* KombuchaKip hates Git00:56
bignosebzr-svn is breaking suddenly01:26
bignoseAFAIK the Subversion server hasn't changed01:27
bignose  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/bzrlib/plugins/svn/fetch.py", line 505, in _open_directory01:27
bignose    base_file_id = self.editor._get_old_id(self.old_id, path)01:27
bignose  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/bzrlib/plugins/svn/fetch.py", line 805, in _get_old_id01:27
bignose    return ret.next()[1]01:27
bignoseis this a known problem with an easy fix (and can I have a pony)?01:27
lifelessshows nothing01:31
lifelessso I suspect not a known issue01:31
bignoselifeless: thanks01:32
spivMorning folks.01:39
bignosecan I ‘bzr branch’ from a local filesystem Subversion checkout?01:39
spivI think that's meant to work.01:39
bignose‘bzr help urlspec’ only talks about the Subversion server01:40
bignoseand Bazaar doesn't recognise the Subversion checkout as a branch.01:40
bignoseso ‘bzr branch foo.svncheckout/ foo/’ just gives “bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: …/foo.svncheckout/”.01:57
bignosespiv: so how can I branch from a working Subversion checkout?01:58
bignose(accessing the server causes Bazaar to crash.)01:58
spivbignose: the same way you just tried to :/01:58
spivbignose: I think you need to file a bug (or in your case, pseudo-file by mailing the list and/or jelmer)01:59
bignoseshall do, thanks.01:59
_mathrick$ bzr unbind03:52
_mathrickbzr: ERROR: Unable to connect to SSH host lynx.imada.sdu.dk; [Errno 10060] A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond03:52
_mathrickwhy does it want to connect to unbind?03:52
lifelesshmm, not sure.03:54
_mathricklifeless: it's a colo-ified repo03:55
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mathrickand I'm having trouble trying to find out what is bound to what exactly, since bzr info accepts no --local03:57
mathrick$ cat .bzr/branch/location03:57
mathrickoh, that'd explain03:58
lifelessthats not bound04:04
lifelessthats a lightweight checkout04:04
mathricklifeless: well, I thought it was a lightweight checkout of .bzr/branches/lipid-calc which was then bound to the above04:05
mathrickwhich is why it was surprising to me that it'd want to connect to unbind04:05
mathrickand it sure worked they I'd expect it to before (when the server was not down), ie. both the local colo workspace and the remote one were updated on any commit/other change04:08
mathricks/they/the way/04:18
bignoseokay, this is looking less like a ‘bzr-svn’ problem04:39
bignoseit seems the repository is being strange05:03
bignosecould that be because of earlier ‘bzr-svn’ problems?05:03
lifelessI think thats unrelated, and fixed in trunk.05:05
lifeless / 2.405:05
spivActually, I think that is likely to be related to earlier bzr-svn problems.05:09
spivFSVO of "earlier" :)05:09
* spiv digs up the bug number05:10
spivhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-svn/+bug/485601 is the one I'm thinking of05:14
ubot5Ubuntu bug 485601 in Bazaar Subversion Plugin "missing chk node(s) for id_to_entry maps" [Critical,In progress]05:14
spivIIRC jelmer has corrected the problem in bzr-svn trunk (and maybe the current release?) but there isn't yet an easy way to repair affected bzr repos.05:15
bignosewould those repository problems show up on ‘bzr check’?05:37
spivNo, although if you made a fresh import (i.e. into a new bzr repo) then use 'bzr cross-check EXISTING_REPO FRESH_IMPORT' it would.  (requires ~spiv/bzr-crosscheck/experimental plugin, I should really make that be the trunk version and/or integrate it into bzr-repodebug)05:43
bignosespiv: are either of those in Debian Wheezy?05:45
spivI don't know of anyone packaging those.05:45
bignosehmm, the ‘bzr check’ has failed on this repository.05:46
spivbzr-repodebug is relatively new (although its contents aren't)05:46
bignoseif I make a new repository and branch again from Subversion, would I be wasting my time?05:46
spivProbably not.  How did check fail though?05:46
bignoseNoSuchRevision: CHKInventoryRepository('file:///home/benf/projects/svn/.bzr/repository/') has no revision ('svn-v4:58802371-0b19-4c69-acb7-7d0c5b422186:trunk:3356',)05:47
spiv(If it is fallout from a now-corrected bzr-svn bug then making a fresh import would be the easiest way to continue working I think.)05:48
spivHmm, a bit odd.  Does the traceback give any hint as to whether it was looking for a revision or inventory when that happened?05:48
spiv(Unfortunately that error without context can mean either)05:49
lifelessthere will be a backtrace in ~/.bzr.log05:53
bignosehow much do you want to see?05:56
bignose  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/bzrlib/repository.py", line 2382, in get_inventory05:56
bignose    return self.iter_inventories([revision_id]).next()05:56
bignose  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/bzrlib/repofmt/groupcompress_repo.py", line 899, in _iter_inventories05:56
