charlie-tcaXubuntu community meeting in #xubuntu-devel at 22:00 UTC today. Everyone is invited to attend. Agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings21:01
charlie-tcaXubuntu community meeting in #xubuntu-devel in 30 minutes. Everyone is invited to attend. Agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings22:29
* micahg waves to ChanServ 22:30
* micahg waves to tcf22:30
* micahg waves to charlie-tca 22:30
* charlie-tca thinks micahg is just waving a lot22:30
* micahg isn't happy, we lost indicator support22:31
micahgI think the latest round of indicator uploads22:33
charlie-tcaIt left the fresh installs a while back, but I thought seb128 said we would have it until 12.0422:33
micahgwe're going to need it past that...22:34
charlie-tcaThe only thing working all week was gtk indicators22:34
charlie-tcaYeah, any gtk2 support required after oneiric releases will be on us.22:35
charlie-tcaUbuntu will not support gtk2 in 12.4022:35
charlie-tcaUbuntu will not support gtk2 in 12.0422:35
micahgthat's fine, but it will still be in universe22:35
micahgand we can always upload a gtk2 indicator stack to universe if we want them22:36
TheSheepI didn't like the indicator plugin anyways22:37
charlie-tcaTheSheep: +122:37
TheSheepit messed up my systray22:37
TheSheepin magical ways22:37
charlie-tcabut it is the only way to get network manager to show in the panel now22:37
TheSheepit shows fine for me22:37
TheSheeponce I uninstalled all the indicator crap22:38
micahgdid he kill non-inidicator support for that, I should ask tomorrow22:38
TheSheeprequired relogging though22:39
charlie-tcain oneiric?22:39
TheSheephmm, good question22:40
* TheSheep checks22:40
TheSheepah, no, still 11.0422:40
TheSheepso you say it won't work in oneiric?22:40
TheSheepthen I better not upgrade22:41
charlie-tcait has been disabled outside of indicators22:41
TheSheepsometimes I wonder if they do it on purpose22:41
charlie-tcaThis was done on purpose22:43
charlie-tcaWell, are we all here today?22:59
charlie-tcaAt least the wiki is working this week22:59
charlie-tcaLet's have a meeting!23:00
charlie-tcaThe full agenda for the Xubuntu Community Meeting is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings23:01
charlie-tcaToday's agenda is:23:01
charlie-tca* Old business23:01
charlie-tca* Team updates23:01
charlie-tca  * Packaging & Development23:01
charlie-tca  * Bug Triage & Testing23:01
charlie-tca  * Website & Marketing23:01
charlie-tca  * Artwork23:01
charlie-tca  * Documentation23:01
charlie-tca* Announcements23:01
charlie-tca* Governance structure23:01
charlie-tca* Any Other Business23:01
charlie-tcaUnder old business, I missed some of it last week, so it is on today's agenda23:02
charlie-tca[TOPIC] Old Business23:02
charlie-tca1.     Charlie to dig for the xscreensaver updates, and put in an SRU - Carried Forward23:03
charlie-tcaand carried forward again. If anyone has a chance to research this, please do so.23:03
charlie-tca2. micahg to find what Ubuntu-desktop does with java in restricted-extras23:03
charlie-tcamicahg: any progress?23:04
micahgcharlie-tca: nope, will try to find out soon23:04
charlie-tcaCarried forward then23:04
charlie-tca3. GridCube to begin a discussion on the Xubuntu-devel ML to find the "Top 10" FAQ items for Xubuntu23:04
charlie-tca* https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xubuntu-devel/2011-June/007836.html23:05
charlie-tcaThis is started, if we don't get any input, I will have GridCube put together his best effort and we will publish it.23:05
charlie-tcaI think this is a great way to get users to look at the website23:05
charlie-tca4.     start ML discussion on panels, reviews of current panels, launchers on panels, etc23:06
charlie-tcaWe haven't done this, have we?23:06
charlie-tcaochosi: we still need this done, right?23:06
ochosiyeah, i think we still need to23:07
ochosii think we should mainly ask for feedback on the current layout though23:07
ochosiotherwise everyone will come and suggest his or her personal layout as "the best"23:08
charlie-tcaOkay. Do you want to send an email to ML or will I?23:08
charlie-tcaWe could send to both -devel and -users, too23:08
ochosii can do it, but should it go to the users or dev?23:08
