JeZ-l-Leewhy only 61 people in this room and 1500 in Ubuntu's room?00:08
charlie-tcaWhy only 70,000 users of Xubuntu and over 1million Ubuntu?00:09
charlie-tcaWe are entirely volunteer, no paid developers or management in Xubuntu00:09
notalare there paid developers for Ubuntu?00:10
notalwhere does the money come from? Just donations?00:11
charlie-tcaMark Shuttlework has funded Ubuntu since the beginning00:12
orngjce223Mark Shuttleworth is filthy rich. :v00:12
charlie-tcanot any more00:12
orngjce223True enough00:12
charlie-tcabut Mark had the means to make his dream a reality00:13
notalis xfce developed by volunteers?00:14
charlie-tcaAnd I think they do a really fine job of it, too!00:15
notalseems like it to me00:17
JeZ-l-LeeI tried to join the Xubuntu user mailing list, but received nothing after subscribing - anyone know why?00:17
charlie-tcait is kind of low volume, when did you join?00:19
JeZ-l-Leecharlie-tca - joined the mailing list today00:35
JeZ-l-Leebut never received a confirmation and I'm not receiving mail from the list either00:35
charlie-tcaDoesn't look like it went throughhttps://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/xubuntu-users00:54
charlie-tcaDoesn't look like it went through https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/xubuntu-users00:54
charlie-tcaIf you don't get the confirmation today, maybe the email address had a mistyped letter or something. submit again tomorrow00:55
crowdsI just install 11.04, but can't seem to find the menu editor, even though the 'software center' says it's installed.  Any idea where I can find it?02:56
orngjce223crowds: Do you know the name of the package, i.e. can you open Synaptic and tell me what the name says in the name column for that application? If you can, punch that exact name into Terminal and see if it runs.03:20
crowdshmm, yeah, strange, can't find anything seemingly relevant in synaptic or apropos.  But the 'software center' shows 'Menu Editor' as installed03:24
crowdsnot sure what the command for it is though03:25
crowdsany ideas?03:26
crowdshmm, no don't think so, it's not installed03:32
crowdsthis is a completely fresh install03:32
bazhang!find gconf-editor03:33
ubottuFound: gconf-editor03:33
bazhang!info gconf-editor03:33
ubottugconf-editor (source: gconf-editor): An editor for the GConf configuration system. In component main, is optional. Version 2.32.0-0ubuntu2 (natty), package size 123 kB, installed size 660 kB03:33
bazhangtry from the run menu or a terminal03:34
crowdsyeah, command not found03:34
crowdsshould I install it for menu configuration?03:35
crowdsI figured there would be a native xubuntu editor03:36
crowdsgoogle doesn't seem to turn up many results03:37
bazhangtry it and see03:37
crowdsok, I installed it and runs, but not sure how to edit menus with it03:40
crowdsdoes it work with xfce and gnome?03:41
crowdsok, thanks for the suggestions.  I just ended up installing alacarte, which seems to be working fine04:15
xubuntu569How long should creating the ext4 system create in a 20 gb drive using VMWare player cause my install seems to be stuck05:02
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rodney_hi all. having a problem with ntp on xubuntu. using a fresh install of natty on ext4 FS. installed ntp and ntpdate however on a reboot the only event logged by ntp is  'ntpd exiting on signal 15'. I can stop the service and execute 'ntpq -p' and get a list of the servers in the config file, the first with an '*' which I assume is the one it wants to use. When I try and execute 'ntpdate'  I get '... no servers can be used, ex06:21
rodney_iting'. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!06:21
rodney_oops, sorry about that ... forst part was 'Afternoon all ... having a problem on a fresh install of xubuntu natty getting ntp to work. On a reboot and restart of the service ntp logs 'ntpd exiting on signal 15' .....06:23
rodney_if I execute 'ntpdate -d -u -server-' is happily chugs off and updates ...?06:27
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xharxhow can i edit the menu in xubuntu11:39
knomexharx, which version?11:44
xharxmy new libreoffice doesnt start with soffice from the command line...11:45
knomeany menu editor should be okay, like alacarte11:45
xharxyeah, but where is the file to edit11:46
knomedon't know about that11:46
xharxok i understand, the eg alacarte knows it ?11:46
knomei suppose so, yes11:47
knomeafaik it's not a single file, but all the .desktop files, but i might be wrong as well11:47
knomei haven't done menu editing in probably years11:47
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jnlsnl_is it possible to get rid of the icon grid, so I can place and move icons like in gnome?14:38
jnlsnl_on the desktop14:38
jnlsnl_ok. thanks TheSheep15:11
winfreakXubuntu is so great this year15:18
winfreakAnd it's so elegant.15:18
knomewinfreak, thanks for the feedback15:19
winfreakSwitching from Ubuntu/Kubuntu to Xubuntu15:19
