PythonSnakeWhy is ark promptimg me again but i ticked apply to all ?00:01
PythonSnakeis that normal ?00:01
* Linkmaster_ is spamming boards00:05
Linkmaster_what is kpresenters file format saved as?00:05
jordan__PythonSnake, im getting back into programming i have a question whats the best ide for python?00:13
PythonSnake!best | jordan__00:14
ubottujordan__: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.00:14
PythonSnakejordan__: try kdevelop00:14
jordan__omg i dont wanna have to setup that thing00:15
jordan__are you kidding me?00:15
jordan__i just need something for python00:16
jordan__and doesnt look like crap on a stock00:16
PythonSnakeIDLE ?00:16
PythonSnakejordan__: Python IDLE is simple :)00:16
jordan__i may try that00:16
PythonSnakejordan__: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IDLE_(Python)00:17
PythonSnakejordan__: no problem00:18
jordan__wait a minute i go into idle when i type in python00:18
jordan__ill just look around00:19
PythonSnakejordan__: my pc just froze00:24
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jordan__python, your probably like me you bought a cheap you you what computer lol00:31
PythonSnakejordan__: ?00:33
zaferhi all00:33
zafer'unhandled pmc intr status bit '00:33
zaferwhat is this00:33
PythonSnakewhat do you mean ?00:33
jordan__sorry i have talking at a different channel00:33
jordan__hard to have two conversations at once lol00:34
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jordan__your probably like me you bought a cheap you know what computer*00:34
jordan__pythonsnake, im not going to get ban for here00:37
jordan__i do need help most of the time :(00:37
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jordan__python, i was wondering about chromium gui00:42
jordan__cause you dont use gtk if you dont want to00:43
jordan__scrollbar completely different etc00:43
jordan__did you see how big the source code?00:43
jordan__i abandon ship00:44
PythonSnakejordan__: ?00:48
jordan__im not saying i could comprehend it00:50
jordan__just saying i was curious00:51
PythonSnakejordan__: do you like dolphin or konqeror more ?00:55
jordan__dolphin :)00:57
jordan__well i dont really know00:59
jordan__looks nice :)01:00
Linkmasteryofel: mind helping me with one last thing?03:04
Linkmasterwhup, you're away, my apologies03:05
LinkmasterI just installed koffice from source, but its not available system-wide, nor can I launch it in anyway. How can I make it launchable?03:07
Linkmasterokay, I've mostly got it according to this: http://wiki.koffice.org/index.php?title=Building/Building_KOffice#Running_KOffice_applications03:14
thinhhoanghi, my plasma notifier is not working, how can I fix it? it only shows up in ugly grey box.03:37
prabintweetGood morning03:42
prabintweetHow is kubuntu rocking03:42
sozietyhello, I am reading http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1619831, I need block internet access completly if vpn down, any idea?04:46
uberfrauhey guys, adjusting kmix volume isn't working (though it shows it working), but when i go into playback control and change volume, it works. so it's showing the volume changing, but not actually changing it. how could i troubleshoot this problem? (kubuntu 10.10)05:10
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valorieuberfrau: some apps have their own independent volume control05:53
valoriewhat app are you using?05:54
uberfrauvalorie: ? it worked before, by what app am i using, do you mean the stream?05:54
valoriethe application you are using to listen to the stream05:54
valoriefor instance, I'm listening to a stream in Amarok right now05:55
valoriethe amarok volume has the most effect, but I can also lower the volume using kmix05:56
valorieseems to be working better in 11.04 than it did in 10.10 though05:56
valoriehave you tried looking at Alsamixer?05:57
valoriewhich works in the console, but is sort of graphical05:57
nguyenvansonanyone using kubuntu 4.1106:00
uberfrauvalorie: it's ALSA plug-in06:04
valorienguyenvanson: I'm not sure kubuntu even existed that early -- unless you mean 11.0406:06
nguyenvansonI'm currently using kubuntu 4.1106:08
nguyenvansonI want to make icon theme for my country but do not know how anyone can guide me to be not06:09
nguyenvansonI want to make icon theme for my country but do not know how anyone can guide me to be not06:10
well_laid_lawnnguyenvanson: you want someone to guide you to be not what?06:12
