luck00:02
guitarsup wes00:02
iniesta6 i got a warning :00:02
westzjust register with the name you want, it's not hard00:02
potataoes_never_westz: I have no idea, I've never had to use something where I needed a 3rd party addon though.00:03
iniesta6no support for locale : HE_IL.utf800:03
potataoes_never_coz_: I just don't want Firefox/Epiphany/Chromium right now.00:03
westzpotataoes_never_, you're missing out on adblock00:03
potataoes_never_westz: Opera has that inbuilt.00:03
coz_potataoes_never_,  sudo apt-get install aptitude,, then in the terminal try   aptitude --simulate remove ephiphany00:03
iniesta6i assume its connected somehow to the fact that i see my langauge opposite in terminal ?^_^00:03
potataoes_never_westz: shift+click on the thing you'd likek to block out00:03
westzpotataoes_never_, tab mix? imtranslator? downloadhelper?00:03
wildbatwestz: that's pointless ~ stop arguing. everyone use whatever he like , !ot too00:04
monitorismesseduActionParsnip: ubottu: how do I change the boot options for 11.04 when it's install and I can't see the screen. I am having a problem understanding exactly how to use the options on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Change%20Boot%20Options%20Permanently%20On%20An%20Existing%20Installation00:04
potataoes_never_westz: I bet it has those options - I don't quite know what those addons do just by the name00:04
potataoes_never_coz_: sounds good, let me try it out.00:04
westzpotataoes_never_, i dont have to actively block stuff, i have a filter subscription00:04
coz_potataoes_never_,  when that reports out  pastebin the readout00:04
potataoes_never_coz_: pastebin?00:04
westzpotataoes_never_, anyway, i just mean the big browsers are firefox and chrome. opera and safari are practically non-entities, so it's weird00:05
iniesta6how i available support for he_il utf8?00:05
JulienMI would like know printing cups files to configure color or greyscale default mode00:05
coz_potataoes_never_,  on that ubuntu paste link  copy the e ntire content of the readout from the terminal and paste it in the large blank area on paste.ubuntu.com,,, add your name at the top,, click the paste button then  paste the link in the address bar here00:06
potataoes_never_westz: Opera has a pretty small package compared to FF or Chromium, and honestly, fuck Google.00:06
IdleOne!language | potataoes_never_00:06
ubottupotataoes_never_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.00:06
edbianguitar: hello00:06
potataoes_never_coz_: yeah. Doing it now.00:06
potataoes_never_IdleOne: hahaha, sorry!00:06
edbianpotataoes_never_: opera?  Never heard of it.00:07
westzpotataoes_never_, i havent seen google hasn't done anything to warrant a F*ck you yet, so i'm neutral on it, but i dont use chrome00:07
coz_westz,  use chromium00:07
i2iotim having trouble with java with firefox and chrome00:07
guitaredbian: I tried to do an install and it said that I needed "MSXML version 6.10.1129.0"...where would i find that00:08
i2iotcan someone check http://www.nescafeplay.com/main/00:08
monitorismessedu ActionParsnip: ubottu: still reading and I am not getting it.00:08
i2iotand see if it displays for you?00:08
westzwhen chromium has something/does something my firefox doesnt, ill switch00:08
edbianguitar: Is it a package?  What are you installing?  What caused the error?00:08
* edbian loves firefox00:09
guitari copied my office 10 to a folder, changed the exe permission, and then tried to run it with WIne00:09
guitarno dice00:09
edbianguitar: office 2010 (MS office?)00:09
westzdid you look at winehq?00:09
guitarwes...i tried to find it00:09
edbianguitar: You should look at this: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=2224800:10
coz_guitar,  I believe you have to actually install ms office via wine00:10
guitari am brand new to being on line00:10
potataoes_never_coz_: silly question, how do I copy from terminal?00:10
edbianguitar: Welcome to the end of the 20th century00:10
guitarcoz...i am tring00:10
westzpotataoes_never_, shift+ctrl+c00:10
edbianpotataoes_never_: ctrl + shift + c00:10
guitaryou have no idea00:10
qinpotataoes_never_: gnome-terminal? shift-ctlr-c00:10
coz_potataoes_never_,  highlight all that you need to copy,, either right click "copy" or  simply middle click at pastebin00:10
edbianpotataoes_never_: or right click00:11
potataoes_never_ahh, sweet, thanks guys.00:11
coz_potataoes_never_,  highlight then middle click or  shift+ctrl+c00:11
guitaredbian...i'm going to try that link00:11
westzguitar, you 32 or 64 bit?00:11
monitorismesseduActionParsnip: ubottu: Is the a way the change to nouveau.blacklist=1 for the installed 11.04 while I'm using the 10.04 virtually?00:11
edbianguitar: It's a good one to try00:11
coz_potataoes_never_,  the highlight then middle to where you want to paste is systemic on linux00:11
qinpotataoes_never_: Also: command | pastebinit00:12
potataoes_never_coz_, westz: http://paste.ubuntu.com/637167/00:12
potataoes_never_It seems that it simulates it just fine....00:12
potataoes_never_I'll show you what I get when I actually run it with apt-get00:12
coz_potataoes_never_,  wait00:12
coz_potataoes_never_,  that pastebin was for installin aptitude ...yes?00:12
prowerhello again :> i used to use java-package to create my .deb packages of the sun java jdk, it was the easiest way to keep it up to date...however, it seems java-package hasn't been in ubuntu since hardy :/ has it been superseded by another program? the jdk in the "partners" packages is out of date and has security vulnerabilities00:12
pretenderDeVeDe is converting to divx 4:3 even though 16:9 is used in the source and selected in DeveDe i'm using ubuntu 10.1000:13
wildbatguitar:  try install with playonlinux see if their script works00:13
potataoes_never_coz_: no, it was for the simulated removal of epiphany00:13
potataoes_never_I made a mistake, just a minute.00:13
coz_potataoes_never_,  ah I see hold on00:13
monitorismessedui wish there was an easy way to fix my computer so I can use my monitor.00:13
coz_potataoes_never_,  ok if you choose  "n" it should bring up more options00:14
kiichirohey was there an xubuntu firewall update?00:14
qinmonitorismessedu: Do you see grub menu (when hold <Shift> at boot)?00:14
Oerprower on hardy ?00:14
potataoes_never_coz_: okay, so here's the simulated run http://paste.ubuntu.com/637169/00:15
kiichiroguys how do I check the xubuntu pre built in firewall? game server is down due to an update with it00:15
potataoes_never_coz_: and here's the actual apt-get run http://paste.ubuntu.com/637169/00:15
monitorismesseduqin: haven't done that yet.00:15
iniesta6anyone can help me with this error: Warning: No support for locale: he_IL.utf800:15
coz_potataoes_never_,  right now hit  "n"  and it should bring up more options00:15
potataoes_never_coz_: here's the actual apt-get run: http://paste.ubuntu.com/637168/00:15
qinkiichiro: sudo iptables -L00:15
guitaredbian...i went to the site, and i really don't understand00:15
prowerOer: Oh no, I'm using 11.04 :> and the sun java packages for that, provided by partners, are vulnerable...so i'd like to install the jdk myself, but i'm having trouble figuring out how to go about it00:15
ActionParsnip!bootoption | monitorismessedu00:16
guitari tried finding a manual last night00:16
ubottumonitorismessedu: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions See also !nomodeset.00:16
edbianguitar: That site details how well word 2010 works on wine.  Did you see the top there?  You can't write anything00:16
potataoes_never_coz_: hitting "n" just aborts it - am I misunderstanding you?00:16
KM0201guitar: manual for what?00:16
coz_potataoes_never_,  on the simulate if you choose  "n" it will bring up more options00:16
potataoes_never_coz_: alright, hold up00:16
guitarKM...an idiots manual for using ubuntu00:16
KM0201guitar: i told you yesterday00:17
KM0201!manual | guitar download the .pdf00:17
ubottuguitar download the .pdf: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/00:17
edbianguitar: Why do you wanna run word 2010 anyway?00:17
coz_potataoes_never_,  the options should be numberd,, and using one of the numbered options ,, but this is just a simulation at this point00:17
KM0201edbian: some folks just can't break the clutches of M$ for some reason00:17
coz_potataoes_never_, dont choose a numbered option unless you want that to run00:17
ActionParsnipguitar: check the wine appdb00:18
potataoes_never_coz_: so this is what happens when I hit n in the simulated run http://paste.ubuntu.com/637171/00:18
edbianKM0201: :)00:18
potataoes_never_coz_: So I'm definitely misunderstanding you00:18
kiichiroqin, I did that now what00:18
guitarkm...i tried to find it, let me try again brb00:18
coz_potataoes_never_, right,, at that point  you have   [Y/n/?] ..yes?00:18
Oerprower, this wiki any help ? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java#SDK (Software Development Kit)00:18
sender1acicula BluesKaj: I did what you suggested and after rebooting got stuck at the ubuntu screen with the dots underneath... nothing happened for 10 minutes :|00:18
potataoes_never_coz_: yes00:18
coz_potataoes_never_,  choose  "n"00:18
qinkiichiro: Do you see any rules preventing server from communication?00:19
KM0201guitar: there's a huge "Download Now" button00:19
coz_potataoes_never_,  then it should read out numbered options for the removal00:19
potataoes_never_coz_: "Abort."00:19
sender1BluesKaj: any ideas?00:19
qinkiichiro: Is it minecraft or hlds?00:19
kiichiroall are set to accept, minecraft...00:19
potataoes_never_coz_: check this pastebin where I hit n http://paste.ubuntu.com/637171/00:19
kiichiroI had it running last night, updated xubuntu and now it's down00:19
monitorismesseduActionParsnip: ubottu: what? I am not figuring out what to do.00:19
qinkiichiro: Java?00:19
coz_potataoes_never_, that's not right00:19
guitarhey km0201...let me try to paste that link in my browser...brb00:20
kiichirosay everything starts up just fine, but no one can connect00:20
prowerOer: I've gone over it but I'll take a look again, thanks :> the problem seems to be that the program they reference for creating your own packages, make-jpkg and java-package, no longer exist00:20
potataoes_never_coz_, hmm, thought so, I know I'm not understanding something here...00:20
KM0201guitar: ..lol, hang on just a second, i'm renewing my license plates.. then i'll help you if you need it00:20
kiichirosays connection refused: Connect00:20
sender1BluesKaj: I've installed NVIDIA latest again and now I can boot. Performance is still bad00:20
coz_potataoes_never_,  however  in that list from the --simulate i dont see any packages it wants to install00:20
qinkiichiro: Start server and: sudo netstat -tulp00:20
koppeWhere can I find the 'beagle' package (desktop search-engine / indexer), a fork (what name?) and/or any good alternatives?  (I see the project's site is closed)00:20
monitorismesseduI will try holding shift at boot to get to grub. if there is an easy way to fix my monitor problem you can let me know when I come back.00:20
=== himcesjf1 is now known as himcesjf
qinkiichiro: Paste lines for minecraft00:21
coz_potataoes_never_,  so ,, apparetly aptitude is not wanting to install firefox00:21
potataoes_never_coz_, that is true, but look at this non-simulated run: http://paste.ubuntu.com/637168/00:21
coz_potataoes_never_, is firefox still installed?00:21
potataoes_never_coz_: no, Firefox is not installed right now.00:21
coz_potataoes_never_,  arg00:21
guitari'm back....i got it km00:22
kiichirofound something running on the same port as my server00:22
coz_potataoes_never_,  ok I am officially puzzled then00:22
potataoes_never_coz_: darn.00:22
qinkiichiro: You can kill it by pid, or use telnet or netcat to investigate00:22
potataoes_never_coz_: can I go back to Windows 7 now?00:23
chrome_I installed oneiric by mistake. How can I remove it? or reinstall the 11.04?00:23
nessy94how do i get to asker channel00:23
kiichirowhy kill it if it's not working, like no one can connect, server is up just fine00:23
potataoes_never_coz_: I can't believe I actually said that hahahaha00:23
potataoes_never_coz_: but I feel so comfortable in Win7, darnit.00:23
coz_potataoes_never_,  must be  something like ephiphany  or firefox have virtual packages with dependencies from one browser to the next,, I am only guessing there00:23
KM0201guitar: ok.. what IRC client are you using?00:23
nessy94x gnome00:24
potataoes_never_coz_: isn't that a terrible way to design dependances then?00:24
qinkiichiro: You just said what something else is running on minecraft port, is it java?00:24
coz_potataoes_never_,  of you do, windows is what you have been using,, it will take time,, but believe me ,, at some point windows will seem 'nearly"  useless00:24
coz_potataoes_never_,  considering the kind of control over linux you can eventually acheive00:24
potataoes_never_coz_: I'm thinking about reinstalling Ubuntu with the minimal cd00:24
coz_potataoes_never_,  excelent idea00:24
kiichiroI believe it's just the server, only one thing is running on the server and yes it's java00:24
westzi got a friend at mcdonalds :D gave me a giant ice cream cone00:25
potataoes_never_coz_: I really don't want any of this other crap that comes along with the standard install00:25
coz_potataoes_never_,  well the minimal is not what you might be thinking00:25
qinkiichiro: So it is minecraft, ip section? *:port or what?00:25
KM0201potataoes_never_: it works pretty well.. as long as you got decent bandwidth... it's also easy to install server edition, then stick a GUI on top of it.00:25
kiichirothat is what it says, unaltered00:26
Ether_Mancoz_, the level of control, is quite often counterproductive however. While that may give US an edge, it's also what's keeping it away from the desktop market sadly00:26
coz_potataoes_never_,  it is a 19 meg iso,, it allows the system to be installed via the net,, at one point,, you will get a list of things to install,, aka   Ubuntu desktop,, Kubuntu desktop,,etc     the arrows scroll and the "Space" bar will tick a box00:26
potataoes_never_KM0201: that might be a little out of my capabilities.00:26
qinkiichiro: ip6?00:26
KM0201potataoes_never_: it's honestly no more difficult than sticking a GUI on top of the mini ISO.00:26
potataoes_never_KM0201: hmm.00:26
potataoes_never_coz_: Oh?!00:26
potataoes_never_coz_: well in a way that's good right/00:26
coz_Ether_Man,  that may be part of the reason,, however , I have installed ubuntu on many many home systems.. not a single person knows anything about computers and still not a single one wants windows back00:27
westzseriously, it was 3 times the size of a normal cone and she told me not to let the manager see :D00:27
qinkiichiro: And what ip you using to connect to server 4 or 6 ?00:27
qinkiichiro: It do not listen on tcp400:27
coz_potataoes_never_, it is very good,, the system is up to date on the first boot00:27
kiichiroexcept using no-ip to use the dns, I have tried connecting directly to the IP00:27
coz_potataoes_never_,  however,, if you choose Ubuntu Desktop  it will still have the same installed applications00:27
potataoes_never_coz_: I don't know what to do right now then.00:28
hearnoseenoanyone familiar with installing vmware on ubuntu00:28
hearnoseeno*vmware workstation00:28
coz_potataoes_never_,   ok  ,, take your time,, I think that's enough frustration for one day :)00:28
kiichirowhat do you mean qin00:28
Ether_Mancoz_, I doubt that..  But even if we assume that's true, that's still only empirical and plenty enough anyway, will still go back to windows if they just could..  Some of the ones I've done that for as an example had to first pay me to install it for them, and in the end, paying me to "make their comp usable again"00:28
potataoes_never_coz_: ahh...I'm not satisfied.00:28
ZykoticK9potataoes_never_, FYI from mini if you install the gnome-desktop-environment package you'll get Gnome without Ubuntu stuff (also FYI don't try the gnome package, it won't work)00:29
coz_Ether_Man,  I have not experienced that with anyone :)00:29
chrome_I installed oneiric by mistake. How can I remove it? or reinstall the 11.04?00:29
coz_potataoes_never_,  well  neither am I ,, this is a bit puzzling about the removal / install issue00:29
ActionParsnipchrome_: you will need to reinstall00:29
chrome_ActionParsnip: how?00:29
qinkiichiro: What client with ip4 setting will not see server, client with ip6 will connect with no problem, Propably you need to recheck server config, and just disable ip6.00:29
potataoes_never_Ether_man, ZykotickK9, do you have any ideas for my problem: basically what is happening is that removing firefox forces an epiphany install, and vice versa00:29
Ether_Mancoz_, does everyone you've done it for have a semi personal relationship perhaps?00:30
coz_Ether_Man,  I have also dual booted for many of these clients,,not one goes back to windows00:30
ActionParsnipchrome_: download natty, md5 test it, burn it and install00:30
kiichirohow does one do that?00:30
coz_Ether_Man,  no these are are paying clients00:30
ZykoticK9!tab > potataoes_never_00:30
qinkiichiro: One sec...00:30
ubottupotataoes_never_, please see my private message00:30
ZykoticK9potataoes_never_, could you pastebin "apt-cache rdepends firefox"00:30
potataoes_never_ZykoticK9: WOW TAB POWER?!!!00:31
Ether_Mancoz_, right. Because that type is rarely going to be contacting you again if they felt you installed "a bad OS" for them after all :)00:31
potataoes_never_ZykoticK9: okay, hold on a sec00:31
coz_Ether_Man,   this is offtopic and we can continue this in #ubuntu-offtopic if you like... yes?00:31
qinkiichiro: Check this: http://getsatisfaction.com/mojang/topics/server_only_listens_on_ipv6_if_not_given_an_explicit_address00:31
potataoes_never_ZykoticK9: http://paste.ubuntu.com/637179/00:32
Ether_Mancoz_, nah. Gotta get back to trying to get this damn scalix running on 64bit install...   sigh >_<00:32
coz_Ether_Man,  understood,, anytime you want to discuss it let me know,, however same people call me not to complain but how to do something  generally  simple user mistakes00:33
potataoes_never_ZykoticK9: any ideas?00:35
ZykoticK9potataoes_never_, SORRY WAS AFK - empathy is not in that list?  but isn't firefox in ubuntu-desktop metapackage (I wouldn't bother trying to remove anything in that package)?00:35
caffinei plug in an older USB device (pretty old digicam) and i see this in dmesg: "usb 3-2: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 3" but no device shows up. how do i mount this device? i don't see any other information in dmesg that tells me how to mount it.00:36
Leopsxboa noite.................00:36
ZykoticK9potataoes_never_, if you don't want something in ubuntu-desktop I'd highly recommend mini - and building from there00:36
potataoes_never_ZykoticK9: Did I say Empathy? I meant Epiphany...it might be in the metapackage, but what if I just don't want the stuff in the metapackage? I basically want as clean/light an install as possible00:36
lcbif anyone using xsane, does ver 0.998 have an icon on the left side representing a flatbed scanner (to switch between scanner types)?00:36
potataoes_never_ZykoticK9: Ahhh...mini....00:36
wildbatpotataoes_never_: ok you have to remove the gecko-mediaplayer to remove the browsers00:37
potataoes_never_wildbat: oh?00:37
westzfreenode is basically all computer stuff right?00:38
potataoes_never_wildbat: I just checked with synaptic, I don'thave it installed00:38
ZykoticK9potataoes_never_, sorry my misreading - ya with ubuntu-desktop you need some sort of web browser - thus the remove one, the other gets installed00:38
lcbin other words, how to change Scansource on xsane 0.998?00:38
potataoes_never_ZykoticK9: but I do have one hahaha...Opera :?00:39
ZykoticK9potataoes_never_, actually it might be a Gnome requirement00:39
ZykoticK9potataoes_never_, Opera isn't free - that's not a real browser ;)00:39
potataoes_never_ZykoticK9: hahahaha00:39
potataoes_never_ZykoticK9: but Opera is free...00:39
wildbatpotataoes_never_: i use dpkg to remove ~ eventually i have to remove that to remove all my broswer ;p00:39
potataoes_never_ZykoticK9: I've never paid a scent for it.00:39
liny_mancent lol00:39
ZykoticK9potataoes_never_, Opera is certainly NOT free (as in freedom)00:39
potataoes_never_ZykoticK9: cent*00:40
westzZykoticK9, winrar00:40
westzZykoticK9, *7zip00:40
ZykoticK9westz, winrar also not FAIF00:40
potataoes_never_ZykoticK9: So Firefox is really better?00:40
potataoes_never_ZykoticK9: Can I get a minimal not bloat install of firefox?00:40
westzpotataoes_never_, YES00:40
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.00:40
potataoes_never_ZykoticK9: Can I get a minimal no-bloat* install of firefox?00:40
coz_caffine,  mm is usb 3  support in the kernel ?? I am not sure00:41
ZykoticK9potataoes_never_, if freedom is an issue for you - then yes, it's better then opera00:41
liny_mangoogle chrome / chromium is a small browser00:41
muellisoftcoz_: linux is, again, the first operating system to support the newest USB standards00:41
kiichiroqin,  link did not help at all00:41
ubottuHere I am, brain the size of a planet and they ask me to respond to factoid requests. Call that job satisfaction? Because I don't.00:41
ZykoticK9potataoes_never_, "no bloat" firefox?  what do you mean, i believe Ubuntu only adds one plugin don't they?00:41
=== muellisoft is now known as Muelli
caffinecoz_: great question, but i don't think any of this hardware supports usb3 anyways. the camera is so old you can hardly even find stuff about it online anymore and i think the computer predates more formal definitions of usb3.00:42
coz_muellisoft   not surprised   just want sure when it was implimented  apparenltu  2.6.3100:42
yeats!midori | potataoes_never_00:42
yeats!info midori | potataoes_never_00:42
ubottupotataoes_never_: midori (source: midori): fast, lightweight graphical web browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.2-0.1ubuntu1 (natty), package size 1014 kB, installed size 3556 kB00:42
coz_caffine,  ah understood,, I have been there with old cameras00:42
ubun_can i get help with cheese... I tried #cheese but there is no one in that channel00:43
westzubun_, whats the prob?00:43
potataoes_never_ZykoticK9: Yeah, I suppose...hmm. Maybe I have to rethink this.00:43
Muelliubun_: well, irc.gnome.org is probably the better server for that. But what's your problem anyway?00:43
coz_lcb,  let me check here00:43
potataoes_never_ZykoticK9: but anyways, Ubuntu mini seems to be what I'd like...00:43
westzubun_, if it smells bad, dont eat it00:43
caffinecoz_: yeah. i just want to clean it off before i get rid of it. even the front facing camera in my phone is better than this old guy. :)  any ideas how i can get linux to say hello to it?00:43
potataoes_never_ZykoticK9: I basically want to only install something if I absolutely need it.00:43
coz_lcb,   sorry cant... I dont have the scanner attached .../sorry00:44
ubun_westz: i can see the camera and stream take photos but when i try to record i get like 1 frame per minute...00:44
=== ticaozinho is now known as tdutra
yeatspotataoes_never_: (I know this is ot, but) you might consider arch linux ;-)00:44
westzubun_, same with me. its slow as flowing dog shit. you need a better graphics card00:44
coz_caffine,  I have tried with some old cameras and no luck , however,,, if no one here knows at this particular time,, you could chance asking in ##linux,, someone there may have a few ideas00:44
lcbcoz_: tks :) there is no Scansource on mine and is giving me error because i need to change the feeder type00:44
potataoes_never_yeats: I've heard about it, but I'm not sure if I'm technically capable enough...00:44
yeatspotataoes_never_: good documentation - might be worth trying in a VM first ;-)00:45
westzpotataoes_never_, it's not actually that difficult, it's more time consuming than difficult00:45
liny_manubun_, that usually happen with netbooks, it runs SLOW. there may be a lighter app that works better.00:45
qinkiichiro: Disable ip6 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1136850 and start server with favour ip400:45
potataoes_never_yeats: the reason why I'm getting into Ubuntu right now is because I'm finding I have to do a lot of Python work for school/work00:45
caffinecoz_: great suggestion. i'll check that out if nothing pans out here. thanks!00:45
ubun_westz: liny_man: im on a pc. ididnt seem to do it to record onto facebook? ... hmmm.. i did get a 30foot usb. would that be an issue00:45
chrome_Anybody who uses the 11.04 can tell me if you have the file "libz.so"?00:45
potataoes_never_westz: darnit, I don't want it to be time-consuming :/00:46
coz_lcb,   try the #sane channel also00:46
potataoes_never_westz: Just want something minimal setup quick, sigh.00:46
yeatspotataoes_never_: the lightest-weight you're going to get in the Ubuntu universe is Lubuntu00:46
liny_manubun_, do you use the restricted drivers?00:46
caffinechrome_:  where should i look?00:46
ubottulubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.00:46
westzpotataoes_never_, arch takes a lot of time, it's just the truth. the fact that it's minimal is because you have to hand configure everything00:46
lcbcoz_: good idea... #xsane doesn't exist (as official chan00:46
kiichirocan I just get rid of the past update somehow?00:46
chrome_nevercaffine neverming00:46
coz_lcb,  no it would be the #sane channel ,, although I dont think there are many people there ;)00:47
coz_lcb,  so also try ##linux00:47
potataoes_never_westz, yeats: yeah, I'm not looking for that level of detail either, but maybe Lubuntu will suit me? I sort of need a comfortable middle ground.00:47
ubun_liny_man: im pretty sure but let me double check. i did try to install EASYCAP and i had to do alot of stuff could that have messed it up. (inever got it working)00:47
noisewaterphdmy 6 year old son just told me that Macs suck, and to give him his monitor back so that his Linux would work again00:47
westzxubuntu and lubuntu are good, so is crunchbang00:47
ZykoticK9potataoes_never_, if you ONLY want what YOU want - check out the mini install (careful, it's what made me switch to Debian)  Good luck.00:47
potataoes_never_westz, yeats: maybe when I'm more adept with linux/programming, I'll try out arch - ZykoticK9 - haha00:48
westznoisewaterphd, win00:48
Juv1228hello, i have a question about some networking stuff00:48
qinnoisewaterphd: Your boy sounds like wise man.00:48
Juv1228i have two computers, one ubuntu desktop, the other ubutu server00:48
noisewaterphdwestz: ya, but now I've only got 2 monitors again :(00:48
westzpotataoes_never_, it's an awesome system, definitely trry it if you have the time00:48
lcbcoz_:  thanks :)00:49
Juv1228server is holding tons of large media files that i want to stream to desktop, but id rather not clog up the rest of my network with this traffic as my router is only 10/10000:49
coz_lcb,  no problem00:49
kiichiroI am not recompiling the kernal, don't even know how and that's the only option I am seeing00:49
Juv1228and both PC's have two nic's so i figured id just run a cable between them right00:49
westzit's like the difference between taking a snapshot of a scene with a camera and building an image pixel by pixel00:50
noisewaterphdJuv1228, just want to point out that a GB router is dirt cheap these days00:50
Juv1228ok, got that done, static IP's, i can ping the server on both IP's but cant talk to the world00:50
coz_westz,  lots of work00:50
westzit takes a long time, but it's only what you want00:50
ubun_is there a way to check what graphics card i have without opening it up?00:50
Juv1228noisewaterphd, im sure they are, but even if i did upgrade id keep it this way because im doing alot of streaming00:50
JonasEHello, is somebody Online?00:50
potataoes_never_Well guys, I'll see you later, thanks a lot for all your help. I think I'll start out with Ubuntu Mini for now, and see where that takes me from there. Also, I guess I'll give Firefox a whirl and leave behind Opera for a while :)00:50
westzubun_, lspci00:50
noisewaterphdubun_, lshw00:51
noisewaterphdor lspci00:51
yeatsJonasE: there's a whole channel of us ;-)00:51
JonasEGreat :D00:51
Juv1228if i ifdown the nic on my desktop connected directly to the server i can ping google or whatever. but once its up im not being routed correctly outside the network00:51
westzi think i'm gonna take off. been sitting in mcdonalds for forever00:51
JonasEI just would sorry for LarsT's Spam attack.00:51
JonasEMcDonalds Rules :D00:52
Juv1228i have a feeling its because they are both on the same netmask?00:52
westzwow, i've been here since like 1400 and it's almost 180000:52
=== derp|gone is now known as derp
coz_I think this sounds more like  offtopic conversation  ...yes?00:52
JonasEWho have a feeling about what?00:52
JonasEJust one more question. Is everybody in the list online? o000:53
coz_JonasE,  its likely they are all connected ..yes,, paying attention?  I have no way of knowing00:53
JonasEWell then. Kick inaktive Channelusers for a better Traffic :D00:54
ubun_the video car would be listed as the "video controller" ? or the  "display controller"?00:54
coz_JonasE,  many people "lurk" for many reasons...00:55
coz_JonasE,  any ubuntu issues concerning you ?00:55
JonasEThat much?00:55
JonasEBut ok00:55
JonasESry for interupt your conversion00:55
FloodBot1JonasE: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:55
=== hag is now known as Guest88078
engammalskoHi, how do I find my name server?00:56
green91is usually provided by your ISP00:56
engammalskoSomething like ns1.myip ? and ns2.myip ?00:56
Guest88078is there an easy way to get my monitor to stop saying "signal is out of range"00:57
green91engammalsko: are you looking for generic dns?00:57
engammalskogreen91: I don't know it sounds right. What is it?00:57
green91guest88078: change the resolution or sync rate to one supported00:57
=== formesse is now known as Formes
engammalskogreen91: I wanna forward a co.cc domain to my web server.00:58
green91engammalsko: you will need to purchase DNS service them more htan likely.00:58
engammalskogreen91: hmm, how does that work? : )00:58
engammalskogreen91: There's alot of free hosts that allows nameservers. So shouldn't it be free to get too?00:59
Guest88078green91: how do I get to where I can change that when I can't see anything in my monitor lol01:00
green91guest88078: alt+shift+f2 to go to a text terminal, you need to edit your x config file.01:01
Guest88078green91: i can edit my x config file right now. what do I put in there.01:03
Guest88078green91: right now it's blank for my install.01:04
Formes@Guest88078 are you running multiple monitors or just one on the computer you are having problems with?01:04
ubun_is there only cheese to record camera footage in ubuntu?01:04
FormesHello SysSi01:05
Guest88078Formes: I have one monitor. the one that isn't working. I'm using a cd to view this chat.01:05
SysSiI have ubuntun 11.04 Desktop installed, with a broadcam network card >_>01:05
KM0201SysSi: which broadcom (I assume its not working?)01:06
SysSiI have the Bmwl-kernel-source driver for it, but it says "Dependency is not satisfiable: dkms" in the Software center01:06
KM0201SysSi: which broadcom do you have?01:06
Guest88078Formes: I've installed ubuntu 11.04.01:07
kiichirohey still having trouble with the game server01:07
Guest88078Formes has left. any one else wanna help me with my monitor?01:07
KM0201SysSi: sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer01:08
KM0201SysSi: that shoul set you up.01:08
green91guest88078: how did u install x?01:09
Guest88078just think of me as some one who's got 10% of a normal human brain. be a good guy and help the stupid figure out how to fix a monitor that says "signal out of range"01:09
SysSimm unable to lock diretory01:09
KM0201SysSi: close synaptic01:09
KM0201or whatever is using root01:09
Guest88078green91: i installed x with an update to 11.04 from 10.0401:10
KM0201Guest88078: you didn't read those upgrade instructions very well did you?01:10
ubun_is there like a system restore... like there is in windowas?01:10
SysSiAh yes, not, just unable to loate pakate b43 ect, firmware01:10
Guest88078green91: it worked until I installed nvidia drivers01:10
KM0201SysSi: open synaptic again01:10
Guest88078KMB201: well, I guess so. it was working. damn you nvidia drivers.01:11
KM0201SysSi: in synaptic, go to the Settings Menu, then "Repositories"01:11
KM0201and that will open another window01:11
green91see if you can run xf86config01:12
Guest88078whoops. KM0201: ya i don't think I did read them very well.01:12
KM0201Guest88078: yeah, you can't skip distros like that.. 10.04, 10.10, 11.04.. if you skipped 10.10, you could have a mess trying to fix this.01:12
Guest88078every thing was working well then BOOM nvidia messed it up01:13
SysSiok im there01:13
green91why not?01:13
green91ive jumped several distros.01:13
KM0201SysSi: ok, on the first tab, check all those boxes.01:13
KM0201SysSi: on the other software tab... check all those boxes01:13
SysSiYes, but this system has no internet access, im using a seperate laptop for this chat01:14
KM0201SysSi: oh ok...01:14
Guest88078KM0201: it was fine without nvidia drivers. it's install now. if I go back I'll have to wait hours for three installs because I have no disks other than 10.04.01:14
KM0201SysSi: ok...01:15
Guest88078KM0201: what do i do to keep from waisting a whole day installing stuff?01:15
KM0201SysSi: PM?01:15
SysSiNot sure how PM works on this online client :p01:16
KM0201SysSi: you should see my name popped up somewhere01:16
venolHelo, I have create crontab on ubuntu 10.04, and I add "*/1 * * * * /home/venol/random-to-dil.sh" with crontab -e command. But, I'm wait for 2 minutes, my script is not running? but if I test with */1 * * * * echo "hello" the script running on the system. what is problem? what does my script is wrong? I have make sure it correct.01:17
Guest88078any one want to perform a community service for the stupid?01:18
Guest88078all I need is some resolutions that will work for x on my monitor01:19
bsmith093wget suddenly isnt working, says bad port number localhost:400101:20
jinkvenol: */1 is the same as *.  How did you check your script ran?  Does it say your script ran in /var/log/syslog ?01:20
Guest88078I would love to visit youtube or search on google for stuff I don't need right about now.01:20
jinkbsmith093: Did you prepend a protocol, like http:// ?01:20
ProductHey all.01:20
DiamondciteGuest88078: Usually 800x600 will work on just about ANY monitor01:21
bsmith093jink: yes01:21
ProductI want to ask something about .mdf extention.01:21
ProductWhat for is the .mdf extention used ?01:21
Guest88078Diamondcite: I can't view through my  monitor to fix it on my install.01:21
ghostnik11okay serious and annoying problem of empathy window moving and expanding as i type the window moves to the left01:22
DiamondciteGuest88078: I assume it still boots and ssh is running?01:22
jinkbsmith093: So, it's just wget http://localhost:4001/ ?01:22
Guest88078Diamondcite: I can get to the xorg.conf file now, but I don't know what to put in there.01:22
ghostnik11instead of just forming a second line as i type the window expands whats going on?01:22
bsmith093no its the error i get with any url after wget01:22
DiamondciteGuest88078: Does it have any mode lines? How about the driver?01:23
bsmith093wget www.bkah.com returen error bad port number http://localhost:400101:23
Oerproduct master database file ( sql)01:23
Guest88078Diamondcite: ya. it boots and runs. monitor just yells at me "signal is out of range"01:23
ProductOh ok.01:23
ProductThanks Oer.01:23
ProductI want to ask you also.01:23
gryProduct: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_file_formats MDS – DAEMON tools native disc image file format used for making images from optical CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, HD DVD or Blu-ray Disc. It comes together with MDF file and can be mounted with DAEMON Tools or Alcohol 120% software.01:23
DiamondciteGuest88078: Idealy I would ask you to paste.ubuntu.com your xorg.conf01:23
ghostnik11is it unity that is making empathy suddenly act weird and break, as it doesn't form a second line as i type just keeps expanding one line01:23
ProductHow can I view what is inside of it ?01:23
osti401i h01:23
DiamondciteGuest88078: In that case, maybe your fresh rate got messed up?01:24
ProductOh ok :)01:24
Guest88078Diamondcite: can I paste it in a private chat for you?01:24
ProductI found it on a website of my friend, he asked me to review it.01:25
DiamondciteGuest88078: Pastebin is suggested.. it'll take 10 minutes to send that many lines ^_^01:25
venol@jink: Yes, I make sure it run. I have test to execute with "bash /home/venol/random-to-dil.sh" command, and it's works!01:25
ghostnik11is there anyway i can fix this? problem of windows expanding to the right for no reason01:25
ProductIf we open it, can we see database of the whole website ?01:25
ProductLike usernames/Passwords ?01:25
venoljink: Yes, I make sure it run. I have test to execute with "bash /home/venol/random-to-dil.sh" command, and it's works!01:25
jinkvenol: Erhm, what?01:25
jinkbsmith093: Oh, some weird proxy configged?01:25
Oerproduct, that is no ubuntu support question01:25
venoljink: My script is run, But can't execute with crontab.. : (01:26
ProductOer, yeah sorry. But this the only pro people chat I know.01:26
bsmith093jink: probably but i never did  anything with proxies01:26