winfreakI mainly work with a macbook, but on the other computers this will replace windows15:19
winfreakbecause Xubuntu is like the elegance of OS X + less resources + Ubuntu power = awesome!15:20
winfreakI've got a question real quick...15:21
winfreakIs there a way to like share printers and folders in a windows kind of style?15:21
knomebetween linux machines, i think ssh is the best way to share files15:22
knomei don't know about printer sharing though, but i think that should work out-of-the-box15:22
winfreakBut I also have a macbook and some windows pc's15:22
winfreak(well my father does)15:22
knomethen use samba:15:22
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.15:22
winfreakIs there any fancy noob friendly tool to configure it?15:23
winfreak(I'm not really a n00b but I'm to lazy to mess with config files if there's a simpler way)15:23
knomei don't know about tools, but the urls posted should be pretty thorough15:23
winfreakthank you!15:23
knomeno problem15:24
knomebtw, if you have a blog, feel free to post an article about what you think about xubuntu and post the link here :)15:24
winfreakI'll do!15:25
winfreakI'll restart and come back15:39
winfreakYou XFCE guys are cool15:39
winfreakI'm back15:56
winfreaknow Xubuntu is fully running on my homeserver / mediawatchthingythatgoestothetelly15:56
winfreakI just got some more questions15:57
winfreakCould you tell me on how I could get my TV card work?15:57
knomehas it worked on ubuntu?15:57
knomeand what card is it?15:58
winfreakI don't know exactly which one15:58
knometry lspci in terminal15:58
winfreakand I didn't try on crap buntu cause it made me freak out using gnome15:59
winfreakI will15:59
knomethen try searching google with the card model and "ubuntu"15:59
knome(most of the instructions to get something working are the exact same as in ubuntu)15:59
winfreakIt doesn't show up16:00
winfreakI guess it's broken16:00
knomehmm, is it a usb one?16:00
knomeyou can also try "lshw"16:00
winfreakit's inserted to PCI express16:00
winfreakThis system runs so smooth now, gosh.16:01
winfreakBut I have to wait for it16:01
knomei know pretty little about tv cards, i'm afraid16:01
winfreakGosh! This is much information16:01
knomeheh, yeah, it is...16:01
winfreakHow am I supposed finding something?16:01
knometry "lshw >lshw.txt" and open lshw.txt with a text editor, if it's easier16:02
winfreakLet's see....16:02
winfreakCould it be that one?  description: Multimedia video controller16:04
winfreak                product: CX23880/1/2/3 PCI Video and Audio Decoder16:04
knomeyeah, looks right16:04
winfreakwhat now to do?16:05
knomeat least there are some threads about that16:06
knomehttp://linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Conexant_CX2388x <- i suppose that page could be helpful16:08
knomeand http://linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Cx88_devices_(cx2388x)#Installation_notes16:09
winfreakOh dear...16:12
winfreakI would have to reconfigure the kernel and do such things16:13
knomeyeah, sometimes devices with linux are definitely not easy16:13
winfreakBut this is like the definition of *not easy*16:14
winfreaklook at the instruction thingy16:14
knomei did16:14
winfreakIt's like: Build your own kernel with our like untested drivers, be lucky or go f**** yourself.16:15
knomeplease watch your language, even obfuscated. thanks :)16:15
winfreakI will16:15
knomethere is #ubuntu-mythtv, they might know a bit more about tv cards..16:16
winfreakAsked there.16:18
winfreakAnother one: Is this UltraEdit in the repositorys really for free or is it like shareware?16:19
knome!info uex16:20
ubottuPackage uex does not exist in natty16:20
knomehmm... it does :P16:20
winfreakNice bot you have thee16:20
knomeafaik, there should be no "shareware" -thing in the repositories16:20
knomebut i think better install it and check16:21
winfreakYAY; Shareware!16:24
knomei have to go now16:25
knomegood luck16:25
winfreakDoes anybody now if there's a good alternative to UltraEdit?16:28
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charlie-tcaXubuntu community meeting in #xubuntu-devel at 22:00 UTC today. Everyone is invited to attend. Agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings21:01
xubuntu353hello was wondering if someone could help me i am installing xubuntu 11.04 and have this error - ERROR: modinfo: could not find nvidia_9621:09
xubuntu353do i need to start over?21:10
jnlsnl_How can i make the ctril+alt+t = terminal ?22:14
ochosijnlsnl_: go to settings > keyboard > application shortcuts and add "xfce4-terminal" with your shortcut22:25
charlie-tcaXubuntu community meeting in #xubuntu-devel in 30 minutes. Everyone is invited to attend. Agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings22:29
charlie-tcaJeZ-l-Lee: did you get a confirmation from the mailing list today?22:45
charlie-tcaMeeting in #xubuntu-devel now23:00
JeZ-l-Leecharlie-tca - hi, sorry I never received the confirmation from the mailing list23:52

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