bignose    raise errors.NoSuchRevision(self, record.key)05:56
bignoseNoSuchRevision: CHKInventoryRepository('file:///home/benf/projects/svn/.bzr/repository/') has no revision ('svn-v4:58802371-0b19-4c69-acb7-7d0c5b422186:trunk:3356',)05:56
spivOk, so it does think an inventory record is missing.  Have you used stacked repositories at all?06:00
spivAnyway, I would certainly try a fresh import from SVN at this point06:00
bignosethat's the full traceback06:01
bignoseI will try a clean repository. but my goal is to merge some revisions from the existing repository :-(06:01
spivThere's a reasonable chance that you'll be able to merge them into the new repository.06:01
spivI'm not sure how you'd have ended up with a revision record without a corresponding inventory record.  Perhaps just an old bug that's been fixed that I've long since forgotten about :)06:02
bignosenew fun: the bound branch from Subversion into a new repository works06:14
bignosebut branching from that give:06:14
bignose$ bzr branch ../svn/empowered/06:14
bignoseinconsistent details in skipped record: StaticTuple('719@58802371-0b19-4c69-acb7-7d0c5b422186:trunk%2Fwdyt%2Fsource%2Fwdyt%2Fprofile_modules%2Fmanagement%2Fcommands%2Fsend_profile_reminders.py', 'ben@benfinney.id.au-20110701043735-hyhpvogab661xpcz') ('4655593 322707 1213090 1213211', ((('719@58802371-0b19-4c69-acb7-7d0c5b422186:trunk%2Fwdyt%2Fsource%2Fwdyt%2Fprofile_modules%2Fmanagement%2Fcommands%2Fsend_profile_reminders.py', 'ben@benfinney06:14
bignoseBranched 3363 revision(s).06:15
jammorning all08:16
sagacihi, just doing my first branch of lp:ubuntu/gnome-user-guide, it's up to  42616kB    84kB/s | Fetching revisions:Inserting stream:Estimate 5520/5533, how big is the initial revision size, should I save it for a rainy day or can someone shed light to the estimated total size..?08:35
jamsagaci: I'll check, just a sec08:38
jamsagaci: are you sure that is spelled correctly: bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/%2Bbranch/ubuntu/gnome-user-guide/"08:41
sagacijam, it just finished at around 90MiB08:41
sagacibut thanks anyway08:41
sagacisorry, gnome-user-docs08:41
jamhmm... I see it for natty,  but "lp:ubuntu/gnome-user-guide" didn't seem to work08:42
jamah, thanks08:42
jamwell, I'm glad it worked for you08:42
sagaciyeah, just didn't want it to be ~1GiB and 4 hours later08:42
denican i have a repo in say /home/user1/repo and create a symlink to it in folder /home/user2/repo2 and have user2 user repo2 ?08:46
denii know i know this is completely wrong....on so many levels08:46
denibut i have a ssh jail on one user and i want him to be able to just user that one repo that is located outside of the jail folder08:47
bob2symlinks don't let you escape chroots08:47
lifelessyour jail would prevent that working08:47
lifelessnevermind what bzr might support :)08:47
lifelessyou could use a bind mount08:48
deniuser2 is jailed in /home/user208:48
denithe link is located is that folder.....wouldn't it seem like he never left /home/user208:49
lifelesssadly no, thats not how symlinks work08:49
lifelessthey get dereferenced (followed) in userspace08:49
deniwhy can i cd to repo2 and write to it then? :D08:49
lifelessbecause your shell + libc are collaborating to confuse you08:50
denialso pwd says /home/user2/repo2/ and not /home/user1/repo08:50
denibe as it may....i can still write to that folder08:50
lifelesswhile you are jailed ?08:50
maxbWhat kind of jail is this?08:51
maxbDoesn't sound very secure :-)08:51
deniaarrghh..nope..just me being stupid08:51
deniwait a secx08:51
lifelesspython -c 'import os;os.symlink("/etc", "foo")'08:51
lifelessif you run that, while jailed08:51
lifelessand ls foo shows you your /etc08:51
lifelessthen your jail is, uhm, not working well :)08:52
denilifeless: the jail is working fine, like i said it was just me being stupid (i was not logged in as the jailed user :D)08:52
lifelessthere you go08:52
deniwell i can always branch the repo in the jail and then have user2 push to it and then just merge from time to time08:53
maxbThe important thing to understand about symlinks is that they are *just* a pathname stored on the disk, that's all - and all of the dereferencing happens at the priviledge level of the user accessing them08:53
denilifeless: maxb: tnx08:53
lifelessdeni: or use a bind mount08:53
lifelessdeni: which will do what you wanted08:53
Rakeshhello friends09:01
Rakeshplease help me in configuring bzr in windows09:01
bialixRakesh: ask09:04
Rakeshi installed bzr on my machine09:05
Rakeshand its configured with some RSA key pair09:05
bialixits = what?09:05
Rakeshi mean we have RSA public key used in server09:06
bialixI don't think bzr is configured with RSA, are you talking about your SSH client software?09:06
Rakeshand i ned ma private key in ma system to get connected09:06
bialixwhat is your SSH client software?09:07