Guest88078Diamondcite: well crap. never mind. I ran recovery mode earlier and now I can't get to it.01:26
Guest88078looks like it's goin to be a long evening01:26
OerProduct, you should be able to open it in mysql, but if it is protected, i don't know01:26
DiamondciteGuest88078: What happens if you try to boot at all? in any more.01:27
ProductOer: Oh ok, thank you.01:27
osti401i have an ati graphic card and the driver is installed and when i launch a game it says "your video card performance has not been found a quick bench will be performed" and " then it says that could not retrieve your graphics device performance01:27
jinkvenol: I'm asking you to check your syslog to verify that cron runs your script.01:27
ProductOer: I'll try to open it, also one more please.01:27
Guest88078Diamondcite: it boots like normal. I just don't see anything in my monitor.01:27
ProductDoes it contains more then 1 table. ?01:27
Guest88078Diamondcite: it makes intro sounds.01:27
ProductLike emails, names, usernames01:28
DiamondciteGuest88078: Try pressing ctrl+alt+F101:28
ProductOr it is specific in 1 thing ?01:28
DiamondciteGuest88078: It should drop you into a terminal01:28
Guest88078Diamondcite: ok01:28
Guest88078Diamondcite: what do i do in that terminal?01:28
Product:( Thank you very much guys.01:29
DiamondciteGuest88078: Least you can see your files now :)... log in first01:29
venoljink: ok, I check.01:29
DiamondciteGuest88078: sudo vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:30
Guest88078Diamondcite: ok. this is actually hilarious. I feel like a monkey using a calculator.01:30
DiamondciteGuest88078: Replace "vi" with your favourite editor01:30
ubunis it just plug and play to change/upgrade a graphics card im on ubuntu 10.0401:31
ghostnik11okay wanted to know the best way to install windows xp along side of ubuntu 11.04 as ubuntu 11.04 is already on the laptop01:31
DiamondciteGuest88078: I've seen really amazing words from those calculators, so don't underestimate it ^_^01:31
potatoesBack again with a few questions!01:31
engammalskogreen91: I found a good one : ) co.cr offered dns hosting and it was free :D01:32
* gry looks at the potatoes's questions.01:32
potatoesI'm trying to install Ubuntu Mini Remix 11.04, but I can't seem to get it working with on my usb drive using startup disk creator...01:32
green91engammalsko: congrats!01:32
Guest88078Diamondcite: i've seen cheating on tests with calculators. I wonder if I should post this as a bug or if my install was just bad.01:32
ghostnik11can i actually do that, install windows xp along side ubuntu 11.04 laptop without screwing up grub and all those other important stuff for ubuntu01:32
potatoesAny suggestions or recommendations? Can I set up my usb drive manually through terminal or something?01:33
kiichiroI love xubuntu as it never interferes with my games :) and such amazing community01:33
lapaga ghostnik11 am pretty sure that you need to install xp first and then ubuntu01:33
green91its possible to repair grub after installing windows but its generally easier to have windows installed first.01:34
Guest88078potatoes: i love potatoes. goodbye all01:34
ghostnik11lapaga, see thats what i was hoping not to do as it is my mom computer and she already has been using ubuntu 11.04 for a while now; green91, is there no other way?01:35
potatoesanyone have any success setting up ubuntu mini on a usb drive using startup disk creator?01:35
green91blah who wants windows?? run it in a vm01:35
ghostnik11green91: will move to slow its a compaq laptop and isn't a high end model, its just that windows suck but a site that she needs to study from only uses windows computer or basically asks for internet explorer01:37
nit-witghostnik11, here is a link, it does not matter the install sequence, it is understanding booting. http://members.iinet.net.au/~herman546/index.html01:37
green91ghostnik11: install xp and follow a guide like this one to reinstall grub: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/reinstall-ubuntu-grub-bootloader-after-windows-wipes-it-out/01:38
green91ghostnik11: but you'll have to be careful in the windows install bc ubuntu partitions are likely using the entire drive so one will need to be resized01:38
nit-witgreen91, that link is for grub-legacy01:39
green91ah rats, my apologies..01:39
edbianghostnik11: I suggest you use gparted to resize your ubuntu partition and make room for an xp (or whatever windows) install with a large area of unallocated space01:40
ghostnik11green91 and nitwit: thanks for help but think i will just do as green91 suggested will install windows then install ubuntu after hearing comments on resizing and finding things, don't want to mess around with resizing01:40
iniesta6may i get little help about problem :01:40
iniesta6after i login to my user i cant see anything01:40
iniesta6just the background and the cursor :S01:41
=== ajf is now known as ajf|offline
hanagumacan someone recommend a room for network issues (NAT)01:42
ghostnik11edbian: thanks i think i will just go with what green91, and others said its easier to install windows first after a wipe of entire system then install ubuntu 11.04 back again, thanks that way grub will have control instead of me messing around with resizing and other things that i might not be skilled at to fix if broken01:42
nit-witiniesta6, have you changed anything IE what is the precursor to this.01:42
edbianghostnik11: sure01:42
iniesta6dont understand01:43
iniesta6i had this problem and came here and been told to install nvidia drivers01:43
iniesta6i did that01:43
nit-witiniesta6, did you do anything like install something?01:43
iniesta6but now i got only 2 option to boot ubuntu01:43
iniesta6ive been told here to install nvidia drivers to y video card01:43
iniesta6but i had 5 options at booting01:44
iniesta6after i installed i have 2 options (normal and recovery)01:44
mozybonzgparted work great,xp simply complains about somthing changing and wants to do a check. Thats about it01:44
dimas_i do have my sound working but the volume control is gone from my desktop and system...so i use pulseaudio volume control but i believe something wrong as i have a little problem with a particular application who doesnt play sound01:44
iniesta6i installed it from recovery mode ,option like graphic fail01:44
Teslasenseok I made a noob mistake I installed gnome3 and forgot to turn auto login off now I can't load a desktop01:45
iniesta6but i cant access it anymore :S01:45
Teslasenseanyone know how to fix it01:45
nit-witiniesta6, there is a safe mode boot from a gui if you choose the recovery boot, that will get you in without grphic drivers.01:45
dimas_recovery mode? tell me about it01:46
iniesta6if i choose recovery mode i dont saw safe mod01:46
iniesta6only resume,2 root options,graphic fail and maybe one more01:46
nit-witiniesta6, I forget the name of it 4th or 5th line down in the gui.01:46
iniesta6then what i need to do there?01:47
nit-witiniesta6, it scrolls01:47
nit-witiniesta6, if you choose the correct line you will get into the desktop without graphics, beyond that others will have to help tyou.01:47
Teslasenseanyone here know how to fix the issue I have01:48
iniesta6:S k ty01:48
iniesta6i acn reinstall ubuntu?01:48
iniesta6i used  wubi.exe01:49
randomusr_running 10.04 and getting some errors about updating. One of the repositories complains about being contacted01:49
randomusr_anyone else having issues?01:49
randomusr_Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid-security/Release.gpg  Something wicked happened resolving 'security.ubuntu.com:http' (-5 - No address associated with hostname)01:49
[THC]AcidRainin perl. what is the regular expression for "first 4 characters of a string" lets say the string was "!hax zomg" how would i see if "!hax" was at the beginning?01:50
[THC]AcidRainor is there a string function that does that already?01:50
deni have a question about trying out ububtu01:50
anadonhey, gmp 5.0.2 build/installation failed on Ubuntu 11.04 x64 and I don't know why.01:50
hanagumaAcidRain: regex for first 4 characters would be /^..../01:51
nit-witden, just one?01:51
yeatsrandomusr_: can you paste the output of 'cat /etc/apt/sources.list' to http://paste.ubuntu.com and share the link?01:51
jink[THC]AcidRain: #perl01:51
hanagumahaving trouble with NAT for ekiga, can you recommen a channle?01:52
hanagumaofficial ekiga channel no one is answering01:52
denyes, my laptop sees CD and when I tell it I'd like to try, it seems to start doing something but then sits there forever, should this take a long time?01:53
jmaderoanyone here do any database work?01:54
anadonyou might run into charge support for ubuntu...what database?  If you know, go to that one's channel.01:55
jmaderounfortunately it's MS Access (and I can't find any decent support for it)01:55
jmaderoI use Linux but for work they require Access01:55
jmaderojust looking for someone who might private chat with me for a bit to try to solve this issue I'm having01:55
nit-witden, try booting the cd hit the shift key, and hold it down to get the first screen that has more options, try it from there if not try hittting f6 at that first screen abd try nomodeset from the drop down.01:55
Teslasenseok I forgot to turn off auto login when I installed gnome 3 before rebooting now when I reboot it looks like it's looking for gnome3 but trys to boot into unity causing xwindows to crash, anyone now how to fix this?01:56
randomusr_yeats - http://paste.ubuntu.com/637218/01:56
jmaderoand go figure a MS product wouldn't have decent group of people to offer live help01:56
ubottuGnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.01:56
pythonquestion i would like to decompress only one of the files included in a huge gzip file , how can i do that?01:56
jmaderodon't install gnome 3 on Natty, it's terrible01:56
jmaderoif you want to try it go try out Fedora 15, I have a virtualbox running for it01:56
anadonjmadero: MS isn't supported by linux anything as far as I'm aware.  you gotta buy help.  no way around that unless you're great at research/illegal torrenting.01:56
jmaderolol I'm hoping someone here is like me and is forced to use MS for work or some other purpose ;)01:57
jmaderoand since Linux people are so much nicer, I figured I'd give it a shot01:57
TeslasenseOer so Im better off just reinstalling?01:57
Guest21926hey guys. my super button's packed in. super, super + W, super + D... nothing works. using unity, 11.04. the compiz key combinations are all correctly set. where should i start looking to fix this?01:57
denthanks nit-wit01:57
TeslasenseFedora is a POS01:58
anadonjmadero: depends on the channel.  #linux is damn mean!  can you use sql?01:58
nit-witden, no problem.01:58
Teslasenseanything based off of rh is a pos01:58
jmaderoI can use sql to some extent, it's really not the most difficult question ;)01:58
anadonI'd have to say use that if possible...01:58
jmaderoTeslasense: the founder of Linux uses Fedora and always has, so it must not be that bad ;)01:58
szaljmadero: "always has" can't be true to begin with, since Fedora exists since 200301:59
KM0201Teslasense: while i prefer debian distros, RH is good to.01:59
szaljmadero: and Linux was invented in 199101:59
yeatsrandomusr_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+bug/574886 <-- have you seen this?01:59
ubottuUbuntu bug 574886 in apt (Ubuntu) "Apt has strange network errors when updating indexes." [Medium,Incomplete]01:59
Teslasenseso you're telling me Linus Torvalds uses redhat, and how would you know this?01:59
jmaderookay okay, well in an interview he said "he's so used to Fedora he's seen no reason to change"01:59
TeslasenseKM0201: I don't like how it's structured and the whole rpm packing02:00
jmaderoI can find the article when I have a bit more time02:00
dennit-wit, when i say it just sits there, it keeps blinking a Ubuntu logo for up to an hour - should the trial of Ubunto take a long time to show a desktop?02:00
KM0201Teslasense: a lot of RPM guys, say the same thing about debian... it's just preference... neither is really better/worse than the other IMO.02:00
Guest21926jmadero: without wanting to be too anal, because Teslasense comes across as a bit of a twat, i'm pretty sure linus hasn't been using fedora since the day he founded it :P02:00
jmaderoright now I just need to solve this stupid access problem so I can get off of XP02:00
jmaderoKM0201: :)02:00
szaljmadero: tried ##windows ?02:00
jmaderofully agree, it's all preference02:00
jmaderoI started with Fedora 4, now using Ubuntu 11.04, 11.10, Fedora 15 and about to test Gentoo02:01
TeslasenseKM0201: if you look at most of the exploits ever put out a lot of them would run against rh boxes and not other distros02:01
pythonquestion i would like to decompress only one of the files included in a huge gzip file , how can i do that?02:01
Teslasenserh is linux version of windows02:01
anadonhey, gmp 5.0.2 build/installation failed on Ubuntu 11.04 x64 and I don't know why.02:01
Teslasensethat's my imo though02:01
KM0201Teslasense: but those exploits could be just as easily be converted to run on a debian box...02:01
Teslasensemy favorite is slackware honestly02:01
hanaguma pythonquestion: i believe a gzip holds only one file, do you mean .tar.gz?02:01
szalTeslasense: stop that nonsense, this is not the place for opinions on non-*buntu OSes02:01
nit-witden, generally it is a couple of minutes, you should check the md5sums of the iso and cd, could be a bad burn, or a bad download or a hardware need that we haven't found yet. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM02:02
updatewhats up ubuntu02:02
jmaderolol szal don't give him fuel to continue ;)02:02
nit-witden, what is the computer model02:02
dentoshiba satalite 10502:02
Teslasenseyou gotta love it when someone doesn't agree with someone theyt hink they are big internet ppl and can tell them to shut up02:03
Teslasenseszal: you don't like what I have to say use /ignore tough guy02:03
Teslasensejmadero: mentioned other distros first, so I commented on it02:03
KM0201geez, mark has fallen all the way back to 34th02:03
szalTeslasense: just trying to get you to observe channel rules before an op does w/ other means02:03
KM0201woops, wrong channel02:04
Teslasenseszal: then say it to everyone02:04
Teslasenseim not the one that mentioned other distro's first02:04
OerTeslasense, please stop02:04
szalTeslasense: and honestly, all this OS bashing gets tiresome after hearing it for years02:04
Teslasenseso anyways back to my question02:04
Teslasenseis there anyway to fix it or should I just reinstall?02:04
jmaderounlikely to get help now ;)02:04
anadonUbuntu has become bloated and fragile, so a re-install02:05
Teslasenseszal: i just stated my opinion about how I feel about something when someone said just run this02:05
jmaderohopefully you have a separate home folder02:05
jmaderothen a reinstall should be really easy02:05
Ray2den: Have you checked your md502:05
Teslasensejmadero: I just booted off the cd and backed up the /home/ folder to my external02:05
Senjaiquick question, how do i disable the automatic screen lock in ubuntu02:05
szalkuix: don't IRC as root..02:05
jmaderoTeslasense: I highly recommend for next install to have a separate partition02:06
denRay2, no, just reading how to02:06
Teslasensejmadero: yeah not a bad idea02:06
=== gry is now known as Gryllida
Teslasenseany other partion sugguestions?02:06
jmaderouh, some people do separate boot partition, I don't02:06
engammalskoI love fish02:06
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:06
Teslasenseyeah I use to not anymore02:06
jmaderoI have and never really understood why02:06
KM0201szal: he may well be on the live cd.. "may"02:06
szalTeslasense: / and /home will do, everything else covers special needs02:07
Teslasensejamespage: so just a / /home and swap then is all you would recommend?02:07
kuixola.... i need of one software for test/bench my hd....tnx :)02:07
szalTeslasense: yes02:07
Teslasenseszal: awesome02:07
Teslasenseso if you have a seperate /home partition a reinstall won't wipe out /home right unless you tell it to format?02:07
mobodois there a way to backup a whole partition in ubuntu but skip the unused blocks? dd seems to copy everything, including the unused blocks (as junk, which doesn't gzip very well)02:07
szalKM0201: does the live CD start as root?  I don't think so, at least it didn't when I last used one (*buntu, that is)02:08
KM0201szal: yes, it does02:08
jmaderoyeah and then I'd recommend building a script to auto install everything for reinstalls02:08
Teslasenseszal: the cd I booted off of gave me root02:08
KM0201always has02:08
Teslasenseand auto mounted my hdd and external02:08
jmaderoI have one, I get everything set up in about 10 minutes using one command02:08
KM0201szal: the ubuntu live cd has always automatically logged you in as root.02:08
Teslasensejmadero: yeah I did that part already02:08
Teslasenseszal and jmadero ty for the help and advice02:09
kuixhd benchmark tool?  :(02:09
jmaderothen you're good to go, make root partition about 5-7 gigs02:09
jmaderoeverything else should be in home02:09
szaljmadero: a bit small imho, should be more like 10+ GB02:09
jmaderoI currently have 602:09
nit-witden, did you try the nomodeset option with a f6 prompt at the first gui?02:09
jmaderonever have issues02:09
TeslasenseI was giong to do around 20gigs for the /02:09
Teslasenseand everything else for /home02:09
szaljust to be sure, I've seen enough cases where ppl ran out of space because their / partition was too small02:10
jmaderoI honestly have never seen 20 gigs taken up for a root partition, that's a lot of extra crap software (IMO)02:10
* szal has 12 or 15 GB for /02:10
jmaderoeven huge packages like OOo are only 200 megs or so02:10
TeslasenseI have a 1tb external incase 300gigs for /home isn't enough02:10
jmaderoyeah I just like not wasting space, so I strip my *buntu down02:10
jmaderokeep it around 4 gigs with 2 open just in case02:10
Teslasenseyeah I usually remove stupid shit like all those lame games and all that crap02:11
jmaderoI also remove evolution, extra kernels when I update, etc...02:11
dennit-wit, not yet, my interface is all test, no gui02:11
jmaderoI do have OOo and Libreoffice installed02:11
jmaderowhich is probably redundant02:11
szal!language | Teslasense02:11
ubottuTeslasense: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:11
nit-witden, right with your chip set I believe it needs a low graphic boot to get it that is what the nomodset option is.02:12
jmaderoszal: stop picking on him ;)02:12
szaljmadero: I don't02:12
Guest21926szal: since when are "lame" and "crap" swear words?02:12
jmaderohe said shit ;)02:12
jmaderodangit, no database admins in here???02:13
jmaderothink I'll have better luck over at #linux?02:13
Teslasenseszal, 15gigs should be a safe bet for /?02:13
Gryllida!ask | jmadero02:13
ubottujmadero: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:13
nit-witden, thos giuded user intefaces for getting to the desktops are gui's.02:13
Guest21926what kind of database?02:13
szalimho, Anglo-Saxons are too sensitiv about such words anyway, but I don't make the channel rules ;)02:13
szalTeslasense: yes02:13
jmaderoaccess unforunately02:13
Teslasensecool ty02:13
Guest21926i don't have any experience with it, sorry. i don't think they have IRC for people who use access anyway02:14
Guest21926have you tried your local library or pensioner's club? :P02:14
jmaderoI know, of course a MS product wouldn't have it02:14
Gryllidajmadero: What's up?02:14
dennit-wit, I'll try booting the Toshiba and do the no mode set when i get a chance later02:14
szaljmadero: as I said, tried ##windows already?02:14
jmaderoI don't want to get booted for having the convo here ;) get yelled at for talking about non Ubuntu software02:14
nit-witden, cool02:14
jmaderoszal: tried, people are "mean" (nice way to say it)02:15
dennit-wit, thanks again02:15
nit-witden, no problem.02:15
Gryllidajmadero: If it's software question, there is ##windows ; but if it's sql/language question, I'm sure people here would happily try to help you.02:15
jmaderohm, not sure if it qualifies as a sql question, basically I want to pass on a value from a form to a global variable and then use it in another form02:16
szaljmadero: in my limited experience w/ it, the best support for Windows 'standard' software is to be found on general or specialized Windows web forums02:16
jmaderoszal: tried that also, for the most part unhelpful02:16
Gryllidajmadero: What did you already try / do you already have?02:16
szaljmadero: how about microsoft.* newsgroups?02:16
* Gryllida is still trying to see if it's a program or a language question.02:17
jmaderoszal: basically I'm trying to solve this right now so that I can get on with the project, been stuck for a couple weeks02:17
szaljmadero: just trying to point you in a direction you might not have thought about yet..  I've been a mostly passive reader of some of the microsoft.* newsgroups for a while, and they're mostly pretty quick to answer02:18
jmaderoszal: any suggestion for a particular one?02:19
szalso if your problem isn't absolutely obscure, you should've an answer within 2 days at the latest02:19
szaljmadero: don't have a configured newsagent at hand atm02:19
szalbeen a while that I was active in Usenet02:20
jmaderoszal: surprisingly newgroups is something I've never used02:20
szaljmadero: if you so will, that's the predecessor to the web forums02:20
jmaderoszal: okay going to join one now, we'll see if it leads to something functional, thanks02:21
jmaderonow I got curious to try the Chrome OS so downloading ;) (I know I know not a Ubuntu Os)02:21
szaljmadero: http://groups.google.com/groups/dir?lnk=srgmb&hl=de&q=microsoft.public.access.* <- I suggest you pick one of these02:23
jmaderoszal: already had found those, thanks :) trying to figure out how to subscribe through thunderbird now02:24
jmaderocan't figure out what to put in for "server"02:24
szaljmadero: oh, that was long ago around Thunderbird 1.0 when I was in Usenet02:24
pieroIs mcrypt a good program to encrypt my personal files? I want not to store a key somewhere, so I'm thinking about to use mcrypt02:24
szaljmadero: you need a newsfeed02:24
szaljmadero: probably your ISP offers one02:25
jmaderopiero: I just use terminal based encfs02:25
jmaderoszal: now I'm confused02:25
venoljink: Thanks, finally my problem was solved.02:25
venolHello, How to set cron not send mail to user root if the cron job list success running?02:27
sysdocHi all I need to flash my BIOS does anyone have a howto that works with freedos and a flash drive?02:27
venoljink: Excusme, But How to set cron not send mail to user root if the cron job list success running?02:27
szaljmadero: http://www.dmoz.org/Computers/Usenet/Public_News_Servers/02:28
=== usuario_ is now known as pando
szaljmadero: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usenet <- for some basics02:28
mxiiaanyone have any spare g+ invites?02:29
jmaderothanks szal02:29
Rickkhi! How can I check the status of resize2fs?02:29
jmaderomxiia: good luck with that ;) I got in first day and since then it's been a slow process getting new people in02:30
szalmxiia: -> #ubuntu-offtopic please02:30
mxiiajmadero, can't you create a circle and add someone to it. they'll get an invite from that02:30
jmaderonope, it just says "email invite will be enabled soon"02:31
russellsteapotI'm reading about how to compile source code and it says "and, just to be safe" sudo chmod u+rwx /usr/local/src What does this do? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingEasyHowTo02:32
Gryllidarussellsteapot: Open read, write, execute access for you for that file.02:32
bigjay2hey guys on my android phone so tough to type i got a long boot time off ubu 11.04 and flashing scroll and caps lock. cant do anything. comes after i press numlck getting wierd lzma errors02:33
russellsteapotWhy does that make it safe?02:33
venolszal: Excusme, But How to set cron not send mail to user root if the cron job list success running?02:33
hanagumaplease tell me if you can read me02:34
szalbigjay2: sounds like kernel panic..  smells like corrupt install medium and/or faulty hardware02:34
bigjay2@ hanaguma yes02:34
szalvenol: how do I know?02:34
kionanyone knows how does /etc/hosts.deny works?02:34
bigjay2ok so suggestions on fix?02:35
venolszal: oh, I'm sorry.02:35
bigjay2i cant do anything basically... windoze = bsod on startup ... ubu wont boot02:36
szalbigjay2: iow, faulty hardware02:36
Nobgul-bncbigjay2, try booting ubuntu from a usb drive, or cd. see if you have the same issues02:36
bigjay2its being booted by usb... win has been 100% solid till i tried to boot on usb a momentj ago02:37
=== chomping_ is now known as chomping
bigjay2so eliminating hw fail.... no suggestions?02:41
And_O_Gangrelalguem sabe uma rede de irc brasileira???02:43
And_O_Gangrelanyone knows a irc brazilian network?/02:43
=== nick12345 is now known as andersonsouza
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.02:44
=== Marco1 is now known as Marco
NoXzemaHi, I was wondering why the Boost libraries seems not to be updated for the past year and half?02:45
NoXzemaThe latest version is seemingly 1.42 which, if I'm not mistaken, was sometime in the beginning of 2010 or end of 200902:46
pieroWhy truecrypt isn't in Ubuntu repositories?02:46
KM0201!info truecrypt02:46
ubottuPackage truecrypt does not exist in natty02:46
Nobgul-bnccause they dont use a opensource license02:49
mobodoclonezilla is pretty neat02:50
mobodoI just wish it supported software raid off the shelf02:50
KM0201mobodo: it's a pretty slick tool02:50
bigjay2ok i got a desktop now i need to get network working ... my net ard didnt come up auto anyone got 5 to help with that now?02:51
engammalskoArgh, how do I run IE6 on Ubuntu?02:52
mobodoKM0201: did a full backup in 5 minutes over the network, generated a 4GB image.  dd took nearly an hour to generate a 20GB image o_O02:52
KM0201engammalsko: what the.. why on earth would you want to do that?02:52
ubottuies4linux is a script that quickly and effortlessly helps you install 3 versions of IE in Wine. Information can be found at http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/page/Main_Page including instructions specifically for Ubuntu. ies4linux is aimed at web designers and ie-only sites, so please, don’t use any of the IEs to navigate! Use Firefox!02:52
Nobgul-bncengammalsko, you can try to install it via wine but i doubt it would work.02:52
engammalskoI have wine installed, but it keeps telling me that I have a newer version.02:52
KM0201mobodo: yep, it's a slick tool.02:52
l3dhow would i install the newest version of firefox to 10.1002:52
engammalskoKM0201: Because it sucks.02:52
engammalskoKM0201: No but, to test some things on my site etc : )02:52
KM0201engammalsko: because what sucks?02:52
engammalskoKM0201: IE602:53
KM0201hmm, ok02:53
Cimer_Hey everyone, I came with a customization question that I have not found he answer on google..How do you change the panel color (I think that;s what it's called).02:53
Nobgul-bncthere was a browser i used a while ago that allowed you to change to a "compatibilty mode" to test website as other browsers see them02:53
engammalskoNobgul-bnc: Do you remember the name of it?02:53
Nobgul-bnctrying to think.02:54
Cimer_It's the menu that you get from clicking the sound, power button, your signal strength etc.02:54
pieroHow can I split my tar.bz2 files in 4.7GB parts?02:54
KM0201!ie4linux | engammalsko02:54
KM0201!ies4linux | engammalsko02:54
ubottuengammalsko: ies4linux is a script that quickly and effortlessly helps you install 3 versions of IE in Wine. Information can be found at http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/page/Main_Page including instructions specifically for Ubuntu. ies4linux is aimed at web designers and ie-only sites, so please, don’t use any of the IEs to navigate! Use Firefox!02:54
engammalskoKM0201: Isn't that kind of cheating?02:55
KM0201is what cheating?02:55
engammalskoKM0201: I was joking haha.02:55
* szal wonders why websites still get optimised for IE6.. IE6 is dead, according to Microsoft02:55
KM0201szal: i agree... and most sites are going to be made to work w/ Firefox.02:55
engammalskoszal: Yes I know, I don't really care. I just wanna know what works and what doesn't : )02:55
edbian_szal: Websites that optimize for ie6 have legacy code that only works in ie602:56
kionpiero, that is an option with 7zip02:56
bigjay2ok i got a desktop now i need to get network working ... my net ard didnt come up auto anyone got 5 to help with that now?02:56
kiontry installing 7zip02:56
edbian_bigjay2: wired or wireless?02:56
bigjay2wireless linksys e3000 usb nic02:56
Nobgul-bncengammalsko, i can't think of it.02:57
edbian_bigjay2: o gosh.  alright.  does it show up in the output of sudo lsusb ?02:57
bigjay2my mistake ae100002:57
washDid someone just state that Ubuntu doesn't ship up to date Boost C++ libraries because Boost doesn't have an open source license?02:57
edbian_bigjay2: whatev,  doe sit show up ?02:57
bigjay2yes ralink 287002:57
Nobgul-bncwash, no truecrypt02:57
Cimer_Hey everyone, I came with a customization question that I have not found he answer on google..How do you change the panel color (I think that's what it's called). It's the menu when you click on the power, volume, signal buttons at the top02:57
engammalskoNobgul-bnc: ies4linux had ie6 so nevermind.02:58
Nobgul-bncisnt in the repos..02:58
TeslasneezeI have an asus m4a88t-m/usb3.0 board how do I check to make sure the correct drivers are installed for the soundcard to support the HD Audio because I have it going to my surround sound and it sounds like shit all crackly02:58
engammalskoNow I'm going to experience the best internet browser ever. Have fun while I'm using ie!02:58
szalTeslasneeze: sound drivers are in the kernel, so there's hardly anything you can do about it03:00
l3dCimer_,  right click the panel03:00
Teslasneezeszal: grewat03:00
szalTeslasneeze: and, fwiw, the ASUS M4N line (in my case, an M4N68T) work no problem03:01
edbian_for what it's worth03:01
szalthough I can only run the HD audio device in legacy AC97 mode because my case has no proper HD connectors03:01
KuzadIs there a way to boot into Ubuntu in a way that the X server doesn't start at all, and I boot into a text only mode?03:01
Teslasneezeszal: sound sounds fine when I have it set to go through the vc hdmi and comeo ut the tv speakers03:02
engammalskoies4linux didn't work.03:02
edbian_Kuzad: recovery mode, hold shift during boot to get to the grub menu and choose it03:02
Nobgul-bncnot surprising03:02
Teslasneezebut if it's on the setting for the sdcard and for sound to come out through the surround sound, it sounds like shit03:02
IdleOneTeslasneeze: please keep the language clean03:02
KuzadThanks edbian_.03:02
pieroI can't realize how to backup my files in some DVD medias. I want to crypt all my files, one by one, and store in the medias. I don't want to compress all in a big file because a scratch in the dvd can make me loose everything. I don't want to just copy without any cryptography.03:05
engammalskopiero: Do you want to store the backup on the dvds or make a backup from the dvds?03:06
pieroI want to store my backup on the dvds03:06
szalTeslasneeze: does sound work ok from live CD?03:06
engammalskopiero: I can't help you but, why dvds?03:07
pieroengammalsko,  because it's cheap03:07
=== Pilif12p is now known as root
engammalskopiero: Ok.03:07
=== root is now known as Pilif12p
=== zach is now known as Guest79830
pieroI already have a backup on another PC, but the two machines are in my house. I want to send those dvds (among 32GB of data) to somewhere away from here (mom's house!?)03:08
pieroAnd I will never trust in the clouds ... hehe03:08
codex84how u convert video to hd quality03:08
edbiancodex84: You cannot convert video to a better quality.03:09
engammalskocodex84: Lol, is that possible? :D03:09
engammalsko: (03:09
edbiancodex84: zoom in... enhance!03:09
codex84so how it done?03:09
Teslasneezeszal: depends on how I play it03:09
codex84alot of video are xvid hd quality dont u have encode..03:10
TeslasneezeI have two options in hardware internal audio and juniper hdmi audio03:10
Teslasneezejuniper hdmi audio plays perfect which comes through the HDTV03:10
kionfor encription gpg works great!03:10
TeslasneezeInternal Audio is all jacked up03:10
Teslasneezeszal: the internal audio is plugged into the home theatre systems reciever03:12
szalTeslasneeze: that shouldn't make a difference, you could also just hook up a pair of headphones03:12
dimas_i am running ubuntu 10.04 and i already changed on my repositories to receive normal versions update but i dont get any info to upgrade to ubuntu 10.10...any thing else i need to do that i dont know?03:13
szal!upgrade | dimas_03:14
ubottudimas_: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade03:14
Teslasneezeszal: that would defeat the whole purpose of playing music through the surround sound03:14
dimas_szal i check03:15
dimas_thank you03:15
=== cmaxwell|asleep is now known as cmaxwell
* szal tried 4.0 output w/ ALSA a long time ago & was utterly disappointed03:15
szalanyhoo, time to sleep03:16
=== cmaxwell is now known as cmaxwell|asleep
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PirschHi all. Something strange has happened. When I reinstalled 11.04 last night my laptop was acting very strangely. Windows would open sporadically and it seemed I had no control over them. Then today I noticed many of my settings are in German. For example, after installing ubuntu-restricted-extras, I tried to open a pdf file. The first adobe window to open (the one with the rules and agrement) was in German. Any ideas?03:19
truepurpleI am trying to follow the instructions in this thread, but it won't let me edit the file that the thread mentions. http://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=57775.003:20
edbianPirsch: Very strange.  are the problems constant and random?  Can you re-produce any of them?03:21
edbiantruepurple: are you using sudo ?03:21
truepurpleedbian: No, I just try to open it up, I need to use sudo eh?03:21
edbiantruepurple: you need to use sudo to edit anything outside of your home folder.  This is core to linux security.03:22
truepurpleedbian: Can I edit it by clicking on it with sudo, without needing to use some terminal command?03:22
edbiantruepurple: Short answer, you must use some terminal command.  If you run gksudo nautilus you can click the file in the nautilus window that comes up (which is root and you should use with caution) or you can gksudo gedit /path/to/file/  or sudo nano /path/to/file03:23
edbianThat was short wasn't it?!03:23
Jimmy_I wanna develop any plugin for Panel of xfce4 but I can't find any documents. does anyone know where they are?03:24
truepurpleI am running under gnome03:24
edbiantruepurple: That does not change anything I said :)03:24
Pirschedbian: I gave up last night but today I tried and this is when adobe opened in German. Skype also displayed my credit in euros. Three things I need to point out: first, I bought my laptop in Germany but after having reinstalled various linux distros, this is the first time this happened. Second, I currently live in China. Thirdly, after having spend 2.5 years in Germany, my gmail was 'German' infected. What I mean is that no matter where I go, when I open03:24
Pirschgmail, it goes through the google.de server first.03:24
venolHelo, How to configuration crontab not send notification by email to the owner script, Because I'm monitoring mail server, message from crontab unnecessary for me. help03:24
Gryllida!gksu | truepurple03:24
ubottutruepurple: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)03:24
kionIs there any way to control the Alienware Fx led lights under Ubuntu?03:24
edbianPirsch: I think google knows where you live because your account says so and it has nothing to do with your OS.  As for the strange languages no clue.  I can't say it's even a bug.03:25
Jon--How do I set a hotkey to move to Workspace X on Ubuntu 11.04? I used to use Compiz to set this up. (ie <Super> + 4 moves to fourth workspace)03:26
edbianPirsch: perhaps Ubuntu heard you talking...03:26
edbianPirsch: Or it's that lovely firewall in china?  I have no clue why things are in strange languages.  google 'locale'  that's how the system knows what language you speak.03:27
Pirschedbian: I'm not a conspiracy theorist or anything like that, but my impression last night was that I was connected to someone else and they were using remote desktop. I'd done this years ago on Windows and last night the behavior and appearance was the same. I had just installed and was starting the first update.03:27
alapepituaHi, i am using a live usb and I want to create the space to save changes, how can I do?03:28
edbianPirsch: You think someone logged into your machine using remote desktop?  Look at your process list.  You'd have to have a remote desktop process running for someone to log into it.  If there isn't one now chances are there wasn't ever one.03:28
Pirschedbian: I set my system to USA keyboard and my location is Beijing and my timezone is Chongqing.03:28
edbianPirsch: None of that would make things go german.  :P03:28
Jon--How do I set a hotkey to move to Workspace X on Ubuntu 11.04? I used to use Compiz to set this up. (ie <Super> + 4 moves to fourth workspace)03:28
Pirschedbian: exactly. That's my point :D03:29
edbianPirsch: Unless you think that you downloaded a bad version of Ubuntu (with secret malicious code in it) The remote login software is off by default.  System -> Admin -> Remote Desktop03:29