nguyenvansonI'm stuck in a file theme.index it really confusing06:13
nguyenvansonI'm very bad English06:14
nguyenvansonI'm stuck in a file theme.index it really confusing06:16
well_laid_lawnnguyenvanson: I normally start with a working theme.index and use the replace function in my editor06:17
well_laid_lawnnguyenvanson: keep it in the channel please - I don't know everything06:19
well_laid_lawnand someone might be able to help06:19
nguyenvansonI do a file but it does not completely change all the icon06:20
well_laid_lawnnguyenvanson: then there will be sim links you missed or something06:21
nguyenvansonif you are may be minh giúp could not be06:22
nguyenvansonyou can help me could not be06:23
nguyenvansonme will send all of me for you06:24
well_laid_lawnnguyenvanson: I'm not going to build your theme for you sorry06:24
well_laid_lawnit takes time and effort06:24
nguyenvansonthanks anyway06:25
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mauro_hello everyone08:41
mauro_I am getting the following message after executing apt-get update (kubuntu 11.04)08:44
mauro_W: Failed to fetch cdrom://Kubuntu 11.04 _Natty Narwhal_ - Release amd64 (20110427)/dists/natty/main/binary-amd64/Packages  Please use apt-cdrom to make this CD-ROM recognized by APT. apt-get update cannot be used to add new CD-ROMs08:44
mauro_any idea?08:44
Tm_Tmauro_: yes, unless you're interested on using CD as a package source, remove it from apt sources (:08:45
mauro_Tm_T: thanks08:46
mauro_I will have a look in the source list08:46
Tm_Tit's right in top most likely (:08:47
Tm_Talso for how to do it via GUI, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu08:47
mauro_Tm_T: good thanks a lot08:48
mauro_Tm_T: solved (I cannot understand how the cdrom source was added in the list)08:53
ReMatrixBuongionro a tutti09:07
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Ceno3xhi guys12:51
Ceno3xI'm trying to install Kubuntu 11.04 with an nvidia card and so far it's been a complete trainwreck12:52
Ceno3xI'd like some advice, is there any configuration known to work? would 10.10 work better with an nvidia card?12:54
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James147Carnage__: It would help if you told us what problems you are having13:11
James147Ceno3x:  ^^ sorry13:11
Ceno3xJames147: ok, I thought it'd be a more well known problem. With the proprietary driver and compositing the computer freezes all the time, without compositing there's visual "garbage" that appears on screen all the time13:15
Ceno3xtried the open-source, it also crashed and sleep stopped working13:16
Ceno3xwhat I was wondering is if there's some driver that's known to be rock solid with kde13:20
James147Ceno3x: well its not a common problem these days as far as I know13:20
James147Ceno3x: what card do you have?13:21
Ceno3xJames147: well.... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/76063213:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 760632 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "Resizing Konsole crashes the whole system" [High,Confirmed]13:21
Ceno3xJames147: nvidia GT 330M13:23
James147Ceno3x: ahh, a mobile card... yeah have seen some issues with them in the past13:26
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Ceno3xJames147: O_O I need to work on my thesis and this is being a disaster, I thought the weekend would be enough to install the damn thing but here am I still13:30
James147Ceno3x: well, you could try 10.10 or 10.04 and see if they work any better... but I am afraid I do not know of a way to solve the problem13:31
Ceno3xJames147: I was on 10.04 with some degree of success. But I really wanted to try out kde 4.613:32
Ceno3xJames147: does 11.04 get the latest kde updates, or is there some special ppa? maybe updating to the latest packages would solve the issue13:33
stefan`did anyone also have a problem sending mails through kmail, 2.1.0?13:34
stefan`my mails reside in the outbox, although a default smtp server is given in the config13:35
James147Ceno3x: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-release-46413:36
BluesKajCeno3x, to add the kde ppa ,  sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports13:36
Ceno3xJames147: BluesKaj thx, I'm gonna try a full update and pray to a couple different gods13:38
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BluesKajcees_, juat update then dist-upgrade13:39