ochosiok, both is fine23:08
charlie-tcaIt gives our users a chance to tell us what they like23:09
charlie-tcacarried forward, Action marked for ochosi23:09
TheSheepor more likely, what they don't like23:09
charlie-tcaTeam updates - Team Leads23:09
charlie-tcaPackaging & Development23:09
charlie-tcagot to have that too, TheSheep 23:09
charlie-tcaany other comments on the old business?23:10
* charlie-tca gets in a hurry sometimes and forgets others want to speak up23:10
charlie-tcaAll right then, let's try to clear some of these things up this week23:11
charlie-tcamr_pouit: any news?23:11
mr_pouitmmh, yep, merges/syncs from unstable done, and I don't think there are any left23:12
charlie-tcaGreat! good job on that !23:12
mr_pouitalso, I did some cleanup to try to have the daily builds below 700M23:12
micahgjust smartbookmark-plugin, but waiting for the next Debian upload23:12
mr_pouitindeed ;-)23:13
charlie-tcaThat is working, too. Although desktop images are broken today23:13
charlie-tcaWe are making terrific gains! Thanks for your hard efforts23:13
mr_pouityeah, there were libreoffice and mono in them, that was bad, and the reason to the huge size (800M)23:13
* charlie-tca nods23:13
mr_pouitso I didn't try to add new packages yet23:13
mr_pouit(pavucontrol and pastebinit)23:13
charlie-tcano problem23:13
mr_pouitand we're waiting on some lightdm changes :p23:14
mr_pouitmaybe they'll be done for the next alpha23:15
ochosibtw, can pavucontrol be opened from the soundmenu?23:15
mr_pouitanyway, that's all I think23:15
mr_pouitI'd say no23:15
charlie-tcaGood question, ochosi. I don't really know23:15
ochosicause atm with only pavucontrol installed the "sound preferences" item doesn't work (in natty)23:15
ochosixfce4-mixer works ok23:15
mr_pouityeah, it's either some gnome program, or xfce4-mxier23:16
mr_pouitpavucontrol will only add an entry in the multimedia menu23:16
charlie-tcaI like mixer23:16
micahgwe're still affected by some library transitions, but I think that's just extra space at this point, not breakage23:16
ochosimr_pouit: anything we can do about that?23:16
mr_pouitochosi: ask the developers of indicator-sound to try "pavucontrol" if nothing else if installed? ;>23:17
mr_pouitI think it's harcoded, so it needs code changes23:17
ochosii see23:18
charlie-tcaIt would be nice if we can get it in the sound preferences, however, Having it installed by default counts a lot, too23:19
mr_pouithere's what is tried currently: "gnome-volume-control --page=applications", then "gnome-control-center sound", then "xfce4-mixer"23:19
mr_pouitfirst found, first used23:19
charlie-tcaAny questions for mr_pouit or micahg in packaging and development?23:20
charlie-tcamicahg: any chance we can get them to add pavucontrol to that?23:20
micahgwell, if xfce4-mixer is there, I don't see why not23:21
charlie-tcaLet' s try then23:21
charlie-tcaBug Triage & Testing23:21
micahgbut this type of stuff shouldn't be hardcoded in the first place23:21
* micahg wonders if there's xdg-sound...23:21
mr_pouityup, there's a "nice" list for the media players, they could have done something similar for the mixers23:22
charlie-tcaTesting is going great this cycle. Even if we don't get every image and test everyday, there are enough tests being done to know when things break23:24
charlie-tcaI think we should be seeing a lot more bugs against oneiric, but it might be just me.23:24
charlie-tcaAny questions?23:24
charlie-tcaWebsite & Marketing23:25
charlie-tcapleia2, knome, plantoschka :23:25
charlie-tcaany updates?23:25
charlie-tcaplantoschka: we need a news release for alpha2 this week. 23:27
charlie-tcaI will try to put together the release notes by Wednesday, since we release Thursday23:28
charlie-tcaMost of the information will be in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/OneiricOcelot/AlphaNotes and the team reports23:28
charlie-tcaThe AlphaNotes page is not for public release, by the way23:28
charlie-tcaochosi: your turn23:29
ochosihm, tbh there's not much23:30
ochosii fixed the checkboxes and radiobuttons to follow the new (brighter) style23:30
ochosiand experimented with other colors23:30
ochosibut that's about it23:30
knome(wow, the meeting is *this* late!)23:30