truepurpleedbian: Ok that worked, the command line it wants me to put in, where in the file should I put it? Or does it matter?03:29
Pirschedbian: I never use remote desktop. I just don't like or trust it.03:29
KM0201Pirsch: then how do you expect people to log in to your desktop?03:30
edbiantruepurple: I don't know what line or what file we're talking about.  If the guide doesn't specify I'd say the bottom is fine.  That is a guess03:30
=== derp is now known as derp|gone
Pirschedbian: No, I downloaded in April and have used it many times. In fact, I am using it now on another laptop.03:30
edbianPirsch: I have no idea why things are german.03:30
truepurpleedbian: Please check out the link I copy/pasted here03:30
PirschKM0201: I don't. I am curious as to whether or not I've been hacked.03:30
truepurpleedbian: http://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=57775.003:31
KM0201Pirsch: ..03:31
edbiantruepurple: where in this thread are you reading...03:31
truepurplefirst post03:31
truepurplecan't miss it03:31
edbianPirsch: describe what behavior felt like someone else logged in again?03:31
Pirschedbian: neither do I, but they weren't before I'd opened my gmail which always opens through the google.de. Something I wish didn't happen. I really know little about hacking and stuff like that.03:32
randomusr_what's the command to open a text file using gksudo?03:32
edbiantruepurple: the echo line?  just put that at the end03:32
truepurpleor the other one03:32
edbiantruepurple: I think the file is empty anyway?03:32
bazhangrandomusr_, gksudo gedit03:32
edbiantruepurple: the two commands are equivalent03:32
randomusr_bazhang, thank you03:32
Jon--How do I set a hotkey to move to Workspace X on Ubuntu 11.04? I used to use Compiz to set this up. (ie <Super> + 4 moves to fourth workspace)03:33
truepurplerandomusr_: gksudo gedit /path/to/file/03:33
edbianPirsch: http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=6978403:33
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Pirschedbian: for example, my volume 'slide' window opened and my volume went up and down. A little while later it closed. My browser was switching tabs. It was as if I were looking around but I wasn't and my cursor wasn't moving.03:33
truepurpleedbian: Thankyou03:33
qinPirsch: Google have lastlog, same Ubuntu, which also have auth.log03:34
edbianPirsch: That sounds exactly like someone logged in.03:34
edbianPirsch: System -> Admin -> Remote login     Is that turned on or anything?03:34
edbiantruepurple: sure03:34
Pirschedbian: that's what I am saying, but it should be impossible03:34
edbianPirsch: System -> Admin -> Remote Login...03:35
Pirschedbian: I don't seem to have it on this rig03:35
edbianPirsch: Is this 11.04 with unity?03:35
truepurpleedbian: I need to restart before I I can appreciate the change, right?03:35
edbiantruepurple: I have no idea.03:35
Pirschedbian: I definitely did not activate it. It's 11.04 classic03:35
edbiantruepurple: I don't know what your problem is or what the fix does.03:36
vader1102when someone has a moment.need a little help with wine03:36
edbianPirsch: System -> Preferences -> Remote login ??  It's there somehwere...03:36
truepurpleYou would if you really read even just the first post03:36
anadonI can do with wine03:36
truepurpleBut thats fine03:36
edbiantruepurple: :)03:36
edbianI'm lazy03:36
vader1102ok, I got a prog to install on it, just cannot get it to load as I need sudo rights for read write permission03:37
Pirschedbian: "Nobody can access your desktop"03:37
edbianPirsch: mmm, I would say that's pretty explicit.03:37
edbianPirsch: Now, there are a couple ways to log into an Ubuntu computer remotely.  ALL of them require the user set something up on the target machine first.  So if you didn't set anything up. and this weird stuff wasn't a strange fluke I think you have a real problem.03:38
Pirschedbia: yep, but I am suspicious of the Chinese. Google has already informed me twice my account had been accessed and then sent me, by phone, a new entry code.03:38
edbianPirsch: How many times has this happened?03:38
edbianPirsch: The Chinese can't just log into Linux machines whenever they want all willy nilly.  It simply isn't possible.03:39
Pirschedbian: I just installed it last night. Actually, that is what I thought, that logging in would be impossible. It could have simply been a bad install.03:39
edbianPirsch: If this is a new install I recommend installing again.  Can you get a new copy of Ubuntu from ubuntu.com ?03:40
Pirschedbian: I'll just download a fresh iso and start over.03:40
edbianPirsch: I think that's best03:40
Pirschedbian, yes, it's no problem03:40
mrdebdoesanyone know how to edit gtk3 settinsg withs gui03:41
bazhangmrdeb, for gnome3?03:41
Pirschedbian: I figured f there'd been something screwwy going on with hacking you guys would know.03:41
randomusr_is it possible to perform an upgrade at the command line in 10.04? when i run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, nothing happens03:41
bazhangrandomusr_, dist-upgrade does not change version numbers03:42
bazhang!upgrade | randomusr_ please have a read03:42
ubotturandomusr_ please have a read: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade03:42
edbianPirsch: It sounds suspect.  We can investigate further if you'd like.03:42
Pirschedbian: can I ask a kubuntu question here?03:42
edbianPirsch: yes03:42
Pirschedbian: let's try reinstalling and see if it happens again03:42
edbianPirsch: sure03:43
* edbian is curious to look at log files now03:43
qinPirsch: You really could save logs for reading....03:43
Pirschebian: everytime I install kubuntu on either of my laptops I cannot connect to the net. With ubuntu, it is a breeze. Is there some known issue with the kubuntu net manager?03:43
Pirschqin: how is that done?03:44
edbianPirsch: I don't know of any.  There very well could be03:44
Pirschedbian: ok, no prob03:44
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edbianPirsch: Just save the files on a USB stick or something.  /var/log/auth   <--- All of those would be interesting03:44
edbianPirsch: and ps -e right now would be great03:44
fainaPirsch a few versions ago, both ubuntu & kubuntu were both using NetworkManager in their guts -- I ended up using the ubuntu network manager client with kubuntu03:45
Pirschedbian: ps -e? Is that a shell command?03:45
edbianPirsch: yeah, it lists all current processes03:45
qinPirsch: sudo mkdir ~/logbackup && sudo cp -r /var/log/* ~/logbackup03:45
randomusr_thanks again bazhang. Know if any updates are currently available for 10.04?03:46
Pirschedbian: ok, for now I'll call it a fluke, or corrupt install, and just do a reinstall. I'll try kubuntu and see if I can get online03:46
edbianPirsch: I wanted to see ps -e!  :)03:47
Pirschqin: thanks03:47
edbianplease? :P03:47
edbianput it here: paste.ubuntu.com03:47
Pirschedbian: ok03:47
edbianPirsch: BTW, (offtopic I know).  I'm extremely jealous that you speak multiple languages fluently03:47
qinPirsch: Also: sudo netstat -a will show quite a lot, as ps -e03:48
=== mo is now known as Guest34688
Pirschedbian: I speak only one fluently. :D03:48
randomusr_anyone else run updates for 10.04 recently?  are updates currently available?03:49
edbianrandomusr_: yes they definitley are03:49
edbianrandomusr_: there are updates for all not dead version of ubuntu almost everyday03:49
Pirschedbian: silly question, how do I copy from shell?03:49
randomusr_edbian, then why might my synaptic not be showing then to me?03:49
noisymousehi all, how can I make synaptic aware of old versions of packages (for downgrading)?03:50
juancarlospacoHi, i need help with Bazaar, it says errors: bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.03:50
edbianPirsch: ctrl + shift + C03:50
Pirschedbian: never mind, got it03:50
edbianrandomusr_: sudo apt-get safe-upgrade03:50
fainarandomusr_ you might need to do apt-get update03:51
randomusr_invalid operation - safe-upgrade03:51
randomusr_faina, did that already03:51
juancarlospacodoes anyone know about bazaar ?03:52
fainarandomusr_ there hasn't been 10.04 updates for a few days, and most of them tend to be from security. is that enabled in your sources.list?03:52
edbianrandomusr_: sudo apt-get upgrade   ?03:52
fainajuancarlospaco I know a little bit about bazaar03:52
fainawhats the url you're using for your pull/update?03:53
juancarlospacofai it dont let me upload files03:53
randomusr_I think i just figured it out and it appears that all packages are in fact current03:53
juancarlospacobzr push lp:~juancarlospaco/+junk/test03:53
edbianrandomusr_: yay!  \o/03:53
fainado you have your ssh key setup on launchpad?03:53
=== alashtar is now known as kinzeron
juancarlospacobzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.03:53
juancarlospacohow can i check ?03:54
fainacan you check something out from launchpad?03:54
bsmith093how would i go about bulk renaming specified folders in a specific directory, to the album field of the mp3's they contain03:54
juancarlospacoits empty03:54
fainayes but you could check out someone elses project... just to check to make sure you have working connectivity03:54
edbianbsmith093: tagtool  it's in the repos03:55
pieroCan you tell me a way or a program to recursively re-encode my mp3s from 380 to 128kbps? (They will be stored in a SD disk for mobile only use)03:55
juancarlospacoThe authenticity of host 'bazaar.launchpad.net (' can't be established.03:55
juancarlospacoRSA key fingerprint is 9d:38:3a:63:b1:d5:6f:c4:44:67:53:49:2e:ee:fc:89.03:55
qinbsmith093: find + exec?03:55
juancarlospacoAre you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes03:55
juancarlospacoWarning: Permanently added 'bazaar.launchpad.net,' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.03:55
juancarlospacoPermission denied (publickey). bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message.03:55
FloodBot1juancarlospaco: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:55
nhr_Hi facing problems with evolution. When I try to create new task, system greys out and nothing happens03:55
fainaOoooh! its something with ssh03:55
venolhelo, how to set crontab not send mail notification to the owner script?03:55
Gryllidanhr_: How do you try to do that?03:55
nhr_Gryllida: Just went to task menu and click on new03:56
qinbsmith093: Or: for i in *; do ....03:56
fainajuan, if your known_hosts has an old entry or wants you to approve connecting, bzr wont show you that ssh is prompting you03:56
nhr_Gryllida: This is brand new install of 11.04 and only thing that is configured is google email and caelndar03:57
bsmith093no, bulk rename the **folders** to the album fields of the mp3s in them03:57
juancarlospacomay i delete know hosts ? faina03:57
Gryllidavenol: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=179557503:57
KnatI am trying to install ubuntu, i get to the screen where I have the option "Install Ubuntu" but when I select it it just freezes, I've left it alone for about 10 min now but I don't think its doing anything, can someone tell me what i can do to at least get an error message?03:57
wslayermy vga isn`t working, i did a netboot install03:57
faryshtaHello. Which software can I use to modify a .pdf file?03:57
fainajuancarlospaco You can delete the known hosts file, though it might be better to just move it out of the way for the moment.03:57
Gryllidafaryshta: Search for "PDF edit" in software center.  It's called "PDFedit" if I recall correctly.03:58
qinbsmith093: cowbell? easytag?03:58
juancarlospacoi deleted know_hosts faina03:58
Gryllidafaryshta: "PDF editor".03:58
faryshtaGryllida, thank you very much.03:58
fainajuancarlospaco did you try bzr launchpad-login?03:59
juancarlospacofaina:  i try bzr branch lp:exaile/0.3.0 shows the same error03:59
Gryllidafaryshta: Of course.03:59
juancarlospacobzr launchpad-login juancarlospaco returns nothing faina03:59
juancarlospacono error i guest03:59
fainaYes. Though now I'm confused, I was able to do a bzr branch without a problem04:00
`greenlighti have ubuntu 10.10 installed as part of dual boot with win 7, if i reinstall win7, should the ubuntu work fine still, or should i reinstall ubuntu too?04:00
qinbsmith093: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-general-1/bash-script-for-sorting-and-renaming-multiple-mp3-files-by-id3-tags-602105/04:00
randomusr_is it possible to upgrade to 11.04 from CD if I'm currently on 10.04?04:00
juancarlospacofaina:  theres no check-keys command or something like that ?04:00
nhr_Seems like evolution greys out the window even for contact - spends long time like may be minute thinking about something04:00
fainagreenlight, you might need to reconfigure grub / boot loader, but as long as windows doesn't overwrite ubuntu it should be fine04:01
wslayeri have to use terminal but sometimes the system crashes after grub stage too04:01
Gryllidarandomusr_: You would need to have the system installed for that.  http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/upgrade04:01
fainajuancarlosacp, not to my knowledge04:01
`greenlightfaina, can you please be specific or at least guide me where would i reconfigure grub, or how?04:01
venolGryllida: Thanks for your help. n_n04:02
`greenlightfaina, thanks for the info, highly appreciated04:03
bazhang!grub2 | `greenlight04:03
ubottu`greenlight: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)04:03
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fainaGreenlight, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot has some docs on recovering grub04:03
Gryllidavenol: You can mark thread as 'solved' if it works.04:03
`greenlightthanks bazhang and faina04:03
wslayerhow do i fix the vga problem?04:04
orngjce223Okay, I just restarted and my touchpad no longer works. I am fairly sure I haven't touched anything. Could someone point me in the right direction?04:04
juancarlospacofaina:  Permission denied (publickey).04:04
juancarlospacowhy ?04:05
fainajuancarlospaco that seems like its not prompting for unlocking the ssh  key? do you have more than one ssh key?04:05
Gryllidajuancarlospaco: Try to ssh with the '-vvv' (verbose) option, please.04:07
KnatI am trying to install ubuntu, i get to the screen where I have the option "Install Ubuntu" but when I select it it just freezes, I've left it alone for about 10 min now but I don't think its doing anything, can someone tell me what i can do to at least get an error message?04:07
fainacan you ssh to launchpad?04:07
bazhangKnat, md5 the iso, reburn at low speed, do the disk integrity check, be sure to use decent quality media04:08
juancarlospacoOpenSSH_5.8p1 Debian-1ubuntu3, OpenSSL 0.9.8o 01 Jun 2010 that faina ?04:08
bazhang!md5 | Knat04:08
ubottuKnat: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows04:08
wslayercan anyone help me out with my vga?04:08
GryllidaKnat: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GraphicalInstall#Troubleshooting04:08
fainaI didn't know you could log into launchpad04:08
GryllidaKnat: (Or what bazhang said)04:08
bazhangwslayer, ask a fuller question with details. just repeating that will get zero response04:08
fainaI tried sftp -v <launchpad-id>@ppa.launchpad.net to test my launchpad connection04:09
updatehow can i figure out if someone is stealling my wifi04:10
russellsteapotI am trying to move files and it tells me "permission denied" How do I get permission? Thanks for the help.04:10
bazhangupdate, use wpa204:10
KM0201russellsteapot: sudo mv /path/to/file/filename /path/to/destination04:10
Knatupdate: it depends on your router, some routers have statistics which will show you what IPs have been connecting and how much bandwidth they are using, but best to just secure your network04:11
venolGryllida: I'm sorry, but the problem still same. script is running successfull, But mail notification still send from cron04:11
juancarlospacofaina: http://paste.ubuntu.com/637267/04:11
updatehow would i view those statistics04:11
Knatupdate: read the manual for your router to see if it supports it04:12
KGDo any of you know how to manually add /dev/dsp_in to the Sound Preferences ?04:12
fainajuancarlospaco that looks like launchpad isn't recognizing your ssh key04:12
bazhangupdate, in your router window. via a browser. not really an ubuntu issue. use wpa2 to secure in future04:14
fainajuancarlospaco I think you need to go to launchpad.net/~<yourid> and verify that the ssh key is registered04:14
fainaThere's a ssh keys section on your information page04:14
wslayerhow do I configure my vga through terminal?04:14
russellsteapotKM0201 it tells me there is no such directory as home/computer/downloads04:15
KM0201russellsteapot: try /home/username/Downloads  (case sensitive)04:15
bazhangwslayer, please clarify what you are trying to do, with full details.04:15
i2iotIs there any professional video editing software for Ubuntu?04:15
bazhangi2iot, lots04:16
bazhangi2iot, linear? non-linear? from a vidcam? please be clearer04:16
Nozyhi all does someone know to the fix the "send to" in 11.04 to show up mail ?04:17
fainajuancarlospaco, i need to go get dinner, good luck with your ssh/launchpad issue04:18
juancarlospacoSSH public key added. says Launchpad faina04:18
nhr_Hi, when I click on create new task in evolution nothing happens04:18
venolGryllida: Thanks, now it works.. n_n I Will closed case on ubuntuforums.04:18
fainaYou should try the bzr push again...04:18
russellsteapotKM0201 I just tried putting Downloads in caps, it still tells me there is no such file or directory04:19
faina(and the sftp command, just to make sure that it recognizes your key04:19
juancarlospacois working faina04:19
fainayoure welcome, and have a good day04:19
KM0201russellsteapot: what are you typing for your downloads directory?   it should be /home/username/downloads04:19
juancarlospacoi think the problem is a migrated /home04:20
KM0201russellsteapot: try this... in terminal type cd ~/Downloads  and that should change you to your downloads folder04:20
bazhangrussellsteapot, what does ls show in terminal04:20
KM0201russellsteapot: make sure there's a space after cd.04:20
nhr_Is there someplace where evolution keeps the logs - sometimes when I click on create task, it grayout and then nothing happens04:20
KM0201russellsteapot: then all you have to do is cd mv /path/to/folder04:20
wslayerbazhang: i`m trying to make my nvidia card work cause it`s crashing X and i don`t want to use console, i want to use desktop graphical interface.04:20
nhr_Othertimes nothing happens, but system does not grey out04:21
KM0201woops... sudo mv filename /path/to/folder04:21
Gryllidavenol: Nice.04:21
russellsteapotKM0201 I was missing the initial / before /home. Thank you for your help04:21
KM0201russellsteapot: np.. i figured it was something simple.04:22
=== Gurty` is now known as Gurty
russellsteapotKM0201 is there a way to easily copy where a folder is like in Windows when you click on the location and it becomes text you can cut and paste?04:23
KM0201russellsteapot: drag the folder intoa  terminal.. it'll put the whole path there for you.. highlight, and copy04:23
KM0201russellsteapot: thats how i always do it for folers w/ long paths04:24
edbianKM0201: no it doesn't...04:24
KM0201edbian: sure it does04:24
edbianthat's amazing04:24
KM0201i do it all the time04:24
KM0201edbian: you never knew that?04:24
edbianthank you!04:24
KM0201edbian: i tell newbs to do that all the time when i suspect they are in the wrong terminal directory..lol04:24
edbianwell it doesn't switch for them...04:25
edbianKM0201: It doesn't switch the CWD.  Just dumps that string04:25
KM0201edbian: no.. but i usually tell them to type "cd" hit the space bar once, then drag the folder to terminal, and hit enter.04:25
KM0201even total idiots can do that04:25
edbianKM0201: Thanks for the tip!04:25
edbianKM0201: Are you calling me an idiot?04:25
KM0201edbian: no, just saying thats an idiot proof instruction set to get them into the right directory.. :)04:26
wslayergive me any hint on how to fix my vga -.-04:27
=== paissad_ is now known as paissad
qinKM0201: So, you saying that to cd into/deep/buried/stuff/ I have to open Nautilus and browse there first?04:30
Omen_20hi guys. I'm ignorant to technologies about data backup and redundancy. Is there something I can install on Ubuntu that will keep two HDDs identical?04:30
KM0201qin: yes... the idea is when someone is trying to run a terminal command on a certain directory, and its not working.. usually, its cuz the newb is in the wrong terminal directory... so the idea, is that puts them into the correct directory.04:31
KM0201qin: most of them, can use the GUI to navigate to a directory... doing it via terminal, is another issue (again, for some, not all)04:31
paissadguys, when i plug my usb key .. i cannot see it, and here is the result of "dmesg | tail"04:31
edbianpaissad: does it show up in 'computer' ?04:32
paissadi tried "mount /dev/sdi /mnt/usb" but i have mount: no medium found on /dev/sdi04:32
paissadedbian, no04:32
qinKM0201: paissad /dev/sdb1 number is important04:32
qinpaissad: ^^^04:33
ubuntunewbiehello everyone, can anyone help me with my networking problem? I put in a new router and my ubuntu laptop shows my wired network as disconnected. I know there's a new gateway address to change on my laptop but i don't know where it should be changed. I made a few changes to interfaces and i am still unable to ping my router address04:33
edbianpaissad: did you guess at the /dev/sdi  name?  Where did you get i from?04:33
qinKM0201: Ok, it happened to me be shocked by pwd output few times ;)04:33
paissadqin, why dev/sdb1 ? ... sdb is absolutely not my usb key :)04:34
edbianpaissad: You can figure the correct /dev/sdXY letter and number by looking at sudo fdisk -l04:34
wslayerdmesg produced this message about my vga "no driver support for vblank timestamp memory"04:34
qinpaissad: sdi1 then04:34
edbianpaissad: You definitely need a number04:34
edbianpaissad: why i?04:34
paissadedbian, i get it from the dmesg output i pasted above ;)04:34
KM0201qin: :)   it actually works well.. like i said.. since usually folsk aren't putting in the proper path to run a command, or something simple, thats an easy way to get them into the path04:34
ubuntunewbiemy router address is at but when i ping it, it replies from saying destination host unreachable04:34
* edbian reads closer04:34
edbianubuntunewbie: Can you log into on your web browser?04:35
paissadls -l /dev/sd* => http://dpaste.com/562360/04:35
paissadedbian, qin04:35
ubuntunewbieedbian: no it can't get to it.04:36
edbianpaissad: whatever.  sudo mount /dev/sdi1 /mnt/04:36
edbianubuntunewbie: Than that is not the ip address of the router.  Why did you think it was?04:36
paissadedbian, i tried that already .. and does not work (normal)04:36
paissadmount /dev/sdi1 /mnt/usb/04:36
paissadmount: special device /dev/sdi1 does not exist04:36
ubuntunewbieedbian: the router is a timecapsule that i've configured to be on that address. I can connect to it via my windows7 pc and my macbook pro04:37
edbianpaissad: The drive shows up in gparted ?04:37
paissadmaybe the usb key is dead04:37
edbianubuntunewbie: ... are you from the future?04:37
MaRk-Ipaissad: sdi or sd1?04:37
Tweakyhey everyone. got a bit of a problem :D no idea how i did this or how it happened but on my unity top bar i no longer have the volume control speaker icon any more, anyone no how i can get it back?04:37
paissadMaRk-I, i not 1 and not l04:37
ubuntunewbieedbian: no its just a apple time capsule (all in one wlan router + network drive)04:37
MaRk-Ipaissad:  check again you typed /dev/sdi1  <<<04:38
paissadMaRk-I, just take a look a the paste http://dpaste.com/562359/04:38
edbianubuntunewbie: oh, neato!  How do you usually configure this router?04:38
paissadMaRk-I, yes i typed /dev/sdi1 and before that i typed /dev/sdi04:39
qinpaissad: sudo fdisk -l ?04:39
paissadMaRk-I, none of them does work04:39
edbianubuntunewbie: oh heck.  Do this: nmap   that will scan - and tell you everything that responds04:39
edbianubuntunewbie: You can probably figure it out from there.04:39
ubuntunewbieedbian: i can configure it via the airport utility on my macbook pro. the ubuntu laptop was previously connected via my modem router and had a static ip. i just need to reconfigure it to connect to the new router. Ok thanks i'll try that04:39
ChogyDanquestion: how exactly do I start reporting a bug on a project?04:40
paissadqin, the disk does not show with "fdisk -l"04:40
Tweakydoes anyone know who i could ask for help with unity? (is there a unity channel)04:41
ZykoticK9ChogyDan, get a Launchpad account then run  "ubuntu-bug <package>"04:41
edbianubuntunewbie: that command won't work if the ubuntu laptop is not on the network (with a valid IP)04:41
paissadqin, "fdisk -l"  http://dpaste.com/562361/04:41
edbianubuntunewbie: Is the laptop online?04:41
edbianTweaky: just ask in here04:41
ChogyDanZykoticK9: I04:42
ubuntunewbieedbian: no unfortunately not, and nmap isn't installed so i can't grab it from apt-get04:42
edbianqin: There is no USB stick there (which is like.. bad)04:42
qinpaissad: scsi drive, hm, no clue... How old is it?04:42
Tweakyedbian: alright ty. my problem is the volume meter on the unity top bar is gone. is there a way to fix this?04:42
ChogyDanZykoticK9: Im trying to report against a specific team on launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~ck-patchset   So Im not sure if that would work04:42
paissadqin, almost 2 years04:42
ubuntunewbieedbian: is there a way i can check the ethernet connection? my gui sys wired network disconnected04:42
ZykoticK9ChogyDan, ya, i'm affraid PPAs are handled differently!  sorry don't know then.  good luck.04:43
MaRk-Ipaissad: I don't see any /sdi there04:43
paissadMaRk-I, indeed ^^ ... i only see /dev/sdi when i plug the usb key, .. and normally, i should have /dev/sdi[0-9] after the plug04:44
qinpaissad: Either is raid setup preventing device or device is dead, you need one more machine to test drive and one more drive to...04:44
paissadqin, actually when i plug the usb key on my macbook, i don't see it (that's why i supposed that the drive is dead)04:45
paissadbut i why do i see the message in "dmseg" ?04:45
=== pensfan is now known as pensfan[9]
zelozeloswuts up with the 64bit version and flash whys it still so buggy or is there something i need to do to make it work better?04:47
edbianubuntunewbie: plug the wire into it?04:47
qinpaissad: Do you have any scsi devices?04:47
ubuntunewbieedbian: yes it is connected via wire04:47
paissadqin, yes i do04:48
qinpaissad: And access time is?04:49
paissadJul  3 05:47 /dev/sdi (2 min ago)04:49
Alexanderhey guys04:50
Alexanderare there any video converters for ubuntu?04:50
bazhangAlexander, handbrake04:50
Alexanderi want to turn my .avi file into a .mp4 file for my ipod04:50
Alexanderbazhang, where can i get handbrake?04:51
bazhangAlexander, handbrake default settings do exactly that04:51
qinpaissad: So you would want to search there for your drive /dev/scsi04:51
bazhangAlexander, their homepage or PPA04:51
bazhang!handbrake | Alexander04:51
ubottuAlexander: handbrake is a an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows. - http://handbrake.fr04:51
Alexanderthank you!04:51
bazhangAlexander, ubuntu personal package archice, like a normal repo, but maintained by 3rd parties, and at your own risk04:52
bazhangerr archive04:52
juancarlospacoi ask a Question, does paste.ubuntu.com got a Public API ???  (like pastebin)04:52
Alexanderwait its dangerous?04:52
bazhangAlexander, just be aware of who the maintainers are04:53
bazhangjuancarlospaco, like from the terminal? pastebinit you mean?04:53
Alexanderhey whats the name of 10.10?04:53
juancarlospacobazhang: works with paste.ubuntu.com ???04:53
eliotnhi guys04:53
bazhang!10.10 | Alexander04:54
ubottuAlexander: Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) was the thirteenth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/101004:54
AlexanderThank you, again.04:54
timClicksis there a documented way of installing ubuntu as a dual boot while preserving a windows recovery partition?04:54
AlexanderSo, I just add ppa:stebbins/handbrake-releases to my sources?04:54
ZykoticK9Alexander, if you want MP4 output use handbrake, pretty sure the ffmpeg built into ubuntu still can's output the required AAC codec (bug may not still apply?)04:54
bazhangAlexander, theres a command to do that: sudo add-apt-repository , its on the ppa page on the exact syntax04:55
bazhangjuancarlospaco, not to my knowledge, its a pastebin service though04:55
Tweakyhey everyone. got a bit of a problem :D no idea how i did this or how it happened but on my unity top bar i no longer have the volume control speaker icon any more, anyone no how i can get it back? if i run gnome-panel the icon is missing but when i click the empty space where it shuold be it opens up, but says "label empty" and the volume adjust is greyed out.04:55
juancarlospacoyeah but i dont like it, it uses flash parts and i dont have flash, and letter s too small04:56
corrytonappleDoes anyone know how to apply a theme to the login screen?  Not the main one, but the one you get after you put your computer to sleep and then wake it.04:56
juancarlospacothats why i ask if theres an api, thanks anyways04:56
Alexanderbazhang, after i add the repo, what do i do?04:56
Elsshahi all; Is there any way to activate the higher desktop effects (compiz) if the appearance manager won't let you activate them?04:57
bazhangAlexander, sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get install handbrake-gtk04:57
ZykoticK9corrytonapple, that's still controlled by gdm - which doesn't allow much customization these days04:57
corrytonappleZykoticK9:  I tried the whole GTK file thing, and it did not apply.  I logged out and then back in, still to no use.04:58
ZykoticK9corrytonapple, best of luck man - i have 0 idea.  never messed with it.  good luck.04:58
corrytonappleZykoticK9:  Thanks!04:58
AlexanderUse 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them. <----what does this mean?04:58
Alexandershould i do it?04:58
bazhangAlexander, removes unneeded packages04:59
Alexanderalright thanks04:59
ElsshaI'm running ubuntu 10.04 if that makes any difference...04:59
ZykoticK9Alexander, if you get a message about "no longer required" then /probably/04:59
Alexanderalex@alex-desktop:~$ apt-get autoremove05:00
AlexanderE: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: Permission denied)05:00
AlexanderE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?05:00
ZykoticK9Alexander, sudo05:00
Alexanderwhat does that mean? sorry for the flood. :/05:00
bazhangAlexander, you have another instance of apt running. let it finish05:00
* Elssha wants desktop cube and emerald window manager05:00
Alexanderalright thanks05:00
bazhangElssha, emerald is no longer supported nor maintained05:01
ajeffriAlexander, that also happens if you are not running apt-get as root05:01
bazhang!ccsm | Elssha for the cube05:01
ubottuElssha for the cube: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz05:01
corrytonappleElssha your hardware may not be good enough to activate them.  Try posting in the UF for help.  That is where I have to stop.  I do not know much about that stuff05:01
juancarlospacobazhang: i Confirm that tool works with paste.ubuntu.com !05:01
ajeffriyou would do sudo apt-get autoremove05:01
ZykoticK9bazhang, ajeffri "alex@alex-desktop:~$ apt-get ..."05:01
Elsshai figure the hardware isn't up to par, but was hoping there might be a workaround05:01
Elsshait's a netbook >_<05:02
qinpaissad: What filesystem supposed to be on the drive?05:02
bazhangElssha, also ask in #compiz with the details of your card05:02
paissadqin, FAT i think05:02
paissadusually that's what i used for usb drives qin05:02
Elsshain that case, anyone know how i can make the desktops cycle?05:02
bazhangElssha, with ccsm, I just linked you05:02
Elsshaaka, if i keep going right i'll end up back at 105:03
Elsshaah okay, will look into it ^_^05:03
Elsshathanks ^_^05:03
qinpaissad: Thats one nice thread: http://goo.gl/n3kPi05:03
qinpaissad: They coming with module theory.05:04
Alexanderis m4v the same as mp4?05:04
Alexanderbecause handbrake wants to make my video m4v05:04
bazhangAlexander, choose the setting for ipods05:04
Alexanderbut i have an ipod touch05:05
Alexandernot an ipod 5g05:05
corrytonappleThere is no iPod 5G.  :)05:06
Elsshathere is a classic 5g >_>05:06
Elsshai installed the simple ccsm05:07
Elsshait will let me change stuff but none of what i pick actually shows up05:08
corrytonappleWell yeah, but not on the Touch like he was refering to.05:08
Elsshait still won't let me enable the effects05:09
Elsshais there any way to tell the built-in 'vanilla' desktop switcher that pressing right on the rightmost desktop = go to desktop 1?05:10
Elsshais there any way to tell the built-in 'vanilla' desktop switcher that pressing right on the rightmost desktop = go to desktop 1?05:11
paissadqin, i just think the drive is dead :/ .. i even have not number /dev/sdi[0-9] .. when i plug another drive, i have sdj105:11
paissadno* number05:12
qinpaissad: Well, you have usd vendor id, maybe bug?05:12
paissadqin, i used to see the drive without any kind of problems , i used it in the same machine i plugged it, i used it in my mac too .. and now i just get problems, no machine can see it (do you trust coincidences ?)05:13
qinpaissad: No.05:14
truepurpleHow do I uninstall something?05:14
paissadthere were a few datas i did not backup yet :/ unfortunately ^^05:14
updatehow can i view my wifi from my terminal05:15
ZykoticK9truepurple, "sudo apt-get remove foo" from a terminal, where foo is your package name05:15
nit-wittruepurple, you have apt-get the software center or synaptic05:15
paissadi never had a usb storage device that even lived up to 2 years ^^05:15
KM0201update: what do you mean "view your wifi".. view networks? view your device?05:15
qinupdate: iwconfig ?05:15
truepurplenit-wit: Software center doesn't see it05:16
nit-wittruepurple, what is it?05:16
truepurpleZykoticK9:  HOw do I determine the package name?05:16
qinupdate: sudo iwlist wlan0 scanning05:16
paissaddo usb storage devices live (usually) less that 2 years ? or am i just "unlucky"05:16
ZykoticK9truepurple, "apt-cache search foo" where foo is the package name05:16
paissadless than*05:16
KM0201update: .. well i see qin beat me to it.. but.. yeah, what he said.. :)05:16
nit-wittruepurple, are you having a problem with it opening up05:16
ZykoticK9truepurple, doubt you'll find avast! - unless you added a ppa or repo05:16
truepurpleZykoticK9:  HOw do I determine the package name?05:17
truepurplenit-wit: Yes I am, that is why I wish to uninstall and and reinstall it05:17
ZykoticK9truepurple, "apt-cache search foo" where foo is the package name/partical name - from a terminal05:17
nit-wittruepurple, I can fix it or you can remove it it shows in synaptic.05:17
truepurpleZykoticK9: What does "where foo is the package name/partical name" mean?05:18
nit-wittruepurple, I have avast and saw your earlier posts05:18
TSGupdate,  type sudo iwconfig05:18
TSGin terminal05:18
qinTSG: Not here anymore?05:19
ZykoticK9truepurple, example "apt-cache search firefo" will probably find firefox - you might want to try "apt-cache search avast" and see if it turns up (which unless you've added a ppa or repo - it won't)05:19
truepurplenit-wit: I looked in synamptic, I found something under the name avast, but the descriptions and file names within didn't fit, plus none of it was installed according to synaptic05:19
ZykoticK9truepurple, if you did add a repo/ppa - be sure to run "sudo apt-get update" to update your database05:19
truepurpleZykoticK9: What is "repo/ppa"?05:20
ZykoticK9truepurple, how did you install  avaste?05:20
nit-wittruepurple, you installed the deb, it is a easy fix, or try the method ZykoticK9 suggests.05:20
tonyyarusso!repository | truepurple05:21
ubottutruepurple: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories05:21
magn3tsHow do I rid myself of the buggy, annoying messaging menu?05:22
magn3tsevolution, empathy and gwibber, I couldn't name three tools I'd more prefer were as far away from my compuetr as possible05:22
truepurpleZykoticK9: I downloaded it and typed "sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture avast4workstation_1.3.0-2_i386.deb"05:22
ejomagn3ts: just uninstall empathy?05:23
ZykoticK9magn3ts, search for indicator-messanger or something similar05:23
PhaseDoes anyone know of an application that will let me emulate the chrous effect with my headset? It would echo what you're saying into the mic into the headphones on the headset, preffrably with adjustable delay and pitch?05:23
magn3tsalready removed all the apps that use that menu except ubuntu one.05:23
magn3tsGwibber's broadcast entry funnily enough remains05:23
truepurpleZykoticK9: What is "repo/ppa"?05:23
ZykoticK9truepurple, that won't show up in apt-cache apt-get exactly.  "dpkg -l | grep avaste" might show it with ii meaning installed05:24
magn3tsZykoticK9, thank you, I assumed it was part of the complete indicators package but that's not the case.05:24
ZykoticK9truepurple, i doubt that program has an ubuntu repo (it might) - but i personally think AV on linux is mainly non-required05:24
magn3tsI would actually recommend against AV.05:25
ZykoticK9magn3ts, glad to help.  when i used empathy/gwibber i found that that indicator kinda handy - personally05:25
