lifelessStevenK: thanks00:00
StevenKlifeless: It's landed?00:07
lifelessStevenK: tossed it at ec200:08
lifelessStevenK: *just in case*00:08
StevenKFair enough. :-)00:08
wgrantStevenK: 2x QA for you00:48
wgrantBah, qa-bad.00:53
wgrantStevenK: https://code.qastaging.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hotwire00:53
wgrantI presume it's your fault.00:54
wgrantNot sure how, though.00:54
wgrantYou said date_last_updated in lib/lp/code/templates/distributionsourcepackage-branches-grouped.pt, instead of date_last_modified.00:58
wgrantCan you fix/test?00:58
StevenKOh, bah00:58
StevenKI suspect you mean s/\// and /00:59
wgrantStevenK: Any progress on the qa-bad fix?02:09
StevenKDistracted by housework/phone02:11
StevenKAnd NFI how to initialise that template02:11
lifelessStevenK: do you need a hand with that qa-bad fix?03:15
StevenKYes. I'm worried that the test suite didn't pick that up03:17
StevenKBut I should head out and buy lunch03:18
lifelessec2 is complaining: ImportError: No module named html5browser04:08
StevenKI suspect Curtis pulled his changes back into the tree, but forgot to update ec204:11
lifelessStevenK: the paralleltests branch is in devel now04:26
wgrantStevenK: He did update the image.04:26
wgrantlifeless: Had you merged devel lately?04:29
lifelessI was based off of revno: 13322 [merge]04:32
StevenK13365 is tip, or close to04:34
lifelessis that relevant to ec2?04:34
StevenKIt could be -- since the latest ec2 image is wallyworlds04:35
StevenKAnd he added himself last week04:35
wgrant13345 has that change.04:35
wgrantIt's possible that Curtis removed his once it was superseded.04:35
lifelesscan has review ? https://code.launchpad.net/~lifeless/launchpad/storylayers/+merge/6673804:40
* StevenK kicks the OOPS that wgrant pointed out05:51
* bigjools cleans earwigs out of keyboard yet again07:44
bigjoolslifeless: so did you hear about our long poll success?07:44
lifelessbut I did get snippets of info during the week07:45
bigjoolsit's pretty damned awesome07:45
bigjoolsgot an MP diff to appear the instant the job finished07:46
* wgrant throws boulders at American Airlines.07:46
lifelessbigjools: nice07:46
bigjoolsevening wgrant07:46
wgrantlifeless: It was even non-hacky by the end!07:47
lifelesswgrant: bigjools: StevenK: can I have a review please? https://code.launchpad.net/~lifeless/launchpad/storylayers/+merge/6673807:47
lifelesseasy stuff07:48
* bigjools looks07:48
bigjoolslifeless: get rid of the XXX at line 73, the bug is fixed/invalid07:52
lifelessbigjools: I'll reopen the bug08:04
lifelessbigjools: the discussion is pretty clear in it that it was missing a reproduction recipe, which this offers :)08:05
* bigjools sighs at bug crawling between LCD monitor cover and pixels inside08:06
spmbigjools: sounds like a tasty breakfast on the go for you?08:14
bigjoolsspm: well said bug is about the size of 3 pixels08:15
spmlite snack?08:16
* bigjools just took a video of it08:17
spmUQ. 1990. Doing my year project on a Decstation. was distracted by a bug running across the screen. leapt back from the desk and started peering at the side of the monitor to see WTF the bugger went. Turned to the otehr guy in the office to mention my brief fright to see the bastard pissing hisself laughing. Some (ancient) variant of xroach. bastard. :-)08:40
lifelesscan I ask a favour?08:57
lifelesscan someone send https://code.launchpad.net/~lifeless/launchpad/storylayers/+merge/66738 to ec2; my ec2 tree is updatingm but its peak period - it will be another hour before it finishes :(08:57
StevenKlifeless: --no-qa?08:59
lifelessStevenK: yeah, thats fine08:59
bigjoolsspm: lol :)08:59
lifelessStevenK: thanks!09:02
adeuringgood morning09:17
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jtvAny reviewers in the house?  Here's a light little branch to get you going again after the Thunderdome: https://code.launchpad.net/~jtv/launchpad/dsd-packageset-filter/+merge/6675709:48
bigjoolsallenap: oh I meant to say, I have landed the messaging API09:57
allenapbigjools: Tip top :)09:57
bigjoolscheck out services/messaging/09:57
bigjoolsallenap: it even has tests!09:58
bigjoolsand they pass!09:58
allenapbigjools: Blimey, professionalism from the Launchpad team, who would have thought, eh? :)10:00
lifelessbigjools: thats great; does it use a network fake ? [and do you do some failure injection ?]10:00
bigjoolslifeless: it uses the RabbitFixture10:01
bigjoolsno failure injection but it does test txn aborting10:01
lifelessok, so lp is unaware of the async frontend10:02
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mrevellHello Launchpad!10:02
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bigjoolsmorning mrevell10:04
bigjoolsgmb or wgrant: what happened to the twisted plugin in lazr.amqp?10:09
bigjoolslifeless: sorry missed your message, yes LP is unaware of it10:10
bigjoolsother than the /longpoll redirection for the XHR10:10
lifelessnicely done to everyone10:11
bigjoolslifeless: it was very gratifying10:13
