TNRR2012is it proper to ask a general question about ubuntu and a verizon mobile modem in here?  thanx02:44
highvoltagestgraber: yeah it's a tough choice. I'd really like to make gnome 3 fallback default but then we diverge from ubuntu which also sucks. I think what you're proposing is the best compromise.04:20
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mgariepygood morning everyone13:21
highvoltagegood morning15:24
highvoltageI'm right that it's alkisg, mgariepy, myself and stgraber that needs to be added to edubuntu-dev, right?17:59
highvoltage(I want to get that email out to TB have been putting it off for too long)17:59
stgraberTB as in thunderbird or technical board?18:02
stgrabershouldn't we also get Scotty for upload rights to sabayon?18:03
highvoltagestgraber: yes, I'm going to ask Thunderbird to give us upload rights in Ubuntu :)18:06
stgraberhighvoltage: well, I'm not sure why you'd contact the Technical Board either ;)18:06
highvoltagestgraber: I wondered about him too, I'd ideally like confirmation from him (so that we don't add someone without them knowing about it)18:07
stgraberhighvoltage: the Edubuntu Council already has the right to review and grant membership to edubuntu-dev for any member of edubuntu-members18:07
highvoltagestgraber: d'oh, DMB sorry :)18:07
stgraberDMB already granted the delegation to edubuntu-council, no need to contact us either18:07
highvoltagestgraber: ok, I just found it awkward that we're voting for ourselves here18:07
stgraberjust need the edubuntu-council to vote and add us to the team18:07
highvoltagestgraber: and I'd ideally want them to just confirm it18:07
stgraberI don't have any problem with us voting for ourselves as long as it's done publicly18:07
stgraber(speaking as a DMB member ;))18:08
* highvoltage checks how much we need for quorum on EC charter18:08
stgraberIIRC 3 as we are now 5 on the council18:08
highvoltageyep, indeed. so could we just do that today? with mgariepy we have 318:09
stgrabersure, just send the mail to the ML with all of our names and a reason for why we'd need upload rights, then I'll +1 the 318:10
stgrabers/the 3/the 4 or 5/g18:10
highvoltagestgraber: do you have scotty online on skype? (I remember you had at one time when he wasn't on jabber)18:17
stgraberhighvoltage: nope, can't seem him online anywhere18:18
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highvoltagestgraber: did you revert the gnome fallback desktop change that was there for alpha1?22:01
highvoltageI haven't looked at a daily build recently22:01
stgraberhighvoltage: yep, I removed the change from -artwork and I updated the installer in -live22:12
stgraberhighvoltage: though images failed to build today so maybe we'll get something tomorrow22:12
highvoltagestgraber: ok22:13

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