magn3tsYou're better off configuring iptables and locking down SSH than you are installing avast.05:25
magn3tsZykoticK9, I tried for nearly two full months to use Unity, Empathy and Gwibber.05:25
truepurpleZykoticK9:  That showed it, but how does that get me to the point of uninstalling it?05:26
nit-wittruepurple, the "avast4workstation " in synaptic is all you have to remove.05:26
magn3tsAnd I really did immerse myself in them. Gwibber was okay, Empathy is just crazy buggy and lacks basic features that Pidgin had Day One, Unity is still a mixed bag for me.05:26
fainaEmpathy's video conferencing works, unlike pidgin05:26
fainaOTOH, ubuntu's version empathy can't block contacts05:27
nit-wittruepurple, here is an older link but the commands are correct. http://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=39069.005:27
truepurplenit-wit: Synaptic knows of no such program05:27
truepurplenit-wit: As I mentioned before05:27
magn3tscan't block contacts, can't remember new passwords on accounts, can't pop open new windows, can't play an alert sound on new IM...05:27
ZykoticK9truepurple, you might be able to use "sudo dpkg -r PACKAGENAME"05:27
magn3ts`sudo apt-get -f install` usually works if the pkg is in a bad state.05:27
truepurplemagn3ts: It said "E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)05:29
truepurpleE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?"05:29
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
ZykoticK9truepurple, close any other synaptic, USC, update windows first05:29
magn3tstrucMuche, close synaptic then try again.05:30
truepurpleReading package lists... Done05:30
truepurpleBuilding dependency tree05:30
truepurpleReading state information... Done05:30
truepurple0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 58 not upgraded.05:30
FloodBot1truepurple: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:30
truepurplemagn3ts: What does that mean?05:30
magn3tstruepurple, what's the problem?05:30
magn3tstruepurple, it means everything looks okay to dpkg/apt.05:30
truepurpleTrying to uninstall a corrupted program05:30
magn3tsare you sure it's installed?05:30
magn3ts`sudo apt-get remove <name-of-package>`05:31
truepurpleI am sure it's not05:31
ZykoticK9truepurple, can you run "sudo apt-get -f install" succesfully?05:31
magn3tsIf it's not installed... don't worry about it.05:31
truepurpleIt is installed05:31
magn3ts<magn3ts> are you sure it's installed?05:31
magn3ts<truepurple> I am sure it's not05:31
magn3tsanyway, that command will remove it, if it is installed.05:32
magn3ts`dpkg -l | grep <packagename>` will tell you if it's installed and what version, etc.05:32
truepurpleoops, misunderstood you, I thought you said uninstalled05:32
magn3tsits okay05:32
truepurplemagn3ts: Yes, using that command, it sees it05:33
magn3tssudo apt-get remove <pkgname> then05:33
XunieI was trying to update and it stuck at running update-initramfs.05:33
XunieFor 2.6.35-30-generic to be precise.05:33
truepurplemagn3ts: Package name being the name of the file I downloaded?05:33
magn3tsXunie, what do you mean update? upgrade packages or upgrade to a new version of ubuntu?05:33
XunieAfter that I was gonna upgrade my whole distro.05:34
magn3tstruepurple, uh, it's the name of the package. so whatever you used with the `dpkg -l` command.05:34
rcmaehlIs there a package that I can use to check for errors within ubuntu05:34
rcmaehlb/c I have many05:34
magn3tsXunie, you didn't do any of the steps for the full upgrade did you?05:34
magn3tsLike change things in /etc/apt/sources.list ?05:34
Xuniemagn3ts, no, not at all.05:34
magn3tsrchavik, what errors?05:34
ZykoticK9truepurple, could you paste the one line with the dpkg output?05:34
magn3tsXunie, I'm not sure then :/05:34
magn3tsZykoticK9, do you know why truepurple is calling it "a corrupt installation" ?05:35
Xuniemagn3ts, actually, running dpkg --configure -a doesn't do anything!05:35
magn3tsZykoticK9, if dpkg installed it and apt-get isn't errored out, idk what the problem is.05:35
ZykoticK9magn3ts, not really05:35
XunieWell, it does, but it still hats at update-initramfs. :(05:35
truepurplemagn3ts: What do you mean dpkg output?05:35
magn3tsXunie, :s yeah not sure :s05:35
ZykoticK9magn3ts, mystery here too05:35
magn3tstruepurple, we need to start over.05:35
magn3tstruepurple, neither ZykoticK9 or I understand what's going on.05:35
magn3tstruepurple, why do you think the package did not install properly?05:35
truepurpleI call it corrupt because when i try to run it, it says "An error occured in avast! engine: Invalid argument"05:36
=== rr is now known as Guest53363
magn3tstruepurple, yeah, that means you didn't configure it... not that it's corrupt.05:36
magn3tstruepurple, there are probably configuration directions/guide/instructions on Avast!'s page.05:36
truepurplemagn3ts: And I didn't say it didn't install properly05:36
magn3tstruepurple, but again, I'd recommend that you spend your security efforts elsewhere.05:36
rcmaehlIs there a package that I can use to check for errors within ubuntu b/c I have many errors. EG: Application menu entries and open with options that aren't installed05:36
magn3tstruepurple, you called it corrupt more than once. I don't know what that means, but it doesn't mean, I didn't configure it right ....05:37
truepurplemagn3ts: That is another discussion, I still have no way to remove it05:37
magn3tstruepurple, again... `sudo apt-get remove <pkgname>`05:37
truepurplemagn3ts: That you didn't?05:37
truepurplemagn3ts: What is package name I asked05:37
magn3tsI don't know, you're the one that installed it >_<05:37
magn3ts`dpkg -l | grep avast`05:38
magn3tsshould tell you the pkg name hopefully.05:38
truepurplemagn3ts: I asked, is that the name of the file I downloaded?05:38
magn3tsI don't know, I didn't install it, I didn't package it... they can name it "super-awesome-pkg-1.0" for all I know05:38
truepurpleavast4workstation:i386                1.3.0                                      avast! antivirus for Linux05:38
truepurpleIs it the first part that would be the package name?05:38
magn3ts`sudo apt-get remove avast4workstation`05:38
maahestruepurple: Are you running a mail server?05:39
magn3tstruepurple, yes, you probably need to leave off the architecture--- ":i386"05:39
truepurplemaahes: No05:39
maahestruepurple: then why do you need avast on linux?05:39
magn3tsmaahes, lol, we've already kinda talked about that, right now he just wants to get avast out.05:39
nit-wittruepurple, this this command will show what is installed.   dpkg --get-selections | grep avast05:40
truepurplemagn3ts: It doesn't find the package to remove it05:40
magn3tsnit-wit, we already did that05:40
magn3tstruepurple, what do you mean?05:40
nit-witmagn3ts, cool I was busy.;)05:40
maahesah, if it has an install script that shows where it's unpacking the files, you can go to those dirs and manually delete them I guess.05:40
magn3ts`sudo apt-get remove avast4workstation`   or `sudo apt-get remove avast4workstation:i386`05:40
truepurplesudo apt-get remove avast4workstation05:40
fainaAvast..:i386 is a different architecture05:40
truepurplepkg: warning: there's no installed package matching avast05:40
truepurplea@myubuntu:~$ sudo dpkg -r sudo apt-get remove avast4workstationsudo apt-get remove avast4workstation05:40
truepurpledpkg: warning: there's no installed package matching apt-get05:40
truepurpleand so on05:40
fainaI think you need to include the :i386 to tell apt that its not a normal package05:40
jeeves_mosshow do I get my NTPd server to service global NTP requests?05:41
magn3tstruepurple, that's not the command I told you to run05:41
magn3tstruepurple, ... just look at it....05:41
maahestruepurple: what type of package is this, and how did you install it?05:41
magn3tsguys, hold on, I know what's going on and have instructions for him, but he's having a hard time because of conflicting methods.05:41
maahesmagn3ts: np05:41
magn3tstruepurple, open a completely new terminal. type `sudo apt-get remove avast4workstation` and it will go away.05:42
truepurplemagn3ts: I think I just tried that05:42
magn3tsno you didn't...05:42
magn3tsyou *just* showed me the command you ran....  sudo dpkg -r sudo apt-get remove avast4workstationsudo05:42
fainaI think you need to do sudo apt-get remove avast4workstation:i38605:42
fainaAssuming you're running amd64 and not i38605:43
truepurpleReading package lists... Done05:43
truepurpleBuilding dependency tree05:43
truepurpleReading state information... Done05:43
truepurpleE: Unable to locate package avast4workstation05:43
=== nishant is now known as phiV
magn3tstruepurple, okay, follow faina's suggestion.05:43
magn3tstruepurple, `sudo apt-get remove avast4workstation:i386`05:43
truepurpledo sudo apt-get remove avast4workstation:i38605:43
faina(I had that problem with nokia's scratchbox packages)05:43
truepurplesame thing05:44
* rcmaehl srsly would pay money sometimes just to get linux help05:44
magn3tsrcmaehl, I'm trying buddy, I still don't know what your problem actually is.05:44
magn3tsrcmaehl, you can manually add bad menu entries in ubuntu... there's nothing that can magically be done about that.05:44
rcmaehlmagn3ts: basically ubuntu thinks things are there that aren't05:44
truepurplemagn3ts: Same thing happened05:44
rcmaehland it causes major hard freezes05:44
truepurplefaina: It didn't work05:45
magn3tstruepurple, paste the full output of `sudo dpkg -l | grep avast` ... there should be letters at the end of one of the lines.05:45
OxDeadC0decan anyone tell me how to launch xorg from *ubuntu11.04 , then launch xterm into that xorg session, so no wm is running?05:45
rcmaehllike if a default open with program is missing b/c ubuntu thinks its installed ubuntu will hard freeze05:45
magn3tsrcmaehl, what causes major hard freezes?05:45
magn3tsThere are a million different things you could be referring to at the moment.05:45
truepurpleI just did before magn3ts, just look up a little in chat history05:45
magn3tstruepurple, you left out the beginning on the line.05:46
rcmaehlmagn3ts: alot05:46
rcmaehlmagn3ts: alot of things05:46
rcmaehlmagn3ts: trying to open libreoffice when it's not installed05:46
rcmaehlmagn3ts: etc05:46
truepurplemagn3ts: The beginning is only the input line05:46
truepurplea@myubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get remove avast4workstation:i38605:46
truepurpleReading package lists... Done05:46
truepurpleBuilding dependency tree05:46
truepurpleReading state information... Done05:46
truepurpleE: Unable to locate package avast4workstation:i38605:46
FloodBot1truepurple: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:46
magn3tsrcmaehl, what do you mean? If you click a DOCX file and Libreoffice isn't installed... nautilus shouldn't try to open it with it... and even if it did, it would just fail.05:47
magn3tstruepurple, good lord on this green earth05:47
magn3tstruepurple, read.05:47
magn3tstruepurple, paste the full output of `sudo dpkg -l | grep avast` ... there should be letters at the end of one of the lines.05:47
rcmaehlmagn3ts: i know but it doesn't. it hard freezes05:47
centHOGGram check05:47
magn3tsrcmaehl, I don't understand how that could happen, OR how it could lead to a hard halt.05:47
rcmaehlmagn3ts: that's what I'm trying to figure out05:48
magn3tsrcmaehl, with one of these files.... in nautilus... if you right click... what is the default "Open With" application?05:48
truepurplemagn3ts: There isn't. Only "ii  avast4workstation:i386                1.3.0                                      avast! antivirus for Linux"05:48
magn3tstruepurple, right, you left off the "ii" before.05:48
truepurpleThat is at the beginning though05:49
magn3tstruepurple, `sudo dpkg -r avast4workstation`   and then if that fails `sudo dpkg -r avast4workstation:i386"05:49
magn3tstruepurple, sorry, I did misspeak, I forgot where the position of the indicator was. Sorry.05:49
wslayermy system failed to load nvidia kernel module05:49
rcmaehlmagn3ts: I'll just do a reinstall05:49
magn3ts:/ well I guess he's gone. lol05:49
wslayerhow do I load the nvidia kernel module?05:50
magn3tsmodprobe nvidia or something like it I suppose05:50
truepurplemagn3ts: Those look like the two lines I already tried05:50
juancarlospacoit should load on boot on normal working05:51
magn3tsI had you try 'apt-get'. I would be surprised to find out that 'dpkg' worked and 'apt-get' didn't, but I have no idea what the deal is.05:51
magn3tsjuancarlospaco is right. If the nvidia module isn't loadign at boot, it's probably not going to work the way you're expecting it too.05:51
magn3tssuperzheng, hi05:51
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn /join #ubuntu-tw 或 /join #ubuntu-hk05:52
wslayerFATAL? Module nvidia not found05:52
truepurplemagn3ts sudo dpkg -r avast4workstation:i386 worked!05:52
magn3tslol, glad you got it worked out truepurple :)05:53
fainaMagn3ts, I wonder if apt was stripping the architecture flag?05:53
truepurplemagn3ts: Now why do you feel antivirus programs are a bad thing?05:53
fainaAnd that's why dpkg worked?05:53
magn3tsfaina, probably, I don't know what form it expects. I should look it up.05:53
magn3tstruepurple, just unnecessary, and if you're worried about security, there are other issues more important worth securing in ubuntu.05:53
galamarHello, I am not able to get my hp LaserJet 1000 printer to respond.... It installs the drivers when I plug it in and show up as available but just won't print?05:53
wslayerhow do I get rid of my custom xorg.conf and make xorg autodetect again?05:53
magn3tstruepurple, I've never heard of, in my entire life online and in the industry... heard of someone getting a virus in linux05:53
truepurplemagn3ts: Like?05:53
thegoodcushiongalamar: what distro?05:53
magn3tstruepurple, but within the last 12 months, I've personally known of two collegaues who had intrusions in their linux systems because they were out of date and insecure05:54
magn3tstruepurple, for example, ubuntu does not ship with a firewall enabled...05:54
wslayerhow do I make xorg autodetect my settings again?05:54
thegoodcushiongalamar: install the latest version of hplip from the hp website05:54
magn3tstruepurple, and if you happen to install openssh-server... it is not secured at all either.05:54
thegoodcushiongalamar: then it will work, trust me05:54
wslayerinstead of loading the custom xorg.conf05:54
sean____3how can i view my wifi network from terminal05:54
galamarok thank you05:54
magn3tswslayer, there's an nvidia tool for it... but if you install through jockey-gtk on any recent version of ubuntu it should do all of that for you.05:54
fainasean, iwconfig list05:55
KGDo any of you know how to manually add /dev/dsp_in to the Sound Preferences ?05:55
sean____3how would i telll if my wifi i being hacked05:55
magn3tswslayer, you may want to look at nvidia-xconfig, but like I said, I'd try letting jockey-gtk do it for you if possible. (also, before getting too worked up, make sure your graphics card is supported by the nvidia driver)05:55
KGsean, check the logs05:55
sandrossvMay someone tell me where is the everything.log on ubuntu ?05:55
magn3tssean____3, that's a loaded question. It depends on what you mean by "wifi being hacked", and it might not be on topic for this room. You can PM me if you like.05:56
KGif you see a mac address you know shouldn't be on it, then you know05:56
fainaEr,... sean, I was wrong I think iwlist wlan0 (or other device) scan05:56
fainalogs are in /var/log05:56
magn3tssandrossv, what does that mean? everything.log ?05:56
wslayermagn3ts: hm thanks05:56
magn3tswslayer, surely.05:56
truepurplemagn3ts: You think I should install a firewall? What one?05:56
sandrossvmagn3ts: it's all logs in one05:56
magn3tssandrossv, oh, just magically?05:56
fainatruepurple, at my work we've used ufw05:56
KGWifi router or Ubuntu box set up as a router?  Either way, logs05:57
magn3tssandrossv, you could cat or tail all of /var/log, but ubuntu doesn't ship with any sort of everything.log configured unless I'm missing something.05:57
sandrossvmagn3ts: idk, i have it on my arch, but not in ubuntu05:57
truepurplefaina: And it's good?05:57
fainaThough ufw's ipv6 support was a bit weak05:57
magn3tstruepurple, a home computer behind a router? No. I think you're overly worried about it.05:57
sandrossvmagn3ts: ok, ty05:57
fainaufw is a simple command line configuration tool to control iptables05:57
magn3tstruepurple, the computers that got hacked were enterprise linux servers on a public network with no protection run by idiots.05:57
KGI still need to get a mic into the sound prefs that isn't showing up05:57
truepurplemagn3ts: No router, just a regular DSL modem05:57
fainaufw offers commands like "ufw limit ssh"05:57
fainaor "ufw allow 80"05:57
KGThe sound card shows up in the output....05:58
KGI had to switch to OSS and Enlightenment to get that to work05:58
magn3tstruepurple, honestly, if I were you, and I'm fairly self conscious about this sort of thing normally.... I would go out, buy a cheap wireless router (they all come with NAT firewalls that will keep you plenty safe day to day) and not worry about it.05:58
KGSo alsa isn't an option in this case05:58
truepurplemagn3ts: The thing is though, I do plan to set up a dual boot system too05:58
magn3tstruepurple, so?05:58
KGbut I wanted to drop in here and find out if anyone knows anything about that05:58
magn3tsif you want Windows to be secure, by all means, use antivirus in widnows.05:58
truepurplemagn3ts: I'd like to have a antivirus in linux so I can deal with viruses from a uninfected system05:59
magn3tsI don't know that linux based AV will fight Windows infections though.05:59
magn3tsThey might I suppose... IDK.05:59
fainatruepurple, actually a better choice for linux is something like aide -- its a tool that scans a system and builds a list of installed file checksums05:59
truepurplemagn3ts: Actually, I am told by many that is most of what they do05:59
truepurplefaina: And a novice can use this to determine infection?06:00
magn3tstruepurple, I see. Then I suppose I understand a bit more why you want this. I also think you're still being overly worried though, Install Microsoft Security Essentials, use chrome and don't download porn.exe and you'll be okay.06:00
fainaNovice, that's a good question. It'll just tell you if files were modified.06:00
truepurplemagn3ts: I'd rather use firefox06:01
magn3tsBut that's not what you're asking I suppose... if you want AV in Linux, you can use it, and scanning Windows is a fairly legitimate reason I suppose.06:01
fainaUse noscript with firefox?06:01
magn3ts*shudder* well that's probably fine too.06:01
magn3tsfaina, just fyi, chrome has built in noscript basically.06:01
fainaI thought chrome just had better sandboxing?06:01
truepurplemagn3ts: Also, just because linux is secure from infection, doesn't mean ones browser can't be compromised by maleware06:01
fainaNot "don't run anything from this site"06:01
FirefisheI just upgraded to Firefox 5, and now some of my extensions are toast.  How do I do a downgrade?06:02
wslayermy xorg won`t start even with vesa06:02
FirefisheRunning 10.0406:02
centHOGGFirefishe: welcome to linux firefox nightmare06:02
magn3tsfaina, no it has that too.06:02
truepurplemagn3ts: As far as chrome goes, I guess I am a bit biased against it considering how invasive google has become06:03
magn3tstruepurple, what do yo umean?06:03
magn3tswhat does that even mean? invasive? it's an open source browser dude?06:03
fainaMagn3ts, neat, I'll have to check chrome out again.06:03
truepurplemagn3ts: Please elaborate on on "what do you mean"06:03
FirefishecentHOGG: I mean, the codebase *will* catch up with it, eventually, but I'd like to just go back to the way it was.06:03
magn3tshow is a browser going to be "compromised via malware" ?06:03
TSGqin, Yes i'm here06:03
TSGJust semi away from keyboard at time06:04
truepurplemagn3ts: Maleware=vicious programs that cause advertising to be forced onto your computer or steal information, but are not "viruses"06:04
centHOGGFirefishe: goodluckwidthat... i just had to reinstall after that happened to me... switch off upgrades when you use LTS06:05
wslayermy new x configuration file was written to /etc/X11/XF86Config06:05
magn3tstruepurple, they're basically the same though... they exploit a hole in the system or get the user to intervene....06:05
fainaTruepurple, most cases malware has to be installed by the user.06:05
magn3tstruepurple, if either of those happen, you're screwed either way and no amount of anything is going to fix it.06:05
FirefishecentHOGG: reinstall the entire os??06:05
wslayeri need help with xorg06:05
magn3tswslayer, XF86Config? you're using ubuntu right?06:05
magn3tswslayer, a recent version of ubuntu right? lol06:06
wslayermagn3ts: yes06:06
truepurplefaina: That is wrong, most malware secretly installs itself onto your browser, and linux promissions do not apply to browser installations06:06
FirefishecentHOGG: I'm not reinstalling the entire os just for one browser...my primary extensions like NoScript and Ad Block Plus work.  Cool Iris--my *eye candy*--doesn't. ;-)06:06
wslayermagn3ts: ubuntu 11.0406:06
magn3ts>_< truepurple that's wildly inaccurate.06:06
FirefisheI like eye candy ;)06:06
magn3tslike, beyond wildly inaccurate.06:06
magn3tsalthough with Firefox I'd believe it a lot more than Chrome, but it's still not a fair depiction of how malware works at all.06:06
wslayermagn3ts: nvidia-xconfig produced that XF86Config06:06
truepurplemagn3ts: Your speaking against my direct experience with such programs, so please elaborate06:06
magn3tswslayer, yeah, that's just weird.06:06
truepurplemagn3ts: In what ways am I so wrong?06:07
magn3tsI would like to hear of the experience where malware infected a browser.... and then magically how browsers escape the Linux permission system.06:07
truepurplemagn3ts: Malware does install itself, are you disputing this?06:08
magn3tsOne thing I've never heard of ... and then another that I know to be categorically impossible.06:08
rcconfhi all06:08
magn3tstruepurple, of course I am.06:08
centHOGGmagn3ts: concur06:08
magn3tstruepurple, that's absurd, anyone can just make a program magically install itself?06:08
truepurplemagn3ts: It uses exploits to do so06:08
rcconfcould someone check if this file exists in Maverick? /etc/init.d/network-manager.conf06:08
magn3tsright, exploits that don't exist in linux06:08
truepurplemagn3ts: But they do exist in the browser06:09
fainaFor the install a previous version of firefox, you might be to downgrade with "apt-get -s install firefox=4.0+nobinonly-0ubuntu3".06:09
fainaer without the -s06:09
centHOGGi mean like a worm for linux LAMP systems06:09
magn3tstruepurple, even if they do, I've never heard of a Firefox bug in linux that allows native code execution and I know there's never ever been a case of escalation thru the browser.06:09
truepurplemagn3ts: I have installed apps and games onto my browser under ubuntu, and not a single time has it asked for a password06:09
magn3tsAnd if you're worried about a browser bug allowing system access... you're about 100x better off with Chrome than Firefox.06:10
magn3tstruepurple, right, those browsers and "apps"... can't touch a damn thing on your computer.06:10
magn3tsThey can't access your files, your settings, the command line, dpkg, apt, anything. none.06:10
truepurplemagn3ts: All they need to do is touch stuff on the browser level, it doesnt need to escape the browser to cause you problems06:10
magn3tsI don't even know what "installing an app into my browser" means with Firefox...06:10
magn3tstruepurple, of course it does.06:10
centHOGGyou could get "phished" on a linux system... any os06:10
=== odenthaa is now known as odysimus
magn3tsI just don't understand the scenario you're trying to prevent against... if you can give me a scenario from start to infection... I can explain how it's either not a high risk... or impossible.06:11
rcconfcould someone check if this file exists in Maverick? /etc/init.d/network-manager.conf06:11
truepurplemagn3ts: Like plugins, or flash games, or it will install a webpage onto your browser for display06:12
fainarcconf conf files aren't usually in /etc/init.d06:12
fainathough I don't have a maverick system to check on06:12
magn3tstruepurple, false. plugins require root privileges unless you do a local manual install in your profile.06:12
magn3tstruepurple, flash games... are flash games... again, they can't touch anything on your computer, period.06:12
magn3tsdo you understand how browser plugins and flash content works?06:13
truepurpleThey can touch things in your browser06:13
magn3ts"install a webpage onto your browser" wat?06:13
magn3tstruepurple, that's not even true.06:13
magn3tsFlash can't do anything to my browser... except render content in it when Chrome asks it to.06:13
fainamagn3ts, the browser can touch things that the user id the process is running as has access to06:13
magn3tsfaina, the browser can, but not flash content.06:13
rcconffaina: tks for your answer I did a locate and found it /etc/init/network-manager.conf06:14
fainaThere's also the problem that the browser can read/write to the clipboard.06:14
magn3tsfaina, if there's an exploit it can, but it still can't install software on the local machine without an additional esclation exploit, which I've never ever ever seen in a linux systme, ever.06:14
magn3tsfaina, again, only through an exploit or flash.06:14
fainaWell yes.06:14
magn3tsI have no problem with not trusting flash... Flash is click to enable in Chrome for me.06:14
rcconfmagn3ts: what exploit06:14
magn3tsrcconf, for what?06:15
fainaFor your system to get truely rooted you usually need multiple failures06:15
rcconfwhat r u talking about06:15
centHOGGeasy test... with your linux browser go to every sick site you can think of... then download the contents of your browser profile to a windows system folder... scan that folder06:15
magn3tsrcconf, I just meant I can't do <script>alert(system.clipboard)</script> in a webpage.06:15
fainaA lot of the extra security comes from not running as priviledged user06:15
centHOGGthe exploits will all be .exe06:15
rcconfot: use noscript addon ;)06:15
magn3tsfaina, I think he's just confused about interactive webapps, flash content, plugins, and true local applications.06:15
rcconfand dont use windows06:15
magn3tsrcconf, right, but I use Chrome and it's just click-to-enable flash and I have to exempt pages to use javscript. no extension needed :P06:16
truepurplemagn3ts: Again, I never said it could go past ones browser06:16
magn3tstruepurple, but you still haven't outlined any damage that can be done from a page, or from the browser itself being somehow compromised...06:16
truepurpleAnd I installed a session plugin without any sudo password required.06:16
magn3tsFirefox asks you if you want to install an extension06:16
fainaI do think that chrome is supposed to have better sandboxing between different websites06:16
magn3tstruepurple, no, you probably installed an extension06:16
rcconfmagn3ts: what do you mean with click-to-enable06:16
fainasince each page is being rendered in a seperate process06:17
magn3tstruepurple, extensions are extremely limited in what they can do. Again, they can't access your files or the system to install anything....06:17
wslayermagn3ts, the browser vulnerabity can`t allow the malicious code to download remote stuff?06:17
truepurplemagn3ts: They can collect your information, passwords, etc. They can force advertising which slows down your PC06:17
DNDguys do you know any cloud server software that can do "dropbox" like services?06:17
magn3tsrcconf, if I go to YouTube there is a gray box until I click it and then flash can load in.06:17
magn3tstruepurple, so don't install that extension06:17
magn3tsor just delete it!06:17
rcconfmagn3ts: in firefox you can enable/disable plugins whenever you want06:17
truepurplemagn3ts: They secretly install themselves onto your browser06:18
magn3tsrcconf, right, but I want to be able to enable it quickly for jsut a single piece of flash content.06:18
rcconfmagn3ts: oh ok i can do that with noscript :P06:18
magn3tstruepurple, no. no they don't.06:18
magn3tstruepurple, that is patently false.06:18
=== mj is now known as Guest49228
fainamagn3ts is right... firefox will always list the installed extensions06:18
magn3tsif you can produce an example of an auto-installing extension in Firefox... well.... someone will pay you a lot of money for that. A LOT of money.06:18
rcconfmagn3ts: anyway this ubuntu channel not firefox or chrome06:18
magn3tsLike, Mozilla would give you thousands probably... hackers would give you more than that.06:18
truepurplemagn3ts: I have a conversation with a fellow named peth who was able to give me script for opening windows browser links when noone here even had a idea they existed, I will go through the conversation, it will take a bit though06:19
magn3tsrcconf, you're right, this is all surrounding the need for AV software in Ubuntu and I really want to help get this straightened out. I'll drop it in another minute.06:19
magn3tstruepurple, so what?06:19
magn3tstruepurple, I can write the code for that right now06:19
fainaHeck there's a python module to do that in a multi-platform way06:19
magn3tsthat's just javascript...06:19
truepurpleI didnt need any javacript to accomplish it06:20
fainaxdg-open http://google.com?06:20
magn3tsI don't know what you're talking about then.06:20
ubottuUbuntu bug 787192 in wpasupplicant (Ubuntu) "Network Manager Cloned MAC Address feature fails on WPA Wireless Networks" [Medium,Confirmed]06:20
rcconfI hate that bug06:21
truepurpleWhen you create a link draging the icon next to a web url in your browser to desktop or folder, that is what I call a web link.06:21
magn3tsnetwork-manager bug? no, you don't say, haha06:21
fainaBut my example is the OS is allowed to control the browser.06:21
magn3tstruepurple, so now we're back to being in the OS instead of the browser... that changes the conversation 100%...06:21
truepurpleNormally those made under windows doesn't work under ubuntu, turns out a couple lines of code is all that it takes06:21
magn3tstruepurple, yeah, so what? Again, I can write that code right now for you...06:22
rcconfmagn3ts: cant connect using wpa when mac address is spoofed (using network-manager ofc)06:22
magn3tsWhat's the point? how is that harmful or damaging?06:22
truepurpleYou said javascript06:22
westzwhat the heck are these two arguin about?06:22
magn3tswestz, he's convinced a flash game is going to get root access and eat his computer06:22
ubuntuinstallhi all, im getting stuck at the keyboard layout part of installing ubuntu 11 can anyone help me? i have a japanese keyboard on the laptop06:22
russellsteapotIs there any place in particular that I should put Windows programs for Wine? Looking for the Program Files equivalent. Thanks for the help.06:22
truepurpleIet me read the conversation06:22
westzmagn3ts, LAWL06:22
wslayermagn3ts: isn`t that possible?06:22
magn3tstruepurple, just explain how these windows links are a security problem06:22
rcconfubuntuinstall: I had that problem in Maverick06:23
truepurplemagn3ts: I never said anything like that06:23
fainaa default windows install process with wine installs into ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files06:23
magn3tswslayer, through like 3 different independent and high risk bugs, the likes of which I've never seen before, yes.06:23
ubuntuinstallmember:rcconf: what did u do to get around that?06:23
rcconfubuntuinstall: I just used english and then changed the layout06:23
magn3tstruepurple, then why the hell are we talking about browser extensions, flash plugins and links to webpages dude.06:23
rcconfubuntuinstall: after install06:23
ubuntuinstallmember:rcconf: i clicked on us layout but it doesn't allow me to click on OK06:24
truepurplemagn3ts: I was just saying peth was able to help me where most weren't able to, so she must be knowledgable, and peth said this concept of linux being bulletproof is erronous.06:24
magn3tsI'm honestly on the verge of calling you a troll and walking away because you're bouncing around from unrelated area to the other, and I've yet to hear anything that even made senes06:24
fainaWhat about ... if you're feeling really paranoid, just use a live cd for your browsing?06:24
magn3tsbulletproof? of course not.06:24
rcconfubuntuinstall: oh and be caferul when typing the password06:24
FirefisheI had a flash game once, but the profilgrate nudity of the  game disabled it's being used widely and ... *duck06:24
rcconfubuntuinstall: just reboot the machine and boot again from livecd06:24
rcconfand hit english06:24
magn3tsyou're using a computer with code written by a human being... there are bugs. There are probably security bugs. There always will be bugs in anything more than mov $2, $edx06:24
ubuntuinstallrcconf i'm doing that now. hopefully it'll go this time06:25
ubuntuinstallrcconf: thx it went past that screen now. cheers!06:25
magn3tstruepurple, you also need to keep in mnd... that the things youre talking about... AV and Firewall would NOT protect against.06:25
westzi agree with magn3ts, any code is going to have bugs. hell i've seen someone typo 'print "hello world"'06:25
rcconfubuntuinstall: dont forget password will be different with that layout..06:25
truepurplemagn3ts: I know that, thats for the dual booting06:26
magn3tstruepurple, okay, and that I still understand.06:26
magn3tswell I don't know how a firewall in linux will help windows but yeah...06:26
truepurplemagn3ts: And it was someone else that suggested the firewall06:26
ubuntuinstallrcconf i'll try to just stick to alphabets and numbers06:26
magn3tstruepurple, yeah, I did... but that was for locking down your ubuntu install primarily.06:27
magn3tstruepurple, and honestly, if you're NOT behind a NAT... you probably should configure a firewall.06:27
magn3tsIMO, the 50-60$ router is cheaper, easier and less error prone, but that's up to you of course06:27
rcconfubuntuinstall: anyway you can change password later06:27
fainamagn3ts, don't forget disable unnecessary services....06:27
truepurplemagn3ts: Terminology problem, What do you mean "locking down your ubuntu install"? And what is NAT?06:27
rcconfubuntuinstall: and if you change password also for the gnome keyring06:28
magn3tsfaina, do you disable much out of the box? There's no ssh by default in the desktop version ,etc.06:28
magn3tstruepurple, I just meant the Linux firewall will only help protect you while you're in Ubuntu...06:28
westzthe chances of getting a virus in linux are insanely slim. the chances of getting a virus in linux that'll attack your windows partition are practically nonexistant. the chances of getting a virus in linux that will attack your windows partition from a flash game are completely 0%06:28
=== bryan is now known as Guest15076
magn3tstruepurple, I don't know what NAT stands for... but it protects you against people trying to attack you via services running and listening to the network.06:28
TA5KHI, I want to disable as much logging as possible in Linux. How to do this?06:28
Holook guys, serious question06:28
magn3tswestz, right, but from a paranoid standpoint, the chances of a network intrusion are greater than a virus, so I'm trying to focus him in that direction.06:29
HoloAre zombies turing complete?06:29
ZykoticK9magn3ts, Network Address Translation06:29
slimjimflimanybody know how to convert amr to wav?06:29
magn3tsZykoticK9, makes sense, thanks.06:29
truepurplemagn3ts: Ok, what is it and how do I determine if I have it?06:29
fainaOccasionally I debate if avahi is a problem... I just occasioanally run netstat --inet -a to see if something got opened when I wasn't looking06:29
rcconfTA5K: I wanted to know that too but I realized logs sometimes are important..06:29
truepurplemagn3ts: That is what I meant more then what it stood for06:29
fainaSome IM programs like to open up extra ports06:29
westzHolo, they are not machines. syntax error06:29
magn3tstruepurple, NAT? If you don't have a router... you don't have it.06:30
rcconfbut yeah if someone knows how to completetly disable logging in ubuntu06:30
ZykoticK9slimjimflim, if you have mplayer install, and if mplayer plays the amr file - you could use "mplayer -vo null -ao pcm FOO.amr" and get a wav dump06:30
magn3tsfaina, for like video?06:30
truepurplemagn3ts: What firewall do you recommend then?06:30
Holowhy wouldn't a zombie be completely deterministic06:30
Holoto the point where a machine can model it06:30
magn3tstruepurple, I don't know sadly. you'll have to solicit others' opinions for that one... like I said, I'm behind a router and that's good enough for me :P06:30
rcconfjust use iptables and guwf06:30
Alexanderguys when i convert my .avi video into a .mp4 video in handebreak, handbreak makes the videos into .m4v format and banshee says that my ipod does not support that format. what does this mean?06:30
Rave1Network Adress Translation06:30
magn3tsrcconf, consider your audience, lol06:30
rcconfmagn3ts: I also have a router06:31
fainaVideo, file transfer, listening for things. I'm not really sure. I've just noticed some weird ports and tracked them back to my IM program06:31
magn3tsrcconf, I don't even remember how to configure iptables without looking it up every time, and even then I have to have the docs and the file side by side.06:31
ZykoticK9Alexander, you could try renaming them mp4 and see if it makes a difference?06:31
truepurplemagn3ts: if you think linux permissions protect me from any and all OS level infectious programing, why do you think firewall or router is necessary?06:31
