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didrocksgood morning07:54
oSoMoNgood morning08:13
zniavreindicator will be available for gnome3 classic-session ?09:54
zniavregood morning **09:54
zniavreand .... how to use the new modial/dialog windows please ?09:58
zniavreim thinking it's compiz setting am i wrong ?09:59
zniavreif yes how to use it without unity/unity2d ?09:59
zniavre(im using Oneiric with gnome-classic session)  no unity/no gnome-shell10:03
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smspillaznjpatel: I'm aallliiiiiivvveee10:45
njpatelsmspillaz, that's fine, I'll just ask everyone to ignore you :)10:46
htorquegreetings, everyone! i have a question: how do i turn off the window shadow in oneiric? i commented out the shadow keys in the metacity theme, but didn't seem to work like in natty.11:00
njpatelhtorque, not sure, maybe make the radius 0.0?11:26
htorquenjpatel: will try11:26
htorquehm, nope11:29
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om26erfta, Hi! did you stop stop gwibber daily updates in the ppa or something bad happened? ;)17:31
ftaom26er, indeed, ken asked me too17:33
fta-too+to stop17:34
om26erfta, i take that he wants to make the new look surprise for people ;-)17:35
DaekdroomNew look? :)17:35
ftaom26er, he was supposed to move the daily to lp recipes.. as i'm shutting down my bot17:36
om26erfta, ok that, thanks :)17:37
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zniavregood evening19:38
zniavredoe s new modial dialog msut be like that ? > http://i.imgur.com/xaaYs.jpg19:38
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