ochosididn't get too much feedback on the theme, but what i got was positive23:31
charlie-tcaYeah, Sunday 23:31
knomemmh, and it's 1:30am ;)23:31
ochosiany questions?23:31
knome++ for the changes i've seen23:31
charlie-tcaI like what the theme is doing, so far23:31
charlie-tcaThanks for working on it23:32
mr_pouityes, the fixed checkboxes are nice23:32
ochosiany suggestions or requests so far?23:32
charlie-tcaknome: anything on the website today?23:32
knomenot really. i'm hoping i'll have the energy to work on it next week23:33
knomei've been working quite a lot with some WP plugins, though23:33
knomethe imgcapt plugin is now pretty much done, and i might need people to test it23:33
charlie-tcawe eagerly await that request23:33
knomeyou can see that in action in http://shimmerproject.org/project/gmusicbrowser/23:33
ochosii think the imgcapt plugin should definitely be used for the x-website, it's pretty self-explanatory23:34
knomeokay, i'll try to set up a demo wp site up as soon as tomorrow, so you can try testing that, as well as the picslide plugin, as soon as i get some more work done with it23:34
charlie-tcaThat's neat!23:35
knomei'll write this in the invitation-to-test mail as well, but the feedback i need is: 1) is it easy to use 2) is there any features you'd like to be added23:35
knomeand maybe 1,5) if something is not easy, how can i make that better OR how can iu document it so that it becomes obvious to the user23:35
knomeanyway, the interface should be really so easy that even a child could use it23:36
charlie-tcagreat! I agree that feedback about to fix the issues is important.23:36
charlie-tcaThanks, knome 23:36
knomeno problem23:36
charlie-tcaany questions for knome?23:37
charlie-tcaTOPIC - Announcements23:37
charlie-tcaTeamReports need to be updated23:37
charlie-tca        https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/TeamReports23:37
charlie-tca* Oneiric Alpha 2: July 723:38
charlie-tca * Testing for Alpha2: July 523:38
charlie-tcaThe next meeting will be on Monday, 2011-07-11 at 19:00 UTC23:38
charlie-tcaTOPIC - Any Other Business23:39
charlie-tcaAnything else to be discussed?23:39
charlie-tcaI want to thank everyone for participation in this meeting. 23:40
charlie-tcaParticipation will help Xubuntu grow!23:40
charlie-tcaand, if that is all, 23:40
micahgmr_pouit: so, I'm still going to work on the library transitions, we don't need the space ATM, but a larger cushion wouldn't hurt23:41
knomecharlie-tca, do we have a meeting bot, or are you just throwing in the commands just because? :)23:41
charlie-tcaI throw them there because it is easier to create the minutes23:42
mr_pouitmicahg: ok, thanks. We've also two versions of python at the same time, but I'm not sure what's the plan23:42
knomei think we could get the meeting bot here as well if we wanted23:42
charlie-tcaalso, we can search the logs for MEETING and find it fast23:42
micahgmr_pouit: if we can help Debian along sufficiently to switch to 2.7 as default in unstable, I think we'll drop it this cycle, otherwise, early next cycle23:43
mr_pouitlast time I looked, it was python2.7 and 3.2 in the daily builds23:43
charlie-tcaIf we get enough space, we could add some language packs back into the images23:43
micahgmr_pouit: I meant drop 2.6 :)23:43
mr_pouitah, ok :p23:44
micahgcharlie-tca: there's work going on for localized CDs, idk if we need languages on the main ISO23:44
micahgcharlie-tca: ah, forgot to mention, Thunderbird is default in Ubuntu now :)23:45
charlie-tcaAre those going to be Ubuntu only cd's, or will they include all images?23:45
charlie-tcaI forgot about thunderbird, too23:46
micahgcharlie-tca: not sure I understand the question23:49
charlie-tcaWhen they create language specific cd's, will they include all images and flavours or will that be just Ubuntu images?23:50
charlie-tcaLast I heard, that will be for Ubuntu only. It will not include any other flavours23:50
micahgtrue, but I think there might be a facility for us to do it ourselves23:53
* micahg steps away for errands23:53
plantoschkacharlie-tca> plantoschka: we need a news release for alpha2 this week. 23:57
plantoschkai'll send you something tomorrow23:58
plantoschkagoin to bed now23:58

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