magn3tsI don't.06:31
truepurplemagn3ts: Or desired06:31
rcconfmagn3ts: you can also use a VPN and hide your IP..06:31
AlexanderZykoticK9, i tried that,but it didnt help. :/06:31
fainaafter 4 rules iptables becomes illegible06:31
magn3tsDesired? Like I said... I'm just trying to focus you on what I think is the weakest link.06:32
centHOGGenergy wasted there truepurple06:32
rcconfthere is firestarter..06:32
truepurplemagn3ts: Why do you think it is the weakest link?06:32
magn3tsrcconf, uh, I had a bad experience. maybe it was my fault. it probabyl was,06:32
rcconfi dont like firestarter :p06:32
magn3tstruepurple, if you left everything the same... and came and to me in 5 months and told me your machine was compromised... I would guess it was a network based attack.06:32
ZykoticK9Alexander, be sure you are using the x264 (or similar video) and AAC audio - you might want to confirm the size/bitrate maximums for your iBad device.  Good luck.06:32
fainatruepurple, The theory is called "defense in depth" each extra security layer you decreases the chances of something going wrong06:33
TA5Krcconf: mmm, what to do then? I really don't care about all the logging files... Is there a howto or something like this06:33
magn3tstruepurple, because I trust linux permissions and I know that it's a microscopic target.... AND because I've been portscanned by malicious people many times.... and I had someone access my VNC server in ubuntu with a password while on an unprotected network.06:33
centHOGGif you hate log files switch to dos06:33
fainaAt my work we regualarly get ssh brute force attacks06:33
pgold36I am looking for help getting suspend to work on my dell inspiron laptop06:34
TA5KMy dream is a Linux without any logging or only logging of local information, nothing about networks.06:35
ZykoticK9pgold36, what model?06:35
TA5KcentHOGG: do do talk to me?06:35
pgold36Inspiron M501006:35
westzpgold36, whats the problem?06:35
pgold36I choose suspend (or hibernate) and it just locks the screen06:35
centHOGGTA5K: de do do do, de dah dah dah06:35
fainaTA5K there's quite a bit of configuration possible in /etc/rsyslog.conf06:35
engammalskowhat is a Zone? ipv4 zone or something how do I get it? I don't really understand what it is.06:36
truepurplemagn3ts: You had someone access your "VNC" (whatever that is) server who knew the password?06:36
magn3tstruepurple, honestly, I don't know. I thought I had a really long password on it, but the speed with which it was opened... I assume that I either didn't get a password typed in... or there was a vulnerability in VNC.06:37
magn3tsSeeing as there havent' been vulns in VLC for a long time, and vino uses a shared library for it... I'm assuming I fucked up and had an open VNC running which is totally my own fault06:37
magn3tsAnd I apologize for the language, I forgot.06:37
TA5Kfaina: thx, but can I disable all logsthis way?06:37
truepurplemagn3ts: What is VNC?06:38
fainaA few years ago there was a VNC vulnerability that let the client specify "NO AUTH"06:38
rewtvnc isn't encrypted so it could've been sniffed06:38
fainaTA5K, I think you can06:39
truepurpleWhat is VNC?06:39
pgold36VNC = Virtual Network Computing06:39
fainaVNC -virtual network computer, a thing very much like rdesktop06:39
pgold36remote control software06:39
truepurpleI am guessing the v stands for virtual, but I am more interested in what it is06:39
magn3tsrewt, crap.06:39
magn3tsrewt, I had not even thought of that at all.06:40
magn3tsrewt, I'm so used to x-forwarding and whatnot.06:40
pgold36two people responded to me about my suspend issue, but I am not sure if I missed a second response06:40
fainamagn3ts there's some howtos to do an ssh tunnel for vnc06:40
magn3tstruepurple, remote desktop, cross platform, not super efficient.06:40
magn3tsfaina, oh it's okay, I use NX now. I think I was just playing with Android stuff... although I suppose since I'm rooted I could still do ssh+Vnc on my phone, but I'll just leave it off for now.06:40
truepurplemagn3ts: Well remote anything is a huge security risk not present in a home PC06:41
truepurpleI mean most06:41
TA5Kfaina: ok, thanks. I just try to understand how all this logging on Linux is organized and if there is a centralized service for this06:41
magn3tsI'm not even sure I should bite.06:41
magn3tsas long as there's (properly done) auth+encryption, it can be perfectly safe.06:41
truepurpleWell there is that cloud thing I have heard of06:41
fainaTA5K, all system logging gets routed through syslog (or now rsyslog)06:41
magn3tsunless you're worried about governments with quantum computers cracking ecryption in realtime06:41
TA5Kfaina: ... is it possible to filter all logs which are coming through? E.g. with RegEx filters06:42
magn3tstruepurple, ?? what? yes, I'm very familiar with the concept of cloud computing.06:42
fainaTA5K syslog will route the log messages to different files, systems or nothingness depending on configuration06:42
truepurpleWell if we are talking about weak chains, I would say remote access would be the weakest, of anything06:42
fainaI'd suggest starting with man rsyslog.conf06:43
magn3tsthat's just a really false naive assumption though.06:43
truepurpleI mean its expressely designed to accept outside access06:43
magn3tslike I could tell everyone here that I'm remoted to my machine via SSH+X-Forwarding and invite them to hack me with everything they have, and they wouldn't bother.06:43
magn3tstruepurple, heh, there are a lot more things on your computer more readily waiting for a connection, that have been far less penetration-tested than SSH :P06:44
truepurplemagn3ts: Like what?06:44
TA5Kfaina:ok, I'll read more about rsyslog.conf, thx :)06:44
fainaTA5K, you're welcome06:45
* magn3ts is embarrassed. I feel safe in saying that I can trust SSH a lot, but I can't immediately think of something waiting for network connections in ubuntu.06:45
truepurplemagn3ts: What are the weaker links you speak of?06:46
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows06:46
PlatzI get a lot of sshd 'access denied' messages in my authlog.  most from china but not all06:46
GryllidaPlatz: fail2ban helps with auto-block if people try to bruteforce.06:46
magn3tstruepurple, cups is one, flash, java are others.06:47
magn3tsPulseaudio, if it listens publicly.06:47
PlatzGryllida: cool will check it out.  thought about iptables to block china but seems like a bit of work06:47
truepurplemagn3ts: What is cups?06:47
GryllidaPlatz: fail2ban blocks if people have a certain amount of login failures. It's configurable.06:48
Gryllidatruepurple: Please see what ubottu said about cups.06:48
Platzlooks awesome, ya06:48
truepurpleHow is a printer connection manager software a weak link to security?06:50
magn3tsit listens on the network06:50
=== odysimus is now known as Odysimus
magn3tstruepurple, you do understand the principle here.. that because SSH is used for remote access... does not make it any more insecure than CUPS which listens for print jobs.06:51
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
hanasakiwhat si the current status of gnome3 support?06:51
magn3tsThey're both equally likely to be exploited in a way that enabled remote access, like, if some sort of unauthorized intrusion happens, period, you're SOL regardless of what application it happes in.06:52
westzmagn3ts, are you just trying to make purple paranoid?06:52
i2iotis there a cool game for linux like alien arena?06:52
i2iotgot lucky with that one06:52
magn3tswestz, no, I'm trying to rid him of the assumption that ssh+x-forwarding is insecure simply because the nature of the program is remote access.06:52
fainawestz, given the past 20 minutes I think truepurple started paranoid06:52
wslayerwhere do I check the kernel log messages?06:53
westzi2iot, i hear adanaxis is pretty cool06:53
magn3tswslayer, /var/log/kernel.log maybe? in /var/log for sure06:53
truepurplemagn3ts: I asked you what the weakest link was, you said CUPS06:54
magn3tsright, I'm sure CUPS has been penetration tested orders of magnitudes less than SSH.06:55
magn3tsSSH is used on any important server everywhere, save for the top one person who's running something disconnected from the internet.06:55
fainaBy default cups just listens on localhost06:55
centHOGGCUPS doesn't work anyway06:55
magn3tsCUPS is probably run on a fraction of a teenty tiny percent of servers.06:55
engammalskoCould someone help me to setup a dns server?06:55
hanasakiengammalsko:  just install the packages and then (bind) search for the specs on the config file06:57
truepurplemagn3ts: Because it listens to the printer port, so unless your printer has its own modem... I am failing to see your point here06:57
westztruepurple, i'm going to settle this right now. do you often get on unprotected networks? (coffeeshops, mcdonalds)06:57
magn3tstruepurple, um, cups is all network/socket based.06:57
magn3tswith client level support for hardware attached printers...06:58
truepurplewestz I don't use wifi06:58
westztruepurple, have you pissed off a group of vengeful nerds?06:58
BigAlim new to linux any pointers06:58
frybyeHi - the musik library I imported into banschee from my windows d: drive is not responding this morning.. any tips?06:58
westzare you on the run from a governemnt agency?06:58
westzfrybye, make sure the volume is mounted?06:59
i2ioti just got done hooking up my wii controller and using it as a mouse06:59
magn3tswestz, probably the only one I'd worry about would be the gov't agency.06:59
engammalskohanasaki: Yeah but, what about the domain name? Can I just take one that is't taken? Or do I need to buy one?06:59
kennettWhat's a good program to monitor the temp on my system?06:59
i2iotpretty cool stuff, but it doesn't work during gameplay06:59
frybyewestz: are you on the -payroll- of a govt. agency? ;=)06:59
truepurpleMaybe I don't want to take no security measures at all and assume linux is next to bulletproof because a group of strangers say its so06:59
westzmagn3ts, i agree, but im gonna cover all the bases here06:59
hanasakiengammalsko:  anyone you want.   as long as you point your box to your dns server it will serve the domain06:59
westzfrybye, technically, not for another 9 days (i'm dead serious actually)07:00
hanasakithen connect to an upstream server07:00
frybyewestz - how to be sure..07:00
truepurplewestz: Better safe then sorry, and wanting to do something to be more secure is not exactly overdoing it in that regard07:00
magn3tstruepurple, but there's a natural limit: practicality07:00
westztruepurple, oh i agree you should be as secure as possible, but when you're bugging the hell out of us, we have every right and reason to tell you to stop obsessing07:01
frybyewestz: you shouldn't be bragging about it here pal hh rbdwccc07:01
truepurpleWhat impractical thing am I suggesting?07:01
engammalskohanasaki: Hmm, what I wanna accomplish is to have a domain instead of an ip. And I can do this with a dns server, right?07:01
frybyewestz: - topic changed by rbddcc07:01
hanasakiengammalsko:  yes07:01
magn3tsIf insecure is 0, secure is 100... the default ubuntu install would be 95... the things you're talking about would get them to 95.5% secure. To get any higher, you have to take the machine off of the internet and have hardware level access control with physical safety.07:01
westztruepurple, locking your system down to the point that you might as well not connect to the internet07:01
hanasakiengammalsko:  you need to go read what dns is07:01
magn3tsaka, what westz said.07:02
truepurplewestz: I never suggested anything like that07:02
engammalskohanasaki: But shouldnt the domain I want to use be the domain I point too?07:02
truepurpleDownloading and installing some security program of some kind is nothing like that07:02
NotTooDumb3hi all i just installed ubuntu10.10 on my lenovo laptop, how to configure for broadband internet? it detects hardware and the login page opens but it's not connecting after i give login details07:02
westztruepurple, doesnt matter if you did, you're bugging us about it, so we're going to bug you back until you stop07:02
fainaengammalsko, if you want to have a domain, try asking a hosting company, or a service like dyndns07:03
magn3tstruepurple, a "security program" just isn't going to do anything.07:03
truepurplewestz your going to bug someone asking for help?07:03
magn3tsI don't know how much more I can cover this. A security program isn't going to protect you against a zero day exploit.07:03
frybyewestz: and if volume control is operational for other sound apps and the songs in the banschee still not responding ...?07:03
fainaNotTooDumb3, what type of broadband connection is it?07:03
magn3tstruepurple, a "security program" is going to pop up when you download Smilie.exe in your email. That's ALL the protection you're going to get and no more.07:04
frybyewestz: my problem is lack of experiance with -specific- ubuntu stuff - if you follow me...07:04
westztruepurple, if you're bugging us instead of just doing your research and figuring it out, yes. absolutely07:04
NotTooDumb3what type of meaning? how to check that?07:04
truepurplemagn3ts: I don't know how you are using the term security program, but I am using it more generically, antivirus, firewall, antimalware etc07:04
magn3tsI know.07:04
magn3tsAnd my statement stands.07:04
fainaAre you plugged into a phone, a dsl modem, a cable modem, and ethernet jack in the wall?07:04
NotTooDumb3faina, not dail on connection07:04
magn3tsMinus the firewall.07:04
westzfrybye, what release? 11.04?07:04
truepurpleSo your still suggesting the firewall?07:05
magn3tsfaina, yes, I tried that angle, didn't help07:05
engammalskoFor some reason I can't access any sites anymor when I tried to make a dns server...07:05
NotTooDumb3faina, yes, phone, modem and ethernet cable07:05
magn3tstruepurple, yes.07:05
bluemakohi i just installed 11.04 and i can only start it in failsafe graphics mode, how can i solve this?07:05
frybyewestz: sure thing x64 11.0407:05
magn3tstruepurple, again, network attacks are your #1 weakest link in my opinion07:05
NotTooDumb3faina, what is this type of broadband connection called?07:05
truepurplemagn3ts: But based on what you said, why should I worry about that at all?07:05
magn3tsNotTooDumb3, I'm really sorry, but I don't think faina was talking to you07:05
westzhonestly have no experience with x64 linux, but i dont think there shoul;d be a lot of difference07:05
magn3tstruepurple, because you should buy a router and not worry about it.07:06
magn3tsa router is going to instantly block anyone trying to attack you07:06
engammalskoI stopped bind but I can't still access some sites :s07:06
truepurplemagn3ts: Routers make certain handshaking in group games difficult07:06
NotTooDumb3magn3ts, do you have any idea about my connection problem?07:06
magn3tsunless they dual it with a physical attack. literally physically coming to you.07:06
magn3tstruepurple, yes,... that's how it's protecting you, lol....07:06
truepurpleI mean can make them difficult07:06
westzmagn3ts, LMAO07:06
truepurpleit also interfers with use of my PC...07:06
magn3tstruepurple, ... again... right...07:07
magn3tstruepurple, that's what a firewall does.07:07
galamarAnyone know of a good OCR program that can produce a document for editting in openoffice-draw07:07
NotTooDumb3faina, any suggestions for my connection issue?07:07
fainaNotTooDumb3 can you describe the login page?07:07
truepurplefirewalls do not interfer with those if you open a port for the game07:07
magn3tstruepurple, a NAT firewall is a safe bet... because most applications can route through NAT securelly...07:07
engammalskoLol it was just my router.07:07
magn3tstruepurple, right, so open a port in the router........07:07
bluemakolike is there maybe a thread on this already, i can't find?07:07
NotTooDumb3faina, http://reliancebroadband.co.in/reliance/login.do?action=doLoginSubmit, this is the page after logging in..07:08
magn3tsagain, modern games can open ports in NAT themselves by being trusted in your network.07:08
truepurplemagn3ts: I would rather use software then buy a another piece of hardware to claim room on my desk and on my surge protector07:08
magn3tstruepurple, that's fine... I'm telling you though, honestly. openning a port in your router is going to be point-and-clikc in 3 minutes... configuring a firewall in linux to open a port is going to require running a few commands and editting a file with a very specific format.07:09
frybyewestz: assuming useing the import function in banshee to get content from a different drive - the content lands within the ubuntu environment - so it should not matter an iota if the drive (formally known as d:) is mounted or not - cos it will all be on /home now or?07:09
magn3tstruepurple, and if you want that network level protection... you can just use a software firewall.07:09
truepurplemagn3ts: And how could a network attack do anything against a system immune to forced installation?07:09
timh____I'm trying to edit GRUB so I can install Linux distributions on other partitions.  Can't find menu.lst07:10
westzfrybye, exactly what error are you getting, if any07:10
NotTooDumb3faina, did you get any idea about my login page?07:10
envygeeksnetwork level firewalls are hardware, client level firewalls are software, yes07:10
magn3tstruepurple, that's cute, but again, I've never ever once said that linux is immune to attack or vulnerabilites that could allow system access.07:10
westztimh____, menu.lst was deprecated since grub2 i cant remember what the new one is though...07:10
magn3tstruepurple, but there are 4 different security layers I can think of that would protect against a network exploit leading to a full blown root access.07:10
fainaNotTooDumb3, I couldn't connect directly to the site. its only being served up to systems they're connected to, I'm trying to google up some more useful instructions07:10
frybyewestz: I now see that despite "import" yesterday - there is NO music at /~/music grrr...07:11
magn3tstruepurple, not to mention how unlikely the initial network exploit would be in the /first/ place.07:11
westzfrybye, just for accuracy, you mean ~/music07:11
envygeekstimh___: Ubuntu uses grub2, you can probe for other os's in grub using update-grub if I remember right07:11
timh____westz->>thx maybe there's a wiki on GRUB207:11
frybyewestz: so I had better go and manually copy the data there - yes  ~/music07:11
envygeeks!grub2 | timh___07:11
NotTooDumb3faina, by your statements of describe the login page, what input are you expecting from me? can you help me out?07:11
ubottutimh___: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)07:11
truepurplemagn3ts: You said nothing could be installed on linux that you don't want installed, but your saying someone actively trying remotely, even on a system not set up to accept remote access could bypass this? Even if they could never figure out my password in a million years?07:12
westzfrybye, try to mount D: and see if it works then, firstly07:12
fainaNotTooDumb3, http://veerasundar.com/blog/2010/06/how-to-make-reliance-netconnect-broadband-to-work-on-ubuntu-10-04/ might be helpful07:12
frybyeis mounted...07:12
timh____thx all07:12
westzfrybye, banshee's "import" doesnt move any files, it just adds their current paths to the library07:13
westzfrybye, permission errors possibly?07:13
magn3tstruepurple, take it to PM, this is so far Offtopic it's not funny07:13
bluemakocan someone pm me or something when they can help?07:15
envygeeksbluemako: what is your question?07:15
bluemakoi can only start in failsafe graphics mode, how to make it work07:15
NotTooDumb3faina, mine is not a netconnect internet connection with USB for internet connection, i am using ethernet plug for internet connection, wil that link still is useful in my case?07:15
westztruepurple, dont you know the *NIX mantra? "where there's a shell there's a way" so yes, i'm sure it's possible. but i doubt anyone gives a shit about hacking you. it'd have to be targeted, they'd have to know how your system was set up, it's so unlikely, even if they had physical acces to your computer, that they'd be able to do it. stop whining.07:15
bluemakoor alternatively, force it to boot always into safe graphics mode07:16
Geoffrey2how can I force ntp to manually update the system time?07:16
Geoffrey2in other words, make it do a check and sync....07:17
robin0800bluemako: try classic if your using 11.0407:17
envygeeksbluemako: if you uninstalled packages for x that are meant to recognise your graphics card that can happen.  Have you recently uninstalled any xorg packages?07:17
NotTooDumb3faina, that link looks like is not exactly a 1:1 match for my problem.mine is not a mobile broadband connection..any comments?07:17
westzyay, only 6 hours remaining to finish off a 300 mb torrent.07:17
fainaGeoffrey2, look into ntpdate07:17
envygeeks!offtopic |westz07:17
ubottuwestz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:17
westzalright, fair enough. just needed to vent a little sarcasm07:18
bluemakono, i didn't uninstall anything, how do i boot into classic because i can only startup with failsafe07:18
Geoffrey2faina, ntpdate keeps telling me the ntp socket is in use, and exiting07:18
fainaNotTooDumb3, no.07:18
magn3tsWhat services have open connections in ubuntu out of the box?07:18
bluemakolike is there something i can add in grub?07:18
magn3tsLike, will accept incoming connections?07:18
fainaGeoffrey2 service ntp stop07:18
fainaor maybe openntp07:18
frybyewest.. trying some soloutions - back in a bit - btw enjoy your new challenges next week - including the specialness of working for a govt.07:18
envygeeksbluemako: not really because graphics are handed off to x when it starts up, have you tried to boot into single user root and start gdm and catch it's errors?07:19
Geoffrey2faina, ok, thanks......07:19
Geoffrey2faina, that took care of it...07:20
fainaGeoffrey2, ok07:20
bluemakowell i forget what errors i was getting07:20
bluemakocan i just manually install the drivers when i'm in failsafe mode07:20
NotTooDumb2faina, when i connect ethernet plug to linux machine and give dmesg it says eth0: link up,07:20
bluemakowill it be happy then?07:20
fainaBtw, anyone know of a good disk repair / testing tool for a windows user whose booted off an ubuntu live cd?07:20
robin0800bluemako: can you get to the log on screen?07:21
bluemakoonly in failsafe mode07:21
juancarlospacofaina: thanks to you:  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~juancarlospaco/+junk/webapps/files07:21
NotTooDumb2can anyone help me to configure internet connection to 10.10 machine?07:21
fainaNotTooDumb2, you probably need to complete the registration process, then you need to find out if they're doing dhcp or PPPoE07:21
bluemakootherwise it won't even complete a boot regularly07:21
fainaJuancarlospaco yay!07:21
NotTooDumb2faina, registration process of? and how can i check whether it is dhcp or pppoE connection?07:22
envygeeksbluemako: yes, you can try to use jockey to install proprietary drivers07:22
fainaThe web page you're using sounded like a registration page07:22
envygeeks!ati | bluemako07:23
ubottubluemako: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto07:23
robin0800bluemako you can hold the right shift at boot time to get a grub menu then use recovery mode07:23
NotTooDumb2connection works fine for windows machines and i have been using this connection from about a year, linux i just installed yesterday07:23
NotTooDumb2in ubuntu machine, after i give login details it does not work, in windows machine it connects and works fine07:23
bluemakoah man, thanks both of you because i'm not familiar with this07:23
fainaNotTooDumb2, do you know what the windows configuration is?07:24
rootada yang bisa bantu07:24
fainaAnd what are you giving login details too?07:24
NotTooDumb2faina,  i can check now07:24
XunieWeir,d when running # update-initramfs -uv I can clearly see that the last module being added is kernel/fs/udf/udf.ko, however, then it stops. What the hell?07:24
=== root is now known as Guest41888
XunieThis broke my packages too. :(07:24
Guest41888perlu bantun07:24
NotTooDumb2faina, i am sure of login details..just login id and password..configurations i can cross check with windows pc and configure, if i get to know exactly waht to  configure07:24
robin0800Xunie: you are using sudo?07:25
frybyewestz: seems to be fixed - don't ask me how - re- reading the library was part of it but not all - I am 62yo and have only recently got the meds for approaching dement. on the govt. insur. scheme here in Germany - (am brit. airforce veter from a german/english family who used to do german/UK stuff at jhq07:25
bluemakorobin, i went to the grub menu and used recovery mode "failsafe graphics mode" this is the only way it booted up. But i want to solve this.07:25
Xunierobin0800, sudo su, ofcourse.07:25
frybyewestz: in my case left service more than 24yrs ago...07:25
juancarlospacofaina: it suppose that i make folders into /+junk if i dont want those files become sort of a proyect, right?07:25
Xunierobin0800, when executing sudo update-initramfs -uv, same thing happens.07:26
frybyee e e > 25years07:26
Xunie$ sudo update-initramfs -uv I mean.07:26
frybyewestz: thanks for your input..07:26
Xunierobin0800, ideas?07:26
fainajuancarlospaco, alas you're hitting the limits of my understanding of launchpad07:27
timh____I want to install other Linux distros on other partitions.  Will grub-install find them and create a menu for me?07:27
fainaI think +junk means scratch space... but that's about all I know07:27
juancarlospacoright, that project a Brainlesstorm actually faina07:27
russellsteapotmy second internal hard drive is not showing up. Here is a description http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1795604 thanks for the help07:28
timh____This is my only computer, and I don't want to be left with a computer that won't boot.07:28
fainaNotTooDumb2 my hunch is you need to setup PPPoE07:28
robin0800Xunie: I guess there's something it dosen't like not sure how to find it does -vv work?07:28
=== himcesjf1 is now known as himcesjf
fainarussellsteapot, is the second disk partitioned?07:29
Xunierobin0800, tried -vvvv, didn't work. :(07:29
russellsteapotIt's how the company I bought it from sent it to me. It would appear that way from the output though07:30
madsailortimh____, if you're concerned about borking your system, you should try other distros as a live cd/usb boot while keeping your disk unchanged07:30
hexacodeanyone know an ubuntu utility to look up the ipaddress of every device in the same subnet as im in?07:32
hexacodelike a scanner07:32
dmfnhexacode, nmap?07:32
hexacodei already use that07:33
hexacodewas wondering if theres another one/?07:33
russellsteapotAny thoughts on getting the 2nd drive to show up?07:34
fainarussellsteapot, you probably need to partition it and make a filesystem07:35
gulzarp, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }  Kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908) The VirtualBox Linux kernel driver (vboxdrv) is either not loaded or there is a permission problem with /dev/vboxdrv. Please reinstall the kernel module by executing '/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup' as root. Users of Ubuntu, Fedora or Mandriva should install the DKMS package first. This package keeps track of Linux kernel changes and recompiles the vboxdrv kernel module if necessary.07:37
fainaRussellsteapot, you might want to install gparted07:37
wslayerwhy sudo dpkg-reconfigure is doing nothing? it just goes to a newline without giving results07:37
Mike1hexacode: unicornscan probably07:37
russellsteapotfaina thanks, I'll look into it07:38
Mike1hexacode: or if you just want to ping whole subnets you could probably write yourself a small script with ping, though it probably would be slow07:38
hexacodeoh wait07:38
hexacodequestion about that too07:38
fainahexacode, ping does have -b (broadcast)07:38
hexacodei used ping -b  , my broadcast address07:39
hexacodebut nothing happened07:39
fainayou might need to run as root07:39
gulzar p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }  Kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908) The VirtualBox Linux kernel driver (vboxdrv) is either not loaded or there is a permission problem with /dev/vboxdrv. Please reinstall the kernel module by executing '/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup' as root. Users of Ubuntu, Fedora or Mandriva should install the DKMS package first. This package keeps track of Linux kernel changes and recompiles the vboxdrv kernel module if necessary. What 07:39
hexacodewhy doesnt it work?07:39
hexacodeman ping07:40
dmfnhexacode, what are you trying to accomplish?07:42
Mike1ping -b only pings my router ( though my other computer is up and running too o.O07:43
fainaI don't think all systems respond to the broadcast ping07:44
fainaAlso some systems like to block ICMP07:44
=== BiBi is now known as SonorusNew
dimas_what is the command to remove a folder that is in my home folder with a lock sign?07:45
dmfndimas_, rm -rf07:46
SonorusNewi was banned on ubuntu-ru, now i have other ip adress and other nickname but i still banned, why ??07:47
fainadimas_, also could try fixing the permissions? Available with right clicking on the folder icon07:47
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
dimas_dmfn that will remove everything with the name i am going to put?....cause there is the conpress package and the actual folder with some text pages too07:47
dmfndimas_, Ah you said remove look at what faina said07:48
dimas_dmfn i cant as was created as root07:49
dmfndimas_, You can't sudo chown?07:49
dimas_whats that?07:49
dmfndimas_, changes ownership which will get rid of the lock07:50
dmfndimas_, check out man chown07:50
ermitem br as07:50
dimas_dmfn that mean when i do shown then i can just use the mouse to delete stuff as root?07:52
fainadimas_ you should be able to. you might want to do "sudo chown -R <your user id> <directory name>"07:53
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
dmfndimas_, chown allows you to give yourself permission to change the files07:53
fainaafter that the GUI should allow you to modify the directory07:53
faina-R makes it recursive, in case things inside that directory are also owned by root07:53
dimas_oke i give it a try07:53
russellsteapotWhen I click on an icon I would like it to minimize the window. How do I set this up? Thanks for your help.07:54
fainarussellsteapot I'm not sure if that's been implemented for unity yet07:56
dimas_dmfn doesnt work so i do it in the terminal but i want to remove and purge?07:56
Holodoes that teapot contain itself?07:56
russellsteapotfaina thanks anyways07:57
russellsteapotRussell's Teapot, look it up07:57
HoloI know07:57
XunieWell, os-prober is the cause of my headache! Why does thou hang os-prober?! WHYYY?!07:57
fainaTom's hardware review of ubuntu 11.04 had some unity tweaks... http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/ubuntu-11.04-natty-narwhal,2943-11.html07:57
HoloRussell's Paradox, look it up07:57
XunieAnyone know what lets os-prober hang?07:57
dmfndimas_, Did you see faina comment07:57
russellsteapothaha, touche07:57
StravHe. I'm reading about stack smashing protector's patch for gcc as well as the position independent executable patch for the linker and it makes me wonder: is there package repository (on any package based distro), where I can be certain that everything has been compiled with those? (namely where each package has been compiled with "fortified" options)?07:58
dimas_dmfn yes but the system tell me now there is not soch of directory or folder07:59
fainadiams_ the currect directory of the shell is probably not the the directory in your nautilus window08:02
fainathere should be a line above the folder list showing the path08:03
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=== Guest27255 is now known as iHaildev
bluebomberAny C ninjas here?08:08
juancarlospacoi dont C anyone08:09
Guest41888has gone08:09
Jordan_Ubluebomber: 1: Next time just ask your actual question. 2: Try the channel ##c.08:12
bluebomber2 more appropriate than 1. Thanks, Jordan_U .08:12
Jordan_Ubluebomber: You're welcome.08:13
fainaWhere's a good place to ask questions about python packaging policy?08:15
Guest41888evry 1 know about airdomp-ng start wlan0 why no work08:16
SenjaiSo guys, coming from 10.10, there is this ugly sidebar on the side now, how can i make ubuntu look like it was before08:19
SenjaiShould i install a theme or.. whatnot08:19
freedom07lol Senjai08:20
fainaSenjai, I think there's a way to get "classic" from the login screen08:20
gogeta1Senjai: slect fallback from the session thats relly gnome 2 but after 11.04 your screwed gnome 3 or a diffrent distro. there is also a theme pack to make gnome 3 look like gnome 208:21
fainaAlso maybe kde looks nice these days?08:21
iHaildevi would recommend on updating to 11.04 it is very nice08:21
gogeta1iHaildev: i say so to but not stock ubuntu xubuntu kubuntu etc08:22
freedom07lubuntu is good08:22
tensorpuddingSenjai: it's called unity08:22
nikhilmi am new to ubunu08:22
tensorpudding!unity | Senjai08:22
ubottuSenjai: Unity is the default UI for Ubuntu 11.04. Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. You can still boot to GNOME; see !classic.08:22
nikhilmcan someone help08:22
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:22
tensorpudding!classic | Senjai08:22
ubottuSenjai: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".08:22
SenjaiOkay, thanks for the help08:22
SenjaiWhy did they change it08:22
gogeta1Senjai: couse they fail08:22
tensorpuddingSenjai: because the new one is better08:23
nikhilmi recenty upgraded from 10.04 to 11.04 and i dont know where to find my files08:23
Senjaitensorpudding: it is?08:23
tensorpuddingSenjai: yes08:23
Senjaitensorpudding: how?08:23
gogeta1Senjai: gnome has changed there ui cannel doesent like to so they made there own however after somne tweaks gnome 3 looks just as good as 208:23
SenjaiI dont like not being able to see each window on  task bar08:23
nikhilmcan someone advise08:23
tensorpuddingSenjai: also gnome 2 is going the way of the dodo, to be replaced by gnome 308:23
Senjainikhilm, can you be more specific08:24
tensorpuddingnikhilm: your files should be in the same place as before08:24
gogeta1Senjai: yea as he said but cannel doesent like it to they mad eunity however i have found gnome 3 to be quite good if you change the defult ui08:24
tensorpuddingnikhilm: where were they before08:24
nikhilmthey were on the desktop08:24
tensorpuddingnikhilm: are they in the Desktop folder?08:24
iHaildevwell i really havent done much upgrading on editions i usually have 4+ HDD and I just do a fresh install then transfer files over08:24
nikhilmi changed my login username for the new version08:25
gogeta1Senjai: best bet for the novice would be to switch to xubuntu the xfce based one in the futer08:25
fainanikhilm open the folder browser and look in the desktop folder, they're not going to show up on the desktop now08:25
fainathen look in the old-user/Desktop08:25
nikhilmthey are not there as well08:25
nikhilmhow do i get there08:26
tensorpuddingSenjai: they replaced the old menus with a unified searchable, browseable menu that is easier to use and better looking08:26
Senjaigogeta1: xubuntu? Ive only ever used ubuntu08:26
tensorpuddingSenjai: the hiding behavior can be configured08:26
Senjaitensorpudding: but linux isn't meant for thqat08:26
tensorpuddingSenjai: you don't want your operating system to be easy to use?08:26
gogeta1Senjai: its ubuntu repackged to use the xfce window manger the layout is simler to classic gnome 208:26
iHaildevnikhilm: hit the home on the launch bar and then got to file system and then usr check that file08:27
pookyThat's such a weird statement "Linux isn't meant for that"08:27
fainaNikhilm, bring up folder viewer, hit the <| arrow on the 3rd line near your user name. a [home] button should appear. click on that, and you should see the various user directories08:27
tensorpuddingSenjai: ubuntu doesn't claim to represent the aspirations of everyone who runs linux, it just wants to be easy to use, modern and free08:27
gogeta1Senjai: http://www.xubuntu.org/08:28
tensorpuddingnikhilm: there's a big home menu button on the launcher, too, just hover your mouse on the left edge of the screen, and the launcher will pop up08:28
tensorpuddingerr, home folder08:28
iHaildevtensorpudding: and that is just what they did but it originally was created for the Schools in Africa08:29
nikhilmok i have reached the usr folder08:29
fainaTensor, but he mentioned he changed his username.08:29
gogeta1Senjai: for now your fine being you can still use gnome 2 but next relese you whont be able to so its better to switch to something like that at that point08:29
tensorpuddinghow do you change your username?08:29
iHaildevbrb gotta do a reset08:29
tensorpuddingthat requires you to add a new user08:29
tensorpuddingyou need to log in as the old one and move the files08:29
nikhilmi see many directories here08:29
faina"<nikhilm> i changed my login username for the new version"08:30
fainajust quoting you for tensors benefit08:30
tensorpuddingthat response doesn't make sense though08:30
tensorpuddingdid you delete the old user and create a new one? did you change the name of the user?08:31
fainaI was thinking he created a new user for himself, and needs to navigate from /home/new-uid to /home/old-uid/desktop08:31
