jo-erlendit was unable to handle my sync.. Left me with different sets of data on the different computers. Guess maybe it'll work itself out over time.00:18
tntcI've asked this a few times, but I keep missing the response because my scrollback was too short :) I've fixed it now, so I'm going to try again:10:21
tntcI'm having a problem with UbuntuOne Music on Android, where when I try to save a playlist, it fails to save with a network error. Specifically, it says "Failed to save playlist, please try later. A network error occured. Try again later." How can I fix this?10:23
tschakaHello. With a new U1 account for a friend I am getting a "Notes, Contacts and Bookmarks Our Notes, Contacts and Bookmarks database is not responding at the moment.", while my own older account is working flawlessly. Is there an issue with that particular account or do I just have to wait for a crashed server or anything similar?11:04
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duanedesignmorning all12:27
karnihi duanedesign13:05
karniCan somebody translate this for me? "No puedo logueare podido instalar bien la aplicacion desde el market, sin embargo no se como loguear mi cuenta de UOne, tengo un samsung galaxy tab 7'"13:17
duanedesignhello mr karni13:20
karnihi hi duanedesign13:20
karniduanedesign: That guy, who tried to use U1 for a week, with symlinks and failed. Well.. #facepalm13:21
duanedesignkarni: yeah. I have been keeping an eye on the twitter posts (tweets) with #UbuntuOne. Saw one yesterday from a user who did the same.13:23
karniduanedesign: I know. I mean, I commented on the same post as you did. That's the person I mean.13:24
duanedesignkarni: aha13:25
duanedesignkarni: congrats on all the downloads of the android application13:26
karniduanedesign: Thanks. It's just an interesting stat, available to anyone on the market itself. But I'm pleased about the pace.13:27
karniduanedesign: Unhappy though some users have login issues because their clocks are not set to Automatic (from network), but manual. Which, in turn, causes issues during login.13:27
karniThat's probably 3 out of 4 '1 star' reviews.13:28
ralsinakarni: "I can't login. The app installed fine from the market, but I don't know how to log into my Uone account, I have a samsung galaxy tab 7"13:49
karniralsina: Thanks!13:49
duanedesignralsina: that makes a lot more sense then what Google Translate gave me :P14:08
jo-erlendtntc, that seems similar to what we all experience, which is a serverside issue. Databases doesn't seem to be syncable right now. Hopefully, it'll be fixed soon.15:29
tntcjo-erlend: cool! thanks!17:29
jo-erlendtntc, it's a guess, but I think it is a fair one, that the playlists are stored as a couchdb database. And couchdb-stuff is down or very unstable.17:57
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