bialixI'd recommend you to use pageant from PuTTY package to hold your private key09:07
Rakeshactually i created it from my Ubuntu machine09:07
Rakeshand configured my bzr client in there09:08
bialixon bzr it won't work the same way as on Ubuntu09:08
bialixmaybe you want install Cygwin to have SSH client similar to Ubuntu09:08
bialixor just use PuTTY09:09
bialixyou need 2 utilities: puttygen and pageant09:09
bialixusing puttygen you have to import your private key and then save it in putty format.09:10
bialixuse pageant as ssh-agent software, load your putty-private key there09:10
bialixalso it will be better to ensure you don't have ssh.exe or plink.exe in your path, otherwise you'd better set env variable BZR_SSH=paramiko09:11
bialixRakesh: does it make sense for you?09:11
Rakeshsorry, i ment SSH key09:12
Rakeshits not RSA key :(09:12
bialixI know, I told you about SSH key09:12
Rakeshyea , thanks09:12
Rakeshok  i have the kay pair and i configured bzr in Ubuntu09:13
Rakeshand what i need is i want to configure it for my windows machne too09:13
Rakeshand  whan i tried to configure it there it asks for my private key password09:14
Rakeshand its not detecting the password09:14
bialixRakesh: re-read my advices starting from "or just use PuTTY" sentence09:14
bialixare you using GUI tools or command-line?09:15
bialixthat's could be a problem then09:15
bialixit seems you have Cygwin's ssh and ssh-agent instaled in your system, right?09:16
Rakeshnot actually09:17
RakeshI have the key which is generated  from ubuntu09:17
Rakeshssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -f ~/.ssh/rakesh09:18
Rakeshthis is the way i created there09:18
Rakeshand i need to use he same key in windows09:18
Rakeshsince that public key is used to register my acount in remote server09:19
denilifeless: mount --bind works like a charm. tnx09:19
bialixRakesh: you wrote: "and whan i tried to configure it there it asks for my private key password"? so I assume you have ssh-agent software09:19
Rakeshwhat this ssh-agent doing :)09:20
bialixRakesh: if this is not your computer, then maybe you need to ask your system administrator about installed software09:20
bialixssh-agent holds your private key so you don't have to type the password every time09:21
lifelessdeni: cool09:21
Rakeshbialix: okey , i will try once more and if angin the problem persist wil inform the admin09:22
Rakeshbialix:  thanks for your supoprt09:22
Kamping_Kaiserdont' remember if i asked this here - is ther a way to remotely rename branches?11:03
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hellnest_hello i've got this invalid http Missing the Content-Range header in a 206 range response17:01
hellnest_i'm trying to clone a bzr repo17:01
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ndurnerThe patch https://code.launchpad.net/~ndurner/bzr/bzr-ftp checks for the return code 502, but now I have encountered a server that returns 452 (IIRC) at work18:00
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ndurner452 is not compliant to RFC 452, which states "insuffient storage"18:02
ndurnerNow, what's the right thing to do here?18:02
ndurnerInterpret any 4xxx and 5xx return code as "server does not implement this"?18:03
ndurnerOr check for 502 and 452 explicitely?18:03
ndurner* RFC 95918:04
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ndurnerit's 451, not 45220:34
ndurner"Append/Restart not permitted"20:35
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jo-erlendhow big overhead does bzr introduce? I was considering placing my entire ~ in revision control. But I have some folders that contain rather large sets of changing data, such as Videos where I download to, and VM_disks. I would like to know when those files have been added, changed and removed, but I would not want to compare their content. What do you think? Will this cause lots of overhead, or should it be doable?23:06
bob2not doable23:12
bob2there'sa  thing for git called git-annex, possibly someone has done something similar for bzr23:13
jo-erlendbob2, why not?23:13
bob2because multigigabyte files are expensive for bzr to deal with23:14
bob2(or any other tool, too, hence git-annex et al)23:15
jo-erlendok. But I can exclude those directories?23:21
lifelessjo-erlend: yes you can exclude them23:35
lifelessjo-erlend: bzr will need enough memory to hold the entire directory listing in memory, + 2 times the size of your largest file that you choose to version control.23:36
jo-erlendoh, ok! That makes sense and that makes it rather clear why I cannot put those directories in vcs :)23:38
lifelessjo-erlend: entire ~ is probably fine; we've tested up to 1M files23:52
lifelessjo-erlend: though it may get a bit slow :) - and any subdirs that are also bzr projects won't get versioned [because they are their own projects]23:52

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