gogeta1nikhilm: cant find search?08:31
tensorpuddinghe's not going to be able to, because of permissions08:31
fainaif its not a encrypted home directory, he might be able to at least read it?08:32
gogeta1nikhilm: didnt they intergrate the search for both the net and local file to the top bar08:32
tensorpudding /home/<user> is not readable by other users08:32
tensorpuddingthis is so you can actually have privacy on a multi-user machine08:32
gogeta1tensorpudding: if its stock ubuntu they can be viewed by other users08:33
nikhilmthere is another folder with the previous username (one level above the home folder)08:33
tensorpuddingi don't see why that would be08:33
fainaI think its an option. Most of my systems allow reading other user dirs.08:33
tensorpuddingthe permissions are 70008:33
nikhilmit says that i cant mount it08:33
gogeta1tensorpudding: i think view only cant do anything else08:33
gogeta1tensorpudding: so stuf like dearch works08:34
tensorpuddingviewing the Desktop folder would require having execute permissions on the home directory08:34
wslayerwhat`s the ppa of natty?08:34
fainanatty doesn't need a ppa as its an official release...08:34
nikhilmFrom the graphical desktop, click on:08:34
nikhilm "Access Your Private Data"08:34
nikhilmFrom the command line, run:08:34
FloodBot1nikhilm: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:34
fainaYour other directory was encrypted, you 'll need to log in as that user to view the fieles08:35
tensorpuddingoh, you did home directory encryption08:35
gogeta1nikhilm: lol dont do that use pastbin08:35
tensorpuddingyou definitely can't touch it as your new user08:35
nikhilmi am sorry guys08:35
nikhilmi am also unable to login using a previous version08:35
gogeta1tensorpudding: he can but he needs to add the keys to his new account08:36
eslam000me too08:36
nikhilmgogetal: tell me how08:36
tensorpuddingnikhilm: what's the error08:36
gogeta1nikhilm: just login as the old user if you lost the password you can reset it as sudo08:36
wslayerfaina: i need a package i`m not finding in the official repo08:36
nikhilmit says untrusted application launcher08:37
wslayerfaina: it`s nvidia-current-modaliases08:37
nikhilmand i think u guys are right in deducing that i encrypted my home directory08:37
tensorpuddingwslayer: you should figure out if it's packaged somewhere08:37
gogeta1nikhilm: so ligin as the user that its ment for08:37
tensorpuddingwslayer: there are ppas which have some packages08:38
JohnTeddyI have a video m4v I took with my phone. I want to rotate it 90 degrees, make it not 120 megs (since it's only 2 minutes), say less than 30 megs.. and add a background audio... What is a simple app that can do this?08:38
nikhilmThank you all08:38
fainawslayer, it looks like nvidia-current-modaliases isn't in 11.0408:38
tensorpuddingJohnTeddy: what's the original resolution08:39
fainait was in lucid & maverick08:39
JohnTeddytensorpudding: I don't know, whatever the phone has by defualt.08:40
tensorpuddingwidescreen video will probably not be amenable to rotating08:40
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
tensorpuddingit'll stretch and distort08:40
cordoval_i am on ubuntu, my harddisk is not booting, I started again with a liveCD, how to check for hard disk and repair?08:41
tensorpuddingunless it's letterboxed or something08:41
tensorpuddingthere's a few video editors08:41
JohnTeddyThe phone is an HTC Desire HD08:41
cordoval_i am on ubuntu, my harddisk is not booting, I started again with a liveCD, how to check for hard disk and repair? I remember a command but not sure fsck ?08:42
fainacordoval_, look at places menu to see if the live cd detected it, also try gparted to see if theres a drive with a partition table08:42
cordoval_places says ther e is a 742GB drive08:43
cordoval_so it is there faina I can see the information inside08:43
fainaI think the live cd has a recover mode? I don't remember.08:44
cordoval_but how to fix it so that it can boot? hmm any command? gparted ?08:44
cordoval_this is an old 11.04 disk I think and it is 64 bit08:44
cordoval_hmm wonder if i can do it from the terminal now, from the live cd08:44
fainausually not being able to boot is something going wrong with grub08:44
tensorpuddingJohnTeddy: judging from software center reviews and online, avidemux might be a good one08:45
cordoval_right, I select on grub the top ubuntu selection and then the locks light just turns on and off08:45
fainaMy sleep-deprived brain is remembering chroot /mount/point, & update-grub,08:45
fainayou should look up syntax though08:45
dmfn11.04 is a pain to recover grub because it uses grub208:47
cordoval_that is to mount the disk but disk is already mounted08:47
cordoval_how to make sure grub is the problem?08:47
fainagood question.08:48
JohnTeddytensorpudding: It was widescreen.08:49
fainaI remember in the past being able to boot from an installer cd and say actually boot from the hard disk08:49
JohnTeddyI just retook the video now.08:49
cordoval_I am at least trying to save my files, so it seems it is more corruption of grup or some sectors but it can be fixed right?08:51
cordoval_else my disk is trash08:51
wslayerfaina: what ubuntu version are you running?08:51
wslayeranyone running 11.04?08:53
cordoval_yes me08:53
cordoval_in both of my laptops08:53
cordoval_trying to recover one of them though08:53
cordoval_I am on the live cd and want to transfer files to my other laptop directly08:53
cordoval_have a hard disk external but not responding because of damages too08:53
cordoval_how to do it?08:53
cordoval_transfer some files from hard disk inside my laptop to my other good laptop08:54
fainawslayer, 11.0408:55
fainaand 10.04 at work08:55
wslayerfaina: uname -a says your kernel is generic?08:55
fainawslayer, yes " 2.6.38-8-generic "08:56
wslayerfaina: hm...08:56
fainausually its generic or server08:56
cordoval_what does generic means?08:56
cordoval_what other options there are?08:56
wslayerfaina: is your graphics card working fine?08:56
fainacordoval_ if you can't mount the broken disk, recovery will be much harder08:57
fainawslayer, yes although I'm using an intel card08:57
cordoval_faina: I already told you it mounted itself08:57
cordoval_it is working in that sense ok08:57
wslayerfaina: it`s onboard?08:57
cordoval_however I am not sure how to transfer data08:57
SenjaiUbuntu wont use a second monitor connected via DVA, it detects it as unknown, but when i enable it i get an error message in the pop up area (like your volume control) that is cutoff and i cant read it08:57
fainacordoval_, I'm getting really tired and am not remembering stuff well08:57
SenjaiAnyone have ideas08:57
fainawslayer, yes, laptop integrated chipset08:57
SenjaiConnected VGA*08:58
fainawslayer, not sure about the current status of the nvidia/ati stuff08:58
rusty149cordoval_: Hi, what is your question?08:58
cordoval_hi rusty14908:58
cordoval_question is trying to recover a hard disk that will not boot but that it mounts ok on a live cd08:58
cordoval_on when I run off the live cd it shows it08:59
cordoval_and it auto mounts08:59
=== cordoval_ is now known as cordoval
rusty149cordoval: OK, what do you see in attempt to boot from hard disk09:00
fainasenjai, try looking for more monitor options in the system settings.09:00
cordovalwell after the grub window which gives the ubuntu options I select any of them and it just says either nothing for normal or some error regarding the disk can't boot09:00
cordovaldo you want the exact error?09:01
cordovalrusty149: but when I try the live cd i can see contents on the disk09:01
rusty149cordoval: Yes please09:01
cordovalok will reboot now09:01
santhosh_Hi can any one tel me the comand to give read right permission to disk09:02
santhosh_I am unable to save any ocument in the Hard disk09:02
cordovalvfs: cannot open root device "UUID=.....09:03
cordovalor unknown block()0,009:03
alex421hello, is anyone here aware of torrenting using an ipv6 ip address ? i have both, but i only appear as ipv4 as a seed. i'm wondering how can i set myself seeding as ipv6 on ubuntu.09:03
cordovalplease aappend a correct "root=" boot option09:03
cordovalhere are the available partitions09:03
cordovalkernel panic - not syncing : VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown -block(0,0)09:04
cordovalPid: 1, comm: swapper Not tainted 2.6.38-8 generic #42 ubuntu09:04
cordovalCall Trace:09:04
cordoval.....? panic+0x91/0x19c09:04
cordovalmount block root09:04
fainacordoval the problem is the disk with your filesystem got renamed09:04
rww!pastebin | cordoval09:05
ubottucordoval: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:05
cordovalfaina: !! the disk with my filesystem got renamed? what can I do rusty14909:05
fainacordoval, look at /dev/disk/by-uuid for the new uuid pointing at the disk you want to boot09:05
cordovalfrom the live cd right?09:05
cordovalok rebooting now09:05
fainawell i should say the uuid doesn't match whats in your grub config09:06
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)09:06
fainais there a place that lists all those neat ! commands?09:06
mecheesemy monitor says "signal out of range" how do I fix that?09:07
dirtydawgmove it closer09:07
rwwfaina: http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi09:07
fainamecheese,  another useless answer, get a bigger monitor.09:07
fainamecheese, more usefully you need to lower the default resolution09:07
fainaAt least that's what I remember back when I used crt displays that gave me that error09:08
cordovalI wonder why my disk fs got renamed?09:08
mecheesedirtydawg faina: very funny09:08
cordovalis there something I did?09:08
cordovalIt was working for days and then turned off to sleep then come back and bang09:08
fainacordoval, no idea at this point09:08
cordovalfaina: but you are sure is that problem right?09:09
cordovalso there is a known solution09:09
rusty149cordoval: You should be able toremove the root=/dev/xxxx parameter on the grub config09:09
mecheesefaina: I have an lcd. it's fairly large and high resolution. It's just not being detected and set up for my nvidia drivers.09:09
cordovalrusty149: from where or how?09:09
cordovalrusty149: booting now from the cd live disk09:09
fainawell the error message you gave "UUID= not found" really strongly implies that the uuid listed in your kernel config line doesn't match one of the ones on your system09:09
fainamecheese, ok. you can muck with the current settings using xrandr09:10
mecheesefaina is that in the terminal?09:10
fainaif you need to log in from another system you might need to do DISPLAY=:0 xrandr09:11
fainato force xrandr to use the local X server09:11
cordovallive cd got stuck on clicking on try ubuntu button, should I wait or restart and try again?09:11
mecheesefaina: will that work through the live cd to fix an install on hard disk?09:12
NotTooDumb3hi all  can anyone help me with my internet connection problem?09:12
fainaMecheese, no, xrandr's changes will be lost on reboot09:12
wildbat!anyone | NotTooDumb309:13
ubottuNotTooDumb3: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.09:13
NotTooDumb3ifup eth0 says eth0 already configured but ping google.com does not work..ping pings fine..any help?09:13
mecheesefaina: darn. do you know any settings that will fix x? my xorg.conf is empty of settings.09:14
fainacordoval, not sure... I'd wait a 30sec to 1min and reboot09:14
rusty149cordoval: Simplest solution, try sudo grub-mkconfig or sudo update-grub209:14
wildbatNotTooDumb3:  Ping
fainamecheese, yeah, they switched to auto-detecting everythign09:14
cordovalrusty149: thanks man a lot, yes that will be my first try after this boots09:14
fainayou still can put specifics in the x config if you need to09:15
NotTooDumb3wildbat, what is
rwwNotTooDumb3: Google's public DNS server09:15
KoltHi! Has anybody run ubuntu on a sony vaio?09:16
fainaKolt, A really really long time ago.09:16
mecheesefaina: it's funny. my monitor worked better with version 10.04. now 11.04 is not doing so good with it.09:16
stephenhhi, does anyone know how i can go about enabling javascript support in elinks?09:16
Koltfaina: Did you experience any problems?09:17
michaelxqhow do i change login picture?09:17
stephenhi could recompile from source i guess, but are there packages out there to do it for me?09:17
cordovalrusty149: where are you from?09:17
fainaKolt, this was long enough ago that its not relavant to anything you own.09:17
faina(think 2001ish laptop)09:17
cordovalI have a friend named rusty too09:18
Koltfaina: Thank you anyway.09:18
fainamecheese, maybe boot into 10.04 and grab the x config? and see if you can merge some of its settings into 11.04?09:18
rusty149cordoval: England09:18
fainaKolt, there's a laptop testing page somewhere on the ubuntu wiki09:19
cordovalwill try now sudo update-grub209:19
cordovalthe other did not work09:19
NotTooDumb2wildbat, does not ping for me..any thoughts?09:19
Koltfaina: Ty. I'll look for it09:19
cordovalusrb/sbin/grup-probe: error: cannot stat 'aufs'09:19
cordovalrusty149: should I try the update command or work out this error?09:19
fainaNotTooDumb2, if you do ifconfig eth0 does it have an IP address?09:19
michaelxqhow do i change login picture?09:20
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
mecheesefaina: that's an idea. I'm gonna try that now and see what kind of magic happens.09:20
cordovalsudo grub-mkconfig or sudo update-grub209:20
fainaI think by default ubuntu wants to do dhcp to assign an address, and you have to do something else to get PPPoE to work.09:20
wildbatNotTooDumb, can you ping your router?~ can you pastebin "ifconfig; tracepath -n;"09:20
cordovalboth give the same error09:20
rusty149cordoval: I would just run the update first or reinstall grub from the live cd. Should be a catch all for any changes.09:20
cordovalrusty149: I did run both commands but I get /usr/bin/grup-probe: error: cannot stat 'aufs'09:21
vayavya_faina, eth0 does give some output like inet addr: Bcast: Mask:09:22
vayavya_i don't think it's giving ip address as such..what should i do?09:22
VolodymyrBHi, I install google chrome, and how to run it?09:23
fainavayavya_ next, ip route09:23
fainacan you ping your default route?09:23
vayavya_ip route? i do not what is my default route09:23
fainaip route is a config to type into the terminal09:23
fainaer command09:23
vayavya_faina, i could not completely follow infact sorry..what am i supposed to run?09:24
vayavya_ok 1 sec09:24
vayavya_i will comeback with ouptut09:24
MoleManis there a command that will show me the same data as is displayed when I log onto ubuntu server? I know uptime will show me load etc, is there anything to show memory?09:24
fainaMoleMan, cat /proc/meminfo? top?09:26
NotTooDumb3faina, ip route output is: dev eth0 proto kernel scope link src metric 109:26
NotTooDumb3169.254.0.0./16 dev eth0 scope link metric 100009:26
cordovalrusty149:  it seems like usr/sbin/grub-probe:%20error:%20cannot%20stat%20'aufs'09:26
MoleManfaina, thanks, that will do :)09:26
cordovalit is a bug09:26
cordovaltryng to google but nothing09:27
NotTooDumb3default via dev eth0 proto static09:27
michaelxqhow do i change login picture?09:27
NotTooDumb3faina, those 3 lines are the output of ip route09:27
fainaNotTooDumb3, can you ping
cordovalrusty149: I guess it says I need to chroot09:27
NotTooDumb3i will check09:27
cordovalI have done it once before but don't remember how to chroot09:27
cordovalanyone can refresh my memory please09:28
fainacordoval chroot /dir/name09:28
rusty149cordoval: Try reinstalling grub, mount the partition then, sudo grub-install --boot-directory=/path/to/mounted/partition /dev/sda09:28
Raytodayis this a repository https://launchpad.net/~philip/+archive/extra ? How to format the line correctly to add it repositories list09:28
rusty149cordoval: You don't need to chroot09:28
cordovaloh ok09:28
cordovalrusty149: will try your command above09:28
magn3tsfaina, I just got done talking with him09:28
NotTooDumb2faina, yes i can ping
magn3tsfaina, I think I'm a sucker.09:28
fainamagn3ts? wait you're still around?09:29
fainathat was a long time in a PM09:29
rusty149cordoval: yes that is 2 dashes before boot-directory09:29
fainaNotTooDumb2 next try traceroute
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
rwwRaytoday: That address doesn't point to anything. As far as I can tell, user ~philip has no PPA.09:30
fainaor maybe traceroute6
rusty149cordoval: And of coarse if the hard disk is not on sda then change that bit09:30
cordovaloh no09:31
cordovaljust ran the command09:31
cordovalI did09:31
fainaNotTooDumb, actually the command is "tracepath"09:31
magn3tsfaina, yeah.09:31
faina(the ip is a random, google.com address)09:31
vayavya_faina, traceroute is not installed in my os and right now can't get internet to install it..what can i do?09:31
cordovalrusty149: sudo grub-install --boot-directory=/media/8... /dev/sda09:31
rwwRaytoday: (I don't do support in PM.) Perhaps you mean https://launchpad.net/~philip5/+archive/extra ?09:32
cordovalInstallation finished. No error reported.09:32
cordovalrusty149: now just reboot and try if it works?09:32
rwwRaytoday: if so, that page has instructions for adding it to your software sources.09:32
rusty149cordoval: Run sudo update-grub2 then reboot09:32
fainamagn3ts, he tried PMing me a bit, but after he tried to get me to re-assure him that running a windows cracking program was safe I said. "1) no to illegal stuff, and 2) you can never be sure that cracks are safe"09:32
fainaand then left09:32
cordovalI have sda sda1 sda2 sda5 sbd sbd1 sdc09:33
cordovalrusty149: oh ok09:33
cordovalwill do that now09:33
ehsanhello every one09:33
fainavayavya I didn't remember the command, I tested with tracepath on my recently isntalled 11.04 system09:33
vayavya_faina, any suggestions for me?09:33
ehsanI have encountered a problem in kile09:33
ehsanLatex editor09:33
vayavya_yep tracepath seem to be installed in my system too09:33
ehsanthere is maybe some configuration problems in setting09:33
mecheesefaina hi again. i can't fix my monitor because ther's no xorg.conf file09:33
ehsanactually I am new to kile in ubuntu 10...09:34
ehsanI have another host09:34
fainamecheese, I'm stumped09:34
cordovalrusty149: if I run the command sudo update-grub I get the /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: ...cannot stat 0aufs009:34
ehsanwhich I can run it with about any problem09:34
ehsanany one can help me plz09:34
cordovalI guess I have to chroot in order to do the update-grub09:34
cordovalunless the update-grub also take another directory parameter on the cli09:35
cordovalwould it?09:35
cordovalit will not take the argument09:35
mecheesefaina: i have read that the x configurations are in the server now. that's a problem. no easy way to reconfigure.09:35
cordovalso I guess I do have to chroot09:35
cordovalnow trying to see the logs here on how it was09:35
=== asd is now known as Guest86112
rusty149cordoval: No, that is what the --boot-directory is for09:36
=== Guest86112 is now known as kuix
mecheesefaina: it's the nvidia drivers. before I installed that my monitor worked fine.09:36
rusty149cordoval: What version of grub are you running, sudo grub-install -v09:36
fainamecheese, ah ok. there is a nvidia config tool?09:36
cordovalrusty149: 1.99-rc1-13ubuntu309:36
cordovalrusty149: I tried --help and did not see the option09:37
fainamecheese I'd search for  nvidia on the ubuntu wiki.09:37
fainaAlso I need to sleep, good night and good luck09:37
cordovalbut so I will try not the --boot-directory option anyways09:37
mecheesefaina: but how would I get to it if I can't see it in my monitor?09:38
cordovalrusty149: no just tried, it would not take --boot-directory=/media/..09:38
cordovalnow I guess i have to chroot09:39
cordovaland run the update-grub209:39
cordovalrusty149: right?09:39
rusty149cordoval: You are losing me. What do you mean it would not take --boot-directory09:39
cordovalrusty149: that when I run the command sudo update-grub2 --boot-directory=/media/8....9 that it will fail09:40
JDuke128hi , what is fade in and fade out ? fade in comes from 0 to 100 opacity ?09:40
rusty149cordoval: You don't need it for that. Have you tried rebooting yet?09:41
cordovalrusty149: no09:41
=== agus is now known as petani
cordovali guess i will try09:41
cordovalrusty149: rebooting now...09:42
NotTooDumb3faina, i gave tracepath
rusty149cordoval: If I don't respond I am looking into the aufs error09:42
cordovalrusty149: ok thanks a lot man, I really appreciate it09:42
cordovalwait now I get a grub window09:42
cordovalit says GNU GRUB version 1.99...09:42
NotTooDumb3it seem to be working, it gives 1. username-Lenovo-G460    0.169ms pmtu 140009:42
cordovalMinimal bash-like line editing is supported09:42
NotTooDumb32. 135.821ms09:43
ubottuNotTooDumb3: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:43
cordovalrusty149: what do I type on this window?09:43
cordovalI am stuck09:43
mecheeseNotTooDumb3 faina has signed out09:43
NotTooDumb33. 136.656ms and no reply continues...does this give us any clue?09:44
cordovalrusty149: the commands are so long09:44
rusty149cordoval: Are you at a grub command line?09:44
cordovalrusty149: yes09:44
NotTooDumb3mecheese, can you help me in getting internet working on ubuntu?09:44
cordovalafter rebooting09:44
cordovalrusty149: do you want me to type the commands so that you can see?09:44
cordovalthere is a hello command09:44
cordovaland another one is cpuid09:45
=== turtle_ is now known as turtl3
cordovaloh there is one called boot09:45
cordovalbut wonder which one should I try and with which arguments09:45
cordovalrusty149: there is also a command continue09:45
rusty149try boot09:46
cordovalhmm, hard to come up with the meaning of these09:46
cordovalrusty149:  it says error: no loaded kernel.09:46
NotTooDumb3any help for getting internet working on linux, ubuntu10.10? it works on windows09:46
cordovalthere is echo, dump, date, cutmem, crc, cat, clear, break, blocklist09:46
mecheeseNotTooDumb: I don't think so. mine has always worked right off. I've never had to fix it. there should be an icon in the upper right of the screen somewhere that you can click and choose autoeth0 to connect.09:46
rusty149set root(hd0,1)09:47
rusty149linux /vmlinuz root=/dev/sda1 ro09:47
rusty149initrd /initrd.img09:47
mecheeseNotTooDumb3: if that doesn't work you problem might be a little too much for me.09:47
cordovalrusty149: set root(hd0,1) gave error: not an assignment09:47
cordovalmaybe list blocks?09:48
xharxhow can i edit menu entries in xubuntu09:48
mecheeseNotTooDumb3 clicking on aut0 should just find the right parameters for internet automatically09:48
Mike1well, maybe NotTooDumb3 is directly connected to a modem, thus has to set up PPP connection etc.09:49
wildbatNotTooDumb3: looks more like you have a router issue as the router did route the packet out or firewalled you.09:49
Mike1mecheese: only if he has a router which does all the authorization stuff09:49
Mike1maybe he’s only missing the correct DNS …09:49
Mike1weee neeed moar informatiunz09:49
mecheeseMike1: ah. I wasn't here for his explaination of his problem09:50
cordovalrusty149:  set root(hd0,1) --> did not work09:50
Mike1me neither09:50
cordovallinux /vmlinuz root=/dev/sda1 ro 03:47:22 AM09:50
cordovalinitrd /initrd.img09:50
cordovalI think it is not root but boot09:50
mecheeseMike1: i did have a problem like that back with 8.04 ubuntu09:50
cordovalrusty149:  set boot(hd0,1)09:51
cordovallinux /vmlinuz root=/dev/sda1 ro 03:47:22 AM09:51
cordovalinitrd /initrd.img09:51
cordovalshould I try?09:51
FloodBot1cordoval: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:51
cordovalrusty149: same error with boot09:51
Mike1mecheese: looks like his connection is going crazy :D09:51
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cordovalwhich url are you looking at rusty149 so I can follow too?09:51
GryllidaOh my. WillPittenger.09:52
mecheeseMike1: off on off on off on. his ethernet doesn't know what it wants09:52
WillPittengerHello Gryllida.  You male or female today?09:53
rusty149cordoval: Try linux /vmlinuz root=/dev/sda1 ro09:53
rusty149 initrd /initrd.img09:53
JDuke128hi , what is fade in and fade out ? fade in comes from 0 to 100 opacity ?09:53
mecheesemy monitor is screwed up. ubuntu 11.0409:53
cordovalset root(hd0,1) --> did not work09:53
cordovallinux /vmlinuz root=/dev/sda1 ro 03:47:22 AM --> did work09:53
cordovalinitrd /initrd.img --> did work09:53
cordovalrebooting now rusty14909:53
FloodBot1cordoval: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:53
Mike1JDuke128: I’ve heard those terms for audio too09:53
JDuke128ok so whats fade in and fade out ?09:53
cordovalrusty149: again back to the GRUB console CLI09:54
cordovalshould I give continue?09:54
rusty149try boot first09:54
cordovalI did, it said no kernel loaded09:54
mecheesehow does one stop "signal out of range" for a monitor09:54
mecheeseso I can see something with it09:54
cordovalsince I am in grub now I guess this does mean that disk is working right? we just need to find a way to set the grub properly09:55
WillPittengerHow do I set the password for the root account?  su doesn't work as I don't know the password.  Just pressing enter as the password prompt didn't work.09:55
mecheesethe config is in the kernel. I know that. what can be done?09:55
Mike1JDuke128: I’d say fade in is from nothing to full09:55
rusty149Yes, you need to boot into it then run update-grub209:55
Mike1JDuke128: and fade out is from full to nothing09:56
cordovalrusty149: I need to boot into ubuntu but it is not letting me in09:56
cordovalhmm, wonder what command to type in the GRUB CLI or why the set root(hd01,0) is not working09:57
cordovalset root(hd0,1) --> did not work error: not an assignment09:58
wildbatcordoval: grub1.99? you need to set root=(hd0,msdos1)09:58
wildbatcordoval: try tab in bash09:58
mecheesemy monitor is sad. won't you help it?09:58
wildbatcordoval: in the grub> i mean ;p09:58
cordovalwildbat: yes it gives me the commands09:58
cordovalwildbat: yes I will now run you set command09:58
cordovalrusty149: the wildbat command now worked09:59
rusty149cordoval: If that set doesn't work an alternative is, root hd0 110:00
rusty149cordoval: OK10:00
cordovalnow i guess need to run the other two commands10:00
cordovallinux /vmlinuz root=/dev/sda1 ro 03:47:22 AM --> did work10:00
rusty149cordoval: Yes linux and initrd command then boot10:00
cordovalinitrd /initrd.img --> did work10:00
mecheeseI'm not the smartest ubuntu user in the world. I need to figure out how to fix my nvidia settings so I can see something in my monitor.10:00
cordovalok rebooting ...10:01
cordovalback to the CLI gRUP10:01
cordovalboot I guess?10:01
cordovalgah no, it gives same error10:01
cordovalerror: no loaded kernel10:01
=== chaddy_ is now known as chaddy
wildbatmecheese: idk ~ my nvidia works just fine ~ may be reinstall the nvidia10:02
cordovalwildbat: it did not work, rusty149: :'( come on we can do this guys10:02
mecheesewildbat: I can't see any graphics in my screen.10:03
cordovalrusty149: the alternative you said10:03
dr_willismecheese:  does the gdm login screen work? what do you see exactly on the screen?10:03
rusty149cordoval: root hd0 110:03
cordovalwas issueing "root hd0 1"10:03
cordovaloh ok10:03
cordovaljust like that10:03
cordovalor set root hd0 110:03
mecheesedr_willis: i see "signal is out of range"10:03
rusty149cordoval: no just, root hd0 110:03
cordovalrusty149: unknown command10:04
dr_willismecheese:  thats due i think to the GRUB menu defaulting to a range that the monitor cant display.   does the system wait for a bit.. then start to boot up?10:04
cordovalhmm, what else I can try?10:05
cordovalon GRUB CLI now10:05
wildbatcordoval: shouldn't you load kernel in /boot?10:05
mecheesedr_willis: I have a large lcd monitor with a very high resolution. the system boots right away. I hear boot sounds.10:05
cordovalwildbat: how to do that?10:05
dr_willismecheese:  so its a grub using some mode the monitor dose not like issue. You can tweak the settings for that in /etc/default/grub10:06
dr_willismecheese:  ive had to uncomment the following line --->  GRUB_GFXMODE=640x48010:06
mecheesedr_willis: i'll try that10:06
dr_willismecheese:  that gave it a rather simple text grub menu10:06
dr_willismecheese:  and  GRUB_TERMINAL=console10:07
cordovalwildbat: do you mean set boot(hd1,0)10:07
rusty149cordoval: linux  (hd0,1)/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda110:07
wildbatcordoval: linux/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.xxxxxx-generic root=/dev/sda1 ro single10:07
wildbatwhere xxxxxx is the kernel version you can use <tab> you find the file after you set root=(hd0, msdos1)10:07
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Gerdaam i on finally10:10
mecheesedr_willis: how do I use grub to make graphics for x to work?10:10
mecheesedr_willis: how do I use grub?10:13
mecheeseand also. is your first name bruce?10:13
WillPittengerI am thinking of getting rid of Unity.  It seems to be nothing more than a poorly thought out clone of the Mac desktop.  But when I logged into Ubuntu Classic, I don't see any panels.  Where are they?  How do I get them back?10:15
MoleManquick refresher please: command to create symlink?10:15
solid_liqMoleMan, ln -s10:16
mecheesegrub how do use?10:16
solid_liqMoleMan, don't dcc me!10:17
MoleMansorry, hit wrong button10:17
MoleMani cancelled it...10:17
mecheesethe gods of linux are laughing at my ignorance10:18
markskilbeckHi, all. I have ubuntu server on a VPS, version 8.04. I'm trying to update to a newer version. I believe I'm supposed to use apt-get dist-upgrade, however it doesn't do anything. Any ideas?10:18
dr_willismecheese:  grub basically has nothing to do with X graphcs.10:19
dr_willismecheese:  other then its job to pass options to the system at boot time.10:19
mecheesedr_willis: it's the x graphics I need though.10:20
dr_willismecheese:  you had no grub menu. due to it being 'out of range'  do you now see a grub menu when you boot?10:20
minimecmecheese: Grub can be a tricky thing... Don't mess around with it, if you don't know what you do. For a graphical boot process (framebuffer) yiu can try to activate (-#) the line GRUB_GFXMODE=XY in /etc/default/grub... But this has nothing to do with a graphical user interface.10:20
astraljavamarkskilbeck: Does 8.04 already have `do-release-upgrade`? If not, you need to modify /etc/apt/sources.list to a newer release, then do `sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade`10:20
markskilbeckastraljava: thanks. I'll take a look.10:21
mecheeseminimec: my graphics worked in classic mode. when I switched to regular and had nvidia drivers installed that's when it messed up.10:21
dr_willismecheese:  heres my default /etc/default/grub that gives a rather basic (and always seems to work reguardless of the monitor) grub menu screen --> $ pastebinit /etc/default/grub10:21
dr_willismecheese:  so you do or do NOT have a grub menu then? does the GDM login screen work?10:22
mecheesedr_willis: don't know. I'm talking on chat and haven't rebooted.10:23
minimecmecheese: So you rather have a nVidia/xorg problem and not a grub problem...10:23
dr_willisif the grub menu is hidden by default use the 'shift' key to make it show.. but that wont help if grub is not showng a proper display for the monitor10:23
mecheesedr_willis: I know the lower graphics screen will work. it's just I can't have video.10:23
dr_willismecheese:  if grub is working properly, you can try the 'text' mode and attempt tofix  X from there10:24
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode10:24
mecheeseminimec: yes10:24
dr_willisYou can even IRC from teh console with the weechat, or irssi IRC clients10:24
GryllidaTelnet :-)10:24
dr_willisdont make me slap you with kermit Gryllida  :)10:25
mecheesedr_willis: I can't fix x because ubuntu 11.04 has the config in the kernel. unless there is something I don't know10:25
dr_willismecheese:  'config in the kernel' makes no snce to me at all.. Not sure what you are refering to.10:25
mecheesedr_willis: or controls for monitor detection are in the kernel. I read something to that effect.10:26
solid_liqdr_willis, hey doc, my tooth hurts when I use Windows...  what's wrong?10:26
dr_willismecheese:  i think you miss-read..10:26
dr_willismecheese:  X auto configures for themost part.. but if an xorg.conf exits it is used.10:27
dr_willisthe nvidia-settings program can generate a xorg.conf10:27
masterofpuppetsswould any1 be willing to compile a kernel for me10:27
masterofpuppetssi lack the tools and knowledge10:27
dr_willismasterofpuppetss:  we would have to wonder why you need such a task done.10:27
masterofpuppetssbecause i only need a kernel that can perform disk backup using dd... no need for anything else like network etc10:28
WillPittengerI am thinking of getting rid of Unity.  It seems to be nothing more than a poorly thought out clone of the Mac desktop.  But when I logged into Ubuntu Classic, I don't see any panels.  Where are they?  How do I get them back?10:28
masterofpuppetssshould be able load up in 2 seconds or so10:28
dr_willismasterofpuppetss:  and why is it that critical?10:28
mecheesedr_willis: I read something. there is not even xorg.conf in my install. I read that the x controls for something were in the kernel to enable something for unity. I'm paraphrasing of course.10:28
masterofpuppetsswell, its not critical but little is in life10:29
masterofpuppetssi just want a tool that fits the job10:29
dr_willismecheese:  nvidia-settings tool canmake an xorg.conf. you dont 'need' one. My xorg.conf for my nvidia systems just turn off the splash screen.10:29
dr_willismasterofpuppetss:  if you need a tiny linux disrto to do system rescues.. try 'tiny core linux'10:29
masterofpuppetssplug in, syslinux boots a bare bones kernel, backup done10:29
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
dr_willistiny core linux = 10mb for a decently features system.10:30
masterofpuppetssim aware of microcore10:30
masterofpuppetssit can't even do loop commands10:30
minimecmecheese: Did you install the 'recommended' nVidia driver. I had three options for my GeForce 7600GS.10:30
dr_willisloop commands in what? bash? You did install bash on it?10:30
masterofpuppetssit comes with bash i assume10:30
dr_willismasterofpuppetss:  it does not last i looked.10:30
dr_willisbusybox sh.10:30
masterofpuppetssso bsah is an extension for it10:31
dr_williseverything is an extension for  that micro disrto. thats how it works basically10:31
mecheeseminimec: yes i did. wait. I didn't even see what it was because it was installed when I installed ubuntu10:31
masterofpuppetsswell, dd works on it out of the box i tried10:31
masterofpuppetssmanaged to clone a drive10:31
masterofpuppetssso that must be built in to the kernel10:31
dr_willisit was using the busybox version of dd i imagine also.10:32
mecheeseminimec: I did an upgrade earlier and that's when I chose 'recommeded'. that messed it up so I just reinstall and it still messed up.10:32
masterofpuppetssanything wrong with that version?10:32
minimecmecheese: Run 'Additional Drivers' from the <System <Administration menu...10:32
markskilbeckHm. I've lost the ability to use arrows to move through my command history, also tab completion, when I connect to my VPS.10:32
mecheeseminimec: how?10:32
markskilbeckI get stuff like '^[[A'10:32
dr_willismarkskilbeck:  the vps is proberly not set to run the bash completion commands, or is not using bash when you login.10:33
mecheeseminimec: can I do that with a virtual ubuntu?10:33
dr_willismarkskilbeck:  check the out put of   echo $SHELL10:33
minimecmecheese: You have no gui right now? ok...10:33
mecheeseI have a virtual one. not one for hd install.10:34
mecheeseminimec: that's the whole problem. no graphics at all.10:34
minimecmecheese: In a console sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg. Maybe that gives you a (basic) working graphics.10:34
markskilbeckdr_willis: /bin/sh10:35
dr_willismarkskilbeck:  there ya go.. you are using sh and not bash10:35
markskilbeckIt happened after I ran apt-get dist-upgrade, and that updated some dash program10:35
markskilbeckI see10:35
dr_willisdash is the  'sh' ubuntu uses.. dash is not bash10:35
masterofpuppetssanyone know how i can add bash as an extension to microcore10:36
dr_willissh is the default shell for system scripts and so forth. its 'quick and simple'10:36
masterofpuppetsstheir irc channel is dead10:36
dr_willismasterofpuppetss:  install  the bash package on it.. read their docs.10:36
dr_williswhy use microcore when tinycore is only 10mb10:36
markskilbeckdr_willis: how do I revert to bash?10:36
markskilbeckset $SHELL?10:36
masterofpuppetsswhy use a gui for running a simple dd backup command10:36
dr_willismarkskilbeck:  chsh command perhaps.10:36
dr_willismasterofpuppetss: becuase it keeps you from having to figure out how to use the microvariant..10:37
mecheeseminimec: ok. I push esc to get to the consol at boot right?10:37
voidrHello, does the current window manager have a command line inteface or some really easy python/wathever interface? I want to write a small script that raises a minized window10:37
masterofpuppetssits preety rediculous that dont come with bash, bash is used with great frequency10:38
dr_willismasterofpuppetss:  whatever..  they call it microcore and tiny core for a reason.10:38
mecheesevoidr: there is a console for python you can download in synaptic I think.10:39
minimecmecheese: left <shift> key...10:39
robin0800mecheese: only shift now I belive10:39