bigjoolsgenuinely a team effort10:13
rvbabigjools: One thing that is left harcoded on the js side is the location of the longpolling server. On my local instance./longpoll/ (this hits the twisted server via apache)10:17
lifelessneeds a +10:17
bigjoolsrvba: we need to try and make that come from the page template I think10:18
bigjoolsand what lifeless said10:18
lifelessbigjools: gt5 is -very- shiny10:18
rvbabigjools: it's a general configuration setting, don't you think it should be in configs/ ?10:19
bigjoolslifeless: are you talking about the excellent game on the PS3? :)10:20
lifelessrvba: nooo10:20
lifelessbigjools: I am10:20
lifelessrvba: firstly configs is terribly hard to change10:20
lifelessrvba: secondly, having it configurable is YAGNI for now10:21
lifelessrvba: so IMO make it the simplest possible spelling you can. '/+longpoll'. Or as bigjools says perhaps supply it from the view (but still aim for drop-dead simple there)10:21
rvbalifeless: ok.10:22
bigjoolswherever it goes, let's write it just *once * :)10:22
rvba+1 ;)10:22
wgrantbigjools: It's not in the 0.1 egg, but I've fixed setup.py in trunk to include it.10:30
bigjoolswgrant: so where does it actually live?10:38
wgrantbigjools: What do you mean? twisted/plugins/lazr_amqp.py?10:39
bigjoolswgrant: it's not there in the egg10:39
wgrant19:30:22 < wgrant> bigjools: It's not in the 0.1 egg, but I've fixed setup.py in trunk to include it.10:39
* bigjools sees a circular argument coming on10:40
wgrantbigjools: Hm? I noticed it wasn't in the 0.1 egg, so I fixed setup.py so it's in future ones.10:42
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jtvAny reviewers for a simple soyuz fix?  bigjools perhaps?  https://code.launchpad.net/~jtv/launchpad/bug-802840/+merge/6677512:35
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lifelessnight all12:44
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jmlflacoste: hi15:06
flacostehi jml15:06
jmlflacoste: sometime soon this week, I'm going to start unwinding my Launchpad team memberships & mailing list subscriptions.15:07
jmlflacoste: my aim is to be configured as a relatively engaged community developer who has commit privileges but isn't getting mail all the time about everything.15:08
jmlflacoste: sound alright?15:08
flacostejml: sounds very good15:08
jmlflacoste: cool.15:09
stubCan we all do that :)15:17
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bigjools+1 to no email :)15:19
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cr3why does ProductSet.getByName use IPillarNameSet which results in two database queries instead of just getting the product by name directly15:59
bigjoolsbecause we have bugs16:01
cr3hm, probably because the pillarname table encodes aliases whereas the product table doesn't16:01
jmlwell, I just left a whole bunch of teams16:16
jmlI wonder what will happen now16:16
bigjoolsworld domination16:17
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cr3do alias names for pillars get wiped periodically? I'm looking a team or a project I asked to be renamed a long time ago so, if my understanding of the pillarname table is correct, I would expect launchpad to redirect me16:48
maxbalias names are only added if the person doing the renaming chooses to do so16:58
jmlok, apparently I was subscribed to all Launchpad bugs. Not any longer :)16:59
bigjoolsadeuring: got a sec to talk about r13274?17:08
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adeuringbigjools: yes. sorry for the late response17:52
bigjoolsadeuring: I'm close to leaving so I'll make it quick!17:52
bigjoolsadeuring: you added order_by() to a result set before calling is_empty()17:52
bigjoolsadeuring: I was wondering why that was necessary, since Storm removes ordering on is_empty17:53
adeuringbigjools: interesting; I did not know thta17:53
bigjoolsyou reviewed matsubara's branch r13332 which uses is_empty() without the order_by() :-)17:53
bigjoolsstorm does "subselect.order_by = Undef"17:54
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abentleybac: What's the status of getnewcache?20:52
flacostehi lifeless20:54
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lifelessflacoste: hiya21:13
flacostelifeless: call time?21:13
lifelessflacoste: skype ?21:18
LPCIBotProject devel build #860: FAILURE in 6 hr 2 min: https://lpci.wedontsleep.org/job/devel/860/21:18
lifelessflacoste: http://paste.ubuntu.com/634628/21:23
lifelessflacoste: ^21:29
lifelessflacoste: https://dev.launchpad.net/ArchitectureGuide/ServicesRequirements#Services are separate projects21:38
matsubaralifeless, hey there, if you have some time today, could you review: https://code.launchpad.net/~matsubara/oops-tools/805707-update-db-script/+merge/66841 for me please?23:44
lifelessmatsubara: sure. btw any lp reviewer can do this ;)23:45
matsubaralifeless, yep, the ones available now are in your timezone :-)23:47
matsubaraand I'm about to leave23:47
matsubarathanks lifeless23:47

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