BluesKajCeno3x, ^13:39
Ceno3xBluesKaj: you mean "apt-get dist-upgrade"?13:39
BluesKajafter adding the ppa of course13:40
Ceno3xI use aptitude usualy, I just did "aptitude update && aptitude upgrade", not interely sure if the result is different13:40
James147Ceno3x: you want full-upgrade then (or use dist-upgrade which means the same thing... aptitude knows about both)13:41
Ceno3xJames147: could you explain the difference between running aptitude upgrade and aptitude dist-upgrade?13:42
BluesKajCeno3x, aptitude used to be my fav package manager/handler as well, but in 11.04 it's been depracated , or so I'm told .13:42
Ceno3xBluesKaj: it's not "deprecated" per se, it's just not in the default install anymore13:43
BluesKajyeah , that too13:43
BluesKajit never was the default afaik13:43
James147Ceno3x: cant remember what upgrade does.... last I remember it was depracated and suggestred you used safe- or full- upgrade  (at least from waht I remember)... but the essential difference between safe- and full (as well as just upgrade and dist-upgrade on apt-get) is that safe wont install new packages or remove unneeded packages where as full will meaning safe is safer but might not upgrade everything13:44
James147BluesKaj: its not deperacated but is not installed on *ubuntu any more by default under the assumption that they want to use apt-get and dont need two packagemanager (and they need to save space on the cd) ^^ but the program its self is still developed and I think debian are now faviouring aptitude13:45
Ceno3xJames147: is there anyway to quickly see which packages are supplie by which ppa? In the ubuntu software center there'a  list of ppas on the left which then show which packages they provide. Does package kit do something of the like?13:46
bigbrovarCeno3x: install muon software center, it has that feature13:47
Ceno3xbigbrovar: thx, will do13:48
bigbrovarCeno3x: also have u tried using wvdial for your 3 modem issues.13:48
bigbrovarwvdial was the old tool used in configuring 3g cards and the likes, but it was decided that since network manager does all the job and does it well it was nolonger needed. I always find it to just work in my case and takes lil effort even though its a commandline tool13:49
Ceno3xbigbrovar: I don't think you meant to talk to me? I have no modem issues13:49
Ceno3xbigbrovar: yeah, muon is just what I was looking for, thx a lot!13:50
bigbrovaru might want to try it out. the catch is that its not installed by default on ubuntu anymore so u would have to download it. (you are effed if u dont have a secondary internet connection)13:50
bigbrovaroh someone was here complaining about his thesis and some network issues13:50
bigbrovarmaybe I got it wrong then13:50
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BluesKajJames147, I read an short article about aptitude not on par with apt-get anymore over depends issues and package builds, in 11.0413:51
Ceno3xbigbrovar: I was just complaining about my thesis, no modem was involved : -p13:51
bigbrovarCeno3x: oh ok.. goes I need glasses then :p13:51
ubottuaptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. Like other APT front-ends, it can install/remove packages and their dependencies. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptitudeSurvivalGuide14:01
Ceno3xI think xorg-edgers just raped my package management14:10
Ceno3xonly one way to find out14:11
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excognacWhat is the matter if kubuntu does not shut down properly? The screen dims and then nothing... It occurs occasionally...17:29
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Ceno3xhi guys18:54
Ceno3xI'm trying to install nvidia-current from xorg-edgers, but apt-get insists that it has to remove 130 kde packages in other to do that. I don't understand what's happening here18:54
Ceno3xthe driver version is 275.09.07 and I can download it from nvidia.com instead, should I? Should I read some special guide?18:54
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spirov92hi, flash player stopped working after I ran some updates. The browser just doesn't load the plugin. Has anyone else had this problem?18:59
spirov92tried chrome, firefox and rekonq btw19:00
Ceno3xouch : -\19:01