WillPittengerI am thinking of getting rid of Unity.  It seems to be nothing more than a poorly thought out clone of the Mac desktop.  But when I logged into Ubuntu Classic, I don't see any panels.  Where are they?  How do I get them back?10:39
masterofpuppetsswell i dont need that small10:39
masterofpuppetssis puppylinux have a cli version?10:39
mecheeseok. off to press shift.10:40
dr_willismasterofpuppetss:  proberly does.. or can boot to the console.. ask in #puppylinux10:40
robin0800WillPittenger: killall gnome-panel10:41
dr_willistheres ubuntu console rescue type live cds out there also.10:41
dr_willisI dont find unity a clone of the mac desktop at all.. but i do have gfx issues withit - that make it totally unuseable.10:42
voidryeah mecheese I anticipated that but for starters I don't know what's the current window manager called10:42
dr_willisive gotten where im using lxde/lubuntu + avant window navigator for now.10:42
WillPittengerrobin0800: gnome-panel: no process found10:44
VolodymyrBwhen I "ls -i" dir i see list of files "2123 ChicagoBoss-0.5.4.tar.gz" is 2123 id? can I use it instead long file name?10:44
robin0800WillPittenger: perhaps not installed?10:45
asdjaputraGNOME or Unity or KDE?10:46
robin0800WillPittenger: or try just gnome-panel10:46
llutzVolodymyrB: 2123 is the inode-entry of that file, not an id10:47
WillPittengerrobin0800: That was it.  Not installed.10:47
meomichey guys, does anyone else have a problem when you unplug usb disk the whole pc is hanged? the capslock control(led) is blinking - - need to hold power button and take the pc down(reboot)10:47
meomicis the bug known? i have ubuntu 11.04 x86-64bit10:48
dr_willismeomic:  you are unmounting it befor unplugging it?10:48
asdjaputrameomic, that's a kernel panic10:48
dr_willismeomic:  first ive heard of the issue10:48
VolodymyrBllutz: can i access file via inode-entry?10:49
llutzVolodymyrB: using debugfs, you might be able10:49
meomicit hang even if i dont unmount the drive first but i have bigger change that it will be working, so (unmount first , unplug = 33%? change = hang, not unmount just unplug = 10-20% hang)10:50
VolodymyrBllutz: thanks10:50
xuser1i have the same problem with x server the GUI interface no start after remove nvidia driver10:50
meomicits an ntfs usb drive10:50
xuser1i installed nvidia-current from text mode but not work10:51
dr_willismeomic:  if you can ssh in, and monitor the dmesg logs as it hangs..it might give a clue10:51
meomicalso ive tried it with 2 uswb drives already (both ntfs), my laptop is thinkpad r61, dr_willis: after it hang i cant ssh it - it does not work anymore10:51
xuser1http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/832/fotografie0800.jpg/ any ideas / im on love cd now?10:52
asdjaputralove cd lol10:54
xuser1any ideas please10:55
asdjaputra400 Bad Request10:56
viviani come from china.i want to find a friend from english speaking country10:56
asdjaputrani hao10:57
Abhijitvivian, #ubuntu-offtopic10:57
meomicalso those usb drives worked on buntu 10.10 - same machine - nnever crashed and i have almost always something plugged in - usb drive10:57
vivianni hao10:57
vivianwhat is your msn10:57
oCeanvivian: this channel is for ubuntu support only. Try #ubuntu-offtopic for chat10:57
asdjaputrawell, i'm not from an english speaking country10:57
meomicany idea how can i help debug it - i cant live with it - crashing my pc so often (even im thinking about buying new harddrive - so i wont need nay usb drives lol)10:59
xuser1can you help me please i installed the driver nvidia-current from text mode but dont work ?10:59
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iridiumasdjaputra, which is your country? there are a lot of regional channels, like #ubuntu-de for german #ubuntu-cn for chinese, you might want try one of these also11:00
asdjaputrairidium, what's wrong with me? lol11:01
iridiumasdjaputra, nothing, but since you told that your are not from english spoken country...11:02
asdjaputrairidium, well i speak english11:02
iridiumyour english is good11:02
iridiumwas only suggesting11:02
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=== yoda is now known as o0o0
asdjaputraheh, no one's there11:03
oCeannow that we've settled that ^ let's get back on topic, ok?11:03
iridiumok oCean11:03
xuser1can you help me?11:03
masterofpuppetssjust out of curiosity, how long does it take one of you linux maestros to compile a custom kernel11:03
asdjaputrayes Alex11:04
oCeanmasterofpuppetss: better try ##linux, this is ubuntu specific support11:04
asdjaputraoCean, he uses Ubuntu though11:04
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)11:04
dr_willi1depends on the system as to how fast it can compile.11:04
=== Wi1d is now known as Wi1d_lunch
masterofpuppetssi just want a kernel with bash and tinybox.... nothing else11:05
masterofpuppetsswell and it has to detect plugged in devices11:05
masterofpuppetsslike hdd, usb etc11:05
dr_willi1masterofpuppetss:  you mean 'busybox' ?  those are not part of the kernel. they are part of the operating system11:06
=== Mike1_ is now known as Mike1
masterofpuppetssumm yea busybox11:06
oCeanmasterofpuppetss: the ubuntu repositories provide already-compiled kernels. We don't support building your own11:06
dr_willi1You could make a kernel and an initrd (initial ramdisk) i imagine.11:06
dr_willi1but that really dosent mean you need to 'compile' the kernel.11:06
masterofpuppetsswell even busybox i can do wtihout if i can have a kernel with dd built in11:07
masterofpuppetssprobably it need only be 3mb big11:07
=== rick__ is now known as lyrd
masterofpuppetssany1 have a good link for doing the kernel compile plus ramdisk11:08
dr_willi1you dont put 'dd' in the kernel..11:08
masterofpuppetssso where does it come from11:08
dr_willi1it would be part of the os the kernel loads.11:08
aureianimusjust being nosy, but is there any particular reason you'd like that for?11:08
masterofpuppetssaurianimus i just i want something i can plug in and have it backup drives11:09
masterofpuppetssso i only really need dd11:09
masterofpuppetssand a startup script11:09
oCeanmasterofpuppetss: you're just being silly now. Such capabilities have nothing to do with the kernel11:09
xuser1 i have the same problem with x server the GUI interface no start after remove nvidia driver11:10
extordd is horribly inefficient11:10
masterofpuppetssfdisk betteR?11:10
Zpixhi all11:10
oCeanmasterofpuppetss: can you ask a real question?11:10
Zpixis there anyway to add a menu to home folder in unity luncher>/11:10
* extor isnt sure he is in the correct discussion11:10
erwackehi all11:10
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!11:11
oCeanmasterofpuppetss: yes, what is it?11:11
masterofpuppetssyour trolling me11:11
dr_willi1theres many cases where ubuntu  dosent boot properly and goes to the 'busybox shell' that  is about as minimal an os as you can get. Kernel + busybox11:11
oCeanmasterofpuppetss: don't abuse that ops trigger again11:11
oCeanmasterofpuppetss: no I am not. I am asking you what your real question is.11:11
oCeanmasterofpuppetss: I also told you that this is ubuntu specific channel11:11
xuser1do you wanna help me?11:12
masterofpuppetssyea its all i need, kernel + busybox + bash11:12
masterofpuppetssoCean ok11:12
penlatI have setup a moodle server. When I host a flash application will that stress the server or my laptop?11:12
Zpixany body knows about adding a menu to home folder in unity luncher?11:12
masterofpuppetssdr_willi1 i rekon tinycore doesn't suit my needs11:13
dr_willi1masterofpuppetss:  i dont know why it dosent.. you can set that up  rther easially on a flash drive.11:14
meomicso according to that usb unplug causing kernel panic - where i can talk with somebody who can fix it (when i provide him all he needs?)?11:15
dr_willi1meomic:  somthing that deep. may be a kernel type bug report. You may want to check the ubuntu forums. the bug reports. and perhaps even mention it on askubuntu.com11:16
dr_willi1Zpix:  ive seen some tweaks similer to that mentioned onthe webupd8 blog site.11:16
meomicdr_willi1: ok thank you alot for the info11:17
Zpixdr_willi1: aha thank you i will check it11:17
dr_willi1Zpix:  i recall some tweak to put a 'places11:17
dr_willi1 type menu on the  buttons at the left in the panel.11:17
dr_willi1Zpix:  i just use a extra tool that gives me a normal ubuntu-gnome menu on the panel. :)11:18
Zpixdr_willi1: and whats that tool?11:18
dr_willi1cardpio i think.. its bookmarked at my  http://delicious.com/dr_willis site11:19
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blitzwould any of you wonderful people know of anything i can use to fix my windows mbr and retain the use of grub?11:19
dr_willi1then theres is a indicator applet that does a similer thing11:21
dr_willi1that indicator appletis handy for other windowmangers as well. :) gives me a normal gnomemenu in  lubuntu, or xfce, or whatever wm canhave a 'system tray'11:21
Stefanos90hello, i have installed XAMPP, what is the folder I have to put my site?11:21
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)11:25
dr_willi1I dont evne know how xampp and lampp differs11:26
ubottuWe do not support XAMPP installs here. Please use the LAMP stack that is in our repositories; see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP for more information.11:26
PandoraGamingquestion i downloaded kubuntu and the whole desktop was weird it didn't even look like kde what is that god ugly thing? Is there a way to get the real origional kde back11:26
blitzim pretty sure xampp is more updated than lamp11:26
dr_willi1PandoraGaming:  given how vague that was... we have noidea whatyou mean..11:27
asdjaputraPandoraGaming, that's what i think about 4.6 too11:27
dr_willi1PandoraGaming:  give a screen shot? see if we can tell if its 'normal' :)11:27
=== Termana_ is now known as Termana
blitzis rescatux suitable for fixing an issue in grub where it fails to boot my windows partition?11:27
PandoraGamingi mean the menu bar was at the top of the screen is that the unity thing i been hearing about?11:27
dr_willi1kde dosent use Unity.11:28
dr_willi1Unless you some how managed to get ubuntu and kde both going together11:28
asdjaputraPandoraGaming, screenshot and give it to imagebin.org11:28
dwiashhi guys! can anybody here help me with my problem here:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/51608/endless-usb-loop-disconnect-reconnect-zte-ac68211:29
iodwiash: explain your problem11:30
PandoraGaminghttp://www.flickr.com/photos/musante/5746405736/ thats an exact picture of what it looks like so weird i never seen it before but i didn't like it11:30
dwiashio: it's a  USB modem problem. it keeps disconnect-reconnect11:31
dr_willi1PandoraGaming:  thats the kde 'netbook' theme11:31
dr_willi1theres a  netbook and a desktop   display option.11:31
PandoraGamingwhy on earth did it install that11:31
dr_willi1its included by default.. you some how told it to use the netbook interface11:31
dr_willi1on the KDM login screen perhaps.. i forget where you toggle it.11:32
blitzbeat me to it. anyone here that can help me with my boot issue? dual booting ubuntu and windows 7, damaged in such a way that grub sits at a black screen until it reboots.11:32
dr_willi1blitz:  so neiher os boots?11:32
blitzubuntu boots fine, but when i select the win7 partition, it just sits at a black screen until it reboots11:33
blitzi know precisely where i went wrong, but i need to know if rescatux is suitable for fixing the mbr and checking the file system, also while retaining the use of grub11:34
xuser1can you help me? can i disable nvidia driver and enable gnome display manager withowt nvidia driver?11:35
blitzxuserl: not an expert, but im pretty sure you can, if you know your way around the cli11:36
xuser1so any ideas? i cant start the GUI interface11:37
xuser1im on live cd11:37
ledjohi I've got xubuntu installed and I installed lxde desktop afterwards in synaptic and changed lxde to be default, I then removed lxde and now I have gdm error at start up. I have to ctrl+alt+f1 and then sudo gdm every time on start up. Graphics are bad too in user session and in root are normal. any suggestions?11:38
xuser1http://imageshack.us/f/832/fotografie0800.jpg/ any ideas to fix this error ?11:40
xuser1i tryed startx comand but the same error?11:40
ledjoany clever guys here?11:41
jpdsledjo: Not clever enough to read your mind.11:42
Guest40355hi all..any help for me with getting internet to work with ubuntu, internet works fine with windows11:42
ledjothen read my post11:42
blitzcheck your drivers 40355, if not, /etc/init.d/networking start11:43
xuser1can i delete the xorg-conf file and enable default gnome display manager?11:43
ledjouse ndiswrapper, ndisgt and windows drivers, 4035511:43
blitzxuserl: no.11:43
xuser1but . i installed the nvidia from text mode and the GUI dont start/11:44
blitzledjo: for clarity, your problem is a major difference in quality between two different user accounts, root and a standard user?11:44
xuser1error no screens found11:45
ledjonot just that, blitz but it fails on gdm at startup11:45
ledjothats the main prob11:46
blitzwhich desktop env are you using as default?11:46
NotTooDumb2blitz, how to check for the required drivers?11:46
=== gray--_ is now known as gray--
ledjoI used xfce then I installed lxde and checked it as default, by accident.11:47
ledjothen I removed lxde11:47
ledjoand didn't change back to xfce before cause I didn't know where to do that11:48
blitzi would suggest removing both environments, and starting from scratch instead of sifting through config files for a while.11:48
xuser1can i start the GUI withowt nvidaia driver?11:48
mionoI have a rather curious problem with SSH_AUTH_SOCK, when I start gnome-terminal from the predefined keyboard-shortcut everything is fine. But when I create a customer kybd-shortcut to start the terminal, the SSH_AUTH_SOCK isn't correct.11:49
ledjobut when I remove xfce now what stays?11:49
mionoAnyone have any ideas?11:49
blitzxuserl: what is your error11:49
blitzmiono: whoami, check user status11:49
xuser1no screens found11:50
snadgei have a samba share that i cant write to, but if i call it anything other than "thumbnails" then it works11:50
NotTooDumb2how to know what's my NIC and how does that help to get internet working on ubuntu?11:50
blitzledjo: you'll have to reinstall your dominant environment11:50
mionoblitz: Same result, miono in both cases.11:50
snadgei have manually configured an entry for it in /etc/samba/smb.conf .. and at one point i attempted to create a share with ubuntu's right click sharing context menu11:50
histoNotTooDumb2: lspci11:50
xuser1http://img233.imageshack.us/i/fotografie0800.jpg/ any ideas?11:50
ledjothx blitz I'll try11:51
mionoblitz: All environment-variables are the same, except for SSH_AUTH_SOCK11:51
blitzxuserl: can you not use the nvideo drivers?11:51
lyrdI am having huge resolv.conf problems.11:51
lyrdI thin kthis link says it all http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11166811/Screenshot.png11:51
NotTooDumb2histo, is ethernet controller same as nic?11:51
lyrdI cant write, read, delete or anything else with it11:51
xuser1no the gui not starts11:51
histoNotTooDumb2: yes that is your wired connection11:52
histoNotTooDumb2: network adapter would be wireless if you have it present11:52
blitzxuserl: have you been able to use gdm before?11:52
NotTooDumb2histo, how am i supposed to debug? yeah i have network controller listed in lspci11:52
blitzsnadge: create a new conf file for your samba share service11:52
ghoul_heya, is there something like the cpu-frequency applet that allows controlling all cpu's at the same time ? getting tedius with a quadcore+hyperthreading, had to add that applet 8 times11:53
dagon666how can I enable usb automount in linux server ?11:53
xuser1the startx command not work11:53
histoNotTooDumb2: i'm reading you previous messages I wasn't paying attention hold up11:53
COOLDOODhi can some one help me with the terminal sever clienet11:53
blitzlyrd: looks like the file may be corrupted or you may have a permission issue11:54
PandoraGamingi hope this isn't a flaming question lol but is ubuntu good for a server? or is it mainly just desktop use11:54
histoNotTooDumb2: does ifconfig show that you are getting an ipadress for that nic?11:54
xuser1i installed nvidia-curent from text mode nut the same error11:54
GryllidaCOOLDOOD: Please just ask the question, include details so people can reply.11:54
lyrdblitz: yes i agree. But what can I do to fix it :-(11:54
blitz@lyrd: whoami11:54
NotTooDumb2ifconfig does show eth0 , i do not know if it's getting ip or not11:55
histoxuser1: you should be able to start the gui with the vesa driver or the nouveau driver11:55
lyrdblitz: it used to work, now however dns lookup does not work anymore. I am running a live usb if that matters11:55
ledjoblitz there is no xfce-desktop like lxde-desktop entry in synaptic..11:55
histoNotTooDumb2: it would say inet addr: ###.###.###.###11:55
xuser1i think the default is vesa11:56
dr_willi1ledjo:  its xubuntu-desktop i belive11:56
vayavya_histo, yes that line is there inet addr: Bcast: Mask:11:56
wardriverDoes anybody know a tool that outputs a sound when it finds an open wlan DURING WARDRIVING?11:56
COOLDOODevery time i enter the details for the remote computer it comes up with a message saying:  error:getaddinfo: name or service not known11:56
histovayavya_: okay and you have not network access?11:56
lyrdblitz: whoami?11:56
blitzlyrd: in terminal, type that, check your user status.11:57
vayavya_for ubuntu system internet is not working, for windows machine it works11:57
lyrdblitz: all that comes up is ubuntu11:57
ledjooh :) thx dr_willil11:57
blitzlyrd: su11:57
histovayavya_: is the machine just receiving an ip via dhcp in windows?11:57
vayavya_histo, how to check that?11:58
histovayavya_: how are you configuring the network in windows?11:58
=== Wi1d_lunch is now known as Wi1d
blitzwardriver: there is no tool to play a sound instance based on monitor discovery11:58
xuser1can i enable the nouveau driver ?11:58
xuser1im on live cd?11:58
histo!nouveau | xuser111:58
ubottuxuser1: nouveau is an open-source nvidia driver included by default since Ubuntu 10.04. Currently, 3D rendering is only partially supported. More information can be found at http://nouveau.freedesktop.org/wiki/ | See !nvidia for the closed-source Nvidia driver.11:58
ledjook I'm going to rebbot now, whish me luck :)11:59
lyrdblitz: hmm I can't do su, get authentication failure. I can however do sudo anything11:59
wardriverblitz: What is the best way to find open wlans during driving then?11:59
xuser1can i enable it from live cd?11:59
dr_willi1wardriver:  i use my cellphone. :)11:59
dr_willi1xuser1:  that driver is the default for my nvidia systems when i use the live cd.11:59
vayavya_histo, no idea actually vendor configured in windows and he told he does not know about linux so i am trying..but i can check if you can kindly tel me where i can check that12:00
blitzlyrd: nano resolv.conf12:00
blitzwardriver: i use my cellphone as well :312:00
blitzwardriver: but, open wlans? as in, unprotected?12:00
histovayavya_: well boot the machine in windows and see if it gets the same type of ip address. ex: 14.xx.xxx. etc...12:01
wardriverblitz: yes unprotected12:01
bazhangwardriver, thats not an ubuntu support issue12:01
blitzlyrd: sorry,    terminal - sudo nano resolv.conf12:01
lyrdblitz: it says new file. I try to enter a nameserver but how do I save in nano, I have only ever used vi12:01
histowardriver: kismet probably can be configured to accomplish that.12:01
COOLDOODcan some one help please12:01
vayavya_histo, yes ip address it's getting in windows case also is
xuser1i also cant start the failsafe mode thois is the xorg.conf.failsafe http://pastebin.com/vW6UjbXm12:02
bazhangCOOLDOOD, patience12:02
histowardriver: they have sounds for different things in the .conf12:02
blitzlyrd: its fine if you use vi, just sudo12:02
wardriverhisto: which .conf?12:02
histowardriver: kismet.conf12:02
blitzhisto: is kismet even a logical alternative to anything in the aircrack suite?12:02
histoblitz: I don't use aircrack suite so I wouldn't know.12:03
wardriverhisto: I just installed kismet 10 minutes ago  but all I see is that wireshark was installed.12:03
wardriverhisto: HOw do I start and use kismet?12:03
histowardriver: kismet is a console app doesn't have a gui12:03
blitzC00LD00D: what is your problem?12:03
wardriverhisto:  ahh12:03
xuser1can i enable the nouveau driver for safemode?12:03
histowardriver: most likely you have to edit the config before starting it.12:03
wardriverhisto: where is it located?12:04
histovayavya_: how is this machine connected to the network? cable directly to a router/modem?12:04
snadgeblitz: it doesn't appear to be the conf file thats the problem.. if i move the definition .. deleted it.. recreated it.. i can write to the share fine, if its called anything other than "thumbnails"12:04
lyrdblitz: yeah sudo vi first says permission denied at the bottom. If I still add a nameserver (to the empty file)  it says Warning: changing a readonly file. When I then save with override (w!) it says E212: Can't open file for writing12:04
histowardriver: /etc/kismet*12:04
vayavya_histo, modem..12:04
wardriverhisto: thx12:04
xuser1can i enable the nouveau driver for safemode?12:04
vayavya_i mean through cable to modem12:04
ledjodidn' work I reinstalled everything that has to do with xfce or xubuntu, I reinstalled gnome display manager, and it still fails to start it at sartup..12:04
xuser1can i enable the nouveau driver for safemode?12:04
blitzlyrd: you know how to use chmod?12:04
histowardriver: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/kismet-an-802-11-wireless-network-detector-sniffer-and-intrusion-detection-system.html#more-177612:04
histoxuser1: yes12:05
lyrdblitz, limited yes... like normal 777 or so :-)12:05
blitzlyrd: :312:05
histovayavya_: can you ping the gateway?12:05
xuser1whast should i do?12:05
histovayavya_: or any other machiens on the network?12:05
histoxuser1: What are you trying to do exactly?12:05
wardriverhisto: thx a lot12:05
blitzsnadge: are you going through the gui to change the name of the directory?12:05
vayavya_i do not know how to ping gateway..from morning what i did was ip route gave some address and i can ping that address12:05
snadgefrom command line12:06
lyrdblitz: if I try to touch the file with chmod or anything else I get chmod: cannot access `resolv.conf': Input/output error12:06
snadgeif i change the entry in smb.conf from [thumbnails] to anything else.. i can write to it.. its strange12:06
wardriverhisto: the kismet.conf is completely empty.12:06
xuser1i cant start the GUI in safemode or normal moden can i edable the nouveau driver ?12:06
senderhaving problems with NVIDIA 8600GT on ubuntu 11.04, performance of compiz is very bad; did install latest drivers from NVIDIA website12:06
blitzlyrd: corrupted file, sadly. you'll have to reestablish that files existence :[12:06
xuser1at default12:06
blitzsnadge: have you sudo/su?12:06
wardriverhisto: sudo gedit /etc/kismet/kismet.conf ?12:07
snadgeblitz: yes.. maybe i should try fsck?12:07
lyrdblitz: no worries. All I need is google nameservers, so two lines. don't need to save the file12:07
xuser1or can i start the gui withowt nvidia driver?12:07
jpds!gksudo | wardriver12:07
ubottuwardriver: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)12:07
lyrdblitz: but how on earth can i do that?12:07
lyrdblitz: reestablish that is12:07
snadgebut i moved where the share was and anything.. the problem appears to be there must be a conflict for the share name "thumbnails" but if i remove the definition.. it is not there anymore12:07
histovayavya_: can you try traceroute and pastebin the output12:07
vayavya_snadge, from commadline, by giving what command?12:07
histowardriver: yeah or insert editor of your choice.12:08
snadgevi /etc/samba/smb.conf .. changed the name of the share in there.. restarted smbd and nmbd12:08
vayavya_ya traceroute is not installed on ubuntu and now no connection to install that, i tried tracepath12:08
blitzsnadge: fsck might work, could be some physical memory lapses between virt and phys memory. overlapping bytes and such. i would suggest starting a separate folder and trying the same things12:08
blitzlyrd: where did the file come from?12:08
snadgethen i tried moving the share from /Thumbnails to /mnt/thumbnails (where the other shares are which work fine)12:08
vayavya_histo, ya traceroute is not installed on ubuntu and now no connection to install that, i tried tracepath12:08
Wisienwho knows 3d graphics  software for linux?12:08
snadgethat made no difference.. its almost as if samba refuses to allow you to write to a share called "thumbnails" for some bizarre inexplicable reason12:09
cyphadoes postgresql come pre-installed in ubuntu?12:09
lyrdblitz: this is a ubuntu live usb created with pendrive from windows. using the 11.04 image. It all worked great for a day or so too, just stopped... about the time that i set a blank password on the default keyring12:09
cyphaor ubuntu server?12:09
jpdscypha: No.12:09
cyphajpds, how do I install postgre then?12:09
jpdscypha: Why force a database server on everyone when they should be free to choose?12:10
blitzsnadge: thumbnails header for actual gui thumbnails, cant use it because its already taken as a system folder :312:10
histovayavya_: yeah tracepath should work. It will show you your ip then first hop should be to the gateway then outside world12:10
claviusmondwho here uses icecast? I have compiled it from source, configure, make, sudo make install, but when I click the blue romboid, nothing happens12:10
jpdscypha: sudo apt-get install postgresql-8.412:10
=== gianni is now known as Guest58977
cyphajpds, what about pip install postgresql-8.4 /12:11
lyrdblitz: but as far as I can see all I need is two lines with two nameservers in that file and and i should be all good. So not a problem if I cant replace it with original. as long as I can force a new file into it's location I would be happy12:11
_ropak_Wisien: maybe blender12:11
jpdscypha: What is pip?12:11
snadgeblitz: so the short answer is.. with windows or samba.. you cant use the share name "thumbnails" ?12:11
cyphawell, python12:11
jpdscypha: Why use that when you have apt-get which is what the rest of the system uses?12:11
blitzsnadge: wait, you're transferring between two different os's?12:11
blitzlyrd: what does typing su in the terminal respond with?12:12
wardriverhisto: There are a few sound options in the conf file. But which open would enable a sound when an unprotected WLAN is found?12:12
SoothsayerAnyone knows who to send pidgin to tray on minimization ?12:12
Soothsayerand not have it in the window list in the taskbar12:12
cyphajpds, true12:12
histowardriver: idk you'd have to read through the options. I don't hav ethe config infront of me.12:12
cyphajpds, how do I find out the latest version available?12:12
COOLDOODcan i hane some help please12:13
NotTooDumb2histo, tracepath says 1. username time 2. time 3. same as 2 and from 4 onwards no reply12:13
lyrdblitz: it does respond with a password prompt. but it refuses the only password i have ever entered it into the system. the password i enter is the same i enter for some sudo commands (altho funnily enough most sudo commands dont ask for passwords - not timeout related)12:13
histowardriver: there is kismet_ui.conf as well.12:13
jpdscypha: apt-cache show postgresql | grep "^Version"12:13
Someguy2Can anyone help me with an IRC Client with Ubuntu?12:13
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:14
snadgeblitz: it doesnt matter if the client is windows or ubuntu.. it cant create a file in a share called thumbnails12:14
blitztry the standards, "root", "toor", or make a new pass sudo passwd root12:14
bazhangCOOLDOOD, ask a clear question, lots of details, on a single line.12:14
dagon666what should I use to be able to automount usb disks in ubuntu server ?12:14
Someguy2How can i install GNOME 3 in Ubuntu Server?12:14
cyphajpds, there's supposed to be a version 912:14
cyphai only see 8.4 thoug12:14
histodagon666: are you running a Desktop Environment on the server or just command line?12:15
bazhangSomeguy2, its unsupported here. there's a PPA but it breaks things. best to steer clear12:15
jpdscypha: Yes, the Ubuntu archives are frozen after a release and only security updates and bug-fixes are uploaded to them after that.12:15
Someguy2How about X Destop?12:15
bazhang!gnome3 > Someguy212:15
ubottuSomeguy2, please see my private message12:15
jpdscypha: Never new features.12:15
dagon666histo: no X's12:15
lyrdblitz: I set a new password and then su worked like a charm12:15
jpdscypha: Postgres 9 will probably be in 11.10.12:15
blitzsnadge: i would understand if only on windows you couldnt, because you have .db files for thumbs and thumbnail secret unlisted folders that pertain to pictures only.12:15
bazhangSomeguy2, ubuntu-desktop lubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-desktop etc12:16
Someguy2Kubuntu Looks beautiful12:16
lyrdblitz: whoami now returns root12:16
szalSomeguy2: (1) what does Gnome 3 have to do w/ an IRC client?  (2) what do you want w/ Gnome 3 on a server?12:16
blitzlyrd: try "fsck", then try to su change the .conf file12:16
PandoraGamingi reinstalled kubuntu but it still giving me the netbook desktop how do i get the origional kde desktop12:17
Someguy2Im not used into a command line12:17
jpdscypha: Et voila, it is: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/postgresql-9.012:17
histodagon666: what version of ubuntu?12:17
bazhangPandoraGaming, kubuntu-desktop chosen from login or install it and then choose there12:17
blitzlyrd: great news!12:17
bazhangPandoraGaming, whoops kde4 chosen from login12:17
dagon666histo: does it matter ? I can compile from sources if needed12:17
szalSomeguy2: then get used to it, there's not likely a way around it if you really want to _use_ it as a server12:18
cyphajpds, what do I do with that?12:18
lyrdblitz: what's great news?12:18
jpdscypha: Nothing.12:18
lyrdblitz: I tried to comply with your previous instructions, but not sure i fully got them right12:18
histodagon666: well they stopped auto mounting in server with their versions of hal/dbus but I believe you can install the usbmount package and all should be happy.12:18
Someguy2Is Ubuntu 11.10 beta out?12:18
blitzlyrd: what did you type?12:18
cyphajpds, how do I manually compile it?12:18
szalSomeguy2: -> #ubuntu+112:18
jpdscypha: If you want 9.0, you have to compile from source, but you won't get any security updates from Ubuntu for that.12:18
lyrdfirst fsck *enter12:19
lyrdthen just vi /etc/resolv.conf *enter12:19
lyrdas I was su already12:19
histodagon666: atleast that's supposed to be the point of that package to add that functionality back to the server edition.12:19
dagon666histo: I already tried that - there are major problems with providing access to all users12:19
lyrdblitz: with the same result12:19
cyphajpds, i'm on ubuntu server. will the update to 11.10 upgrade postgresql to 9 as well?12:19
NotTooDumb2histo, what could i infer from tracepath output?12:19
blitzlyrd: have you seen the contents of this file before?12:19
histoNotTooDumb2: what the gateway is and try and ping that.12:20
histoNotTooDumb2: and possibly where the problem is12:20
dagon666I was wondering if there is any better alternative12:20
=== cordoval_ is now known as cordoval
histodagon666: well maybe change the options12:20
lyrdblitz: nopes I never knew about it until dns stopped working and I google how to set dns's and i realized it was corrupt12:20
jpdscypha: Yes, but don't do that.12:20
histodagon666: i'm assuming that package just reconfigures dbus.12:20
jpdscypha: As 11.10 is still in active development.12:20
lyrdblitz: because everything was working for a day afetr install, and also i am a linux noob12:20
histodagon666: or udev12:20
cyphajpds, should I just stick with postgre 8.4 ?12:21
blitzlyrd: do you know how to uninstall things?12:21
PandoraGamingat the login i have KDE Plasma Workspace but that just opens the kde netbook desktop.12:21
dagon666histo: I already played around with umask,gid,user options for mount, the problem was that it resets the permissions on the mountpoint back to root12:21
lyrdblitz: with apt-get i think i could manage. otherwise, not so much12:21
histodagon666: check under /etc/udev/rules.d/12:21
jpdscypha: Would probably be the best thing for now, unless there's a feature you really need in 9.0.12:22
blitzuse these, one after the other.12:22
vayavya_histo, gateway is pinging fine...what should i check later?12:22
dagon666histo: yeah, I'll play around12:22
blitzlyrd: sudo apt-get remove resolvconf12:22
histovayavya_: do you know the ip of your dns server?12:22
blitzlyrd: sudo apt-get update12:22
blitzlyrd: sudo apt-get install resolvconf12:23
histodagon666: you should be able to configure the rule to whatever options you want.12:23
COOLDOODcould some one please help me12:23
jpds!help | COOLDOOD12:23
ubottuCOOLDOOD: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:23
KolakCCHow can I show grub when the timeout is on 0?12:24
histodagon666: i'm not sure how the ubuntu-devs have smashed those files though. Atleast I can in arch. I'll give you a link to their wiki for some direction. The exact filename for the .rules won't be the same but will give you some guidance.12:24
cyphajpds, cool, i'll stick with 8.4, thanks12:24
histodagon666: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Udev#Auto_mounting_USB_devices12:24
jpdsKolakCC: Hold down the shift key while it loads after the BIOS.12:24
lyrdblitz: it said that resolvconf was not installed when i tried to remove. update does not work since it needs a dns to look up ubuntu.com12:24
dagon666histo: ok, thanks12:24
PandoraGamingat the login i have KDE Plasma Workspace but that just opens the kde netbook desktop.12:24
KolakCCjpds: I'm doing that, however it still skips it over12:24
Someguy2I tried to enable cube desktop in ubuntu but it got bricked12:25
blitzlyrd: i would highly suggest just using a fresh live boot rather than fiddling with replacing files12:25
histovayavya_: then you would want to ping something outside the gateway. Like the DNS server.  try cat /etc/resolv.conf12:25
blitzsomeguy2: might not be supported by your chipset or video card12:25
histovayavya_: should list the nameservers there12:25
Someguy2I think Intel Integrated HD Does not support OpenGL12:26
lyrdblitz: well this one is almost fresh. I just installed the few apps I new like xbmc. and this file just got corrupt. is there no way I can just remove the very corrupt file and insert a new one there?12:26
vayavya_histo yes it's listing four namesevers..are they all dns servers?12:26
ledjoproblem solved, I loged in as root in recovery mode session and then reinstalled gdm, et voillà jetztt ist alles wieder wunderbar!12:26
wrek-garis there something that will display codec information on a media file?12:27
=== Abhijit is now known as Guest78672
blitzlyrd: http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/resolvconf12:27
blitzledjo: congrats bud!12:28
KolakCCHow can I show grub when the timeout is on 0? It's autobooting to windows so I can't get to ubuntu now..12:28
blitzKolakCC: >jpds: hold down shift key12:28
=== Abhijit_ is now known as Abhijit
dw-what would you use to make fancy borders around documents12:28
KolakCCblitz: > 13:24:20 [KolakCC] jpds: I'm doing that, however it still skips it over12:28
ledjoTHANK YOU, blitz12:28
ChaosSaberKolakCC: is it dual booting with 2 drives or just one?12:28
szaldw-: what documents?12:28
KolakCCChaosSaber: Just one12:29
dw-szal: like a one page document need a fancy border like for certificates12:29
ChaosSaberOk and you're boot menu is it from ubuntu or windows?12:29
szaldw-: again, what documents?12:29
EliripsHello all. I installed gnome3 from ppa within my 11.04. Unfortunately, when I choose session "gnome" from the login-manager, I get the error "Failed to load session gnome." Anyone an idea?12:29
blitzKolakCC: what os does it put you in?12:29
KolakCCWindows.. however it boots into grub which boots back into the windows loader @_@12:29
KolakCCAnd when I select ubuntu again it goes to grub and back to windows12:30
dw-szal: havent made em yet, TBD12:30
NotTooDumb2histo, dns server is not pinging..i tried pinging first one in the list12:30
szaldw-: a third time, what documents?12:30
blitzKolakCC: SuperGrubCD or Rescatux12:30
KolakCC....sadface was hoping to avoid that12:30
dw-szal: nyfb? :p12:30
ChaosSaberKolakCC: I only know to change the boot time in windows12:31
blitzszal: uncalled for.12:31
szaldw-: ?12:31
PandoraGamingat the login i have KDE Plasma Workspace but that just opens the kde netbook desktop.12:31
ChaosSaberbut not sure about ubuntu, I am still a noob12:31
szalblitz: ?12:31
blitzoh, my bad. lol. directed at dw-12:31
blitzKolakCC: sometimes thats the only option if something happens in the bootloader.12:31
=== andrea is now known as Guest29377
dw-blitz: seriously waste of time q's12:32
PandoraGamingat the login i have KDE Plasma Workspace but that just opens the kde netbook desktop how do i get it to open the origional kde desktop :-)12:32
dw-i need an app that makes fancy borders12:32
blitzdw-: its a request to know what type of files they are. not the contents of the documents.12:32
dw-blitz: so i said to be determiend - any format12:32
ChaosSaberso KolakCC needs to change their boot time in ubuntu12:33
dw-ubuntu failz borders :[12:33
KolakCCThe thing is, I can see the "GRUB booting up"... but shift doesn't make it show12:33
KolakCCI just want to see the boot menu, once, so i can change the settings12:34
NotTooDumb2how to do dns flush and does that help if i can ping router, gateway but not dns server?12:34
KolakCCSigh, going to go grab a rescue disk then12:34
blitzdw-: from what it looks like, you may have to create it by hand.12:34
ChaosSaberhow did it get set to 0?12:34
KolakCCChaosSaber: I, uh, set it to 0. :(12:35
lyrdblitz: sadly installing the package failed with the same IO error when it tried to reach the file12:35
KolakCCbootupmanager or something of the like12:35
dw-blitz: maybe i can wine Word :D12:35
ChaosSaberso run that again and change it to like 5-1012:35
ChaosSaberor you can't boot into ubuntu now?12:35
KolakCCChaosSaber: I would, but it's an ubuntu application12:35
blitzdw-: thats a plan, actually, most m$ office supplies work in wine12:35
szalKolakCC: grab a live CD, edit /boot/grub/grub.cfg to change the timeout to a value other than 0, then boot the system, set that value in /etc/default/grub and run 'sudo update-grub'12:36
veerhow do I restore original theme in ubuntu 11.04?12:36
blitzlyrd: sudo rm resolv.conf?12:36
szal.oO( dw- doesn't seem to have heard of LibreOffice yet.. )12:36
dw-yea i got it the borders are just solid lines12:37
wrek-garis there a program which will display codec information on a media file?12:37
lyrdblitz: I will try in a while, now i tried a forcefsck and rebooted the machine. once it's back i will try12:37
histoNotTooDumb2: make sure you can ping the nameservers12:37
dw-szal: and have to make a table to even add them...12:37
histoNotTooDumb2: that is the problem then12:37
bazhangwrek-gar, right click properties12:37
histoNotTooDumb2: but you can't ping either?12:37
dw-I guess I could design in GIMP it probably has something12:37
blitzszal: i was never able to get libreoffice to work any more than being very very slow sadly12:38
wrek-garhas anyone ever used kdenlive to upload videos to youtube?12:38
histoNotTooDumb2: the problem is if you don't know how your network is coinfigured. I'm not sure anyone is going to be able to help you configure it with any OS12:38
=== NotTooDumb3 is now known as Guest22532
Guest22532what is this file? /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0?? i do not have this file on my ubuntu..12:38
blitz22532: ethernet config file12:39
histoNotTooDumb2: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2555712:39
histoNotTooDumb2: follow that link12:39
clockHi all12:39
claviusmondwhat commands do I need to run icecast?12:39
clockI would like to try if sound in Firefox, Skype, mplayer and arecord works in Ubuntu at the same time, without installing Ubuntu on my PC12:40
clockis this possible with the Live CD?12:40
blitzclock: yes12:40
xxmmaannim back / i instaled the nvidia 275 form nvidia site and now i cant remove it end install the driver using sistem/admin/add.drivers12:40
clockcool :)12:40
histoclock: yes12:40
ioclaviusmond: read the manual12:40
xxmmaanni want remove it because is not well suported and i cant play anu games12:40
lyrdblitz: sudo rm resolv,conf leads to normal input/output error12:41
wardriverhisto:  I have set the source to: source=BCM4727,eth1,Broadcom12:41
blitzlyrd: sudo rm -f resolv.conf12:41
wardriverhisto: but I am getting Unknown capture source type 'BCM4727' in source 'BCM4727,eth1,Broadcom' Done.12:42
lyrdblitz: same IO err12:42
histowardriver: looking at other peoples configs I think the alert sound is what you want or something similar. I'm not sure it's been a while since i've used kismet12:42
szalxxmmaann: your fault if you took the driver from nvidia.com when there's better-manageable options around :P ..  'sudo nvidia-installer --uninstall' should get you rid of it12:42
histowardriver: there is a readme that shows different sources what to put.12:42
=== josh__ is now known as Josh0vki
xxmmaannif i remove this driver i cant start ubuntu in graphic mode12:43
blitzlyrd: ls -il resolv.conf12:43
lyrdblitz: what I just tried :-)  I get ls: cannot access resolve.conf: No such file or directory12:44
blitzlyrd: right, it doesnt exist...12:44
Guest22532histo, thank you for the link, i am following that link, netstat -nr does not give any output ips on my ubuntu...does that mean i must set a default gateway?12:44
histoGuest22532: I have no idea how your network is supposed to be configured.12:45
lyrdblitz: it seems that way because it has a questionmark for indode number. however if I do a ls -la or similar it still gets listed. but with questionmarks for everything12:45
xxmmaanni removed it12:45
Guest22532histo, in general, are any ips supposed to appear when we type netstat -nr?12:45
blitzlyrd: false files and directories are a sign of bad blocks on the drive. or disk in your case.12:46
histoGuest22532: my gateway shows up when I do that.12:46
blitzlyrd: means you have to use a new image. :[12:46
Guest22532oh.ok then i wil set a default gateway12:46
ledjoI would like to test other distros on my old satellite notebook but cd rom drive doesn't work since a month ago and usb boot is not supported by bios, so I installed unetbootin, downloaded alternate distro cd image (says in netbootin when booting from hdd), netbootin 'mounted' or whatever the image on the hdd, I then rebooted as told and started netbootin at grub but it still asks for cd after language and keyboard settings at the12:46
ledjoinstall begin :(12:46
lyrdblitz: dang. it's a usb3 thumb drive. should I be worried about the usb stick?12:47
blitzlyrd: no, its probably an issue with how you copied the image to the drive12:47
rhin0I got ubuntu working fine on an ssd (simple)12:47
rhin0is great 10x faster12:48
lyrdblitz: I just used the app pendrive. and it worked great for like a day or so.12:48
lyrdblitz: how would you install it, the machine has no harddrive. only this usb stick that I want everything to run off12:48
blitzrhin0: noticed that too, backtrack works like a charm12:48
blitzlyrd: pendrive usually works, i would say try it again. this time you know how to configure certain things. always keep a backup of problem files somewhere just in case.12:49
rhin0its like the move from cassette tape to cds (mechanical hard drives to SSDs) - anyway enough OT12:49
lyrdblitz: okay, cool. I will have another go at it ^^12:49
blitzledjo: bad netbootin copy, try it again. common problem, happened to me too.12:49
lyrdblitz: A big thanks for all the help12:49
blitzlyrd: no problem, happy to help.12:50
patientFinderis it possible to reinstall ubuntu without altering /home directory?12:50
blitzpatientFinder: the most you could do is swap the kernel out from under it.12:50
_stephanHas anyone managed to compile gcc 4.6.1 on Ubuntu Natty?12:51
szalpatientFinder: if you have /home on a separate partition, yes12:51
patientFinderblitz: so that's a no?12:51
ledjoblitz, what do u mean reinstall netbootin or use another image or just do unetbootin thing again?12:51
bazhang!home | patientFinder12:51
ubottupatientFinder: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving12:51
bazhangpatientFinder, sure you can. the cd should have an option not to overwrite personal directory12:51
blitzledjo: yes, its a common problem with unetbootin as it doesnt get updated very often. bad mounting process sometimes.12:52
bazhangpatientFinder, or you can move it, as per the link above. always have backups however12:52
patientFinderubottu: id check that link out.12:52
ubottupatientFinder: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:52
bazhangpatientFinder, ubottu is a bot12:52
ledjoso just repeat mounting with the same image?12:52
lyrdblitz: I thought I would redownload the image. would you recomend the 64bit or 32bit version? It's running on a atom/ion htpc12:53
vayavya_after i give auto eth0       iface eth0 inet dhcp in my /etc/network/interfaces, am i again supposed to give addresses for gateway etc.,?12:53
bazhangledjo, mount to use as an installer?12:53
patientFinderbazhang: hehe.. thanks12:53
blitzledjo: yes, if it happens again, redownload or find a new image12:53
blitzlyrd: 64 bit for home theater, always. or 32 if you need more things to be compatible.12:53
patientFinderbazhang: so the idea is to create a partition, move my /home there then reinstall..12:53
bazhangpatientFinder, one option, yes12:54
ledjook thx blitz12:54
ledjothats right, bazhang12:54
vayavya_after i give auto eth0       iface eth0 inet dhcp in my /etc/network/interfaces, am i again supposed to give addresses for gateway etc.,? any help for me?12:54
patientFinderbazhang: are you aware of other options? as it is, i have everything in one partition12:55
bazhangpatientFinder, only ubuntu? or dual boot with windows12:55
th0rvayavya_: I think that is all you need in interfaces12:56
gersonbom dia12:57
lyrdblitz: I have another question actually. I entered a windows mount in fstab and it worked great. but it seems on live usb linux the fstab is reset on every boot. So is there a way to make fstab persistant or otherwise a way to mount my windows share on boot?12:57
vayavya_th0r, i am going mad in making internet to work on ubuntu..i really do not get what to check next12:57
patientFinderbazhang: only ubuntu. I use nothing else.12:57
bazhang!br | gerson12:57
ubottugerson: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.12:57
th0rvayavya_: is this wireless?12:57
vayavya_no it is wired12:57
blitzlyrd: unfortunately since you are using a live image, no.12:57
th0rvayavya_: that should be all you need. Are you running a desktop or a server?12:58
vayavya_same connection works in case of windows, might be some configurations missing on ubuntu12:58
vayavya_th0r, desktop12:58
rhin0vayavya_:  have you checked your wireless card is compatible with ubuntu -- otherwise you can wrap a windows driver using "ndiswrapper"12:58
rhin0most wireless cards are compatible with ubuntu12:58
rhin0tell me the name of your wireless card12:58
bazhangrhin0, this is wired hes talking about12:58
blitzlyrd: actually, im having a serious lapse of memory right now due to lack of sleep, yes of course its possible. sorry.12:58
vayavya_rhin0, i am trying to make wired connection work, not wireless connection12:59
rhin0ok your broadband card12:59
th0rvayavya_: then interfaces won't help much. As soon as you log into a desktop network mangler will take over...so you probably need to comment out interfaces and get nm working. I had to do that just a week ago when I installed debian12:59
vayavya_rhin0, how to check my broadband card? what is the command?12:59
lyrdblitz: cool  :-)   sleep deprivation is the best12:59
rhin0ok vayavya_: you need to tell us the name of your broadband card12:59
rhin0type lspci | less12:59
bazhangvayavya_, paste.ubuntu.com with output of lspci ifconfig and sudo dhclient eth0    and give us the url12:59
bazhanggerson, #ubuntu-br for portuguese13:00
blitzlyrd: sure is, i've been living off of monster energy drinks and cocaine for the past week.13:00
bazhangblitz, drop the drug talk here13:00
blitzbazhang: its an energy drink...13:00
alex__he's obviously referring to the cocaine you mentioned13:01
rhin0coca cola was that originally13:01
blitz>cocaine energy drink, it exists.13:01
lyrdblitz: brilliant!  any chance of figuring out how to make it work too, i google the hell out of it before but no matter what i did fstab was reset13:01
gersonchao nao13:01
TNRR2012is there a good place to find a detailed guide for compiz in the Ubuntu 11.04 environment?  thanx13:01
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:01
_stephanAnother try: Is anyone using gcc 4.6.1 on Natty?13:01
bazhanggerson, english here, you've been asked twice now13:01
=== gerson is now known as naufrago
rhin0I would think any version of gcc should compile with natty _stephan -- maybe you have a separate problem to gcc -- what is the message you get when it doesn't compile?13:02
=== naufrago is now known as naufragoweb
rhin0gcc is fundamental13:02
_stephancannot compute suffix of object files: cannot compile in the middle of the build13:03
naufragowebolha eu acho que nao....13:03
_stephan"cannot compute suffix of object files: cannot compile" in the middle of the build13:03
rhin0well _stephan: get the output into pastebin and show it to people here13:03
rhin0when you try to compile it -- cut the output out of the bash shell session (scroll back through all of it) and copy it into the website pastebin -- then you can post the url here so people can look at it _stephan13:04
blitzlyrd: what editor are you using to edit fstab?13:05
usc911anyone tried steam on ubuntu? just having a look at it, not really much of a gamer but i'm having a pretty lazy day :)13:06
gersonolha ate da para voce usar no ubuntu13:06
szal_stephan: why would you want that anyway?13:06
szal!pt | gerson13:06
ubottugerson: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.13:06
lyrdI was using a graphical one, default double click action. whenever i tried in vi i would do weird stuff like type charachters when i moved around with cursor keys13:06
_stephanrhin0: one issue was that gcc 4.6.1 needs libppl0.11-dev and libcloog-ppl-dev, but libcloog-ppl-dev depends on libppl0.10-dev, which conflicts with the 0.11 version13:06
blitztry using nano13:06
rhin0thats always the case _stephan -- multiple dependencies13:06
rhin0the case with a problem -- you need to install all the packages it says its dependent on -- many will be available through the synaptic package manager13:07
bazhanggerson, thats enough. english here.13:07
_stephanrhin0: in this case there is no way to resolve the dependencies with builtin packages, so I built libcloog myself13:07
lyrdblitz: will do, when I have reinstalled. I tried setting the immutable bit on it... but chattr just said someting about failing when it looked at some bits.13:07
lyrdblitz: when i google that it said that was most likely due to the file being in ram only... but if thats the case then i dont know how to reach the original13:08
BluesKajbazhang, don't think he understands any english13:08
rhin0_stephan I don't get it would have thought gcc was "always there" on any ubuntu distro13:08
rhin0I just typed gcc here in 10.04 here (is there)13:08
_stephanof course it is.... but not gcc 4.6.113:08
bazhangBluesKaj, he had the !pt at least 3 times.13:08
claviusmondwhere does ubuntu install icecast2 by default?13:08
_stephanwhich is the latest and greates13:08
bazhangBluesKaj, which is in Portuguese.13:09
=== bluethundr_ is now known as bluethundr
BluesKajbazhang, a brazilian troll13:09
rhin0_stephan if you need to find help to install the "latest and greatest" version of gcc you obviously aren't able to use gcc13:09
rhin0not sure what you are trying to do _stephan do you need it to compile something13:09
bazhang_stephan, why do you need the latest. please clarify13:10
dr_willi1you could use the 'sudo apt-get build-dep PACKAGENAME' to pull in needed dependencies.. that might 'help'13:10
_stephanbecause of the improved c++0x support, I only need it for my own projects...13:10
bazhang_stephan, then look at what dr_willi1 suggested just now13:10
szal_stephan: there's a build of gcc 4.6.0 in the Ubuntu Toolchain PPA13:11
dr_willi1or was it build-deps  , one or the other will pull in all needed dev packages.  makes compiling new versions easier.13:11
_stephanI already installed the build-dep for gcc-4.5... but that didn't help, and it also doesn't resolve the libcloog issue (though building my own libcloog seems to work))13:11
szal_stephan: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install gcc-4.613:12
blitzlyrd: have you tried sudo nano fstab?13:13
_stephanThere's probably also a debian package for gcc 4.6.1 somewhere... but getting it into natty without  breaking anything probably isn't simple...13:13
lyrdblitz: i just reinstalled the usb drive :-) I will try now13:13
szal_stephan: do you read me?13:13
_stephanszal: yes, I'll try that. I take it that gcc-4.6 will be installed in parallel and won't become the default?13:14
NotTooDumb2bazhang, here are the outputs http://paste.ubuntu.com/637458/13:14
szal_stephan: as for the 'default' part I don't know, but it does get installed in parallel; Natty comes w/ gcc-4.4 and gcc-4.5 by default13:14
blitzlyrd: im probably going to go pass out for a few decades. make whatever changes you need to make in the files. always remember to reboot after doing such. if you encounter problems later on, redownload the image.13:15
szal_stephan: and if the pkg does change the default, you should be able to fix that w/ update-alternatives13:15
bazhangNotTooDumb2, whats the issue? you got a lease13:16
NotTooDumb2i can ping gateway, but not dns server or
bazhangNotTooDumb2, you using a proxy then?13:16
_stephanszal: thanks, but I get "Unable to locate package gcc-4.6"13:16
lyrdblitz: well the image is new on it now already. so will try the fstab stuff now13:16
szal_stephan: hmm..  you didn't forget the 'apt-get update', did you?13:17
NotTooDumb2bazhang, i do not what is a proxy infact..i just tried them in process of debugging13:17
usc911anyone tried steam on linux? I have no optical drive so I cannot install a game from a DVD13:18
szal_stephan: then I don't know13:19
histousc911: yeah many have13:19
_stephanthanks anyway13:19
bazhang!steam | usc91113:19
ubottuusc911: Steam can be run under Ubuntu by installing WINE and running the installer from http://www.steampowered.com/ as normal. Application support in WINE can be found in #winehq13:19
blitzusc911: it works just fine13:19
usc911cool I shall give it a go13:19
histousc911: use wine http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=1944413:19
usc911that looks pretty successful13:20
cordovalhow to find out that my live cd is 64 bit ubuntu 11.04?13:20
blitzusc911: counter strike? :313:21
bazhangcordoval, uname -r13:21
usc911haha! dunno13:21
usc911im not  abig gamer13:21
usc911just bored13:21
computerxHi, I need to recover a disk image I created with dd if=/dev/sdc. It's ext4 but got a bad sector 1.1mb in which seems to have broken the "superblock"? I can't even fsck it. Any suggestions?13:21
cordovaloh I should have done that before I reboot13:21
cordovalnow I have to go in again13:21
cordovaland then try installing13:21
cordovalcan I install with a command from live cd?13:21
FloodBot1cordoval: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:21
cordovalso I don't have to reboot again?13:21
blitzusc911: i highly suggest it. so fun. other recommendations would be team fortress, half life and gmod.13:22
usc911cool I will look in to these13:22
histocordoval: install what?13:22
ledjoblitz where are you from?13:22
bazhanghisto, ubuntu13:22
usc911this is the first time I have actually required an optical drive since i got this rig13:22
blitzledjo: midwest us13:22
=== BigMac is now known as BigMac-1
histocomputerx: how'd you create the image with dd with bad sectors?13:22
bazhang!ot | ledjo13:23
ubottuledjo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:23
Kurdistanis the laptop mode tools stil conflict with pm-ulitus?13:23
histo!install | cordoval13:23
ubottucordoval: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate13:23
ledjojust 1 question bazhang, won't happen aggain13:23
bazhangKurdistan, got a bug link?13:23
iszakAnyone got an ETA of support for Dell XPS 15z on Ubuntu 11.04?13:23
* peedeedottk @domenico653 are you still here13:24
ubottuUbuntu bug 638307 in laptop-mode-tools (Ubuntu) "pm-utils Conflicts with laptop-mode-tools, so installing laptop-mode-tools breaks suspend" [High,Triaged]13:24
computerxhisto, with noerror flag13:24
Kurdistanbazhang, there you have the link.13:24
bazhangKurdistan, its been triaged13:24
Kurdistanbazhang, and that means?13:24
cordovaljust had to click the icon13:24
KurdistanI am running maverick low to have it installed without breaking suspend13:24
cordovaluname -r does not tell me it is 64 bits13:25
xxmmaanni installed the nvidia260 driver back but now i cant set the resolution13:25
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
bazhangcordoval, paste the output13:25
bazhangxxmmaann, set how. what did you exactly13:25
cordovaluname -a told me13:25
cordovalis 6.38-8.generic ubuntu natty?13:26
cutouthi, am trying to install transperante oxygen on ubuntu kde desktop but no luck, can anyone help me?13:26
Muellicordoval: yeah, I think so. You can check on packages.ubuntu.com. Or just execute a "lsb_release -a"13:26
bazhang!info linux | cordoval13:26
xxmmaannin nvidia-setting i have only 2 opotion 640x480 and 320x28013:26
ubottucordoval: linux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component main, is optional. Version (natty), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all armel powerpc)13:26
Gryllidacutout: What do you mean by 'no luck'?13:27
xxmmaanni need 1360x76813:27
cutoutGryllida it is installed but not working! I dont why13:27
xxmmaannany ideas?13:27
BluesKajiszak, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Machines/Laptops/Dell/XPS/15z13:28
cordovalhow big should partition / be and /home in a 750GB disk?13:28
Gryllidacutout: What problem with using it?13:28
bazhangcordoval, 20 gb for / the rest for swap and /home13:29
iszakBluesKaj, I'm aware when will it be baked in tho?13:29
cutoutGryllida: it is selected in the styles but the desktop apperence is still the default13:29
BluesKajcordoval, give / about 15G , the rest is optional13:30
cordovaloh ok13:30
cordovalthanks, and I can automate swap I guess13:30
cordovaland the others13:30
BluesKajiszak, if you're asking for a timetable ,,,there isn''t one13:30
iszakthat kind of sucks.13:31
E3D3How can I find manually installed apps that are not in the repository & I have forgotten ?13:31
iszakdpkg -l ?13:31
bazhangE3D3, manually installed how? using .deb compiled or what13:32
BluesKajiszak, everyone is in the same boat the devs don't work on specific pc or laptop models13:32
rajvihello guys a newbie here ... why irssi not connecting ??? http://pastebin.com/disDtd9713:32
iszakBluesKaj, devs?13:32
bazhangrajvi, using what port13:32
rajvilemme check ..13:32
E3D3bazhang: manually, with script, make etc.13:32
BluesKajdevelopers . iszak13:32
iszakbluebomber, oh right, get you.13:32
bazhangE3D3, and checkinstall or not13:33
rajviport 666713:33
E3D3bazhang: I dont understand you last question. What is checkinstall ?13:33
ledjosee ya guys! have a nice sunday, especially you, blitz! :)13:33
bazhangrajvi, try another port?13:33
iszakBluesKaj, I guess I'll need to wait it out, thanks.13:34
rajvikk how to configure irssi ..:(13:34
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall E3D313:34
bazhangrajvi, #irssi may know13:34
Phong_hi guys13:34
BluesKajwait for what, iszak? ...11.04 is already mature13:34
iszakBluesKaj, wait for support.13:34
BluesKajhave you tried ubuntu on your machine , iszak?13:35
iszakBluesKaj, I tried installing Fedora, OpenSUSE and I think Ubuntu13:35
BluesKajyou think ?13:35
iszakI can't remember, there was lots of attempting to install.13:36
Fudgehi anyone help with update-rc.d13:37
BluesKajwell iszak...then try again to make sure13:37
iszakgoing to, also before there was no solution to the trackpad, but it's looking good now.13:37
rajvimy bluetooth stopped working ... did lot of and install many packagesmodifications last week all i remember i suspect change the Ui a lot13:37
Fudgetrying to change the start order of a program with update-rc.d -f program start 23 2 3 4 5 . stop 70 1 . but it does not rename from S02 to S2313:37
Huffameghello. I want to reconfigure ubuntu to use « and » instead of " and ". Anyone who knows how I can do this?13:38
E3D3bazhang: I installed checkinstall. Will use it when installing next time. Guess it wont help with my old installed apps ?13:40
bazhangE3D3, sadly no13:40
E3D3bazhang: Still thanks for this.13:40
rtyuihello there i got a problem with git13:44
rtyuigit clone  git://git.icinga.org/something13:45
rtyuihere is what i got /usr/bin/gitfm: fatal error: `chdir' failed: permission denied.13:45
rtyuiwhat to do ?13:45
Gryllidartyui: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=24097213:46
mimicohi.  In skype, is there a way to set the mid-size window for a video call as the default window size?13:49
=== mck182 is now known as mck182|afk
MAC_anyone can tell me that V11 is compatible with my ppc?13:51
rtyuinot solving the problem same error Gryllida13:52
=== Guest83801 is now known as auscompgeek
szalMAC_: what's that?13:52
MAC_i have the mac with osx 10.5.813:52
MAC_and want to isntall last version of ubunto13:52
MAC_is a goth-a idea?13:52
MAC_because have truble to use one usb modem13:53
MAC_or must to go with V6?13:53
rtyuisame error/usr/bin/gitfm: fatal error: `chdir' failed: permission denied. same error once after doing sudo update-alternatives --config git13:53
kruxubuntu 10.10 works fine in a g4 ppc 400mhz i got13:54
cracoucasHi everybody, my server is at 100% CPU , I can only access through rescue mode.... how can I disable Java in rescue Mode?13:54
StevenRcracoucas: what doesyour server do? Is it a tomcat server?13:54
MAC_>msg> mess krux: and you sugested to take 10.1013:55
rtyuihello anyone there ?13:55
sequencesequenceDoes anyone here have an optimu-enabled ThinkPad T510? I want the PCI ID of the nvidia chip, please.13:55
cracoucasstevenR no it is only a lighttpd with PHP , but I suspect a java application to launch at startup13:55
cracoucasstevenR please help me I am completely lost in rescue mode13:55
Logan_!ask | rtyui13:56
ubotturtyui: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:56
StevenRcracoucas: ps aux |grep -i java13:56
StevenRwhat does it show?13:56
BluesKajrtyui, sometimes installing git-core will help ...it's marked as obsolete but iworked for me13:56
StevenRcould you pastebin the result cracoucas13:56
Gryllidartyui: sudo apt-get remove git ; sudo apt-get install git-core13:56
cracoucasstevenr root      3955  0.0  0.0   1768   500 pts/1    S+   14:56   0:00 grep -i java13:56
Gryllidartyui: http://open80211s.com/pipermail/devel/2007-December/000005.html13:56
StevenRcracoucas: that's it? Just that one line?13:57
cracoucasyes steven .. I ma in rescue mode13:57
StevenRthat's not very useful13:57
cracoucasin rescue mode the CPU is at 0% . in normal mode I am at 100% and I can not access ssh13:57
StevenRcracoucas: don't use ssh?13:58
StevenRuse the local console? or DRAC/ILO/LOM ?13:58
cracoucasit is a remote server13:58
cracoucastell me what to do to make this little server work withlighttpd like it worked for one year long13:58
rtyuiPerfect, working Gryllida13:58
rtyuithanks a lot13:58
StevenRcracoucas: how do you know it's at 100% ?13:58
cracoucasstevenR I have a web interface from my hoster telling me it is at 100%13:59
jfcaron1Sometimes my sound just randomly stops working, but rebooting always fixes it.  I tried all the suggestions on the Ubuntu Sound Troubleshooting page, but nothing worked.  Any idea what could be causing it?  10.04 LTS on an eeepc 700.13:59
Gryllidartyui: Excellent.14:00
=== blackz is now known as Guest20124
GryllidaHello there.14:01
cracoucasstevenR can you help me?14:01
BluesKajjfcaron1, pulseaudio installed? if so install pavucontrol or the other option is to remove pulsaudio and let alsamixer handle your audio settings14:02
LanlostHello, I know it is possible to mount an FTP locatkon as a folder.. but talked to a friend the oher day who said that he mounted it as like a "drive" that showed up in the fileystem14:02
StevenRcracoucas: sorry, just balancing irc with cooking. My response will be slow for the next 10 mins or so. Why do you suspect it's java? What have you changed recently on the server?14:02
cracoucasmy disk has been full to 99% this morning14:02
Lanlostand that it showed up  like one. The kicker is that he said this was built into Ubuntu,  As in there is a gui way to do this.. Anyoen have any idea what they meant/14:03
cracoucasI erased some data to go back to 90%14:03
cracoucasbut lighttpd wasn't working at all , so I restarted the server and now it hangs14:03
GryllidaLanlost: http://www.junauza.com/2011/03/mount-ftp-location-on-your-local-linux.html seems similar.14:03
cracoucasstevenR in rescue mode I do not understand anything14:03
bazhang!enter | cracoucas14:04
GryllidaLanlost: Map it to a directory and then 'mount' it to have it show up as a drive by the looks of it.14:04
ubottucracoucas: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!14:04
BluesKaj!samba | Lanlost14:04
ubottuLanlost: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.14:04
cracoucasbazhang why do you write my nick ?14:05
bazhangcracoucas, your overuse of the enter key. it makes reading you r issue very hard to understand14:05
cracoucasok bazhang14:06
szal!it | MAC_, maybe you can get better help there, you don't seem to be able to make yourself understood here14:06
ubottuMAC_, maybe you can get better help there, you don't seem to be able to make yourself understood here: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)14:06
LanlostBluesKaj, I know what samba is14:06
Lanlostthat's how I would previously do something like this14:07
rahin88anyone tried archlinux here ?14:07
bazhangrahin88, try in #ubuntu-offtopic14:07
LanlostIt's my original xbox I'm trying to do this for. It can connect to windows shared folders via samba, but I don't think it can serve them14:07
=== tigerplug292 is now known as tigerplug292|AFK
Lanlostit does, however, have FTP support. I can connect fine via a client. I'm more curious because I told him "sure, just moun it via FTP" and proceeded to give him links to curlftpfs when he said "no, no.. I found it14:09
cutouthow can i install new styles on kde desktop?14:09
StevenRcracoucas: ok. so how do you access the server in rescue mode?14:09
=== jason is now known as Guest42408
StevenRcracoucas: I'm trying to understand what you have available to you.14:10
LanlostI asked him what he found, expecting samba or something, and he said "I just went to ________________________", (something like "add external connection/add network drive_, "and that worked fine. Now it shows up as a drive, not just a folder"14:10
Lanlostthat's basically how the conversation went14:11
=== Guest42408 is now known as pdlnhrd
cracoucascan we talk in private stevenr?14:11
=== pdlnhrd is now known as wagstaffj
=== wagstaffj is now known as jwagstaff
StevenRcracoucas: no, because here you get the benefit of more knowledge :)14:11
cracoucasstevenR I access the server in rescu mode through SSH after setting a rescue mode reboot on my hoster web interface14:12
=== mck182|afk is now known as mck182
jwagstaffi am trying to do some video conversions with ffmpeg but i am getting an error that libmp3lame doesn't exisit.  i know it is installed with another package (mplayer).  what can I do to resolve this issue?14:13
bazhangibmp3lame0 jwagstaff14:14
StevenRcracoucas: so, whydo you suspect... java?14:14
dominikwitam wszystkich14:15
bazhang!pl | dominik14:15
ubottudominik: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.14:15
cracoucasstevenR because I think I have set up a script that starts a java app at start up that may result in 100% cpu.14:15
xchI'am made in china14:15
dominikhello all14:15
StevenRcracoucas: ok. So, how did you setup that script?14:16
bazhangxch, ubuntu support question?14:16
jwagstaffbazhang: libmp3lame0 is already installed, but when i run ffmpeg it says that it is missing14:16
xch how ?14:16
xch I like English14:16
bazhangxch, this is ubuntu support; did you have a support question14:16
Shaba1Hello all14:16
cracoucasstevenR I do not remember , I just want to disable java for startup or remove java14:17
xchbazhang  very good14:17
Shaba1After I do a ctrl-alt-f2 to get a full screen terminal how do I get back to the desktop14:17
grmrgeckohttp://pastie.org/private/29zoc3k5auulsyst99qnfq I am receiving this after using WUBI on a Pentium 3 computer14:17
bazhangxch, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic  ; ubuntu support here14:17
xch ye14:17
S74rk7anyone here familar with usb_modeswitch?14:17
Huffameghello, again. I'm using a Norwegian keyboard and for some reason it has " and " as standard quotation mark.however, the correct one in Norwegian is « and ». How can I change the standard in 11.04?14:17
oCeanShaba1: ctrl-alt-f714:17
Lanlostok, so no one here is aware of some gui file system mounter in ubuntu?14:17
bazhangjwagstaff, not sure, I use handbrake for video conversion14:17
GryllidaS74rk7: This channel can be, please ask full question.14:18
Shaba1oCean,  that is to get back?14:18
grmrgeckoSeems to be a perl error.14:18
jwagstaffbazhang: is there a deb package for it?14:18
oCeanShaba1: yep14:18
bazhangjwagstaff, a PPA yes14:18
xch   why window logo theme nuo't setup?14:18
Shaba1thanks oCean14:18
Shaba1Ok second thing14:18
bazhangjwagstaff, jstebbins PPA14:18
LanlostI'll let you know if I find it I'll let you guys know14:18
Lanlostsorry, I'm really tired14:19
jwagstaffbazhang:  thanks14:19
Lanlostnice sentence, eh? =P14:19
Shaba1is there a way to have multiple channles displayed in windows rather then tabs in xchat?14:19
grmrgeckoI'm going to try kubuntu14:19
xch???why window logo theme nuo't setup?14:19
bazhangxch, windows? as in Microsoft windows?14:19
xchwindow logo14:19
xch  no   ubuntu?14:19
bazhangxch, for windows? or ubuntu14:20
grmrgeckoand then if it works install the ubuntu desktop environment14:20
S74rk7I'm currently trying to get a netgear wnda3200 wifi dongle to work under 10.10... I've seen on the net people talking about have to use usb_modeswitch to get it to act as a wifi card instead of a mass storage device when it is first connected...14:20
bazhangxch, what is window logo14:20
ikoniaxch: what is the problem ?14:20
Lanlostshabal, dunno, but did you know that there are two versions of xchat? xchat-gnome and just xchat?14:20
StevenRcracoucas: ok. um... well, how does this java thing run?14:20
xchnuo't install!14:20
grmrgeckoIf someone knows the answer, let me kknow.14:20
bfh198hello any1 know some software that'll add / remove songs from ipod >> banshee not working at all14:21
StanleycarI know, I know!14:21
Stanleycarxchat2. :P14:21
cracoucasstevenR I think I added a start script14:21
xchsorry    logo window14:21
S74rk7from what I've read the it behaves this way as because if it was plugged into a windows machine...it will install its driver and then switch firmware and act as a wifi card14:21
StevenRcracoucas: ok, cd /etc/init.d14:21
StevenRcracoucas: if you ls in there, do you see your startup script?14:21
astraljavabfh198: gtkpod14:21
cracoucasstevenR no I can not see it14:22
S74rk7I see in my log it connects as a usb mass storage device too ... would someone be able to give me a bit of help using usb_modeswitch?14:22
sgo11Hi, how to make banshee UI show file name instead of track information? I have no idea why all "smart players" want to show track information instead of file name. All my musics don't have proper track info....14:22
cracoucasstevenR , just found it14:22
S74rk7bfh198: Tried Amorak... banshee gave me a bit of grief as well but Amorak seems ok...14:23
StevenRcracoucas: so, you've found your script in /etc/init.d ?14:23
cracoucasstevenR how to remove it from start up14:23
Gryllidablackz_, what?14:24
StevenRcracoucas: "sudo update-rc.d -f SCRIPTNAMEGOESHERE remove"14:25
ikoniablackz_: what do you want ?14:25
Hedgehog456None of my media players, including the default DVD Player and VLC, will play my DVD on Ubuntu14:25
StevenRcracoucas: yes?14:26
cracoucasstevenR removed , I am trying a normal mode reboot14:26
Hedgehog456The DVD itself is fine14:27
xch  nuo't man help?14:28
dripWell everyone14:28
AdekDo you speak Polish?14:29
bazhang!pl | Adek14:29
ubottuAdek: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.14:29
cracoucasstevenR it worked thank you !14:29
StevenRcracoucas: awesome! You're welcome :D14:29
LBoIs wireless.kernel.org down or is it just me?14:30
StevenRLBo: fails here too.14:31
PoppaChubbaLBo, down for me14:31
bazhang!cn | drip xch14:31
ubottudrip xch: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn /join #ubuntu-tw 或 /join #ubuntu-hk14:31
xch  玩 安装那个登录主题的界面  无法安装14:32
bazhangxch, /join #ubuntu-cn14:32
xch我的版本是ubuntu 11.0414:32
bazhangxch, this is english only14:32
xch  #ubuntu-cn  no man!14:32
LBoOK, thanks!14:32
jjovereatsxch: You have to if you speak Chinese.14:32
bazhangxch, you are not in there.14:32
jjovereatsxch: Please do not use Big5. Use UTF-8.14:33
=== JMatthewman is now known as MoleMan
xch I'am use UTF-814:34
bazhangxch, /join #ubuntu-cn you are not in there14:34
jjovereatsxch: Also, hk and TW are appropriate if you are in one of those areas.14:34
cloudyLightsany idea how to solve this14:35
Hedgehog456Will this command "sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh" damage my computer?14:35
bazhangHedgehog456, no14:35
jjovereatsxch, can you stop putting spaces before your messages?14:35
bazhangcloudyLights, give a synopsis here please14:35
bazhangjjovereats, lets move on14:35
Hedgehog456bazhang: So it'll only allow me to watch DVDs?14:35
PoppaChubbaclaude2, what does /cat/issue tell you?14:35
bazhangHedgehog456, have you tried it yet14:36
PoppaChubbacloudyLights, er, I mean what does "cat /etc/issue" tell you?14:36
Hedgehog456bazhang: Doing it now :P14:36
teddyroosebeltis there a doc somewhere that lists folders that should be backed up on an ubuntu system(specifically config files for apps because i dont want to backup everything)?14:36
xch                   thank you14:36
PoppaChubbateddyroosebelt, um, "/etc"?14:36