paolo_Hi. I'm searching for an application which consists in a customizable grid of buttons, each one having its customizable icon and the possibility to add an action to each button. Something like that: http://people.easter-eggs.org/~valos/wmdrawer/  (which has many problems). Any idea?19:04
tsimpsonspirov92: have you got the latest update? (it was released a few days ago)19:07
spirov92yeah, it updated a couple of days ago19:08
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod20:11
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johannes__hi, kubuntu automatically announces .udisks-ssh .libvirt and .workstation informations on my local network, can someone else simply click on them and then control my virtual machines/filesystems ?20:43
mranimais there something like Gnome DO but for KDE cause Synapse does not work very well.21:27
chasrHi,  I am fixing to go from ubuntu 10.10 to kbuntu 11.04.21:30
chasrright now my / part is 12.5 of 75 gB -- my personal files are on an other part.21:32
chasrI need to split / to get a partition for kubunto 11.0421:32
chasrI'm wondering what % to leave for gnome 10.10 and what % I should give to Kubuntu 11.0421:34
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J95I have a question on Nvidia21:40
J95can someone help?21:40
J95well I am not sure whether to get a Geforce 9800 or a Gefroce 9500 ot a GTX card21:40
J95Which one will last the longest??21:40
J95One of my freinds has a Geforce 9500 to play Starcraft 221:41
J95so what do u guys suggest?21:41
ddy92iGeforce 9800 is better21:41
J95What about the Gtx cards??21:42
J95They are newer?21:42
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ubuntu4shaneok, got an odd problem on one of my kids accounts, the mouse is limited to a small sliver of the screen, not in the middle and not on the right side22:23
ubuntu4shaneany ideas??22:23
ubuntu4shaneby the way on other accounts it is fine, so somehow it is an account setting problem22:24
ubuntu4shaneno one around?  Everyone out on picnics waiting to see fireworks??22:25
alexandrehave you tried turning it off and on again ?22:25
ubuntu4shanealexandre: yeah, she has logged out and back in a few times, it has been like this for a week, and I'm just getting around to checking it out.22:26
alexandreWell... I'm not an informatic professional, so I can't help you... Sorry22:27
ubuntu4shanehmm, best I can think to do is, wipe the account and start with a clean slate, guess that is better than nothing22:27
alexandreyea, try that22:28
ubuntu4shaneproblem, is we don't know what caused it, soo, that  kind of leaves me at a loss22:28
ubuntu4shaneor setup a second user for her22:28
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dissehey guys22:39
disseI have a question. I'm Using the actual kubuntu natty with my graphics card nvidia geforce 8800gts. Effects of the Destkop are doing their work. But i wanted to see some southpark episodes and they're green and so on. False colors. Is the nvidia driver, which is installed by standart the open source one?22:42
Quintasandisse: The default driver in Kubuntu for NVidia cards is the open source one22:43
Quintasandisse: Please use Additional drivers from the KMenu to install the nvidia closed-source driver22:43
dissehmm, any reason with the open source driver?22:43
Quintasandisse: AFAIC we are not allowed to ship the driver by default22:44
dissehmmm, which drivers in kmenu? where?22:44
dissekk, i'll install it per hand, no problem22:44
Quintasandisse: It's under System tab in application menu22:44
QuintasanShould be called "Additional drivers"22:44
dissei didn't saw it till jet, thanx22:45
disseif not, i had choose the debian way (fu english, sry)22:45
Quintasandisse: You're welcome, that should do the trick, please note that this version of driver is unfortunately affected by  bug #76063222:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 760632 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "Resizing Konsole crashes the whole system" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76063222:46
dissethank you, hmm, there stands, that unity cannot rin without the nvidia driver, the proprietary. How can they deliver it by default?22:48
Quintasandisse: No idea, I am not using unity :)22:51
disseI'm using kde, cuz gnome gone shiat and unity sucks :P22:52
alesanhi! which program can I use to take a picture with my webcam?22:56
DeltaEpsilonare there going to be a kde 4.7 rc  release in the repo?23:07
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